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On Peter Greco the morning Peter David Brownstein how are you on this a little bit injury morning. Happen it's been in the eyes fall in fairness can't complain transistor and you know me I always complains. Complained totally driving in the senate well let's Fisher said I said the bad part about the good Weathers is more road construction but there. And ideas that the hard part is a fix in the roads but it did use better material maybe the roads would. Hold up but anyway we need to do I need to invent that exactly they have to put they'd the other two excellence penny wise and pound foolish. Anyway right now it is Saturday October 14 2007. Team it is 1005 in the morning we always say that because. The show is rebroadcast on the station SP 101520. Am. At midnight unless there's a sporting event and will be rebroadcast at the sporting event. Show is also available every cent in morning from ten to eleven live streaming website. Sampras than dot com that says he he art as steel and com. Also a website called the shows are archives city in replays show if you miss a show catch the show website at the archive. Section of the website and then finally last but not least there's a freer economic report. Brighten early every Saturday morning and you tell me it's usually Friday yeah Friday afternoon Friday afternoon Saturday by stone and McCarthy and cover with a field is the important economic news of the week and there was a lot of that this week. Throws a lot of and you know people are all giddy about and to you know defense spending increase and because of also the and you know the the economic information we have was skewed by the hurricane. Such as wages going up scores yet a lot of lower paid people that weren't able to receive paychecks so wages went down plus add to that all the overtime for the utility workers so looks like wages were a bit high. But everybody in on this society that we have a instantaneous news Peter everybody wants information right away so we get one month of figures and everybody. Thinks it's gonna hit he notes trends you gotta look at trends and that's one thing this some. This week's report talks about that they take out some of that information and say well we're gonna look at the longer term trend but. You know and at the big term that everybody is using his return to normal. What the heck is normal I mean what was normally even two years ago is not normal any longer today. And I'm talking about how the Fed works now return to normal we got to raise interest rates because of gonna have inflation. Now we're talking about unemployment going to possibly 3%. Which 3% unheard of unheard of go used to be epic 5% was the limit full employment of full employment hours ago that's why the feds just baffled by someone they don't understand well mountain colon that now. You know we are having Alan you know I've never had a good respect for the so while he. You know it's just it's less likely people trying to do their jobs put you know. Other academics and in more people that there have been some had a real world works very I would think Bill Clinton who knows tour week. And so we do encourage you visit the website Sampras than that come necessity the r.s 20 and dot com right now all of these phone lines are wide open is an entirely new phone numbers. Which are 8031520. Or troll free 808797541. And if you have trouble getting in call Angel tree. 0321 right yes. Towards girls as an presidency is as it up there aide I wasn't paying attention to. I know you don't you don't listen leapt to save anyway or 80303228030324. Right now bright primarily very easy to yet in for some reason or videos calls us later in the show and the way it is it's human nature yes. That's what runs the mark in whatever normal is is human nature everything returns back to. And every human beings do for centuries right. And I was mentioning David you know report shows a good article in Barron's you know about rob from rob it shows they interviewed him I'd encourage you read the did you parents. Read the interview room you know he's the one who came up with a Shiller index which. Comes up with a and in number which tells you. Theoretically how overpriced the market is in. Right now they have what they call the cape which is which is the index and the space than the average inflation adjusted earnings over the trailing ten years and it's at 31. In 1929. It was at 32 and half late 99 it was a 44. So it's very high in the article is is the market. You know over boy DO you know overvalued whatever and but you know in that article I found the very interesting thing now. History tends to repeat itself you know. And they are talking about. He says you know basically people look at all these numbers for the market but it is really he's right gonna write a book about it it's a narrative you know it's the story. The people believe it and then that generates where you're in the market and what people are doing in the market you know. And he's mentioning that you know back. You know right now aces for example you're probably tired of hearing about the trump. But trump. But he said he was reading recently that Williams Jennings Bryan in the 1890s depression. Brian was a brilliant speaker like trump newspapers in the 1890s. He used almost that wording that all people want to talk about as William Jennings Bryant and some people said he was an idiot. That is facts were wrong at the people who believe in a more riff Raff. As of the self styled intellectuals they support of McKinley. Right now there's still optimism about trump the new court that corporate taxes and support business. And this can go line unless it starts and looks like it doesn't have the touch that was described their ideas he doesn't have the touch and he described in the art of the deal. But they also mentioned that in the 1890s it had the same fractious split the population would urban eastern is accusing rural missed and midwest and as of stupidity. And because the midwest and is in Weston has tended to go for Brian just as they know gut now go for trump. Brian took over the them apart Democratic Party then. And many of them said it was without regard for its values justice trump as with the Republican party's very fascinating. History Sonos and says or does it just need you know when I was an even aware of that. So give it to call phone numbers eight at 31520. Toll free 808797541. Go first to art New Jersey good morning. Good morning fellows has my favorite radio personality is a radio show this morning. Well we're hanging and its insurer do you. At great great according today about to start one I have quite a bit of Pacific gas and electric bill and so other it fell 10% on Friday at 16%. For the week may have. Several thousand shares at bats and I'm wondering first of its relay it to the fires out in California. That's pretty much where it's based. Okay and as possible I mean was there any other news on that decides that Arafat had record trying now to sinners know no news all the needs to take a look at some of the room and. This dividend is coming in on the fifteenth there was about the fact. You know what what what's a symbol on PG and eight KG in the U yeah there isn't anything. It's a complete game. The united operation at TPC game that you get it CG. Yeah I think. Let's see. Well I guess that must be accuracy to dig down bars you know yeah. Yeah utility shares tank after notice and wildfire evidence. Well you know why because there was set but it was started by a couple wore a wire set fell. On Kosovo. You know carry on a radio remember hearing that and then putting together with a peak just say again I was because some moyers fell so must in some negligence and. Thank seconds stock is Pete goes about this map now I got as bad as well. Even know what about 1160. Bob salvaged Leo at Thursday at 1655. Up 58. Hate to be moving a little bit any ideas on what's gone without one. I don't know what's going on and win target here I mean yeah originally I think when you talked about it there was resentment at fourteen and a half. The next target would be seventeen. And I put it well where you know it will. Like I say I always have to learn to keep my age. Opinions. About companies you know. You know I look at the chart. You know whether right hates that which I do you know I don't like and I think most people that use that are in the cells you know but that's beside the point I don't yeah it what I am so all right. Epic epic and Elaine goes last week I just I thought occasional and that just. But it and who. Bottom line is I mean yeah you know it's the same thing I always hated FaceBook and I still hate the idea FaceBook but look at it right. And you know right now you know after it had that break out you know the next resistance there it would be seventeen after eighteen. And if you believe the point that you chart it's got a price target of 24. Went like that which would be nice with the united downtrend lines in nineteen so right now the immediate to argue would be somewhere between say seventeen and half in nineteen. Right right M come on hold very usually at least to get their long term capital gain. More at least till next year's taxes and I would sell until January at least. Yeah me arts. You know may or may be they're finding a way that to monetize some somehow you know I don't know I think I am been following the news at all. Now I am indeed it's been. One that they don't wanna mention I had trouble getting it done to separate stand dot com on my computer is on right now and also nickel city radio I kept getting all the archive shows. But I saw a note from somebody saying that he used school called so I went to that and I put in nickel city radio my guy came up perfectly mute the radio play and everything it's on right. Beautiful via its it's amazing what people don't realize that sometimes some of these browsers they just don't work properly anymore. I guess downloading every kind of media player what I have an old Serb and most the time it wouldn't download these things began I have. Micro so Vista or on this thing you know I'm getting a new look at. Why you gotta you know on mine are my PC at all my head Vista and it just a dreaded blue screen and I just had to get a new one a couple weeks ago. Bring up a good thing you have be have having trouble in one browser try a different browser you know on the gas into the first. Some have ever used Google which listed as one of my little icons like I'll tell you useless and yeah. You have my other lapped up all of the other side which is not adopted it to the Fed has XP windows XP so I'm still in the door door dark ages you. You're near slowly eaten it but anyway I really enjoyed the show Toyota will I will definitely. Take care thank you that's gonna win again. There right now phone lines are wide open give us a call you know 31520. Toll free 80879754. World one. And if you have a trouble getting and try 80303218030323. Or it 030324. Right now we're gonna go to Bob in buffalo good morning. Good morning Peter David the morning about. I do well I wasn't here repeater to beat him better and and a couple hours will be warmer and so on here did did it's just some thoughts and exit Peter Hanson. Theaters Orman and I've never have been accused of that money is a more positive. Plus I knew he would leave. I am basically probably say hello and golden over thirteen hundred again. Yeah all of a sudden it's. Starting to pick up again you know it was just a renewed. North hasn't been following this patterns for the last. For partners. Yeah very strange is interest thing in Barron's. This weekend big article about why silvers the best buy in the world right now. Aren't the up. That's sound good up. Yeah because they're saying what is the you know the ratio of the price ratio. Two volt is I haven't heard their ratio only three years like 75 to wander so I haven't heard we always talk about they somehow they're saying the average use over Africa where time appears like forty. You know in recent times references. And saying it's dome plus they're saying went all the solar. Going mine and Smartphones. Is a you know in light of industrial uses for so over so well knows you know who knows but I did notice the charts and begin to look somewhat better now some are better. Bounced back in the seventeens. And I am which was you know I I think what's more interest thing about it is in May be potentially more bullish and do that while the dollar has been much stronger. Not a yup yup so. You know you like to see that is that shouldn't be happening you know great. Exactly but then again. Who knows right about that worked out quite exactly nothing works actively with the wanton. And I I sold my HM why am brought more international piano. Well I'll tell you his story. I I would I played that once I didn't so you. And it and unfortunately like the guy avoided it for myself once again it's. It is the SEC's listening I'm sure there I'm sure they are they must listen to assure every week and you make it. A little bit about some sort they might do in the on that then they'll be able to retire in London but anyway and Golan that one but anyway. That's. Whenever you say without using the same yeah I forgot I boarded it at four something or permanent drop to three semis that's it you know this is a pile of baloney you know. And yet now right and then the as you know you know it's rallied and took off right after that drive so then. When it was at 550 was about a week ago so my tan. You know because I about a fire recorder again. Had the victim was want them round when you bought it right. And nicest you know amen to take the shot. So I'd buy it at 550. The next day it's six stadium since thank you goodbye. I took my profit. Figured you weren't yeah I need guys who I send I have one day you make 20%. Right I mean mine so. See I'm an effort totally different reason but I you know. I was I was hoping you were present at. Yeah I you know you know young. May I think and I made a little bit more than a loss to the first time right up whatever but. It was it was interesting but I said it would get up when it went up that fans that supplying you know. There are lounge. This Italian. Just seven dollars and nine chance swamps and a couple of southern once there and. And then of the although it back to five some again now it's what 614 or something national post are yeah whatever so anyway I thought you'd get a kick. A. Well. And remember we talked privately I told you about my little silver miner found. Yeah that's right now who probably the last time I talk to. I landed my grocery shopping and I found another handful of us. Put it dried up. Had dried up though it as it does eventually. I would totally ai came up with seven ounces over. That's say that's amazing. Which right now is worth about 12100 trying 125 dollar that's not the most prepared. The paper might move the league. Not bad at all. You know it's funny I thought the coin show is this weekend its NetSuite and. Greatest actually it and I won't be calling next Saturday because albeit according to show this Saturday and Sunday. Yeah I saw good thing I checked as I was think in third Sunday. Of the month you know which could be tomorrow you know. And that as telling a friend as I've got to go check it don't know it's it's the big fall X Bo Ryan and his two days are important first and on anybody interest it and you know the coin show and may be checking out selling some of their. Metal whatever for a and I took a lot Knights of Columbus near what union and William Wright mine you know union normally very easy to get to. Always I imagine it's going to be packed. I would that's one of the best shows yeah plus there's probably. An additional. Six to twelve different dealers from the region fell to people that you don't see once a year maybe. Yeah I think I saw yes that is they it's what 10 AM to 5 PM and Sunday it's standing in the 3 PM right now so. Yeah I'll go over there right at times because. A lot of people seem to do is when I went places pact at 10 o'clock Google for cherry picking. Up. Not think about it might skip this 150. Well I'll go over Security Council under U well yeah. Well I live right on the corner of your close yet if I decide to go Sunday I'll look we have. To usher remember I'm the guy with the real long goatee. Can't miss that not intelligent you should diet purple I don't know for sure you are OK okay at it it. The match Peters much earned the top of my. And that'll match Peters the spike that he has on his as the Bible's only days ago. In my in my old age look like up a wise man in my day in my youth that look more like hells Angel. There ago. Such as in my spike goes with David's mullet you know he got it. So yeah. No one else with their own USA you who has been dropping like to have K. Boy well don't forget that was a pump her you know where they were pumping minutes ago. This. Just this week I believe the CEO bar 50000 dollars worth of stark. That's not the that's probably pocket change that's true or not from. And the overthrow him and it just went right to be out EF 50000 dollars wouldn't impress me matter of fact that we cities chicken Apollo. You know an hour or that early in India and offered him you know. I. But as always tell people you know if you want to see what stocks have been pump and dump them whatever. Stock promoters dot com you know what goes there and they'll tell you so you know whenever you get these emails touting these stock Shapiro's going there. And that tells you know what they're being paid to do and so forth. That's frustrating drawn. Yeah and we US gold they have a public offering of common sack that was a price right now and yeah a lot about a million true somewhat then yeah now so that when that didn't help either that that was on the stock down you know. I'm one more before I go the IMF was touting goal. Hello. Which. Lets that's not my theories the criminals tell you what they're gonna do. Well that's another way I look at them as this year. It also get everybody in the goals that we can dump it right now with the Iowa. I'm looking at a from a different viewpoint today. It's more like all this is what we're gonna do we're gonna tell you that if you don't take advantage of that that's our that's not our problem. A message is that. Well we'll see how that theory works out. Rabbit hole that period for a long time I was buying goal when I was in the 300 dollar range. OK that's a bad. It depends on how are you wanna hold up exactly. Judges exist this guy yeah Robert Shiller you know about declined you know. Often and he was saying you know. The new cities Vick going to bubble which is why you could say gold has been in a bubble for thousands of years early. And doing that you were separated and and you have a degree of them I've always said you know why gold you know and why and a rock surgery and went up pebbles while a lot of Atlanta lineup every girl has a lot of holes. A lot of countries could use. Oh yeah definitely. As. Method of exchange you know right now. Want more of an agreement. Yeah but I think it's just in people's minds for centuries you know anything in from mine well there is no way it is in a way but still you gotta admit it's a little bit psychological. Our water. Exactly. Well gentlemen and shape the Soledad I'm sure we entertained everybody. Is nobody else is calling but I want to talk about the coin I don't understand. It is July I've tried to re done that most of them understand this to a plot chain technology. Oh yeah when his blocked drainage announcer I don't even know what that means Sony Open. But but it. Apparently uses a way for them to you know do transactions around the world wants is bloodstream and yeah exactly to him to stop him anyway. Well you never you know going to be. Well that's true they got the games so I'll start my Blackberry users grab the coattails or where they're going and that's right and you're gonna have to com. Yeah just once and fifty grand this crumbs to me it will be my and swing and. 'cause I'm only as of early in the. Well they I mouth like most of it should be that's treasure to me. So well gentlemen and I hope some people are listening and maybe he'll he'll wake Jason up. Let me do it you know that you haven't heard from bill and there was a guy Rochester. Elian Elian Richard Richard Richard in Rochester. I was resonated through a couple of now because if you're in and out. There's all kinds of money can be made with that stacked in the last couple months. Well that's for sure no question about it put I just. It'll. Yeah that's that's that's that's and just make sure that you you know have a plan to make sure that unit you know you know you're doing so. Well I wish stop a lot of people are okay so to wait for it to have a two week negative isn't it it thinks oh okay. Right now phone numbers to call 8031520. Toll free 88797541. If you have trouble getting him which I don't think you're gonna have you know of right now if you know theory. 0321030323. Years of VO three to four so give us a call be nice we got some new callers for a change to it. As I said he always general close so a lot of good ideas and you know and then you can do your own research when you're the ideas and averages jumped out and buys something that you hear on the show. And your arteries or anybody show and people don't call I have. An article here how much you know about the Federer answer fifteen questions were in the test Peters people on call so and it might know about that preserves history. So give us a call right now we're gonna go to John in buffalo good morning. Hey the morning the liberal. Liberal. So he's does your numbers. A big point and becoming quite as student of the new president. And how he like two new influence. Companies. Just wonder what your thoughts. Maybe you were about is interfering with the NFL. Like actually affecting their business and trying to affect your resume. And then another question about it is. He just stopped subsidies. Or obamacare. Billions of dollars worth of subsidies for low income Americans. And being that your narrow political more financial disorder helmets can affect insurance companies and their stock. Well there ready did you know. You know they've been imagined it they got hit when that news came out and no question about it so it's actually affecting. Yeah he actually hurt the insurance companies stocks. Right no question about that you know and right credited. Then the cut the subsidies out. Police trying to take. The way anything Obama accomplished I think that's his main goal I don't. I don't think Obama accomplished anything but that's beside the point. We got those millions of people that had their subsidies I guess what the real impact of that was. Is there deductibles are gonna go from like 200 dollars to 4000 dollars. Well that's what everybody's saying. Leo let me see what happens when it happens right if it really happens there are bodies coming up with all of these catastrophe ideas OK you don't know really what's gonna happen. And accomplish anything in your view. Well I you accomplished a little bit but he went about it the wrong way you know now but I know throat with just well once again I says that the whole emphasis was totally wrong. But nothing nothing legislative has been accomplished by trump only thing he's managed to do is what you Republicans look to criticize Obama pours through executive orders. So it's okay when your guys doing it. Now it's it's just that there's not a Republican or personal and personally I think I suspect that night I think executive orders should only be used for emergencies or there is. No crime that he. Easy he's now it. I'm not I'm not an anything I don't believe in anybody I think both parties should be eliminated. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are right but on the puck in the important and the new party should rise up. There's all these parties but not all of these parties both of these parties are ridiculous parties. There's one per. Person and on saying these parties that we need in the party we need new parties. Get rid of these parties there right. I don't know what kind of party I'm just saying apart digitally or more down the middle of the road more objective you know the Democrats have going on it. I Hillary Clinton. As political Republican used to be. I have no idea what are Republicans today that view well I have no idea with a Democrat disease you know a bit of the Democrats independent Republicans well I don't go. What do you make in my point both parties have lost everything. And nation are being eliminated. And leave their the parties so park right now that milk and the Democratic Party so part of the last. They probably think that anybody. Because of the Tea Party that so popular they had to change there. Like can't we can't get it passed because the Republican Party hates trample the rights you know it is too many haters and Republican. Does matter and also you and your with the freedom caucus in which helped. I'm not I'm not I'm not with any of them I think we have to have a whole. Clean out but it all. Pro ball just disappear. I think we have the clean out everybody. Clean mullah. Peter would be except that it's it's as well and wanting to trump said was correct question of one thing trumps that was correct was we had to drain the swamp. And that two. People were in charge of fighting against that EPA in charge of the EPA. So they're trying to destroy the government and its agencies very. Now we shall see what happens in the end. Read about so my original question how do you feel about an affecting companies like that I know there's something with ill when the president will always affect companies. Have a presidencies started insulting Boeing. I don't know why he does the things he does I am not happy about a lot of things he does you know but he says it. Far as I'm concerned he shouldn't be saying things all the time what can I say I'm not happy about that you know. Course I voted Foreman but it didn't matter in New York State no voting you know doesn't matter. Well you. You could say that about the whole self into Google. I'm just saying if there and anybody voting for Republican in New York State throws away his vote you know so. I think still the same time. People did you didn't vote of protest vote sometimes I know I've done it late when you say you're not happy with. You're not happy with who's actually running like I voted green just because they knew the Democrat would win. In New York State anyways. You gotta be careful what you're doing well when. You know yeah you do sometimes because you do that you end up getting somebody union in one you know. So while I don't like your city or right exactly yeah so. But anyway we had a bit of financial matters. Soul. Thing is I agree you know in the west and. Back there. Know is that there is no law that he's property up is. Presidency series touring business he's being. Directly himself he's staying it is on prop. We we deeply go back and forth I could tell you about all the nasty things the Clinton foundation and it. All right thank you on an Iowa. And none of Saddam Hussein you know Clinton's beneath the surface of sleaze bags are rate so. Game but not nearly as well they're illegal guns and I'm just saying you know there's you know pop politics. Believe out of every orbit sources but politics is politics you know content in rural import now. Well animal that a lot of it is resentment now. And in the end and to you in the end you may be very happy with all the stuff he does emergency. I think there's a racist element to it too that this is what else are electing liberals elect. We're gonna have to go to financial matters thank you. OK. Next. For can go to Dan that falls. On might do in this guide. She stuck with the Sistine questions Federal Reserve's. Thank god. It. There comes up and do it unbelievable people have their bowl and he's entitled to his opinion. Right other shots and I was so you'd. See him. That's GM Mike Harris got stock I owned I gave up line and run to the source means it's probably good. You know it's it's kind of you are broke so recently. I've got it recently and that just to keep a close now. I mean you know us as we always say every week you miss the sectors the most important thing is some conductors are still leaning sector in the market you know I. And US TM I avoid it to four. Besides a technical thing they said that their leader in some of the areas that are in right now summon more exciting areas so that. Thickly what do you what do you guys think. I have to like it I mean potentially if you want to believe the talk erupt near resistance right now it's one parent. OK but what resistant. It its previous iron and it's like years ago although the years ago to be back in 2007. I 2007. So it's a key area and race that's a key area to when he you know if you take that out. You're probably talking in the high twenties then and so probably around 2829. Though viewpoint and figure objectives 37 and a half Clinton's words. And. And it hit if if it starts to weaken Peter where would you be concerned of. I don't see me take a look and dismisses that as tea and iced tea microelectronics. To Swiss company in there. They're hooked in with Alibaba that's why it's to make an errant. I'm exciting area is is no question that guy out I bought it and they sat with a consent with a all the other semiconductors and moving it was knowing him. And I. The thing I think some of these smaller ones guys they don't. They don't move nicely like somebody I don't mean the you know they'll make their moves very abruptly. Yeah it is funny you know that works and so sometimes I kind of slap myself in the face it every little bit more patient you know aux. I know put you know if you don't late the ups and doubt be viewed. You know Ali I got elected ups and downs on thinking you know maybe somebody smaller that you just you know. Yeah sort of the is I understand that tube and do have to admit that if you do read up on these guys and I'm not a fundamental person by. You know that there were they were in some exciting areas at least you know on okay a matter of fact. I read an article and you did my research did my analysis and I've bought somebody in the same article with them which was cadence you know. And they didn't Tennessee do what is it CD and that's okay yeah. And but anyway. And looking at this year and where where. Yeah were you worried. Well. Probably picture of little impatient and under. The 200 day which of these 1583. On that little but but yeah I mean if you're trying to protect even closer yet. Then you probably don't wanna see it much ended a fifteen day were to be 1832. Under eighteen OK and I I'd say and maybe you know. And unfortunately so when I'm learning in this market is especially with. Smaller and lower priced stocks that got a lot of more volatility on absolutely and unfortunately. Or how we went look at that beat him a little more room yet and you know and you sit there and you cringe a little banged her well until we applaud you know home but. You know but but if you can see that you know like a couple of times a look at NCA you know. If it comes down there. They may you know maybe maybe. Yeah next levels here might well in the accept that Bryant yeah and then get to the site would you accept the next level where there might be support. I think maybe either they whipped it to work with these smaller ones who may be. You know to Bynum when they come back to support and not. Well that's one way the you and item on break. If you bite and the break out than you can get nervous is now comes back and read says and you you don't hold it all it was doing was gone back down to support. And you and you get out because nervous absolutely says Sosa you have to set your own mind you know how you won Anders these things. And to give yourself that feeling more comfort in. Well as an example you know as another example polar example I also have some of Lam Research L Garcia. You know an island there is a more consistent performer I mean it. You know. You can clearly see you balances well I mean did you ask us more consistent anyway it was just. Yet it's you know in one of the tactical terms of sound yeah that's why I always say if you look at chart you can see whether you're buying heart attacks and yeah it was it. Or like you're saying you know is there a more persistent type of trend there. And you know so for example if you look at the last big pulled that. Was from 170. Two. 150 land. Yeah yeah which was at twenty point pullback there. But that's why you know 12% rated you mean it's I checked and it you know and and since August it's been. Very persistent. And yeah very nights ago. And if I was looking at that moment mean. Even now when now the fifty they would be back in 69. Close that one aiding. You know not been doing this and it's very nice yeah. So 169. For support. One last thought you guys are going and going back again we've talked and they kissed him. Another line know we mentioned in the past is that you see TT. I think they're giving your heart attacks but it just keeps would utter. Yeah I know I agree totally I mean it's. But you know I mean you know I mean if I mean if I look at this you know back in June July yet had a big pulled her. A little bit I think it actually pulled back well if you get a hundred dated 200. Never adapted to it might have been hundreds of hearing. And yeah broke the fifty day back in July all the security cat you know get out and that it went up again. They came down to the fifty day went slightly under and again you know. But since then it you know kind of rode it then it finally took off you know. The maybe that would have been the point to get it when it came back down and held a fifty yup. So I think it broke off to a new hire right. And now you made a new highs and a lot of times you know where you do say well okay well it held the fifty but yeah how do you know what's holding it right and now. Say say it comes down to fifty which it did and it went sideways for several days now you by the break out. OK we're just sitting in now so now it's closed at 3360. Looks like there are any victory. And so where would. Well it was a fifty right now. Fifty. Ways below now is it's now. All accelerated away from the fifth the abuse about 2570. You know so so so let them by the you're talking about previous streak that previous ones yeah. So assuming you know buying at the fifty is a gutsy move decided you know it's really you know priced at eight. But so you what you do as you look for a little consolidation OK and then it breaks out of of that little consolidation and al-Qaeda held an approved. That it held you know there are some support that this sport was there and now the buyers come in and. And where was not pursued what was our consolidation here. That consolidation. Was back in September. Around the 23. Area 2324. So you could abort the break out once it broke out above. 2471. So why weren't we talking about. If hindsight is always easier than it. But right now media. You'd have to if you wanted to look at the week. To accomplish the task that break out again. Yeah or might just keep going that's your choice in other words it some people might buy half you know. But again in the break out was again at 3218. I. 830 to retain yup. All right so it comes down and it comes down improves to news that area and it's holding it and then you might want to abide in there and apparently some people might say I'm just gonna buy it on the test where you take your chances. Is a test going to be successful or fail. You know I think now the world. October all the good and just wait. Well here you have a note don't forget Tuesdays at thirtieth anniversary. Of the 1987 crash. All right. I don't look great that's. At and Barry naturally had also it's of articles about the crash in this this weekend's newspaper. Thanks to save an excellent show on Thursday there. OK right now for mines are wide open you know three you 1520 to 30797541. If you have trouble getting in which as of right now as it three. Threes in 030321224. So give us a call lines are wide open hopefully non political matter. You're very quiet over there. That's just me yeah so what we have that we have a decent we can market less but yet we death market moved up a little bit. So some delicate Tanya and you know these the sectors that have been the leading sectors are still up there's semiconductors are up 3536%. That he. Technologies the second sector. And you have believe it or not you know home builders. And and trying to remember the third set the right now. Banking non banking and bank things home health care drop down below that might have been you know after. What's happening in terms of the executive order might affect health care area. And that may be wise point pull back a little bit from the top of the does present Obama gave all the health care companies all they easy money. Not take a back health care still up there. Yeah but it's definitely had to pull back a little bit to pull back there because they'll get a semiconductors and am looking at as measured by the ET gaps in US entity. Recipe TS tonight not disrupt within 35 point 7% year. Technology up 25 point one. Health care still up nineteen point 60 would be in third place in homebuilders ninety point one it's funny how people had given up on home builders interest rates are going topsy. And Lotta things what you think is gonna happen. Doesn't work right now so and actually ten year treasuries not to 28 down from 235. To 36 but a year ago as one Sunday. Now it's come up wage. And only quickly tuned. But remains to be saying you know failed voted Fed's gonna raise rates which they probably. Most likely will do in December. Sort of a couple months and unless something happens in between. Change revenue of one month figures. But you know you know is that really gonna have much of an effect than ten year I don't know. Who knows in. Hasn't had a big effect really you know. Upton till now so it remains to be seen as we said you know. Still you know Europe and Japan and so forth they've been pumping money into the world economy. No money as the goes some place and a lot of it comes into our bonds as we have eyes deals. Around early and certainly much about your much of Japan. And you know so money tends to flow back into our bonds and that's why that might be a cap on ten years. It's. We are gonna take a break. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven. Was there separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. 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Is what is this videotape which India and amber at Wimbledon crown its citizens Viacom class day and say. Well we appreciate that. Otherwise let's take another break to make that person again so but anyway. So there is Viacom class say invite them class B. Side in the fuel and one of them so I'll pick one of them. Yet at the shouldn't be a big difference between Iran. Looks terrible but you quickly yeah. And edit edit terrible yeah and looks terrible. Doesn't have any positive outlook for granted when terrible wrong Malia and at redstone I thought won me. I removed and when my daughter came Panasonic craziness stuff. They got that could be up as do better yet but there's a lot of things going on in the media business now. Things are changing very rapidly. That anybody notice what happened AT&T this week. They've been losing subscribers in the cable business. And competition and you know just streaming services. And I. And all these other things you know who loses you as a young person this I think it's affecting all these business rising. Would try come of course they the United States didn't. Is he going to be in the this is the World Cup I believe it is in the fox has their contract. They have that's just. Resolve those things but you know you know basically you know is it. Broke below the 200 day moving average went up to it we get stuck right there at 4142. Bucks that was the death now operate there. Knows it was a once it got stuck there and instead of breaking down game was over here. And but now where's the possibility. And the agencies. I'm having a hard time finding any support for this. This god please that'd be some some place with. The and and the right now. The only real long term support on this is in the about eighteen and answer it. Dallas is around 36 me but you know that doesn't mean it has to go down there and where did you close 33 something right yeah. Present and signed and you were in that city Beckett is trying to sell for about office. Just their prognosis is so poor. Well I mean it it doesn't look very good and if you're really you know you take a loss in thirty days from now users say. Well made maybe it's looking better might wanna buy it again you know. By the did it come down and very high volume and I mean just take a look at that. And seized at any kind of climactic by human. Know some food. You look at the big dips it and then. It. This season hasn't been doing well. Yet had a little bit of a pop up on it now and you know if it rallies it they would have trouble getting a vote. It's they say 37 and a half for something like that and that area. You know fox is also involved with the revised I'm also involved with contact contract disputes with the charter. Who's very large cable company and so. And you know so it's possible the rally back through 37 area and I mean you know that's a possibility. By and I might say you know when I just take the loss and afterward if it looks like there's a great reason you know. To get back and find it to buy again after thirty days and they've taken a tax loss. And that that's helpful and oh on his. He's. But it sounds. Got a little bouncing back. I know he's not that was no it hasn't done well and dropping. Only it's I just don't. Are needed this thing's been going steadily downhill zone no question about. So what do you think and then another one to solve it just seems that's the directions and gone are sometimes. It was strong. For him. Yeah it's quite a lot wrong there quite awhile I mean this has been downhill since. Geez way back in 2016. New or tonnage downgrades in August soon. And yeah its recent C Morgan Stanley Citigroup and Credit Suisse and that yeah basis and is amazing how this thing is just totally tend to. Non. And try and look. Right now I would darling. Oh via its. It's a support level at fourteen. And you know below that. Could go on to its ease ease mortar. Close at fourteen and he. So it's possible holes might watch it a little not much. Otherwise it could drop down at nine or ten area. And its look like it's another one that you might want to take tax laws and say yeah I happen to be added and a long term support. They might wanna watch it given little. Time but not much. You know okay. That's in and that just one question. I don't know by and so I Eaton. I Knoll. I hate it at some point I think I understand bonds and then another. Time I don't know I realized what I don't know. Sports. But you know look like when you hold in the bond now say. Short term intermediate not long term right I'm. It looks like the income peace. Thus because you know it's rising. In doing OK. Although the principal dropped even. Am I correct in understanding that the in com. Can make up for the principal drop depending. You know not insane and IRA national. Well I can. Except for how far is their principle dropped country if you want to rationalize. You can rationalize anything saying OK the stock dropped 10%. But I've gained 15% over the last five years and income but that's. Not really. It depends why you buy. About denying he lost his right I sense you know he's buying short in emerge immediate term lines review which are gonna have less. While resolutely with interest rates right. So if if he was collecting 5% which animal that's the case you know probably non. It's but if you wore it dries and you say hey my wrist if in and you looked at the version with duration. And you say okay if interest rates go up this percent. My in my binds principles gonna drop this much music is that gonna wipe out my income and have to figure that out crime right into him. Talking a bond funds. Yes they got the look up the duration. Right and I Afghanistan that I know that you know you do that yummy to a certain extent it can make up for say well OK if it drops 3% non collecting 5% right I'm still to present ahead assuming you're saying. Yup that's what I. Understand that correctly exactly yeah then they can happen like. So that Iran and arguments that in fact it kind and to and the arm bar and when the rates have gone up that's what you want fear bondholders if you want the income. Because income goes. Well if it goes up gradually. The problem with rates that are raising rapidly it's gonna have a bigger negative effect on your principles so we sure you want him going up what you want him going up gradually which they've basically done. And then settled down a little and all of a sudden you get into rates. And it rates were the feds raising a quarter every month you're going to be in trouble amendments to. Well but you don't yeah not one you're not in favor of them raising. I don't think there's any reason to at this point position as me. Yeah yeah but. You're in trouble them not a good sign I don't but I I know I know what you're saying is just. I I think they're trying to get too far ahead of the game oh yeah if they don't. And we do have rampant inflation lucked out that's very negative due to especially people in fixing comes high interest rates so. It's a tough dilemma there and but yes I there's no reason they should theories are based on what we have for right now. Okay I'm with you about. Thank you okay thanks for the info I appreciate it. And because accounted when actually you do okay well we've reached the end at a show. Unfortunately there were few clothes left on line. Which tends to happen you know at this time and show that. At any rate same emotion during the break to talk to one more process right that break kind of destroy the whole thing is person could have gotten this call capitalism that break. I don't know that's. I'm Switzerland at any way if it. We will see what happens next week on the thirtieth anniversary. Of the 1987. Crash I remember that vividly unfortunately guidance due. And you know. Always tell people make sure you know via clan in the market received your own research and it is important you. To hear an idea and anybody show you know or you read it earns whenever you know. Nature at its suitable for you makes me pictures. You know you know you're doing in terms of wage should be given people you know they tell you to buy this what they may be all excited because they bought a ten points and go and write some of the shows of people will recommend stuff for short term trade side. So be very careful until next week keep a little powder dry for opportunities and will be back. Next week and nice weekend. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. 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