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The following is paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station at the advertisers or sponsors. Show us because they don't lack of good food lead people on TV. He assumes the go on the reading view. It's OK Ed is a 7 o'clock. And happy saint patty's day to everybody. It's going to be one program I can tell Jimmy's Elian how his back. This week filling in for Randy. During my and generic. So we're gonna see how much he remembered from my teachings. Of years ago now his own weather forecast. And it did say this it's says today plenty of sunshine. High temperatures around 36. Tonight low of nineteen. Tomorrows sunshine and some clouds. High temperatures near 39. Monday. Plenty of sunshine. High near thirty street currently delight front has wanted degrees. And the Buffalo Niagara International Airport to want it to and the live downtown we've got to one of arteries. At the original. And still the best from seven of the nine kids. You've got at the radio show that buffalo wakes up to every Saturday morning. Located at AM fifteen to one AW KB. W me and play the OK. And I. Okay. Yeah let me. Itself. In the and I it is and I. What this is not done a lot of things. It's. Never saw the aluminum. Miles away. But when you lose you lose. Was gone and I lose my cool and so. Okay. Hand wind yeah. Okay. Hello who's not. Okay. It's. It's. A little. Miss to slam of the night Ramona it's. Time for behind me unless it's into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains you want me and I know. Big news around the news lovable. So. Okay. And I went. We have a man you know beyond. Me if I'm okay. It is I can. Okay. We can't we can't we can't. Still just. I. There but it's. Some way. I'm. Still waiting. Must have been wasting my time it's standard in the if this is flawed so all. All my god this topic. That I'm going. And we'll. Deny that. I didn't. Home Paul on this. Again payments. Hello and well I think the. It's horrible things. It's. Today Campbell. Okay and it. I'll do. This student this time. It's just this time. This statement. Some people pulled boat speed time to. So you can look forward to. Tonight. Those of yeah. He's got my. To. Way. And paying the thanks. But its. Game. It's a I was. Name me. Poland and active. You know growing older as a mandatory. Growing up as optional. That laughing at yourself is there appeared. The number one weekend radio variety show were picture buffalo. And you've got radio right now. That's Whalen Jenkins. And lately. And Mercury. Rankin and drain. Ever do that and better action RC a cornea and theory. She ever do it drank in a dream and all the time all the times it was your girlfriend on while. Girlfriends. It's what I said I said we're the polar a 6 minutes after 7 o'clock. Give the gift of life. As a buffalo Red Cross as soon as you can. Signed two that the blood mobile locations by calling 1800. Red Cross. Or go online now at Red Cross blood dot org. This important message brought to you. By upstate Chrysler. Plymouth. Jeep Dodge Ram. In Attica. And by size alma pharmacy. Of course in alma. All right busy show this morning. And you you've got things put together is there to what you're gonna do right. So far so good. I think it's only matter time nine don't say stoplight. Don't doctors. Here's one of folks. Awed by the way before I'd even play it is. On April 28 from seven to died. The legendary doctor. From seven to nine and what we're gonna do is have music. And memories from the sixties. Boy be part of a special two hour coverage. The biggest dedicated music and the biggest names. In Barack and grow that's April 28 seven to nine right here on this very program. And we'll be playing these guys right here. It's a Rolling Stones convicts is put. You got it. They're Rolling Stones. And game. Area. The. Yeah. And yeah. Take an hour. Again. We'll you know. I know. Major market radio when large market town. Up professional division and service. Of defense but he broadcast. It is a sixteen minutes after seven Clark right now. And I wanna tell you about union auto and truck repair. 1560. Harlem road. That unit number two in Cheektowaga. Where. Matter of fact I have to go over the years this morning for my lube oil and filter. And you know you can get that old on the air for just 1995. That's it. 38220629. That's union auto and truck repair. 3220629. Call him up make an appointment. And get the job done. So. Yeah like Brooks and dobbs right now here's my Maria. I'm Kate big baby. Don't know who are among com. Joseph. There was. Best radio on the radio. And you are witness Stuart right now. Right here and AM fifteen to one AW KBW's. Seven to nine. Every Saturday morning and we do appreciate company. Happy Saint Patrick's Day and a great big good morning to you wanna menace after. 7 o'clock. And that deal is that we still have our. Brzezinski meets poker coming in this hour. And at 745. 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We're than noble deals. Ask for Chad are Dennis call 1866466. 2784. Located at 613. West main street in arcade. Check him out on line at Martin's brother Chevrolet. At Yahoo!. Dot com Martin's brother Chevrolet. Same low prices locally owned and community driven. Now check it out cold weather from our Brothers and here it is kids. Today plenty of sunshine. High temperatures around 36. Low tonight nineteenth. Tomorrow sunshine and some clouds highs near 39 vote when he won Monday plenty of sunshine. 33. At the Jimmy at my house this morning where I called the UConn down there. In Linden. Between Cuba and Franklin. That you got. Was nine victories I did up to buffalo and its money for. Evidence that's way it runs you know usually. Eight to ten degrees difference always cooler. At my place but this morning it was. A little cooler than that. Parent they have one hour Arnold say here is. The lake front has won eight degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport money to. And the move downtown we've got 24 degrees. At the original and still the best of seven to nine you've got it baby. This is a M fifteenth when he WK VW's. They. We keep. We. It's. It's an. And I yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Save. And I notice they hands. Okay. Danny home. Dinner look upon this. Hello thanks. Call the. It's. From then to doing. It's okay. A lot of this summer's gone. Okay. Leaves our phone. If you've achieved. The. It's. A news. Okay it's. And I don't. You yard. Okay. And right this moment. Oh me. Our hands. Ten people. A dandy it. So. Powered by upstage Chevrolet five new roads too shabby of Attica. Shop online at 24/7. At Chevy's Vatican's. Danica. There you go. All you know wonderful Irish folks and the ones who wanted to Irish today. The marvelous vocal styling is. Of the one and only. Cherokee cowboys reprise. And that is Danny boy. It says 730. As angry roll along here on this saint patty's day it is. There's down Williams. And Florida how does today is a good one as a beautiful sunshine. Is up over the horizon here. And I. And then. You. On this radio show we don't follow standards. We create them Don Williams today. Florida hoped this day. Is a good. And praise the lord because. We appreciate every day don't widget. Alia. Good or not so Tony 5 minutes before. 8 o'clock. And the chrome back to 1995. Right now big hit song for Alabama. And baby give me one more shot at. You don't remain banana but also went about there. I think you all glad he's head not consistent laps and then. This man up and down on them. Get to where. You only and then. And I. Wanna learn. I'm tax. Okay yeah. And then. Santa. In Vienna on road show. Worse the meeting and I. No. Then they'll line. Show me. And spending money WJV. Devern. Doctor. Radio unlimited on the famous. And originally and fifteenth when a program that gives you. Something to think about sometimes. Alabama. One more shot 41 before age. Lark who is in. The morning on me I. He now he had news. I'm not there he didn't didn't you. And I Galen good. TC yes I Bluetooth chip corporate campus and parents and you've always been an honor for me yet. Britain. Who brutally beaten a one. We use it. Aaron. Yeah. He. He yes your room right here keen currency. If you're sampling. You can feel right. Our eye on it now and I've finally figured out this morning Jim. Why she's so screwed up. That ray yeah after all these years you know. And I found out that she used to go low as you. The thing. She gets into stuff that it was a brief as the Greek system there was. Well. Anyway I will hold it against their. If you know automated. Anyway we've got the radler his teammates Coca coming up next baby. What if people had a battery level icon like on your phone you'd see a lot of us walking around all they need to reach a thankfully. 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Don't have it for red Lynn ski meets your butcher 1585 Walden avenue in Cheektowaga. Their phone numbers 8925355. Where your meats. Are always cut to order and days shipped their polish American food products. All over the country for. Every year relatives and friends just visit them online. At buffalo foods. Dot com and you call them up 8925355. Area code seven point six now. Read Lansky mates. Presents stood Jimmy's stir orchestra. This time. I. It's. Time for the weekly health report sponsored by his size alma pharmacy. 18317. Ball enrolled in alma 65 to 39 point. The pharmacy. That goes the extra step and service and you nick news. Which you and your doctor. To get it right the first time. Friendly courteous and classic stands throughout distort. Unique gift ideas in just about everything you'd expect and more. Tired. Of the big is super box stores that disguise themselves as pharmacies. Well let's switch to your local. Neighborhood Stanley place. Always a proud sponsor. The buffalo blood mobile. I'm talking about sides. Elbow partners. Now would be weekly health report here's Andy Clarke. Hours spent days watching that hot new series might feel great but it's doing no favors for your blood vessels new research shows the study found that people who spend too much time in front of the TV are at an increased risk for blood clots in their means a condition called Venus rumble realism or BT eat these clots which often occur in the legs can dislodged and traveled to belongs colony potentially deadly condition called pulmonary embolism. The plot that also been nicknamed economy class and from after cases occurred among passengers on long haul flights as the university of Minnesota researchers explained sitting for long periods of time can cause blood clots to form because normal circulation due late in. So could prolong TV viewing raise the risk to find out the researchers analyzed data from more than 151000 Americans aged 45 to 64 in a long term study that began in 1987. As 2011 nearly 700 cases the VT had occurred among participants those who watch a lot of television had a 70% higher risk of developing one of the plot them people who never or seldom watch TV this risk remained high even after factors such as the person's weight or exercise levels were taken into account the research was published online February 21 in the journal of thrombosis and from places the study could prove that it was the TV watching specifically that caused the ticking clock. Only point to an association still even individuals who regularly engage in physical activity should not ignore the potential harms a prolonged sedentary behaviors such as TV viewing lead author yesterday goat who both the university of Minnesota said in a journal news release to arts specialist unconnected to the study agree that couch potato lifestyles can certainly impact Al doctor Mann's Eric is in international cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. She said there's undoubtedly a connection between parents spent watching TV in a person's odds for blood clots when she was the researchers did more specific about just how much TV time was involved. They're pointed out that participants simply estimated there TV viewing has never or seldom. Sometimes. Often or very often those assessments can be very subjective it would be interesting to see how much actual time and hours there was each category easier said there may be a different view on the amount of TV watching between obese object with a bit of arthritis and chronic back pain at that subject at healthy weight. Doctor David Friedman is chief of heart failure services at north while health long island Jewish Valley Stream hospital in Valley Stream New York he said this is another study indicating the need for people be more physically active and fit. Move more and keep weight in check and probably watch less TV Friedman suggested that as people become more mobile watch television on the Smart devices they could improve early physical fitness and washed their favorite programs on the go as a way to help mitigate the fact that being your weekly health report on the interval. It. Still it. It's. Don he. The the my. News today. Big time. That hasn't made him do. Inside. It all of the. Thanks. I think I am. That is saying it. We'll. Hi again. Wow and all my news. It's man. Ride whoa a okay. C news. I'm a big guy inaudible hard day. An eye candy. Inside. And I. I'm they guy. And I've banners saying. It we'll like. Anatomy as of Saturday morning show a real moving experience. It directors Marianne geriatric. And of course the world's most unknown. The radio personality. There's talk that you've right now. Buck Owens and the barker rooms from the sixties and excuse. Excuse me seven before eight. On this Saint Patrick's Day good morning to you beautiful sunshine. Right now. And I wanna tell you about Martin Brothers Chevrolet. 613 west main street in our aid. Where they've got deals like this go around David. A special purchase. This is 2018. Should be tracks LT. All wheel drive. 5000. Dollars off. Or 0%. Financing for 72. Months. Right down. Here's 2018. Chevy cruise LT. You can only sit for her to 349. I'm months over three years aren't. How about 2018. Chevy Colorado. Extended cab long box. Four by four. 31000. Dollars MS RP is the closest 35 so there's there's about 4000 dollars off right there. And they talk about some pre owned vehicles. Here's a 2013. Shabby impala LT well that's not growth. Yeah now. Only 32000. Miles. 4115. And I give you one more here from Barton Brothers share related arcade. Here is a 2015. Chevy Malibu. LT. Only 38000. Miles. For 149. Martin's brother Chevrolet. You can now look him up online. And Maarten Brothers Chevrolet. At dot com it is that simple. Nice people. Locally owned and operated for many years. This line. Knew his. Any kid knows where my. I mean. You. James. Maybe we. He's okay. Deal. Either. Deal. Mommy get. Okay. Deal. That's all bad news. He's a rodeo clown from AM fifteen to one AW KBW. So before eight's New Year's Day game and sugar rent now. She hit me on yeah. She knew. Yeah. Boom and. The they're playing on this. The she is sometimes very. Yeah. It's it's. He. And please understand and com. To an end this. News yeah. On the menu goes. Oh man again. Yeah. Who need it. Talking. She would want to. Lower on the day every disease. There's a man. I. You bet I mean I was in love. Okay. You're listening to be official voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo. Then there else. Because it seemed like dude dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who's Beckett did. Mutations. You the original. I arrived. 1 minute after 8 o'clock. On this saint patty's day. And I wanted to yeah gold and gifts. Family owned and operated. For over thirty years sponsoring this weather report. And of course they're located at 96 Hamburg street and Easter Rorer wholesale and retail. They buy and sell investment gold and silver. They buy and sell coins. Now in stock they have. Yeah believe it or not gold and silver Eagles. Gold and silver Eagles. Phone 6554545. Day our brokers in fine jewelry jams. Precious metals estate jewelry. Specializing. In diamond engagement and wedding rings. Large selection of the state. An antique jewelry to. You. Give them a call stopover better yet and talked to Marty. Bach grand. Or you can talk to Cody Garcon. Train didn't diamond degrading by GR IAA. That's golden gators 96 Hamburg street. In east Iran. Now checking out the. Weather forecast. If I can find it here and a lot of say. It's got to be around and I deuce today Garrett is son of Oregon I found it busy busy studio. It. The weather today plenty of sunshine and high temperatures around 36 low tonight nineteen. Sunshine and some clouds tomorrow. Highs around thirty died and Monday plenty of sunshine. High near thirty straight. Currently though lake front. And it's 22 degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 23. And a note downtown 25 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning baby. This is the radio show that buffalo wakes up she's. Located and AM fifteen to one AW KB. Govern. From going broke a bone. I. The. We can't we can't be good. So we'll just. It's low and inside. Okay. Oaks and then I would check. The. You can. Colin field. From the pioneer program and studios at KP. What. Are you paying for your pro. If these guys go 1806158144. Charlie Rich. Rolling with the flow. Eight minutes after age. 25 degrees right now that the looped around. Coming up on April 28. From seven to nine on this radio program. Get down with the sixties music and memories. Be a part of a special two hour coverage. Of the biggest dedicated music and the biggest names in rock and roll. That's right right here on this program. We're gonna have a special two hours with a special guests. Of sixties music and memories. Then TARP and Bob Bob Dylan. Rolling Stones Janis Joplin. Beach boy days. I say Beatles guarded the doors Stevie Wonder. All of those people. Market down April. 28 from seven to nine in his radio show are right. Here's on Mars right now from. The late seventies. And that this is Don King. Always loved this song this kid his music cave days. Seeded Siemens. I'm always one step B. Through the back me. Surged to extremes to keep the line and I may have seen him angry at hand. So old. Window again. It's through the night. How long they. Through the match. The line. We'll bond and I'm always ones NB. The group. It's too extreme pain the line. I may have seen. Yeah. I. The ball game. You look back. Line. Powered by upstate Chevrolet five new roads too shabby of Atticus shop online. 24 cents. And charity event. That. Don King the girl of my drains. Twelve minutes after rate we'll have a little sports. Coming up here in three minutes. But right now. Jimmy wants they hear their Rockford. And then. And good and I think. I handle. Yeah. My post. And the orchestra. One of my favorite programs of all time. And one of my favorite actors. James Garner. Yeah. Jimmy. Give me what was the name of the program. Rockford. At all how law. That's a no brainer. Is these great show every Friday night my son and I would sit and watch that and then read. Get into the Dukes of Hazzard. In wash those guys. It's time right now for sports and there was a major upset. Yesterday. In the NCAA days and I'll tell you about that. But I'll let you know first that this sports. Is sponsored by Dick comfort funeral home. 64 or 69. Only and road that's route sixteen in South Wales. See why more fairways are accusing locally owned comfort funeral home. Serving their greater East Aurora area at sixty or 69 and over again road that drew sixteen in South Wales. General street nations and pre planning. Which funeral director Ali should triggered she provides a top flight professionalism. And guidance. And they're compassion you've come to expect from a family owned business. Kind of beautiful campus. Visit www. Comfort funeral home Dutch town. Or call 7166528760. Major major upsets and. A NCAA. Uses yesterday. University of Maryland. At Baltimore. Number sixteen. Seed. Defeated number one seed Virginia. And I didn't have a tough time donor dieters. The score was 74 to 541. Of the biggest upsets in the NCAA history. Anyway. Checking out the rest of me here. Most of Texas a and M beat Providence 73 is 69. Purdue is 74. California Fullerton. 48. Marshall lady one Wichita State's 75. Sense and and a 68. Georgia State 53. North Carolina. 84 lipscomb. Ever hear lipscomb. They had 66. And it's a year Butler 79 Arkansas 62. West Virginia 85 Murray State 68. Nevada beat taxes 8783. Kansas State 69 Creighton 59. Michigan State 82 bar now 78. You know little story about port Elgin. Our station deal and and my station down in Williamsport years ago. Back in the late nineties. I WL YC we were the flagship station. Or abort abort now a university football. How about that. Auburn 62 who cares Auburn 62 of College of Charleston 58. He Xavier one row to Texas southern 83 Syracuse 57. TCU 52 year. It was Clemson. Over New Mexico State 79 to 68. And Florida State. Beat Missouri. 67. Of 54. And that's our sports. Up to the moment right now. You know. Things done and it's me. Yeah relations. Yeah. Today. Pain. Yeah and he. Here you. And being nag you can't see inland. I hear on us. Is that. And okay. I. It's. Yeah. We do not. I can remember years. Sitting on the New York beach Maine Jim 1984. August of 84. And that's song was on the radio from WBZ. In Boston. Cyndi Lauper time after time. Major market radio and a large markets. Professional division and service. Of 23 minutes right now after 8 o'clock. And are. They're sending again officers and convenience stores and operating rooms that. Well look I had two out of three years. Whether it's a new board pre owned vehicle you're looking forward you know you're getting the best deal when you apply from upstate Chevrolet about it. There's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars. Prices great selection and friendly service which rebates and discounts that you. And record highs now's the time to buy an incredible vehicles had incredible drivers. Shop online at champion that if it does come then call 1800. 6395. TO five and playing and taking the short trip to 36 main streets in Attica that's upstate Chevrolet. Are you getting ripped off on your real name. Called pioneer propane incorporated. At 7165922068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services and they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guaranteed. What are you paying for your. Pioneer broke. To nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Don't get ripped off this year roll pioneer propane. 7165921868. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And while you're there click onto Geico I Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. That stood doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids. The best friend a microphone ever had. Doctor. KB AM 1520 WW KB buffalo this weather segment has sponsored by upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram. Catch they're beautiful selection online at www. Upstate seat. And is set yours sights. On them. By calling him pop. After you check out their Internet stuff at 15855910678. Then take a short drive do their beautiful campus. At 125. Prospect street. In Attica. And I guarantee you you'll be impressed. Here's a weather. Plenty of sunshine today. High temperatures around 36. Overnight low tonight nineteen who Sunday tomorrow sunshine and some clouds high thirty guys. Monday plenty of sunshine 33. Apparently the lake front has money do at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport Tony forward. And the loop downtown you've got 25 degrees. At the original. And still the best kids are watching and seven of the 9 every Saturday morning pass Sadat and telepresence and certainly appreciate that. AM fifteen to one Deborah JB got. The. Okay. Okay. Okay. As the holidays right there. 1972. It's 838 time for the KB speedway report. Sponsored by upstage Chevrolet of Attica. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep and ram 125. Prospect street in Attica. By six lumber and building supplies in JP and little valley where friendly service is up family tradition. And by day so damaged car wash. And detail center. And dark watch. 170 grey street and Easter reverend. Now the man who's down in sunny Florida I keep it warm until April something or other. Here's a guy who's always on speed. My mandate so. Hey man I tell you we've got sunshine they're coming in the studio. And it's nice and warm but this week this week I got nailed would Blanche Morse no. And it's just not gonna let up but that's okay that's her mother nature. Has. So long as it's done by the end of April I'll. I've I know you guys have been supper. Well I'd be out it's been it's been a tough winter and very expensive winter upsetting in my propane built. Is there right now between fourteen and 15100 dollars. Yeah I mean this is the is that the waiter that. You're brilliant retrieved the primary winners that were final. Yes. What he cannot do. It's a global warming just ask Al Gore. Yes no girl tell it. In a prelude to more banks do. And look at I don't I don't yes he will. I don't know what happened last weekend is so you Phyllis and win. Well. Now a lot Kevin Harvick won again. It's amazing. Yeah you know. Like I told you last week the last guy you want to go that they're like that is not our war. He didn't commit and think thing this day. About the dump and another topic and I am and mitigate the minute but. It be they're that the auto club type. Repeatedly and on demand that. And to take two and I'll bet they built. What in the briefs to put out you know. That. The places up the middle of nowhere I've been there a couple times April. And not much of but oil storage tank in desert. They get it they can't give it away but you know they are a lot but here's the debate has found out. Today I. It's a good thing because it would about it and he picked the excitement theories today B Jose and 300. And there Roseanne Barr are you talking about greed and when you get a name or is that let me idiot. Growth and our did just that I hope to get up at that wreck I can't worry about it don't call renal crushed a desert but anyway. That was in 300 expended period. They haven't they're. Correct Smart directors on the poll interesting. They had thirteen drivers fail inspection. For the third time on Friday and that means the started the peck. Include one Jimmy (%expletive) And Tuesday nose out of I don't know. It but this could be something. That is just I won't admit the tip of the iceberg because a lot of people believe it but local is leaving. The 48. Campaign season lows that it wouldn't. Want. Out what is that took on. Well that there. He had these days just keep going backwards. Well the big industries that big places are are bailing out of Jimmie Johnson won five in the world. Won seven titles. And let a couple of years were to do it. And all of a sudden he's a lousy year and Syria and this is just one. It was saying where went corporate America start sleep it's it's just. But this one I think is does that got away. As TP remember it was with Richard Petty for many many many years that they've apparently failed. And that that a little bit it equity because it then repeated that hit biscuits. But and Richard was and it downward trend and they don't. But but Kurt Kurt Jimmie out of the loop holes it's panic sponsor and other than that and got to. So. This could be interesting to see where this goes public about our. You know dale Carlson in the rate things are all. Congratulating each other Gregory relates that you have the the but it's got to be better compete to have them call you up to one they had field by the way. Your primary sponsor or page that time champion's locker so if you butane you want to hurt him I don't know all the little beat. I think in preached that what you're having you're not having. Your have and what they call a primary popular but it's for a certain. Those split up between three you'll know from week to week who's found a car and her remember that used to be what. Sure. It's that was the no we announced Sunday by on Monday one of the things were spoke about the car. As PP. Studies are it was a it was legendary bill. But there's there's bigger there's there's bigger rumblings. And this one is not surprise me at all because. I never heard. I never thought that it would last as long as it did. Or did that that it would even get started the rumor is strong that monster energy is back right to earn ninety. Now they're they're saying nice things. And they're they're tough they're they're chatting but. Keep in mind I think that at the beginning at all. Brag but I told you at the beginning on. Or ever work it would never work because. At that demographic is totally rock. You're appealing to our audience that doesn't exist. Poor. The broader racing it does for about strategy in in all the other stuff that property up. But it is not it's not very popular that they're going to bring bring back or keep a beat over forty crowd. Oh there's there's like today you know what Davis liked his radio show here. My radio show. Trying to attract nine Euro. Yeah yeah you're you'd they're they're looking for an audience that really. And and I don't know what they're being counters are I don't know whether the friend added that there was that I don't know who had anything to do it is that the edit edit and while this is blowing now remember that last week there's some rumblings about net care being assailed. Could be integral whole political rival bidder and who knows where its current account and the reason again why Muster any deet doesn't work it battle. Let alone win it did they rewrote the book book. Under a ban on the program and keep in mind that this that that that whole thing that gates was bad enough. Yet people were kind of you know OK I can live with that. Maybe but I don't like the idea of big guys that had a 300 point lead get knocked out the first round as a guy. We'll dedicate that he had formed earlier this. I don't like that but that particular. Thing is now more of interstate juries. And the stage racing is that crashing porous our that I could you know as Smart kid a and it gets more checkered flag. And I said last week you know those door treason one mistake OK that's great but what does that. Let me. It really all it means that your accountant has to put our numbers and figure out where the guy is so. And and here's the problem was stage racing and that is what we're where we're gonna Nagin and there's some really sticky you know came up with a group. The driver. You're right that drivers let slide the polish. Ray yeah bright and Kozlowski. He he takes credit for coming up but that's it I hope I thought. I don't like it at all because. What is your emotion at what you do what is going to be huge huge jolt of do you run the stated bluntly do you book under rules you bang and I mean I don't know. So you're you're if it's a budget also positive so whether race finally had to declare a winner. You already had two other what's so where does this one. So what I'm getting at here is this whole. There's there's there's there's pole thing called NASCAR is. Is really getting into some murky areas here the most important being. Who's gonna take over when monster image egos and their ago and I it it might not be next year but is there activists they way that. Because and I get the numbers they need to get they absolutely are not and they're not going to attract that at that particular. So what you do what he would do to get them back. And this is worried I I economic conversation. Between Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart edit they were on. Serious either one of those and the question came up until it put these guys Kevin Harvick and yeah solid that the at the cup urged that the well. One other not a weak and the race will. It at local tracks are Tony Stewart and doing that forever and it's and and he has no problem doing it. Except that of course he had that little. Things I probably not his thing that he ordered trial or at any avenue due wouldn't Kevin Warrick. If he wasn't doing the local adding that that would have there are also some car owners who feel that they don't want their guys to do it. But in this particular conversation bulk of them well. That having the big stars racing on on the right lower level. In one case they're talking to a NN opinion and I let the decay and then raced at those earn a that might be a step lower but it's edited at a party that super pretty Italy but. The point is they feel. The pipe by drawing in all the attention through they're coming there that the local stars would somehow gained from that. And I don't know I am I don't necessarily buy that I've seen examples were at work. A couple of years ago. Mike Bowman and duct tape Bellini addict and the race and numbers Dominique. Kirk and any Wallace was and they had a wonderful race. But on the other hand Rusty Wallace said. You won't get me doing that because rusty. Got in. And he's not okay are going to be here are out and go to Rick. But to defend and he did it. And in the middle of the race some hot dead beside it used gonna make a name for himself when he Walt. So here that the risk. So now you get a bill wit. Do you take a chance of bringing these guys out to the local level. Bring entry and or do you risk have a number I can't take about it distinct thing. All right well let's take a break here but I do you wanna say this. That. They have totally lost my respect. NASCAR. Side by doing this Roseanne Barr the fat pig. What are vital. You know that it it dead it's. You know their fault you know they're falling apart now. Yeah I bet well and that's a pretty good indicator that they're in trouble when grow it earlier and Byron name does it. Metals plant turnover and wonder what idiot came up with a and I. Well I don't know that she threw a few bucks. Not that the F. Our summer fat. 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I think I think at that grip and get either. And Jimmy's Elian haste Elian you like Roseanne Barr no okay well three for three. Go ahead Dave we've got to the two minutes. Of vital couple things first Duvol. I think everybody right now is where that little speedway is as close for next year. And the prospects are. Good but I want has got to rumor. That that has been going around some people are convinced. That every new is that it close head to do with crowd is. And the these city charter it was given Ahmard time because. Crowd noise. And that it decidedly is that the case and had nothing to do it growth is if you wanna find out what why we really close to ultimately give the deeply web site. And you'll like curious some quiet close but I want the sketch that the other thing is. Linkage is speed they would name promoter of the year for the second time because of the things or do. And they have something coming up this year called the rally cross which is totally different from anything anyone ever. And I'm going to be talking more about that as we come. Big crowds that illusion new Smyrna Tellme short track racing is in good shape it's in good shape in western new. Were we looking forward to. Thank you body and I can tear catcher around the campus. Are okay later. In New York. Didn't earning. It's a brand new day he has finished fifth here and now it's heard. Hang. And okay he. Okay. Aliens well. Yeah. The names. To them. Yeah. Lesson laugh and learn the best radio. On the radio you've got it right now David. Crystal Gayle. And and what about you. Before that Eddie rabbit. And Jimmy. Was good friends with my wife before she passed away and I just want to later this year I've come operatives. Lot of memories. That's me I'm the guy who's always reminiscing. But Eddie rabbit a second thought. There was August of 1994. And it was at the fairgrounds outside at state college August 1994. That DeDe did to show was with Eddie rabbit. In a pouring rain. Wow well liked it stopped for a while I mean it was outside. Campus theater so. But anyway. I wanna tell you hopes. About a great store at 96. Hamburg street. In Easter for a ride down from Sammy scar watch it's called gold and gifts. Locally owned and operated for over thirty years. Day buy and sell investment gold and silver. And they buy and sell coal mines and now in stock. They have 2018. Gold and silver. Eagles. Phone 6554545. They are brokers and fine jewelry jams precious metals and estate jewelry. You. Give Marty a collar stop on by and see Marty Enders on Carty. Golden gifts. 96 Hamburg street in east to roar. It has been fun as always. And we do appreciate you folks have yourself a wonderful. Saint Patrick's Day in wouldn't say a special thanks to everybody on the show today but especially. Our board up and chief engineer this morning Jim based Elian on Jimmy. Why are you still good. As he trained me thank you see these kids I've. Date they're brainwashed. And remember. Adversity builds character. And no word character you are mum out. I am on my way home ride chair now lives. Iron is. This city and then all. Good things must end. Call it a night. I. Okay. Wanna occurring easy for me. Seeing. He's. You're okay. Me. Through life. Time. Okay. College and I. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Ones I am. Okay. Right. Hard line. And one day. Turn out to my. Time. I. Yeah. Call it the night. I did. Okay. Okay. You're listening to the official voice of they do people's 50000 watch ESPN 1520 WW. KB buffalo.