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From the Pacific Emma Serbia are any. Peerless in tonight and rebroadcast from global one and I'm here entry listening to our. Archive shows on our website Sampras Tennessee PER. As TON dot com. We're not here and he feel the steam live in streaming now on our website that we are here. And of course every Saturday morning we have free economic research from stone and McCarthy which I was caught reading about it Peter. And you go to our website the dollar that occur. The Sampras who have say it and they knew just hit free economic research into view vigna and interest rates. Where the markets have been more oil's been more goals than. Cold looks terrible and well looks good. Very true whether they approve it. Nothing and everything. Go back to that we do mention the chat box which reviews each week there may be a problem there if you go to Sampras than dot com. Normally you click on the dollar got to Tampa at the top. Then life streaming comes up you click on life streaming go to the bottom of the page in this chat box where you can type in a similar question. And if you type in a symbol let us know whether you. Own it. You wanna buy it the one Acela now if there's a problem with the dollar dot details of when you open up the centrist and a com website. Down at the bottom of the page it says listen to the dollar doctor you click on that that it comes down and you see. Archive them live streaming. Click on that the light streaming page comes up go to the bottom checkbox will be there so hopefully that's not too confusing. So hopefully your dollar doctor Ted. His work but otherwise you'll have to do with the other way and work around it. It goes 31521808797. 41 there is something on the chip votes. From from. Looks like exact. Help how can I protect myself from extreme premarket losses on stock. Stumpel is usually go into effect when the market opens so why then I'm wondering are where my sure went we think we. Well well in hand through can't really I mean first of all I'm assuming that you can get into the pre market. And the big catch is that. You know you have to be watching the premarket. Well he's got to stock called DE assembled DN dog at a word Nancy. Okay ten networks. And it is fallen quite nicely it's going right through supported 87. And close to by the 81. He's wondering what is he doing Mel's Salma. People Willie you trade off market but it's still usually just an hour before an hour and a. Yeah but he saying stop borders don't work in the premarket I've never tried so it can answer that question his followers. Stop borders I've put in limit orders you know to sell at a certain price. Premarket. You can do that. Mean it is seen instrument you know other than that. You know I I don't know people in order and a solid eighty and its unity one U eighty a battery you'll go. If it is currently that's the catch. Right. Well that is the catch. But you know that's one thing you can try I would try whatever brokerage firm you're with. Probably asked them the question I know ours is different matter of fact. You Mars they used the way you do premarket. You know you can to a hundred shares of 400 shares now. You have to have a minimum of 500 shares of to a premarket order although I did I did less. Pages and DIA. And premarket yes and I know after markets all but is it over a hundred dollars. Yes the so you don't say yeah I didn't well I think it didn't matter but it was over a hundred dollars into under cheers him. Yet DNA it would use those 230 so that's that's what you can do so but anyway. You have to check in with your brokerage firms he would fail you know in the premarket. I would try affirm that will trade in Europe. And then it would have to be a stock that. That we all know a lot like AT&T Arabia I would think in general would. Yeah and sometimes you know you can react in the premarket that is all the idiots come in selling news or something and then later this is a conference call war. Other people realized that it was a mistake selling it you know that the people who are selling that are idiots. And sometimes you can be stopped out on something that. You know so you're in the premarket is very flaky very volatile very elected if you you have queues longer yeah and and because of that you know a lot of times the first the reaction. In the premarket can be wrong. You know people are just. Reading the news and dumping in the premarket. And then when the market opens a stock comes back sometimes you say you never know really you know. And if you wanna trade internationally I would typically take a look at interactive brokers. I think they have the best platform. That. Very they go very go. Right now phone lines are wide open and this is the best time to give us a call goes there always people wait until the end shortly in the show. So right now give us a call 8031520. Total free 808797541. Or theory believes a checkbox which somebody was able to do. You know as we mentioned you know go to the Sampras and come website try to dollar that. Drops down and says life streaming click online streaming go to the bottom of the page is check box there. If the dollar about the Tampa is not working then. You have to win your first open the page go to the bottom saying listen to the dollar doctor. At the bottom of that it says archive and live streaming click on that then go to the bottom of the page so. That way of vehicle use to chat box and if you put an assemble. Let us know whether you own it you wanna buy it to a seller. Right now the markets didn't do very well. And you can see that by going Gideon. Economic research on the front page yeah and you know as I told somebody before. You know this is a mid term election year you know typically. At least for the Dow and the S&P. It's not great. And for the Dow and SMP typically in the mid term election year you need to get to July bottom. Or in October bought them so for all our sakes let's hope it's but it's a July bottom is July's coming very quickly. Very quickly. And the only good news about is. You know typically the low that's formed in the mid term election years are very good bye. So in the market usually does. Exceptionally well after that and grocery 15221808797541. Call a stellar actors were alive at ten. Ten. Arnold Klein tools could look at the computer. If I could see that February component. Already Willard a path toward a greater good morning I heard gold gold the well gold is down according to our. Little bit and had whoever is listening gold is dead long live gold eight. I believe it's hit the bottoms are very close to it in the bottom. That'll probably be stagnant British summer and then. Almost broke clues to. Well. I'll tell you one day of the dollar keeps going up that's not gonna help gold medal that's for sure. This could be terrible as we sabretech Kolb to thank you for acknowledging my birthday. You're welcome the local. And then here are your notice so as a top ten things you could do you're 69 birthday. There's only one problem I'm 39. We've been having computer trouble all week this season. That's number of political will make you feel we will blame the computer for its foot boat but we've but we know you know know again yeah. Our computers have been adding to my favorites that. Well at least it just sits there anyway you know. Yeah I hope it's it's there for another month so I can answer more. It's a good thing you know the kind of plunge in the price of gold as a really affected me you know after after the news came out and it got knocked down it just sits there now so. Right and not only that they've had a lot of good news coming out lately so. At. Well maybe you need some more bad news who has spent a that's and I always say you can interpret news and all that's all I can figure out I don't know everybody thinks they can and in terms of what affect it'll have in stock put. Most times you turn out to be wrong you know but I I am I impatient you know I know that. And since you're 39 you got a lot of years ahead. On a I only have one like panic at all well that that's good news the other ones showed up to date before my birthday. And I was very nice to Syria and everything went very glad to hear that it's bird. But other than anything else going on the market I'm. Pretty firm on what I've been and just. Yeah I mean it's you know it's it's it's it's a tougher market right now it doesn't mean if you buy a stock it's not gonna work but it's going to be a little bit more difficult I think I think there reits look pretty good here are some of them. That's an idea for you. Thank you. Well anyway technology answer all your phone call. All of the tons and tons of them that are out there right now and it. I think you have a lot of competition know whether kinds of things are going well. Well that's for sure so yeah. Over your shoulder grade sanctions you guys have a great. Thank you for the call you and you saved us for a few minutes we are shouting epithets. Thanks a lot to have a good weekend here in care of it and we always say a real and should do their own research familiar ideas. And very definitely. You know because if people had any show no TV show I don't care how old Christine defeat far. That are on the TV show as CNBC yesterday morning it. By a nose on the Bloomberg channel to law. Many of his tie down so I believed him sort of in the he said that his but he sure does Netflix. Oh really now though people keep trying in the short that thing is no question about it so. Eventually I guess they'll be right there I remember Ackerman going up against. Carl Icahn with Herbalife. And he got his clock cleaned well I Kansas toughest hit it and not well. He's got enough money he could very anyway exactly change the course and an actor Ackerman got buried that's Fisher's so we do hale couple things on the chat room one news. 2018 and is careful ruin your looks for analysts half of the year. Well I think it's unsettling about emotion in mid term election year typically. You know once again you say what's the market let's go back to that it's it's been a great year. Forward NASDAQ. NASDAQ-100. Small caps really good girls India and the fifty day but the but they've had great gains this year. Whereas the Dow is down for the year. Yes and he's just barely up with the goods one point something it's opera opinion on this day Russia so the Dow and S. T are following the typical mid term election year. Which c.s in general in the once again you take care than we grain assaults and overall pattern. That sees weakness into July and sometimes you make a bottom in July. And sometimes. The bottom really you make one vitamin July you grew up a little and you make another vitamin October. So between July and October. It's very murky. But later for the for the for the typically in the mid term election year. F the is in the last quarter of the year tends to be very strong and in the twelve months after that sends to beaver. So yesterday told a client on changes here allocation of stock because. By the time we realized something changed it will be too late for a surrogate and and possibly so just stay where you are and grit your teeth. Good morning. Good morning right okay. Like shot but it wept as she shot but I SpinRite still the iMac and up the week and alien purchase it. Went through that chart that but a couple chart I liked and it won at that stood out. And being brought here and I mean it's always an are. The deal. Well look I don't point and figure. Out. What do they have for their fifth if you know their relative strength number. 980 or something like it did up there. And in they'd probably don't show the earnings on their the other thing you can pick off that is. Sometimes. Insider. Ownership which I think is always important. Bullets as they. A China based stack that actually does the like a FedEx or UPS of being here. Alibaba just purchased 10% of them and it and it is one of those I think he's got square earnings growth such sales growth at. It then I'd be yeah company well we're certainly onto the chart yeah and I think at you don't have enabled me averages are near. Well I can change it via Iceland. And the fifties up on on on the web so the fifty years. 1875. With the stock closing at one in the general all of 1990 yesterday. Yeah they're terrible at it as long base. Write him a break and ballot I heard yeah. I saw. It trickled up a few days that comes down I'm not greedy by almost. Aka cold but the bottom which is important that can be very very good yeah. And then it's at now what kind of basic quote I think what he'd been. Mean yeah it's like let's say let's call it come back to retest around the support area. I would. There it is yeah I'm I only had one of the accounts. Ohio and familiar with the today. No more familiar to them what I can read and I beat the you know. And what will what did you let me see your like that what the company does I mean what what we sure why aren't you usually get into. On the break out based on ID. There's a database with the IDB that. Tells you what broke out for the day so I always go back and look at those in the NC. You know. Where might it be a good well goodbye and got paid twenty in hand fish. What about the fundamentals on people who strong months. Later I I I had heard about. I hadn't heard about this back and they'll yesterday. Pretty and I and I and I and I and I Petr I've bought the papers are brought it home and I didn't wanna I wanna really look up and as much as I'd like they're the gold I actually like the one allow. And a lot. You know what bothers me is that. Amazon is now trying to be in the delivery business. And not only that they're doing something akin to over. And hiring the average Joseph or the average mrs. Joseph Josephine. All right you have time for the next three hours go deliver these five packages. I don't know what to pay the pay is for that but use your own car in Europe to buy me and now. I'm in the Florida office. Yesterday afternoon and does a woman looking at an address within Amazon package. In her hand hand I figured this is going to be from my wife who works. As she's a big Amazon person. And so I knocked on the glass we have the we have you know. And office look you know beside them there and she Ayatollah promotion tour to come in and sure enough she was already you know private person Hillary in a package for Amazon. Actually my wife so. We've seen UPS we've seen the mailed the mailman delivers Amazon. Saturday mornings woman there. And we've seen FedEx command now that now they're going to the private thing and so. I don't know if Ollie about what can do that in China that would be mentally I was wondering where UN Ezra had hoped now it. Yeah I know I caught up. I sit I saw where's this leading the well I know so I know I heard last week by the and maybe you know hiring regular people right here prepared he's mixing and I was a person. Delivering a pan disease TO do. Little bit. Only 10% a lot about that they do and they're bad that they're way out about a lot of these current action. Yes but it at some point and Alibaba go do the same thing in Gaza and stone. The self self package deliveries to speak for lines. Want certain numbers you bought 27 numbers for sales girl then and now earning its. You know I'd meet these I think just standout but yeah did I just love it. So I got up Bob. Comes back down also that adult lower yep and out trick let output in mostly hugely well. Yeah but yeah I I'd I might get a little word of the drop below the fifty day. I agree I agree. I agree I got great job okay. Take care today is a few wireless into the dollar anchors Willard says Preston Peter Green cobra Cuba Sampras tonight as it management and anticipate him sort of be. RI AEA Saturday June 30 2019. Leo lives. So let's go back to check as far as the market goes. We recovered we may see an important alone July or not on October. For the dollar in this invaded he's I can say what'll happen that an asbestos and strong just bounced off the fifties but you know but people start getting worried they start selling the big winners you know so we've remains to be seen so we have anything up there in the chat box and always able kinds of things crystal ball. The question from Tom is the strong dollar. In trade deficit is cloned loses effective investment strategy. Take a look at Twitter NW OK. Well the trade dollar affects the large cap companies that's why the small caps have done very well. So theoretically you know you should be leaning a little bit more toward the small cap companies well the dollars very strong. In the meantime as far as the large cap companies goes it'll give everybody an opportunity to buy them and nice prices. C should have them on your watch list and ethical level it. Where you might buy company you've done your research into its big name. Company that may be temporarily hit. You know by the is stronger dollar and and then you scoop it up for an opportunity see a couple of a couple of different ways of playing. So Twitter gets to 47. And reverses on the pointing finger. Closes at 43 has support at 3738. What do you think the Butler. We don't takeover now Willard to a twelve to alert to its time dweller and fifth. At any rate. Yeah basically. It. You know assuming. It's not gonna get hit with a weak market in July which is a big assumption you know and if the mark if the market as we. You know they're up they're gonna take profits in in in stocks that are drying up but. This stock technically should move to test the previous time which was 15 47 and a little real high in 201653. Yen fell 53 would be in next target. And then on the where's the fifty day and then. From the fifty days through 36 of unions but it weighs polo you know which is the support is there yes obviously real supportive this gets it. His back their what did you say 303737. Somewhere in that area so so if you want to buy it. If I won divide I would buy him appear and happen to drop up. And legacy and next target could be 53 assuming the market doesn't identify all that I would I would worry about or to stop the book is support news. It is well look at stock charts that sounds of the board sure. It helps a little song I've been in this business boom goes. You'd of these T he WTO. And I know very much well it is all my other idea was. Just come here. Changed the books that still looks like he's now. 363738. You know some way you like that variables. And 3738. Million changed oh I have bucks. And you see you get you've supported it 41 am 42. General worst. Oh mean for a tight stop. It put a stop the world to what Portland so and so in that decade yet it in one day when tight stuff that. Otherwise this supports 37 birdies at 830 bucks yet you maybe a step apps that are is that this if you do it that way utterly foolish up. What was the other stuff there the others WOK. WOK. And the news. Wesley chemical. And praises small dividend and got his eyes and 24. Close so 107. Support. We know 10004. Were just stuff that. Maybe you look in the bio thing to say he's isn't that didn't say OK well it would be stopped about nine DA does it could go down quite a way we configure ten points from the closer to one also. It's. Next week so right now I'd have to say. If you'll look in the buy it. It's a possibility but you have to be out of the went to nine DA. Is agony target on this thing. 166. And closed which was. 107 so plans to keep you win now if you you know take that with a grain of salt but that's the point and figure it could otherwise if it goes back to the trauma entity one price that's about 25%. From them they wouldn't like to see it on that what was it 98 we said in the game you know so. But like I say somebody who's got a good reasons looked in the the company wouldn't. Very strong about it you know those are only sort of could take a shot at a certain that's because the nine DA opinion to make you decision you know. Exactly okay so we've phone lines are wide open 803152012. Free eight under. 87975401. Morning Jack. Morning guys idea until it. It alerts they have it bad. Thank you oh do it that Japanese. I think he's better than I am between you and I but I listen and this. Yeah he's like and a layup made it better not take too many days now I'll. Maybe he'll push me out. This could be music to listen. I paternity. Chapter meeting where the AI. I would I owe a lot I'm a lifetime member and I wanna have always wanted to with they seem to have them in the evening. Yeah well they do they do the problem is there's no local chapter. That could cost as long as Rochester. You know so that's an hour army and for me. Yeah yeah now let me that you don't know I've attended actually kept theirs so far they have had their chancellor. Vineyard. And it was a nice meeting unfortunately I hit prior commitment I was slowly. These halo gathering. 7 o'clock and then 730 of the reception and then I hear the speaker. The speaker had this from gross industrious. Very interesting. Talked about. Things going around and and in this industry. Things like I billion realized trashy scenario that don't like Kellogg's. Clark. The either way pulled post cereal had a broke a breakout yesterday peerless to really you know. I used to like those rays in room 1000. He's a post writes geez you Pigram. Who should serve though. He talked about Constellation Brands which this and so we are on Q. They're a great debate. The error of great strong company and their end of the kin of those with. Morning part of a Canadian company. Right right here it is too easy going spirit. Yeah experiment with campus and few strengths you know if they don't it. They don't you know in the end they sell quarters there you know their liquor business in the press I I read about six months ago when they started with a camera this company. They don't really care. What impairs. The user they just wanna gets in when we get get revenue from so that list element in the analysts to now. So that that is interesting and hit it's a house next meeting hall beat Joseph tempered they're gonna hit supports outfit. So. I'm a ceiling go to if you like it is so long or some effect but certainly assimilation. Actually it. Doctor about restart I like reached myself by. This person I do have my base. Investments. I have forward. And so aggregate. The MRI Bristol-Myers Elton you know elect reached chairs at. So yeah I am and are the PNC. Discourage those starts. They AT&T. Penny net. I think about 12100 hours down is because my first Turkey while I was down that I received. 6200 dollars in dividends on opt for. It yeah yeah. Yeah I'd like like there's been reached because we keep it exchange well. I'm not that he absolutely different and I can use certain. Yeah there is a home ETF I've been using. And again do your own research and this has a bunch of reads in it so you're now and hang out there with a one company. And it has a bunch of different kinds mortgage reits apartment reits commercial reach yeah. Heard you talk about it and edits incident very sensible special people. Is getting younger because older people or anyone that wants income. Doesn't wanna sit there are having trouble for and company some of the reits are very small in terms of sales. In the symbol on that is KVW way kangaroo bully. Oh Willard yellow. OK so just you can look that up you can see what's insider pays about seven. This coming up to the trend line has been doing nicely so you know from thirty years so but that's not a recommendation is just a way to. Not have all our money in one read or to re so you know. Yes because I that is too bad greets us until we all. Yeah our only. Thank you guys to it's just think about JD dot com percent of those JD. ED. I have been in and out of that. It's also it's also. Google just took just took a big position them do something blissfully. So I follow it. It. Should be higher. It's been it's been missed. You know they say the only good company is that good stuff. Place for computers. And I mean this thing should be higher doses of big companies as it's forty billion in sales. And it's been terribly under performing and all the other Chinese stocks. And I can't figure out and I bought a three times and sold it three times on the stop and give up. Sometimes use chemical and it was something. Yeah oh of the Chinese secret ratio and it does so many times irons but. It solaris so it she. It's sure that's the state they they they don't have to Barley is Accenture Evan. Analysts expect 90% jump the 28 teams winning nineteen and so much. Their leadership I guess it was good leadership that's fortunate interest. Yeah I mean it's been going no place you know sideways big trading range every time it breaks out a little line diet and I put a stop and get the stopped. Or yeah it goes up five points and don't sell it was an arbitrator. And then it comes down ten something X and them is better trading range 35 to fifty for a long time ago. Down. It's been touted for a long time everybody thinks it's the greatest thing in the world you know. And you got to recognize too that Chinese stock markets in a bear market you know it's down 20% Shanghai index right now. So I don't yeah. One to adjust start and they're doing degrees right now on earth don't we saw. And the and certainly it does start should people. Really how I am. Don't know it just doesn't really lackluster oh yeah. In this one as a Christian things. And you are take a break so. For people. Cooler to have been skittish about and Dunston and share. I don't I think a couple good investments you want some income beats Florida like adults or attack in a goal I would buy it. 888. Almost five and have the sense does. There have been pretty steady I haven't I yeah we have at the end some of my income accounts. Which in all have been spoil like the stock that goes out. And 2014. The stuff was it eighteen. In notes it's been going down down down hit 1050. Close at eleven so wide. And journalism serie a bowler putt and sort of scenario if there are stocks and have a nice dividends that go up too you know if you confront them. Well actually revenue get a battle that you slap hikes or at least it it's actually appreciation now. And they than last year's Nathan's Famous special dividend march eaten. And that's brought up this size over 7%. One yourself. That's that's sent to bed now when I liked it apparently. And you're attacked and got by either as GAV. Yeah educate be an Internet dictates that I have sat. You may open audience are Asian. You're studying them too so to district people. We're really here insurance. Assuming come out and does. Pretty good place. I think those are good ideas of course everyone has to do their own research lake union -- has written arts and then you don't quite a bunch of anyone's right you know by too much. You would say there's. I don't know. Whether it's bringing out and it's Cameron's agent Peter goes the other day and Georgia State you'll work there. It is same thing although we we talked about should we listen to the loudest sound of my Tesla iPad had a year. Or are you saying also consult your credit. When in the states. I'd interpret and no no you can't you know you never know you just have to wait and see how it reacts you know that's the way it is he. I mean things off and budget thank you very much for calling me at an earlier informative. Gonna break. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. As Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio and discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors. Fearless into earlier separate student Peter critical ally of the dollar doctors show Saturday June 30 2018. At 1039. He was soaring and you know 31521808797541. Shows Droid two by Sampras and asset management from the Pacific in Serbia RI AA. But that means registered investment advise that we do managed accounts for people and we do standard old time brokerage for people. And they want. We have a web site's efforts to and a comment CP ER as steel and that console our shows are archive shows alive and streaming you can listen anywhere in the world at this time. But also we do. You covered it very well. Well good let's check. The chat box and right now phone lines why aid open in 031520. Toll free eight under. 8797541. And I did mention the chat box if you go to centrist and act com. Hopefully at the dollar that and comes up live streaming news click on live streaming go to the bottom of the page is check box. In type and assemble this question to put a symbol and you know tell us what you. Own it looked in the bias in the solid. And hopefully that they'll adopt the tab is working I don't know I should address those people who who if you don't put all that is jet box. Tom descendants. A question on WPP. WPP. Else Muller finding out how to use it that's good. Hand list. United Kingdom ADR. WPP PLC you know. I should note that is to. What sectors. Media media and and close to 78. And it's dropped from ninety to lose them in the game it's an easy guy. With the stop that 7676. That's thrown around the other way we would do it we'd have the pointing finger chart. For a column reversal on them little kitten so right now a little thing and that would have to reverse at at the moment to. On three points. He it's Rosalie 8181. To 81 and then to stop that. So McCain 78. 7676. For an 81 stop at 76. That's in a long term downtrend pays 5% that sometimes these stats we only pay 5%. Farming on pay once a year now so soul. And maybe edges paid and it seems to have these big burst up in the big plunges down if the that they Bursa. But they don't go higher than the trauma and in the long term trend is down so your bottom fishing. And once again. I can decide if path. Is that honored and Tony in 2000 so there now doesn't mean it can't be forty pounds but you bureau I. Any as should I laugh HRL so well what insurers out. But we gave the parameters for certain the boundaries that you wouldn't wanna see it go to. Yeah it is hormel. To the makes spammers Osama rolls. Well I mean it's terrible not down not terrible and 3750. Day moving average 362 on Saturday 34. And terrible. And supported twenty toy and goes lower than 29 you wanna BO MB it's one who live ordnance when he grows subjective 55. Yeah and it would give a nice further confirmation of that possible target if it went above lines let's aviators thirty of 39 maybe. So who went to 39. Could be on its way. But definitely. You know and it's at 37 so you just said we'd set the computer of alertness of thirty. 36 ams where you with a point you know so he is you know you'd look like ideally wears its 200 day. Saturday for war now. So I would not want to see it really under 34 it's truth put. But if your wife your long term older than you could use that way 29 you said it was a stale and you know but. You know are they don't want to see an undated 200 day itself and much under the 34 are you concerned about it. Nicely poet yup so right now phone lines wide open vetoes 31520. Point we did that duet. 800 these elements of 41. Good morning Joan what do you think of you BP. I've owned inferior you VP you know today so he's on the years. Well I wish that coming up with stuff I don't recognize it UVB. Hopeful now I'd like to do the show for the Indians. It's still my boundaries were ignited. Brit Biddle from the united Biddle properties Google pays five. And has been trading since 2011. Between. 1820. Pennies yeah and that's I mean it's a nice prefer people just like to sit there and collected dividend. It just goes between eighteen and twenty so no problem with your girl fight if it was transferred and we were to manage that I pulled out yeah. In appeared dividend collector and that is still all right you don't know what's all right yeah. Hand going to 25 for some reason and wonder why couldn't it hasn't in years. Good morning Tony from clearance. Yes good morning I'm wondering if you Khatami an adequate supply at this say I really enjoyed listening to your kill it. Provides a lot of the good information and Acker information which is important. My question as we do know anything about this company called fox. It's like that it's a Chinese company. She. Know the name I need a symbol to do a little more overwhelming but Foxconn is the company I think. Works with the apple you know among them you know this is technology company in their talking about opening up a plant here right. But while they've got president was in Milwaukee and apparently that deal was made by a Sox come to up without a plan yeah. They're claiming that they're going I'm more like thirteen thousand people mean. And that's what I heard on the TV right yeah. And I also that one of those CNBC stations. That this company jewel in the city. By and not somewhere in Massachusetts. More memorable accompanied by us and secondly. This government splitting the aliens and and dollars and eight from the state. At this point is that the person that's CNB say that it will take 42 years for them to make a profit. The department. Well look at look at look at Tesla tussle has built on government funding and yet. Without earnings has gone out. So it's not it's not impossible it's just the kind of investment. You know we wouldn't make for people we like to see earnings. The Al like Brothers. Probably at an idiot accompanying made it feel a lot but Massachusetts and talk and ever build the plants. Employ a single person. I know suspicious of the bad and Milwaukee. Extremely not Tony have got two other callers on the Internet and overall very good very thank you could more mean. Perry. The morning morning. The government medical field in the existing and future right is that economic testing for. All of these Newton. Watson crisper and so at a Christmas over a chair so that it. And so if a bit of older recently but it nineteen clinical trials going and in Europe. And especially or. Alleged use of and certain. Try to hang out. But opponents two. Solid tumors and I think it's the wave of the future you in the church. Bought from from my daughter. Brown fifty it's the of one episode in Q. Give us symbols RS the Sierras RE. PO RT. I think provoke. You know on the ground floor of this breakthrough technology for medicine in general Roland. Hey good targeted. You know they were both at the same lung cancer but mine is different like Richard Pearson medically and they can analyze that and target. Therapy. Specifically for maximum effective minimal factor. Well well Chris Burke got as high as 72 and drop to 54. Closed at 58. And certainly on the chart headed turnaround. As we Friday. There was at the age. Paperwork there it went and drove up forties are there clinical trial in the US and I think that's sort of now I'm not on they're pretty irrelevant in my opinion yeah I'm sticking with that I'm gonna add to that this level. I mean that in America tremendous London. Last year. Well attended says it's volatile to say at least you know ground. Some what sport you're above everything. Literature supports from Peru and the wave of future reminds me. I I have to argue that group to make even though robotic yes surgical robot and used equipment you uber violent move it first came out. Couple friends of mine are surgeons bought it you know and balance I ordered hours or fifty. Yeah I know that an unbelievable. Leona for one client it's been very successful you would you would. Pol would like to see it drop to 53 but it is your probably a long time and 53 year you know or breaking down. And you can dispute could certainly see 3040 and that based on history. But if it but if it stays 53. Your price objective. Is is been met solo who knows yeah. Well I think throughout the lid and then they're gonna travel. Giuliani and also depends on the news that comes out the solar and your edit let's just take a look at that and I. Moon. Closed in that 35. He hand. That chart doesn't look so I mean and cut it cut. As high as 45 closed at 35. Who has the support support is 301231. Yeah. I'll say it would want to see it on the 31 dollar and what do they do please if you know. Same thing saying it and got. Sonoma testing going happen. More clinical trial yeah the you know my darn it twice figured you know he's not strictly a little. A little Byron Eaton yeah her. OK well policies these are two there are a lot of people earn interest and an illustration is very much you know we don't appreciate that you. Both. Appreciate it okay thank you all odds are there market are nobody due to soaring you know 31520. Or 800 needs of the nines and 41 relies a dollar characters who morning David. Marty. I dealt collection info on AM. Possible action horror of. T Verizon and MAMR Eric. Well Verizon. Closed a hat and coming up. Somehow I get visas so choose. That's anyone other countries we landed reason okay via your joy hold it have you been told that a long time. I'd Solis would 110110. Or short shorter style might be. We see if they can do. All we. You know well. 129. May be but. You know you get big support at 126120. Seven's it's a made for a long term role there and you don't mind more than ten you can use one time you know. Yeah I can afford it pelted him Verizon you said no no oh man at the strong banner. They brought a gun rights. In a good. Now we we owned the most for someone and we gets out that a rise of these so if you give me. And the stop on that would be one well it closed at one nannies six. The stop would be 186. But you've got support at 180s so you probably wouldn't stuff program I don't think him. Fifty day moving ever averaged one nanny one to do once consultancy that always say 189 I suppose. Yeah well what 8188. Going one radio on ninety. Really logic here. Okay take care very much money news. This morning Willard in Peter good morning. I am glad. Ask you about national. Fuel college about six months to go. Do you tennis had. And I bet on Medicaid but for three or four months. I last night kept that a little bit longer and it didn't go anywhere. Oh and that he analogy. We're looking ahead and you know an effigy and I heard you call I was in Florida. All were you in a nice sunny area. I once we go or insert sort of hoped you wouldn't sell it out there. Is a little Verizon there. You're either stop point would be in the 48. Area but right now it's doing OK if you've got to have trouble getting past. 54 to sixty. But. You know you'll soon happens. Where's the 20200. Today is 5397. And closed at fifty you know. So the 200 day is around 54 or so away. And that can be very tough to get above. And only if you've got above that wouldn't technically be back and a strong bull move again if it got above that 54 area. And in that technically broke down but he came back so definitely. If they drop to what would you say forties. 484848. That would be a concern there's value to come all the way down period 38. So I hope they're adults. It and I shouldn't journalists and yet of course diamond got rid of that. Well well what we owned it in a one up for people but we owned it in those in the high thirties while ago and I said well this is in the current this is really gross shock and got some profit in doesn't pay huge dividend them. Kinda time download them so. Right in that and I wasn't anything other than forty years in the business of my gut feeling. You know. He'll win some you lose some. That's and it you one thing which stocks though you know you can be right in two years later you say oh I was wrong with the thoughts. That who know don't. I don't AT CIA and eleven dollars and sold it at and how it's. Clippers seventy. Or yeah. I know it well. They'll have our general thank you for the call appreciate it very much have a good weakness. There were downs about the last two with three minutes of the show where do you think you BP we have it's. It was a journalist last one in the chat box that was an idea that's it so Obama. So anyway the quarter ended known and you know it certainly last week was affected by adjustments. By portfolio managers for the quarter you know. Moving around repositioning and so forth so it will be interesting to see you next week you know the July starts. Now where people are headed they still has outpaced the adjusting rotating it be interesting pick next week you can and with the besides July 4 holiday. You're gonna have the employment report which reporters and look at. If way to wages went up too much they're gonna get all excited to be very interest and excited whoa way in and be happy and that the federal just keep the he prays entitled to the medal. Well you have been listening to Willard says Preston Peter recruit dollar actors. We are alive and every Saturday from candle of the rebroadcast all of the ones Saturday night. Archive done a web sites Sampras and Agassi PE terrorists you wonder outcome of the three you can research. Every week and I posted this morning. As we always say. Keep a little powder dry and good night and look. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by centrist and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. 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