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If you're listening tonight in the rebroadcast from 1201 element here right now order call us Ed. 716 it goes 3152100. 8797541. Listened to a slightly and streaming down her website separate system. That com Internet in the Buffalo, New York area and CP years he would. Come and go to our website for free economic research post of about 7 AM every Saturday morning. From star McCarthy and you'll see that. The markets were up gold rose up and oil was hopelessly. So everybody should be happy everybody should be happy zones are invested. And doable client that I always reminds me another medicine cam make any money so give me investment could a we know it happens when the warm turns we do a good points. And apparently we do have a little. Thing on our website that you can go to the go back and show in Newton go to the bottom. Yes and you can as this above stuff if you don't call him. Have to go to the dollar knocked it to have been light streaming pops opinion life streaming go to the bottom of the page. To type and assemble. As good question protect and assemble on you know let us know whether you donate to look in the via look in the cellar. That helps us and in time analyzing and then what you're looking forward so. He can try to checkbox or it's very easy right now phone lines are wide open give us a call 80315. To honey. Total free 808797541. And Steve guests about UBP is this morning on the chip bucks. So thanks for us this morning general employment and Portland last week yeah well new skin again. According to. According to Chad crux. And I remember that from this week. I rivers somebody sent me an email and asked the difference between. You VP NUV. You. I don't know what's assembles the see it's a good idea you VA is as good morning and us. 7718. And ten vote goes Ahmad today. Yeah but I'm just wondering that. What do you think you leave him alone per usual has agreed to it and this looks like a rehash for blissfully. It does early you know and him we said it looked all right right but somebody sent me an email and said there was. They UBK. Things turn that you B day. Here we go. And you can go to the chip bucks it's a priest and a pound dollar factory or the bottom of the page. News of note or call us tip right now. 716 in 031521800. Rosie is this is the same company. And I think he's either gotten him India exactly. But. It's more liquid okay yeah it has voting rights where is the demonstrated a 100000 shares. Yesterday and the UV. PT. Is it is less liquid. Created. Created. Op 3838. Under enough. So if you go by our desires and it doesn't matter who want to buy a few thousand dollars that's always say Leo always do your own research and also betrays or if you shares you have to watch debate in the aspirants. And you know that can hurt you when you're trading it in and I think that their website they even recommended that you should by the UBA. Because it is more more liquid good morning are from New Jersey. Good morning I'm so happy that I typically the first guy today it's easy so easily easily. Usually it's called oil yeah I know yeah we released we start begging for. Right right I have fed keeps stocks or mutual fund mistresses and today. So one would be Zimmer Biomet. Now it's fair that he be agency. Quote you this. It's. It stands and it and a range. Right now I think it's I mean. Check parents. Coincidentally or whatever to get on the Barron's. Digital yesterday took me three tries a really good seasons and while I got three different people and each time they certainly just division you put this give via. The temporary password but then that didn't work etiquette course. Find they got it right so Ziyi trajectory change every day is interchange once a week like the Barron's newspaper. What's that the burns that aren't go well you they have stuff daily ago. You know none of the world of Barron's as a daily section that they have every day. And I enjoy. And he does he PH which is similar Biomet. Close to 114. With the fifty day moving average at 113 6120115. So you're sort of pain around there. In the UV that chart. Does not look terrific it's been handed down from from July analyst here at 132. Hit a low 106. Right now it's a McCollum was Jerrells and Clinton figure. And those and you you how it's on the shooter. If the computer once so cooperate it's a slow computers it is very slow to watch what you try to do those who. I hit the performance but that's what I don't know I'm just saying I'll don't try to do too many things because it's very slow as Clemson. So what you think I'm impatient. Now I'm just saying you know you're always some position. Hands. There we are lost five and F percent you are today through Friday night. Bruce us up three for the S&P M minus one for the Dow. Does the fact there's a big competitive to them effective price quite a bit using. Well I think there's another one that does Paula you know. It's right there yes. Right there as well as an imminent strike caress. OK let's now access the media just like tea as is it. Me. And pigment wafers streaker hip. Close enough. I'm not doing too much. Now that's and it was this way today you know and that chart looks pretty good that one looks better. And that is made this year or lost and looks like a made announced. But it's right near the highs for the year and and you in the performance. If anyone wants so cooperatively with the computer. And maybe it's clogged up Peter when times are good clone ago. Well almost head and this is exciting. As. The thing going to a new territory. The area. And he's trying to give you a lot of stuff okay it's up it's up eleven for eleven point eight finishers bullets. Much better than down Mozilla London's five. And the other one you know this chart obviously it's been a solid uptrend my the other one looks like it's going into in the new media so you had to do your research for this summaries in the ones going up you know but you all know one thing. Oh yes yeah Zimmer yeah unions and that was just spin off of I think congress tomorrow and while back at him physically by it. So I've got awhile. The other item would be ultra now that's American century they have the code lettuce too young to UW CUX. Clone delegates only works. We all know it did a year ago we received fifteen. Years ago we don't lose our call it's and tell them and as Turkey. Sure you. It's not super low. Thing you know. Him and just brought out and they just broke out as very you know that's very positive. If the NASDAQ goes into it tanked and missiles tank whether. Yeah his singular holding above 4445. For quite a period it's 48 away I was. Yeah I'm just broke out to a new all time high you know so I waited and performance I'll bet it's about the same as the minister. Recourse basis so this is about eight. Well again I've had I've had about fifteen years. You're the kind of guy that needs to step up and basis and in you get. Yeah now ma cellist. And then learn things so every every year they pay. I get a check for somewhere between 25 and 35000 dollars in capital gains and just taxable but then the following year it goes back up again and so you. It it's like giving it their way of birds laying an egg and analysts and a little bird is okay again. It's you it's up troll it may have you know through Freddie and in which is better than an answer you know owe him there. Them him you know and often get back in the 2002002. Bear 2003 bear market this cut clocked. Right right yes yes there was a year or so where they show you out of proportion of body to it was horrendous. Oh yeah. That guy didn't sell anything in you know these are all right you hung in there. Yet now my hangar now that's just get title one more sure you know it's one I've had before while. And what you know about snapped. I think it's bang it around thirteen and it's been down around and something so Michael as space is obviously as well. So I'm wondering is there. Still some a chance so that long term. He knows I thought that was good news a few weeks ago that yeah otherwise I think but I in all have been Moses stuff going down. It's the only way to stop the preferred you know it's it's finally it's. Yeah. Area that it bottomed at Enron ten and I have for close at thirteen and NF. It looks okay butch but to get to the downtrend line that would have to get to sell the team. And as what we call overhead supply. Between you know thirteen. Fourteen and six. In the 200 days about fourteen and half so you wanna see you back above the fourteen in the half area so that would be your first indications they are seeing double or Andrea source NNN. You know if you were aggressive viewed by more. But right you know him so well that's that's that in your nature gently. You're right at it's a wonderful show again I'll let you call them. Yeah I'm looking forward to perhaps probable are meeting maybe in the fall. January and a new picked us up at the the midnight hour and initially few years ago. Yes yes and only do both. You can we'll. Austria station is 50000 wants and it goes right to the eastern seaboard and and get it in Miami. Right. Late at night. And you get a Sarasota. I have been tried because and sleep and 00 but do you light streaming in Sarasota ya you know we knew we used to be and 930. At the same time in the simulcast that we have such trouble giving the world all the time. I'm. We gave up and now yellows it's. Is Florida is very different they have. People. There shows. That talk 930s it talks station. And they say well I'd you know I made this and I made dad is if to say they could make good for you hand. It's now illegal for anyone registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission to say such things. So these are not legal people. And they don't have to adhere to laws we do and they can say whatever they want and they can. If the business loan. Or an hour or under different several holes ago. Aren't a lot of people here on joint shall I start have a good weekend take you know take care punitive eviscerate our lives that don't actress of them 6031520. Or 1800. 879754. On Saturday choice of the it. 10:17. Good morning Dallas. They're running or ally opal came along you've been a whale probably decided it's finally safe to come back from Florence Italy and hurricane. I intended to leave their directive we text. That is at it you couple. That. People that they. I don't know the I couldn't even stand the easier. As we just heard this and I hit he'd like. It for a. Well yeah this is you know when you get you know as I tell people when you get him in the eighties in buffalo you've got the humidity in the slick on injured in those but anyway. I had that that they possess somebody said to me would you rather have the snow and I said well as of the other day maybe if you look up well. Keyaron. TR and trend in the industry some of Barack America. Okay. Split between learning. We didn't carry three concept. They treated equal. Close that 34 certainly have their place and these are looks all right minutes of trading range stock. You're kind of stock price at a price objective forty important figure. And fifty days of 34. You aren't 230 three's here and it's it's it's just stuck between 313738. You know saying. Get an indication that that you'll be very happy I knew his. The Genoa. LNG. Hello haven't heard oh here goes and seen that oil or you know that we've looked and probably should've America west got killed you know. Those floodgates are open for the Erica things that swim and. It tariff here. Effective. The guy closed at 66. Chart looks wonderful. Fifty day is 63 and three quarters 254. Price subject to 74. He was certainly older. And if you Barney unit you'd worry at 63. Something. And 63 area could start you know potentially breaking down so. Being in that group did it do good health care. Yeah. Wouldn't it help. If you own the absence from UN aid to China UnitedHealth. The end I've been million about the food sucks but I hope consummate bottom Fisher thing. My head together about it. I. So by UnitedHealth closes at 250. Fifty day moving average to 442. Saturday to 26. It looks like this having a little. Breather but. You know the price objectives threesome before it looks real good to me Peter. Camp looks all right I don't know I just saw little blurb this morning that trump name. Take away a CA from the insurers you know so who knows that. And it James KJ. NJ and socialize watch and guy this morning it was a recommending him the interest in. Well a console. 88. It started to look weaker solo a few months ago. That doesn't mean it's that government Akron. We're talking because the computer's a little slower than it needs to be so. Now. It had what we call it quadruple bottom break I suppose. It went 22. Closed or 25 maybe it's reversing. Bell the only thing you have going forward it's at the long term uptrend line essentially you know so you wanted to hold the right here you know. Sorry to show the. You know me out. But that this one Emmy night you know wouldn't wanna see your goal you know few points lower really so. There. And you are I. You know in its old Harry Eric stepped down here. The creator. In the event cookies here is news. And I put back in 244. Sitting down. With you royal native land of these you know at a workplace. Via cup. Yes they do hand. Yeah. At a it looks boy there you ago. Did you hit bottom of 144 rows up Friday. Now do you think depict the goods if you know been in the bottom you you've got a shot at 160. To try and where it. And this year. And you and your merry talking about it anymore so yeah they're the biggest. If there in. And he keeps people judge. You. If that debt. What else I wouldn't wanna see united renal at 142 though that there could be a breakdown so. Good exit you know you know. And you know look. This is like go to their adoration the FIAIEB. All of with the big news in the big jump off. It and they had some good news in the house on the disease there they're drug addicts and there are similar the FBI aideed. Well short game back of the 8000 about it. All I'm sure in in the days earlier they citadel or partial. And any any but I regrettable place here the it's. You can't get one pill that's gonna solve anything also owns it can help. Anything else but it but you've got thirty different. Things that have to be looked at and everyone's different it's of its crew are there that picture. See I looked at Julia this morning which I think in concert with that is starting to do better and destroy the dome. It is sad you know that big gigantic gap up and I would like to see that low that day old I don't know what the low was you know and looks like around two days extra you know not know the low on that. This today. Now. To leave for a new. Yeah that is that is if if it's anything. That's true of course it's challenging its previous high you know which could be resistance. In that area so. However the I play those military authorities have. I really rude because you know. Hoosiers today yeah yup they're hitting it horrible and see. If if if anything else but it's certainly true. Nova would be very bullish of the low of a Friday holes you know dead in the interview I saw I think this morning so that it will. Slow down the accumulation of plaque in the brain which is what. Oh what the book's editor which was grave. MO last year that it can you can be reversed if you do certain things. And it all starts if you couldn't believe it from. People that have. That don't take it starts in the miles. The victory and goes up into the brain and keep your mouth clean which I know of course civil war period condone flaws well. The eight yards. With no removed won't give the disease as they get older. It but everybody's got a different theory. About how it comes about and what this says it says it through doctor. I've I can give you hundreds of doctors who have things that the cure for. Every city you. Just because he's a doctor doesn't mean anything believe me you know. OK if they assess okay take care. Phone lines wide open right now. With a analyst at 80315. When he toll free 808797541. And you try to chat box if you go to the website Sampras and I economists say the ours TO and dot com as the dollar that. Drops down the light streaming click online streaming go to the bottom of the page in as a checkbox you can type in assemble ask the question. If you put a symbol and let us know whether you wanna buy it sell it or you're holding and of course to Euro racers. That's for sure it's like that person who did email me and asked me. What was the difference between you VP and you. You VA so. So. What you think the markets just have to look at stocks. Are once again neo what's the market what is the market. The Dow looks like. You know poop that just like little professionals it kind of looks like poop. But you know look at the NASDAQ look at the as it looks look at the small cap index and I just saw an article today on the micro cap index stocks that are. The billion dollar capitalization unless they're up 21%. You know I mean it's. Which market we talking about people who everyone always talks about they always talk about the Dow and the S and paid you know give us a ring talks. Kindle 315 Torino 1800 beats Obama and so than for former go to the chat box at Sampras Tennessee peak years you won dot com and ask that question when you look they're during the show audience from. Well good morning Gaiam. Morning guys happy Saturday. That the senate and you. Interesting fact comments that doctors there Peter. ME diet I'm just saying you know I always see also it's of doctors promoting also to different things. As it's like that clown on his TV shows there what's his name doctor what I. Actor what the name that doctor you whatever. Whenever I mean you know they go on Leon they all have the wrong don't. They have some things right and something's wrong just like us you know everybody's promoter and promoting something their theory their approach than they've got all their products in council would and so on you know. Patiently and. I'm. The special they want to be right. And then after that you did open to penetrate. Sesame turnaround for leisure and he says stay away from doctors things. I'm sure he's she's a presence separate. All no question I can tell you some interesting stories to believe you know I mean you know did that there are there are very good doctors in the mean it's just like you go to college and some people that absent some people have days enough support mechanic right exactly. Well all across ever there every industry and we spectrum right up exactly you know. It was good that it. They're different Dennis again. OEM. As the I guess and I thought he was still hiding in Florida. I. I didn't catch the information on Biogen. All I said that I I had a client with Gilead and when I looked at at this morning before the show. Is just broken the downtrend. And they've been very troubled GODs. Has sold so. That seemed to have gone up in concert. With the other one which. Is either better topic here or Dennis goes thousand votes if that's true. On l.s and there were some barrels. That Serbia an idea how does that look like them. Well the bottom line is it hadn't had that big gap and it's now GAAP this has been to 84 at 360 yeah that was like just last week yeah I'll and one day. Ottawa for our yeah. And you know the the big gap up was on the news about their you know their mourning their drugs it wouldn't have to got what stage it was and you know I think but you know but it had summarizes the results you know and and that just shot it right out okay so well now it's testing its high you know so who knows him. A they were way down go back and we've salon and then when you ER forty averages 200 day and fifty yeah fifty is Serena in me 9304. For the two under. I feel for him if he could come back down near 300. Yeah off. Yeah no no question if it didn't want to close it would be holding the gap the difference is that this season and that is usually things come back. A lot of times especially when a quick one day. But yet but a lot of times to like if you see some gap up. And then it just refuses to go down below blowing that day then you get a runner on them a better runner maybe it meant something to keep it keep a close you know. What do you guys think of it looks like this silver miners are starting the day you notice then yeah Alex silvers going on down yeah nothing but all of a sudden these miners arena and we analyze. So EXKAG. And a banner down it's very interesting maybe they. Shots started dip their toes in this stuff the last. I don't know awful weird some communities jokes over is dead you know Lila. But it's just like the same thing with someone at Kirkland right in the gold there. I own that forward and I found another goal stock that has been getting very strong off of the bottom base and look at TVG sometime in CG yeah. It's built a big base. You know and then all of a sudden the last couple days its release start in the movement. Interest. US mine. Canadian. Watches Canadian that's right gentlemen bring. Us. I but no I'm neighbor I even looked at it would be an excellent I looked at the projections for earnings for this company in the very good to us. The one I had been bracing for a long time. The one I had my immediate can take a look at it W Piaf. So do you TL I wouldn't have it's no basically as nice basin just seems to be breaking out of a paper. Let's take a look at that. Whom we medals. Gather what they karma streamers that we like this streamer company the only have the only pyrite or some. In in my hair and knowing exactly and I don't own the mindset and I think that by the rights to the production and so you know. I would buy that I and stop posed by who broke you. Base at what point will only 3.3. You know and we're now post when he closed at 226 he would. 2262. Point three. And if you want reveals little safer twenty supreme court of Kuwait are hoping for is it goes you know into the thirties right. He's at the fifty dates when he won 77200. Days it was. Twenties many three now so very interest he's got support him you know I'm gonna lose a lot you know and if it breaks out of that. You know critics at bay so I figure generally it has been a good place to. Okay. He can't get time for a couple more out of them all morning. Wouldn't this thing could PayPal. I was singularly by more. It looks like it's building a MySpace and another one of these like you could stand it wanna go down you know. That's been amazing outside of for a long time it didn't do anything new boom well I became familiar with that when we signed up for over the only real way to do what was sort PayPal. Hands. Of course my wife has a PayPal account and she won't let me or my son Noah the code so let's be very valuable but our. It's it's the top over range. But the price objectives 120 at close to the 8550 days to 81. Yeah and its six. Hand. If it gets if it breaks shuttered 88 you know. We're in B or maybe even months. But. I do long in fuel accounts listen to them and more. Yankee you know keep basically. I liked this story annihilate the earnings. Peter doesn't go and like to say it's been going sideways for. A long time refrain you know so. Well it's better to buy one like this it's going sideways bird may be do something like MasterCard and an uptrend. Felt that it depends they're a little different it's going sideways and you say you know if you buy it now you're betting it'll break out make him to a high enough. Other side of breaks out mix in the wise that you know do you buy it you know today. I don't recognize it looks the community definitely no point. Just one last one is Alibaba. And that was seems to be a little tricky. I don't know maybe it's probably because it Chinese market to. Thank goodness what I'm thinking yeah. I have it in fuel accounts I've known sold. I think long term. You know it's still looks like it's you know it's it's come down but it looks like it there is always reaches a point then buyers coming. Ya and that the tram lines of 174. Closed or 92 it is it was up Friday. And it's really get a clear that 200 tool for our. Where we're at stopped several times and went. Generally in out kind of bounced off the area of its 200 day which it could be positive. Now 186. And oh yeah he came down a little bit below and you know now so it's from maybe that could be could be really. You'll only read good things about it and it is a huge huge opening. And let you get to that whole trade business school and actually well. You know I think it is all product. I think things will be settled and ultimately. Well that's kind of what the markets can listen to me. Yeah I mean you can't listen to what the news people tell you because. You know these guys all these guys are cheaters ray. I know that trying to sell ever return to sell advertising so people listened to there I mean like. These countries like China will mean there are cheaters and trade basis. These countries are open countries that are open to trade itself so they're right to what they're doing right to say you know what. You wanna quote your markets were called iris. You know what some of these people you gotta play pump otherwise have been an event that I could have been. And have it you know as I said it's it's more complicated now than they used today you know because everybody's cut production facilities all around the world you know. Am so makes it you know to supply chain can be terribly disrupted because of you know ranked. And I you know obviously are systemic issues that need to be resolved in them and they'd like this now like these guys can come in here by everything up and but you know foreign countries can't go in and buy up companies over there. Yeah that's true it's true you know that's our rent. No I agree. So he knows that I believe they're right and what they're doing. You know at some point you gotta put mistaken because they've already been affixed sitter or out here in this. It with a lot of things that covers a lot of things at me. Sure okay thank you calling up to go to an excellent care. We're gonna break. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctors shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctor we're. Will Jefferson Peter Greco Saturday July 7 2018. And 1040. The dollar bad shows but Tarvaris Epperson as it management generous of victim of Serbia RI AA. While we entertain questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds in your opinion but of course you're gonna do your own research. And you can listen to the show alive in streaming on our website. And say. CO one dot com. You can hear the archive shows going Baird 23 years. So a person dot com and you could leave us a stock or fund or by injury interest in at the bottom of the dollar records show. But I forgive easily managed accounts and will buy themselves for a and there you go there you go and Tom sent us a thing to the chip products and looking to buy a Twitter. You me but I played Twitter. And owns TR TN so illustrated took a look at Tia Tia and resumes are pretty. RT. In the is it slow computer. Still have a slow computers daughter was picking up and I just yes slow computer price international beauty of Bermuda pays six point nine was at 43. Last November. Hand. Came down and formed a basis is 2829. And a close at thirty. And the 200 days 34 in the if you today's 33 so it was below old but it is one of the traveling which relate. If I was to buy it here. Really owns your eyes and I guess I agree we were to be out what nominees have a. 2728. Him via 2728%. Of your breakdown. You wanna see him back above the 200 day which is 34. So that would be your first clue that maybe it's it's turning that's an analyst and oh yeah. So that's I would look at it 2728. Problems. You wanna see it above 34. About twelve footer looks very good. Good. I can't CEO because of peace on the computer. Now takes little time that like to show you that nice point scoring. And what goes around good game took a little adjustment to 44. Under around on the putting figure closed it to a 4665. And if you saw it at 48 there would be a different breakout. Looks good here and looks good in it should challenge its all time high which was what fifty something off to a 353. And I don't know does it have a price objective on there. 8484. Balloon take that with a grain is so loyal like you have. Let them beginning to lakeside so promised. From a mold mold. Stock broker that I knew when I started and accumulate. Things of companies have names we deal. So he would Diet Coke or Pepsi open today but I Twitter or FaceBook because. We those names are in the nose all the time. And also it's and what they call a flag pattern you know elect the flag pole was the big run up. And then it goes into a little flag can now start to break out of that so little little bit more of a pop open. This could be well on its way down so it looks very intriguing here. Well let's go back to the chip and soon and check the chat room phone lines why open it 031520. Toll free 808797541. Nothing on the general and one thing I always tell people you know you always make assumptions about things and you think everything works is certain way and it turns out not to be and urban said stay away from utilities utilities have been on a fair the last four weeks. The utility index is up 10% and last for week while. California like and buried all just goes I was listening to the guy who runs that Reeves fund you know we reviews utility yes I know that and he said the same thing he says people always they react immediately utilities soon as interest rates are going up everybody. Panics and get out of utilities. And he mentioned some years I guess you mentioned I think it was 2003. 2006. You know interest rates were picking up whatever and he said utilities were up 80% over that time period. So on in the excel you is the you know the utility. ETF. And that wasn't down double digits and now it's up almost 1% for the year so it's really really had a big comeback all of a sudden. And then you know people have mentioned that an inning if you assumed mrs. late stage. Cycle and the markets you know. That you know some of the strongest areas are utilities. Materials energy. In a late cycle and also believe it or not. Another one that you think would be heard by. Interest rates rates. And they today tend to come line live in the late cycle in the market and so. And even consumer staples pickup in the late cycle. So. So things that have been a little out of favor. For example consumer staples utilities you know start picking up so it's not that surprising. So what's a consumer mr. Summers staple stuff you have to buy it live right. Is that to paint brush your teeth. You know food. Beverages. Also looked at things like that. So Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble type of thing they've been hit bad you know consumer staples have been. Doing terribly you know but who knows him. If they followed late cycle in May start picking up again. Well that was a real bottom fishers over there is no question right now and it it's anyone's. Sony's. You know. So if you believe in the late cycle theory might be something a look at. Good morning there. Guys that morning I don't tell. It where you are in Monte intact the all accounts that you are. At LOT. Or am I anti. Or off our earnings come out there and floating rate. Yeah yeah. My scenario is. The day at the ten year rate is going to fall. And a and has been so you wouldn't buy it floating rate really. AB. I've never. In this is forty years was thirty Peter traffic details make money in any kind of a floating rate instrument. Now having said that. I have bought viera. Which is a easy but what they call adjustable rate for Fergie Kia. As a few others. So. In the chart doesn't bit in the performance on via. But surely wouldn't put all your money in the one. I'm really comfortable this time straight preferred if we hit that you have credit quality. It. But Hewitt no luck oh. Mary Ella and Hawaii Batman the well what would you if you had our money you put it in what instrument you know like. You think and yours are common not now all well and. Closes some on the one sponsor in their account urges his money market in the world. Not want want something come they don't wanna take any arrest in don't want state that they can avoid yet. A taxes would like them and got a New York State newly. Yeah off what's the duration. I think three years. Material. At what what do you. I'm just looking in two. You know you're floating rate used all right this year I had not thought well you know it's seasons. In what he won. I think what it upbeat K Allen that the bank won't want it is now owned. You collect it you know your clock and I have which is battered and money market enough like money. In ink are doing about that. The other that you upright life besides prime money market what else don't you know. I don't you can also do the SRL and troops of opening Cologne. Our ally via. See him tell and Nancy you know. Well it's like. Issue a little different. Look here except for computers does 1 cooperate this morning. Interest rates concern that a opry world. Well. If you're in the U seven a ten year I don't know. If you're in the two years PS. Because I think the short term rates go wire. And and from what if you Euro website and read the piece by stone and McCarthy is warning its free. All they do is talk about. How robust the economy is and there are for the feds couldn't keep Parise. Because are worried about inflation. On and I can only raises very short terms so use it. And by the way and in the in this weekend's Barron's is a very good article on possible income alternatives you know. And areas in his I think you're you read through that you get some good ideas. You know there are in every week every week it hit an article why is. Not I'm a regular basis obviously there are. They're getting spent but that what they're readers. Exactly yeah now you know about there was one and a couple weeks ago I remember one about. A month ago saying all along that same line yeah yeah op. A chart like it here guys. American Express XP what do you think they chart. I looked at it. A week or two ago. Because Solano own it and I think I decided to buy a little more troops when you look. Tonight I stopped called bop. Up fifty had a couple on a couple of occasions with good volume. Yeah it looks all right Paterno trading range right now between 95. Wonderful tool for him. Outlook and Allen and 96 point at what I was able to secure probably. Yeah yeah go go autumn months and ninety. All of it. If it hit an end up that a final thought I was I belonged up Bob thank you know scholarship yet apps are forever. Out of all of our outlet all the other Canadian banks that. I'm nice chart that naral like PD the at all. Opt out at a worse one I mean usually don't Canadian bank do the same thing I didn't. If you look at those three. I CD is great via ball great right now and be and it looks absolutely Carol. Agree devil looking at a time I wouldn't. Only that one. Well look you look at GD could be a ball. And there are playable where they're at now. Well TD. Looks nice marina. Yeah I like to. And they they put the ball. But at a guy like you would be ready inputs on that thing. Bring on on both the deviant beyond what exactly where it got. Oblong look good this nation and now the net and I have been for probably three years and I thought well on big get a averaging down and it. So what I wanted to and got itself so what's on those other two wanna I have to take my Arnie I'll take. Yeah I mean it's hard to buy a bed charges not when you're good chores done and not all banks as you ignore the same kind of depends where they got involved in and so forth and on and they're individual businesses so. Right but I can Beijing's goal and then now you know him right back being edited and are not to want it now right now. Hey guys great show ever that we. Okay thank you very much for calling. It is Smart as. I think that's even true and in the bank stocks in the US twos some you can find there's just been going up up up up up you know. They may not be that big name banks you know but but there are a lot of banks banking stocks that are going up even though via. You know the financial stocks have not done very well this year so. It's like the F to have the of the stock picker in these particular areas and you can't make a big generalization. You know give us soaring. We get a human slots the dollar actors ago 3152800. Heats of the and so 41 who's looking to. And TV. Which has been steadily moving down in Iran unusual. Well a lot of a lot of the bigger banks have been under pressure. And I just saw that the spread between the two years ten years the lowest it's been since 2007. Agree 28 basis points also. In answers. Yeah. Take a look at the 710. Beaten. Her but now you look at GOP. Looks nice view of him but the charts totally different then. And TV. He's got a very nice. To Wales. And it can be a little bit harder and of an group. Does not doing great now feinstein's but you can't just say across the board all bank stocks are Vander. There any group. There are different situations in any groups. In general you should stick with the stronger groups put. There are possibilities. And these are saying if you do your own reason or you know. I've been. So mean that that one yeah I'm impressed by by the witness penalty love stock chart looks good. It. And you know in and looking at the market you know like assay it's now I think has been on the pressure mainly because the Paris situation. And you know they do those stocks to and they gave him more room or people worry more about tariffs in the Dow type stocks. And that's one reason why these small cap stocks have done so well 10% this year. Russell 2000. War and if you're real risky person you look at micro caps now. So does to open the but no no question of Iran you know but anyway yeah I mean are different areas you know we say. And guess who who had this thing is always a bull market someplace else Cramer if he sees as if it is right but but but I am in Florida. Girl. But it's true so many people are focused on the now in the absentee in. They don't realize there's other indexes and other stock groups that can do well even if it down on them like you said it now and as of the year. Kind of following what happens in the midterm election year so for. You know it's not very exciting for awhile but what is interesting now is said. In mid term election year you again bottom in July your bottom in October. And you knows you know you may have had a bottom line July 2 it. On sale very humane so it's hard to say. President so far legislated down as a PR following. You know mid term election. Numbers. So. Probably the best thing do yours to leave. On the chat room. It's a priest and a problem with the dollar to record the vote on the page. Suction and Houston talk him out next week. Two or three minutes is grieving comes down to its now. And Dorsey right generating. Let's close. And they they have very interesting picture Bed, Bath & Beyond. And destroy your dog to. Well retail stocks had been very strong now on this one. But I think that when hasn't been really really seems that maybe maybe it termed the Euro research that bottom fishing. All in all. Maybe you don't do they have a scoring system starts at and defy you know this this one to zero is zero or. I guess I guess you better do your peace a church there is no question about it it's. You know some people can do well bottom fishing. Than other people you know they think it's everything's a barge and causes chief you know. Sometimes it's telling you something you know users can quite figure out why a stocks acting the way it is so. I was looking at its use today consumer. Staples staples and Procter & Gamble big names. If you're gonna biography is trying to nature of the company's on going does well that's for sure you know you look at the Procter & Gamble's Johnson & Johnson that type of thing you know one. You know then don't mean jumping in the morrow you know but if they start acting better you know and plus their companies you can live with you know. It's not something you're gonna worry about so ultimately band aids and baby shampoo. 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