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Excuse Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB. The following his paid programming opinions expressed are not necessarily those of this radio station it advertisers or sponsors in the lead and I think he takes. A realistic attitude and we'll reveal a lot of society in the way it really is I mean even liberals. Like me listen to doctor Jerry Richards every Saturday morning from seven they. With the special gift like myself of blaming Barney prize could. Not do sharper Al Sharpton. I don't lovemaking Jack in the Box Jesse Jackson a couple of it's a great show and as Monica would say it's a foundation and and the doctor. It now. Because it seemed like dude dude idea what we were grown you needed cheap talent. Suze thank you didn't. You found the original. Hey good morning Andy as a 7 o'clock I'm Noah rose. You know growing older is mandatory. Growing up as optional. And laughing at yourself as therapeutic. The number one weekend radio show Iraq here in buffalo. And you've got it on the radio right now kids. Today. January this sixth 2008 team the first show of the brand new year. I'm in this cold and chilly Saturday morning as we check out the weather forecast. Mostly cloudy and frigid. High temperatures today about war in the metro homer that low tonight minus three. Tomorrow cloudy not as cold got a warm up that want even more. And Monday. Even warmer with a little snow maybe. High temperatures around 36. Apparently the lake front office has some minus six degrees. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport minus three. And the moves downtown we've got to minus two degrees. At the original. And still the best for seven to 9 every Saturday morning maybe you've got it. This is AM fifteen to one AWK believed every. You played here okay. Oh. OK. Okay. Okay. Yeah let me yeah. Its. It is OK I have very a lot of places and I. It's. Oh my it's. My way yeah. It's. Gone and I knew my own little. So. Okay. Yeah win. Yeah okay. Okay. Zola. Okay. It's. It's. A little. Miss to slam of the night Ramona it's. Time for back behind me unless it's into the ground. But we'll. Move mountains to one man alone. Now. They users around the news buffalo. It's so. Okay. Yeah. We have a man you know people okay. It is. Can. Okay. I had. We can't we can't we can't it's still just. I. News. The and then take the same thing. Then. Feeling the it's me. Yeah. We. How old. I'll miss green. Not this radio show we don't. Follow standards. We create. Leann Womack. And I hope you dance 7 minutes after 7 o'clock. Yes it's a cold Saturday morning. And downtown we've got to minus two degrees right now to win ratio. Is eighteen below. That's what it is so you know what to do. I don't wanna sound like good TV weather people. You know bundle up and put on your collage using your long underwear your gloves. And your knitted hat. But do it earned. By the way down a do you kind where I left this morning at around four Clark. If it was eight polo real temperature. The roads are ours snowpack. In underneath that. Is ice Reno but that day and he. And wind chill about 24 below 2324. Below. So what's the my driveway has an incline. On the way out that generally the way out. So last night about 4 o'clock I went out. And nature's and I was on top of the driveway because we got a note its report inches last. And that might have been just enough not to give me out of a driveway if you know what I mean it. A few folks saying. This is Carl. All right. Found out on the way in this morning of stone and that Mount Washington. This morning. There when she'll get to sit down there. Ninety below. Ninety below could you imagine. How from last year hurt skin will freeze. In ninety below. I can't. But then I had Andy look it up there. Elevation. Up there where days snow ski in July. Yes no joke. I've had friends that have gone there it's no speed in July in their shorts in Kosher symbolic kind of thing. But. Their own like 6000 some three. Now in New Mexico I live. At higher levels and that and never experienced. Ninety below windshield. Only count. Anyway. It's going to be a high today in the metro buff for. Mostly cloudy and frigid. Warming up tomorrow Tony for 36 on Monday 41 Wednesday. So they're telling us. Here's one for you now. If you remember this from the mid seventies. Is George Jones and Tammy or in this. But the fans. Mean. Back in. Off then in the movie he. And a small. You said yeah. And it was great. At first I. Well just. Parent news. Steam room soon. No it is not. Yeah. The best. Stand there. And knock. Pain. You got. Oh win. The lions. You can only. Some warn you talk to. I'm feeling kind of knowledge you that you don't. And it apparently. I use. Seeing him come on geez yeah. Did you notice hey. Things got sent back to know that users don't need. Yeah. Share. Shannon. Vaughn. You want to go that far. Have a variety. The way we. Shannon. Okay. Tomorrow. You know want to. David do you. Yeah. And I'm do. I can't even do. Wounds. And no Williams match. There's no we again. Now. It turns the. Hometown. Fred turned out loud yeah that day today. His slow. Aren't you. Mean since. CN. Yeah. Why do. Do live. Yeah. It's. Major market radio and a large. Markets now not a professional division. And surface sub. They're great Johnny bush. L warns of the wide. Before that sharing tonight together and did doctor park George. And Tammy. Hit and things Conan that triple play. Where is we're not the jets that. 18 minutes after 7 o'clock. Another great big good morning to you we've got to minus two degrees wind chill of eighteen below right now. Union auto and truck repair 1560. Harlem road in Cheektowaga of that unit number two. Where. I'm Tanya you can go in there any time for a lube oil and filter. Plus a tire rotation. 42995. Rick Jones either proprietor. And the main boss man and they are Europe AC Delco dealer. Their phone numbers 3220629. Minutes union auto and truck repair. Coming up musically in this hour and we've got Elvis Presley. Jerry may notice. Wynonna. And then add is 745. Doctor pat carmody. Was over the back fence. His dear wife Yoko. And I'm not that lonely yet if you know what I mean there you know. Or. I. Okay. Okay. AM threatening to want AW KV. A W. This Saturday morning a lot of people don't realize. Do you why Yoakam. Is a movie actor too. And I forget what. Current movies and these days but Agassi he's this pretty could job I've never seen him act. But anyway I like his music. No I don't I love his. 23 minutes after seven. Speaking. Musically. In this hour Elvis Presley. Jerry Lee Lewis and Wynonna coming up along with the Paul ski. Hope I show by sponsored by red Lansky mates. And a doctor current idiots 745. At 815. Will have sports what sandy Clark sponsored by their comfort funeral home. And then that a very special. Buffalo Bills report first on the weekend. At 8:30 this morning was all the guys together. It'll be Andy and it'll be yours truly. Director carmody. And Dave Sally from fort. Myers. Stand by. We wanna do is now removing. During the bottle. As we love to do you are defending 22 miles WW can be and you call us and instincts and he's really. Funny and boom. Yeah are you getting ripped. Off on your real name called pioneer propane incorporated. At seven point 659. To 2068. Locally owned and operated. Residential commercial and agricultural services and they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guarantee. What are you paying for your. Pioneer broke. To nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Get ripped off this year roll pioneer propane. 7165921868. Shade timlin share from critical local office haven't gotten Geico quote yet can't save money that way call me at 8323253. Or just stop in crossing the boulevard small town of one. 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Can I do get out then Greek though are but that's mind. And remember. Almost everything you'd queue today. Probably isn't covered by your insurance policy. Have a nice day. How about that. Check and alto weather forecast. It's a bitter one me out today mostly cloudy frigid. High temperatures around war in the metro. Overnight low tonight of minus three tomorrow cloudy not as cold highs near 24. And Monday 36 for hi may be one to three inches of snow hole. And Wednesday 41. For a high right now the lake front has a minus six degrees. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport so minus three and the most downtown we've got two degrees below zero. And then that's a win Jones. Minus say changed. Iraq shares at AM fifteen to want AW OJ BW. Yeah. She must move. Two cents from Cisco. Posters don't assume Cisco and can we do. Mountain hood and. Colors are green and crazy. And our. It's been about your Japan. Tina copper rich and. Scream out. The base level and at a. From Cisco. Sweden. Can. Loves me and terror. I love this will be. Okay. Me you know. And you low live love. Believe. You so. Okay. Mean true. An old man. Okay. Yeah and and don't. Hello my. There who love me all. Today. I. Or do. In the bloom. Food. Because. Oh I. M I. All. My dream. Flow revenues. More and you I didn't. I know. He loves. I. Sir. Hello. I do. You all. Mind. Of whom we lose. His role. Two new movie. Okay. And when Lowe made shrewd move the ball OK my dream. Hope they move. From. Well. And don't I mean. All movie. In one battle. That's a need. Any wow the last. We'll get Bob. Just a little you can. You guessed it long. Is okay. OK now let's turn wind me up this. How. I I. Here are some. All over the pay. This. I act that way. This thing at all. Anyway. It would be much. Lou yeah. And that's Lehman. You know. And I. I. Wall. VOK. I had. Old. We'll. Now let. Okay. You. Okay. Long. Okay. The. I am. Powered by upstage Chevrolet flying to new roads too shabby of etiquette. Shop online to one of our seven and it should every event at. Don't count. Jeremy Lewis. Another place another time before that Elvis. Love me tender and I'm Mark Lindsay. Was his Arizona in 1970. 23 minutes before the top of the power act. And someone let you know that it's time for. The polka of the morning. Sponsored. By red Lansky mates. Were you or meats. Are always cut to order. Nothing his precise. Lower prices and supermarkets. Are convenient location at 1585. Walden avenue and Cheektowaga. And of course remember the day ship all of their great polish and American foods all over the country just per year. You've visit them online at buffalo foods dot com. Then you call them up and tell them what you want. At 1808674060. Yard butcher. Has been for decades. That's red lynch he meets. Cheektowaga. Adds stay present Jimmy stir in the orchestra. I'm only again. My next night at ten. That's. 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VIP reception before. WGR celebrity roast tickets on sale now. Presented by our friends at liberty cap -- at the poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino with the support. What light Soledad. You've just got to beat. I. Listen laugh and learn the best radio on the radio. You've got to right now as it's time for over the back fence was doctor pat term but he sponsored by as always. Alma pharmacy. That's size dome pharmacy. 2317. Bowen wrote an alma. Their phone numbers 71665. To 3921. Happy new year doctor carmody. After being accused slayer and why is she doing a lot batters he saw as the just take quite a bit of medications. I got into an actor and he immediately prescribes the right stuff how the Cuban really in bad shape. This kind of bad flu and she and I both in the thin plume vaccine. That they you know it's only 10%. Effective it is what it is and it's a hundred pound. And it's never get a call she never if he is very well. And did that turn dead and I couldn't believe that I felt so bad where she couldn't even read. And I finally got it as accurately we got things kind of squared away at it that bad flu and if you haven't had your flu vaccine. One out right now and get it even though it's only 10% effective. It's been shown to alleviate a lot of the problems associated with his flute. People like gang is well healthy people aren't getting the flu in bank. I can't believe that it's only that effective at all it's unusual. Place today charge. You insurance company. 5253. Dollars to give you won't. Fair share what they would they have no control over the manufacture. And the you know these viruses they mutate. So when they're producing the vaccine. The the virus says I don't care about his sixteen yeah this is it mutates. And then it becomes the next game becomes less I've viable army has so hopefully it. Or how about this. Staying away from people. Well I didn't get it. They're on the day. I didn't get a I thought for sure I would give it because we know people who went right through their entire coastal. And I didn't I have well I'd been in a hostile environment since 1961. And when you're in hostile environment all that and you really build up and now my wife also has been in hostile environment for almost the semis and let's. This one hit hard really shocked I haven't scared so I better prepared to listen to me Aaliyah this thing that take care. How about a factor you have thin blonde to thin blood to begin. It doesn't have any effect on my uncle would have that you're referring to the yeah yeah it doesn't have any effect. I'll be done now all right so you've got a subject here to start things off the wisest things that are. Going to be going on and crossed the border. It is very interesting thing. Starting July 18. Ontario Canada. Is going to legalize. Recreational marijuana. Now the first inspection is a big deal in the big deal they have to realize that medicinal marijuana for some time. That. There's only a few states and the United States it legalize. Merrill a recreational marijuana Colorado being one of them and down. For Ontario to do this this is true go to the idea. To raise a lot of money for his or his problem. They that's a great way to do it isn't. Well let me tell you how it's working right across the river. It is a nice little area that we're all familiar look Bagger at a lake. And there is a place called saint David's a little town called saint David's right the wine country. And these people three years ago set up it's what they called tweet arms. And what they did that to call bunch of abandoned greenhouses. And they started growing marijuana. And the company is called canopy grows. And and so they're getting ready for what's gonna happen July. So there is David employs sixty people already. And there's a 150 they're gonna hire this summer. Event. So the big deal because every three months. They harvest the Merrill on that they're drawing in these huge greenhouses. And get so much they can harvest every three months. Tell me. 8400. Pounds and has pretty good hit it as three plus pound every three months. Okay can you hear imagine piling that up like hey moaned. While they start in a vault and lighting it on fire that you can get the whole city. Pretty well taken off the ground police. Started in the vault which is that 3000 square foot building which is as big as the home. And actually start. And then nation at all over they shipped it overseas. Okay and additions this company. Started out as they said just about two years ago. And this stack was two dollars a share is 23 dollars this year now. All male wedding you tell me about it I didn't know about it. Yeah. Canopy growth it's called. And it is so here's here's why I'm interest I mean prison up. I think that this marijuana thing is is unstoppable. In New York is illegal of course. And I mean recreational marijuana is illegal. I think that there's such lobbying euphoric because state can make a lot of money in this. I think debt. It's done it's sooner or later but when it's right across the border. Straight across the border it brings to mind. It the problem that we hear Buffalo's lone collar and I don't save me and Connor will. Here's just sit here is this scenario that I NC it. Young people nineteen years of age you run into one of the fifties story there available right now and Terry that the and how they do is some airline is gonna be 150. Of these stories 150 to 200 these stories that Tony twenty. Just in the province of Ontario. And down carrier yet. So these nineteen year old plots are going to have total access to recreational marijuana. And guess who it they'd like to do that Friday sanity. Around boulder da Costa rich. Well they like to come over and go to Lou. Kept ought chip a lot David. You back because chip was open look forward in the morning. And I've been there I mean I'm I'm the first to admit it kept alive its chaos that is very best I mean the police say there. They're just standing around they can't do much because everybody. Is just so old Manny. People and it's it's hard to believe in what they're doing is they're waiting for an outbreak. There's something stupid happen but they they can't round and check people out. And people locked in the streets but they don't allow. People to have an open container on the streets stopped that. But that system you know and I told us they put that away. Now what I had my scenario is that hole. He's nineteen plus year old people from Canada. Knowing that they're gonna go to chippewa but knowing now. That they can get hired nick hite and marijuana before they drive over. I is now there's no way to detect the active ingredient. In marijuana. OK I mean there is attached but that means they're very very very sophisticated laboratory test. It is pavlik and knock off or you just make somebody's going to utilize a breathalyzer. So these people are gonna dispute fly into the chip by area coming across a bridge. And damn they're gonna spend the next two or three hours drinking heavily is so my concern. Is that innocent people that are aware of this double pronged. Attack. And the hat and the driving ability of these people they're going to be subject to and problems. And I feel sorry really owners as some of these establishments. Because this is a deadly combination. What's gonna hurt business. It'll hurt business in the sense that the people that see. What's gonna happen and how dangerous it can be that or you ought to be app. You don't want to be out on the street you don't wanna be driving your car anywhere. On the west side during these weakens. It is nice feeling now this is just idle and it. So that's the key people going out to other places there are other places where you can say open the floor clock. Which apply is the big hook up place to be you know. So it has the dual purpose he can get drunk and he has hooked up cells. Now what do you mean by orca. However I can't. All eyes see only edit this for have you ever done that as a matter at all known EC I haven't either. So the point I'm making is that. There is going to be chaos because of the proximity. Of the peace bridge. And this new law which is open up the I gates and and July 18. I can you imagine Perry in Baghdad what do you think it. Well I here's. The silver lining in every cloud. We can make money off that the police department today and are a local government to arresting these people fining them and then. You know getting him sobered up let them pay their fine and beyond their way. So though the only difficulty with that is. The only way that they can detect who is hide. This marijuana. His bag giving them aid sobriety test yeah blood test and insult. He did I mean there has to be good cause and reason maybe they can. Set up. Stations around the chippewa. Or are whatever. Well that's true then and they can Tennessee's people. I'm betting that they have these seats the biggest problem that the law enforcement agencies have is locking up there's somebody ambassador. That's what it's called OK you have to have probable cause. While you guys acting like an idiot or risk a stumbling around. That's right you're right about that. That it's it's difficult and all I'm saying is that I am very concerned. Because. It's gonna hit it Soviet downtown ball well more than anyplace else. It will be interesting to see what precautions please please agencies in buffalo. He utilized. Well they they shut does things down in Canada early don't yeah. So they'll they'll be down here listen I wanna hear about size is the alma pharmacy. All my favorite place. And had the nice thing about guys pharmacy is that is the number one drug store in the entire area. You're dealing with very very professional pharmacists there and the owner John. He's the ultimate. He knows everything hand. He can give you that information in it and it is nice easy going way. He's very informative. And the other thing about it is they have every drug possible and more importantly there over the counter. Supplies are on limited. You've seen it yourself and lost this comedies other drugs are the columns of the drug certainly you know one. Bottle of this kind of aspirin and one bottle of this kind of ointment besides they have eight to twelve. Highly stark it is everything. I mean I what I would shopping for cold that lessons from my life. I want in there and I don't think I ever saw this area of the sort of report. Well it was an entire area. And nothing else except pop remedy. It I was shocked I was really stacked. I mean there was everything in every kind of living. But that is part of outside yes if you look at forgive you go to side. They get they have the most exact guess they have the most gorgeous high quality yes then it's free. Wrapping without question. The other thing of course is that if your blood donor. Even now it come down to blood mobile to be at I. He hasn't come periodically which is more than most places and in fact it's it's the central place Byrd crying or giving blood donating blood. In the south towns. That's event. Swanee 317. The ball on the road and alma. And their phone numbers 65 to 39 to money area code 716. Listen. We is out of time and at 830. We have the Buffalo Bills report this special play off deal here. I and we've got to full blown death squad back again right so will be talking match and a half hour. I'm looking forward to that thank you doctor thank you there later. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on 15:20 AM WW KB. Because they don't lack of good food good people on TV. Guess who's back go on the radio. Just right now I can't live local and even sometimes lovable you've got the radio rawhide renegade romantic rooster. Would heads in my cast of characters family and friends. The famous AM fifteenth money WPA VW. All right here's a weathered. Mostly cloudy and frigid today in the metro. I temperatures around or overnight low tonight minus three. Tomorrow cloudy not as cold highs near 24 it's gonna figure like a heat wave bail mom out. Overnight lows Sunday night when he won Monday Heidi what could be thirty sixers though not as cold. With a chance of snow hole one to three inches. Tuesday mostly cloudy 32 Wednesday. A bit of ice then rain now high temperatures around forty one's gonna feel elect an early spring. What napping knives. Apparently at a lake front. As a minus five degrees. At the Buffalo Niagara International Airport it's three below. And a live downtown we've got to below zero. At the original and still the best. Where though wind chill is eighteen below zero right now. You're listening to it as of this moment the radio show that buffalo wakes up to every Saturday morning. AM fifteen to one AW OJB. Definitely from the. Phone phone broke a bone. We can't we can. Oh yeah. You. East. China and now. Laden. And I. I. Number yeah. Which. So those lonely yeah. I analysts and news. Man. Leaving. Today's. This. Okay. Knowing. It's. From the pioneer propane sturdy noses at KB lots. Are you paying for you or propane. Especially. This winter season. 1806158144. Is the phone number four pioneer propane. Alma elect her in the little star with a big selection. Jim Delaney you're proprietor. And their located right kitty corner from sized oval pharmacy at 2350 ball in Rhode. In alma. Where when you mention this radio Chicago. You give a 10% discount. If you buy one bottle. For a hundred cases. Yet. So would do that and it'll be worth your while. Believe me crystal Gayle. Right here on KB it is 8 minutes after 8 o'clock. And now know what took good way. And I. He. Our yurt they're sitting. The picnic at the yeah. Me cheeky you know he'd answer for things isn't he all right for him. Credit summer confirmed that Tiki teens from whom. I need only think they can mean to teach parents know teens appear me the key. Hope that she is. Can you imagine that I I think she's still boozing it from New Year's. I'm totally. Trixie doing a summer. Public service announced. Lights are on David you know hearing nobody home. Coming up to date that Dane has sports director Mandy Clark will be doing his sports. His slim Whitman called back to old I guess 1968. And this is happy street. And good morning to you from KB baby. It and he and I did. The rules apply and who doesn't need me to. It's. I. Stream live via. Okay. But they have been I'm loving. He's not a. Send news. Now I'm more. Yeah. Yeah. Okay yeah. Same old playing. My brain. Then now lives. And all. I'm happier than. You. AI fine. Is there are signs. No. Magnitude. And they they now. Now while in the unhappy history to never thought I did. It. Okay. Doctor. KB KM 1520 WW KB buffalo. You okay. Okay Sears. Him. But you know. Major market radio and Allard. Markets around the professional division and surface of the Clark's defender Eddie broadcasting. Bill Anderson but you know alignment. It is exactly 815. And time for sports. Sponsored by their comfort pure liberal home. Sixty fours 69 only in Rhode that's route sixteen in South Wales. Euros cream nations and three planning. It's funeral director unleash it triggered. CY more fairways. Are choosing to locally owned comfort funeral home. Sixty fours 69. Only enrolled in South Wales. Their phone number 716. 6528760. Now here's Andrew. That you dagger jays starting today with NFL playoff action it is wild card weekend today at 4:20 PM. In the AFC at the chiefs at home against the titans. That 815 tonight he got NFC got Koreans at home against the falcons tomorrow at 105 the bills play their first playoff game in eighteen years down in Florida against the jaguars will talk more about that game. Come here 830 with the Buffalo Bills report burst on the weekend. And then tomorrow for forty at the saints hosting the Panthers in the NFC the patriots and Steelers have by in the AFC in the Eagles and vikings on by in the NFC. Other felonies the raiders will hold a news conference Tuesday renounce John gruden will return at their next head coach. Reports the his deal's going to be worth a hundred million dollars it would show over ten years the richest coach's contract that the NFL history. I mean the guy is a proven winner he went to Oakland he took bowl championship he went to handle on a championship but at the same time. A hundred 1000000 July coaches' contracts are fully here and you don't like the players contract so. If the they Turkoglu is in the irritable and they're still not for a hundred million so I wonder if. That maybe not me but you will live long enough to see. Some of these people who are nuts. Are not qualified to get paid that kind of big money be in the billions. You know it's it's not around possibility menial people borrows greens and Alex Rodriguez became a 200 million dollar player now you're seeing guys in major leagues getting 300 million and he keeps going up Obama Kirk cousins being the highest played NFL player next year possibly. I don't know how connected in any he's nearly quarter at that price they're gonna franchise tag him so he'll game somewhere you know near the top we we talked about this before but at best he is a mediocre quarterback. And he may 28 million last year exactly he's not you hit me he's highly quarterback he's in the mid level lights add things a step below you leave these good quarterback but yeah I mean salaries of some these guys are just insane. Switch up MLB news former all star pitcher mark Pryor's or the Dodgers as the bullpen coach. Officials from Major League Baseball and the players association expect in the next week in New York to discuss new pace of play initiatives that go into effect or that when he eighteen season other major changes under consideration there or pitch clock in a limitation on catcher mound visits. How much you are used to play baseball in college and high school now I'll hum more of the old school traditional. When it comes to baseball I don't like the ideal pitch clock in. You'll limiting the mound visits I think part of the deal part of the mount is is the strategy of the game by. That's right but you know what their portion for that and I hope it never happens because it'll totally destroyed in game. The balls and strikes. Ollie higher computer yet I possibly because the as a pitcher right to be a pitcher that. Now part of the game sometimes you got tight strike zone umpires and sometimes got you know an ice liberals going well out. What about they've been of their calls on the basis what about you know this replay date Daytona was the greatest thing since sliced bread. In downtown yeah I. I'd like to see it there rescinded. Yes I like with all but for some reason I'm more traditionalist with you know is look at these players do not played the perfect game. Because they're human. And rep for these are human. And they don't make the perfect calls every time but it's just part of the cotton pickers game exactly I look at a lot of the same ways as your days ago that a major nationalist. I had diaries part of the game and you know sometimes the ball bounces your way sometimes it doesn't not the way things break is fighting is like the would like Syria. Not to traveling calls but the offensive fouls. In basketball. I mean. You can take two of them that are identical one guy's gonna call it one way and one guy's gonna call it another way yes exactly Saudi leave the replay out of. Leo let it at a file falls and les and that's that's part of the game early. Odds which are up NCAA football bowl action last Saturday number six Wisconsin beat number ten Miami 3424. In the Capital One Orange Bowl number nine on number nine and state beat number eleven Washington 3520. In the PlayStation PS the bull and on New Year's Day in the college football playoff. Number four Alabama at number one once in 246 and heels beat Sugar Bowl. And number three Georgia of that number two Oklahoma 5448. In double overtime in the Rose Bowl 2000 amazing game no I did not yet amazing game back and forth about an Alabama or will face off this Monday at 8 PM in the college football while national championship. Also on New Year's Day at number 1430 beat number seven you LSU 2117 in the theaters ball. And ever qualities yep upset number seven Auburn 3427. Cheaply peaceful. And is actually interesting use the F athletic director after the game said that the team Wednesday the national championship banner in their stadium. And they're gonna have a parade claiming that their national champions they were thirteen you know they're the only team in college football. They beat Auburn in the bowl game Auburn beat both Georgia and Alabama during regular season there they gave both Georgia Alabama and losses where you know wanted. They've got a case oh yeah I absolutely they should have been at least in the top four in the playoff I mean they they're one of the best teams out all year and and their first teamed typically you'll be a champion did in the game by I I definitely see their case that they're making. Well you know let me tell you it brings back story. Back in 95. When we were living in Pennsylvania and head to radio stations and we are tight with the state college and Penn State. It was between Penn State and Nebraska who got picked for this is before the playoff today who got picked for the number one team in the country. And the politics. Gave it to Nebraska. Now there was so many people that were upset Nebraska didn't even have. A steady quarterback they were shuffling between two and three guys. There was so many people there were upset one problem. Was Garth Brooks. And he offered now this goes back what 23 years ago. He offered to pay for a bowl game between Nebraska and Penn State. Andy NCAA would not go for. Them and fight now to talk about spirit in the playoff eight teams in the because they see the money in there a lot of money and then and the other situation like here with Nebraska and and stay there there's so much controversy over who deserves to be and it should be the top eight he Vontae and that years. If they were at Penn State would kick their butt. I'm Joan you but it was a political play and yet it's still is like I remember when the the BCS was most the fix all this and that's why is our go to the playoffs now and me. Yet whether it ever devices that when agrees with but it feels really favors the the big programs over teams like easy out. Other NCA thorniest when he sixteen hides in where Lamar Jackson who also came in third in Heisman voting this season. Has declared that the NFL draft melt piper for ESPN hasn't rate as the seventh quarterback in the draft but he does have some big play making ability to make climb the draft or be interest and see where he ends up going NCAA men's basketball the UB bulls beat Toledo to use at home 104 in 94 to improve denied a five on the season they plague and they on the road at Ball State 2 PM. On hockey the world junior hockey championship was held here in buffalo new air field. And Canada defeated Sweden 31 to win the gold ball the US well the Czech Republic 93 when the grinds and third consecutive year the US is one medal in the world junior hockey championships a rat them out stolen amazing accomplishment. And it the NHL. Action sabres lost leverage the jets' 43 on the road dropping them now attend when he Q and tell me that wasn't overtime. No is not over time is terrific news or rate regulation game. You know it is they've been playing a little better lately I mean I though we only have ten wins but the in the there either gotten closer they want a couple. You know it's a momentum may be going in you know towards the end of the season billing for the next season but he they got a long way to go still. Our favorite play next tomorrow on the road in the league of the flyers at 1 PM. And that's sport. Yeah. If. On this radio show we don't follows. That attracted. Village oh spears and when I've got mine and you know what she's talking about don't. 26 minutes after. 8 o'clock. Got to bill's report that are coming up here right now here's Lional Richie on. And what Billy Joseph was saying there he's gonna X bond upon. What is all night long if you know what I mean there. And we. I. Tonight. It's 8:30 AM time for the Buffalo Bills play off Freeport first. On the week. Sponsored. Upstate Chevrolet. Five new roads to upstate Chevy have Attica dot com. By your local Geico agent Tim lynch and Amber's donate three to thirty to 53. And from quiet air broke paying studios at KB what are you paying for your propane. Call 180615. 81. 44. Well we've got a full team hung this morning. For this program and that is dark Andy. And dark. Would David so makes a dad squad all over again yeah. And I say good morning to you guys are more. Rewarding. Does thing is here wanna say this before you started. You know everybody knows frank Bork. Who owns half of Western New York but that's beside the point. And he likes the element when I go and his office. So I was in there. On Thursday. And right off the bat. He didn't have his Bailey's in his coffee yet the right off the bat he starts yelling at me. And what it was it was he said I says something on a year last week. That offended his relatives. So old. Let him you know go along was that in the I didn't apologize. But I'm gonna apologize right now frank as I got to think about it. So. Enjoy your Bailey's this morning he listens every Saturday morning. And the okay now and I've said there on that subject. As we move along. Last week's game. I wanna say this about that. A great effort by the Buffalo Bills. And degrade efforts by Andy Dalton and company. There one thing that did I don't like in Dave and I talked about this on the phone. The other day and that's when they make a tackle or our guard. Eligible. I just I never bought that since I was a kid I never liked it I mean if you're number 95 ye were our tackle. You've got no business in the back field. And then they do this stupid. Damn blueboard V and they all fall backwards. In that the end zone. A what's his NFL coming to an. Well they got caught up and they end and the ability stake. Dated they've got in my off spending is certain they got to give some other released. So they let him do it in the end zone but the problem is that it's great they're becoming Broadway productions. And we you don't need it it's a distraction and it is it's I don't think it's appropriate. But or else. Now. I hear you wanna buy you doctor carmody. I thought it was an interesting game and hate and I also applied Dalton or what he did. Yeah our kids more than twelve yeah. That. That was a game that was surreal because there wasn't supposed to happen I mean it literally wasn't supposed to be right there up even even even. Before that play what about that juggling interception. From ninety here at the other way I mean that that you can't write that stuff so. I don't know it. I guess they'd finally fell on the right side. The effect is. Bill is that very easily could've been one of those well we tried we got close we didn't make it whittled X here. So an hour and a whole little roll the ball will roll we have been at it. How about you Randy. Ozzy got really give buffalo credit because that we have the ravens they win they were in Iraq home buffalo had to go on the road down a Miami grade it was nearly as cold as is here buffalo that I go on the were on the how to win a game you know despite needing help somebody and they they did it had to do they won the game he played while. And I gotta agree under the celebrations thing I don't mind guys celebrating a little divot the team's celebrations when it went choreographed and what you guys. I think that's a little over the top but I'll buy you know some again via Antonio Brown doing the the working in the end zone out of the announcement while whatever that he won a little too much for me. Tea class act and I used to do it back in the 50s60s. And early seventies. Guys scored a touchdown. He would pick up the ball and go over and hand it to the refinery. Now that's class. Was Thurman. Yeah was Thurman Thomas. And Thurman and addictive and they and the mantra was. Act like you've done it before and see these as he did and that that was class seats can but on today's stage. You have to have a flair for the dramatic and they think. They think that's self I don't know if it's turned out that way. With a 10% drop in tickets at about 7% drop the year before. The ratings but. You know today is a totally different. At atmosphere. Where was it was all the stuff there's going on there and the Goodell. Making fifty million a year plus a jet. On and on and on what is dealing stuff. I'm tough I'm tired of it and if it wasn't for the bills. I wouldn't even be talking about are done on the air that. I love the bills and that's why we do do show Andy you've got some cuts that are. Yes they are thorough with defense of bills tackle Kyle Williams talking about making it to the playoffs for the first time in his twelve year career he spoke with bullet gold going up. But I think makes it work it right here you you you're gone through everything because. You want an opportunity to be a world champion you want to repeat chance to win the Super Bowl and you know traverse some McCrary you've seen that this is a really the first chance I've gotten so you know it makes it work. Yeah and now another big storyline heading into the scheme is whether or not Shawn McCoy is in the healthy his ankles banged up looks like he's trying to play. Here's Tyrod Taylor talking about the Korea how they obviously want him out there we go subject. Here a goal of ours was of course to win a championship reversal almost gets to play us we was able to do that this year and in a big part of it. So if you want about what Marcel Marceau is one of the. And on that topic bills coach Sean McDermott says they have what it takes to Philly and if from the some quite can't get. X-Men. That's what we've done all year. You know he never replace a player like bush on. Got a lot confidence in Mike Tolbert and mershon. And whoever else we put them back. So we got there from the bills their coach Tyrod Taylor Kyle Williams. It's going to be a great game tomorrow and I I like bills though I I really do I think they're pretty well. Dave you've got soon. Interesting quotes. It interesting information about Derrius. Yes they you know myself various. Is there's an interesting character. With. They eat they were they they're trying to read in my opt out here. And they can't having these deep he is a flat lie when it comes the emotion he was never wrote Russ is the guy. And you know they said that. Well I'm deceptive for the separate unity it's just crazy guy that is funny just on asking questions. Don't cook question is were just doing your job if you heard that term from him how many times since he got here. Just do your job it's not protein Google we know we're in it but you know. Does that nevertheless he he has never been that by the way he was no great titans when he came down here. He started one game. Since he's been here than the last game. He is not the date is ten and so he is not the kind of guy that trend anger him one guys said to him. Don't you feel bad that they don't do for a sixth round pick. Any that they had to make a move and it's business but you can't act like it doesn't hurt its does that radically have to see these guys and it brings terrible memories. I don't know what does fall into the category of don't give. Somebody is something right on the blackboard I don't think it is this man is no Mensa candidate I can tell you that I heard immense public defeat that is. He's a good football player he'd be good to have on your team but he was a cancer around. The bills because he was but he he just wasn't. Good so I don't expect. I'd be very surprised ourselves Darius was a big factor escape they're trying to get revved up but I don't know of feeding Romney would Alpert. At. You know Hammond Kyle Williams our best of friends. Well and and wood and eight if he yelled. They did. Woods says that they that he takes them every day and they're they're good buddies and it doesn't sound like he's quaking in his beliefs. So. You know. The other they're good friends but. I think what he hears a case. Where everybody is gonna get all hyped up and and and rightfully so about the emotion of the moment as soon as that first. 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And they also provide automatic delivery. 24 hour emergency service. Claim to be efficient energy for every need that's a contract guarantee. What are you paying for your. Hi there broke today. Grew to nineteen in spring bill 71659226. Years. Get ripped off this year roll pioneer pro. 7165921860. All right our kids you know last week fellows was the best. Out of the sixteen weeks when it came to me picking a scorer. I was only one point off. So. Today we're gonna start with doctor carmody what do you think about Sunday's game. I think upload gonna win their close won 21 this seventeen. All right right on all the about you. Great play from Jerry Hughes. Gerri. They're used is gonna have to collapse of their quarterback. Yeah well he just might do that. Any what do you got. You know I like buffalo I'm gonna take the bills point 720. Gotta be close that with a touchdown but I ID give buffalo the as points haven't taught me about your day of. By name saying don't make Tyrod win that game did after portals he's got happy feet I agree that Jerry Hughes needs to come up big. I think if they keep it close and they can get that portals of the bills get weather and then very close 1760. You know. Is as far as I know we will have three. Very good receivers and there on Sunday. I'm talking about clay O'Leary. And here's the other one on ticket about. Benjamin. Benjamin yeah out. If there in there what we've got a good chance. You know. Agree I guy I think and and the emotion of the moment I cannot believe the number of people showed up at the airport. That would add to this whole area I believe that there is a subtle. Force that's gonna enter into this it's going to be just the emotion of the Western New York here in these guys they know what they feel that. And that could push it over the top. All right if they do beat these guys on Sunday. Are they gonna face in doing and again yeah coal mine. Is hit it debts and and asked. You know knowing that a lot turmoil going on with with the other the Robert Kraft and Belichick pre eighties or particular audience piano again as I mean it you know of their distracted next week bubbling this week in their little distracted all the sudden buff will be New England. Hey there in the AFC championship games I mean anything really happen it's it's a I heard bits and pieces on that this morning on this radio station house ways and. There and they they're in denial that they've got their act together Indian Taylor what we're really another thing that it just occurred to me. Children around that same point underdogs they were seven at night a nine point underdog in a playoff game would get anger me. It was important. That that great up on the board in the in the locker room and say where that nine point slower than these guys. So there's a lot of subtleties here in this game. And I think I think emotion. Even for these hard bitten pros I think emotion is gonna determine the winner. All right I'm taken buffalo 27 to seventy now's then felt good gentlemen thank you and we appreciate you so much. Later. It's. A lot of games. And. Yeah. Car. Oh yeah. The French. Okay. List. Drive. I want to move. Yeah. It's. Embarrass your kids. Crank it up radio just the way it used to be with beloved doctor. KV fifteen to want me. Where there. Say man. And when I. Santos. Yeah. Big. I never. Thought. That. He never. And Peter. Again. Or. And name bomb right. Users. It is right. Rescued. The standards are. Superman. Yeah. Lesson laugh and learn the best radio. The radio. And you are listening to right now IA should have been a cowboy. That's Toby Keith before that from. Back in the mid sixties Bobby bare. And Detroit's city it is it's 7 minutes before 9 o'clock good morning. 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How about I'm acted today it's it's here Kuerten in the fan let me look at the Koran. You've got bat in the bucket coming out tucked it. If you say you can't what you can say you can't and I think she can sell it can't comedy adapted to yeah. From there. They don't. Remember I started at the bottom and stayed there. They. M 51 AWK. The UW's. Dolly Parton right there when you think about love. Think about her one. It has been fun. As always you know. Happy new year once again and remembered. Adversity builds character. Able other characters you life. I'm on my way home fell momma and we is golf. These these Buffalo's old first ESPN radio on fifteen. 20 AMP WW KB.