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Saturday, April 21st

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Welcome to the ross' report on ESP NAM 1520. Which blanket seventeen states in march of Canada. We have witnessed today and author of hopeful that recently came out. All just diagnosed. Who metastatic. Pancreatic. Cancer first steps and more. Our guest today is doctor or OJ compositing junior MD MPH and the eight. And he has been active with a proper Wright who is really a picture of Palm Beach. That's society and charitable efforts as rob was former chairman R&B C television. Italian little bit about the hospice. Alley native medicine and medical inform addicts he is trained in practice that some of the finest medical institutions in the country. Actor from property was on the staff at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota for several years. Jerry Wright medical care that Mayo clinic's physicians and employees. Music clinical instructor at the Mayo clinic's well Madison. Doctor McCarthy completed medical training at Johns Hopkins. And was chosen tomorrow class of fourteen to be chief resident. Of this program. Darker Earl. I've been Suzanne writes personal physician let's talk about Bob and Suzanne Wright because apple late hero support for your book. And he is a big booster of your efforts to fight pancreatic cancer. Tell us about Bobbitt in the late Tuesday and right. Well let me start with Bob because it's I Bachmann quits in cities and into the pit of contacts. With. Very much the the woman behind the man. Pop pop stars his career working for blind father in law. Who it was famous attorney practice before the Supreme Court point 90. Tetra and Bob came to Rolf and things that are packed an offer from key. And routes that you know are you make partner here for sure but you go further with G I think you go and my father on tends to be right once again. Bob speaking. Had been BC so that freedom Jay Leno can Hollywood so applause. He was also quite do our quick little story about your sign throw. A rainy night Bob went over personally to your house or contract if you talked with him the contract and also why. Bob had the authority in order to. Make a quick changes in the contract you know outside the authority to write the check sign it with with multiples girls. And so this puts this page for. Four and Bob Wise. And is is right Bob was Suzanne was the star should stand. When you talk to her she just really listened to you really care when she was her friend she was absolutely 100% to tie your. If he also had no patience for discrimination and no war. Bigotry or snobbery or anything like that she was to be put Armenian phrase Brooklyn lot. Quick little odd thing about Sudan this was actions that are funeral very apropos. Bob provinces and it hurt corporate promotions. Moved to Atlanta may join the club that they can know very much. When the first few days they were there since then to a different person woman of color to well. It's and so they line. Triple. And when it managers came out oh. Right there that problem here. You know him. It is. If you and one thing you know. On your friends and will. And so Suzanne. It's about thirty years yeah this was that's what's different here but it substances. And since then. Went back to earth friend. Whispered something grabbed her hand and holding hands jumped immediately. Some area that that she's very graceful yet and it's humid. This place and person on our ransoms are diagnosed with. And that time. Autism what's been well recognized is what was going wrong multiple notes. No treatment no word inflation and and we're just really suffering they still are but it's. Founded with Bob. Autism Speaks which is race hundreds of million dollars and changed. Federal law that. Autism and optimism there copper. My health insurance. For excellence in. A country with are they. And it was. But with all about their child. But. Everybody else's child and her current four Ericsson case so much more war everyone else's child it's really good for wrong by. That that. Her legacy and another blow incite before it pancreatic cancer but it is all about. People accurate cancer but cancer. I'm fortunate citizens. Was one of those people. What she. Decided that it should. The world on Wednesday there that there should be your world today. And so moralists are the Secretary General you land and a couple of key diplomats. You know it's almost impossible. Then Korea and but human go to lectures should go to cocktail parties and that. But hold people. Ever Olympic pitch and and sure enough process in every year's world month. And and Suzanne Wright yet symbolize. That buildings throughout the world Eiffel Tower. You know. The torch tower in the Middle East effect through liberty Empire State Building. The White House. Sydney Opera House all our faith in Lou on the evening of April 2 so it's of that that since there. And why did they pick April's. Service symbolism of that eight. I don't know. Are okay now we're gonna talk a little better. Yes it can create cancer were born that you know if somebody is listening in buffalo or Erie Pennsylvania Washington DC and they want to make a donation. This foundation. Our firm our car and create cancer how good they make checks where they go. A it's very simple. If you can even move that Suzanne Wright foundation. Or its nickname is called purple now. Oh purple purple is that Cutler pancreatic cancer. Code purple. Use a term used in hospitals one meaning we need all hands on board like a mass casualty event is called purple that. And and now it's the immediacy of it because we've gone twenty years forty years without any significant advances and. Factors cancer. OK so. You go to which works what has looked at a code purple now. Whole purple now yes all right very good and you welcome any donations. Yes. No if the power 500000 dollars and you never yes OK let's talk about that it asked that. They create cancer what is going to do. It think it is tough disease. There are two very basic parts the first in his. You can't fight pancreatic cancer alone. You have to form a team and of course everyone's team is going to be a little bit different. Play thank you need to support your family and friends you might want to. Kind of crawl into a show but it because it's just not our fault all horrible disease there's no doubt about it but. You will do better when you have a team including professionals and family and friends and perhaps. And ordered home nursing to help you especially owners you know later stages. And then this happened and news. You need to plan in as much information as possible. You can't solely relying on politics. You have to go broader than. On partners are wonderful but doctor wonderful people. They're primary focus is on human therapy and they may not know much about genetics and genetic advances. And as you might think. May not know. Some of these. New bio chemistry things that are coming out for instance you can harvest you're pancreatic cancer tumor cells. Keep them alive and laboratory. Calls for an harper nor has won places. And then I'll pass them off. I actually wrote them a lap and test them against various chemotherapy. Drugs. You know Scripps Stutzman has thing. And this way and maybe not picked the first drug because you need to start with the prefer right away in his pixel time. But this second or third drugs in case in all likelihood that the first corporate sales. So these are all things that you need to explore you need to. Need to go behind gesture. Very were speaking with the author doctor Earl Jake and had three. Junior. That book is just diagnosed with a net ethic and create cancer. First steps and more and where's the book available factor from. It's available on Amazon. If you simply type pancreatic cancer it comes up 12 or three and it's the view it as a purple car cover and has some steps crossing. Stream well hopefully. Symbolic. Success. Very good if you're listening little Erie Pennsylvania key to our thinking our Toronto or Manhattan drop us know we'd like your new. Please write Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14226. This station has received letters are always scared and needing New Zealand. You'd like to hear from listening to our 50001. A clear channel. Power. Also we recommend our listeners to why the ample legal newspaper which is the most important newspaper for the polish American community in Western Europe with 350000. Americans of polish descent. Thank you to those who called regarding your recent guest error riker. We sailed around the world. And published a book policy available. At Amazon also hit Joseph sheer lectured Davis whose families were pioneers in southern Florida. Little bit more information about doctor Earl. Earned from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine doctor from these are several postgraduate degrees. We'll put a master of public health degree emphasis and health care policy and management and a Master of Science degree. And apps and immunology. And infectious disease parole from Johns Hopkins University. Bloomberg school of public health our guest today. Are your world today from posse junior we recommend or or persons pancreatic cancer in his book. Medical ethic pancreatic cancer first steps in more. Let's talk about hole when someone finds out they have pancreatic cancer. What hope is they care doctors who. They're there. The speed up innovations especially fast on it genetics side because of genetics and and be the end computing. Are currently together. There's one specific thing you are really very good hope off. In that in his intestine I will repeat it just a little later group that monitors forever and but it's. You look for DNA mismatch repair enzyme defect it's an awful and that's second test micro satellite instability. And these are kids better esoteric tests perhaps but if you happen to have it Anders about one chance in. Hadn't maybe more one chance and seven about ten to 15% chance. That you'll have this if you have pancreatic cancer and had a drug admin pit crew got. Which you may be familiar with because Jimmy Carter had essentially. Our president Jimmy Carter had essentially. Terminal our brain cancer and he still alive at least that's what this painting are ninety or 92 years ago and I had my two years into and it's a disease. And he had remarkable. Response to he true. And the subset of pancreatic cancer that has. These two. And I defects that can be tested for. All will respond. Two key trigger now I can't say it's going to be its greatest president Carter's response. But it's likely to see better than chemotherapy. You can if you can use it. And of course this needs to be discussed with your doctor art colleges are. I'm not telling. Yeah it's always good right yeah if that test but beyond that let them help you picked the truck and see if it's suitable for. Very good I don't like to mention that doctor Tom he was saluted in effect for Franklin Pierce university for scholarships. And it was a part in memory of Jessica admiral you Palm Beach, Florida who died of pancreatic cancer. Period a year your hand in hand. Mr. Els and Carl was the master of ceremonies who it doctor compile these efforts fighting pancreatic cancer. Let's talk about the treatments you try it out you have pancreatic cancer what are the steps and treatments for your kids. The number one step it's like building it out today it. If you don't have a good foundation to a house and you know how all kinds of problems cracking walls except for a and the foundation. In treating pancreatic cancer. News making the diagnosis specifically. Harvesting themselves and having a doctor would probably whomever me. Quote how politics people look at these cells under a microscope. Because there's all different varieties of pancreatic cancer. But the interesting thing that people don't know. Use that you can take in east lies or sometimes it's lights and a computer yes. And send them to. A large laugh often academic medical center which would read freedom won't give a second opinion. And this is something up almost a separate report is a few hundred. Kind of thing you don't have to make Turkey just and justified. And before it started you want to be absolutely sure not only have pancreatic cancer. Which septic. OK. Now I hear teen. Let's talk about that suggestions force that you care team. The most important thing is they. You know it's a focus on treating pancreatic cancer that you forget that. You're treating a person pancreatic cancer and there's two things going I'm just very general. Approach in this. One in the the cancer itself the which can be painful. And then complications. Human therapies and wanna keep this person. Out of paying him much comfort is possible. When you have to have to address the psychological. Component this is so frightening. And also you can lead to depression. The department think anybody that accurate answer would be depressed. Of course will be sad that we anxious the upset. But it clinical depression where you could hardly get out of bed and spend the day crying. Does not have to hurt her and entry. That. Those symptoms a fact of placing them at least. Treat mental aspects quite effect. And our dear friends is yeah right. Deal with when she found out that she had pancreatic cancer how to cheat us. She was an amazingly tough in in public. And with all let her very closest friends with her very closest friend she cried. She. She had trouble with one side effect that. And that was night sweats and the nurses were cut ten tour because she. Need changes accounts frequently through and I you know she was lucky that you know in my book I I turn it. I give advice for people all levels of financial. And availability of one dollar sign threw for all sides they were clearly at four dollars. And it happened around partners which really helped her. Let it be honest it was she suffered was tough disease even with the best in the best we can do and and I think. At that time we did that very question. But those are just tuned in our guest today darker hurled Jake from party junior. The book is just diagnosed matter can't they pancreatic cancer for steps and more. Art gases are hurled it the author. For all our listeners to vote image. To buy this book it is available now. Hand it will give me good advice how to deal are these. And create cancer. Again we encourage all our listeners to by the whole legal newspaper. Which enlighten the polish American. Population in upstate New York. Now I'd like to lump. Give you a little bit more information about backer capacity. In addition to. Medical. Doctorate he has also earned his master business administration degree. Health services management castration from Duke University. Fuqua school of business. He completed his. Actually arts degree in Johns Hopkins university and we have about ten minutes left. On the rush report on ESPN yeah. 1520. Again if you're listening Montreal. Buffalo. Or Manhattan crop this note please write Brian ross' ESPN radio. 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York. One port 226 though history arts and letters from her Canadian and European listeners let's talk a little bit more about genetic analysis. Two tests. And you mentioned the Yankee through and drug. Let's talk about. People with positive results. Brian let me just repeat that contestants on her promise lightweight shirt and why is the DNA this match. Repair and design defects grow I. I think going to the whole thing but I think it's just well enough to write that down and at take your your primary or are there. Or you or on colleges and then the second time since we shorter. Micro satellite instability. And if you have either of these two which are are actually closely related. Our drug in key Trudeau which it he's not a chemotherapy agent more an immune. Modulator so it doesn't tend to me Q this paper haven't been side effects. And that is certainly I indicated that your quote unquote lucky enough. Two. You know ten to 15%. Patriotic patients. Who have a positive test. OK again police doctor apart you mentioned. The foundation. For her arm with pancreatic cancer how can people make donations to fight this disease. They can you'd better make them on line or or they can military commanders. Contact information on the web site but let me tell you because I ice that's cold. Quote. Purple now called purple now right here is the or this is in right foundation and there are synonymous. Well. But let me just tell you right expert alluded to. You know Bob. This is able to get things done and and gnomes so many people conference IR only. Very powerful powerful and really good sense would you concede what he did was Autism Speaks. And Bob. And while promises and he would. It continue to fight and and who to work Bob psyche and he's too well. Emulate it's something that we are it's called the Defense. Advanced Research Projects. Agency or DARPA. And and cases are essentially supercomputers. That. Analyzing. And design. Or or coolest most muscular weapons and it is extremely successful protecting. The country and and we're putting our military. And cutting edge. And about what's that saying supercomputer. Technology. And analyze. Genetics. But also the interesting thing means. And you probably remember Iraq to. When twin terror effort yeah. At that at the CIA NSA the FBI. Weren't communicating well each other problems are real problem and what's happening now is that. The biochemist and then. Don't community we're the target practicing. Positions and of course not zero communication. But there isn't this present information that the that there should be nerves and the cooperation. Should be. And not only will they are. Supercomputers. Analyze the data where it plays by their very nature they force cooperation. Because they share data and and they bring everyone working together and I think that's more than magic of it. And he changes the super computers themselves. So there's gonna be. We certainly. Major contributions but actually. Me probably more public advocacy pistons was left on the cutting room floor. During the recent omnibus bill just it didn't make it into the hill. Coming up again in the fall and Bob spots all over this is another budget process for the next fiscal year. And he's gonna Courtney through through code purple now. Everyone its interest and I hope it's a lot of people to persuade key senators he congressmen and president. To invest in OP just a couple million just a couple about. It's it's got to be that the money that the federal government can provide 123 billion. Where it's a program that. You know we've gone forty years maybe even fifty years without any success. In treating pancreatic cancer so using the same approach. Spread them out to all the universities and having everybody kind of work separately are just hasn't worked I mean it. If it hasn't worked a couple of times doing it again it's probably not a Smart thing to do. Probably be very Smart to key. Approach and I differ. Really he's no better he's that guy. I think he has approached him. Well he's a wonderful person and it's a wonderful book again we urge all of our listeners to go there copy of just diagnosed with met. Asked that. Pancreatic cancer first apps and more our guest has been on the ross' report doctor Earl. Author of this well we urge everyone to give it to hold. Purple now or this Suzanne Wright foundation again we urge our listeners to. Get a copy of the hole eagle newspapers special thanks cat and our record production. For the last fifteen years and thank you for write me off there. And are heard about pancreatic cancer doctor Earl.