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Okay now or around. I understand we got the thumbs up the two we startle I started the morning and welcome to dollar and all show brought to you by Sampras the NASA management member of Andhra. As site PC register with the in the Serbia and RI AA. I'm Peter Greco I think I'm David Brownstein tomorrow and I have no idea and now we have new microphones off on the in press at least we had that you and me. But it is Saturday August 4 2018. About 1006 in the morning I would yes. Final 545 LC that I was very close. And we always say that because the show is rebroadcast on the station ESP in 1520. Buffalo, New York. At midnight unless he has the sporting event on and in moron after the show. Hopefully hopefully. Also every week. We're available live streaming from ten to 11 AM if you go to our website Sampras than dot com that's SAP ERS TO NN dot com. Most devices that can connect to the Internet can pick up the show live streaming also at the website all of our shows archive. If you miss a show we wonder replays show he can pick up the show at the website and finally last but not least every week is a free economic report by stone McLarty. Yes and or early usually sometimes sometimes as early as 4:30 am Friday Fridays sometimes it's a concise. I like the charts that they gave gives you current interest rates and goals and from current year ago one weeks ago so I'm hearing points and they talk about the Fed meeting and the bluster about the trade wars in the terrorists and going back and forth and there are. Not beat. Them. Proponent of Donald Trump but there's not a lot of people in any kind of media that are the announcing announcing. That he's misunderstood that people should feel bad but. He's just a different type of presidents now. To say the least. But no reported short. At a point and we encourage you to visit the website Sampras than economists AP r.s TON dot com. Also right now lies you can also go to the website and click on the dollar dot detail of and his allies streaming thing that pops up and you can click on lies streaming go to the bottom of the page is chat box down there. So if you don't wanna call the show you can. Put a question in the chat box or put assemble in there and if you do put assemble and let us know if you you know one by itself unreal holding it so to encourage you to. Use the jet but at the website Sampras than economists EPO RN STO and that come right now. All the phone lines are wide open in 031520. Toll free eight under 8797541. So give us a call. As we do enjoyed talking to people and it's a lot easier to. And analyze things you know if you're able ask questions. Like I like making things up like well Leo well yet fake news bit into it it. But yeah give us a call 8031520. Toll free 808797541. The great thing about. That. Who report the it's on the MacArthur report is that he it's very concise and gives you. A recap of economic happenings during the weekend. He is it should be part of your research process and and we always say do your own research don't. Listen to any financial shown no matter how well touted there including down. And you need to do you know your own re. I'm not that it shouldn't listen music don't listen and usually why don't don't let don't don't don't take your foot hospital don't just you know take things for Dutch shell blindly and nail everything sounds exciting on these shows the preserved it sounds so authoritative you know we do. At times we can get excited. When relieve looks good oh they said it really looks good ought to must be good aren't so. Last thing so you know everything sounds good on the in the media and you know so anything you do with anything and you hear. Make sure you do your own research yet you looked into and things have worked catalog that before you if you do your own research that's Fisher. Right now. Can give us a call 80315. To funny toll free 808797541. And then go to Jack in Laporte good morning. We're in an attempt to go to Jack and Locke are good morning Jack. Now he's out there somewhere so well is out and cyberspace I guess this is jam their producer get some hooked in tournament and we'll talk to Jack. Anyway so we're having a little difficulty with the phone line so go back to chat box and you know if you are on your computer you can go to Sampras and back on this AP r.s TO and that come. Click on the dollar knocked the tab. Light streaming comes up. Click online streaming go to the bottom and abrasions chat box and there and you can type in question or symbol and if you do put assemble enough. But personally went by its own growth. And you know until we get this phone situation straightened out in that phone numbers are 80315 when he. Still free 8087975. 41 anyway it was a good week in the market. The Dow was slack for the week and the news flat because of the trade you know escalation moralist. Or excuse of them and then they kind of backed off from the Dow opened. The S&P had a good week I think it was a point 6% in the the NASDAQ was about one person has a lot of available here anchoring it actually Russell 2000 small caps were point 6%. So it was you know a good week in the market and its interest thing. Now I was kinda looking at the sectors there you know sometimes you look at. What's been best for the year you know weaknesses in no one really ports sectors had been for most of the year and is still down for the year's consumer staples. And less three months consumer staples Europe over 10%. Well craft things was up 68%. Is really idea from him so I mean yeah that group you know if you if you day what's the best performance for the year. You know you can miss something that's been picking up over the last few weeks last month the past couple months and even utilities is mentioned last week have been exceptionally strong the last three months. And there are times is up 855. Yesterday. And so Lynn you know verifies what you said not that we ever know well but anyway but interesting last night it was announced I'd mention on this program couple weeks ago that. The New York Stock Exchange in the he regulators had declined. I'm putting together bitcoin ETF. Apparently it's going to be approved now witnesses are anything you can make money. It's it's being. The people live on the NASDAQ ice I think it's called not to be confused with the the ice people and then but then apparently last I was watching this MBC is about 515 factored in Nate came out looks like it is going to be going to so. That's gonna throw some interest seen. Speculation into the market. If if that is correct. Yeah if it is but you know it's not surprising you know they they were do something like that so yeah. It's another lottery. It. If economies ever late cycle supposedly. At some of the strongest sectors Weaver's consumer staples. State Korea tees which have been very strong. In spite of rising interest. And and well. It's all relative. If long time now really long rally. Yeah. At the oh. And he came into some problems he was investigated for some. Manipulation. This is about a year ago when he beat those churches he was he was. A of course everybody and everybody says they're innocent but he was really taken aback by but he was found innocent. Again great and it's fun and a. It. Oh. Sprint center here as well. And her. It. It is. Right. Rec plus what he went through when people were after accusing them certain things. There. And it. I. Quite a lot of Hesse do with the liquidity on the markets today. He. And there's no secret to beat there's no place to hide. He used to be like that you know that. We would sit there watch the tape we didn't see on Thursday afternoon. What Henrik. Moses named the big bond guru Henry. Henry Kaufman used to come out and say whether. Again now whether it's. You know to liquid not liquid enough that markets would wait for that I'm on the ticker tape we're going and I I I remember that. Was Thursday's I don't know off was once a month on Thursdays or every Thursday but money supply that's what he's talked about. Ranked. Oh. Changes. Yours. Years. It. Now. It. There. I was surprised by that this was last week that those figures came on names like I had to redo the couple times cause I thought it was incorrect. Kelvin. So well. There's room. There. It's. Rules. Are. Oh. And. And what about the public has the right are they wrong usually. Anybody that so overwhelmingly one way or the other. Yeah take a look but I mean but the the economy is slowing down and I mean. You know the July unemployment numbers and the new jobs that were created to we're we're very much below consensus. And although there were some seasonal adjustments and a number different things revisions from the last two months. He now and now trying to put lipstick and a on the page is still again and then. Well month the month is right. I just like watching the idea of watching the acts so called experts. And what they think they get paid big big money to predict these numbers and then. When it's one where the others just interesting to watch him dance around that's not that I know what it. There. Cranked and there receptions. For years. Now. The earth. It is Leo. Polls. Are out. There and you. People use. The same thing for years. And when it right there oh. And apparently maybe John can help us on this beat some in the chip boxes a year Mike is now working correctly. Sounds distance I don't know if you the volume of the June modulation is now about an offer. Or whatever but someone says that we do have a couple on things from the champ boxes. If if you plan. Well they said it's the best show we've had in weeks. And even if there's a couple years there's a couple of there's a couple stocks said that people are looking abide. Are. All right Terry. It. One is SEC MP Cabot microelectronics. Corporation closed at 12250. CC Charlie Charlie Mary Paul. Can skews. How many did caution. OK or is down thirteen cents a on Friday. In his technologies semiconductors. And an integrated circuits. For those are not familiar with that and that includes yours truly. It's. Essar. And. And one thing after announces. Its well. Does that remind you see Ciampi was and that the initials of Russia or was it was sealed. He's looking to buy. It. When 2215. It. There. Apple's. Share. There. And it. It's. Votes. When trying to fifteen. It. It. I. Its work. Leaders. It. If. Or if you want to feel longer term investor. And 96 area. And with that potential upside you know seems like the risk awards pretty good there so you can bet that one looks good to me also asking about an Nvidia and the DEA. Looked at I heard it was struggling legal tickle it's very active. Period to say at least. Connecting pattern. And looking. I guess all the upside price objectives have been exceeded. Business closer to fifty to ten. So I would it's day two choices and this and why it. And be counted to 32 navy port to a weight depending on your. More shorter term person no longer term person you'd be 20 wait. And amnesty as in the tar and light you're looking it is a very very volatile stock and have different opinions for people say you know. The stocks go up forever more analysts and Jim Cramer named his dog after this literally in his dog is named in India. But you know. It did break out I don't like the fact that pullback a little and sued the previous area you know but. Sometimes it happens so I I would actually say I would have to stop but it to a weight if board. War as mentioned before short term to 32. And it's still little long term uptrend you know some. Lawyers say there are big in the crypto currency and then four. Also four graphics. Which is huge. You know take two interactive it was a huge hugely. And Friday these video games and now the people Peter M campaign coaches teach their kids how to play fort. I'm just waiting for the call from my grandsons. Ten and looking at it quickly you know next target on it would be about to 72. Nights from years of nights. So so you have to support levels you know on you know two to 36 is support potential stop to 32. If you're short term and and real good support back at about oh say 212 to sixteen. Longer term stuff would be to away. Or can. And we are having issues with the phone so on the champ boxes of the place a call yet again the use checkbox is apparently. An ID balloon. Connect on the phone and at this point hopefully before the end of the show but art in New Jersey. It's calling in asking about three stocks in the talks about good good morning there. I am and you. Is the first I go to Vegas Europe. And stepped up its next. And they closed at a 2333. These three it's been struggling a little bit in general recently in the last couple days or so or maybe the last buyer tax been very. Technically I'd use the term flaky at a profit counselor but I but blundered when you rate. Yeah but bio tech's been up and down in who has been a little weeks you know late in the week so I think this is being affected by that. Oh by U you know Biotech sector. Are also looking at snapped ass and AP closer 1273. So looking and I am and you know it's it's it's it's rated very important support in the 23 area. You know so anybody on Norton will never sell anyway he's gonna hold it forever put. But you know somebody who is trading is sort of had a big profit and it would take some more often we dropped to 22. And no longer term that they support forward is probably back in the 1819. Area and you know. And the one thing room where. And see if we have an upside target on. Animal to. Now I guess it's kind of exceeded its upside targets right now but. But I know another person I always mention it and art knows who I'm talking about it on his next target was thirty and possibly 35 so. Those of potential targets on an. I guess they would get a little questionable for somebody knows look at the by now for a drop to 22. And you know so I would like assembly code for the world is the support here right now but you know somebody whose willingness. Take a shine at an investigative means doing some research into it you know one picks thinks it's a long term position. It has good support somewhere in the nineteen area you know I think snapped ascending. 127 entering. We're just take your emotions of not liking it just you know is it certainly in the past now. Think it's been an emotional vote absentee I hated the idea FaceBook you know and Stovall likes the idea FaceBook put. Can't argue with the stock that's Fisher. When you turn them I like. Yep and addictive and they for years I hated Microsoft only because I was gonna bring that up us trying to forget about that now because I hate computers so yes for a teacher. There there as I say to everybody your nice when it worked with in the very nice when they don't work that's Fisher. And after all these years. They could make windows fix itself you know put. I'll tell you. You know Matt. The apple products are unbelievable they don't had to have a their sales have dropped off dramatically Don just saying I don't know if they had a business application more business as we uses that are that are pretty. And there. Here's to you and Edward. We're digress in January and I'm winning or is that still looks terrible. What more can you say I mean very good mean there's no particular reason by you know other than you might be right up. It's always possible you know the way which way we look at the chart. It's broken down it broke support off that'll left the eleven half. It's simple it's been a sale a couple of times on the way down. And it to me it's very speculative yet so it's something technically you wouldn't touch it but fundamentally you may wanna. Take a little bit here they are depending on your spending on how you and restore fundamental absolutely you know no question about it so but anyway I mean. If you dropped to ten I really get concerned because it's probably on its way to a politically and it. Anyway he term for those of us that held FaceBook and watch it when I want to go down forty or fifty points to only go down twelve points is is a win. I guess you look at it that way what's the third Zimmer. Sarah biomass enemy uses. The H said when we're going to get an MHZ VH. Close at 12591. Had a big gap up a place that's one art will never sell. Put it in theory. I'd say you know it's coming up too important resistance. In the 130 areas of its previous high and it's a target dungeons charm and a Nia and plus on top. It stopped there once twice three times four times five times three times and they went thirty you know so this is the sixth time. So you know so it's got a break out above that 132 would be a clear break out you know. And support for the stocks probably down around. Lloyd say it 108108110. Area and closed at 125. So. You know somebody look in the buys now if it was an art you know would probably wait for the break out or some kind decent pullback because it's really. In kind of a trading range of 10 wait to about 130. So it sets it looked at the breaks out the 132 you can have a nice rendering you know there's it's been real nice long consolidation. So that's about it for those theory and and what time is it and that's about 10301030. Break time OK we're gonna take a quick one minute break and moved right back. It. But the way things. It's. You're OK okay okay okay well no no we're in Iraq and I don't worry about. Florida. Hopefully Willard is not listening at the. Welcome back to the dollar about the show brought Cuba eyes Sampras than Aston management members in Paris IPC register but the Imus RB Ian and RI AA DR name means we are also besides being a brokerage firm where are registered investment advisors. Do manage your money more able to. Manage your retirement accounts 401 case world through these and so forth that are held that your company. So if your interest and in our management services or just an interest in our brokerage services go to the website. Sampras than economists say AP r.s TO in that come. And you can get our contact information fine though a bit more about the firm right now we've been told the fault lines are working again. We should be OK so please give us a call 8031520. Or toll free 8087975. 41. And as I mentioned before you can go to the website Sampras and com. Click on the dollar doctor box the tea that top light streaming comes up click online streaming go to the bottom of the page you can type in a question. I've been assembled if you do type in the simplest so whether you won a buyer you're in the celery holding him. We Joe Horn from the chip bucks if you wanna go to it you know going into its. But a small. Clarence company called 22 century and notice story XXI guys symbol nicotine cigarettes and they're also amount and now in two candidates and we can't we you know I read our our firm offers for. Whatever reasons. I know what their reasons are outside our firmness and it's not our permits people we cleared through right. But it's because of the of them are one of the candidacy is no you know federal budget oversight apple. Lot of the people who buy. Anyway. Smoke and every other. Me it's ridiculous welcome if you guys ridiculous. Anyway closes title facts matter if you want to oilfield Mormon but anywhere. Slightly in looking at it I mean it's a speculation. Today you know it's been speculation for years. You know their their big thing that people kept touting was the low nicotine cigarettes for years in his league and it takeoff and make sends it sounded good you know and so forth. As a speculation. You know closed at one to 51%. And dollars and fifteen months yeah. And you know social I would say if you wanted to buy it you've looked into it. You know looked into the company and so forth in its net suitable for you. It is a speculation so realize if speculations are suitable for you and you know that's important too much money into them you could buy it and you would be out of it it tuned. 131 dollar and three quarters when 75. By lottery ticket itself. But you know it is speculation and if it does run up or snap. Matt I mean the real resistance sports you know up in the fort dollar area. So you know that when the ban on its own if it was able to get up you know two and the wars so I know people who've been playing it you know. And every time it ran up as a wide and you sell he could abortive back again you know but and ultimately yeah. Anyway so that that's about it for XXI. Am gonna go next. First. To Bob in buffalo good morning. Hey Bob nice a year from. Work. OK we have you down there a couple times you get the persistence award. Thank you you'll. It was it was at near 010. There was a dinner earlier. It's a little about it now it's a little better. I think is like cycling. Was on the line Akron you guys. And to. Work it work who were all connected now. To what I don't know what we're connected with the yeah. You're kidding me really you think. The do it again Sam always ask yeah okay I in the weather was efforts. Well it was a next. I hate to say that's when I was thinking. Of a the overlooked or metals. Well. Interest thing. It had a big run up from lake. That they expect that it 1050. Cents. The fourth quarter. And now and now it's back off. Cut down the two and a quarter now it's trying to go again and so. So the real key for it is its right at the downtrend on to stop that consistently you know seriously do you need either. 315. And more like 375. Divided you know. Unless you won the speculated this price right now on figures gonna break now output and and you would have to say it is supports about two and a quarter. And anything into an accord would be problematic. But you know if if it did did break out you're buying it now yours your first target that they've finally broke out before and a quarter of my closest to 77 yeah. And then after that would be somewhere in the the five to six area that could keep running. Don't know that I have that in my fingertips he said. That it doesn't look down. 343. Days ago look at those numbers there's something about those numbers on the wounded. Well. The first and Lance at the same with one digit above in the middle now means something. No I have no idea. It's three just trying to kill time. And I'm sure means something and I don't know what it means. I've enough knowledge to be dangerous that's probably yes. You. Know what was. As it actually means Stan means one. Analogy. Learn well. IS 710101. Yeah. Now another question yes Lou without lists. Trade terms and elect going bluster we told bluster I think actually going there's a Jewish rather. What's going on. In fact I'm pretty sure we impose the first ones running the China the effects and the kind. Me in in in the Stoner McCarthy report goes into this is is not even measurable. But that's the idea that bigger problems you know what will this spring cell. I think it's some of whom were due to go on Thursday night or something. And in just the idea of what could happen and I think it's a negotiation. I think the same with the Chinese there are negotiating to. But you know hopefully. They're gonna come to some conclusions but if they don't. I mean it's ridiculous who should have no tariffs on anything. But nobody will do that because they can't they're protecting their title. David and Peter I notice should only be your opinion but how do you think it'll affect the market for the next. Six or eight months. Well it'll it'll be the typical depending on the news of the day you know. And you know whatever percent on any given day it's gonna make the market herky jerky but I don't think it's I don't I don't think it's gonna hurt the market now. Normal market exactly and I II yes and I don't think I called the herky jerky but it's is its technical trying to protect the Qatar. Yeah in the past I took a chemical. At a. And gold as it's been staying Edwards. It hasn't been movement now I'm surprised about that. You know records show some nervousness I hate to say it you know in a long long time ago and we've been talking about a for a long time. I think the android up Kirkland you know. That'd that I hit a new new 52 week guys. Just keeps going. Right then they own 35% on an oval. Yeah so wise no will not going. The. Well. Right now but there's one point two million war which. That I have to be exercised by the twelfth position wants to show my guess is either gonna go to to a four fairly quickly. It's well you know what it always teachers and I keep telling people don't normally you should always buys stocks in the strong sectors of the strongest stocks. In the strongest sectors but you have a weak sector. Doesn't mean you can buy a stock and and and it's telling yourself more in the stock and we sector can keep go and operate right zone. Well that's that's Eric sprouts. Deal now and there's another one Korea PA AC. The AC pacts are. We what is and probably tank and probably can't yet where prices all close at 1221 yeah what prices a trade and. You know last I looked at about fifty. Well I can impose. The meat rice mills and enough. Yeah finances on yeah I know though that we only have so much room Yahoo! finance a quick and using it up. It closed at 51 cents 53 cents. That's another one in Australia. They're spread out. I think the invested. Five million and he owns 18% of their company now. Chris Collins she said. A Chris Collins Australian company genuine what was what was happening. In our attack in gold in the what's a symbol PAC. And X. X you. Do it runs its stock chart says yeah. In fact it it's not him but but then again listen people this is very speculative. 53 cents a mean you know not for everybody. I have to say that there's a certain people's true listen to the show yeah yeah. What I watch and this one because they don't land right next you know those things yeah there was. Those largest fire in that area all millionaires and billionaires are going after again and so okay. Yeah well what do what I liked about it is it just broke above the fifty day moving average you know. What happened is they were trading on the Toronto exchange. And they want to have a lot of actions even know a lot of good things are happening you and not bother me last. June when doctor mark. It looks like resistance is somewhere out near. The high fifties maybe sixty cents yeah then after that it would be up around seventy cents. Yeah I want to know broker to. OK good I'm that kind of guy I know that. So you know in India has high hopes for years. Well hopefully build some time where you didn't know that number now is work now okay. Talking. Thank you very much about OK right now it's. Wide open for the phone lines 803152808797541. Give us a call. We go next to David in Montreal good morning. Morning morning guys I'm out here visiting my daughter she would be interested in. And ATF. That would have a lot. Companies like the Visa Mastercard PayPal square etc. And Elaine of mutual fund or ETF might hand like you might get quite a few of those and it. Well I don't think you're gonna find ones that are gonna have the financials. And square and that is have to be a larger. Do everything you'd probably have to look at two separate ones in there are financially ETFs. And that and yet banks brokerage insurance. Indictments and I think. Two very good areas. You know what could be could be interest them and go see if I could find it real quick. I am a total of just one of those days. The line now. I'm stuck in the myself. But there but it took on the but there is an ETF for its own called the momentum ETF. In and I would be surprised if it doesn't have those companies and. RE AM video also abstain. Back in it and and all like well braided and understand. Well it's gonna be ones that they're moving him momentum. And in May end up and not having an ounce. Like from my investors business daily like bears rush they have a a momentum. I think they have a momentum each here. Yeah I mean the moment to meet DSM TUM you know. And that the look up and see you know whether it will you know what what's in that that particular. End. Mary time. But he do for you anyway are you done unions okay. And and again Mary and TU. Yeah. And team WM. Do you have a market momentum. GPS right now and what's in there and it might it might carry a. It's unsure they duke is you know it visas and they have been very strong I think most of us thought you mentioned square. You know I asked the B of momentum to stop. Yes I just did a Google search just in ETFs that contain a talent square. Music and a site called ETF channel never sign it before it disclosing and but it lists ETFs that are holding paid pale there's gotta be ten of them. So we'll you know the biggest one is momentum did you say and an annual and you know that's out that's not the biggest one but it's close. The biggest one is FDA and I have no idea what that is but that's got four point 9%. A paid talent and you know FDA and we'll find what David is an amendment just what's the website your ETF channel. ETF channel. Now. I go there and at FT FDN is a first trust Dow Jones Internet ET half so that's it's got some of that you have to. Would you do further reserve yeah. You probably you know would put each one of the stock she's interest have been in there and see if ands and see if they're all and one of them now. There has to do some of that. Right. Okay percentages and it's definitely yeah you can that's important yes some more some work done a media. The broader this cult the easier it is to fine NE TF when you have a narrow scope. You know banks and believes in talk a little bit but there should be sunny not California not in question yeah. It. You went on the financial it would problem. Alia the other and might carry visas and they probably did Gregg these again massacre there might even have a PayPal in the square because they're used Sonja in financial transactions to us our final yeah I used that he TF channel just plug the stocks and see what went there and you know when he Tia yeah. She's restricted restricted to appear she can't. Mutual funds young most you can buy ATF's right sickened by ETFs or stocks which. Not exactly so I let me ask you this dog died on nowhere she wears a budget does she is this and employer. Mandate. No no no this is a one of 88. Beat US company. OK so they're restricting to him by out of the country here. Montreal on today and and got at that time I don't wanna do it yeah yeah. She's cheered lamented. Laws here delta. But just tell it to be aware she needs a watch these are unique too because he GS are not like buying a mutual fund and he need to be aware you I always warn people when they're buying those ETF says they need to watch them just put them way. Oh. Why is that because they're gonna change the Arab. Because they change what's been MRR yeah more than a mutual. Yeah. Can you surety. When there's a big sell selling going on ETFs have to liquidate they just do not. Not like him to fund that has the ability to bar. They are stopped. Yeah they don't have the bills they don't have the same requirements as mutual fund to be able borrow so they have to sell so you really got to watch. It. I give it all how appreciate it thank you. OK right now on the phone lines are still wide open give us a call in 0314 to one. Till 380879751. We to have somebody. Chip block. Richard from Rochester members currently on direction he's asking about AMD. And roku India's Advanced Micro Devices and I was put in a GM whenever I do and I was just screwed up production down. Roku are OK you one why he thinks they're going up he owns some he wants it to position. Everybody loves his roku and it gets on TV they always bring man up you know. And you know I guess the fundamental stories. Very uninteresting to say at least. But let me just take a look at the chart I think people just like saying row row crew there. Just a quick look at that. OK so we're gonna look at roku first that you're going to close to the you're in charge Pete and I know we're it's been a tough day. Anyway MD close at 1840 I know that. Advanced Micro Devices and new Intel that's on everybody's Tanya you ever roku and yeah now we want to roku is you know half. As has had support short term in the 45 area in just rebounded off that area. Up to what Ford. Potentially. If you're not long term it's up at 43. And and and the real support Ford's back at 3730. Day. As ready exceeded all price price objectives. So if it does rally up next resistance would be 5152. And then after that 56 or 57. But it looks like a very nice chart mountain. I think it's good thing too. You know if you've done your research done everything it looks like interest in stock here. And the other one day and be used via also Lauren. Two and soul of a sudden news stirring things up there and plots them on Thursday digit. And AMD had a big run up and you realize AMD. In probably not even two months now. 22 to three months three months. As runner up from ten hits one double. Expect some consolidation some cold there. But ideally. The breakdown area was around 1717. And a few like the Seattle's. And it was a dog for years vote question. Mean for what it's worth and boy you take this with a grain of salt the price target on the point figure charges 32 and half salt. But I mean it broke out of you know a big consolidation. Retested their consolidation very bullish flew. As I said you go to ten at W Stockton in three months. You can have profit taking and so forth you know I think. Kevin O'Leary and CNBC. He bought. With tact you body apple his crew made him by apple or something and then they made them sell it because it is such a big run up he only owned it for. I think a week herself. Really young and in here this is known is a team make him solid so you know I mean that says talks too much retirement. But many have made it looks very good there's no question about it you know and as I said you know. Very good support should be you know sixteen and a half to seventy. And fund for and there are still. People out there Peter that will look to buy a stock like AMD only because it's cheap. A fair what they said they came out the other dancer there's 250. Companies are a number of companies that are above. 100 dollars a share whereas ten years ago there was only like three or four or someone to have some. Ten inches and people liked less expensive stocks. Am kind of at a very look at the line chart you know it just looks very very good that's consolidating nicely on this pulled back you know. And in effect look at you know where the where the fifty day moving averages just around sixteen you know so. I think so not bad not bad I'd I'd I'd be interest that. We have somebody asking on the chip back so what about buying Pfizer here PFE Paul frank Edward. Liddy brought that up is on the open but he's noticed that the drug stocks have gotten very very strong in here the league I think it is in July. Pfizer in a new line and Amanda yeah Pfizer had been dead for years now. Yes I'm more years and years of watching closely closer 4054. Via beautiful breakout it. You know you're sitting there with a fifty days is back at 37 that's not bad you know. So I'd like to see the fifty day moving average goals you know. And you might only hear you get a little concerned that drop below. 37 maybe at 36 and that's that's that and let me see if I can come up with a price target real quick. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up pieces you know want to give one mentioned it. Number of drug stocks all of a sudden you know I just start to move you know no question about it so. Let me get back here. That's two and two holes today. And you. All right we fly by the seat differ pain we certainly do well. By no ways as a professional show with a speak for yourself. But I agree with that if retract race. You know I'm having some problems with are you really yes so you know with the with the break you know it's interesting though Pfizer. As a big habit of running up pulling back running up pulling back you know but it just pulled out. A real nice base area and you know it. That went on for several months and 1234. And fix them in the days and counting. When he won the bottom so which should have a target somewhere around fifty. You know set down considering the risk reward you know and everything on and say 364 points and the downside ten points on the upside and her looks interesting here in Tampa question. And that's about it I guess we're gonna go to Jack in Laporte good morning. Jack you finally got to end. Well I have to Jimenez. A lot yeah you're an alliance and it in and you and you got about two minutes right. Two minutes okay. Oh my guess all right anyway. Tussle announced. This past week that the let's go through money. You'd think it was New York State to way to use up the most. 700 million dollars they spent as corner you have money. The Latin mosque there's a press conference and thousand is geared up manufacturing tenacious they're making money from. This stock goes up thirtieth 35 dollars one day you apologize to make easy it's easy. It's amazing because of why would anybody believe them. How everything you think you're detonate a keeper right exactly I just know there's. And that's amongst. Company at declared dividends and there via ex dividend date. And a few days later a edge data record I guess I'm confused by the data record I assume that must sail on the stock on the floor. Yeah ex dividend date is the fifth. I would be eligible for the sorted dividends on what the data record mean. Let's see the data records based them when it settles currently okay. So you know sort of bottom line is there release saying. If you avoid it on the for us there right the settlement date on now is like two days you know. So be two days later that would be to date of record okay. So you have qualified for to date of record because you boy edit you know before. OK so long you have it they update deported date of activity. Exactly exactly it has to do with the settlement date count. And then the last thing CBS I'd gone there for quite awhile I by its fifty dollars and well over a hundred at one time. It's still all right give 4% that return on my original money. And it's up and down up and down when it what you think about. He'd better via. Now when you should do is read Barron's. That David Einhorn and Lee Cooperman article their big guns CDS they say it's gonna double. What everybody is making green thing and as as. But it is that I didn't really is and not just the drugstore and you know so. And yet the stock just sits there now so I would say you know so long as it doesn't dropped to sixty. I'd stick with me. Just soda and a case like this sent still get a decent dividend Ra candidates alongside. I just such an opinion poll. OK I think he's a typical OK we've reached the enemy we you know have a good weekend. Everybody have a good weekend keep a little powder dry in don't do your own research from Seton Hall or listen to you on next week take care. All.