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Good morning Peter David Brownstein in a big thank you to those men and women veterans out there and of those inactive service we thank you for your service and it's veterans day today a lot of eleventh. Eleven elevenths than yesterday at eleven minutes after 11 AMA had a moment of silence and harangued taps are. Rang the bells played taps just sent to your expectations fairness. Very good so we know what today is that it is veterans' day. Backed him when I was younger it was called armistice day. And used to be a day off for everybody. If people aren't what they want to work for defense. No longer exactly yeah. But you know it is November 11 2017. 1005 in the morning Leo we say that because the show is rebroadcast on the station. He ESP and 15:20. AM and midnight. Analysts as a sporting event in the shall be gone after the sporting event. Also the show is available every cent of the morning from ten to eleven I'd streaming if you go to our web site. 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At our firm management units held outsider firm in 401 k's your company your four of freebies. So in all of those services that are are there and we do have insurance services and so forth so. We encourage you you know for all the things I mentioned about the website go to the website satirist and I'd come and all of our contact information is there. And right. I don't think it's the same two with a lot of changes going down with 41 K some four or fifty sevens and 43 b.s with the Department of Labor changes. People probably seen differences. In their reports and could have some questions give us a column obligation morning deputy talked about. I still elect in the light the department of labor's involved in all of this stuff. I've never understood that I. Never a million years but anyway you must have been some some some some trek they put through this up your gun gun and union newspaper through government which it should be. More the SEC or somebody you know involved in these things the whatever. We will get into all that they just kind of irks me every day. But at any rate you know give us a call. Phone lines are wide open very easy to do and right now. I'm sure you and I know more you'll know him if he's picking up leaves again and I don't know if that is editor radar Miley is off the line and unfortunately. If I ever were to buy a house again watch which way the wind blows in America and Asia. Because it all blows toward mine house. Right now the phone numbers the caller 8031520. Toll free 808797541. If you have a problem. Getting in you can try 8030321. NATO 30323. Or 8030324. Right now we're gonna go to Pete and Easter Rory good morning. Good morning appeared in morning good morning you do. It thing. I. That this. Gabelli equity trust CA AB. I'm curious if you know. Why it would have taken that 10% hit parade at the end of so over just over the hear news day here. I don't know is that double is that it that the one that's in media stocks. Fannie and or or is it ranch in Santa tells you is that the way and it's and financials yeah. As I know there's another one was a GG Tia yeses and number this is in any in the media. Author and no you know I I really don't know boy took 10% and two others although I do know that banking stocks in general. We're down 4% list right and the thing announce a rights offering for shares of common stock. At the end of October. It was. What was then it is ever pollution thing I guess I don't really know it. And well it does diluted you know could sit there there's you know offering rights to buy more stock so there actually expanding the stock pays you know I don't know how big a rights offering sewing up the look in the of that so. He's right it could have been the rights offering you say this all happened when this happened. Rate near the end of back over. Sounds more than likely that's what it was Netanyahu is if that's what the news was at the time. You know sat back in February it was like 55 bucks a share and ran up to. 660 or so on and pull back close at 60 you know so yeah iPhone and. If one. Bill I think if this one might blow it back to 2008. It went from about. 9596. These down to it. You. Would do it here. And yet when was that back and win. And yeah well that was the fine. Probably it was a precursor to what was going on I don't know what exactly is in this fun you know what the breakdown is. Yeah. If if you're that sick days. Up a lot. For the salon age Saturday it has. But it quote and the thing here and as for the dividend payment for the long term yeah. This one is more volatile most all of the other ones. Where would you put this if you were a. Elements that it quick look I'm just running another program right here's if you look at the polling figures chart. You know you your way back this up there I don't think it wise I don't think you live next stop in the points if you tried before and a quarter you know using a half point. I don't think I'd like to see it goes there what about around 580 did youth youth that doesn't grow. Let me tell you take a look at your regular you know box charge. Them. Amid a regular bar charts and things that. Fit to. You. You see him merry go belly was on CNBC in an office Friday or third saying no. Made so little. You to grade him just. Then mime would that's a good point I would say at 5865. Days just as good. On the 5860. Foes on the 586 is 580 you know. And there were others who work. Look the facts line them. Next understand. 565. One in world I think a minute through the let's see eight he would go to him. Let's Fisher yes no question about that happened you know. It's the oh it really rolled over with dedicated so you know no question about that. Yeah. The short term chart quote it. Yeah maybe it's trying out a base but like you say you you wouldn't want to see it a lot lower its Fisher. Yeah okay. RA they appreciate it. Okay thank you very much for the call have a great day okay phone numbers the call 8031520. Total free 8087975401. And if you have trouble getting in try you know 3032180303238030324. Give us call lines are wide open right now. Going next to Jack in Laporte good morning. Morning guys are here to my agent I got your message to catch up its sweet time thank you that's an address or point of information. I have been known to go belly. GAB. Is named after the founder. You still participants run as a fun. There's like a farm where they eight different star on the market mutual funds and stylists and and they've done this before where they've issued rights. And it should powershares and has gone down but does it taste pretty ghetto appraise. About 10% every year you so eighth grade they paper whatever its severity is stacked it is like the paper 10% yeah it has around six dollars. Now and she's about 1516 cents a court. And he's reiterated that dividend is safe that's sort who was drinking and needs to reiterated that there aren't some. Yeah and I think they're invested in other stocks rather and may but periodically they send out initiative the a report to the investor Sean or just what you're invested in them so it's it's pretty safe stock. Image it's okay bring up if I look at the long term chart since. When when is 1990. Stocks going straight down. I it and I mean in a matter of fact I think you build usable hard to tell you the truth but that's beside the point I don't think he's an Edison about it you may not feel you know people yeah I mean I mean they always bring in my knees like a fight his shall claim to fame was media. Media style on Sunday he had a claim to fame was of value investor. Yeah actually got involved in a lot of these companies say less than you know. But I but I but I think you say days over. A. Yeah I'd appears anyway but it does. Yeah base and Isaiah it depends of you know what your objectives and effectiveness and what you're comfortable with right yeah. I appreciate that very much yeah. Thank you thanks for calling okay have a great week OK right now phone lines are wide open give us a call very easy to get and that's a big can. Rather than wait until the end of the show we always have a couple of people call or near last five minutes of the show and they probably some moves that could be. Like move me this morning we will discuss that Greg and anyway if brighten up a phone lines are wide open give us call 80315 to one until free 80797541. And I'm going to give you get on the phone numbers right now because you shouldn't have any trouble getting in right now so we saw quite a spike in short term interest rates at least based on the ten year tune. Went to 240 from 230 yeah supposedly some people were blaming this flattening suppose it flattening and I guess there has been a flattening. In the yield curve that. You know why the bank stocks were hit for him and parents an interesting article this weekend the pros and cons but there. Bullish on the banks that think it's going to be a buying opportunity. And you know I have and I've always it's a new got to watch the spread days and it's not always true you know it sometimes the banks do perform. Are out perform well you know even when there's a flattening yield current but you know I'm just nervous about this text proposal. It's kind of a mask say the least so yeah. And it but surprisingly I mean once again a good time Barron's it said last week's action. And made the bulls upset made the bears upset the bulls were upset because the market didn't make the lives moderate. The bears were upset is a figure but all this news the market with a crashed you know right would collapse and that didn't happen in them so. I I just I just worry and I'm a warrior but dumb. I worry about this big corn. Paula you know that's good tuneup was embarrassed to have them that if all of a sudden that collapses usually market pullbacks corrections. There's something that happens not always related just to the market but. Things outside the market sometimes. Well this there have found there. And -- involvement interactive brokers but he he had an article men earn desert and view them whatever in this weakens irons and I mean I've said to I think that it going to be for brings everything down and could be the final bubble I didn't realize that decline this year went from seventy to 74 under Ono cute yeah it's ridiculous. And you know and usually. Know when a bubble burst some place it as repercussions. And he's mentioning that. Unfortunately. Or fortunately though some. Speculators might like it the futures exchanges are gonna now. Bring out. Derivative products for trading in the decline. And he says that could be the beginning of the Yang is could bring uses a smaller firms. You know like to attract business but they're under capitalized. And and they're cheaper to go to an office for the futures trader and they can all go under. And and that could just have a domino effect and I have to disclose the united talked about this I don't understand it violated the lag just don't happen because Jamie diamonds mentioned other people say you know it is it's ridiculous. Yeah he walked that back a little like you know some of the some of the people offered explain it. I just don't understand and then I just don't I don't they rationalize that I think I don't know what they do I don't understand what belt are saying but but it could be a big problem and and and when their futures contracts come out he he's asking for a limits to the exposure and you know like Nixon got a regulation which they didn't do right and thousands are right right right. So remains to be seen as some journey that I am now and you know if it you know and if it can be very worrisome no question about it. Right now we're gonna go to Victor and Amber's good morning. Good morning tomorrow is that there. Right yourself and your technical l.'s ability I have a question or. Pick your brain hero back. Just exploit. They were three or month. A break out bubble in 98 again break out their run. Four days I could not finish at I had that date most of that date and it worked just. Com panic rectum volume for 234 days exports. It's put into letting go a long time at particulars that would who went to war. Back to being. You know it yet I don't wait bat and what you're in all ways in which the late. A chart pattern which has a commentary after the holiday you don't report. A percent. There aren't. Org baited breath of I thought he played yet. Well what you say and actually breaks the lower the gap today. Not yet again I'm not dogs and not there yet but yeah okay. The only way to put it edit my. Well well and I've seen different opinions on that. OK you know you know people have different strategies. People who wrote the book. Again it's like trade light the guy from investor's business daily with x.s and why don't Mondale Raman has a book trade by that these these guys are pretty good date for that a couple of books. And one of their gap met diseases. They. Will buy okay. Not on you on the pullback occurred there somewhere in that area but. If if it drops back below the gap they're out there and wait for adapt though they figure it's done now. But it didn't know oil and nobody else I don't know where to retreat to. The back boards that. Yeah I doubt they'll buy you know in that area all right Mario of the gap you know if if the gap was way too far that's one thing. It wasn't gigantic you know. And they might buy immediately Bradford they're but they're gonna sell if it breaks along with the gap you know. OK. So what you're saying and so what you're saying and what they worry that big statement saying let's go to the premise that they missed initial break out. Right. Yep did that then you have to decide whip if you buy it in your stops going to be able load load a gap you will that take that risk. Along the yep we're aware gaps are not know the low of the day of the idea. Okay outlaw that again bright spot for epic jets I'm not 36 that 38 runs at eight. 39 quarters in it will stable but. It went right so the thirty era at the thirty. Below 38 so you can give it a little bit room okay. Tiny bit or Rome. But you use that it you know technically if there were a valid reason after a big base like that the breaks out. It shouldn't really come back below that gap right take a look at face back FaceBook back when it capped way back around the thirty area. Right it never came back below below that day. They were. In the low the low of the day of the gap. All right I'm not gone back to day we're team from. That's what this technical technically if you fill the gap rights is not right. I. I. De can do that mean it's up to you okay. It into question for your. Yeah. And general of I would divide I wouldn't want to see it. I'd give it may be a little room below the low of the gap day but not much you. I don't know why I hit it yeah. Thank you mean nothing works all the time the guys aren't but it got out all right thank. Evan at stake. And they take care thanks over the weekend OK right now phone lines are wide open give us a call. It 031520. Toll free 808797541. Now won't waste my breath but all the other numbers. And I could digress too. Events in many years ago I used to work it Westinghouse of anybody remembers that place many many many years ago Genesee street yeah I was an engineer than than in the management position where their current year's airport this right and they used to be it. Otherwise and and stood there still is good news at Denny's across the street and then sort of bunch in my mind. Friends you know who who could go out for lunch or. We go out to lunch at least once a week and we look forward so much to the Grand Slam breakfast calories at lunch race. So today I had a coupon you know what it wasn't a veterans group under free visit veterans could Ephraim most places today. But I had a coupon for free Grand Slam breakfast she's happy and have won in decades. What a dis appointment Bruce wasn't didn't taste as good or it was horrible you know line but it's too healthy Mel was and LT. And I mean not that it would not that it was healthy but now they changed the cooking fats and everything that's on saying that tastes isn't there either that are on the order it wasn't the same token and then. To hash browns were terrific. I don't know how to to call them hash browns. And look like anything that members hash browns and just warmed up yet but that was the other problem did go to the practice believe in that except for the pancakes was coal quality ascendant again so there's nothing worse I gotta have my food exactly. I was rather inside the ultimate breakfast with three something that. Burger King earned in the Grand Slam. Okay. Boy there's an unsolicited. Non testimony read that's that's my negative opinion of me Denny's Grand Slam and he hit a couple of years ago. Does the your hosts be compelled restaurant in an effort with the while they used to call it a while. That's Sony's Steve mean I think it was like eggs. The hamburger. French Fries coleslaw. Rolls it was just it was and it was while the good old anyway yeah. Backed a financial matters if you thought it was a call that ordering fifty cents one subtle very very I'm getting hungry now 7541. And you last week you know despite all the things to worry about the markets were down a little you know it's O. In the S&P was down one point 4% for the week big deal and that's in the down point 2% of the big deal. Effect hurt somebody's very nervous. I'm on my own personal worker's name mentioned you know. Which thinking of buying is a markets were down to the pockets of down. With this it would if you listen to what what the media saying that I'm not talking it was but there's another new high in northern aren't. Spies like six points yes I know I know in the dying at a trial there but I get the other side margins sounded. Down point 2% anyway if you wanna see down yeah we're gonna go to Richard righteous or good morning. Hey Peter hey David I don't want or are you good thanks god. You mentioned a while burger. Yeah for murals me. And knowing that would that would elicit a call it a. I'm whether they've mice ulcers are really old one I want the bus state 1970. And we have a few bucks would sneak out and get they have onion rings and hamburger when you never had a life. And Euro series ago like 3:4 in the morning after being out in conference's only know. And now and money I was the most average I don't know of a mystery but at least they have a lot of fun in the restaurant amendment right and Delaware avenue. In the great era plans dozens of visits to Iran or other dogs in the wrong on many years. Ma you be brought back great memories about this if we did something today it on your video you saw it again. You know the one caller called the boat of the Belli yeah and the match is put us landmines go belly but. I thought they had I but I GH BU lacks compelling farm that I thought it was a busting in the world because it was had a high yield. Most of that was returned to capitol. That I'd never learned about get my own money back you. And I still to this day don't know it's better not to pay taxes and dividend injured that are increasing your few years. And actually lowering your cost basis I think that's what that does. That you I don't know you access to utility fund believes now I think you're in an arrangement. Yeah I mean somebody has a quick and it's like Atlanta returning capital of people you it's ridiculous you know and so does our guys a different opinions on. I moved my opinion is separate prospectus premium dividend because it's make some money and it's still booked. Well you feel better about that I drove. I do select just felt that I think the investors thought there should be aware of. Oh yeah that it is all there's a number of instruments like that that there are new capital right there are some do capital some do. You know combined. Yes some of the that impeach him yeah yeah expression phones and. Peter are also reviewed in the Europe caller last week to week before mentioned my name which is tickled me but. Ails us to them awhile involved in unbelievable. Yeah wasn't believable lie and I wanted to say I'm an optional Smart. Because use that over and Richard at least you want to point figure cheer you chose. Something that was near the 200 day moving average you will be a company can come out what. When victory amounts in the they miss your earnings soul around your luck boy it's a. On the question and I heard all on the question yeah you know some people. You're no longer term. Time frame you know people who are quote swing traders for days weeks or whatever. You know that they will never. By just before earnings or they're there will sell went before earnings aren't just in case now. He has since its earnings to the top on just let's say look at FaceBook they had great earnings depending upon the caveat on there that. Yeah didn't spend more money do pregnancy compared. Russian hackers and stopped and it just destroy the. Well yeah well that's because apple thought there was a ploy. A but that's what happens you know earned it can be whether earnings but it depends what they say you know top of that and then. Depending if the markets a little nervous that now they're really focused on the revenue you know as a sports Monday would gee I think G on Monday announces what they're gonna do with the day of the event. They got other content and violence. Reiterate David noted Monday is that Kanye and so but yeah that's the thing we're earnings to you never know you never known him even even with good earnings of stockings are down you know you know I'd take a look at a company like Disney last week and they hit it. Yet the market you know when they came out now the stocks up like. You know 34 points higher you know so. There hasn't. Which brings me to my AT&T which is yielding almost 6% a week ago. And asked him out somewhere around five point Vator fright night and I hope they don't cut their dividend. Well I mean I remember a long time not the wild that people were saying that they would have to cut the dividend who knows you know it would or not but. If you if you want to feel a little better you know you can read Barron's this weekend though we've which covers the what happened to the Telecom area in general. The best bets and they get all the way down that a bottom. They picked AT&T is the best choice for them. Promise AT&T AT&T is my biggest problem is AT&T. And in themselves that are atmosphere and everything else that says another GE just a little girl oh yeah yeah. Italian and not that I necessarily agree with them you know in terms of telephone by. You know they make the case that telephones one habit that is the better bad especially between them and Verizon according to that there. Especially. If if the Time Warner deal goes through. Well I was listening to this she knows about because the ball let mask with Time Warner and CN men and that. I don't know what the believable to believe anymore. I'm surprised he's not an attorney believes that I was turn him he's listening usually most of those high and executives are attorneys in Norris. Often. Harsh. Isn't mean you know this area around 32 is very critical support you know here for AT&T so. That's a great place to act I don't know if it's not gonna go anywhere it's a great place to unify. Already I'm old and I guess and look at that and everybody said that thing about GO. All the lines are always a little better but they've seen that I I can right now the F. Point picker chair I know every time we get near forty may wanna think about running him every time we get sound of the slowly may wanna be bent out of trucks so. Yeah outside descended to go to our role in mean you know it is a lot of revolution going on in this business you know. And you know they're all in on telephone in opera element diversifying your telephone owns what direct. The UV don't believe so and you know are looking for contact tune and they're they're all jockeying for position and what's become a very competitive area and you know and there's so much on them. And cable television so many choices it's them and then you add in Hulu and Netflix and roku and all these other than you know. And apparently they were hoping this T-Mobile sprinting would go through because that would lessen the competent competitive battle you know. And I you have to separate companies fighting it out stale so it's a very difficult area to San Jose client's house a couple weeks ago and they have gravity yours. Did you really not total. While watching. They don't Loyola teasing him. Well you know to intimidate well not to go on me because than we Cabell is why do you need 500 channels mean one Wednesday for 500 channels. It's nuts and here. A little unlike an eye of the lines that. I'll Wear an idiotic person here squared on him and hear about it. Altman group door to us why doesn't wanna hear run that's well I hear about it. I see I gave outlined in the long time ago and all of a sudden in as soon as he got out Iran especially since this is the guy who you know owns Twitter right. Is of. Julius here yeah you know. I thought we killed four anyways April the human new grandson might silence those squares coming over the earnings tomorrow I think what this quarter. This is everywhere you go on here you don't see people using swear destroyed and critic certain processing. Yeah all the small businesses and on now. For better or worse they're gonna try to pick up bigger now you know you know but but that's what their. Claim to fame right now is they've really go to somebody tomorrow at a kiosk that they swipe your card members of the little restaurant I never knew it was saying yeah exactly yeah. In his stock's been unbelievable which is at the river and joyous you know years so yeah yeah. Close it was like just below fifteen the beginning of the year it's 39 or 120. Does it mean it's too late to give them ever to each. Jumped yeah you're right. I think your room and I sit there watching them the and the lamb restriction and I've been watching your three year electability so. We call me about Amazon I just don't like it it's too expensive there was owns a probably seven hunters. And it is column about Tesla now I just Tesla is a different story just can't buy that stock positions and I'm just him. Have a hard time do I can't even think about. Oh its interest them and I think he's just a purist point you know you know none other words you know if you if you buy square where as you're out point you know how much risk model on the take now that that's. You said that to me in twenty years ago on that's. Still proving to be getting hit the hardest thing to do was mole which one you wanna give out. Only one it's up Richard. When they're down it's easy to sell its on the around Aaron. If panic positive problem you know like the problem when you when you writes them down and and you didn't pick and out point you know and it depends and you different timeframe jealousy can't say for everybody you know but. When you write something down the odds are that you're gonna sell the bottom eventually but that's the thing that keeps you from selling an awful quite the opposite. But so it's much better to make that decision when you first buy this stuff you know and say on the divide this and if it goes below this point I'm mountain if all of a sudden it looks better it's acting better and I tip back and it's you know had a ball over here. And at the set I've said about that stuff for the rest in my life you know. I. Well. I'll probably be stopping him after the first is the year to discuss possibly having a managed account you so. Great to hear that we'll look to bring him some wine so let's even better wind up you checkbook and say it is it. Hurt. I don't have those I could do all that I'm pretty good on your taste shoe box and everyone's. Well thank you go all right hey Daryn good Thanksgiving thank you very much and hear him. Thanks a case right now phone lines are wide open they go through 1520 toll free 808797541. So while waiting for calls with a quick ones to break we'll be right back you are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven. Was there separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Answer your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. As Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again in buffalo 8547541. Toll free 800. 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors well. Back to develop doctor show brought to you by Sampras and asset management. Member finreg SIPC register for the MS RD. And then RI AA which does mean we are registered investment advisors we do manage money and once again encourage you to go to the website. Find out about our services that steps and that comments AP ERS TO NN dot com. Right now phone lines are wide open give us a call 8031520. Toll free 808797541. Speaking in the style chair yesterday PO. This November 10 1969. Guess what television show. Came and then guess what television so made its debut. Boy okay what show. Sesame Street. Okay. We thank you for that affects him at a I did go up Warren as those Super Bowl right now we'd like some calls on financial matters in go through drifting too though creator date 79751. And you see why the high yield market got hit. One of the reasons. Well last week I'm it's in the tax bill. Again they want to limit the tax deductibility of interest okay right so if you era in nature IE you know company now junk bonds got a lot of interest rate ended up thing you know it's. So justice back and hurt the audio market this at least so. And would put little pressure and some of these. I'm leveraged companies when it comes down to. So you don't think about you know Leo would realize you know. It's going to be and you seem to CIA I just my my fears are that. It's not going to be. Obviously aside and be what they say it is and there are you just in the different things I just have always had a problem not a personal problem but just. Prom scene at passing when you've got New York California New Jersey. Some of the other highly taxed states that the people and act going to be able to deduct either part or some. That are you know Texas at that and the state that's an interest and. Not him it's going to be interesting how they finally you know. I just hope they finally they come up with something you know when it's all said and done. Because of that they don't get a tax reform bill. We're done into open. And it's all over you know doesn't look you know in the republic I don't necessary to market which is done in terms of political situations. And everything a lot of other things which we won't get political about right now we're gonna go to that can Amber's good morning. Morning guys yet and don't talk the talk about politics are. It's depressing very depressant. David you've briefed you mentioned broke crew have you seen the action and it has to wake unbelievable excellently. It's it's caught up. I think all week it's caught up sixty or 70%. In those amazing yeah I mean it it was an IP noted died yeah. Now and this week it just came back like anything. And it's about making money now but. But it's it's. There's a lot of people that are signing up for a roku because then what you talked about earlier about AT&T and Verizon. Yeah people don't wanna pay for 500 channels. It down and you know it. I don't blame them it's it's ridiculous but it's inside Sarah. Made it or there's a lot of choices out there over the fire sticks that's another on and no one of my son's hasn't nine. You know I can plug it into the television and he gets all kinds the grass playing in the past landed they go on nines and Luke who was out of their little girl and various it's a different world. And also you got to remember with companies. You know having read in a book about stocks that you know are are the stocks that go from eight to 8010 times and so forth. I don't have to have earnings it's the expectation of course yeah. And whatever it was this same thing with Amazon you know Amazon wasn't making money is that kept plowing all the money back through and into the business you know and and spending more and more on the business and people avoid into. That he was gonna eventually. Develop earnings and come up with things that's what really matters you know so. Yeah I'm trying to buy Yemen and when it goes down she shares at a time. Yep and I said it's the only member when it dropped denying thirty something was nice activity now. What it. Yes about one other sacked its current crazy. It's called green dot. And you know that's that's a quadrupled this year polio. It's it's bathing and. What's this and that it's like that is what is it like. Is it banking in the cloud or something. Well yeah financial services. Businesses prepaid. Prepaid telephone cards is that what is really yeah I think it was some. Output but a lot of it a lot of their business is prepaid college so hard and it's just hard to believe that. You know I mean they're person. Could grow to actually ask good that quickly but it was sixteen at the ending is there the billion a year in out this 6060 something. Well they ousted him in 2011. Okay it was 64 dollars a share. In 2012. It realizes. 895. And then since 201222016. It went no place right just sideways. And then and then in early 2016. Went up a little built another little base. For for third part of sixteen and broke out and has been on its there. Since then so that's green jazz DAG ideally you know Lindsey Wright did go through aria yeah and they don't. Hard it's hard to keep all that because when when it looks like it's it's you know it's so it's up by it goes up six or eight dollars a day. Yeah it's it's just that you know there's other stocks out there taken a look at over stock lately. Yeah yeah hit another one at that supposedly is somewhat of a bitcoin players them like that I don't know but anyway. But you wail on charting basis as you get these stocks in in if you look at the long them weekly monthly charts and I'm looking at a monthly chart CDs nice bases break out of the base breakout. That's the time to be in these things. Yeah yeah it's it's made what is give about two other starts with our moral. More reasonable progression you RK ER. KKR. And let's say auction business is an auction yeah okay. They do car auctions all over the world and I've been reading about it. The KE. They have a great business is six they have billion dollars and sales. And they pay almost a 3% dividend. And it looks at it looks pretty solid. Its interest in me. Paula go back to that point you figured chart on that real quick. Your belly downgrades is a couple days ago Isabel did on my favorite I arsenal and being good. At it. I mean that's about yeah I think so we'll. I wonder why have optical yeah yeah but on the remains of beautiful charge you know I mean it's. Yeah it gave like one. To fall sell signals all the way up from 2011. Just amazing. And it turns out the rigorous on site broke out and sideways just broke out again. And you know. Looks like he should have good support somewhere in the 45. Area you know you know and you know the price objective. Eyes. 66. You know for what it's worth the U. That could it and so so. Anywhere around here world were slightly lower would be would be good together. And meticulous to say it depends on whether you you wanna see well we'll pull back towards 55. You know and before when they say 404445. Hours ago a new list in the myself listen but I think the fact that. But having a fifty day which held the last time is it 47. The 200 day is that 44. So you can use those numbers the play with a you know have kept you know so you know 47 it might might hold again in my hold a fifty day you know somewhere between. You know 45 and 47 if you if you wanna waste report back to you wanna buy half and then by the rest than a pullback yet to decide you know. Okamura towards its head coach Cohen assuming you have to take that real objective way it's worth put. But if I did a you know with what they call like that measured movement and its. And that's one. Short term. Me. 57. You know a a great. Of what more when it's about. Winnebago. All in the that we. Daughters I keep saying no no I follow this guy's service is it technical analyst you know. And and he buys these kind of stocks that. The it that break out and have been running in and he's been touting Winnebago Matt touting it he covers it you know every week and I keep looking at it and do enough to have anyway. The auditor or you're looking divide. I I I well I only saw my whether I I read an article about check that a lot of mobile homes were or trailers were were destroyed in the hurricanes. And and of course. Boomers are now buying these 20300000. Dollar. Motor homes it's I mean it's something that's kind of been progressing well for awhile. So. The I mean you know the point figure charts got an objective of 62. If I remember right the last time he went over this it does like weekly report I subscribe to a service he had a target of around sixty done. It close at 4045. Yeah. And and what the service here looking at it's Harry boxer if you if you don't you're gonna actually jetted free trial to forward. It for nothing you know our torture you know look at Harry boxers it's the tech trader dot com is the website. Up at great and when when he does is he's got a smallest service which I subscribe to today and when it does is he gives in nightly. Breakdown of ten or twelve stocks he likes right. That broke out in the in the weekend goes over a hundred stocks and of course like 49 dollars a month. Cratered act and the tech trader dot com. Great thanks sloppy up okay thank you very much for calling. OK phone numbers to call it through 152203808797541. To go next to stand in Niagara Falls good morning. Good morning guys aren't just like okay he's too good I'm good guys. I'm just love that gay guys were mentioning FaceBook earlier. And absolutely put. Both sides on the give your opinions because. I'm wondering if it's certainly get a top here. Just wanna get you're not a. I don't know people would like to see you. Nothing that's. No permanent not a technical or just a fundamental or got is it still looks good to me I mean I don't I don't see it and it and sell anything any reason to sell. Him I mean. In the worst case and and how long are you on that along time ago probably hear hear me if you look at the 200 days of 155. Per hour. And you guys a fifty day which it's broken twice recently obtained by a little. You know and that that's. When 73 years. And and you could enjoy a trend line and the charter probably comes in somewhere. Around one. Seventy somewhere in there you know. So I don't these say hey you know if you're broke through the fifty in in in didn't recover immediately when I might start thinking about it you know but both times is broken the fifty came right back come right back yeah. The closer 170. On Saturday. What's that. It looks like it held drama. Hundred out yeah exactly you know so maybe a hundred yeah yeah I think used one of them you know your money you know like we talked about moving averages viewers of that before his own magic of it in the fact other people use them. You know so if if tons of people are following their 200 day. It may work OK there's other people following but the other thing is you want one that's been working you know are you look at their fifty day. Mean it's held perfectly 1234. Set for him one day minor penetrations into. It's held 123456. Touches so for them so. And I could be like because I'm looking at here I've got a look at this and I've got to I've got both the hundred they have assisted in Hamlet yeah. Just like you said Peter mean it's it's it's it's been a big drop. But it's always seemed that that they that's the bottom seemed to be right at the hundred day and that it quickly recovers back up. Yup exactly you know and there are people who use that and use the fifty and hundred no matter of fact people would defy system one technical guy no. Looks for an opportunity for trust between the fifty in the one. And they can use the 100 has stopped you know yeah on the one under him. And I mean if you use a fifty if two. Yeah they're doing running a risk to only paid traders guys exactly that are looking at the fifty right exactly. A plaque kind of look at the hundreds of them taken a hundred maybe more along. Twenties and he seems comfortable with and his 200 much longer term debt and so yeah I would want a sequel back of the two and a half and thoughtful. I'd like to bite at united well that's true the food. You want to go with you elect have been out in them back and it's it's a didn't forget to vote. But I got a practical micron. Quite a bit. I'll tell ya I seen one service and I forgot which one I just so many services that drive myself nuts but went anyway. And they're saying this thing's abide. They're saying this thing's worth 76 though arm. It's that people don't realize what this company's involved and so forth and so on so. And like to say Indy you once again you're you're talking about something in the strongest sector in the market now semiconductor area. And I mean I'm looking at this one and you know and his picture on 1215 or. Livable 35 you crash it. And it's you know it's it's broken out beyond the 35 right so it's come out of the 35 you gotta think you know. There's a lot of long term guys than it. No question about that and you know it hasn't even come back to fifty matter fact most of the time it's been holding the twenty. Yeah which is an ex you know that's a really powerful moments. I love it's come close to the fifty but it doesn't even approach but I mean a couple of weeks ago it is all right out of there. I mean you guys still think it's still early in the. Well what I liked is and if you look at it daily chart you know it red and nice run from August to October. When stock. I moved a little bit to get it would've broke out of the 3233 years. Daria Somalia in hindsight it's beautiful but. But but yeah truth and it but if you look now built this nice base for light somewhere. Beginning of October 2. Most of October now it is broke out there are I thirty. Yet and now now it's building another base again now that's a USA based breakdown base rates and they can't get out of the yep I think it's worthwhile. Another one is. Going into the oil that are only good think or about what connects soapy. Never took a good area to be in right now really is no. I mean you've had a nice run an oil but. It looks like things have turned him this time it looks like things have terms that people are saying it's all going to be based on supply and demand people are looking at the recounts going down and and yeah but the thing they're bringing up the sand you know there's a lot of discipline out there believe enough with the higher prices and they kind of learned their lessons and not going hog wild. Is that seen tons of drilling rigs being put out there right pitcher relying upon the Middle East to conform. To the OPEC reduction in production. Those people never. You I don't know I'm just saying and I wish we shall say oh yeah of course sides you know Saudi Arabia may start a war in the Middle East pretty soon so we shall say. So until the end but it went right yeah yeah I will like that the agents are you noticing I mean you know it's moved up now it's facing you know it's building a nice little race again. And you know when we go to another thing real quick four times. Mean look at point fingers church group where it looks real nice on the board charge. As I always thank you know whether he's point you figure your set these should use a bar chart and so. So the nice break out on it broke I broke a long downtrend on here along. Next target would probably be. Around. 38 now have 39 okay. And a boy who broke above that. And believe it and not the price target on its 46 some. Well output per hour peak the last year yeah exactly. When you guys. Yes. I'm sure you follow Nvidia has been Gloria. That thing you know autopilot. Solio people making a big deal it you know it's the stock didn't budge much you know with with the recent change in its earnings jumped you know. But you know let's face it there you know there there there where they should be I mean their leader in the areas that are end you know. Again I mean it had a nice inform the nice basis few months ago. And it says it's Armitage. Oh yeah yeah I just keeps keeps doing that right now you know ideally at the last breakout was good. Support should probably be you know when 98 somewhere around there in 98 to 200 you know. Reasonable. Is Charlotte NC yeah we have one last point yeah that's what effect on our Wal-Mart. Well great article in Barron's this week and it's all about all the things they're doing oh yeah oh yeah you gotta read it. Yeah chancellor hated you know. A forgotten. Because they start at Wal-Mart pay it's only good in Wal-Mart stores right thing but they're saying that it's working very well finesse in the church says that these guys are good. Are doing everything you know. The other night journalists behind and they're there together at the all time high right now in next targets and the points that you charts when on nine you know so. Well I mean it has been the point fifteen million people around speak to it yesterday. And it's just come out of it. Exactly I mean it's it's definitely. Something to be looking like yeah. Great thanks for calling of our nice talk and usually have a okay had a good weekend. OK we're down to the end of the show things picked up thankfully what. Later in the show as they always do insurance you know almost always depend upon that in. You know is we said you know and you know. Markets that are you know hours and give you something to worry about and that's why this market's been running as they say climbing the wall of worry for Sunday one of these things may be the straw that breaks the camel's back who knows when we always say stay disciplined you know. You know watched don't worry about the market watcher individual positions watcher what you end. In in your portfolios and see how their acting as if they're not acting well you know. And and that the markets making new eyes you know whether the little at a time and your stuff is going down. You just to think about right now why is that you know Wales what's going on anyone know what your options and yeah yeah yeah being aware yet you know so so don't you know causes ever changing it's changing but it was you look at your individual positions and stop worrying about what the ultimate crash that are but he keeps predicting you know and bill predicted forever because once they predicted that you got to stick with different than the other way for the Max and then you gonna be right so anyway keep a little powder dry. Till next week take care. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by centrist and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as IPC MSRB. 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