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You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN did. Twenty WW. KB buffalo. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors. And I think he takes. A realistic attitude and put reveal a lot of residing in the way it really I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney Fries and not do sharper Al Sharpton. No love making Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson got a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's incumbent. The doctor. And now this. Because it seemed like it dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Hughes who expected gear and. You found the original. Okay. How boy it's great to be back. It is exactly 7 o'clock. You know growing older is mandatory and growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself first therapeutic. The number one weekend radio variety show arrived here in buffalo. And you're listening to it on the radio right now kids. Check it out. And cold today high temperatures around 33. And lose today being march and 2018. Let me say here partly sunny toward tomorrow high 34 hours. A little bit of snow may be in the metro on Monday night 33. Couple of snow showers on Tuesday. Eisner is 34. It's still winter kids you know remain. Apparently the lake front has won his seven degrees. At the buffalo Niagara the international airport 28. And the loop down to now we've got thirty degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9. Every Saturday morning. This is the radio show buffalo wakes up to. Saturday Morgan's located next AM fifty to one AWK. Need W play the oh. And I. Okay. Yeah let me. Itself. In the the it is. What this is not done a lot of things. It's. Never saw the aluminum. Way yeah. Yeah when you lose you lose. Gone and I knew even. So. The. Okay. It's win. OK okay. Okay. So I mean. You okay. It's. It's. A little. We miss to slam the night components found. I'm pretty. It's. But when we do we move mountains to run and I. There is around the news and level. So it's. OK and I. Okay. My. Here the man known lol okay. It is. And okay. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. Who. News. Wait a day eat NYT. I have my. I mean. Why should I keep. Do you. I don't know if you. Why should I he. Yeah. I'm an only. Why should I keep. From the mid seventies. Freddy fender. Wasted days and wasted nights major market radio in a large market town of professional division and service. Six minutes after. 7 o'clock. And I tell you which here. Is not letting up at all if you know what I mean now. Last Saturday. Niceness baca. Let's go a week ago Thursday Friday and then it's atlas says. While I was here. 22 inches of wet snow. That my property. And the tenure it is usual visas has no big deal to me but my plow driver. Billy add that he couldn't do it was his trial. So. There I sat. With my copy in my house. And actually I you know what Andy. I shouldn't say I sat because I actually. I got some work done. In the house that normally. I kept putting off the putting off you know. So anyway three days. It's no bid. Food diminishing fast. No cigars. No beer. And I today. There was a band. But my puppies she you know she kept me company. And that finally Sunday. Oh I didn't have a phone user. Couldn't get a signal out because as low ceiling. So Sunday I went and sat in my car's still. Surrounded by 22 inches of snow. And I called around. And you folks down in the southern tier if you know Jim Harrington. He has or those deeply. It's like an ice cutter. And he opened up my driveway for me 130. In the afternoon. On Sundays so I guess now. But anyway that that's a deal and we continue to use note this week yesterday five more inches overnight and has just three and not tell yeah. To me it's not getting old yet. And aid but it's coming very close to it you know. Is bill rise. 1971. On JB baby good morning. To we got busted. To live by. Playing one. I. Does suit. Kate. And thanks for the microphone ever had. Doctor. KB they have 1520 WW KB buffalo. And show. Oh yeah. It's home to. Non here. Paying. Same here. The. There is long. The holes. Dig up some old name. And she now. Okay. 1982. One of is first big hit so George Strait. And if he's thank him you wanna strangers the old man is on his way home wrecked you know remain. 14 minutes after 7 o'clock. Live local and even sometimes lovable. You've got to radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster. My casts of characters family and friends. In the famous. And their original from seven to 9 every Saturday morning WKB. Deputy. Coming up bad it is 745. We'll have do help reports for this week. Done by our man Andy Clarke. And all sponsored by size element pharmacy. And and he will return at age fifteen which sports. And then of course the award winning. KB speedway reports. With the man who's always speed Dave Sally coming up it's 8:30 this morning as a matter. All right here's these guys. Midland. And that Drake and rob thing. And. Today. Leave us now. He downtown news. And need a. Same. So they know. Oh. It's. I. It's. It's. So yeah himself. That Cindy said it is on the wind alone and system. The whole Lotta love. To that kids at dancing and town. When the bulls would come home. He'd be a menace all comments about it. I think it's well. This man. And. And home. Send. It's that time and maybe win this and we'll know we'll. And I bet me. I installed again. It may end up. Oh wow. It still remains. The wind up they go oh yeah. Nano. No no. Yeah. I'd write down baby. Jenny tell actors and that's San Antonio struggle taught me two minutes after seven. This is Saturday morning happens I'm. March 10. 2008. And remove our clocks ahead tonight. Chip about one hour spring ahead in dale. Listened laugh and learn the best radio. On the radio. You're listening to a right now. All right our temperature. Currently. To looped around town is thirty degrees. And will be check it out don't weather coming up here real soon. It's. They show us now. During the Bible as we love to do what you are depending twenty mind WW can be and you're welcome to call 71 six's and really changed me. Hey buffalo Tim lynch here from Michael local office so he just catcher auto renewal in your rates went up again let me help you say call me they three to thirty to 53 or just stop them across from the boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience they buffalo to -- and Michael local office haven't got your Geico quote yet. Can't save money that way. Call me at 83230 to 53 or just up in cross from a boulevard mall on tunnel Wanda open evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. 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Chevy trucks like Iraq most dependable longest lasting trucks on the road. And of course an American revolution. GM certified used vehicles they all now come with twelve months 121000 mile bumper to bumper warranties. Chevrolet. We'll be there. Phone 15854967379. Marx Brothers Chevrolet. 613 main street in arcade Paul loved the no bull dealers. Earlier Darrell and dead age drive home the difference. Right no kids here we go mostly cloudy Dan. The cold today high temperatures around 33. Tomorrow partly sunny highs near thirty or overnight low twenty blonde Monday. Little afternoon's no for the metro. Two maybe and insurers nobody. High temperatures on Monday 33. Currently on lake front as to money seven others. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport 28. And the look downtown thirty degrees. At the original. And it's still the best from seven to nine baby you pass it on and tell a friend. We would certainly. Appreciate that. This is AM fifteen to one AWK BW. I think in the in a that's no pain. And. It's. Okay. I. Hey. O line. We call each. Had a big shoes. Bet you more or third round. Disney. Up. Calling Cheney team. But she couldn't see this thing. In Charlie's beach. Just long brown hair and up. In the for a team. We drive in. To see you then. But we couldn't believe. And can't. With a lot. I appreciate. And we. The beach you. And he'd miss. The home. What time. Lindsay. I think she's. All this room. Hi all me. As soon. Local news in the. Bold chocolate room to do. On Sunday. We found here. And I guess you know boom. So long re new. From this picture. And that she is being true. Postpone its chief. There's unknown I. Besides he's my. The picture. Later forma anxious. And with trending news. I whispered the words and Charlie's home. As a standard. Into the things. But Jesus cry. Big things. This new. The. Wrong wrong and you thing he. And mining everybody. Time again and streets though let. That's my own. And read them better. Each and every hour you're awake to being. Someone someone. Is enjoying a good man. Like a nice day. Boo. Know in match. All then me. And then it's. Okay mom. All we'll zero. How do you guys. You know. Next few days we're seeing good luck. That's. Know. We had all loading and playing in all. Yeah. The. The whole thing you. We. Okay mom. Don. OK you know. Call. Okay now. Please you know. Okay Nall. Yeah. Oh man. And day. Powered by upstate Chevrolet. Buying that new roads too shabby at Attica shop online to one of our seven and Chevy of Attica. Death count. All right right now wanna tell you about the Allegheny hills golf course and restaurant. Which is locally owned and operated of course. Right between Cuba and rush bird. Obviously they're not opening. But on Friday's and Saturday's. The restaurant and so yeah. What a great place. At a fantastic bar. Great prices. And the best food you'll ever eat anywhere. You can check out loud at Allegheny hills dot net. If you want to. 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Extends throughout the store. Didn't unique gift ideas in just about everything you'd expect and more. Tired of the big superstores that in disguise themselves as pharmacies. Switch to your local neighborhood flights. I'm proud sponsor as always. The buffalo. Red Cross that size on the pharmacy. 18317. Bowen road and Obama. 65 to 391. And waited to help report. Here's our man Andy Clarke. Thank you doctor. 2018. Those still open to adding to their New Year's resolutions the American Medical Association is offering its top ten help and suggestions. Burst Americans should make an effort to cut back on sugary drinks medical experts advise diabetes screenings also get proactive step as the new your hopefuls. The NA suggest trying online tool assault screen web site. They'll be gauges that increasing physical activities and other good idea based on the notion that all adults aged eighteen to 65 should racked up. At least half hour of moderate intensity aerobic exercise five days a week or as an alternative you can try twenty minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic exercise three times a week. Cutting down on salt or sodium in processed foods is another positive step according today and made so is being clear about your current blood pressure status the organizations suggest legislate lower your HPP dot org. As a place to start for more information Americans are also tried to drink in moderation this year the association advises that means no more than wondering today for dole win in. And tutoring today for adult men. BA may also strongly advocates kicking the habit for those who still smoke and taking steps to control stress perhaps by seeking out professional mental health assistance. Detroit pain medication intake is also critical group noted this can help prevent addiction and prevent misuse by people for whom such drugs were prescribed or intended. And lastly and me reminds Americans to make sure that they and their family are today and vaccinations. Island to be found on the web site of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at C. Dot gov slash vaccines that this week's health report on injured Clark. Then alienation. Oh yeah. Eight home. It. The only guy. It's down to. And. You know. Okay. Oh. You know she's headed yeah. Go. The woods had good news. And. It's. From the pioneer propane studios. That KB lots. Are you paying for your. Call 18061581. For the full. Five minutes before eight. This Saturday morning. And I wanna tag. Above Marten Brothers and Chevrolet. Whereas they want your trade. And here's a deal on that. Get an additional. Money 500 dollars for your trade. This is good until April 2. This year it's you know next month kicking. And 2500 additional. Nine dead itself. Here's a 2018. Chevy cruise. Fort two's 3805. Months. Yeah. And I give you one here 2018. Equinox. All wheel drive LS. 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Doug Gibson. Content me. Okay. And my stool. Okay. I'm the only men. Then she. Okay. You know I. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. You're listening to be official voice of they do people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW KB buffalo. Thin bells. Because it seemed like dude dude do what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Here's who's thank you did. How about that poverty by half say Chevrolet. I knew rose too shabby at Attica. You shop on line 21 of our seven at Chevy have Attica. Dot com. All right here we go over the weather forecast. Mostly cloudy and cold today high temperatures around 33. Low tonight's money to tomorrow partly sunny a high 34. And Monday. Little PM it's no stuff. Highs that temperatures around 33. By the way Monday. Maybe an inch is the metro no big deal. Apparently the lake front has 28 degrees. As to Buffalo Niagara International Airport. To one and I and and it's sturdy at the move downtown. From the original. And still the best from 7 denied. Every Saturday morning. This is the radio show that buffalo wakes up here. With the sun breaking through right now on this Saturday morning countries sunshine radio program. This is AM fifteen point eight WK. BMW. From. Don't believe pose a phone by phone from. Yeah. Yeah we can't we can't be good. So we'll just. Maybe now. It's. He's. Fine day for. School. I've been made again. Inside. You know. I'm. There's no. I. Not this radio show we don't follow standards. We create him. That's James house and little by little 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. Great to be with you as always you know that. Yeah in auto and truck repair. 1560. Harlem road that's unit number two. In Cheektowaga. And then their opened. 730 until five Monday through Friday. It on Saturdays from 732. New. If you'd like to make an appointment and change your oil power and you need hey how about this guy's air conditioning service. You know. I mean it's not far away lube oil and filter plus tire rotation for 29. 9532206209. Corporate jones' name. Which is when you Rick junior and mark. That's right. And he's not gonna be over this next week. So. We brought in another student of mine. Jimmy steadily I don't know if you remember him. From years ago and and and need to grow. So. There's another trained employee. Set up to the microphone and read Jim. Hear them say something stupid something stupid or PA had changed that. Two Newton. I never gonna perky up folks. This is well. This fantasy thinking. Summer breeze CEO and drops. In 1972. Okay. The best friend a microphone ever had doctor. KB safe and 1520s WW Casey buffalo. It. Hey I'm fifteen point eight WK. VW. Those are chains. If you remember back in the sixties and cookies. The cookies. Anyway. We're we're getting phone calls people wanna know order and who's going to be next week or he's. He's going to. Austin, Texas force seminar. Which he does every year. And he's working for female companionship. His wife says it's okay. So no I'm just kidding Andy and his wife honor one great couple. And that just just forgive us and our. It's 85 game. Time for sports. Sponsored by their comfort funeral home 6469. Only and road that's roots sixteen South Wales. There phone number 7166528716. More funerals free nations. And pre planned. That's the comfort funeral home. It's funeral director. Probably should trigger. See why more families are choosing locally owned comfort funeral home. In South Wales now with sports here's Andy. Big dagger. SP itself particles 18179. Class B health sciences over only 3634. Will Angel south and embers will meet in the glass championship cross over game next week after after securing section six titles. Sunday at buffalo state college the bill is defeated Hamburg semi tune of forty in the A one championship point -- be your call eight. 6444. Claimed their second street eight Q titled the glass being title games for don't you beat Dunkirk 7237. To win the B one ground. They'll face off against southwestern in the class B crossover game who defeated Wilson 4542. And I'll be spring training news Los Angeles Angels rookie show Ohio tiny. Gave up six runs in three innings in a B game against the Mexican leagues he wanna toros. But Donnie we talked about earlier this year spent five seasons with the Nippon ham fighters before signing with the angels. As an international free agent on December 10. He is trying to become the first player in nearly a hundred years to play regularly as a pitcher and hitter. But he's had mixed results so far this brought this brings a lot to keep an eye on NC how he does that the season approaches. Another issue in story with baseball Facebook's partnered with Major League Baseball to air 25 weekday afternoon games. In an exclusive deal sows the more options there to watch Major League Baseball and a felony is a big day for the browns yesterday in some of that new trading post on the bill you see in the news. Now why not die a year I heard it this morning. Yet it kind of crazy I mean I don't think we've talked about the browns and in a positive way but the browser made several high profile trade yesterday including one for bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. And the bills in return will receive a third round pick the number 65 overall pick. But that was not all for the browns yesterday also traded from Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl wide receiver sharply injury in exchange for fourth round pick this year. And a seventh round pick in 29 London they have to do something. You know yes well I'll tell in the and they made a final deal yesterday for they treated Sean Kaiser quarterback to the Packers quarterback to Mary's Randall. And even after yesterday's trades of the ground still have the numbers one for 3335. And 64 picks and they added three or good cal players and you still have. Six picks in the first three rounds I wonder who's gonna start as quarterback. There's thing lightly the browns are gonna. If even bills are Dalai of what I say Roger Cleveland Browns gathers in likely Tyrod will be the starter next year the browns still likely take quarterback with the number one overall pick or possible fourth overall pick. And have them sit next year behind Tyrod Taylor learned for a year but either way the browns are really good situation. On the bill also actually earlier situation they now own two picks in each of the first three rounds and numbers when he won 225356. 65 and 96 overall mix of all report yesterday that the Seattle Seahawks will release Pro Bowl defensive back Richard Sherman. Ushering this happened 2017 with an Achilles injury was due thirteen million dollars this season so. Penny slots and from the to go and cut him with the high salary next year in the injuries and have a guy I heard that. New englanders sniffing around. It would not surprise me if they do you have a history of taking guys that have been written off by other teams that want pro bowlers in. You reviving their careers would not surprise me in the least if by in New England now. In the box yesterday have agreed to a five year 82 point five million dollar deal. Worth 55 knowing guarantee he'd with Mike wide receiver Mike Evans. And BA action the raptors beat the rockets last went 108105. December rockets' seventeen game win streak. And it seems especially rumors circulating about LeBron James going to the lakers after the season the I know already starting without James and it's do or others too much work to be done it's too early be talking about aperture. Into the playoffs and once the season's over. Those rumors he's not even more I like his game. I can't stand his politics. Yes IDD it very vocal on the politics of all played it's got images and see how his career has progressed because he was healed public enemy number one. After the decision neo when he announced you go to Miami are in for leaving Cleveland you know he's kind of you know La rejuvenated brain in his image so. I don't as a Belize and the energy issues with the the politics it is. But abused is he where he goes either way it's got to be a big story coming into the year and as he does Allah I mean you know it's kind of weird to think LeBron James and big shoes to fill. They go with with all the legacy of cold thereby. He would have some issues of filtering Kobe did when I'm five championships lawyers they're so oh yeah but he had a team wasn't alive absolutely me yet Shaq there are a lot of guys that are if an all famers they're definitely go key role players earned those teams. Hockey or basketball to switch to the NCAA yesterday the men's doubles team beat Penn State 7061 in the Mac turned it semifinals they will face the leader of today's 7 PM in the Mac tourney championship and the women's bulls team continued their presidencies in history beating western Michigan easy in the Mac tourney semifinals 8553. They'll face are from Michigan today at 11 AM in the Mac tourney championship that team to be heard here ESP and 1520 pregame starting at 10 AM. And finally NHL and it's the sabres Rauf lastly the one Thursday in an overtime shootout for three against the senators the sabres play against him home 1 PM against the golden knights. And that sports major part. Once I. He gave it to me it doesn't. Manners. And she was Milan. Was. I'll even look. A. Okay. You. Hats off to Larry eight. That is that down Shannon. Major market radio and a large markets down professionals. Service and division. Ronnie 3 after 8 o'clock am and we had don't forget to speedway report at 830 weeks. She is now. And so. During the bottom as we love to do it and you're depending twenties minds WW can be your call seven sixes and he's really. Me and who who who who. Whether it's a new born free don't vehicle you're looking forward you know you're getting the best deal when you live from upstate Chevrolet about it there's no better time to stuff into upstate Chevrolet to see how they can save you thousands of dollars while. Prices great selection and friendly surface which rebates and discounts that. Record highs now's the time to buy an incredible vehicles had incredible drive. Shop online at champion that if it does come then call 1800. 639. To deal fly and land taking a short trip to 36 main streets. In Attica that's upstate Chevrolet. A little tip for you folks go to the doctor. And check out my new website with a bio pictures and recent shows from previous Saturday mornings. And while you're there click onto Geico I Tim lynch. And get a free quote on your auto and homeowners. That stood doctor. At the same time and save some money on insurance with Jim Lynch and Geico. Right don't kids. Times are the weather's. Catch the beautiful selections online. At www. Upstate CJ dad come. And as such your room sites on calling 15855910678. That and take a short ride to their beautiful campus. In their brand new store which uses a probably. Although I don't know. Four years old maybe it's beautiful 125. Prospect street in Attica. You'll be impressed. All right here's a weather if I can find it. Stand by folks here it is. Mostly cloudy and cold today high temperatures around 33. Overnight low tonight 22. Sunday. Partly sunny high near 34. Monday. A little afternoon snow maybe up to an inch for the metro. High temperatures on Monday 33. Currently the lake front has to want his seven degrees. To Buffalo Niagara International Airport cloning now I and and a live downtown we've got 31 degrees. At the original. And still the best from seven to 9 every Saturday morning. You've got it kids mrs. AM fifteen to one AW KB. In Dublin. I don't know. We'll just like. Music yeah. I've then. You know. But the only pain. And pull away. The beer. I've got to live every news. Only action. I can pull. I'm so team. When you can. Yeah. You live. All put his. I'm. Wounded so they. They've it's. We'll. I've got to win here mean. No way yeah. I can fool. Okay. Okay. My Kindle. I'm. They're great Don Williams and I've got oh winner. I've got a winner in years. Time for the KB speedway report sponsored by upstate chairman baca. By upstate Chrysler dodge Jeep ram 125. Prospect street in and it. By six lumber and building supplies in Chafee a little valley. Where friendly surface is a family tradition. By Concord crest golf course go to old fashioned hospitality. Every time. And by Sammy scar watch and details senator. And dark watch 170 gray streets in east or brewer. Now. The man who's always on speech. Who. Last week we didn't hear from only from. A repeat from the show before but we are live David I got more snow yesterday but he wouldn't. I don't envy you guys Nadal I think this could be the what are LB. Party. It'll I looked at its judgment they might even rain as separate. What's attempt to do. Right now at this hour at about seven days was it about Germany's. I pay I'd done at the air strip as the all it does get ready to close the road to a regional group. All right never guess who's in the studio right now. I couldn't get Jimmy's Delhi. Remember Jimmy. You sir Ronald Moore after years ago you were important at every turn out he showed up at the corn fest one time and got lost. Right under him. When he's gonna he's gonna fill in for Andy next week and his grown the taxes. All right so what you gotta go. Well I got some left over from Betty yeah. The Daytona 500 and and as them out of Egypt. To what's going on since then. That I. You'll note they drop the Austin Dillon things like how black they didn't wanna make that. Controversy and I think it it probably pretty much even there as our whether they thought he. He bumped. It is weighted to win. At Motorola. Ambrose seemed to be over it. Yeah I I know that day but at what point I mean. Do you get away what that stuff. You play and they said that by our when dale Lerner is to do it and you're gonna that are doing that now. That you're gonna have split hairs that you're gonna say he. Needed as he did that include government now and he was gonna. That's what they'll argue he got loose or arrow push they got all kinds of excuses they'll all the door. The hang up a political. Waiting for them to make that I think an analyst Eric I absolutely blimp owns somebody. Intentionally. And you could see him do it. There won't be anything like that I'm more I'm a little more concern. Where is. If they're gonna start I bubble. Bubble Wallace finished second either Africa America and and they desperately want him. There's pixie. Bothers me about the bubble wallet that is. He. He finished second by DePaul there wasn't anything he did it. And they make it seem like he's you know the second coming. I hope it does well. But that the problem will be to put out a way to and they did that as you're with our Daniel Juarez the Mexican. And you know they're so desperate for this diversity think the work. I just hope that they don't put bubble a lot of places where somebody real world will. Welcome. And. Deadlock had their distant art to racism just. The racism card. And I I would hate it if they did that that it is an uneasy. Is that. Yeah he's got a short fuse. He knows what date he's I am sure there are a lot of people was burned and is a year and it's gonna take mr. around here are there is part. If he has that could shoot. They're gonna say here we go again and he has a couple of decent ones legacy our our sport. So I'm a little worried about that I think the biggest thing to worry about though is that ratings the ratings does work. Three million more war from the year before. They had Albanian last year than nine million this year I don't believe it sold out. They didn't say it if they had they wouldn't brag nativity ills he can't sell out of place we drop 48. And you still can't sell it. It it was a breakfast all week as I said before that doesn't so ticket that's a sober awhile but after awhile people say. What that they race. The whole thing is. Not only were the rating is down 480. They were down dramatically for Atlanta and this last week and when you drop it like this would drop out they had the lowest rating for the Vegas race. And there is room and they had the lowest rating as Atlanta. The last twenty years these are not good numbers these are not good numbers at all. And it there's scratching their heads at wondering. I think this. I would problem of course the who has risen tie up in the ranks Bob park where. And be as part of the items fit very well. But Bob put it this way. He said the pace in a group of plan is disintegrating. And I I agree with a totally you know dark. The group that come on up they Thirtysomething and out you know these people. No offense it's that the that the it's a societal thing you cannot be an that attention. That your attention span is not that long anymore it's it is all too. The passionate as those of us who grew up with it when it was really capital in the eighty's and ninety's that group is is going away and there is no filler and kind. And I don't believe that. That monster energy is the answer right. I I don't know if that there's a sponsorship depend Tom that can do I don't think it's spot I think it's it's an endemic problem. With that sport that to take they come up well kinda reasons why. Well you know everything de Dave everything has its peak. And I'm talking about. If you wanna compared gulf has an assault. Also is definitely down did they participation part of it is definitely doubt. And what what do progress also was angry and aesthetic. If they make it a lot easier as they at all. And I collected numerous people down there at the time and they felt that the same thing why would you wanna pay a hundred dollars. A hundred dollars to park. At that we only have mall where when I was starting door there days you could park for history. The other 100 bucks to park across the street and then not demented and has said this again before it bears repeating. To. Get that spanned every new government in your pocket so I you can stick it to look. You know forty dollars T shirts thirty or at. I mean I don't know where that number. But that they'd they'd take it so that's sitting in front of your fifty porridge. Let green. Where the Bruschi and dated tips and everything else and sitting in the count with a guy because you have the right at. That thought better than being down there are being buffeted around. By traffic and by day by numerous other things people trying to get your pocket yeah I don't know I don't know where this is going. But I just I just don't like the looks of it and they didn't need to. Kevin Harvick to tomorrow that would work at all as to race just out there are people you would want to win Kevin Carey is immortal. Isn't that something a little guy what's what's his secret the last two weeks. Well what Obama is bust might have been every window that got to penalize the at Vegas and they. They penalize them severely yeah good. And so it could be peeled Richard Petty cheap ink I had but you would think they didn't and basic tech. They would have found this problem with the rear window because it edit it had a part of that that definitely closed the deal Letterman it was steel. Yellow line when I heard people yeah but I heard this Dave that he got to severely penalized. Because one reason to two point. That OPEC meeting going for his actions he's going for inspection. Now and and Jimmie Johnson is another one who's there at their temperate weather are. He failed inspection at three times it was towards the side of the packet tech product and erect. These are things that are going that that are that are Catholics in this system things that I don't injured and are not interested yet I don't on the they don't want nobody aero push. They don't want to know about do it very. Does splitter being in the lower than that it should be they don't want to care about what other windows eight is they want to see these guys to block it race. And outspent all afternoon and they want a route further guys and the we're getting lost in and other things they're trying to youth movement. Trying to push. People as a matter effect at the end of the week. They were trying to say that next most popular drivers that are beat Jay bell and tell you queried why they just besides he's the one. You must be personable I mean he is that I've heard it talked. You know they did but now there are military people and trying to get people that follow up into ever had to do that before Barack. It was the sponsor they'd cap that would that he views are. That guy in it. That they're Ricky Rudd you know Darrell Waltrip jet boat dying Jett and Taylor are you know if the you name it. The Richard Richard Petty used is in my book out what it did play with these guys yeah. And that's. That's the problem and and I did it ratings continue to drop I heard a rumor and that the sit there at that rate they did. At mascara might be for sale. Now it's cool in their right mind would or if you do it by what would be your business can be. What you're and be defined the that niche audience that you need and cater to them or dreamlike differences and think he can go worldwide that's a big question to answer. Well how many times how many how many how many times advise said that their peak. Was in the ninety's. It what it was and your right to an end and guys said when it petticoat and down the southeast. Tried tried exposed early this bid goes directly at people who are well broke ties. Did that visit the center of the sport. When they started doing that they've started losing their guts and now they're they have sort. The idea all right let's take a break here. And more combat force them finishing thoughts. But this listen in his day this is knots. You are in lock. This is the commercial in the newspaper and on my show right here you are in lock. And upstate Chevy of Attica. This is not what I say these deals. At 2018. Cruz LT. You can least it would no money down. 4180. Warm months. A beautiful looking. 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And a little valley 619 Iraq's city road. They have an 800 number 1808360769. Six lumber where friendly service is family tradition. Embarrass your kids. Crank it up radioed just the way it used to be with the love doctor. 1520s. All right David and what he got we gonna finish I was Yale. I can tell you we do have some good news are credited emanates. From the local area. You're free epic EU you'll you'll. And get more and more outplay yeah freedom one of the best drivers ever to come out of western Erica. At Lisbon now that. He is on fire the craftsman trucks here he led 31 laps at Vegas he what age he is. Six and standing in the standing. This is a guy who is on the move but let's guy who had he shouted tuck has spelled it at that very well read it. Do we treat it as either way that's a name to remember. Skeet and I had him I think go on I don't think I am gone far out on the lip. I think two weeks freezes actually gonna win a truck series race this year that's you to put that up next week again it's a very good spot. For Bjork Dracula you won't want to miss. You demand thank you a bunch and we'll catch you around the campus. 08 hour later. Yeah. The. It's just. Slid. Stay. Coleman. Since June. It's. My. And the. Wow. Don't. It's okay. Yeah. Yeah. And. Hey I'm theft and money WK. Be dealt with here. This is the Metamucil Saturday morning show. A real moving. Experience we've directors Mary. And geriatric. And of course the world's most unknown. Radio personality. And Sorkin that your right now six minutes before nine. Sandy go whopper right there. And it before that from 1977. Its way into the music and we heard from Johnny rivers. The beautiful eighteen hole golf course with a three hole practice facility it's easy to get to take two to nineteen expressway to Tennessee wrote. 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I can now. Again. Oh man. Okay. He'd be an easy match. I mean. Okay. You're listening to be a crucial voice update you people's 50000 YE SPN this. Twenty WW. KB buffalo.