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In the RI AM Peter Greco good morning Peter David Brownstein Howard you with this find Chris. Morning. Advocate I couldn't believe I was walking in complaining how cold it was where I believe in waiting for the weather to break it. But anyway it's a nice and have cool weather that's Fisher. Right now at September 8 2018. Channel 4 in the morning and we always say that because of the show is rebroadcast on this station ESPN 15:20 AM. At a buffalo new York at midnight. Unless there is a sporting event beyond after the sporting event. We are also available every week Clyde streaming from ten to 11 in the morning. At her web sites Sampras than dot com that's SAT. ER as steel and that come. And most devices that can connect to the and that should be able to picket the show light streaming all of our shows are also archive to the website website. And if you to a mrs. show or you wanna replays show of the show will be on the web site. And then finally last but not least every week there's a free economic report by stone and McCarthy. Concise. Two point. Kept catalog charts and financial indicators with interest rates and that they talked heavily about the unemployment. Figures say came mountain how they're getting conflicting signs. From strengthen the economy yet known inflation and you know waking going LP that there's going to be an interest rate increase at the end of September but. The big question is will they do it to just December and and I don't think they well I think two trump all the new fed chair. Is a more realistic and than the previous ones he's now an academic so. I think he realizes this is snapped three point nine unemployment sent the same plus they had two major. Revisions. To the employment rolls it reduced the amount of workers so. We shall say. December's a little way off so that funny at time to debate this for a few months. So anyway if you do want to get free economic report which is available at four or five and Friday or early Saturday morning. Go to the website Sampras and I com. And if you click on the economic commentary tab you can get the free economic report. Right now phone lines are wide open and give us a call 80315. Top twenty over 808797541. Table 31520. Or 808797541. Also. You know we do really want to talk to people causes a quote driven show but if you don't wanna make caller didn't go to the web site. Coated dollar doctor Ted. Click on live streaming. Go to the bottom of the page in his chat box and you can type in a question or put assemble and and if you do put a symbol and let us know what you wanna buy it. Celek. War. You just wanna hold it and see if that makes sense to hold that so to give us you know call or use chat box right now phone lines of inner. All open 8031520. Toll free 808797541. And I guess last week we had a little nervousness in the market so. We shall see what happens you know from this point on the NASDAQ took a pretty big hit last week and lot of selling intact and social media and so forth right now we're gonna go to Tom in town of 1 good morning. Regarding Peter you don't okay how are you. We'll try. Hoosiers Scioscia today. David Brownstein. Of David there today at a news yet tomorrow morning good morning from. Got to Sartre and AMP. You know today. Do you monitor. Yes it your all day. It came alive we. Well that's that'd been alive for one couple months and no relief. It's her it's Rand from nine to what 28 or so and he's 1138 and a close. Yeah I got a thirteen. That's you're in good shape there that's Fisher. You know right now on the and it will be affected by what's going on technology you know it might crying came out with somewhat disappointing. I think. No. Forward information that they were given about the company so. Companies are conscious via no question about it has I don't know what effect the terrorists me here. So you know obviously. It's you know in that the price objective for what it's worth an important figure charges 32 and half. Which would be nice. You know right now trying to find a reasonable. Potential stop on it it is a little difficult from the ages changed chart room where. And it's suit. It's we won't. Point five and that. They'll line him talking moments so. We're used to here refutes who. Our ice. This one right years ago. Such and so you know you you YouTube playing this longer term error how are you you know you re trying to hold as long as you can't or law. I'm not gonna. See what I can jump out and. Okay. Well. You know the first level if you drop below 24. Okay. That would be either of the first level and considers it now. Okay one more move in NG BT. And George Victor. Is it engine of the even though because. Economy specialized chemicals palm O they came out of that company had you mean. Yeah it came out of Lester it well I less steak or that he went struck bought them and that struggle where it struck. I think. More boys than it's been very nice stock that's this year. Are also at 9930 if you haven't a much lower levels there. Oh yes site together great thirteen. You're kidding roughly a you should be doing the show outlook and that you. Let's see them go back over here. In fact they never got an annual report. Called I'd call them up last week you mean I was very. Question talk leases. What time Lucinda. Masters and reported this year in particular is so much. Interest in there and usually call anybody that this. Pretty good since that. Are you lucky yet people's sometime I can say yes. Boyd is the place that it he would have been consolidating. For a short time you know between. Looks like. 97. And a hundred. And then it broke out and hid under and two. And you know in the next potential target on the point and figure charts 114. And if I did they do do that with it with what they call vertical count horizontal tail would you view 234567. 21 handed bad about 118 so 114 a when a team might now be a bad target. You know if it potentially. Could be reevaluated. If it hit 96. The only information you're quite welcome thank you for the call I don't we have a good. That your callers today I hope so too. Pretty cool twenty all you may wake him up. And it's your fault right. And his record right now right. I would to market on an idea he's a great guy currently the. Okay take care. OK give us a call phone lines pretty wide open they don't 31520. Toll free 808797541. And go next the rich and agro falls good morning. All good morning Peter that Hornaday the mourners. You did Dollar General. Dollar General. Was that DG. Yeah. It's the yeah. Boy. Some Leone right yeah okay if that's a good to air the a beautiful breakdown no question about it potential target. The point and figure chart is 127. Close at one and 82 and boy he'll tell you in the unit of had been going kind of sideways you know big trading range. Between Y 85 it looks like maybe now 102 under and four. Broke out of that so now you'd be looking for the hundred areas and you know hundred unwritten Ford B support. The stock. And footsie in the way of that chart for looks really good which. That's good earnings looks like it had a big pop at the end of the year. I would say did you have this and much lower levels are. Much lower level Yemen deal owners of much cheaper price than it is right now. And home now known as. Always his putter recently in the. Have recently yeah yeah there's a guy and they got nightly business report it was promoting. Dollar tree so. Maybe that sector like you say might be pretty good. Yeah that's got a vision got a government in several years ago somebody was gonna buy one of them as when you buy both of them up. So that the but anyway let me just take a look at something I'll see you real quick. Justices who vote for years the other one that's been very active in this area as far below he had mentioned them. Exactly yeah Cramer was. Talking about. Yeah it's interesting that I went in the stores. You know. Into who cares about this stuff you know but when it's very big for the team market and young people. And and I didn't buy in and wireless mouse there if that's a and I told the no we bought some for you know for of our firm view of the day assuming you over their five bucks apiece for wireless mouse pretty cheap anyway. So I ignored it when it was fifty dollars you know now it's what won 34. And 130 in them just unbelievable so but anyway back to. Reality Dollar General 200 days in 97. Fifty day at one of two. So I mean if if you're a longer term you wouldn't want to via and in 97. And also. Looking at it. Close supports about 104. And then ninety's of and so. Now another. Bitter America. Electrical power APP. They haven't looked at that in decades ADP void should have been looked. Oh beyond that and soon. He EP. Lot of times you don't look at some of these things in the news. I hate facilities 7216. I know what looks nice and interest and that's a real technical comment you know looks nice and the loan didn't look too good if you don't do that these higher level yet what you undated seven aid but then it came all the way down to 63 you know now it's rolling again you know. So you know right now I mean the potential price target and boy you better take this month. Grain of salt this 94 in the point and figure chart obviously you have to you know annexed area or veto at seven DA time. Seats and watch it around there you want to see it take that now. And you know right looking better right now of the 200 days it's 6950. Days is seventy. So now certainly wouldn't want to see it on the 69 you know. It would do more sure. Okay do. You. Utility day duke. And actually don't mean it you know after a kind of dying with all utility group it's it's given a couple of buy signals. Potential target hundred which is not. Out of the realm of possibility but 91 was the recent high. Back in losses in 2017. So ideally should be moving toward the you know 91 area. Posted 8240s and emote normalcy you know CF that. And the point and figure chart reevaluate. Its 77. And you're 200 days is 7950. Days it may be so you know ideally you want to see it. Probably if you wanna give it a little room 77. And you'd like to Seattle at 200 days 79. The last one love Nash you know you talk about utility National Fuel Gas. And yeah. And that's GU. Close at 55 three. EI and I mean it's come back nice from that big plunge in open it it's in a resistance area. That ran you know from 55. Up to me is say 59. So you in that resistance so it kind of watching very carefully here. 200 days 5350. Days 55. Sophia a long term or you don't want it back on the 53. And dale right now you got to churn through all this resistance that your and. Well there's no problem and then me receiving. Nice built in the middle winters com. It's always been it's been pretty stable. Yeah it it you know it's been stable it and technically mean really had a terrible break down. When it went down the 49 because it's kind of took most most if not all of its support going back to the middle of 2016. Count. So I guess I'd have to say you know it is somewhat impressive that after doing that he managed to find its way back you know so. By the supporters around what Peter. All of that's abuse you don't wanna see this blows 200 day 53. Somewhere in that area that goes back on the 53. That could be a problem than it could go back to 49. You know if you're a long termer then you say 48 you know Euro. What does support on the giants. Its supporters and yeah yeah well I go over there are triggered. As much money as late as. Back ailments on I I told a friend of mine and they got to go tenants there. Well it's it's interest doing you know I guess wasn't Jacksonville leading rushing team last year. And and so what did there was I say they've roared in three defensive alignment at the the golf creates freeagent people simple we shall say and hopefully they made some good moves so. Always great talking to you Peter and David didn't you just have a great way. A tour thank you very much for calling I appreciate it very much go they'll take care right now phone lines are a pretty wide open field through fifteen when he. Toll free 808797541. Mom gonna go next to Dennis in Batavia good morning. Now Leo. Good morning. What do you think that it Canada. Time I think Brian. You know we're here to kind you can look at sixteen. So we. Had asked who's that scandal ridden two weeks ago called the if they inability. Yeah I make is you know it it certainly had nice rebound where are closed in 1952. And seven cents at seven census very important. So we know right now I mean. We took him. Permit you know ridiculous. Yeah well yet has support Ford should be bit you know unfortunately. Euro the assembly damage that. 1920. To 24. You wouldn't hold its problems you and I hope this vote you don't think that that. Should we carefully apple. Has. These two legion and took the process. They kicked eight yep. Well wishers AME I mean that nineteen young when he areas so that's the important supports we shall see. Great. Both go to the upside boys at I think you know if you look at the polling figures chart ten. It won't break until it gets the 2052. Hour. Opera. The mere friendly 5% I saw it. Which you know yet it at the at these levels of sounds tremendous but it is like you say you know percentage wise it's not a big deal. And that we're AT. Yeah. They exceed VI Activision. On remembering. A aren't really notice when he something right now and I'd I took like one or two point prosecutors. And so 7357. You better bring that up a couple of I'm sick myself whenever it is and knows that well I mean right now it's you know broken down a little. And wouldn't want to see it go to 68 here. And it's a big boo ya. Okay. McCain can afford and wants. To put it. Well hopefully not him with any luck not to pick at the close to 76. Okay. That would be a buy signal to a move to 81 in the. Hoop which can question his. He came here all over the place. Tell you no question about it you know. Kids who thought they generally. Place to beat keeps. It's just a matter you know what the feeling is in the market you know and anything anything it's going up a lot. If people get nervous they've sort selling you know so. They think you know. It would tariffs. Well I don't know did he announce anything. I sayings of Texas terror for everything that comes out to China everything that comes the this negotiation tool is a negotiator anybody who thinks he's not and negotiator hasn't been paying attention are doing their homework so. Having lived in New York City fifty years I can tell me it's. Yeah and and and you know if I if foreign tire from China comes into the United States is to two and a half percent terrorists. If the US cargoes is China it's a 25% terror and what what's even about that. All right so he said 25 well negotiates off at seven or ten or six he'll negotiate it. Well I mean all the all the things that he's attacking he's right you know just a question of right exactly where there's no other way yep it's all right in the China Russia yeah. Mean people who just who I don't know I don't like is correct that happens then. Don't. Who's at. Oh yeah well that always happens right and it's in George Bush takes credit literally let me terrible yes. And. Well somebody somebody said and and I know it's impossible that the Democrats could put out a ticket with him as vice president and. So why do you do that I don't I know anyway. All right. Okay good talking the evidence isn't there at the region okay. There they give us a call 8031520. Toll free 80797541. Connects the Dominick in Sarasota good morning. Howard you haven't heard from you know while. Well I've been Malaysia might get a fracture of an elbow on the clavicle so Obama would have been the other guy. No let this be I trip over speed on what are going to France. I was actually left electric I could draw on my hip replacement cycle of the long lines. It's eight months so now that it would work batter out but you know but it could have been a lot of rumors but it's a lot worst. I get to one I ordered him one night huge column next extra energy and the and General Motors GM. And he you know if you own right now right. Right I guess that I'm just ESP. And it Bruins buried. I mean that's one of the one of them the better if not best. Utilities out there right now closed at 17210. Yeah just amazing and potential target on his 202. Based on the point figure chart once again you know you take that with a grain of salt that's just based on that approach that method of calculating targets. Looks very very strong with 200 days in one's sixteen. So you know as a long term investor I wouldn't wanna see it on the 160. That's about it. Brokered. Live longer prop IR Bennett 65 alarm I had a per about six years while you're the president good dividend and you know. And that's a it sort triggered it is. You know I'm glad I guess that was sort. While you rate the gun right you've picked the right utility does Geiger brought great debt well LA even now I see a lot of people are talking utilities always mentioned this one's. Anyway for what it's worth and what about General Motors. Oh well we'll. Let's take goal looked that's marquis jet dropped a couple billion from last week yeah. I mean it just broke down again minds. Well so what are you doing it looked in the buy this thing. Well yeah I had owned a four inch hole and it was like 41 my older I've. Looking to get back in but there was a you know I idealistic guy out yesterday. Are actually 2:1 yesterday morning we're staying that yo dude he expected General Motors to go up because of you know we were playing in terms though. Let apparently Tesla has yeah collector tires. Right and that stopped at what's going back and there's like some sub compact cars. And that's stocks he thought that they would go what could make at least by six dollars this year. And it may not be this year but you know. Down the road get banner that their guy yesterday were talking that you know it's quite different for extra 34 could go to 3132. No that's just gonna say that sitting next next support is 32. And support on that that's 3730. To 32 area. If you interest didn't dabbling you know your barn area so would be thirty to 32 that's definite you know as far as a potential support area. We're during. Well listen to next year's earnings per share is 597. According to them seem Peterson Richard. Yeah I mean that you got to realize that. Cars are very cyclical and it is cyclical industry. And they don't carry eyed peas you know we always look on my guy that's all right he went they always trade loyalties. Right. And to get type one or sure what about crap times. Where does that symbol on it and it. It's just that I thought that it is. Yes I know I am GM is he thought there was EP SP earnings per share with the the price earnings ratios similar 568 the. Alia I mean it was all my god that's a bargain you know ballots counted a trade at today yeah I'm I remember too you don't winner but he made a big deal not too long ago about Ford. And and the F 150s and there in the trucks and ally does not went up in the Ford stuff right breast or are girl. So anyway. In looking at Kraft Tynes it's you know the important support forward now is around 55. You know. And that I think something holding the stock down as is the idea that they might be buying Campbell's soup. Oh really yeah that's that I mean and I don't know anything obviously other than listening to. Some of the Talking Heads but somebody's gonna buy Campbell's soup and they're talking about Chris Iannetta B of rather large acquisitions some people might be. Not happy post and. Yes I'd say you know to 54 to 55 areas it is very important support to known and who broke that that'd be a problem now. Is. Not holding that you're next support would be. Somewhere in the 4546. Area. And I just keep an eye on it you know you know well. I. I'd have liked David sent IP indict a well thought it was caught a lot of these girls there from CNBC and he said that worker that for what they think it's worked it's worked. But because the way that. Food industry is going. You know what what did you say how much you cut value must have a call coming in or something what would you say he said it was worth. We'll know he said it network or what they think it worked out yeah you have because he that would curb food industry and that carpet. It's a very. You know a tough business right now he had that stop that you see General Mills and you know some of these other. Food industries Kellogg and stop had been being beat up to. Gloria no question about it you know and you know basically but the only other company will be around a long time it didn't get it can. You know if you're looking to just buy a little little whatever you know mid to low forty's problem. Four point 4%. To end here bright area or you have my head I actually had crept and I sold it when they bought Kraft. Well. President went up 2627. Dollars a share that day. You do it I'll tell you know what you're doing. Well no I've ever just lucked out that's. That's I remember I remember having Enron stock. You know or yeah. I used to work for so rightly wanted to. But what the world departure. State of my life solved and I'd like to thank you very much ado here I'm in good you do better and I thank you. Okay take care thank you very much for calling. OK right now while or waiting for calls phone numbers are 8031520. Toll free 808797541. We're gonna take a quick one minute break will be right back. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven weathered separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. 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The other an early rebound on the criminal side handle and can hit the big time Pete what are out valuable oil it's unbelievable. Who will be excited I'd like to go down there aren't sure what what what. It's going to be a little cold down there are so Italy's but anyway it it's like ten degrees cooler downtown and then. You know who. Know a rough week for the NASDAQ. You know down two point 6%. What is interesting it is. They mentioned in this week's Barron's. No it's possible to so often high flying tech names might be just a blip like so many times before. And you know somebody from is this guy Tom leave from. Fund stretch global advisors and his son Susie CO time but he said since 1926. The top three sectors of the market heading into September. Continue to outperform mintier ends me beating the S&P by one point five percentage points. Although he acknowledges that 2017. Was a mid major exception to this rule but in general you know that ten tends to happen you know. So that would mean then the S and he's up seven point four. That means and as I still gonna come down but this is the same time Lee who said that going it's going to be 20000 by the end of the did nearly get oh now we Hussein but he ended year. No he he says predictably has predicted twenty authority I when he doesn't oh yes that was this year he says okay it would go to 20000. So you know right now you know we as we've said the strongest groups and years and technology. And you know consumer discretionary and so those those those word you know two of the strongest groups remains to be seen as another question and yes the weather will be another. You know thing that follows the pattern or you know it doesn't you know and in in Havoc independent anything to be always write all the time and I'm looking you know consumer discretionary for the years up 17%. It's amazing yeah but of course I think consumer discretionary is gonna Amazon. There and yet there's that he got to look at what when and where I went in there because it can sway you one it's likely that the open and how heavily weighted consumer. And you know technologies' second best sectors the year as of the moment. And we've been denied the third best retail. Which everybody had given up on some shots and don't pay attention to you read it or a year ago. It though we say none of that matters what matters is the price is right what's happening so if you know OK so right now give his colleague at 31520 toll free 80879. 7541. And we're gonna go next to. Giants know they Gerry Gerry and call them the morning. Good morning appeared dazed tomorrow. Or asking him about. I wanted to ask about retreat stacked one of which I own a long time ago and sold for profit that in down. DL NG. TL NG. See. Ups nine gas LNG partners. Mine's thing's fallen apart. Close it a 93. Now see right now this support back from 2016. Is seven. So you know there's nothing not on the chart that says jump then you so other than the fact you know you're nearing net. Important support back from 2016. Around seven area know me just. A look at one more thing and so this is one of those that if you think you on about nation always buy a little mean and should. If you want to. And I just lost track of so quick so. Eleven point 2% dividend at this price on. You know what happened was. Short term memory when it patent. TO NG yeah. Well you know it is also kind of interest thing man you know this year. The bottom. Back in you know slide. On out 2000 seasons it's that bottoms that's the key. Now somewhere in that seven area if you're looking in and you've done re you know and we failed to say it again but we're supposed to say it all the time do her own reserves. But you know take a look at it and you know you're you're cut in it seems like it's trying. To round up and come off their Alaska last couple months ago. So. You know if you think there is a good reason this might not be of various store look and an. Okay the next word is Qualcomm which are owned. No this takes a look at that from QC UO am phone company. Players came back from the dead that's for sure. 71 that says it's right back up that important resistance right now close at 7030. Yeah. It's important how big runoff. Have you had held there for awhile older. The yeah. Well over a year but tonight devote one of the steps to lower. And I just suddenly they take the small. Well your key resistance right now you know fifth you know it's been really trading range you know approximately. You know actually got down the way it 45 or so. But you know say around the fifteen is seven the areas is trading ranges and and I just watching very closely here you know if if it continues with some strength. You know it could get back up into the eighty area you know. And Obama just take a look at one other thing is when the switched to a daily chart group went. I mean I mean in books and I am considering the weak in the market has held up very well. So I would say you know it you know either of you that her. If they dropped below 67. You know in that area then I might. Did you view little concern that is gonna pull back you know. They did it ever a bite bare save you some because in the Dutch auctions off to. Recently as I do business. No I normally I normally don't do those at all. The last one is chilly ideally. Q you know he. GI LT. Looks terrible. Well I don't own and so. The word you are troubled by. Well possible buys right word is that it. In that 71 area which is it is you know is very important support. I go all the way back that was a gap area it's been touched 120. So many times I can't count it you know. So I'd say 71. And then it broke down below that. The next important support would be around 6068. Yourself. This is 7222. Yes a 68 to 71 if you look in the nibble and you know and even where it is now if you want to buy a little. And but you know keep denying it to have a legacy of the breaks down from where it is now than sixty H the next level. And below that it would be. It's and 65. Do you have time to anymore oh sure sure. Iron Mountain and I Arum. Art films. I look in the via her yeah. This in looking at. Said. Three times up to the almost 37 area. Important resistance for. And you know looks like it could be coming back down here question oh ahead of kind of a bad day and Friday. So I would say looking and it. It could come down to. 34 of 3334. Of you know. Close at 3636. Yeah so not bad really you know so on two and a half percent of trying to you know. And I mean look at one other thing and didn't pull out via point and figure chart on and so look at that real quick. Yeah that's basically you know you know it's been going kind of sideways for a long time. And technically you could look at the point figure chart when an. Hit 36. When you say closed down 3630. Cents so 36 gave them buy signal this now saying that. It could go up to resistance at forty one's. And the price target on the point and figure charged 47. So it's doing their incomes have. Yeah so. So hopefully letting you get too many numbers may. OK thank you very much a call for each year of very much okay. Right now phone lines pretty wide open generous call 8031520. Tool for you 808797541. Cohen next to Paul and Sloan good morning. The guys I told. You. Get a crazy one here for and NASDAQ. Global. When an increase out toward I don't know if I'm just saying X Arab peace. Accent. So earthy insurers not gonna work on this web sites to find it and the way it's. XRV. Look at that chart. It's that the rate company now I can find SOX ray Roberts Peter. No picks are X Arab peace sorry guys. It's all right that's a senate acts is an X ray ours and Robert Pease and Peter you've got to yanking funds. Can find you on the go one more thing around I tried to wells remains at four. Well it's it's it's kind of a money transfer kind of thing useful and needed his outfit swift doesn't now and it does this law in this excerpt he is now all of doing this stuff and out in the Far East and that users are blocked chain. All he's watching the tightest track he brought it force sensor that went to 29 says he's gone bananas you know he's. Extrapolating and so the millionaire dollar subsidy is cool. I'm not to spend it. Well. Unfortunately I've tried three web sites and I've got Google but it it doesn't really give a signal feed it to assemble its. Doesn't give a symbol on. Its current. XRP dash UST summary for ripples USD. Crippled. What is it ripple UST. Ripple US dollar from him. And then it looks like it's on the Boston maybe XRP that PS. And BS might stand for something more than Boston stock exchange and Danone and in fact. Unfortunately I can't find anything in real milestone gridlock and sealer. There votes you can buy between any sense. Can only lose torn in unsound so it's good and. There are always guys thanks and it was. Australia we had some video which we did McCain come up with anything thanks anyway yeah opted to clear going. OK right now phone lines are dim wide open you know 315 when he told tree 80879. 7541. We do some and the chess saudis didn't go to that you are looking to buy Constellation Brands some little s's and Sam T isn't Ramsey isn't zebra. Close at 21172. I've been thinking about that only because they made their big investment in the canvas industries there. Smokers Fiat and that's what. What's his name in Lamas. And where to close. To 1172. On the point and figure chart is not looking that good. So let's take a look at one other thing real quick. Press TZEST. Easy installation Brett. Ends. Didn't give me much more. So and looking at this real quick. So it's on that it's under the 200 day which you don't like to see which is to twining. And it's right around the fifty day. So I would say the you know if you have a strong reason and you looked into it you know is look in the buy it right yes that's it and you know. Mean I was kinda looking at it for as they say is they made that big purchase and can be growth CGC. And and also there are great companies immunity they boy though most of wine industry. Seoul you know so it's it's it's been a great stock to say the least. I would like to see it. Above two twining now. So if you have a strong reason that apple little that's fine but a particular way nicely through two twining. You know Bennett Danica become very bullish again. Go up to test at 236 area who knows after that you know so it paid four billion dollars. Yeah to a quarter 35%. Ownership in the kidney candidates. Picture this the largest. And of his company can actually it's the blue chip. Of the camp of this industry early. They are you know I'm glad people don't it's what is you know and unfortunately. You know. Some people hear him but you to see the way the world's going so anyway yes that's I would look at her right now yet if you've done Euro researches we don't we say in. In I've been kind of vote looking at myself and just watching at the moment but you know forgotten. Through 220 with which some strength and so forth. And it could be on its way to another nice moves that's with the right now 52 he tries to move. 38 PM right now an area and and then if you. You know right now I would say support office it's probably. Around the to know when 98 to two under him for. So that's that side you're looking at right now. So that's it. Give us a call via time for at least one more call. It's 8031520. Toll free 808797541. So give us a call or you know used chat bucks real quickly. That's Sampras than that come you go to the dollar ducked to click and eyes streaming. Go to the bottom of the page in this is Jeff bucks there. And you know while waiting for a call up. But when you wanna talk about. Well the New York fed chair was in buffalo recently this weekend to cut to happen. He said we shouldn't be afraid to invert the yield curve. Which of course is one these two year treasury goes above the ten year. So within about twenty basis points or less and look and says they need to make. The right decision based on our analysis of where the economy is and where it's heading in terms of our dual mandate goals. It sounds. It sounds off anyway yeah you know fed to accept a drawn Powell's not like the exact morning and a pop up. If we're to require us to move rates up to the point where the yield curve was slander inverted that would be not be something I would find more in some on its own. Tub out that. Okay we're gonna go next the run in Alexander good morning. According. What are Portia thought about maybe going over this to criticize it was outside and CR ON. No we didn't. Know the nice Canada's plagued me the all right what are you looking at it. No I'm just looking at it. Well. You know some when you go outside you need to take the phone or the we couldn't leave aside right. I mean it is our net and it has been one of the better plays. I can't remember whether it whether they they do that packaging or what it was you know I remember reading about the way. Well they're higher tax I think you be more of the and demanded Madison. Again medicinal via alone anyway and then you know you know be closed but 111990 and potential target take afoot its words it's worth on the point figure charts about 21. And you know it would give an all out break out at thirteen and half. And then let me just take a look at what support with these forward real quick. And and feel yet of this will be a little volatile say at least you know but but supports properly down in the nine area right now. OK. Okay but what is it is one of the interest employees you know in their right so yeah. Bob square. Are doing a little bit and square and you look. You view on some of that that thing just keeps going gonna bother you at seventy like a few weeks ago did you really yeah mind me just take a look at 8997. Just don't leave home. It's a great product if it's just unbelievable. Square look what we are. It is a well it is being got to realize it's come a long way aiming at them if watch with the markets do as a telephone you know they start and acting out of everything in intact or anything and it's a problem but. Right now. You know. It looks you know very strong but here yup it dropped to. Probably around 84 than I'd be concerned about it you know. Okay. Now it didn't get hit like these. Knowledge is a matter of fact it was up on Friday Brian. So close averages of just watches it watches very carefully like I say something that's run from the scenes at. Sit denying. Okay. And the last one is that so does the pizza company they got what. He's busy day. Says pop as a something temperature and I hate their pizzas and that I say that I never had I did twice free thinker and bathroom and yet they had to store which died very quickly while. Means yarn you look in the by editor. Now I I just. I psych out went and I sense that maybe there's an upside and the downside. Yeah well I mean I mean it did rally back you would have a lot of resistance around the fifty area. And if you were divided you'd have to be out at 38 but to close. It close at 4691. Yes that's a ways down so getting up to fifteen let me just take a look at one of the chart where. And to its struggling to come back so you know sites I'd look for resistance in that fifty area. A. And and the one you're talking about was say it's CGC. Yes CGC canopy growth which it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange at the get 26 and now it's 52 dollars a month then. Yeah. Okay enjoy your short just thank you how do you hear about it run I think you've called them before but you know listener. Don't know I blessing on and off on an offense. Sometimes it's Saturday is. It's tough you know a clear your schedule commanded the hecla that's the only stuff. I try to enjoy your own thank you root for your appreciate him very much we appreciate the call never did we can you do thank you take care. OK we're down the last two minutes of the show is gonna be some interest. And that we well I just like our equipment says by pro shares hedge. Hedged fixed income ETF's original symbol and I don't know like confines unfortunately probably couldn't find it fast enough pride talk about orchard. I'm on the when I was gonna talk about you threw me off authorities now. Jump on your feet here anyway I was I was gonna say we're down the last two minutes and was there are some pearls of what does it say well. Which I had pearls of wisdom it will be interesting to see what happens Monday. Yeah because you know the market was little shaky. And and what you wanna watches. You know say they do get out attacker whatever odd groups. So long as they rotate into other areas Euro okay. You know if there's a mass. Exodus known every sector than that and that would be a problem but just watch. You know when some of the leading sectors get hit so long as they rotate into other sectors in the market still okay. In this still ways to make money so the very aware of that. And I don't think it I just don't think you know diesel pullbacks in tact. And you know what what are they based on name is that the terrorists is is this I I just think there's teh. Well a couple a couple of them more bad forward guidance right rental company based on those tariffs and what's gonna happen yeah and all the sudden they come to an agreement but these this is why you need to do your research you need to watch these things. He don't buy it because I says so or use and so it's a good idea. Do your research and watch him and have a list of stocks you wanna watch so that if you get a pullback that's when he can dip your toe in the water. And have an area you know what they say you know pick an area where he would say you guys love bonuses that price. So right now you know always always say keep a little powder dry and so next week ever go we can go bills. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. 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