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The Dr. Jay Richards Show
Saturday, May 19th
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You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW KB. Buffalo. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it to advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and point of view a lot of society in the way it really I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. I don't love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica looks like it's a combination. The doctor. And bells. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Just who is Beckett did. Mutations. You found the original. AA. Morning. Exactly 7 o'clock. Right here and at 58 degrees and light rain right now you know growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And lol laughing at yourself is there appeared. The number one weekend radio variety show Iraq chair in buffalo. And you've got it on the radio right now David as we check out those wet or cast. Morning showers today I temperatures around 72. Overnight low tonight 57. Tomorrow times. Clouds and sun it in other words. So underneath sunny. Intervals. High temperatures around 64. Tomorrow. And Monday some sun pleasant warmer highs around Saturday. Right now the lake front has 55 degrees. At the Buffalo's Niagara international airport 57. And a live downtown 58 degrees. At the air regionals and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning may be. This is the radio show that buffalo will execute. On Saturday mornings located. At AM fifteen to 18 Deborah. You JD BW. Play the OK and I. Okay. And let me. It's. It is and I hand them what this is not up. It's. It's. Not a solo homer and way. Yeah run and lose you lose. Gone and I knew my own Goldman. So. OK. A win. Here okay. Okay. So I'm okay. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam the times of momentum around. I'm pretty. Then it's. Into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains you want me and I. There is around the news lovable. So. Okay. My. We have a man known goal on me I'm okay. It is I can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. I. And. This and. We're mom. Spins it. And it timeless. And kind it's wrong and. There's not. I'm. Wins then this. It's. Just can't. Any time. Can we stop this. Almost. I've seen. News non sale. I. Major market radio or in a large markets you know professional division. And service of the Clark's do affinity broadcast. TAG shepherd. And that's finally. It is 707. On this Saturday morning happens to be made. Nineteenth. 2018. You know what I did 45 years ago today is that I had my first day would my first wife. Made ninety it was a Saturday to may nineteenth. Army. Anyway. If you have something you don't like to talk about or if you never request dedication. Give us a phone call here at 71680315. To one way. I'm doctor. And our sister station this morning. Right next it was here WB and is. Running be royal wedding. Which is a real big on against rapper I can go. Literally programs that it is like watching paint dry on the radio. No roaming I have no injury I had a hooker I watch Fox News all the time I'm sorry. When that this stuff comes on. I I flicked champ. Just don't care. But just awful thing that happened in Texas yesterday yeah there unbelievable. You talk about mental illness. And there's still idiot leftist Democrats. You're talking about. You know reducing the gun population and wallet that day just don't get it. They don't get it. Are right there wanna tell you about a place that gets it. And they started getting it back in 1950. When they sold Christmas trees. Then in 1997. They burlap him up and all that kind of stuff and have become one of the largest. In the eastern United States. Old for 500. Acres. And a half million trees in the ground. I'm talking about Reese tree farm. And did you would like any type of art kind of effort. Starting at four feet up to twelve feet they have white spruce blue spruce Black Hills groups. Norway's groups and can and her. You know remain. You can pick him up. Our they will deliver them to you if you want one tree. Or if you want a thousand trees. And what they have done the same thing they did last year rolled back the prices. To fifteen years ago. Located at 63. Wolf run road and Cuba. And their phone number 716. 3728628. 3728628. And you can look him up online. And it's res treat farm. Dot com. They are taking orders and digging. Well actually I tell you Andy they start digging on May fifteenth. And then they're taking orders from now. For their. Start updating. On September 15. Right through December. Once again their phone numbers 71637286218. Free movement. And I've found some one of my own. I'm JD baby good morning. Hello. Okay. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB eight and 1520 WW GB buffalo home. I saved them. Cause I mean. Me and press this. And today. Hello little known. Then my. It's. Okay. Are you. They know that's. We'll thought I don't fit in. Movies are going. Not a world. Here since its. I dream. I'm okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Next meet soon. You know the it's still sitting there. The. My man here. Sales and there's ways. Good body. Okay. Then you left the Zune at all. The days. No that is. Rules on the sorry you. It's. Bonds. Powered by upstate Chevrolet find a new rovers too shabby of Attica. Shop online to one of goers said. And Chevy of Attica dot count Waylon Jennings and do Barea and regrets. It is a 79 team. Once again we. Have three clocks. In this studio. And the main clock is three minutes behind their computer clock. So I have to follow this morning here 719. That's what it is and where will be checking out the weather for your coming right up. Stand by. She is now. Yeah. 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All right rob Martin Brothers Chevrolet here's you're weather forecast and it says. That the morning showers today. High temperatures around 72. Overnight low tonight 57. Tomorrow sunny intervals lose some clouds here and there. High temperatures around is 64 low 48 Monday it sounds unpleasant. Warmer I meters seven days. Right now the Lakefront as 55 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 57. And a little downtown. 58 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got to kids AM fifteen to one AW KBW's. Yeah. Mile away. I need. I. It's. And. CM I iTunes well written. June in these. My mom can't miss days and wind is. We can. It was this close it's. Me and in the wind is. Yeah. Eighties then. So. Yeah I mean man this. And so lag and dizzy he. Ahead you yeah. Us. I'm. Being. Innings. Mainly. So mom yeah. Hey. With the I. A com. He. And he's done. And then. Not Battier and eat it. But he he just can't. And is there. AM and you is we're. Today. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Seen I have. He's. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's me. Okay. And. You. It's lieutenant. It's. Eagles. Scenes. Live. We'll. Seeing. I am local even sometimes lovable you got the radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster. With my cast of characters family and friends. And AM fifteen to one made the original WKB. Deal. 1972. Remembered very well. Big popular song for Albert Hammond. And it never rains. In Southern California. Well. How come they have d.s. Tremendous mudslides. In March and April. Because it rains a lot. You know remain. Anyway. Before that Roberta Flack and killing me softly. It is so and the tokens from 1961. And the lion sleeps tonight. It is. 24 minutes away from the top of the hour at 745. Andrew Clark. We'll have these. Weekly. Health report right here sponsored by size on the pharmacy. Right now wanna talk to you about the Audubon golf course. The bar and restaurant. Brand new bar and grill. And they call maturities. So. When I walk in there I'm the tall man. And I go over to our to shorty is what it is and have a great male it's run by Darren. Pop Polanski. And he serves breakfast from 6 AM Majoli 11 AM Saturday. And they offer launch inspections. And you can. Pitcher packages together for your golf tournaments this year. Wanna tell you that have pavilion is available. For parties. Bar misfits. Chris names and weddings and whatever what you do is call Brian that's 716. 5975154. Explore the Audubon golf course bar and restaurant on line. At www. Audubon Amherst. That's all one word Audubon Amherst at dot com. Or call them up at 7166317139. Located at 500 maple road in Amherst. I applaud. My honey. And out. And if you bring your. Umbrella today yeah because of the drizzle did you do during. Our leader. I can't think and think for a ticket program. But the the but the. That's Syria and keen gardener. Can. And Harry and Hannah and her. Am no man Tony and it gets worse they're greatly. I would say this is a beautiful ring. You know people. They hear cry about it rated battery but we had three dried days. And out today if it didn't rain today. I'd have to water my greens. It. You know so it is a beautiful. Drizzle. To weigh out like that anyway here we go woods. Some great music. From the great ones Don witnesses say. Way. Wasn't easy. To do. Their words. Every. Say mean. I news. No. It's okay. I. World. Yeah. So yeah. Less than laugh and learn the best radio. The radio you've got it right now. I'm OK big. Here's what Newton lock stock and barrel in love with the U. Right here from AM fifteenth running. WK. VW. Fans. Here are. Me. Hello. Guys do you. No relation to Isaak show are fair game. That is what Newton lock stock in Barrow. It is a 745. Of factly 15 before 8 o'clock this Saturday morning great to be with you so you note that. And it's time for the weekly health report sponsored by size element pharmacy. 2317. Ball and wrote in alma. Their phone numbers 65 to thirty guys didn't want. The pharmacy that goes the extra step in his service and uniqueness. With you and your doctor to get it right the first time. Friendly courteous and glass extends throughout the store. Unique gift idea isn't just about everything you'd expect. And more. If you are tired of the big superstores. That disguise themselves as pharmacies well switch to your local neighborhood place. Always a proud sponsor of the buffalo blood mobile. I'm jargon about size and alma pharmacy. Money 317. Bowen road. In alma waiter I'm going again this morning here at my prescriptions my cigars and stuff about it. Time right now and well that time is for Andrew Clark. Thank you doctor. Home to court the goes woo woo it twice seventeen was the years staying in 2018 is decidedly the time when your home it's a whole lot healthier inspiring stylish design details that adorn the places where we chill out like yoga studios drop in meditation studios decked out with crystals even that's folly should be so lucky sneak off to are now adorning her letting arms. It's going way beyond scented candles and bath caddies because more people are going to meditation and yoga studios seem to court it takes cues for these places says Alina kill Kenney a sacred space designer who recommends making deep energetic changes to your home as a smaller changes can also be in tactful. For some bringing pieces like crystals assault -- into their homes can be quick way to bring more called into their surroundings. Most notable pieces and home to core pottery dishes for burning policy on don't or with their readers to users and oils crystal bookends in coasters and Himalayan salt wins the side of the designed arms these once woo woo wellness items are now being Stockton big box stores like Home Depot we repeat Home Depot. It has a plethora of Himalayan salt Lance which are said to admit the same helping negative ions of a walk along the beach. West L sells for areas and succulent galore by the way interest says that searches for indoor plants have risen over 200% last year alone. In his daughter is now a major distributor of essential oil at a few users and I Kia sold for little faux sheepskin rugs. So that you can layer them on every surface of your home says Elizabeth Cohen the interior designer founder of the crystal line people wanna feel good in their homes just as much as the clothes that they Wear or the food they put their bodies which explains why Lulu lemon test that pottery barn collaboration this year. While other wanna brands may also turner home furnishings and when he teamed with your weekly health report army drew Clark. Movie. When you need. Now live. And. She didn't go live. Both drive war. And you know. Embarrass your kids. Crank it up radio just the way it used to be with the love doctor. 18. Listen. Well I'm not. Can. London. Loans. I. Mess two days. I think the. Glenn. Yeah. And. Yeah. Still asking. Yeah. I'm. We're here. The. Judy. From the late eighties. And I wanna love like that she is a media. Singing coach in Nashville of these states. And I betcha she's a good 12 before that Porter Wagner. And Dolly Parton. It is six minutes before the top of the hour. And they're coming up we've got the red delay in ski meets polka of the morning. Hometown. Fred turned out loud yeah today today. We fine and that feeling yeah. Heartbeat quickened her eyes widen the sky opens up since cameras you and a million currency greens aren't. True love him the perfect song and with spot if I mean the more you listen and then we get to help you discover songs you love. Child whether it's the next breakout star with a song Indians who have. We'll help you findings and followed up all over you download the free app today plumber to level three on last night. When your hiring you don't wanna waste time sorting through dozens of irrelevant resonates. You want an efficient way to get to a short list of qualified candidates. That's why you need indeed dot com. Posted job in minutes said a screener questions based on your job requirements. Then zero and I qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. 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Presents Jimmie is third in the guy's life. You were listening to be a crucial voice someday you'll people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twice WW KB buffalo. Go us because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. It's drummed up by an air propane studios. At Cape May. What are you paying for you or propane. Call 1806158144. Family owned and operated for over thirty years. This weather segment is sponsored by degrade folks. And gold and gifts 96 Hamburg street to new Easter reverend. Wholesale and retail. Day buy and sell investment goldmans over. And they buy and sell coins and now in stock. They have the 2018. Gold and silver Eagles. Their phone number 6554545. Brokers and buying jewelry GM's. Precious metals and this date jewelry. And Mardy and Cody. Great folks over there Mardy is trained in. Diamond grating by GR IAA. Ninth debts and also in store they have their jewelry. Retailer. And what I say is you bring incentive to be fixed like I did a few weeks ago my watch. And the lady repairs it right there they don't send it out you have to wait two weeks more or whatever. That's golden gifts 96 Hamburg street Meester rubber. Right down from Saturday's car once. All right here we go kids. Morning showers today high temperatures around 72. Overnight low tonight 57. Some sun and clouds tomorrow highs 64. Overnight low 48. Monday sunny pleasant and warmer. High temperatures around seventy and Tuesday. May be a shower or thunderstorm. High is about. 71. You know my property and he wanted to. She's unbelievable. There can be a thunderstorm. Over Cleveland. And as she gets restless she gets in her thunder moved achieved she can't do. Fireworks over thunder and lightning. She's amazing and there was nothing in the area last night but that. I saw on TV there was one over Cleveland and she must've heard. Today she's a crazy chick. Right now on lake front has 57 degrees. And the Buffalo's Niagara international airport 59. And a little downtown 59 degrees. At the end of the original. And the best. Stale from seven to 9 every Saturday morning kids. This is the radio show that buffalo. Wakes up to. Now the royal wedding. Located. Add AM fifteen to one AW KB the W. Yeah. Don't believe pose a boom it. It's. I. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Who. News. Do you know where. This golden. Do you know. You. Found myself more. Yeah none in Virginia. Around and his. I mean. When. Well then. Says. Yeah. And com. Save. It's. Can be easy. To Jesus. Didn't know. Okay. This. Then yeah I'm in now. Yeah. Then yeah. Major market radio or no large markets. Now professional division and service of the defended the broadcast. Crystal. And don't it make my brown eyes they're 9 minutes after 8 o'clock. Two weeks ago wanna tell you what I did. As I needed stuff for my property in my golf course everything. I. Stopped to masters and you know on Leo holy and road and Easter program. And Andrew I spent. 513. Dollars and 77 cents. I go when there's a good kid and candies or earned drunken a liquor store I just can't stop spending. So but anyway. You talk about plants in everything you'd want for spring they've got a and they have an aquatic nursery. To fish today and unbelievable. And of course they are. The biggest place in Western New York. That we'd go out. For a big gaping and supplies. Masterson. 725. Only and a road in east or rural. Can become a phone call us. Tip toes to my room every night. Justice people sideburns and this news. Coach speedy and fair. Gizmo or. Okay. Okay. Okay. The okay. You folks. Good use. Powered by upstage Chevrolet five under new roads. Q Shipley of Attica shop on line 24/7. And Chevy of Attica. Does count. Just had a phone calls whether that was Roy of course Roy Orbison. Phone call gentleman wanted to know. What I call my format. And I told them hey all our. All over the world. And it it's docs music that's what it is because he likes it so when some of Oregon about that. Thirteen minutes after. Actors as tab of the hour. And coming up here momentarily we have. Andy Clarke which sports. Book right now wanna tell you about. The Allegheny hills golf course and restaurant. Which you can. Look him up and Allegheny hills dot net. On the Internet. And check out to here. Web sites there. And your deals on memberships. And their prices of their hours. And also the maker reservation for their delicious food at your beautiful restaurant. Phone number 5854371163. That's 585. 4372163. Located between Cuba and rush for at 9622. Parties corners road. Time right now for a sports. And here's Andrew Clark thank you doctor James starting with Major League Baseball. Arizona Diamondbacks Berkeley buckles be called Tripoli he'll make his first start more than a year on Sunday. And mariners are Robinson Cano was suspended eight games for violating the league's PED policy he tested positive for banned irony that could be used as a masking agent to conceal PD's. The suspension also makes him ineligible for the playoffs should the mayors make post season you know responding to the failed test that he received the diary from licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment. But now which he had been more careful so. Not good news for octagon or the Mariners but after in the Ulster bring Michigan back in even get in the playoffs they'll hopefully meet help in the push for the playoffs and I tell you gotta be careful of everything yeah I am LB especially today they have a lot of drugs that aren't necessarily you know performance enhancing drugs but on the banned list because they can mask of things like that help aid in the recovery after giving himself. Yet he says he is a diabetes we might never really know by eighty games will be out over half about a half a season pack what I take in the morning along with the clock lock me up for decades and more than more than eighty maybe eighty years suspension for hit. Though. Notable games run league Friday the Orioles beat the Red Sox 74 Mets over the Diamondbacks 31 Marlins set up the Braves do nothing. Asher is viewed Indians 41 Yankee's ball to the royals 52 and the doctors on the road against the nationals was postponed. But it up to moderately baseball action the vices beat the score will air real writers last night at home five to one good idea vices starter right Barack he went seven innings giving up three hits no runs walking just one or picking up the win. The Biden's are home again today taking on the rail writers first pitch at 105 PM. At felonies after news of the tragic shooting at the high school in Santa Fe Texas Houston Texas probable JJ watts it will pay for the funerals for all ten victims. Yes did you like they are raised over three million dollars in August for victims were working hard -- JJ watt no stranger doing good deed for the La Jolla area these are great yeah a day and he he always goes out of his way you know help people's budget in that area going through tough times so much as we watch commander big for the Finley's there's sanity Texas. And locally built all Famer Jim Kelly doing well following surgery oral cancer he's got to he's scheduled for followed reconstructive surgery in June. Of course we'll keep you up to date on that when that happens. And the playoff action Wednesday night the rockets to care business and even their series one with a 127105. Win over the warriors. That curry struggled going just one of eight from three point land and only scoring sixteen points. And he has only need two to three pointers in the first two games of the series altering the ball over three times. Very aren't typical for for him known for ball in from three point shooting but the warriors will bounce back tomorrow at home game three tip off that 8 PM. And uses Celtics beat the cavs 10794. To take it Q games to none lead in the series. A despite colossal brought James did have a triple doubles or 42 point 210 rebounds and twelve assists but the Celtics. Playing well the team in the absence all arc re Irving who is out for the entirety of the playoffs. So they've got to make the finals really impressive considering their best player not on the floor for any of these theories or for them. Let's see of the cavs looking to get back in that series in game three tonight in Cleveland took off at 8:30 PM. And wrap it up the NHL the pre season schedule been released and the sabres will play the Columbus Blue Jackets in the craft hockey they'll exhibition game which will be held in Clinton New York just up Utica. But the fourth on the sabres played in Kraft hockey game. An NHL playoff action last night the biggest gold knights beat the Winnipeg jets three gets you to take three games to one lead in the series. They're not just one win away from making it to the Stanley Cup finals in their first season. Yeah I I was gonna talk about it you know. The sabres. And the sabres fans. It can et Al all. One well all did its job refresher you mean he is he would team that you know their first year they went through expansion draft you don't know what they're gonna you don't expect the do not yell very William and certainly the playoffs and here they are making a pushing their first season. One win away from the Stanley Cup and I mean once they get their who knows you may end up winning if all what you would be happy something gadget crazy finish the hockey season. There is let's see and then Thursday night like indeed capitals fortitude even that series up into game file be tonight at 7:15 PM in Tampa. We here sports are manager mark. All right on his radio show we don't follow standards. We create them. And this weather segment as sponsored by. Upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram catch they're beautiful selections of vehicles on lies and and www. Upstate CJ dot com. And such yours are side by calling 1585. 5910678. Then take the short ride to their beautiful campus. At 125. Prospect street in Attica. And you will be impressed. I guarantee it. Morning showers today highs around 72. Low tonight 57. Tomorrow. Signs of clouds and sun high temperatures around 64 Monday. Some sun pleasant and warmer. High temperatures around sent it. Currently on lake front has 57 degrees. At the buffalo Niagara the international airport 59. And the loop right now 59 degrees. At dia Reginald and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You pass it out in total for and what you do that we would the so widely appreciated. This is AM fifteen money W case. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And Leo so Saturday morning show a real. Both being experienced. Through directors Marion geriatric. And of course the world's most unknown. Radio personality. And its architecture right now seals and crops. And hummingbird. Do not fly away. It is eight money five. And oh boy. Oh boy. And I mean. It how I year he led. I hate to tacky yes and I have this theory and that celebrity romance. Yeah well. See I think I. I Lance could be in our and then then you can if they don't detect. TV came Shelton. Are great guys and accounts occurring lecture Lebanese like he'd be could vote and then and then they would. Because I think I'll really get ideas. Because I'm life like Mecca friends I always tended like them and meet nice except. And people looking to see infamy and I think like Arabic world is becoming more of unilateral force known as of computers and things he can. Meet people from everywhere. I would like to go to Sri Lanka I think wage and hour. I think Dan I've never been there. And of course there's computers and I think. That if they aren't then he could pull down in UCK's because they had these cute little things you can now. Don't competed in now and he can even create news they were set. And now days in contents. You paid seven dollars she now he can get. A lab. I'll pass and then you can use a computer but it sometimes you have to know that program. And if he done that program we couldn't take class. In competing this year's. I just land teach our little Eileen. Left to far and arrow it's for letting canned cheese especially because. I don't know can she hits it a day like kind of his salary because I like salary include and I really think that he should. Colonel can you re. Yeah you like it like I like salty foods and crack news like cheese wine and three. These things till I would someplace instead of sauerkraut you know and I like on those restaurants that far. That's the way I think that I'm so many throughout. You on the thank you. Yeah. How did I get so lucky today ticket Trixie and dead be all in one show. My brother lessons from where his son Justin every Saturday morning and misses his favorite song of all time. Gordon lied but here goes days just in. And this is some doubt and KB. So. Yeah. I. It is. Smoother okay. It's. Okay. Okay. Yeah. OK okay. You know I. Yeah okay. It's. You do it came. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. OK. Okay. It's. It's 8:30 AM and time for the they agree speedway report. Sponsored by man helped state Chevrolet of Attica. Buys six lumber and building supplies and JP and little valley. Where friendly service is up family tradition. By that. 3101. Route 39 in New York shares. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram one Tony five prospect street in Attica. And by Sammy scar watch deet tails sender and dog watch. 170 grey street in east Iran Iraq and by DNS house sale. Genesee had transit in Lancaster. Where is equality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. By precision re manufactured engines new and used. 3160. Union wrote in cheek to widener. Where I'll Warren G today have matches. Quality. Guy who's always on speed and he. He beat me up on Thursday on the golf course. Course I didn't do anything special. Not to be beaten up. But you know my head just wasn't an an and I I tried that but. Next time argued today. Ups and downs. I you know we were we were both the we had some good shots we have a lot of bad ones but first time we can't comply fully always you know mummies were always certainly do we have are slowing. Let's go and speaking of openings at first time. The track and field side opened yesterday and of course we've been hinting at this. The trick it hillsides formerly known as a decade talents speedway. And if if I would say that there was great anticipation. For this event that it would be. Overstating it because it was almost done undercover of darkness now whether that was intentional or not you left as day you know Hutchinson. And who and he's now the owner is we use television chill on Monday night it means he prefers to be known. As the successor. To run Bennett. He uses successful businessman and he's nice guy. He's got to build on the million dollar company in four years so you can't conquistadors success. But he's got to kind of a little different philosophy and how he's approaching this I think it's. I don't know it's caution or it's it's of a marketing technique but. As we've said before there's very little emanating out of there and then after. An hour with him. On Monday night. We get some things but we didn't get a lot so it's. This definitely is going to be a work in progress but the the main philosophy. From. Mr. Hutchinson and seems to be. To view line that progress made in buffalo the start to happen you know the book will be in the new dimensions that put. The whole you know upsurge in in what Buffalo's doing any last to beat. Connected to that course it's a little harder because he's further away. But. That whole concept is the track will be part of the hillside buffalo entertainment complex which we've talked about before gonna go into it today but. To make this more than just a racetrack in fact the racetrack will be. A part of that of the hundreds and fifties or whatever acres there is spending which on some islands as so last night. They they had their opening believe that we asked him Monday if they did and any practices. And curiously he says they head by invitation only and he didn't elaborate on that I've I don't know why you would just open for everybody but. Again I think he's picking and he he's got some people who are advising him. And they're taking this one step at a time so last night they opened the question of course was. Opening on Friday how would that affect things because they've been running and said it forever so this reserve. Moments this event. They drew nine cars nine modified cars. Patrick Devlin who normally would have been at freedom or Iowa. Went over there he broke two car with a so there were nine cars for the for the main event. Which it turned out he wound up winning. That there were thirteen TQ whose which. That the accuser are separate. Group so they wouldn't have any. The real total actually two of them so thirteen is a good number for that. Kyle Hutchinson one that I don't think he's related to an elected and I could be wrong but I don't think so. They only had nine street stocks which is a little bit low for them. I did notice that those nines there might have been re of them. When these guys had no idea where they're column but open and they signed up over a blanket. So you'd defective Lancaster doesn't run out on Friday we wondered how many people would come and that. That was one thing and the other thing was how many modified with a homer and obviously not many did what kind of work. The only thing I heard and I was getting this by text from a friend of mine it was over there right about race time. He's that there about a couple hundred there which. At Howland speedway if there are a couple hundred you can put 500 and there are and it looks like it's empty. Again. You can expect. Massive lump people went in there was no publicity at all there really wasn't. Or not and any organ. And there's no there was no promotion. This though none yet now having said that what are the questions we ask them. Was do you have I've that we pointed it out you know there's been nothing emanating from your facility and he was quick to say. We've hired a mediate could group those Syracuse. And the well. Let me ask you you listened to the radio you watch television you read a newspaper. Have you seen anything heard any thing. No no I haven't and again this could be an I guess the in this sort of coyly it says is that. Part of that this strategy to kind of keep it under wraps and build suspension. Suspense. So that when it finally comes. You know it'll be some blockbuster thing and he didn't go that far out I will say this. He did hire a guy to be as announcer and media director who I know and is the man is as good as they come pol small. He's the column cowboy. Because he's tall he's about 640 over the cowboys he did he get rid of the cowboy yet but called small is now going to be the media director in the announces. As an announcer there's nobody better. Paul got a great voice sort of like Rick Maloney and he's been around racing a long time so they get the right guy up in the boot they got the right day. I don't know who wrote the the release for those first this morning that I read but I don't think it was Paul. It was fairly sketchy but. So that got that he says that they've been working. Clean up fix. But as far as any kind of a pace that specifics. There weren't too many I did find out. They were supposed to run last night starting at 730 and there are gonna run. Four classes features only well then I heard that there were some seats so I I think this is. Doctors who work in progress I think he's gonna feel his way. That doesn't seem like there's any urgency on his part to two. To go full force yet I guess we have to by the staff beset I have one. But he wasn't in a position to to mention too many names. Nick Johnston is is the go to guy the everyday guy. I think you'll find that Paul small world will become more important as the as time goes on. But. It. Up in the air coming in the I wish I could say yeah this is that the Israeli on the rails in this is that for. For stardom but I really can't tell and he can't tell from. Nine modified and the first night and keep in mind Spencer road. On Friday and that would preclude all the Catalan opposite though the Catalan hoses come. You know that he's been up to twelve or so which would have been. Which would have been okayed. I don't know I had the Friday thing as an experiment he said that he did it because. No one else was running these the pavement Garza on Friday. And you're did you notice as 10 AM to win the modified as I have. I heard the number 12100 and if it's a hundred that's code that's a lot of matters is the time him. Eighth best so so the the overall thing my overall take again not being nervous hearings and having him on the show. The guy didn't get where he did but I being stupid yeah. He he's got people and placed it to tell him kind of what's going. So. I'm I'm not gonna make any judgments that where I was and I think. We'll just have to wait and see he's certainly got plans. I I did find out that. In an analyst posted but I found out before that that his says the shows. Are gonna start at 4 o'clock. I have mixed emotions about 4 o'clock. Most of the people on Saturdays in the summer time. Wanna go what do stuff. If you're gonna start it for that kind of preclude going out of the lake in the boat. Fission and whatever it or or dolphins or whatever if you're gonna start a war that means you've got as there had now there's three. So it can kill your day out but again my feeling is that anything at any time could change. There are I think it's a work in progress and will. It is this guy didn't get. Get rich overnight as I've been and still be that for engineering degrees so he's put on the work. He took the main the main theme here. Is he wants to create a culture a new culture what the culture is that he couldn't beat. Specific but he kept referring that I went up very creative culture so how he doesn't and whether he does it. All like it is I wish him good luck. OK very good day and we wanna tell you folks about upstate Chevrolet. Or you can shop online and money for hours a day seven days a week. And she every of Attica dot com unbeatable lease deals going on a right now. Like a 2018. Chevy Tahoe L pass. Which you can lease. For 305. Dollars a month how about a 218. Shabby tracks LT. 470. Dollars a month. Automobiles. 2018. Chevy Malibu. LT. For 20000 dollars and how about Chevy cruise brand spanking new. 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The winner can now get two tires. Yet to Terrence settle on an it's well I like it said doctors. You you you certainly can't. Go through the year with that number that at that car count you have to have more than that if you're gonna draw a crowd. The crowd didn't know what was going so now that they do the word to get out Woolsey you know Woolsey were so yeah. We did have some good things happen in the last week the ROC went to Lancaster. 22 cars were there are nice healthy field Patrick gambling. Prevailed in that so Patrick is you get in the good start it's. He looked really really good. Last night to trek through and in. Operations the lid lifter for freedom I was there. Track was in really really good shape Matt Williamson below is the reigning. Champions for. Well. It was a reigning champion at Martinsville Speedway and the big block for the last few years he's won four times already this year places mayor bill. Want to learn their ability up and go there on Friday and rain out. And then he won last night handily. And in the modified the outlaw modifies where there are allowed to run any kind of modified they blocked and you mix and match because it's so boring. It kind of equalize. Depending on what you're driving so it's. It's a good concept of their part of the the America razor. Cup this year so there's a lot of incentive for drivers to go to earn and earn points so. Good night for them. Decent crowd on hand considering. It was it was chilly but. They had dated thirteen modifies I expect that number to go up from there. And then ransom bill ran up the other end of the the area and Pete pick now 62. Years old is. He wound up winning and he beat Eric Rudolph. At ransom bill they had a nice turnout apparent last week. The trek wasn't a real good shape but everyone came back and it sounds like they get a good show so the local tracks are in good shape. Now right now we'll and how onto will be the big question mark will keep up Diana. 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Which we had more time but that's the way it is 2 hours every Saturday morning from seven to nine the country's sunshine. Radio. Show have yourself a wonderful weekend and a better week. Then you had last week and remember. Adversity builds character. Analytic characters you are we go along with the way they. Turn out who lives so. Iron. This new team and all. Good things must end. Call it a night. My. Okay. I. Okay. Wanna occurring easy for me. Seen so many. He's. You're okay. Mean. Blue line. Rely. Okay. College and I. I. Okay. Yeah. The ones I am. Okay. Line. Martin my. And one day. Turn out to my. Any time. I. Yeah. Call it the night. I. It's. Tomorrow. Guys. Okay. You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW KB buffalo.