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And you know 3152180879754. On the show. Is also archive to enliven streaming on our website Sampras to and a pharmacy. With free economic research from storm McCarthy. Posted up every Saturday morning. Through Friday's close. Cavorting bill. Where you've been we've been all this time. I. Wish. Well you know I kinda thing. If if the bill is passed the good news is done. If the bill is impairs despair I knew bill was passed well it's not totally over it's done. On his. It's and knowledge to reconcile it goes well isn't the reconciliation. Rumor and about that don't have the vote again and so. Yeah his. Votes. And it. So it should declines. In its news and and church. Are back. Those. It's. I would vote the issues are there other Serb and who actions. It should. Well. This is the unknowns. And so. Those. You. Know what. It means it. All you want. So I mean our whole weren't there are. What currency. I'm so as he's been all in. I often aren't equal. While. There. Are. There or. I am and and I thought it. I mean at most. Famous last words but you see your rotation. You know the aren't the only time the markets in trouble as when everybody leaves everything right. When they sell a I'd say they sell which they have been doing in the last week or two. Is top sectors you know and they rotate into the lagging sectors you know money's not leaving the market. Aren't you sure blue suit you heard. Yet from the dale. Our good. I shouldn't. Is that the court you're sort of they're. Taught. To. How would bring. Out there and and my agent you know problems. I think Google. Should accept it. Sure Brian. And unions in what some vulnerability whose. World arsenal and I know did. It. And they're both liberals. So you're going to be route picture. Up you're probably right gazillion up the rotation continues that very well could be you know not to say is. Rotations OK you know as long as they're murderers and leave the market so. I do it's a well built in its good against England all. We're slowly. Any. Yeah sure. You can ensure words that mean marriage starts. I'm sure it's a really tune into. A bit and and don't really get those. Who won insurance true. And encourage. All of this. Post. It is so big. AM actually that I I'm going to go what would you do it's around forty I would be. And a British Petroleum. It's a little. And it is our favorite chair please I'll look it will only reach acceptable people. We should. And now he's. Into it and we're. So stir. It's for six years. This will he hasn't let me yeah well. And yeah. The group. And what. Sequence of those. It's all that it's it's. It's. Oh. Are we and so. Yeah. When some of the sir. What it resembles. I'm in Baird's problem yeah it's amazing I mean. This grosses. Well Friday was a good example you see when they're all in the news came out on Flynn. The market dropped 400 points and minutes are right which which which had to be the computer programs are right. And when it ends up at the end of the day down according. It's Starks program. He hired me so they approved the papers are there some day yeah. But this one and CC. Boost the market domestic gave me this much and get out. In June troops in the most of chips in its social orbit great movies why it's. Gold and 228. Point oh that's right that's very. Always something remembers its Fisher these people can read in the news and read all the blogs. That you look at the card look at that your. That trend is your friend. Shouldn't be until it is. Over who sold. And extreme and so bones about it you know that it wouldn't know where you are. All right sit that you it's all the little bullish. You'll be getting killed because. It's against. The Obama election. No I'm totally in my dude it's where machine and little experience so we. Gloria Amanda anticipating. What something's gonna mean as a way to our way to lose your money. Yeah it's an overload him I was young well first of show. Told you you'd rides or on mobile. And call I've been so well that's what. Get a nice way of looking area you got any any special these facts owners sold dogs. It will it is called buck could do it and I called secure super. Right. Approach virtual don't sort of Goldman could it symbolized. Its range. And. CH the and Churchill down well that makes sense Churchill Downs CH yeah. All my oh my contract break ago. I wouldn't now who would ever think of buying Churchill Downs. Are unbelievable. Well in open court church group you also want. A good it's a huge hole. I. Hope you won't do one. It's in Churchill Downs is making up for a sitting. I could swear words well OK we're. We're. Some gold. Will bring titans. I've broken body it was to do better ones are all week Obama static. So what Oprah. Yeah Leo's socks and loan that's a maze of you know great knowing you're. Okay YouTube and tried thanks for call and appreciate all things there. You are listening to Willard Sampras and Peter Graco logo over who's live call a Saturday morning erroneous PM 1520. It goes 315 to army in 031520. Or 1800. He'd 79754. Or in the show's regular set person as that management. For the Norris a victim of sort of be an RI AA a broker dealer. Will do transactional work for you we'll do accumulation and distribution more come large box. And excuse me general manager apparel. So your bullish Peter. With the rotation basically. I've always told people forget about guessing what the averages are gonna do. Pay attention to hear individual stocks now in this still opportunities to make money. It's even the same thing I said to somebody the other day you know sulphide bitcoin is a lot of stocks that are plays on bitcoin out there. Very difficult for a very volatile. But in a day where bid going went up 10% some of these stocks doubles OK and today you know so wide by that cooling you know. At any rate you know there are other ways to do it but it is a little frightening when bitcoin hits the you know cover story of two of Barron's. And it is very anti should read the article mean I still bow and really fully understand their point decline right. I do know I did read that there will always be a fixed supply of it going. So no on the issue 21 million or something like that mail that says it. So that's that are British hanging Adam it's not like the government that can keep printing money you know so this must be good you know that's the logic behind it you know. It's you know people can make the reasons for things in you know basically if people want to buy certain that by certain things you know and I've always said the same thing about gold you know. A wise goals. 16100 dollars you know. You know there's people up and considerate but it's a psychological thing you know when it comes down to it. In wise a stock trading at a certain price there's people psychologically I think that's a good price so. You know you know company is it what is a company really worth who knows I've seen other people come up and all sorts of calculations you know. What's your house worth your house is worth a summary of pay it forward right yup so. That's the way the world works and keep people should you know recognize that. But it is in on a you know last week the Dowell in in it and little show of this rotation the Dow was up almost 3%. For the week. And while the NASDAQ was down point 6% for the week. And they mentioned and you know some of the top performing stocks Indian. You know in in the NASDAQ which stocks that had suffered. Double digit declines this year so they were buying in the laggards you know. For the last three weeks telecommunications. Has been a very strong group and that was a laggard group for a long time no. All of a sudden people are jumping into that some of it supposedly due to the gotten corporate taxes you know that people. And it's got passed in the cut in the corporate taxes and note some of these companies that. Don't have the ability to reduce their corporate tax rate by certain companies that maybe the technology and other companies that can do different things. You know will benefit and I think that's why some of those stocks are going up to Russo. Pay attention to rotation and we mentioned in the office retail and all of a sudden came back from the dead. You know dog retail stocks like Macy's you know. Came back from the dead. And you know wire people buying those it's a rotation in that does it mean Macy's is going to be a better company I don't know if but it's perception you know some people go back in the things I think are bargains they're taken profits in some of the stocks that ran up and probably they gonna create opportunities in some of those stocks people are taking profits and so and what's the Kia Ferrari team. No one of them six sorties a bunch of them and expertise one. News. So I mean Souza you don't have to try to play an individual company you know I I noticed Abercrombie & Fitch is another one that's. In picking up all of a sudden coming back from the dead you know. And you know socially deuce in his rotation just be aware of it and be aware of what position injury and pay pay more attention to those positions you're and and that's the U of Illinois and Garrity array of yeah its history yesterday that hit. During the day might it come back by the end of the day I don't know what the clothes that there was 43 and and what was the low on that thing ran on that. Charred there what was the forty twos sixty Lavinia. It came back as a market rallied back to zone later in the day. So there are areas to look at you know and I'd look at the charts and mean a lot of times I'm guilty of unity oh I'd I'd never bias steel's stock right now everybody is good stuff. If I pay attention to the charred. Go with the charge saying if I've broken out above important resistance it means something you know all of a sudden that means sellers are not there. Where they were before the stock stop several times at a certain price over weeks or months. Now all of a sudden broke out above it. Says those sellers have gone you know who were selling at that level. So I know so that's why are charts that is so pure wrestler in the book and technical analysis below the this time there's tons of one vote their warm. And I've put so many technical analysis books over the years that. A half the main thing the only thing. Well the first thing you should do. Rather than Leo is get books on market psychology. Today. Because when it comes down to it I was just listening to mark manner thing. You know who is unbelievable. Making 200% a year for several years in the market. And what he said was you know everybody's studies a lot of the same stuff. They do this screeners they come up with the same stocks some people make money and some people don't. He says it comes down to your market psychology in your mindset you know. So and retirement. Yeah and the timing exactly you know so yes you as you mentioned that the timing. And you know your market psychology where it which you just afraid to do things you get scared out of position you don't follow you disappoint. And probably. Not on technical analysis by the he has a book out now called think like the champion. Boris think like the stock market champions some like that mark mean manner meaning his latest book. And he starts out with psychology first before he gets into his method right. And it's a good book on his method of how to pick stocks that go up substantially. You know. Probably. Another very good book and and I've never gotten all the way through it is. From the William O'Neill how to buy stocks. Well I read I just re read the one from 2003 go to O'Neill wrote. If you dictated their putter and a now language and that I bought the I think in the one's better than bill and well I think it is better but if you read DO three and then the 2001 team. You get a lot of depth you know. And it turns out. That your read this in the book. That. General low. Trade him with a O'Neal. In the early years there was any resistance or anyone knows and drew lo was you were to vote. Battle for investment survival charges and a copy of all he notable list publish cup in 1957. And there was brilliant pursuant to two crashes between thirty. In any started basically is a clerk. Who's accused of thirteen men. And he just little hole at a whole way you look at life. The new young and old what you do. Financially. And a O'Neal picked up on this and eventually traded together. Yep in O'Neill actually he came about his approach by studying the biggest stock market winners. And several of his comment over a hundred years yet over and there and looked at all all the charts. And what was common the basics of it is it's based on chart patterns are right border Adams a company handles drive. And in us the idea is to be able to vote for certain chart patterns and then he also it's a relative strength approach. And he throws a whole bunch of items calls the king insulin approach you know. And you don't have to follow all of those things you can get some nuggets you know some ideas. Of things to look for. How's it also buy a copy of investor's business daily every Saturday morning Terry do. Now and that you can just go through and Syria are there any new companies are talking about. With new new products or new ideas. Is it is an old company reinventing itself they'll have an article about something give your story you. Now I mean actually there was you know the Bible on quote technical analysis round one written by John energy it may have been used to lose. And that one goes through all sorts of chart patterns and charging that type thing but the but technical analysis really. Like anything else abroad fielder's for the way dementia and review Indians. The new broker to Springfield us. I said to him you know this chart you've got to go on the wall looks terrible parent does and he said that's my way. I've been losing ways. And so it's good and that's not terrible out but it looked there and look so it's died two weeks are exactly is an insurer. Doing technical analysis and emotionally and he was probably 85 and leave them of these shows I was or mediate Saturday. And he and I I guess is in his book went through many additions Iran for its technical analysis something is the title John McCain. And look Hillary's Erica yeah. And anyway I mean tech analysis there's all sorts of approaches one minute drive yourself totally nuts. House pointing out here in the years candlestick charting his height and ashy charting is it the more local cloud charting. You can go on and on and on and at a ego now now it's Japanese the Japanese approach. And they have difficulty Kamal who Claudio and when you go through all of that but anyway. You know the problem is if you study all the listings you've become so confused. So the idea is to interest try to find something that makes sense to you and you can use it's like anything else. Yeah defines an approach that works for you we've been is important theater world. Important figures in general thing you know in the sense that it gives you quick look now but personally I think you have to look at departure card. With. Point figures you can use point and figure. Here's the board Charles some of the breakout so important figure can be substantial. Yet and then from there ago. But they can be substantial blood after they've given new report sometimes the break outs Ohio up. And appoint a figure chart where if you look at a bar chart you can find to break out there occurred a different level so. You get a little more of a new lines you know in the board chair so. If you know look if an Ottawa important figures green was like as they would bar charts we have to do is learn resource support and resistance that's it very simple. Sport resistance trend lines that's it game all over very simple. How you also worked on you know and I you make money Ford I can say is that is in terms of your own mental. Capacity in the end you beat yourself. I. Any approach will work. If you follow it and do it and put your own mental mental conditioning and ability to follow anything. And not be distracted them we should focus giving him shortly Agassi's not Melanie knew the Hugo well a oh my god this just happened and oh all the retail stocks into in this have been get out of this one you know it could have been the one retail stock. You know it was the great retail stuff. So you give me you can make judgments based on it is escalating factor 80315. Toward me you know 315 toward me wondered eats oven and so or war room that. Now maybe they just like listening to us. So. What's your take and interest rates I don't know. They're not going any place despite winner but he says. So so I don't worry about it they don't they go above two point six. And a ten year then maybe you start you know concerned and and then I think two point six is kind of the resistance areas and well as world was the last time out. Yeah so. Would you know a move above two point six could indicate a sea change finally. And interest rates you know and as I mentioned before is a lot of reasons wide at ten years not going up is there are people that have to buy it want to buy it. This foreign investors that want to buy a ten year and there's a lot of demand that now. And you know so basically that's why it hasn't going up so in this world. Yeah so it was funny you know ice on Friday though Vick was a Friday evict goings we're going up and they were calling and a flight to safety. And I said you've got to be kidding me. You can call bitcoin a flight to safety is beyond that some of that medal to distribute digest and it really comes down to earth and they also meant is a big deal. Despite the fact I mentioned you know cover story you should read it in Barron's is there were a lot of interesting things about of this other crypto currencies out there. And that they mentioned now. You know Netscape used to view liter remember years ago in Microsoft came Milan blew the matter quarter. Well bitcoin. Was the first one in there but it may turn out that some other crypto currency takes over. And you know from my understanding is it just means of transactions that are like tokens. In a video game you know you go on line to play these games and you win tokens now. And allows you to go to the next level so it's kind of like tokens you know in in new video game really comes down to put but it was interesting you know going through. All the possibilities that could happen with crypto currencies and they were also mentioning that visa can process transactions. Many many many times faster and decline. You know. So. Dynamo there than the other technology you know you're able really ever notice you know like even if you go on line in the process say credit card itself as the its process. Well. Instantaneous. That is false papers yet the is please oh Jericho knew exactly so say gotta be careful you know no question about it in. So pays no I always mention. Not I don't save. I'd baron's does is great ideas and issues but at this interesting things they talked about you know they talked about. The MLP's situation and did you transfer partners but they say about. They just said the problem that none of us recognize the MLP is that all the baloney that goes on with their senior partners in the transfer monies between them and averages is what's was Killen. It's called corporate governance. So you can sit there its audit you know they got a transport the yeah yeah but they're playing games with the money. Between the dividends they're paying out to their partners and so forth and so on they're taken on a lot of debt. And they said that's the reason these have all gone Cohen now on the waited on down. So a lot of times unless you read these things and I wasn't aware of it. You know vis vis the corporate governance situation. About the way they handle them pay their partners and you know. You know there's managers in this type thing you know can cause a problem and now how great you think it is they can transport oil. No just me that's the way manage the business you know. Secondly your problem and today they did like Energy Transfer Partners is that it would double if they would cut the dividend significantly. Because then that means that they wouldn't be paying the money out to these other people. And I'd be more valuable but they're saying they're managing firm which is CT I think this might as I think is gonna go again the single digits you know yeah. We're gonna break and then we're gonna. Gold talked about him. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco of Sampras and asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctors shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio and discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar docked. We're back Willard Sampras and Peter Agricole. You can go to our website and listen to this show I have been streaming anywhere in the world which is. A CP terrorist GO and a outcome. And you can also give the here and you can calls for free portfolio review for a second opinion using grocery wrinkled little tools Oreo. But mostly due. You do a lot of things you don't know what you do you have to ask me what you do manager can't. Have a bookkeeping comforting. There's an insurance operation right commercial real estate and a little glitter residential. Do a lot of different things which which also gives you very good background. To handle. People's money and also be able to give advice now. And other areas you know so well there's always an opinion let's put that's right exactly and a go go Mardy about. Morning guys. Were you maybe you wanna know what to do either Pont or throw according. Now I have a question. If you invest. A 100000 dollars in its corn. And you make a 100000 dollars practice yeah in that calendar year. How does that text mean it is cut. Well I I would assume you have to report that gain. He have a there's no paper trail Isner. Don't know I don't know I can't even answer that question. There is an article. Yeah I don't think and there are insulting. One of the headlines read but it in treatment papers yet. You as the times the journal. All right BD in its. I heiress now once that code of the corn that was leader. And so it's this week of the papers respectable output rose Google and check that out here maybe is your chance to Japan now and for the IRS gets old. And got. You know even squads Larry honest people. Are necessarily good reports something where there's no trail. No question I mean I mean yeah women go through I mean I can't believe there are big financial people who think this is for real. And it's good you know I do not know I think in the end it's going to be the beginning of the end. I. I would since it really that sound like a hoax to me where somebody's gonna put big money is gonna make big money and I don't retreat. And it's an unregulated business right you can't have about exactly and and all depends on these hard drives or whatever. That are keeping all this information someplace right. And somebody said what happens of all those hard drives disappear quietly into the window. Mean it should have as much money to fund they make of our dollar you know stuff like that it's in my wallet right. I was around. We know that they've. Bankers are in minister make quick profit. Exactly exactly you know that's that's why they're behind it you know in that now they're gonna open up the futures contract supposedly December 18. Which is a derivative you know and you know good luck good luck. They might have something very user as a derivatives. Well at least they're gonna make the margin 35%. You know the Smart enough not to make it 5%. I'd I just find the whole thing bizarre is it is bizarre decision to these. Obstacle Margo on what bill. I think next I think 2018. Is going to be a big commodities here. Our remains to be seen men it is I think. You know that Iger said before I think bitcoin is the reason why gold's gone no place in. Right and well doubts that that the miners are. Too bad I mean anybody concede that there are. They're so lol I mean they got to be profitable eventually. Yeah I mean you're you would think that's the case you know as long as they did you know for a while they were doing a very poor job of running their businesses early. Yeah but those were all called now yeah yeah. So it will be an interest. Debian and say you know that really does finally come about. And but I think the Sonoma. The speculative edges off goals known when you hear people say that they're run in the Vick going for safety you into office. Because of these six deep enough you'll find out the good the bad guys run on the planet. Kristi don't know golden Ronald. Everything they can't so they're the ones telling you that gold was just an old archaic medal. Well the other thing too is not the IRS wants the British did get a hands on. Collecting some money from the money launderers and used it going you know so. A well as a problem of social and well appreciated and I was very slow day and today I think that racial greatly involved and so there's almost eighty. Yeah maybe it's gonna go to under. So it's overlooking the terrible last mortar gets. Like something that only majors and at some. I know I just at some point you know right now but who knows who knows where you know golf is just keep an eye on it you know just some clues you know. Oh I'd do it every day yeah ask. But he Blatche are my favorites stock hit. Oh yeah and quite given the bottom there Peter about but it has bounced back real quick. Now you got him pretty close to right its Fisher and I I keep it on the screen too for entertainment purposes so. But I still think. I think it's gonna trend between the reason below four for awhile that could be would you give me a chance to accumulate even more. Yeah well that's what you really need you know when you've had something that's a runway up you wanna see it consolidated for a while on it and certainly something that came up from. What was it forty cents a forgot what the low 4949. I remember when you called botnet but anyway it. You know sums them up from 49 and what does it it almost. Six. Seven so wait yeah right. And you know Lott. You learn you learn by experience. And you know and I did some research and a guy who's been following it from the beginning and what happens when stocks like that. These are billion dollar companies usually retreads fifty pursue. And it has the ability and have creature had almost exactly fifty per. And I have that happens a lot you know is have been a lot of difference. Its stock market people you know WDJ and years ago. In the nineteen hundreds that the 50% levels very important you know. I was never aware you know over really well enough and aren't you kind of but you know it if the thinking consolidate. Around that 50% level that's good you know right in you know senate effective that can be good sign that but I but I heard I heard of a guy who made. He V boy it not. And I forget what his original investment was in decline. But it went to a million dollars you know when they mentioned I think got me it was a CNBC the other day. That that what he did was he uses a uses. I took everything out now except my cost. And his is I'll leave my cost in the end if it goes to zero who cares if he operates. That's it so that's a lesson you know incidents are Smart move for our. I'm learning my lessons I well I'm not sure we have a full leave them his own now there's always somebody is always there's always something there are exchangeable lives exactly. Well I got another month that I have a lot of dry powder so I'll let you go resolved you'll be in good shape. Thank you thanks a confirmation to lowered by Bob take care. About it. Right La or live call us at. Hero threes are three to one dollar and actors industries are 32 whatever you know three user 323 or intro three. On fights to lol or 800 days of the day and said the or 1 good morning ridge. Our good morning well they're good morning Peter I have about three stocks doomed if you okay. Step. JP. And amp well hospitality. And PLE. They EP LE with. So what was the first one there are no new Clinton you say you write him and I used to how to types of you actually this. Unfortunately. Insulin groups. TU k's Duke Energy how. Close some I'll look to look great. Okay. Two days ago. None unaudited construct these charts government if it does look great question about media do you own and hopefully you Arctic. I mean it just broke out to may be an all time high rolling now the third broke out to a multiyear highs in the chart I'm looking and you know. And Willard and I like dividends. Yeah I do know I do. Well like money you know then in member are bracing day outing utilities interest rates are gonna go up right. That was a great call wasn't it. Well utilities are always around the weren't great. That's Fisher and unfair after. For better if well it's in Puerto Rico they're all gonna change to solar because the utilities let him down. Well yeah I guess down the road you could always forecast what's going to be a hundred years from now. And that's true or will it. Lot of people do that by the way that we. Can do look very good at the at a nice price are gone. I started it was on and six in its girl and anyone yeah. So that looks close and radiate yeah. What was the next room. Not captain AP Tom. And believe Paul. T a TEU. Most sensitive. On suing a slow computer it's and I sure hope. Now got to relax a little bit Leyland talked about when it's somebody like Manning a lot this week Olson. All right. I would say no to this organization. It was a bad PR thing I don't know who run on the shoulder and I must be great Gannett also stepped. Well Nelson's looks pretty sick. How would like. That we got the right company here that the right or hey that's also I would write you know Molson Coors Malcolm it looks like it's down in the bottom of the abyss. OK I don't own an I just heard the guy on the nightly business report to eat like that so I around. Good bitch if this becomes a beneficiary. Of the new rotation. And their and are looking for bargains stock if it. But there's nothing nothing you know that is as I got the bottom fishers special. Those broken all the support wrap it would like but better than you do. Nothing and I looked at by this morning because I haven't a couple of accounts. I've got to stop loss out of prison because I was worried. End it's broken and its support what we call support. The end I think I've got a hundred in. Twelve months and seven eights stop and then there. Other were the real low on it has been in general hundred bucks. About Sam. It's an exam. The good that. I'm assuming that's the symbol. Pretty sure. Now the beer company. Boston Beer now airs a charge. Oh my god a crisis broke out so good to. Yeah just broke out of molten. What quadrupled top oval top and generally today the top break the the better and what's its argument underneath. Where's it now others and who you know. Oh that one looks tremendous. I am all up. So you might you know if you interest in the bottom Fisher you know elements you know we never know I mean I don't know but bottom fishing Ugoh rule to eap. Yeah and they don't pay any dividend amount. Well. That unit is Sam no question you know Sam looks like a much much better charred all you know you know. In what was the last happily married and having a county to tell what they are pretty note is now. Almost get ready to Taipei AD zone our organist came up fast must be good. Now that pays six. And would break out of 21 and close at nineteen. 36. Basically in the trading range I mean I would buy it headed toward anyone runs out something like them. Now that dividend is that such what you once we get over Florida we get come O'Leary don't wait. Now I don't know about that 66 I don't think there is terrible I don't know I think I think when you get up with a double digit. You know almost most of these hospitality Greece pay its it'll fired this so. For what it is it's normally you can do with Seattle computer teacher is it nature T yeah. Yeah. And they got eight DNC that crazy great diplomats and I don't trust stock now that's a different and. HP tears things H fugitive hospitality. Here. Nice to HBO she. And cold. The other one came out fast so I thought that was that was like a message from him I was above I was I tell you trust pays 69 B. It's okay yeah I mean the chart isn't terrible isn't great. Souza at 29. Yeah I mean it's over that's what these these. Sort of hotel reads yes and you know like this when Angela Desmond going sideways for years you know for years. Last thing you when he. Reached a problem with Reggie it change like if I didn't 46. And in. Where we were sand fifteen as possible yeah I bought her her ArcelorMittal anyone who bought summit nineteen and I haven't heard and it. Ending 1560. Now they're finally cut the dividend right they had her whatever. Yep. And now and then and that's unusual usually when once they stock cuts in dividend goes up if a. That's yeah writes yes sort of solidified it's going. Yeah I mean you know it's like you know that they're saying prove to us that you're gonna accomplish something you know. And I don't know the guys trying you know he's he's trying got a didn't have benefited out. Bill Bradley right on their dogs of the Dow. Actually that's a sound sounds like it could be a good idea. I mean young thing I didn't like NG they kept their their big problem segment you know the power segment you know. Whether it be that leader of the dogs of the Dow. Daria so porno is eventually I mean it we have to so we don't think geez going out of business doing. No not yet I don't know it sure no no no it's August it's August my utility bills come in on time. Thank you are there. Exactly yeah rich. I can deal gentlemen always a great show I thank you god bless and take care. Well thank you saw Rick have a good weekend take care. Call us were alive the dollar doctors you know 31520. Or 1800. 8797541. That shows Procter race Epperson as a management. Numerous civic service RV. Also worry Dave. We give opinions on stocks with the growth. Stuff portfolios. We managed accounts even if there're for a long period for a three view way or or minorities have some Disco. I am and if you wanna contact us go to the website Sampras in that town as AP r.s TO and act on. Information about our different. Operations are there and also our contact information is there. Right now we have time for a couple more calls that the real about what eight minutes left so you know governments that in the show. And there was something you know not a bond person but there are saying that one certain impact of tax reform will be huge week. For municipal bond sales. With over seventeen billion on tap in the reason is that while the states and localities are rushing. To issue bonds that would be curbed under the proposed legislation. And according to them they think it might be an opportunity to buy these it's. So very interest if you look at the thirty year Muni bond the year ago it was 336. And today. For the last night's close to 76 US open though when you look at the thirty year treasury and the ten year treasury does not that big of a difference between communities in the treasures well the change change or change them. Now hand. So that means that before by communities now I don't and to a three person and I don't even know what the curve is I have no idea what the curve there's certain bonds against navy and the issues or something must be you know if there rushing. This is gonna change or lives on the question about that candidate though you'll ago allies to take a deduction for mortgage interest. Or they kept the the property taxes net. 101000 I know that. I was looking at home vacation house and delicate bill. We're asking 700. It's a beauty. I thought it was probably five if you know me and he'll be back but the taxes Rory 2000 meter well if you can't deduct those. He converted deducting it Texas in your home. There's trouble in their control. Those property. That that no question you know we're heard is that still depends on what they finally decide. Come to an agreement between as far as trying to deceive you where you worked for me well in terms of the individual things in me you know that the bill is faster that's an album we don't know when it's totally going to be we don't know what it means that there's a windows program him right exit well that's. There's so and tell them like speculate though on different things in terms corporate taxes I don't think that's gonna change. I think that tax cut for corporate taxes is there so it's that they're going to be. Playing around with those things you're talking about the different deduction goes up that are close right exactly so. But theoretically. The regular fear remains to be seen you know Catan corporate taxes theoretically. Means economic growth who knows. If it worked out that where it's never enough things finally worked out has always called an anticipated consequences. There we show up all the time so that remains to be seen it. You know worrying about all these things everybody orders via a pay attention to him in terms of your individual situation yeah. In terms of the effect on stocks. Pay attention to yours but the stocks are doing it on and and they they give a clue you know. Charts and not always right because the dummies at times run run the insane this morning. The what does that mean. Well not the dummies of this the inmates or whatever you know run in the insane and that's probably not politically correct these days the patience patience or others in excellence Davis but but anyway I don't have those but what happens is you know after all the Smart money's left that's the dumb money can be running stuck up and chart in the upgrade. As it's running away and you know now as Roy got an endless though losses that's way yeah that's why you have to know. Where your risk level which is the auto deal says in his books and it. Gerald Lopes shipment and that's what more men are Vernon says two issues people don't look at the risk and reward. Before they do something. You know what what risk in my taking. So it's up your interest in what's been a hot area you know you should wait until at least consolidates or on the take a small position you know. Wait for a consolidation and when it breaks out of that consolidation. And then had to win here. Oh come rim and they they wanna beat cocoa growing our goal what's the risk. The go girl go south lust happens it was in 2000. Coming up how would you feel if you're a million bucks becomes a few million. So then we get everyone you know comfort down so this week. And then of people just do not. Take a look at their individual stocks and have a level was Marino wrist take them and Japan they may hear something and they show you know. And they just jump in and buying it turns out that. The out point I'm netstat intelligence wrong could be way down way down below and you just gonna sit there and ride it before office and it turns down against Jews. You have to know what point you're wrong. And some people don't ever believe they're wrong you know they can build the case in mind. That whenever they board had a degree because it's a great company you know. We'll OG is a Graco still knows. Well I. It has been doing a good record though it's a G he was a great company. We don't know how much of that way is hype. Financial. Maneuvering by Jack Welch brilliant who was able every quarter of the year earnings estimates by exactly one penny. Quarter after quarter. And I used the same house if it is that you know one penny every single quarter. The way it was done was he had the financial part of the business which is very strong he's a transfer money around. And come up with the earnings you know. There's actually a little bit better now and it was a great companies no question about that it is still ahead earnings. Has his desire I used you know I worked at Westinghouse for many years. G used to always traded a much higher multiples and Westinghouse and yet they were in the same businesses. Along so. Energy he had the if first of all they were able to manage. You know there earnings the way I could and second of law they were able to grow it. You know and battery and Westinghouse was able to grow at times so the question does that really bankrupt. Bankrupt they sold well I know it did that are there you know don't forget in the money into the coverage errors and so the fifth. You have I think it's just a Westinghouse I don't know it's actually real Westinghouse company is the Westinghouse company believe it or not became CBS. Wesley goes and sees it at west has buoyed CVS. And that was Leo Westinghouse company and and companies that boy divisions of parts of Westinghouse. Said in a deal we wanna keep the Westinghouse name. I'm on the product you know. So so who knows that anyway that's kind of a digression before. From where everywhere I digress. So we're down at the end of the show. You know hopefully the you know people were listening today and is pianist says know your stocks and don't worry about the market necessarily you know and at this point yet where we say we always view trite saying it but not quite. Research. Make sure you know you're getting into you know. You know even people buying that points do some research is very complicated in this day and and I don't fully understand it either do a little research on what's going on there and and back the barons you know baron's does give you. Some overview varies that you may not know some of the entry entry intricacies. And you just have kind of surface knowledge or think yet surfaced knowledge and they give you some things to think about so it's so lawyers were at the end of the show though what we say every week it is. Keep a little powder dry for opportunities and goodnight and good luck. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist NN Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by Sampras and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. Discussion of specific security should not be construed as recommendations to buy yourself. You device after an asset management for am 1520 WW KG. The dollar doctor shows rebroadcast on Saturday night at midnight. You're invited to join us again and then poured next Saturday morning at 10 AM I am 1520 WW KG.