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You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN 1520 WW. KB. Buffalo. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and we'll reveal a lot of society in the way it really. I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven to about AM. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharp Al Sharpton. No no lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson left a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's incumbent. The doctor. And then else. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who is Beckett did. Invitations. You found the original. Hey good morning. April 14 2008. Team welcome on it in our growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional. And laughing at yourself as therapeutic. The number one weekend radio variety show her I cheered vote. And you've got to now on the radio right now kids it is 7 o'clock. And Randy Ayers a weather board. Not all that great. Alternative. Rain and sleet. This afternoon. High temperatures today around forty walked to load tonight 33. Tomorrow rain mixed with sleet early high of 49. And of Monday rain and snow showers 444. Lines by the way. There is an ice storm warnings. In effect from two this afternoon cute too. On Sunday afternoon all right. And here's another bulletin warriors a flood watch remains in effect from late Sunday night through Tuesday afternoon. The flood watch continues for portions. The ad including Allegheny. General Argus should TARP gloves. Genesee. Livingston. Been role. Niagara. Northern Erie. Orleans. Southern Erie and Wyoming counties. And this is from late Sunday night right through. Tuesday afternoon. Temperatures right now of lake front 38. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 41. And the live downtown maybe we've got 41 degrees. That the originals and still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You have got it maybe this is a radio show that buffalo wakes up do. Every Saturday mornings located at AM fifteen to one AW KT PW. OK okay. OK. Okay. Okay. Yeah let me. Itself. In the it's. It is yeah. I love this place is. A lot of good news. It's. Not a solo aluminum. Way. You can't run and lose you lose as a was gone and I knew my Hulu. So. The. Okay. It's win. Can't OK. Okay. Okay. In its. It's. A little. Miss to slam the minds of voters found. I'm pretty the time being unless it's. But we'll. Move mountains you want me and I. They users around the news buffalo. So. Okay. And I went yeah and I know you. Okay. It is I didn't. Okay. We can't we can't we can't it's a little just. News. And. Oh. Man. Pretty. Justice sir. This is coming back soon. Wage. And stay in the full array. Prayer and those. Yeah. Yeah we're above. People. I mean the. Ben. Where it is. Yuba City golf and you. Days. Did. Him. Now. Years. It. Move. To. It's. And any time. Don't pull me. Just. Years. It's. Boo yesterday. One thing he. Major market radio and large markets out professional division and service. Dick Clark's. Definitely broadcast. Conway Twitty. And that don't know a thing about them. 6 batters after 7 o'clock. That great big good morning to you. And another busy show it is more. And I do want to remind you about April 28 two weeks from today. On this very radio program for seventh at nine. We're going to be doing. The sixties music and memories. And all sponsored. By a couple of great. Organizations. Known as upstage Chevrolet. And pioneer propane. But you know world the Bob Dylan's Rolling Stones and Beatles and Beach Boys in the goers as Stevie Wonder. And a special guest and more yeah we're gonna have a special. Historians. A sixties. Music and memories. Historians. That day. And that will have prizes to give away in all kinds of things maybe even dinner with doctor Jake. Now there's industrial for director you know that. This morning will be doing what we did the last week folks. And that is. We're gonna start in the 1960s. And and move our way. In 21969. Was a song. A number ones saw. From each one of those years. And we'll start with that. Right after we hear from Ray Charles. And 1983. Was a year. Born to love me I'm OKB day. Not at this stage. They don't. We do. It's. That beauty is off. Program. This. Then it lies. Us. Earlier this stuff. He. In every night now. That she's. She was. Whoa. Yeah. In that you had to me. Off. She. Talk. You. Long term goal of the two. Lawn. Okay. Learn it doesn't. Let us. Deep roots mean. Rich and. You need. Where. We're. Soon. Okay. Off. Yeah. We'll all learn to. Longer let me. I. Okay now. Does this. Car. On his radio show we don't follow standards do we create them. Ray Charles. Born to love me it's 12 minutes after 7 o'clock. This Saturday morning union auto and truck prepare 1560. Harlem road. In Cheektowaga. And their open Monday through Friday 730 until five and on Saturdays. 730 until noon time. And their phone numbers reduced to 0629. They do at all if you Rhode. Or car issue movie truck. Even a motor home. Lou ball oil and filter plus tire rotation. Part one A 995. That's union auto and truck repair. 1560. Harlem rule is the cheap too hard. You know Andy last week. Oh by the way I wanna tell everybody. Are graded us yesterday. Down at my place Uga. Got up to 65 degrees. Two it was it was beautiful. Lot of water around and stuff but if you remember Andrew and I drove in last week it was so cold and wet. That my driver's side door. Froze. And finally got to go up when I got off to here last Saturday. But this morning. I'm the 400. My a windshield wipers. Died. It was in no light rain out there but why is it win. Something like that happens like a windshield wiper it's always on the driver's side why can't be on the others don't know me. So I have to go to union auto and truck repair and get it repaired. Thirteen after 7 o'clock. 41 degrees. And here's one story of 1960. And it was a number one song. September 19 1960. I know you remember this one is chubby checkers. Yeah. And didn't. Didn't. Yeah. I didn't. Best friend a microphone ever had doctor. KB AM 1522 WW KB buffalo. In the air them on. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This song landlords got me into. Here. So. Less than laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. And you've got it right now did. In the early morning rain which we have right now. Drizzle. But George Hamilton a fourth. Sometimes known as George Hamilton. The numbers. In the early morning rate ninety minutes after a 7 o'clock. I just noticed something here Andrew. And I've played dent. Chubby Checker in crisis. September 19 1960. And here's January 13 1962. Chubby checkers and the twist. Today I wonder if they've released it a second time. And I know lodges looking at a computer there's the twist again by all that's what allies aren't all of it it's possible might have you don't already two years later her no no I understand it wise yeah. You said at the twist again this would. So he had a number one song of that too. Time California. All right we've got some. What we have at 745. We've got to weekly health report. Sponsored by size Selma pharmacy. At 815 sports. What sports director. Andrew Clarke and of course 830. The award winning KB speedway a report with Dave so. So. She spells real. During the bottom. As we love to do it and you're depending twenty mind WW can be your call at seven sixes and he's really. Funny. Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he just got you broader renewal in your rates went up again let me help you say call me an 83230. 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Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guaranteed. What are you paying for your. Hi there broke today. Grew to nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Get ripped off this year alone pioneer propane. 7165921868. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And why you're there click onto Geico and Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. That stood doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids. Yeah reminding everybody. In ninety get asked and series though lawyer with a line. And remember. No matter how bad things may see. Some day there Schilling to get a word. Have a nice day. From the pioneer propane studios at KB watch are you paying for your propane. Call 18061581. That. Forty forward. This weather segment is sponsored by Martin's brother Chevrolet. It's a noble deals ask for a chat or Dennis call 1866. Boris 6618784. 613 west main street in our Kate. Check him out on line that Martin's brother Chevrolet. At Martin Brothers same low prices. Locally owned and community driven. All right here we go kids. And it says rain and sleet this afternoon high temperatures around 41. Low tonight 33. Sunday rain mixed with sleet. And that will be early in the day up until 2 o'clock in the afternoon high temperatures on Sunday 49 low 42 Monday. Rain and snow showers. High near 44. Now some bulletins for you here. Analysts say that an ice storm warning. Is in effect from two of this afternoon. Until 2 PM on Sunday. And there is up flood watch which you're remains in effect from late Sunday night right through Tuesday afternoon. You know flood watch continues. For the following counties. That is Allegheny. General artists should TARP while. Genesee. Livingston Monroe. Niagara. Northern Erie. Orleans. Southern area. And that Wyoming. And that's from late Sunday night and two. Tuesday afternoon. Remembers. Apparently the lake front has 38 degrees at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 41. And a live downtown. 41 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You tested on and tell a friend. We would certainly appreciate that. AM fifteen to 18 KB's. Yeah. AM fifteenth running governor UK three. W. Bellamy Brothers we've been failing that Palin Ayers 71 in nine news. Fourteenth of April. 2018. Continuing where this sixties stuff here. This was a number one song in September September 18 1961. My wife interviewed. This fellow. In 2007. When she had a show on. WJJ Ellen buffalo. And now what a great guy. And this is his number one song in 1961. Bobby V on KB. It is dot com. Because he's staying in noon at all way. And those leads me then that means slew. News sun. The man wow that is say. I mean. Okay. Make the. Okay. Embarrass your kids. Crank it up radioed just the way it used to be with the love doctor. KB 1520s. And. You. As soon. And and and the. I. Okay. Hey yeah. And and and then. And don't. AM best data wanna AW KB Doherty. Tommy James and the Chanda. And I think we're alone now there's so you know what that I'm. 25 before eight. And everybody knows by now I hope so we're they don't please tell. About our sixties music and memories show on April 28 two weeks from today. And it's very radio show right here from seven to nine. Nothing but sixties music and memories. Four holed two hours. And it's going to be a lot of fun I'm having fun would this already. Who wants it known that. We're gonna go back now to. May 26. Number one song in 1962. May 26. And their brother Steve who listens. Every Saturday morning out of Houston Minnesota. I'm sure you'll remember this hour daddy loves this zone. And it's by mr. Acker bilk. And it's called stranger on the shore. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Talk about bringing back. Memories. May 26 1960 twos. Mr. Packard built. And that's two different. Names packer and bill BI okay. Stranger on the shoulder. It's 21 before. 8 o'clock. And it's time for their bread lines people Oca. Of the morning yes it is and of course as you've everybody knows they're. You are Borchardt. Redlands teammates. 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. Visit them online. At buffalo foods dot com. And then call them up whether order at 180867406. Or. And they will have it ready four you. And also. That same poll numbers. You can. Call in and order and have it shipped anywhere in the United States. There is great polish and American food. Read his teammates you or butchered. 1585. Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. 18086740. 60. Before we get started with a read lynch he meets poker this morning. I wanna tell you this. Porter Wagner. Porter Wagner one of my heroes like. But his shoulder is weak on RFD channel on cable. Which on my additions to 31. But anyway. Turned it on yesterday before Clark. And and who's his special guest Andy who suspension against. But Jimmy stirred. You know and they show went back to 1978. And Jimmy of the anatomy that sir when Jimmie was 27 years though so you can figure out his day he's a year younger than me. But this goes back to 1978. Great show. And it will be repeated. At 10:30. Tomorrow morning on the RF DH yet. As a matter of fact I'm gonna call Jimmie today. To see if he knows about it it's. He I know for sure he'd get a pick. 1978. And the Porter Wagner show and this is one of the songs he played out there. I. The meta years old Saturday morning show a real moving experience. We're directors Marianne geriatric. And of course the world's most unknown. Radio personality. And his talk miniature right now. Legacy here it is time. Floor. Our weekly helped report sponsored by size home pharmacy. 2317. Borrower who wrote an alma 65 to route 39 point. The pharmacy that goes the extra step. In service and uniqueness. We're reviewing your doctor to get it right the first time friendly courteous and class extends throughout store. Unique gift ideas in just about everything you'd expect and more tired up to big superstores. That disguised themselves as pharmacies. She switched to hear local neighborhood place. That size home pharmacy. 18317 Bowen wrote in alma now would the health report here's Andrew Clark. Thank you doctor. UN are realizing that meantime isn't a luxury it's a necessity. And into what he eighteen will an apology likely clear space on our daily calendars for more unplugged activities with the understanding that putting your own oxygen mask on first means you better equipped to support your family community and the world despite what is -- might have you believe self care is less about face mask self fees then everyday healthy rituals that help keep your body and mind energize says the quiche a bronze and co-founder of urban bush babes and creator of fully poppy here. Like going to bed at the same time every night eating wholesome foods. And self care is now increasingly available as a pursuit journal and meditation knitting. And as a purchase like the aforementioned face masks and drop in spot services in fact Google says searches for self care. Those who got bathtubs are using them as an antidote to a long plug in work hours. Share in Bonn founder of beauty wellness brand for Selma says her digital detox bath soap sales have tripled over the past three years. About ritual gives your body a break from the constant stimulation technology a good slice and you'll sleep really well log says. Expect to see more conscious conversation education about that your purpose of self care and how to make it more accessible. It's been suggested that cell cures for rich white women says Brooklyn based they're pissed in my opponents expert Rebecca Kron and that's been a mistake. Self care is growing as a healthy concept because these practices are crucial for finding peace of mind and the fortitude to give back in uncertain times something that everyone needs right now kind of gives those hash tags self care Sunday's snaps a new level ground DOS prompt. With your weekly health report are major Clark in here. You drove all the things that now. In word and. And just. We've just my children. That he's done. Yeah. Has been redone. From the the man. And they yeah. From DR. Yeah. Oh really. By upstate Chevrolet five new roads to ship via Vatican. Shop on line twenty fours seven and should be Atlantic. Does count. League Greenland. And god bless you as. I have said. Andruw. For many years such as song came mountain but early eighties. That should be our National Anthem. And here's just. A fantastic so eleven minutes before eight. And I wanna tell you. About Allegheny hills. I went over there yesterday. To. Get my luncheon. Couple Bruce please. And pulling the parking lot. And there's like Juanita 25 cars there. Passes hallway a macro landing. And they're out playing golf and their Latin card so. So and that passion might got a little bit money is well people were coming and they said there wasn't bad at all. So it Allegheny hills officially opened yesterday. What the golf course and there's still do in Friday's and Saturday's as far as to restaurant is concerned. Located between Cuba and rush for. And 9622. Parties corners road. That's what day it is and their phone number if you wanna check out memberships and if you wanna make reservations. Over there for the restaurant and the greatest food in the world you call 1585. 4372163. Learn. That's 585437. When he won 63. Continuing on here with the sixties stuff. Let me go back and find his. Rhetoric is are there is. This song number 1. January the twelfth. 1963. Go away let Darrow and here's Steve Lawrence. I'd hate days. Lose today. I'd love. Blue okay. And it's. Okay. Sir minimal off season. Let you know. Me. Okay. New beau. You do mister. Thinner than a little bit. Six interview him being here the activist here is unbelievable. There group of people hooker homes that really care about is today here. He says it himself the right place right. Assisted living and flew over homes allow senior residents to enjoy life in the comfort and privacy of their own rumors week. With the added security of 24 hour supervisors personally nursing care residents can enjoy a variety of activities including chef prepared meals. Full housekeeping and scheduled transportation. Look for homes residents also have. Privileged access to the Wesley rehabilitation center and between homes for skilled nursing care. Should the need arise to learn more about poker rooms call 8107099. Our visit us online at between care network. You won't be disappointed. It's especially good poker homes assisted senior living in a welcoming community care. When dad has pneumonia it's common to go to the hospital often after the hospital he needs a time of rehab. I'm Susan banks and it absolute care we provide a less expensive alternative. We offer the medical care necessary to humor ammonia quickly and rehab to get dead back on his feet. The sooner he gets to excellent care of sooner he gets home. Yeah. Your washing machine died a puddle forms on the floor sending you running to the home improvement store received d.s stainless steel machine of your dreams. Permitted you're glad your old washer guy until. See the price of the new. And now you guys a little. Don't let those big box retailers leaked on your dreams swing by Rent A Center or go to run center dot com. And get the big branch you want for small payments you can afford ball without credit. Reticent big brands small payments rental purchase transactions C store for details. Me. Okay. Employees an owner. Okay. Okay. No. Okay. Okay. Where do. Burn life. Remember. Mine. The home. Okay. All. Okay. You're listening to the official voice of they do people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW KB buffalo. Else. Because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Today it's 8 o'clock. Real role a real radios stars here unfair. Unbalanced UFO's. Ultimate fantastic cruelties. They'll love doctor my cast of characters family and friends. KB AM fifteenth money the original. WK. Believed Deborah. It's time for the weather and and it is sponsored by gold. And gifts. 96 Hamburg street's. Easter Rorer. Their wholesale and retail. They buy and sell investment gold and silver. And they buy and sell coins. Now in stock. They've got to 2018. Gold and silver Eagles. There phone numbers 6554545. Marty. Wonderful lady at the store she's trained in diamond to grating by G. Day. It's cold and gifts right down from Sandy's car wash it aged or Rorer. All right kids believe it or not the temperatures going backwards. And I wanna tell you about this whole forecasters. We're gonna do that right now it says. For rain and sleet this afternoon. High temperatures and I think we've been there after we vendors high temperatures today 41. Low tonight 33. Tomorrow rain mixed with sleet early. High temperatures around 49. Rain and snow on Monday. As snow showers and high temperatures near 44. Right now the lake front 38 airport 39 and the loop we have. Forty degrees I wanna. Explode upon this part of the forecast here that there is an ice storm warning in effect. From 2 PM this afternoon until 2 PM on Sunday. And even beyond that. Flood watch remains in effect from late Sunday night. Right through Tuesday afternoon. And it counties affected. Allegheny. General Argus should TARP blood Genesee. Livingston. Monroe. Niagara northern Erie. Orleans. Southern Erie and why combing. That's a flood warning for those counties from late Sunday night. Right through Tuesday afternoon. You've got it. From where the sixties. Are really make it may be. Especially on April 28. Two weeks from day from today on this radio show. Are accurate AM fifteen to one AW OJ DW. Phone phone broke a bone. M I'll I am acted to ours if you bridges needs and stitches you passed carrier deals in theory here are your scene stealer in the heat. Call me yet. And corners headquarters. Acted to. Yeah. It's. Little oh. I remember it UAL in the tale I'm behind rat bag yet. We can't we can't. Oh yeah. I. Sing it. Good man. Do away. I'm glad it's me and yeah. Okay. Here's me. Okay go. God. Related. Okay. There. Yeah. Yeah. And. Major market radio and a large market town. Professional division and service. 1974. Lefty for zone I never grew round mayors and before the top of the hour we had to Dick current us. And it tombstone every mile 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. Forty degrees. And there were doing that sixties saying again this week and we'll do it again next week. Current and of course on the money gates ruler the ocean the whole show. Kitten commode bowl will be dedicated. To 1960s. Great music. Here's one for us now on 1965. To look Clark on KB. When you really don't know in life is making use them you can't always get. It's. When you've got wineries all the nice. We cease to help narrow. Send us throughout the you can't really get going to. And it feels problems in our you can run movie she. Maybe you know so maybe it's just too. To let them. Downloads. Some minutes. You can get your. Some. So may be seeded. We can't get out. Again. External microphone ever asked. Doctor. KB AFT twenty WW JB buffalo. You'll delaying the due some love. And need no moon. And so on day two of days and. And news. I've seen it. So then it's. The field. Years. And all. Season. Time. Okay. Okay. Yeah I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. I. Oh really move eases. Okay. He's saying food home. Okay. Okay. Sing. Okay. Phone me. And you OK. Okay it's. Okay. Radio show we don't follow standards and we create him. The great. Roy Orbison. And it's over. It is beginning. Right now. Time for sports. Sponsored by direct comfort funeral home. Sixty fours 69 only in Rhode that's route six stayed in South Wales. CY more memories are choosing love. Fully owned comfort funeral home. Serving their greater East Aurora area at sixty or 69 and over again wrote that drew sixteen in South Wales. Funerals cremation is and pre planning. Which funeral director Ali should triggered. She provides a top flight professionalism. And guidance and their compassion you've come to expect from a family owned business. Kind of beautiful campus. Visit www. Comfort funeral home downtown. Or call 7166528760. Aaron I didn't know. Our sports director here's Andrew Clark they doctor. And marlin CEO and former Yankee start here Jeter will not attend either game saying quote. Oh it is spring training game and we when we played New York but it would be an awkward situation we actually go to Yankee Stadium last night Jeter was EA BC news having his number retired in his pocket award in the stadium's famed monument park last made. They weren't aperture that's Orioles are part of confused I really know why he's a lock Herbert think about it more kind of makes sense because he's such a legend the Yankees. But is there rapper big Marlins obviously rooting for the Marlins so. To be a little awkward. In his mind or is he getting vibes from other people are. I told all on his mind I mean yankees and I think I'll be more than over the moon to have him back absolutely hated guy what a great role model ultimately yeah I mean you don't throw this around lightly with the Yankees but he is mr. Yankee relief at least in the modern era and gang Brian very few composed them. Odd MLB action last night. 53 yankees beat the tigers 86 Mets over the brewers 65 barely squeaked past the raised you'd won the Asher has beat the Rangers to read it sued the Diamondbacks over the Dodgers 87. And the White Sox on the road against the twins was postponed. NBA playoff action around one set to get under way today the warriors who will be at L stepped Corey for around one we'll take on the spurs at home at 3 PM the raptors play host of the wizard at 530 at 8 PM it's that he try and take on the 76ers. Annaly gained 1030 tonight trailblazers are at home against the pelicans remaining eight teams in the playoffs the box Celtics pacers have jazz under two morals timberwolves and rockets all played their game one tomorrow. And a fellow news yesterday the Dallas Cowboys announced their cutting wide receiver Dez Bryant the sprightly thing about the story goes that importantly the cowboys didn't even offer Bryan chance to take a pay cut but instead decide instead decided it is caught an outrage. Bright at that after the news broke that it was not his decision that he loves Dallas and its fans. But he was open to signing with an NFC east rivals that be interesting to watch over the next couple weeks where in the waning especially over to the Eagles giants her Redskins that you hear about there's idiot to the camper and Eric. Alia his work out with the Seahawks was canceled it's still may end up happening B he would commit to not you wouldn't commit to not standing up for the National Anthem so. They kind of denying. What are the he's been caught yet he's played all last year. I he's he's been working out teams but the CEO we're gonna bring him in for a work out right we've got him to Russell Westbrook Russell Wilson's art. And yet he when it commits cannot protest under yet and so they canceled his work out reports are he still may end up working out team we will see what happens when there's a lot of why doesn't why doesn't the United States today just the port in somewhere. Well he's he's sent him to Syria. Of levees from here I don't know where he sent MBAs animal or Syria area in the Middle East where words are lots of stuff over there telling you. And other news in the NFL free agent quarterback Mark Sanchez has been suspended for the first four games of the 20/20. Eight PCs that should he sign with a team. For violating the NFL's performance enhancing drug policy. Sketches blame the field test on an unknown supplement contamination. Is idiot past past thirty days prior in twelve days after the failed test. And longtime Oakland Raiders kicker forty year old Sebastian Janikowski assigned to one year deal with these Seattle Seahawks beat you know which PGA is Tiger Woods files entry to play in the US open the first time since when he fifteen. After finishing tied for 32 in the masters. Update well what appeared to play better as the tournament went on especially those last few days Saturday and Sunday. The Jimmy Fund allotment the hopefully he'll continue to get better healthier eyes the PGA's season duties. Well they they blow up one day that people are calling they were calling him the the guy who is gonna. You know he was gonna win the masters and didn't even didn't even come close. Yeah I've got about for tiger with NASA I think there was a little too much hype around Indian masters this year the fact he was on a golf course which is a huge accomplishment for him and he plays that you'll eat at thirty sec he played both final two days. I think he will at a winning attorneys at some point this season whether the mass murder or whether major out rule happily dancing guys. Oh absolutely the B a he's the last sums them years looked at before he you know to the senior or and you'll pass every facet pride at this point but I WB's feels good years I know what back problems are. And that fell on. Was swinging your golf club at age two thing and that is not the greatest thing in the world for your back. Q can you imagine how many thousands of swings. He's done in the last forty years left well in a lot of the thing I think people can't underestimate the Tiger Woods is the his peak he was so strong physically yes the whole work in the amount of real pressure on his back from his swing widgets GO astronomical in his piece say they like it ease at species. So rather get he's getting help here's a lot to keep watch in the season hopefully he can plot winds somewhere. Switching up NHL and is the regular season has wrapped up and as you'd expect after facing a last place. Theaters yet Jason bottom real said change would be coming but assured that Phil Housley will be the coach next years ago so no head coaching change. Among the offseason move for the sabres in NHL playoff action the flyers beat the penguins evened their series at one apiece the jets beat the wild take a 20 lead that series. And golden knights beat the kings in two overtimes to wanna take a 20 series lead. Today the predators take on the avalanche they try to improve to one and Ellen wow what an overseer. A third of these important on a 10 series lead polite and take on the devils lightning lead that series one nothing Maple Leafs who were up 10 will play the Bruins at 8 PM. And in the game the sharks. We'll Beagle 20 on the ducks a major Clark and that's sports. Pain. Juvenile. We're. And if. Well. Oh yeah you. Last night. The moon. Blues. Well I. Okay well do you. Good. Yeah. That man known as. As a silver fox. Charlie Roche. And the most beautiful girl 1973. Powered by upstage Chevrolet find new roads to ship via Vatican shop on line one of horrors seven. And they should be event that it does count. What is 3 minutes after 8 o'clock. Oh my goodness look who it is here. And in. He I know I can't think you know directors. Are. Happy that is funny tricks. And he she hit her yet. Key. You get paid for this round. Market and here. Cleaning out. In the eighteenth in. Lowering the right now you're thinking am I okay. Indeed the man. Me yes. And believe me your numbers Trixie do not and up on standby. Show us now. Yeah. During the Bible as we love to do you are defending 22 minds WW can be your call seven sixes and he's really. Funny. And boom. Boom boom. Whether it's a new report pre owned vehicle you're looking forward you know you're getting the best deal when you fly from upstate Chevrolet about it. There's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars while. Low prices great selection and friendly service which rebates and discounts that you. Record highs now's the time to buy an incredible vehicles had incredible ride. 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Sunday rain mixed with sleet early. A high of 49 Monday rain and snow showers 44. Lake front right now 38 airport 39. Loop 39. At KB baby. Today. Yeah. And time. Do. I. Okay. OK. Okay. It's time for the KB speedway report. Sponsored by an upstate Chevrolet up Attica. By six lumber and building supplies in JP and little rally where friendly service is up family tradition. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram 125. Prospect street. In Attica. By Sammy scar watch deet tails service and dark watch. At 170 gray streets in east Iran. By DNS wholesale Genesee at transit in Lancaster. Where it's quality pre owned automobiles. Interest free. And by precision re manufactured engines new and used. 3160. Union wrote in Cheektowaga. Where Dell warranty. That matches to a quality. Now our man who's always on New Year's Day subway. Good morning sir hey Dave. How is everything dormant. Everything is going fine. Except for the winter snow the weather is playing all kind of have a case where is. All over the place. When you know Allegheny hills. Opened yesterday there was people out there with golf carts. Yeah how well do you guys down there got they said close to seventy degree at sixty sides you to death and and you know it got up they kind of closed the sixty year but. Now all of a sudden that's gone back in the copper again only in. And that kind of sets the tone Farouk. The first part of my spiel but before I do. That there are a couple of guys who. Local guys who performed well. Out of town and I want to mention them. I've talked about Stuart Friedman before it as Stewart running the trucks series and very very good modified guy. He jumped into a late model for the first time in Nashville Tennessee and north south shoot out which. Group of quite a bit quite a few of the cup super league wild drivers and finished second in person in the hunt almost won it. Yeah they spun the tires on a restart so. Stuart Fraser and I mean this guy he can drive anything he he jumped into a sprint car couple years ago turnaround one and one that and the difference between. A sprint Karen dirt at a modified on third and a truck on asphalt in the super late model run has called it in your pocket. Magnum changes is yeah he's stick into it a closer to home. Comic Catalan on your familiar with the Catalan well. He girl any. Modified series. The vote might be modified series that constantly does this step up from what he's normally do links and he finished sixth there I believe he came from deep in the field finished sixth there and these guys gathered and they call that the ice breaker and I guess it was just about. At that point. But so. So we do have some good news camera around here and the other thing I want to mention I think a lot of people have heard only others that there is cattle out of racing there are actually. Six of them. Well yeah there is aiming. The mother and then you've got the sons Tommy did Tyler Trevor and try here. And all of them are gonna be racing this year. Lord of the word went for the block. I think he got tired out. Yeah it is date date date date the father retired but yet Tyler. Comet courses is coming into was on as I've mentioned. And is it is getting in the granite couple Iraq races last year in the in the modified. Tyler rerun of for a four cylinder treasure in the program term be running cart so quite a family and and the interesting thing about that. Other than the fact that they're a bit terrifying to them is they have to decide where to race and I I segue into that because. Keep in mind they have been regulars for a long time at Howland and with Collins and resurgence or or what I don't know what to Carly yet because I'm not sure where it's gonna end up. Let's Haley loses track champion consistently well and Amy is I mean in the Catalan boat trailer is it is. Karma talent so the question now becomes with column running. Six stands on Friday. And eight times on Saturday what do they do. Do they chase the points that they go to each donor go to Lou Lancaster. Saturday that since it's a question that nobody is answered yet. Yeah that's David dailies is catalog this Spencer. Garrett Spencer's so this is the question. This is going to force not only days of the Catalan nose but other guys. Who are used to Saturday night racing. What to do. On Fridays and Spencer definitely could be effective. So. Did a lot gonna depend upon where Howland actually land I don't think that situation is totally settled yet. And it will be interesting to see but it it just. What other other elements into play here by by suggesting that they do that but the weather. Has they're I guess heavier at the terms sprinter. That's what we're at right now spring and winter is just asked that gets together and one almond get a break loose your hope that sooner or later we get into it. But as that happens. Already there have been some major changes Lancaster. Which. For the last couple years says has done great job of starting in April. And running that Saturday afternoon. Has already decided. With all the water. And that the conditions. And just the weather itself. They are going to move back there opening. And from April to may fifth and that will be an actor known. And impact my and rightfully point out if you try to run they've tracked. In it and in soggy conditions not only is it and that's good for the parking put in for the fans it's that good for the track. Because you start running on track with a loose base underneath that web base underneath that you could damage the track and I put a lot of money it. But he did fill in GO turns out to be nothing but a mud hole. Yeah yes so so they ate the Danes rightfully have done that and and who and homes if this doesn't break and he cut I don't know if you uneven. Hold. May fifth of that to for the fire here but that the the extended depth. They're calling it extended weather conditions are absolutely right that's going to be show in the afternoon. There and around late capped a late model sportsman streets forcing owners. And rock late model their first night chill was scheduled for Saturday may twelfth and LB the ROC. And there's going to be five of those total losers of Lancaster Israeli. Got some ambitious things going. One of which. Is well a sort aside from the if smile and I've mentioned asthma before they took the late super modified association writes these guys run like. Crazy I know they're going to be there in Q. And of the week after that. There's outfit called rally cry is coming it and if is to California outfit and what they do is they command. And they were at the facility. And they put in that. A dirt track. With jumps. And they use the paved tracks of the vehicles that are tested it conquer both the asphalt. And jumps and the dirt and my guess is quite a show. And they're going to be coming in. As well in Cuba and so Lancaster. Well on the Airways that are very open with their plans so you know. They are have become the Paramount asphalt track in this area and the year of the job that they have done over the last few years has been really good now though the going around the whole warrant. The big concern I think in local racing. Number one ransom bill. Is. Has got to hope that their dirt track sticks and they have scheduled. To omit outlaw races the outlaws those burners and the outlaw late model. And there that he does anyone who goes to ransom will gonna see it changed the mulch will be gone. Now the moat has been a tradition at ransom built for a long time and I don't QB you've never been their but it it's a big it's a big. Yeah I gap between the track in the wallet dip. Between the there on the wall and it it was traditional guys used to use the mall when they needed to get traction upend things. But an order for them to run. These big races. They had a little bit of a controversy last year when they ran name outlaws sprint. World of outlaws sprint because. The guys were coming down and they're very very fast and they were getting there they were dancing let that mode and a couple times guys almost wrecked so they said look. If we come back here. We we can't have that and so it'll be interesting to see how how that's handled and also with this wet. The dirt. If it needs time to this seal and so that's going to be a question. The other question of course is how many 358 are there going to be all the tracks. Ransom bill Merritt bill ought of the two big ones around here our reining in the count difficulties they started out in the teens really use this in the mid when he. So. Allies are going to be that with the as far as car counts and then not only in that division but in in some of the others. The one that seems to have that covered his freedom. Because freedom is running what they call Al Lama you know and that means that you can run any kind of modified you have. And so Weathers 358 or big blocks or whatever you can do it so. That those there's some of the things going on here. Would take a break when we get back on talk a little two items that they can find very interest. Torrent here I wanna tell you folks here's some big news that tornado is stuck in Attica. Upstate Chevrolet deals. Will blow you away initially well and they want your trade to. Now here's some deals for you here's a 2018. Camaro. LT Coke. Four. Six winners. On here. All right about 4000 dollars below MS RP. By 2018. Silverado. 15100. Double cab. Z 714. By four that you can police. Port to 99 a moment what a beautiful machine. That's tune 99 amounts for 36 months a double camp. 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All right our kids you got two minutes days. Game. Tony Stewart case. The judge heard the things went through all the details on the twelfth apparently today. They're gonna go through at this and the confidentiality. Agreement I understand. That they are very good that are supposedly going to be very tightlipped about this. As you might expect over is gonna admit anything. Word has leaked out that Kevin ward mother's not happy. With the settlement I don't know whether it's the money part of it I think most of it is she wants public excoriated senate Tony Stewart apparently she's gonna leave that for her pockets some out of that. Thank that he was. Contributory to that. But that one I don't think we've heard the end of it but. We'll see what happens. Also. Try to get a hold of that. Eleven year old COLT strangle them. Came from 22 to finish twelfth in. In a crate sportsman race at Georgetown Delaware great sportsman as a full sized race there is a eleventh fifth grader. Finished twelfth. Hey and the question became. Howell will be allowed to do that he's back how would which would you put her whole big old kid generated characters. Apparently in order for them to do it in Delaware it would never happen in New York various elements and everything else apparently. As long as you perform well in practice which apparently he did. The parents sign off of these two parents mother and father both signed off to this as a threat. I'd do it and it and they let Emery well that's the whole thing about. You know the waiver with the with the Tony Stewart yeah signing not signing anything. But again you're dealing with Delaware not New York New Jersey so you have a little bit of difference but I think. The people have to they're thinking how young is too Leo. It's it's getting you know and and as long as it's it's cute and as long as these guys come out of the car and waved the flag went about 11 on gets hurt or else. That's when everybody says oh my god how did we allow this this is the part of it. That really scares me it and there's going to be more on this because he used our Latin eleven year old. Run full time. Full race cars coming out how do you rate of pick your guy is here when he tigers on your race different type on the ago eleven year old differently what do you do. Thanks. Don't know yet. And finally sets yet that is and finally. Those of you who've been looking for a man of TV and it which is great racing network Rehman Lucas Oil. Might that word they have is that some areas around here were getting it but the point is in order to get it if you were looking for that. You have to have the gold digital package. Specter and harder to get a and it's it's just that. It it's going to be an issue because some people weren't getting it and it kind of neat they run they run the paper races that a level locals like to Rick to see. So I will leave you with this. 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