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These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors from the food and I think he takes. A realistic attitude and we'll reveal a lot of society in the way it really. I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. Then oh lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a big. The doctor. And now. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Just who is Beckett did. Mutations. You found the original. Yeah hey good morning at 7 o'clock. This days thirteenth of may 2017. You're looking invited. And it. You know growing older as mandatory. Growing up is optional. And laughing at yourself as therapy. The number one weekend. Radio show right here in buffalo and new data are right now kids. Here's a weather forecasts. What can I tell you mostly cloudy weather showered today I temperatures around recognized. Overnight low tonight forty sevens. Tomorrow are couple of thunderstorms. Believe it or not. Highs on Mother's Day 61 overnight low forty or. And Monday. Intervals of clouds and sun 62. Right now the lake front as 49 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International. Airport 51. And the move downtown 52 degrees. At the original. And still the best. That radio show that buffalo wakes up to every Saturday morning. This is a M fifteen to one AW OJ DW's. Way yeah. Wake me up I'm. Okay. Okay. They'll allow. It's a little moment. And I knew my golden. So let's break via okay. Okay. Okay. Went yeah the okay. It is. Here's to make this. This is not good momentum around. Three. It's. But when it knows me. I'm new life may well. There is around the news mobile. So. Let me. My hands OK you know we'll. It's. The. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. News. Yeah. I get to thinking lots of times. Back when I was a list. But the old days right from the lefties bulk of that and my overalls were hand me downs. My shoes were full of hope this. I used to walk four miles to school every day. Through the rain the sleet in the cold and I've seen the science behind daddy cries for things that his family would need. But all I hear guns it was a bad play and fun. And seven hungry mouths to feed them. And yet powerful fire never pick anyone's. Guess when all these things went wrong. Bob and took him down. And mom sing song. I've been rocked to sleep many a night to continue with a friend ou can come morning rock of ages is completely gently once again. And then daddy would show they need to take the Bible and he greeted. Read it and in the and I always felt that may be our home was list. Daddy would sing mama. Six. Sister left home at first I can. And then bomb and then Tony and Dan. But their dad's parents turning lives and I had to FEMA moments. But it seemed it is daddy's battle group week. My mother's faith just groups from. And those were the greatest days of all. It. It's. I guess the house is still standing here. Skeptical that much anymore. No voice yeah it was harmless but no Steelers to grace the small. Please see. My mother's things in heaven now. Around guns golden throne. But I always believe this. World a better place. The calls one time. Mean. My mama saying hassle. True. Major market radio and a large. Markets out. I division and service of Dick Clark's affinity broadcasting. 7 minutes after 7 o'clock. Good morning to you once again. And Bill Anderson being its Mother's Day weekend. And mama sang his cell. If you do. 24. Years ago she passed away. My mother. And remembers her this week and that's torture as a do every day. Dive away. I was on my way home Thursday. Oregon route sixteen in Yorkshire. And our eyes stopped. To block weeds florist. Right across from. Tim or a 116 in Iran talk about. Bart waits florist and greenhouses. Where you can order flowers anytime shop online. 24 hours a day. That's a full guard and center. Perennials annuals. Vegetable plants. Florist delivery available wire service. French local produce a win in season. Marty heed a main man there with the game and are open tomorrow. As a matter of fact on Mother's Day from eight until six. So you last minute shoppers. Ugoh NC Mardy and accrue. Between eight and six tomorrow. That's Bart weeps florist on route sixteen in New York shares. This as did current us. And there's a tombstone everybody your truckers so be where does. Haynesville woods layup that made. Mean girls. You rely. Here miles. You're okay. Then. Miles there. We're you know. All. Okay. Go home. Okay. The old. Better get your own. Drive me. She never. Mine. They're all. The only. I. Here at all. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I. I. There's no. Ball. Okay. Right more talk less music amenable variety at least one song in a row. No sir are tags and we are free portable and prolific. The original AM fifteen to one AWK. Would be dumber. Good morning to Mike Masterson. At the masters sins are quite a nursery and water garden center. Seven to Loney five only in Rhode. And Easter roar you remember that song my. I do actually yes. I'm Dick current us. And back in the late sixties early seventies when he was hitting it big. You know punchy it's. He sang was my wife. No hearings for years all for years yen Saratoga he used to love to come to Saratoga. And performance stuff like debt and then he went to. Nashville for awhile to do his. Make his recordings and he still lived in Lewiston Maine. So little and I never sang with chrome which is probably a good thing but I do remember that song. I'll lay out tombstone every mile. Anyway beat beside the rain. What would you like to talk about this morning. Well prior right now since about 6 o'clock this morning we're distributing it bee colonies today are second distribution day. So we got there and and myself and I want to step here handing out these wounds were adamant that it's Mother's Day weekend. So will be all calls flowers and that sort of stuff today we discover a whole tractor trailer load of plants in yesterday's so we're ready to go we just need some sunshine. Beautiful. I wanna tell you folks if you have never been to master mrs. I took a little quick tour on Thursday. And I can't believe all the fish you have. Change you know our border during the Carmen has always been our calling card over the years we've been doing that her rational close to forty years now and so that's still a Berkeley's department and yes we have a lot of tradition everything you need for the Condo and you know now we've got to be keeping department which is some pretty busy department courts as well. I guess so now look at on me on June 17. And eighteenth. You've got to fill me in on this ruled that it's DK LI show and auction. Actually it's a court showing corner of the most popular. Ornamental fish served for garden ponds right and this is an annual event and this has put. By AB Corey Colombo the Western New York. In Niagara through Niagara frontier glee club so. And yeah that's a good weekend a lot according to be seeing and purchased lots of good so prices and there is an auction. Sunday I don't know which I'm my head are you expecting at 1 o'clock. Well I says Syria says he laughed and I would do that that the top 11 o'clock AZ auction. Malario so I didn't know I've I hear. But anyway yeah the auction though he's a popular event lots of good deals at the auction actually not just fish but all kinds of things to get donated to the club for fund raiser for them solo pretty inexpensively so luck to deal that's worth common for all by itself. Isolated it's a fund raiser for the Kate OI. Club and ponds and correct yeah okay. Yet. And that there are good group there are obvious it's a nonprofit group that just supports. Record keeping hobby in the water gardening hobby so we're always happy to support them. Are you gonna have car collectors on display you mean art collector car show. We will have a lot of my energy bars here one of our good customers very involved with absolutely no reason heads of the festivities and there are a lot of his buddies tomorrow and show their cars that weekend as well also it's just kind of fun time for everybody. Yeah I'll be there on the seventeenth for a couple hours but. Jack Malloy from tetra products. He's gonna show up and doctor Helen Sweeney. Who is a DMV. A fish a veterinarian. She'll be just as bad or in the very few in the country and she's the local here in Western New York she's been a friend of ours for years and objects an old friend from touch captures a well known fish food company. So they can move on supported an open a lot of other vendors here as well. It's just it's become a pretty big event for a slow. The language understood at all should stop followed its only new once a year event. Yet June 17 and eighteen is now that does sound stupid here but I comes easy for me. Yeah I mean do today ES. Buffalo. By Ozzie club society. What Santo. Say that I'm site says he has some outside so it's not radios there and be surrounded we're talking. I've buffalo deal as a high society. On the bottom and I. Yeah bond values to our heads it's an old Japanese art where you formed plans into it is tiny plants miniature plants and a different shaped and paying them traipsing around. And so the bond like society can buy windows displays and we've had a rose society repairs before any orchid society and we never know we just it's an open imitations than they show up sorts make it give you. Bigger than we expected to be most years but but bonds I decided for sure is committed to be here this year. That's a beautiful things that this is Saturday June 17. 9 AM to 5 PM and June 18. This would be that this Sunday. From 9 AM until 5 PM. And Masterson is are quite a nursery and water garden center. Seven to 45 vote lead in Rhode. In these two roar of Mike you demand and I thank you very much. Thank you doubt appreciated your degree we can see around the campus. Today. Thirty minutes away staying in my arteries and until then man in town hall. Some are and darker into the cold rainy day to do. Told us made tolkien's own a cell phone starting. Back at it did sound wrong he's been made in the third. And dance palms. Well today. They've gone around. Nasty machine you know. She's. And you know. And are you. Just being mean back. Man wins they've seen job. Didn't do just call our style stand out way created. No match. Oh there. It's no way to go away and you guys all day game to game days. Hello my. Okay. That weight room seeing him run all afternoon. Then there's not a sand docs ending the news. Here are not golf Leland thank you TVs and over again and to move by. Man yeah. That means move down to even. Then he starts rarely end. I. News. And go home. So. Live longer lower and even sometimes lovable. You've got the radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster. My cast of characters spam inference. I'm famous AM fifteen to one navy original WK BMW. A program on Saturday mornings it gives you something to think about. Sometimes. Wanted to minutes after 7 o'clock Pacific Gado sales. And service. Route sixteen in Franklin. Where. This way they have a 2008. Jeep Wrangler X. A V6 six speed. A lot of toys were the only 87000. Miles it shark I at CNET. Two and 99 months for 54 months. And here's at thirteen Nissan centro four door. A lot of toys 77009. For only 13966. A month. You give Doug you call at 67621. 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Time to get us then as you read though lawyer with a smile. And read member. Whatever you say about someone else today. They're probably saying something words about you. How much nice to me. On the pioneer proclaim studio zed JP. What are you paying for your propane. Carl 18061581. And more people are. Here's a weather forecast and enact Randall looks like this forward today. Mostly cloudy with a shower. High about 59 overnight low tonight 47. Mother's Day tomorrow a couple of thunderstorms. Possible high temperatures around 61. Monday intervals of clouds and sun 62. Tuesday's 69. Oh Wednesday 77. Now highlight those numbers that are. Currently the lake front has 49 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 51. And the loop downtown we've got 52 degrees. At the original and still the best from 7:9 every Saturday morning kids. You've got it passed it on and tell a friend we would shortly. Appreciate it. This is AM fifth. They wanted WK. Created a W. Right on brother. Wind around with the news day. How long. Okay I intend. It's. GE grand. I download day. Men and funnily is. Yeah. Win and we are you okay. Yeah along. Okay. Yeah yeah. It is in this. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. OK. Okay. Okay. I. Powered by upstate Chevrolet of Attica my new roads to champion Connecticut. Shop on line and 24/7. And a champion Vatican done. Hummingbird. Can tell you a story and steals and crops corrected before that sister sue Richards. And sweets sensuous feeling. Last Sunday. Sitting in my chair. Watching. Snow squalls so outside. And in the midst of this snow squalls and comes as little baby comment angered he was beautiful all kinds of colors. Red black. Green. And I didn't have my. Feeder out for shame on me I usually wait tomorrow's Tuesday weakened. So what I did. Is I felt so bad. IA. Ran down to distort gusts of nectar and stuff and put his feet abruptly came back. Within I'd say three minutes after a martyrdom. So. When that in mind. Two days later in I have had my. Oreo feeder up for a couple of weeks. So this was Tuesday and sitting in my pictures. And never comes by but my. Baltimore Orioles. And he. Was nibbling away the orange. That I proto four. And he gets done he goes back and he brings his wife with them. Antonio I ended this is all happening six feet away from its I've I've got to the bird feeder right ray by the windows. It and it's this is what I generally. It's what I enjoy it's beautiful. And yesterday I looked out the window. And who's hang it up by the content. Better Red Sox. He was having a good old time. 23 minutes away from 8 o'clock. Doctor carmody come out of right now wanna tell you about Reese country properties. And air tree farm. That's right in 1950 they started would only started what to Christmas trees are okay and then in 1997. A started to burlap and ball deal. And they are now one of the largest. Tree farms. And the northeast over 500 acres half a million trees in the ground. And they specialize in kind of burst. Namely white spruce blue spruce black heels Peru's. Norway spruce and did you name it Dave got a and here's a deal they only dig to order. From April 1 through May fifteenth. And from September 15 through December. Right. Now you can go to Reese tree farm dot com. Where they have rolled back the prices fifteen years. They're charging now what they did fifteen years ago. Taking orders for the season to date all right that's Reese treat farm. Dot com. Located. Just outside Cuba. And then sent an outside today. We've got 52 degrees right now at 8:15 this morning. Kevin cope there was sports amend their coops comments. I wanna tell you folks that term. It a date SA ESP it's his words are ordinary. I call it divine intervention. And I was. Scarecrow listens every Saturday he calls in once more. I was thinking about him this morning. And then I know what he lights. Via pure prairie league and he loves Eddy raven so I had picked out and Eddie ravens song anyway. And what does he do what few minutes ago he calls in four. Eddie ravens are bad so here's a guy Obama. Divine intervention in order here this Saturday morning. 1981 was the year. Here's that he raises. David I should have cold but I didn't so I've messed up there but I don't make it up to you you know for me. Pretty in US. Blocks. Away. Mean. And days and it's. My game. And it's. You. The and. You know. He had the okay. And. I intend. Yeah. And mass. Am. As young as. Should follow. The phone is. And Dick. Thanks in. Yeah. It's. It is. Hey Jane before Ed Clark. Time for the red legs he meets polka of the morning and of course you know. Who your torturers. And has been for decades. Read only is he meets 1585. Walden avenue AJ to watch. Right down the doctor. The way used to be on Buffalo's originally am fifteen to want AWK BP W. My good buddy Jimmy stirred an orchestra. To read landscape may spoke this morning by the way I haven't mentioned it yet but I'm gonna right now you can go. To my new website. Which is gonna change again this week. But I like to go on Google. And what you do is type in doctor the need doctor. And there's three captions there hit the top one and that'll show you some pictures and you can click on two previous radio show which. Here so was this one. Will be put into. My web site about two minutes after I leave the air. So if you wanna hear it again you can do that all right it's 745. And eight. Doctor pat carmody over the back fence. And it's all sponsored by size. Alma pharmacy and alma the actor carmody what did you get your bride for Mother's Day. Paul well our listen I'm glad you send that it bother. That's beside the point. You you've got to get yourself you go over because you live and alma coal burning east of Ferrara. And you go to masters and get her beautiful bouquet Hauser. It sounded good plans there. Was little advice yet. What's up. While we have 2 major stories this morning one that broke yesterday which is left minister would play this is something I'll. There has been a monster international. Cyber attack attack. It occurred yesterday. And it hit about 72 different countries can do as. This is unbelievable. Yeah it has it has finalised this is inevitable 74 countries and conservative it's seventy or country. And these are all promises I've mentioned it sounded so some time ago months and months ago. That if you would be right to program and I need to write programs. And they were approved by the new York State Department Powell that are pretty sophisticated. Programs dealing with patient care I I didn't hear that the big point. It's a human being can write a program a human being can exit. Well I believes that it. There's no there's no program it's impervious. Acting. Powell how long is it going to be and this is terrible. But it's gonna happen. Hit it at Talladega and taking get into our infrastructure. And I shut down the government. Well listen to what the United States and in Great Britain did. Couple years ago they came up with a nice little package called steps that illegal worm. It's United States used. With Israel. And it shut down there there and nuclear program chapters and Puget Sound. And Natalie turned out he can't I mean essentially. Made any insult there are gone news interviews. So what they're doing this that you know on the fly all day long. Okay now this is why it's so important because one of our tools. One of these tools that is produced by the United States to enact into. Whatever they wanna check into this let's stolen. And that this tool is it is the National Security Agency. And some alone in there and stole at the think the Russians might have something in it was a and what they do that and they send you an email. And in the game now could be very very promising he'd now like eight as on site outages and you open up the now this called Phishing. Okay and guilt that he now and I computers screwed. And then you get a message saying forward if it's a single computer. For 300 to 500 dollars send a check in here and I will let you have your computer otherwise. The computers as a piece of metal. That's that's cheap. Objectives first single desperate single. Computer at your home. And funny sixteen. Wanted to hostility 171000. Dollars. In the open up on their computers anyway. There's been a major problem because they had 74 countries into an effective. And in Great Britain hospitals were locked out of their system and acted in that. Call outpatient battled Indian head in the emergency rooms were forced to send people elsewhere. He and in the federal express. You know there's huge company with all the airplanes. Shut down. Shut down the cut. And and there it is the biggest problem is this occurred yesterday which is Friday. We have no idea how many companies throughout the world because it not open at weekends has really been affected. But they've got to be a very interesting day. And could you imagine. So I mean that says cyber warfare. Is the is these things. And I said a couple of years ago on this program. I went down to the all the librarians and you know they have all those books. That's pretty good history at that period. I kept the vote but it is acting radiates. Taught me how to act. Wow so maybe you're one of the actors I. I popped up now the quite seriously is this hysterical on the as I said do you leave for many kinds. Any human being get right to program another human being can and can't do it. And what happened is Microsoft as a program that is used in almost every computer in the world it's called Microsoft windows. Intact and there are a lot of little loopholes that one can get and if you're developer appeared keen computer wizard. OK you can get into some of these who little loopholes and to get into these computers and that's essentially what United States to. They study today Microsoft windows. Our little cracked and it it security. And they've built these. These these. Tools. Okay well somebody over there in the in the United States. As security National Security Agency capped one along and then post it and now it everywhere. And but this is a very the very first time. And it's and his ransom. That hit seventy or different countries. So we have a problem and would that ready for this but at rapists at all but. Other people are. And that they can check out our entire electrical grid take this step down and eating me alive they've been of the again. While you know I would. I would be all for a minute they do shut down the Liberal Democrats. They'll look quite seriously that is set sail all pulling nobody. And we all talked about different kind of warfare. We really shy away from nuclear war fairly shy away from all the other assumptions. When they drafted me Bob. Over in Afghanistan you know that made the papers for the for the whole week. Big deal about but this is really really treacherous. While the news coverage hasn't been. Two. Brought on this particular thing that happened that day. It just happen yeah well yes I know but I didn't see that I didn't see anything on and on TV. Well they hate. Those those loopy TV programmers they stated they start their programming to what they're gonna talk about it too in the national. Yeah I'll this thing of it is. They're too busy worrying about how many scoops of ice cream. The president has hang. I our dad everybody else had water and he had diet. Coker order a couple. Read a paper or because the entire front section of the Buffalo News. Is one article have or another article about trump. Of course the Buffalo News all right if they get from the Washington. Yet the whole first part of the paper every day is a Washington Post on the New York Times right rhyming get with the program right. So all you wanna talk about size pharmacy don't you. I've always liked about the right time McCain is important that we talked about ties are between now because. Tomorrow is Mother's Day you brought up earlier yeah and you don't have much time that he didn't go out get her gift. You don't have less time if you didn't get here that the most beautiful car you can find you didn't. You don't have a time if you didn't get there can be while there is available at Belmont. Pharmacy publicize the embassy located in downtown L law. It's our favorite place hit 2317. Bold wrote. And in the middle of this size. It's going to be busy because everybody's going to be here for Mother's Day event. There's a lot of steps there are going to be very hopeful and very professional about I get to the if you like you have to get in that car goes through a college as. Well decide that Bolton road. Which is you know the nucleus of the cell counts of. That's it now I was in there last Saturday Albion there today boy I I pulled up last Saturday. And the parking lot was loaded they're they're running some kind of as special order somewhere warm but anyway I subject number 2 this morning. Subject over to move is very very important subject in that subject is the elections in just occurred. Sunday in France. Yeah that was. That was. And it has a lot of ramifications. We have to be very much aware of. Well this woman is day caller righty over there but I would call her liberal and she's. In the same category as a Hillary Clinton more or less but may be worse. Host he spent handlers and she didn't liberal at all. She is her name has Irene left and and hurt either. Was it the originators of the national front as an aim at a party this and there are very right wing and there they're bad news okay. Why didn't it that's that's what depart is confusing to me just so we. Arson doesn't take much to confuse me after they were right right wing in America is a lot different than the right wing over the air. And over there. Put that that's what they're against there against immigration. There are threat against. Opening their borders just as that was it that most of the news lingo because. Europe you know as. It they're trying to really duplicate what we have they're trying to come up with the united states of Europe which to be a wonderful thing for them to do and it. And they've made inroads into net they had the Euro which is a universal. Money that all the countries that belong to the city he hit the European council on to an end that Euro. So this does this was the first step. Well of course all of sudden people are getting nervous because of this so called immigration which is caused by the war over in the mideast. The first thing is you know Brittany left the via the the European group and they are on their own now. And she came he says the president do exactly that same thing. They're gonna go and throw you're rod go back and panic button and and she gets huge support from our body pulled. Okay and there's nothing that he likes better and is the new European Union declined to smithereens and that's what's happening. Ten yeah I know what happened is. This election the election the current friends every two years and he lost brutally the last two the last ten issue. But here's the problem she. She appealed to a lot of these rednecks. Especially those that are just sick of hearing about immigration in Arizona women and all the stuff that you and I you know. Just gloss over all there at this city it's a very very big deal and as he appealed to people that don't want anything to do it. Well they election was coming up. And it was brutal. Her main it opponent was a young guy who never was elected to anything before his entire life. And he wants. He loved 66. Percent at thirty series. It's real good for a newcomer. But I let let the reason why he won is that the older population and France remember what happened with Nazi Germany. Okay our boy Adolph Hitler. Started the same way. He had a country that was down in the dumps he had a country that looked at nationalism. That they wanted to be Germany and nothing else. And he had appointed to be chancellor I Hindenburg. He lost one election and who spent time in jail. That he got out. And he loses point of that endeavor to be chancellor of Germany and that with the beginning of the end. The older people in France that. And saw this woman. And saw her party and saw the same thing starting to evolve. Bullet they'd candidates had no way. And she get these very badly very bad. No one needs when these people who remember. Hitler die off. You know you might you have a good possibility of getting it not like her and there. Ollie say in two years he's going to be the president of grants more precisely the reason you just mentioned this. Yeah he's not a may have. You know back deck could happen here with the Milan deals who. Don't remember or weren't around the World War II hours and they're Korean War or any of that stuff. Who wanna have everything handed to him most and I. Do these millennial all of them. How we incarcerated. Innocent Japanese people and put them into camps and also because they were Japanese. He's the president ordered that. We we did that to protect them. We didn't pass. We did that because. They had these wonderful farms of the last. And they were doing wonderful business and there was a group of American farmers. Who worked with the government instead we don't want these people around. Because they're dangerous. Okay. Wasn't this after. Pearl Harbor. Didn't didn't we I applaud like I'm reservations. So it's so they were part be protected. That Lilly. We put them in concentration camps is what we did OK we calmed others things that are concentration camps and we took their land. And gave it to these other farmers who do day Harry. No Roosevelt it. That's the point I'm making is that we have got her just horrible horrible link. To good people. And it could happen again. Well you know locked that as I always say there's nothing perfect in life look at. A great job as always and you have yourself a great mother's there and I want. If you do sailor. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AM WW KB. Then else because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Like. Right now let me. Metamucil Saturday morning show all real moving experience. What do directors Marianne geriatric. And of course the world's most unknown. Radio personality. Measure whether minute after greater clock kind of goes like this. Today mostly cloudy with a shower. I've 59 vote tonight 47. Tomorrow Mother's Day a couple of thunderstorms. High temperatures around 61. Intervals of clouds and sun on Monday 62. Partly sunny Tuesday 69. Wednesday. A little warmer highs near seventy cent. Right now the lake front has 51 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 52. And the little downtown kids we've got 53 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to nine. You've got to show that buffalo wakes up to every Saturday morning. This is AM 52 wanna AWK BP at W from the. Postpone postpone boom boom boom boom boom. Well he. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Well. Up from the six days. The doors. Hello I love you. Listen laugh and learn the best radio. On radio powered by upstate Chevrolet find new roads to ship via Vatican. What you do shop online 24/7. At charity of Attica Danica. 6 minutes after 8 o'clock. Happy Mother's Day to volume Moses out there. And here's one of our every year. Mother's days songs from CW Marco. Well I had two weeks' vacation come and so. Thought I'd drive down the floor. Spend some time and an old friend. If you girls make a few power it's kind wouldn't be. So I packed up my car and I called my mom and Tennessee. And told her what I plan to do. Jesus and you come it's. I'm really put the time crossing in the week or two. Guys driving through this little town. When I remember. Today's my birthday. Payless just stop the lawyers in four hours. And mobile. So I walked in the flower shop in the first thing I saw was this little boy. This. I haven't sooner than almost T. This is how little we Graham wrong now. And I promised moments of roses. I've talked to her own time. I wanted to give her five because that's how old I am with the leading says I couldn't I would just. Remove those story has touched my. So I told the lady giving warning warning and charge. And I've told her I needed to wire doesn't bruises on my mama and chipped it Tennessee. I'd look around. And all of a sudden. Movement come running back in the race. Mr. and I forgot thank you for the rose he's smiled and shook my hand ran back down. Realize there don't out of town. Proud of myself and think. When I looked out the window and I saw that same. New flag very. I stuff. He smiled. This is where my momma stay. She says she sure there's things differently. Walk away. And then drew a straight back in the flower show this is leading peace and Tennessee. I said well never mind but just take that it was me. It's. Real radio starts here unfair and unbalanced. UFO's. Like that one right there ultimate fantastical please see W McCall. And grosses for mom 10 minutes after. 8 o'clock. Allegheny hills golf course and restaurants. Locally owned and operated between Cuba and rush for tomorrow they have a Mother's Day but day. From eleven to three. And you wanna check that out of all Allegheny hills dot net. He inject further. Food and make reservations. By calling. 15854372. When he won 63. Check on their memberships. A beautiful place located at nine. 82. Parties corners road. Between Cuba and Russia for. Of course my Fridays site spend with. Where dog treat their for an hour and a half two hours we have media fantasy affair ago shipments. But anyway. If you see countries that are due teller that. That you said hi Irsay high and you herded. I miss radio show. Hometown. Fred turned out loud yeah today today. 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By what I get here. All right okay I'll buy at market. Your sports sponsored by Dick comfort funeral home in South Wales. CY more families are choosing locally owned comfort funeral home. Serving their greater East Aurora area at sixty or 69 and over again wrote that drew sixteen in South Wales. General street nations and pre planning which funeral director Ali should triggered she provides a top flight professionalism. Guidance. And their compassion you've come to expect from a family owned business. Kind of beautiful campus. Visit www. Comfort funeral home does town. Or call 7166528760. Like it after the S speedway every par would Dave Sully had that he 45 when it's done. I've got a song for you could earn. Oh yeah. I was to listen to it is very clever from 1970. The guy's name is QX Lewis I just love it the creativity. A great songwriters like him. Where do you get this music. I so I cut the one with the mother states on AB CW McCall we urge you Richard gets there. And I have seen now what a minute here. Let me figured that your I think 77 was. Doll. But anyway hey we've got to talk we've got a lot of sports finally. Several high schools. In area teams were able to get in some gains. Yesterday. A full slate of action in the bullies and baseball and girls softball. Let's go through the scoreboards city honors. Over hutch tech ten to four this is in Cornell cup action. A lot yet taking two from Grover. Yesterday. In a double header in DC 91 action Orchard Park taking two or excuse me splitting the doubleheader with pampered. I kid by the name of cold Holland you may remember he's dead Dave Hollins played toward the Phillies. Nationally. From from Orchard Park in a big baseball fairly tortured Turkey and a great game a couple of it's in network. Frontier over west Seneca west toward a three Lancaster over Jane town fifteen deprive the legend of Lancaster. Really having a good season this year ET I hate to compare quarter over lake shore either double header. Their point copied all been 76 merry go over Cheektowaga eleven to one. Easter weren't happy pioneer six to three Holland over spring built seven before Eden defeating lack of one hour. Eleven to one. JFK. At poppy Harlow with seven to 38. In Niagara Frontier League action it was Grand Island at the close game counted on port 31 Lou port oversee SAT. 81. Niagara Orleans baseball Rory. In a double header tight game these are double header is gonna the first game 81 deducting game. Second game eighteen to seven loans one that topping Salamanca real it's. I tell you get that second game usually generally happens fiscal matters most of them. They get so crazy in the second game Franklin go over north Collins 43 decision SEC. East action. In the west it was for don't you topping Faulkner a Lebanon one. Some non league action McKinley over acrid 96. Clarence in bishop I'm in sync chewed through the three I assumed that was called because. Of darkness. The girls played some softball yesterday monsignor Burton saw all elections seem very at Lancaster Opel models say merry. Eleven defined Nichols topping Christian central. Shutting Christian central 07 and nothing frontier eleven Hamburg six. You're quite defeating sweet home two to nothing in all been. Prepping stare point eleven to four let's get to some College Baseball yesterday Ohio defeating you beat by a score of five to three women's lacrosse skittish is making it to the NCAA tournament. They got destroyed villain fortunately by Boston College 21 to nine. In that game. You these men's tennis team mated to the NCAA turn that they were in College Station, Texas where they've lost. Four sets to nothing to Texas. CNN. Let's go to the Major League ballparks yesterday. The Yankees having a tough time with the Astros that team is getting good real quick. After it was defeating the Yankees again. Five the one Brian McCann hit a homer and that once we comes back. Against his old team and it's a home run Toronto tapping Seattle thwarted up in Minnesota one Cleveland nothing. Tampa Bay the raised over Boston five to four Texas. Defeating Oakland far it did two Kansas City capping ball or yesterday 322. The National League it was Atlanta kind of beat Miami eight before Milwaukee over the Mets seven to for the cubs win one they beat Saint Louis close game three to two. The Dodgers tapping Colorado. 62 Clayton Kershaw. Getting the win in that would he had not given up a run yet this season finally gave up. A few runs them by Asians now lost five deport to the Lehigh Valley iron pigs. In walk off fashion let's go to hockey we're heading toward the Stanley Cup pier the conference championships. Nashville competing at a time yesterday one conducting its hand in senators tonight. Who cares for the most boring teams in hockey right now I don't care about any. The bills. Just kidding the pillows and tapered hey it's the general manager week here now branded as being. Gets appointed. The bills GM has worked with a coach here in Carolina has so he's got the gig here in buffalo caught your finger build the longest team. In the NFL right now that have not appeared in a playoff. Well I helped I hope they enjoy their two years here. Yeah I know exactly in the big money and the sabres signing Jason bought a real. As the team's general manager a busy week for a couple of sports and entertainment and that's. It's a look at your local sports. Wanted to minutes after 8 o'clock it is time for a coops comments sponsored this week. By Barkley it's florist and greenhouses. 7164967405. Order flowers any time. Shop online 24 hours today at www. Barkley it's florist dot com. And tomorrow. They're all on. Mother's Day from eight until six. And you can find yourself. All kinds of hanging baskets. Off form garden center. Perennials. Manuals vegetable plants. They deliver and they do the whole deal Marty is a guy. And if you want a column up and talked to a woman say Marty I got this had to do a thing for me because I'm running late on mothers day here. 7164967405. Bart Suisse florist and greenhouses. On route sixteen. In Yorkshire. You know we have over the back fence at 7:45. Every Saturday morning with doctor pat carmody. And I'm thinking about naming Garrett your section of the program. To. Out in left field. I'll tell you what. Well let's just call it a true. Yet often if you watch and as. I got to ask you are are you ready to concede that trump is absolutely crazy. Well you're right you're watching that if you watch CNN and MS Ellis hopefully those tell you that quarter profit and record up in his own words let's just get right to it. I think trump I really believe his agenda. Is. To be impeached. I I am starting to believe this when he ran for one read you would never when he ran for governor of New York there's something wrong with I can't believe this I believe I can't believe I'm theory. But do you remember when he ran for governor how we started. He was never really ran enemy he didn't really wanna. He was right user interest data and then he started throwing these stupid global Bob instead and at getting him in trouble and eventually you ought interest. And decided not to run I think I really believe. His goal is to get impeached because less nervous. James told me that he's being investigated. Coleman held him it is. That you can't confirm or resource is for the Russian investigation. He has dinner which seems combing. Let's let's. Play this. First cut here. Talking about. How old he was it's a bird and trying to think that they be gathered there we can try to try to play that that one. He's a showboat he's a grand stander the FBI has been. In turmoil you know that I know that everybody knows that you take a look at the FBI. A year ago it was in virtual. Turmoil less than a year ago it hasn't recovered from that. Monday you met with C deputy attorney general rob roses roses to bite. Did you ask for recommendations. What I did is I was going to fire on my decision it was not your made the decision for McCain I I was going to fire coming. There's no good time to do it by the way. Is there in your living anywhere ever accepted accepted their record that they are already made it is not all I was gonna fire regardless of records and it was really. He made a recommendation he's highly respected very good guy very Smart guy in the Democrats like him Republicans like him. He made a recommendation but regardless of recommendation I was going to fire bomb knowing. There was no good time to do. And in fact when I decided to just what I said to myself I should you know. This rusher thing with strong and Russia is a made up story it's an excuse by the Democrats haven't lost an election. The only problem is with his dad was BP before they went out and said. Well what concessions to recommend that we for your call me because of this he did they actually had the couple minutes to say this. But they should do Democrats. Ought to listen haven't written email that Democrats. Should be read Joseph icing because. This guy was terrible heat and he lost the election for Hillary along with the Russian us. It's Democrats don't really care about that they understand they had no idea understand it but it's just. You know what the know here you go. He's under investigation. In east trying to bury the bones. Let's get to let's get actually let's get to the he did need this then that next day. This guy. Tweets I hold. The most incredulous. Saying about I hope Colby. Wasn't recording me. When we had our conversation. Wanna plant business. This stopped listening Sean Spicer this epic touch odd spike you're trying to get back end. Questions from the media on this wecht do tweet. Did president trump. Recorded his conversations with former the idea director told me I thought the president the president has nothing further. To Adam or they're recording devices in the Oval Office or the residents it's necessary time there's nothing for that Adam. Does he think it's appropriate that threaten somebody like mr. home enough to speak I don't think that's that's not a threat. He's simply stating a fact that we feed herself. I'm movement on. Sean Sean did you ask the president if he is installed listening devices in the White House did you ask the president to be installed listening about. Do you believe that these Google needs that. It made it near the what is the first thing that Chopra has told me get this dinners. And eight MI under investigation but by the way. I eight year you're having dinner with me because if you wanna continue to be FBI director. But you know I played just can't actually throw out if it in my under investigation. We've got to play this cut this is a great cut this is from Bill Maher talking about the crazy week this was. He had you know a little over a hundred days we are in this administration. The attorney acting attorney general fired. National security advisor you're fired FBI director at your for welcome to apprentice nuclear dish. Did anyone hear that people are comparing this to Nixon and the night massacre. And the tech columnist for people happy Nixon presidential library. Object. As they showed. It say when supporters of the guy do it by scandal that he had to resign or like don't bring organized under the. Let this is this is typical. And that you watched you watch will mark. Men on town you Kevin I don't know. What are your bureau lagged because he makes sense that make sense out here seek out the inconsistencies. Of this. This place is the ultimate. Hall and Jerry doctor Jake this is just beyond TV this guy is literally weeks. From possibly imploding of possibly being impeached yet they have dirty yet. Doctor get a. Have a good Mother's Day Bubba and I wanna leave you Wear this are okay yeah. So. I. Live. As well overall but decrying to know not necessarily I believed. Wolf see in the next couple of weeks if there's more of this man's best even Republicans. Are getting fed up. We'll have our great Mother's Day you Nazi about. Right it is a third. You know they wonder why I take stress pills after I get done talking to him in this segment you know to me. Time for the KB speedway report sponsored. Upstate Chevrolet of Attica. By six lumber and building supplies and Chafee at little valley. Where friendly service is of family tradition. By your local Geico agent in Amherst Tim lynch. Better coverage for a lot less donate three to thirty to 53. And by Holland speedway motor sports complex. Enough family value place save the future stars of NASCAR on asphalt. The high banks of Holland International Speedway. Dave's summary our man who's always on speed nobody knows racing like Dave does and I mean that and you don't want to let too. I had a meeting with Tim Bennett on Thursday. And I I said that recognizes nobody knows racing like Dave and I said you know what even Dave says nice things about you. And but anyway we. Typical of Bennett meeting. You know all. Hi doctor. And answered went downhill after that. All right David what's up. Well a couple of things that the biggest bullet no law. It happened last weekend Danica Patrick was in Victory Lane at Talladega. What was she doing their kissing your boyfriend. She was kissing her boyfriend. Ricky then house who won the race and that's the closest he's ever gonna guess. To being in Victory Lane. Interest thing. Total. Array from the for tiger free happened to catch air leaning in that the car. Just things Ricky then how's that you can imagine what was on the screen. And you can let your imagination go with. Heard her I DuPont was honest oh it absolutely won't have a that's all she's got these you know. It out but does so there's she is and she is congratulating. Ricky stand out. Interesting things about this. And they and it's it seems to be. Kind of kind of flew deep thing with the NASCAR Ricky Stan announces first NASCAR win. With a Talladega he joined at least six other guys who had their very first win at Talladega one of the toughest places to win that. Reducing the empty seats there. Oh yeah that well. At the at painted dark. Hey here's the thing about about Talladega. NASCAR has visited before. As has reached the the depths of having to advertise crisis. So why do people light does anyone. Go to Talladega is it because it's exciting this is a two point 66 month L. Ole hole. You could go to sleep it's one of those things they used to say. You know that when I go to Daytona they go by you and then you nit for two minutes that they come back. And then you looked older they go in and this is two point 66. That Daytona is only two and a half so the only thing you could market there is the big one and of course it happen. But before it did. Kyle Busch was. Wasn't leading the race and you know it would look like one of these routine things. The problem is who is going to sit for three and a half hours there however many hours that is waiting for the last thirty laps for this to happen. With 31 laps to go. There was a major crash that big line as they advertise and they played it every which way but loose. It never should have happened but that's easy for me to say is that then my living room. That they that they went over and over and over about. In deed that app unmanned by a back into. Jason Elliot turned everything around everything was going good. And this so called all of a sudden debt now here we are we've got we've got the big crash interesting thing about Danica I hate to keep beat and the girl. They interviewed all the people herb at all but somewhere in the crash and they said to her. When it started what did you do. And she said my spot spider said go low goal low. If you were watching the replays and at the interminable replays. You know what she did. Nothing. She drove straight ahead I I never saw her and now this poker and their criticism because sometimes. And I've heard this for years and sometimes the best thing to do an investor crashed. At that speed is goes straight ahead yeah rate at its biased because by the time it's over. Eight U you know by the time you get there might be over maybe that's what she was thinking but I tell you she took a shot. I mean she's going straight ahead and and these carriers are gone every which way but loose. And you know mom and bigger is upside down on the kid is upside down and actually got pundit bread into the law I don't know. How many more of those. She can take with a straight face it was just it was too bad but when I start do this they said. Why didn't you do something now Dale Junior just before that avoided it and just barely but doubled bolting major marketing this stuff. OK so you're marketing this what was the ultimate TV rating on this. I've point nine million viewers. Down 13% in the ratings at 11% in viewers from last year Leo what does that tell you. No matter that you can't even sell crashes anymore you and and to god forbid you ever have a good day. At Talladega we don't have the big people are. Theoretically. The gonna walk away disappointed. So the whole thing is. They say they had the race they did they replay the unity over date they want to. Haven't couple marked. Caution that got down to the overtime. You know green white checker and Kyle Busch was leading. And that would theater there if you watched the way they do that Kyle Busch had three lines of traffic coming had a and he tried to block all three and it really is scary decrease your goal it was a 200 miles an hour and he's gone back and forth back and forth trying to block Kamal ultimately. You can't do that. And he was passed with one lap to go. His comment afterward. Speak volumes. And this is not only Kyle Busch but I think I think it's it is reminiscent of of a number of the guys he said. Next week we'll go to Kansas a real race track. And. Yeah yeah that's what he said he's we're gonna go to Kansas a real racetracks. You don't race at Talladega use survive. You. Use that I'll do you go around three wide all afternoon I was hoping just hoping. That you're around at the end she got a high banks and oh yeah the high banks and and you get. The one to which by somebody went out one bigger hit they hit. Elliott it was not much of a two and of Haiti just barely touched him but because some in the left rear end and that sentiment and then sixteen terror than it. Thirty almost every car in that race that was that was damages someway. Dad did that's okay but it's not selling it just isn't. And I don't know if you've got the world 600 summoned up in two weeks. On Memorial Day if you can't sit through 500 miles of two point 66 are you gonna sit sit through 600 miles of Charlie. I mean a it'll be really interesting if they if they there's no more gimmicks you can come up with the races the race you just hope. That's something more happen I told duke. Buddy of mine called me a couple weeks ago and said that the they dropped the price. I think they're scared to death that they enacted to get anybody in there and they can't hide that fact even with dark concedes and everything else but that. That is is part grosso do this this gradual decline you can't you can't sell attract based upon our big wreck then have direct. And then have nothing else to fall back yet. It was nice to see Ricky that thousand Victory Lane really was Jack Russian won a race and it's 2014. That denies that but ticket's loss. Gets lost in the and by the way. Some got a lot of last week that I really want to touch but we are talking about Dale Junior. And I want to mention this after the race last week at our two weekly or Richmond. Joel O'Donnell won the race. He lost the race. But he won the race. As let me explain that. He won the race he he cross the victory away crust did checkered flag he won the checkered flag but intact. He was found to have to be 132. Government into in the rear suspect that there's a part in the rear suspension went there to second and it. They. Take the carrot routinely. Happen pictures taken back the let so all of a sudden here he is. He has what is called an encumbered win. An encumbered win means. You want but that's it you get to say I won the race but by being encumbered that means it doesn't count. It did it doesn't count with a winning you're in scenario that NASCAR money. If they took good CEOs. Of the money. He gets behind his crew chief was signed 50000 dollars and suspended for every. First three races and in none of this we're getting politics yeah yeah well. Then the whole thing is they're trying to head off. The the idea of of any candidate cheating. But they're spending more time worrying about that also not only can you be encumbered as the winner and those points towards the championship. If you finish further down and get penalized with tepid pursuit through three other guys. They get into number two I told you you're gonna need an accountant every week. The determined he got three stages now he gets some points for this points for that. Then you get the run their races and if find out that you didn't win but to one. And indeed you can you can protest if you wanna put it today. It's a waste the time. At this is over 132 of an inch. Now there as a philosophy here that. Bill France came up with and I don't know whether you agree were that are. But they they spent a lot of time with this and and the main thing is. And he believes fans want to know who wins the race before they know well so no matter what if you win the race. If you what you are given the race and then afterwards a couple of days later. You get penalized but you all you do it throughout history goes through as the winner of the race. Finally you say. When you say they took to money away. He had to win something. I I'm not sure if the winner's purse is affected. It as much as the fact that these others have besides for the crew chief and and I'll kind of other things but that's the point is the money is is is that second. I mean these days and he your doctor Roger Penske here is the money that the money is so what it comes down to is. It in your own mind should a racer. If the other penalize lose the race and my feeling has always been yes. People will adjust to the fact okay yeah he won the race but they've found out he cheated so so and so moves up so no way instead of Ricky house waiting for example are doing ago winning met campus where. But at least at the end of the day and feel like everybody's stated it's fair dirt car on the local level does the same thing you get to keep the win. Lancaster the other day had a had a race where. Patrick Beverley won the race. Was disqualified they moved the next guy up and he won the race gets way it's a great idea to keep as the winner in declared the winner. If these disqualify you got to pay it you have to pay the winner's purse. Interesting thought let's take a break we get I get the stories that tell you about last night and the weather. 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And a little valley 619 Iraq's city road. They have an 800 number 1808360769. Six lumber where friendly service is family tradition. Geico presents warm weather adventures and activities for a fun weekend. How I'm hitting the back roads by motorcycle. It's amazing how much there is to see inexperience on the back of a bike. And if you get off the major roads it's not only a safer or more enjoyable right there are some hidden jams like diners and roadside attractions to check out. You insurance for your motorcycle. Look no further than your friends at Geico. Geico saving people money on more than just car insurance. That's a beautiful thing baby I'd like to see some countries sunshine but hey Dave were on overtime. I felt I need to make it real quick I was going to go to freedom last night wisely canceled wet ground is cold weather. Wasn't go to work we changed of course went to ransom bill. Got part of the show end. Got rained out but this call for promoter to make us and on top of that they had other problems. It's an and it is that this is an Israeli Staten out of bed hopefully it'll pick up hopefully we'll get some good weather but. It's been a pretty pretty gruesome so. Are all right but look at tell Marcia Dyson happy Mother's Day I want to let. Later. Somewhere. Then as a fireman. Re using green. And it's nice to me this Byron. Reason do you. Well I'm glad I'm yeah its six kids and student handing these. Help me. If that's fine moves. All I can. It's okay. A lot of drinks. It means. Some. Maybe you'll leave them. It. My name. I mean. Some win. Bodies. It is hard. We'll. Their own me to win this car. Need a good job. I'm the pioneer. Propane studios. That KB and who what are you paying for you propane. Call 1806158144. Located on route to nineteen in spring bill clean efficient energy for every need. And two area residential commercial agricultural. Service available. Romped automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency delivery. They got a doll locally owned and operated by Lynn Smith is pioneer propane. And once again their phone number. Is 180615. 8144. Look who's here Apollo I drugs. 900. Mean key piano ever trip. About things he. Reggae and guess. What hidden yeah. Watched. Pavlik there isn't that Billy. Yeah. And yeah if you cheer when you're out. And your health. And your pain and you know he can't repellent he. Edit yeah aren't. And yeah. There's the same point she did last week. I tea lights around the you know the rest. James house. Maybe that's just me missing U 8 before 9 Saturday morning countries sunshine. With a loved doctors JP. It's. You know. You know. Well soon. Me. Since he. Okay. Still all all. And then. You. Name. Yeah. Do. I. There's been. Can there. To walk away. Do you use. You guys. Mom and dad. I. 5 minutes before 9 o'clock. And we'll be back right after they embarrass your kids. 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Tickets for crews on the water or run salad my bubble burst dot com. Brought you by Jim stick out in liberty camp with support from the Niagara Falls culinary institute CO there. Have a great Mother's Day especially you mom who were drawn out the backdoor way of winning. Turn out those lives. The fire is no room. They see that all. Good things must end. Call it a night. Iron. Oh. Okay. One occurring easy prey is it hard. Never seen so many. And the last thing that's there. The new. You're having fun. Look at need. I am. The fire is. Through life. Little tired is. Okay. Things must end. Call it and I. And oh yeah. Tomorrow. Okay. Ones I am happy. Alumni. I didn't keep plugging. Live for. We need is just one party. I broke her heart so many time. Now my Tea Party line. Then one day she said sweetheart. Power is so. Turnout flu like. Who fired his. Believe at all. Things must end. Colon and night. The iron is little. Yeah. Tomorrow. Okay. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB.