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You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW. KB. Buffalo. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and point of view a lot of society in the way it really is I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. I don't love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a combination. And the doctor. And then else. Because it seemed like you dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Just who is Beckett did. Mutations. You found the original. Okay right now with kids good morning it is at 7 o'clock. And today is. May twelfth 2008 T well c'mon man you know growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. And laughing at yourself is there appear to. The number one weekend radio variety show right here buffalo and you've got that radio. Right now is over whether. Check in and out or the metro and the surrounding areas. Down into the southern here all that kind of thing. A little morning rain I guess. Cloudy today high temperatures around 58. Overnight low tonight 45. Tomorrow Mother's Day chimes of sun and clouds. Eisner's 66. Monday mostly cloudy 66. Tuesday. Mostly cloudy and sixty guys. Apparently some lake front has 45 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 46. And the loop downtown. We've got 46 degrees. At the originals. And still the best from seven to 9 and every Saturday morning. You have passed it out and tell a friend would do that this is the Saturday morning radio show. That buffalo wakes up to news located. At AM fifteenth Ronnie WPA believe them. When you play here okay. OK. Okay. Okay. Yeah let me out. Okay. You saw him. It's. It is and I hand a lot of places and I a lot of things. It's. Not a solo homer and way. It's. Real it's. Gone and I knew my Lulu. So we'll. Wake me up and okay. Hand wind yeah. Okay. So I'm okay. Okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam the times of momentum around. I'm pretty. I mean unless it's into the ground. But it's do we move mountains to one and I. Big news around the news buffalo. It's so. Okay. And I went. We have a man known goal on me I'm okay. It is. Can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. Think come. Team. You must pain. Everything. Major market radio and a large market to out. Professional division and service. Roddy McDowell. And I do I dream of women like you. It is a 7 minutes after 7 o'clock. Another great big good morning to. And of course tomorrow is Mother's Day so we'll have a couple of mama's songs this morning. In the program. Something you'd like to hear give us a call at 71680315. Cloning. All right wanna tell you right now about the floppy poppy. Where I take my property. Floppy copy. You know as she goes through our development then there's that plaza. Where is the dental office and the post office now. And well that's where Nicole has her place. Where she does. Dog grooming blue dog grooming and take care your beer poppies for you right here at 42 north main street and element. And Nicole's phone number it's 7168603933. She just moved in there about. Although a couple of months ago. And she does a great yeah. Right there in the center of development. Though floppy. Poppies. Little Chris de 1966. Baby. Latin and stress. Boy well. Hello. February game ninety eight's 1966. That was a number one's on. And the field of rock general music Lou Christie. And lightning is striking again. Powered by upstate Chevrolet find new roads too shabby at Attica. Shop on line to wanna force. At shabby a Vatican did not count. This week. I had a wonderful privilege. Going to Allegheny hills. Golf course and restaurant. And having two great launches today Tuesday I had them. What was a Canadian bacon. Was ham and cheese and Fries and all like I'm telling you the size of that salmon that sandwich had to be porridge is static. And yesterday. I went and got. What they call on a jerk burger and a Jarrett burger. Ever hear of that. Now and never. It's. It's a hamburger a real thick Hamburg. With all the goodies and they put a special sauce. And I I'm telling you it took me about. I'd say 35 minutes to eat that. But anyway. Delicious food and of course the golf courses are open now. A beautiful eighteen hole golf course Allegheny hills where. Wednesday nights now. From six to nine. Is though weighing nights. Not wing not but Wayne guys. Wednesday is 69. And they provide entertainment for you to. A restaurant now opens seven days a week at 11 AM until. And tomorrow. You wanna take momma for our grew rate to brunch. Well it's the annual Mother's Day brunch. And Allegheny heels from 11 AM until 4 PM. Of course located between Cuba and pressured. And 9622. Parties corners broke. And their phone number for reservations. Is a 585437. Wanting 160 surgery. Seals and drops. By request. And closer to you daily from KB. AM fifteenth wanted this Saturday morning. Right here you were here. Saying it's. Yeah. And neon. You. Yeah. You. Mean. In terms. And. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB AM 1520 WW KB buffalo. Well I had two weeks' vacation come and so I thought I'd drive down. Spend some time friend. David these girls make a few power it's. Wouldn't be. So I packed up my car and I called my mom Tennessee. And to work out plans to. Jesus and you come. Nice I'm really put her time crossing you know we had to. As driving through this little town. They use my. It's. Snob lawyers and flowers. So I walked in the flower show. First thing is was this little boy. This is. I'm a little. He's your first. Haven't seen him. I can. And I live with grandma now. And I promised moments of roses. And I talked to her own time. I wanted to give her five that's no way and we'll release as I couldn't I just. Remove those stories kind of so I believe he's given what they want and charge. And I told her I needed to wire doesn't bruises on my mama and Chapel Hill Tennessee. I look around. And all of a sudden. We come back in the say mr. and I forgot my heroes. And he smiled shook my hand ran back down. Realize they're grown out of town. That my children. When I looked out the window and I saw that same. Flags great. I stuff my. He smiled and for. This is where my mama stay. She says she sure there's things differently. It's hard. This is leading peace. This as well never mind. Logistics. Happy Mother's Day. CW. McCaw and that's roses or mama. It's 20 minutes after 7 o'clock. Give the gift of life in the buffalo Red Cross. As soon as you can. Find out where the blood mobile locations. By calling 1800. Red Cross. Our goal on line matched her Red Cross blood dot org. This message brought to you by the great folks at size of a pharmacy. And upstate Chrysler. Jeep. Dodge and ram. Is in panic about that young and auto and truck repair 1560. Harman wrote unit number two in Cheektowaga. Where you can get an oil in the lube and filter. And attack for 1995. They are your AC Delco dealer. And if you wanna make an appointment with a reg Jones and company. That their phone number is 32206. To organize. Sit by. It shows now. During the Bible. As we love to do it and you're depending twenty mind WW can be and you're welcome to call 71 six's and really change me. And who who who who. Whether it's a new board pre owned vehicle you're looking toward you know you're getting the best deal when you live from upstate Chevrolet about it there's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars. 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Have a nice day. That lady tell you she sent the culture that are. This weather segment has sponsored by. Martin's brother Chevrolet. With him no bull Dale's. Ask for Chad or Dennis call 1866466218784. Located at 613. West main street in arcade. Check them out on line at Martin's brother Chevrolet. At Maarten Brothers same low prices. Locally owned and community driven. Yeah I arrived here here leather. And induce a panel like this you know. Legacy. High temperature today about 58. Room. We're gonna have a mixture of sun and cloud zone day to day overnight low tonight 45. Tomorrow Mother's Day and times of sun and clouds highs 66. Monday. Mostly cloudy 66 or hide. And Tuesday's 69. And mostly cloudy right now the lake front has 45 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 46. And a load downtown 46 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning you've got a chance this. Is AM fifteen to run AW KB bill. Then eight year. Cool not. I'm. People argue Walt. News. I'm not pitch. A little. Net. It. Man oh wins that small and then this. The world it's come crying. Me wrong. The men. Your home. It's. No men into your call and I see. And how little. Leo man. Is thin. My lie. Would. You tools so yeah. If I couldn't I mean. Lose you. Yeah. Love van into your call and I asked me. Oh okay. It all next thing you know where you can do com. The planet. You're all. It all. Easy. Oh how are home Leo romance. Yeah. It's. Soon. If today. And it. Your call and I save. It at all stereo committee from news com. The mandate. That your golf. I mean. Okay. Yeah. Any. Yeah. Just. For me. Need. I. In doing well. Oh man. A whole lot of. Feeling that is Irene Kara. Before that in the middle of that triple play The Beatles and penny laying. And starting things off degrade to Sonny James. And the minute you're ago. It is 735. On five minutes away from the top of the hour. And you look at mighty fine this Saturday morning I guess to rein in kinda world subside sometime this afternoon or whenever. But the temperatures now Roland great. But did they're gonna warmup. Come the week aren't. Not by much but will be around seventy. Com Wednesday and we'll take it right now 46 degrees at the loop. Downtown. And oh ma. Here it is and I managed. And he he I didn't he. He. Got your umbrella there's morning variant you. Hurricane. To ensure particular. Aren't. Think I think if you think the important. And yes. Me and keep keep praying elsewhere in the picture yeah you know can she can with Larry and he in turn keep free room. Yes and we asked to keep up right. You can't addiction yeah I think the key to wind you can find kids need for a while wearing team parenthood. And I never thought about that Andy the bigger did dictionary. The more than words. It makes sense Whitley you really think about it make this adds but that is an oil imports. It's time for the error regiments teammates poke out of the morning. Sponsored by your Borchardt. Read Lansky mates. 1585. Walden avenue and. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Eat. Manner. Afternoon. And I. Just to know him. And now. Sam. Bonus and then we'll. To run this little. Yeah. Yeah yeah that's when it comes in the. Three Dog Night. 1970 water. Those old fashioned love song live local and even sometimes lovable. You've got to radio rawhide renegade romantic roosters. It might cast of characters family and friends. The famous AM fifteen to one made the original. WKV. Building. From seven to 9 every Saturday morning. It is. Time almost it is sixteen report eight. And border my say in here what are my talking about but do weekly health report. Sponsored. By size Selma pharmacy. 2317. Ball or who wrote an alma. Their phone number 7166. Tie at 2391. A pharmacy that goes the extra step in service and uniqueness. With you when your doctor. Headed right the first time. 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As they say down Yonder they were they grow on me. And that is Sawyer brown. And used to blue before that. Yeah. The Rolling Stones and hawkish tone women. It is seven minutes before the top of the hours. Stand by. It shows now. Yeah during the bottom as we love to do you are defending 22 bonds WW can be your call at seven sixes and he's really. Funny. And who. Since 1970 four's they've leased car wash and detail centers has been serving there are greater. Easter rural areas with the best. How about Sandy's dog watch the biggest in the area. Immaculate facilities it was high quality products for your dog go always included. Like warm waters. Open 24/7. In a large spacious room. Warm and cozy with the big tubs for you and your dog. For your dogs. Online at Sammy is why shouldn't dot com. Treat your puppy at Sammy star watch across from tops in east over. Okay magic trick I don't in my hands 700 dollars in rent money now watch closely. Right on time thanks Michael. 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Powell I backed it jars if you bridges needs and stitches you posterior deals in theory here are your scene stealer in the heat. Call me yet. And corners headquarters. Acted to. It's. Cool oh they. Remember it UAL the tale I'm behind rat bag yet. It is it. His mom. You know hot. Plus breaking into this time to. We better. And breaking. And these things that make it up. I do. Plus cranky. Aides say that maybe I'm. Okay. No that is through okay. Now. You're listening to the official voice someday you'll people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW. KB. Buffalo. Because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Hey listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you've got it right now it's 8 o'clock. And this weather segment is sponsored by gold and gifts 96 Hamburg street in Easter rural. Right down the street from Sammy used car watch. And they Diaw and wholesale and retail. Day buy and sell. Investment gold and silver. And now also buy and sell their coins there investment. Gold silver and now in stock. 2018. Gold. And silver Eagles. Thrown 6554545. Brokers and fine jewelry jams. Precious metals. And estate jewelry. I'm talking about gold and gaps. 96 Hamburg street and East Aurora. They went back and slacken this mama it says today. A mixture of clouds and sunshine after the rain. High temperatures around 58. Overnight low tonight 45. Tomorrow mama's today. Times of sun and clouds high of 66. Monday mostly cloudy 66 and Tuesday. Mostly cloudy and 69. Apparently the lake front stay on as 45 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 45. And a live downtown 46 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got it maybe this is the radio shows that buffalo wakes up here on Saturday morning. Located at 2 AM fifteen to Ronnie WJ. Believe it ever hear from. Postpone postpone for. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Is you know most people. Look through their wallets and their pocketbooks from way down the bottom past credit cards and baby pictures green stamps. Usually find a little dog eared piece of poetry. I was clean it out a lot of the other day and I ran across whole bunch of bio use some of them thirty years overdue. Funny thing is. That all these IOUs. Are owed to one person. And kind of feel like right now. I'd feel pretty good time for me count him. Mom. Volvo he is far. So many things. A lot of service. By night watchman for instance. Carolina wake knives prison for car crash. Creek and full of Gordon. And me come in at night. He had data needs over. Roar of alive. But you always had a hard. Yeah. I'll leave for services is. Short order cook Xia bank. For bacon sirloin hamburgers. Turkey at a community. And two they go extra seven dollars adolescent over. Tell you for clean it serves. For the daily scrub and face an injury all work done by hand. And for the frequent guest and it was all boys fans and try to make sure that you had a spotless lives. And the wash and iron can no longer could it. Very dry and the tears of childhood and her iron out problems pro and how are you far services abiding god. Or protect me from terrorism as thunderstorms tonight. And Jeremy green apple. And lord knows though you for medical attention. For nursing me through these two love bruises on splintered. Sprained big. And let's not forget medically advance either Bono. Important things like. Don't scratch yours won't give way down. If you thought you guys are going to stick black man. And probably most important followers. Be sure you got home clean underwear boy in case you're in an action. And no use for veterinarians serves. Her feet never lost that I dragged home in a row. And for even the way. You know we have four. And entertainment. Entertainment to get back household going. Pretty tough time. Oh wonderful production big Christmas fourth of July and break. Never make it make believe come true on a very limited side. How are you for construction. We're building kites confident. Hopes and dreams. And somehow you make of politics this guy. And for semen no family to get. So it stands the worst kind shops in the globe. And for laying down good strong foundation to build a fly ball. I owe you for Kerry and charge him for carrying me on you books for the necessities of life. That a growing village just got to hand. Think flag. Wolf Barack. Lose would I mean on the side very Jack. And one thing. I won't never ever forget. And there were only two pieces. Apple and I left in 300 people. I noticed it. You with the one who said they decided that you really didn't like apple pie in the first place. These are. Just to very few of the things for which payment is mom over it. The first known to work very cheap. She managed. I simply. Doing it down eleven thing. She needed yourself. My IOUs. Add up too much for. That I could ever hope to repay. But you know. The nicest thing about it all is said. I know. That she'll mark the entire bill paid info. For. Just one cues. From four little words. Mom. I love you. You know that song was out. 42 years ago 1976. Jimmy Dean. And I know you. And as I have mentioned. So many times. On the radio that after he did that song he broke down and cried like a baby. Yet happy Mother's Day mom. Major market radio. In a large market to a professional division and service. Dick Clark's defended a broadcast. Ten minutes after ready Clark. Coming back act in a few minutes we've got sports. Was Andrew Clarke. But right now is that Letterman. Pretty nice. The way. Back. Okay. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay yeah. I. Okay. From the pioneer propane studios had KB who watched. You today for you or propane. Give them a call I think they might be doubly happy out 1806158144. Horror at outstanding prices and news service. 18061581. 4413. After 8 o'clock. Andy before we get into sports zone as you. IE about six or seven years ago I asked my doctor. To. Check me out as far as allergies. If you know do all his blood work and stuff now. They did extensive blood work costly and insurance company a ton of money. But. I am allergic to not. Absolutely day went down the list absolutely not. But. And a day of mourning marked this morning I just I haven't got a together yet and my nose keeps running. I I have like hollow stomach and everything I wonder. If this. Step outside at seven dues. You take I'm very curious to these jobs they would have never allergic to anything about my job missiles Dublin worked out here aren't suited. I'm curious I've noticed too I've been Steve La Mort you like during the release on it is a walk outside. Face to get a three sneeze like three's these are good like now 567 he likes he's. That happening thy cattle Idaho no they maybe it is the laggard. I do well occasionally. Get sneeze attacks. And I have had as many as up to eighteen I count it a lot quicker but I worked with a guy years ago this is no joke. His girlfriend counted him doing a 145. All after like seven I'm I'm I've got them about the diet can X and oh well she drove them drove into the emergency room out of I mean I. And you know when I start doing the the sneeze attacks there might poppy looks at me like hey dad what's wrong leader in on my catches they would honestly gat. All right it's time for sports was Andrew Clarke and myriad. Thank you doctor. He suggest games be shortened to seven innings saying it would restore the importance starting pitching. And reduce the size of pitching staff that night and as the I don't know he was thing they're easy day guys on the staff equaling about a 160 guys as the about when he played there going sixteen teams but now. A route 400 pitchers in the league which worked out eighty more and why you go to six innings you know lie any I I'm not a big Gehrig on a seven innings I know the minor leagues argue with double headers they do they do so evident in double headers and when I played high school and college who's always seventh inning run colleges nine innings American legion high school yet yet but. I feel like you lose something in the seventh inning that that there's more strategy to it especially you know involving the bullpen and things like that is you know talk about the importance of starting pitching. He all of you have a starter go 78 innings now that's important it's where most guys can go five innings and in a cell phones though. For God's sake just let these guys years ago. I can remember people like Whitey Ford Sandy Koufax drysdale. If they would they would pitch a whole game and then apple was tied they would pitch into extra innings. And or Whitey I can remember like red barber. And Mel Allen men were zero and those guys talking about how. On a hot and humid day he he could lose twelve to fifteen pounds oh yes wedding and you know sweater at all. Oh yeah and it just the number innings guys you can throw throwback then a lot of guys Wendell Ryan said the singles he's strikeout record back and it was like the seventies. 383 straight out for the season he'd like 380 innings that year which is like unheard of doubt three countries a lot of innings nowadays. For starting panel I mean they'll they'll get about 35 starts they feel like you know six innings average. Which works out to around you know 3-D. O 25300. Innings a year so he had his you don't remember red barber. Now I don't know right now he wanted to wanted to hear my impression of red barber when he called home run of it. There's one. As. I would just nice and simple. All of that around your Major League Baseball he's an actor is a popular George springer is dated after being hit the album black Cole Hamels fastball his team's one nothing loss Friday night in the Rangers. At a readily some other scorers from Friday night comes route across their crosstown rivals the White Sox Lebanon to. Is over the yanks 105 Red Sox beat the blue jays 53. Royals or the Indians and a slug fest and nine another slugfest out Colorado as the brewers beat the Rockies eleven eleventh and on the road. And the Mariners at tigers was postponed. Would you of the Minor League Baseball action bison lost last night on the road Lehigh Valley iron pigs getting shut out three nothing. The bison last place in the internationally north at twelve and fourteen but only during a half games back so early in the season so they asked about when he turned turnout around. The look about back tonight on the road taking on the iron pigs again first pitch at 6:35 PM. Yeah doing here about the bonehead thing that do the Mets did the other night. I laid on the civil is that. Ha ha. I nailed it made his name mine they batted out of order really I did not see that. I mean that's something you'd see in T ball yet it especially today they batted out of order and of course the guy was out mom. But did an idea beat united it would I don't know who played Saint Louis seven enough to Anderson it was just a bad night for the Mets. I don't know how you can even bowed out of order nowadays with DO I mean they have on nine into different places in the stadium who's up at bat it's adding that says that's. But you know that that's very indicative of the Mets at least in my opinion NBA playoff action Wednesday that Celtics locked up their series with a 114112. Win over the 76ers taking the series four games to one. Oddity they'll beat the cats in the Eastern Conference finals of the gas completed their sleep Monday at the raptors. With a 12093. Win at home game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals starts tomorrow at 330 in. Boston Andy was cut Western Conference finals are set as to. You are set. Bad as Tuesday's night game between the rockets and jazz rockets beat the jazz 11212. To take that series 41 in the warriors beat pelicans 113 104 to lock up they're series four to one. Game one of the Western Conference finals will be Monday at 9 PM in Houston. And the more playoff action NHL. What you have to hockey the capitals beat lightning in camp last night to win game 1 of the eastern finals. The two teams will play again tomorrow in Tampa game to 8 PM. And game one of the west finals will be tonight at 7 PM in Winnipeg as the jets take on the Vegas golden knights were looking to make it to the Stanley Cup finals in their first season. Kyra excite storyline laughter with the Vegas golden knights and I you know it's funny at seized from reports the the sabres fans in the area. Kind of upset you know the gold knights their first season here sabres have been able you know got here how to win here for a long time that's to be one series to watch. And out keep guys that they of that next week with your sports our manager Clark. Ed is 20 minutes after 8 o'clock act and this weather segment is sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Catch their beautiful selections are right online. At www. Upstate CJ dot com. And set your vehicles society or by calling a lot. At 1585. 5910678. Then take the short ride to their beautiful campus at 125. Prospects straight in Attica. And you will be impressed. Are right not a very impressive group weather forecast but we will deal whether it's you know remain. Here it is. Mixture of sun and clouds after the rain this morning high temperatures today 58. The overnight low tonight 45. Tomorrow Mother's Day chimes of sun and clouds. Sunny intervals and afterwards. High temperatures around 66. Overnight low 52. Monday mostly cloudy 66. For a guy. Tuesday mostly cloudy 69. Wednesday if you wanna look that far ahead showers and thunderstorms possible. Highs around seventy. Right now that lake front still has 45 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 45. And the live downtown we've got 46 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning baby. You've got it this is a M fifteen to one AW KB. Jeff. Johnnie walkers. The it is. Bring you his name and say oh. When it's. Sales woman came. Or you. So. Everything you. Why. Children. You always. Street. It's. The news. I mean. Me. And that was their first big hit. And I loved those guys that's asleep at the wheel. And Johnnie Walker red I was doing the bid days. Mid day show that the WOK. Over in Albany. And that's I was out in this summer and fall. 1975. I sleep at the wheel 25 minutes after 8 o'clock. By. It shows now. I during the Bible as we love to do what you are depending twenty mind WW can be and you're welcome to call at seven sixes and 3-D. Twenty. Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he just got your auto renewal and your rates went up again let me help you say call me they three to thirty to 53 or just stop them across from the boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And while you're there click onto Geico and Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. That stood doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance was Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids. Yeah. Holy. The Bellamy Brothers. And that old hippie guy it's 830 and it's time that. KB speedway report sponsored by a upstate chair or lay out Attica. By six lumber and building supplies in Chafee and little rally where friendly service is up family tradition. Die and that Jay by a farm supplies Stoller 3101. Route 39. In New York sheer. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. 12185. Prospect street in Attica. Buys Sammy is car watch details sender and dark watch 170. Grey street in Easter rower. And by DNA as wholesale. Genesee had transit and land casters. His quality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. By precision re manufactured engines new and used 3160. Union wrote in Cheektowaga. With no warranties. That matches their quality. Good morning Dave solid good morning doctor yes sir you have in trouble with the allergies. Do you really take all down in Florida sometimes they do because there's some column down there but none that normally appear. I don't novel I was just our commanding a little bit ago and Tim and I are not. Allergic to anything but I tell you this morning I don't know what took an hour and a half four boards of policy goal here. Yeah it's it's kind of adult day. Ironically. With all the rain around the league got to show and has neither ransom bill one of the things that we talk about later but really yeah and and that may have actually been to two races since they took you so. Now let amenity Europe backed you're allowed back in the gates at. Yes oh yes that I could that I could go through the whole thing there but it would take to lump yes I am I am bank. Yeah a day after occidental firm for your folks who are that did know about this about three years ago. Dave was. Asked to stay away. The path for but no repeal it isn't. Oh no real reason there was there was a I was sick cup Boller was it it it goes into the things that have nothing to do with a racing by the anyway. Yeah yeah I'll be talking about that but before I do. We have some sad news and it may be some of the listeners have heard in the maybe you did. But manner destroyer died couple days ago really Maynard seven in nine years old. A real when you you know you the word icon is used very easily very flippant it's but Maynard really was. He invented or founded Troy or race cars and earlier rate paris' day. Is one of the major builders incorporated turned especially asphalt cart. Days. They're worse of their Perez for awhile there he was he was competitive and that air here they were. Indeed he is long since sold it Billy Cole runs it now but straight race cars on the asphalt. It's still a major force and there are still. Some dirt turns around but Maynard a race with the likes of Richie. Jerry Cooke jet boat dine and that Europe. Jerry cook should and it's when a couple of ROC races and when it was released the race of champions and you ran multiple kid only he did I saw race a few times. That he didn't win an awful lot. But he won some big races. Retired in and he he founded as destroyer 77 name retired from racing in 82 and a well we're gonna miss him but his name it will be there on the man. Would have a lot of race card so. Rest in peace Mayer's career yeah it's Howland. Some news coming out of get this hillside buffalo entertainment complex. One. That was the former house speedway and the track has been renamed it. That track at hillside so no more Howland speedway I'll probably accidentally hit the bank. And you know while they Holland but the stall sales. It's called the track at hillside. The complexes on Israel's side buffalo entertainment complex and soon to arrival there in lake if you can believe that tight. Than it was out of there. Actually income from them it came from wirelessly because ROC has scheduled seven races there the yes so the race. Yeah well there seven. They they. One of them is the ROC. Sport and a big block to the regular dubbed the big name one and then there are three. Late model races including the talent under which is coming back. And then they've also meant did a couple of other. Series they've had a superstar X series for a little while but superstar late models ROC four cylinders. There they've come up with so. There is going to be racing at. The track at hillside the problem is is that that we still don't know. How that Friday Saturday thing is going to work yeah it's it's creating problems. I don't know if if they're going to be able to deal with that or not but certainly when you have other tracks that. That run on Friday night and and you are. He essentially. Is it in their he'd be said he Duca Andrew their territory one of the big problems that they have. And this is just from a management standpoint is. They're gonna run six times on Friday. The beauty is. The caveat here is that among a number of their staff and over their tracks that work at freedom on Friday night. Believe they can't be at both places yeah. So it'll be interesting to see where that'll Lance but this is this as. We're going to get a chance to talk to Daniel Hutchinson Monday night in the TV show that a month and Ella. The TV. So maybe I'll have more answers for you were gonna get that he's going to be on the show and. All right to outsell everybody housing in Washington. That actually is done LT TV can it was channeled money that is now I think it's. You have to look it up but I believe it's up in the 400 you know when they re meant to day the schedule but you can also. Actually the best way to do it is to. Listen to an on line and LT TV dot net you can do it that way too. Was saying about the schedule. No no this this announcement actually came from Joe's detonate these are policy. So but they we did get a name. Dick nick Johnston is going to be the manager racing events so hopefully. Will be making contact with him but it's coming out drips and drabs and as certainly. The thing is is supposed to open for at least zone. But. Will see what where it goes but. I'm gonna tell you a little story. About ten days ago I went out to upstate chair related visit with frank. And I walked in his office and he's on the speakerphone. So. I did he didn't have a problem with these coming in and and sitting down while he was talking on the speakerphone. So he hangs up and who was he talking to about Ron Bennett. Well that that it would get the wheels turning to run Bennett is it is still going to be a around. The news that there still. Unanswered questions is do ownership. Titles and how this is going to work as soldiers that the rumors that rumors hurt it's it's at least. At least by eight. Things I I really don't know I think I'd be greatly give you a little bit more. Insight after week that we talked to yeah to Daniel but since and so will still be good yes we will do that. Also are on the local front. And with me and it'll stay with the local front there's some stuff with that connect to vote. Went to rant America last Saturday night they opened up and it was a decent show. Only fourteen modified the net and that does is Gary. Last night at. That. Ran the bill there were seventeen. So that that class is is kind of is it since some kind apparel which left to wait and see what happens. But. Eric Rudolph won the last night Iran to build the track was. I'm going to be charitable thing it was spring conditions. It's tough. After with the winner that we had to have anything Pristina must say that merit what it was quite good. That day you know their work and a medal at times but they. They had a little problem there's a rot in turn to that develops. You're going to be grilled. Careful with that but just being back there and seeing the the amount of money and it's been spent. There's certainly is the the money there in the cases. You know the question is is it going to be pointed in the right direction and they. Kidney and improve the the trek. You know the facility as much as they need to let that. The good news freedom and it rained out yesterday and this is how the weather goes around here about we've talked about it often. It was rained out in the afternoon but. Freed but rent the building get a drop and they read they ran the program quickly because they thought it was gunnery and never did. So you really don't know and I whether Reid may bring this up as. There is an ROC event. Scheduled for early and get to tonight now it's raining here it's supposed to break early in the afternoon and so. Is the decision that the impact of Atlantis is gonna have to make as far as what to do. You know. If you if you close in the sun comes up people like oh okay it's funny. But if you close because you know that it could brains and it's been raining you know I'm gonna get the crowd now what do you do. Well you know I'll tell you something if I was to advise him. I would say go with it because. This rain is supposed to be stopped this morning and this afternoon. Some clouds and sunshine but then going into tomorrow. And looks pretty dry. Yeah so they got and I think that's what they'll do I think that'll be a late call I think they're gonna try to gated in and am in everybody's been taped camp and at the bit. You know Robert Stone had oh will be opening also they'll have their opener tomorrow night. So there is you know there's there's things is that. That Arabs are out there that need. There are. You know factors. And you know it's just a case of watching the reins and do what you have to do but. We let's take a break because I've got a couple of things to talk about NASCAR and then I have a bombshell. And AOL pipe bomb killed four. Wall. Shop online when he goers seven that www. Shabby at medica dot com. And of course they're always looking forward. Your trade. Yeah out and they have hood just announced. That they have some on beatable lease specials. Like 2018. 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Less than a laugh and learn the best radio on the radio and you've got to right now as you're listening Tuesday. KB speed away your reports the award winning. KB speedway in record. And once again here's Dave's. OK doc I was just informed that number stone will not be real opening tomorrow night it'll be next week. They did have their districts and so numbers don't will be opening next week next Sunday now. That's characters they love NASCAR has. The more they say there is no comment. The more than it is leaking out and you're gonna hear a lot of things coming up. And in the next few weeks and effective. That it's forced sale the big question is who would want it anybody who can read numbers. My feeling is my guests and I I can't that could have done anything like guesses. That they'd TV networks were awash in reading from this. And I've stuck with a contract to a twenty point four. I'm thinking that they might be pushing it simply to get out I think it's a new Warner took it over they would have to take that country that's my guess. But 182 when they. But it. Yes good question maybe they would. Nothing like sinking money into us sinking ship. Absolutely and and finally director of this shall that this is them really this is the bombshell as they do on male well. You remember the Ward's case that was settled by. Well it comes to find out. That mr. ward who has been mr. chuck Earl locker has been has been pretty quiet. She's been going around saying it was that the money. But then it was the money because. We find out. Then along the way. Kevin ward before he passed. Because girlfriend pregnant and so his. Mother was going around trying to raise some funds for the little hike okay. So that kind of relies affected pieces it's not about the money here's the kicker. And DNA tests is proven that the they'd be. From the ex girlfriend isn't is. It itself. He was going into out stumping for a child that she thought was her grandchild and this so now. You can't make this stuff. And so icy gonna go around and apologize no they still on the that this for the. Some buddies somebody headed in floor. Yet I this is the enemy in this stuff you'd never know where it's gonna come from but. Will pray for some sunshine hopefully we'll get the arrows the in the afternoon and if not. Sooner or later all the trek to get a chance to open and I will be at as many of them as I can. You have a supply stores that are at 31 old one route 39 in your sheer. It was a tremendous selection. Of Farris equipment. You're Ferris dealer. And Massey Ferguson tractors and implements in stock and they've got a bunch of multi year. You can browse through their great inventory of beautiful new and used equipment. Had Jaber farms supply. That's Jaber farm supplies dot com. 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