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From twelve to one run out here blower here now call us at 8031520. Or 1800 dates of the mine soon four when the children to a certain person and some management. Finneran separate gym a Serbia RI AA. Good morning bill. Mining. Peter Weller you don't want to today good as couples Faxon has questioned them you. First direct if you hold flies there. Would you continue to hold yourself. Well it depends who would you expect out of that I have been some accounts. I am proud. Disgusted with it but I mean it's not going down ruin. Moment. Yeah but it doesn't seem to. Every unit itself 1% this year and a half pace in the race dividend certain seems to be financially strong when the bill and she now. So it depends when you know what are you looking to duo didn't get the its dividend of almost four pursue oh. And maybe some growth over time or are you tired a way means. So I guess 2012. Yup I'm getting a little tired. A lady. And think that answers the question and answer isn't so you unseal little little little little better opportunity out there right. And the other side of keep keep that on your less you know if you finally see there's it's waking up you can always go back in. Yep it would import so I would well remembered it views on what I'm saying he's he's racy. You are racing items but it's like notes like the people who catch kept G for 99 years you know how we get we've costly so some day the stock may go to forty unions say boy that was done selling a put you know. Yeah yeah I had like CBS three years. And I. And I made out OK I saw the bad thing at 32 and a cup in the sixty. Oh right yeah. And I made and it that may eventually happened with Pfizer you know I can say it wouldn't you know but but if you start to see it go he said OK on the go get back in you know optic take a look at Merck. Because oracle is up 10% this year with Eisner. And there's. Some would do that as an ethic work as a different province. Okay. Second one by account. And I know they're gonna probably manage. I I mean do you have the via AB that the well. I haven't wanna count. I think. It's a great company. And course they always say that when they're down and accept that it is a and that's the stock chart looks just horrendous. And they do have an order in the buy more at 31 half. Or so help me. You know bull does the old bottom Fisher and mood there well O'Leary you know when it's cheaper it's got to be a bigger bargain that's very good future I carded an eight point 5000. In tomorrow you can buy an 181000 it's better it's a better about it. That's like my life as you know I I don't have the spend fifty dollars against a ten. Now having said that several years ago was looked at what price on. Or what. You know is that certainly it's seven mediators so at sixty it is said boy it's a barge in fifth and it's a bargain forty it's a bargain in other terror if you're a chart you would that's just you know yeah it's an alternate view would certainly stop but at thirty. They're pretty popular. And thank you cannot make shift over there. To the at this point how much. Are you recommending a fine fortune portion of people's. Portfolios. Going in to. Just what percentage. Well we're gonna go run and eight international. And Enron and think in the New Orleans on forums. And. Think I might have won. Concerned about that. International. VP. Idea. AB is employee asks if you've got it. 'cause it's should be doing an okay. The to the charter revenues okayed. It is up. It's. Well my mom playing in it is percent this year. How much will I view. And recommending that clients. Have. In a good portion in bonds how much of it should be in the international. 10% 20%. I. Well. I have an recommended in his foot in the managed accounts where we do some fixed income. There. Early by you know world we were. Discretionary. Group. We are. But when he person. Within the you know so if you're in a 6040 mile area in that forty is in. Some kind of called fixed income and a lot of problems. About a boat. A fifth of the news. And and national it and made it. MX. And they're questions they had and the intermediate. Investment grade. I. 2.3 three plus who do on the ocean. And the news vanguard total. And that you gave me is up one point 25. Right now however. Going back a year now last year put going back a year. DI EF seventy attended treasuries downstream him in your fund is a point yeah. Either very exciting to me. But it is what it is I'm supposed to be about forever you know Conner. And other cyclical. I. And basically no way I look at it you want to hedge your bets you know now in the reserve but it was spending interest rates were going up right there went down. But you know you should have a mixture don't try to guess which way it's going to have some floating rate things you know that it'll go up what rates up have a little mixture of different it you know. Fixed income. And that was stayed in the end to. You know breaker in all. And now you've got to sing short short shorts. So does that make as much sense to you know. Because he leaves you know created in the and the thing here. Well I don't know blue well it's the bond person to me if if the Fed's gonna raise short rates why would you be insured. Right and while there have been raised in the short rate what's happened to the ten year bond. Tenure yields come down. Honorary yeah yeah yeah I mean in Basra when interest rates right took rights don't talk to them. But you know I mean you know you can say by the short term but the short terms with a pressure's going to be right. Now I connect. But at the same time when you look at certain. And he I know you can't look at any one month that are here and look at a longer. Period of time. But when they do get hit the intermediate say I think maybe march or so. While their principal drop. You considerably. So is certainly more risk for an interest rate change a little longer term in more reward if you if it goes to owners who else but. Doesn't look like that rates. And all went put up leaders. That they that they make you know would go up faster and more often but they have and so. That hasn't worked as well yeah. But if they take off and they do to treat rates and build on and pick the principle and that doesn't seem like the income. Compensates at all. Well if they are raised to a three rates what is the long to memory doesn't budge. Well which it hasn't. I kept hearing. That that's that's suppose in theory right. They're supposed to be raised in the short term rate to slow down the economy right here they're doing it for different reason. They won the normalize whatever that means interest rates rate because they feel that spend too low. But don't forget in past cases when they're raised in the short term rates the long term rates went up just as much if not more. Because they were afraid the economy was gonna tank drive. This case supposedly they're doing it because the economy's doing good and you know so so you don't know what's gonna happen. Say a hedge your bets right Aaron hedge your bets on dog make common person in any one direction ago. Due to what you're doing little and little. They're good guys slow to appreciate and show you a nice job and have a good week and then Wednesday. So thank you very political director and I didn't. Tenth 2007 team at 1015 calls at 31527. Loans exceed those 1520 or. 71603. Years or three to welcome groceries or street 21 or 300. 8797. For 41 of mourning people. Aren't. And Aaron Lewis and Peter hello I would feel better about gold. Miners in here if that's your question. Well yeah cute. It was one of them I don't know I sure like guerrilla. Better couple days ago would click it and brick house. I just before the call me testimony. They said in the Asian America somebody dumped four million ounces some mark. He may say it is Riddick. Well you know well everything everything is rigged in life okay well. Everything you get it. That's the way it is that the here. And they were like called about I bought but hell about three weeks ago for what reason I don't know what looked cheap. Just click here unless commerce there's you. But he's what do you think is I say I have a for income. Awhile ago it was stepped out of a 29. I bonded at twenty to 48. That's fair to go up. I don't know suddenly looked great to me what you. Streets. Well I'm disgusted with how what they're doing. Has certainly don't you stop it there but Tony want me here. Let system almost exactly where again Lou. You have put goes down and its. It doesn't settle down and it does revive itself and certainly maybe maybe better connect only for me. Or maybe even 27 depending but you know they've rule. Has bruised doing so well they of those little squirrelly things were there called. I think has also closed the little kids I don't know and their their barker too and they twirl around. Taken the class to like little stronger when we were kids you know. If the zoo it looked at and where well. Posters on. So it sort of these you doing your finger and they've got three little think a flamboyant and spin him around them. There are no legal ruling class is supposed to help me do it attention deficit to us that it. If you can yeah they can look at on its work. And not hear any. And so that's Hasbro you know and so what is Mattel doing besides. The line the line they have the line of they were read some good things about it. Earnings gonna go in earnings. Do they tend to pick up for Christmas. Late in the year. When China I mean this. Well normal normally they'd do okay and then lost a big contrary this bill are big responsible. Awhile or. It was a Disney something at that but you know bottom line is is it now. Historically this seasonally obviously these people all made their money you know. Toward the end of the year usually that are there and I also read that there and doing as much as they should in the world electronics in this line. Now I have a three and a half year old. Who's still in that toys and you and I have 29 year old who's. And you can't get them off the iPad or the computer. War. My cellphone broke my voice self from playing games. When they come over there's no reason and mower because there is who do these screens they only put him down the meal. And six months I mean I'm not hungry. Get a post up to. I am I in my life totally agree with I'm on board but that's that's not just like him. Laura Schwartz and her parents have abdicated being parents. And they just put their kids in the corner in the east the kids acquired right there quiet and he's right and that's happening immunity goal Arum is an American ambassador. In days ago. But that they're going to be brain dead when they're teenagers many of them aren't as teenagers and. There's very few of them that and communicate. Little external hello worlds you know terror level you know you know who eagerly. Matter of fact you know carry on a little further we have the technology department ever firm you know first clearing forgot problems part of walls for part Wells Fargo. So we've been dealing with a problem now for weeks but here's the interesting part about this you call them operate and all they do is neighbors respond by email. So they'll ask you one question did this happen. C email back now. In the last you another question by email act as a what's wrong nobody's phones anymore. Anyway let's tap into that world the terrible. But it happened in our people are arranged and Garcia. Alms. They are going to communicate by building and a commitment to yeah yeah in that you won the white productivity is going down right now how long it takes to do something back and forth. Texting him by email. So not long if you like me who's now a dictate. Well that may be but I'm saying get some solved for a possible near impossible. So anyway. So much for digress and. Who bush I don't know it. That they're in now you Kurds. Well there is no hope. There's no hope for the world's sympathy go iRobot that look very little. It did hit. If the Internet goes down breeze is the after all current or one of those GMT call. That'd be the greatest thing in the world around the beauty and the good thing and also. Putting and civilian sanity out there so. And I guess you would. Top cleric like this one of them Obama though appreciated. OK so anyone and they have got problems yeah I mean your your herein that are ill price where you can get out. About where you learn and you know taken a shot that's our I feel lucky get out of their podium and goes up to mentor and his manner you know all of a sudden they do so maybe some breast size or maybe they get finally get a good toy line of the yeah electronics line of people but kids are buying the did the ease with they say is a catalyst right. So you almost feel an on screen intentional or running the company and its Fisher so anyway. Are ready to appreciate that. Okay good article thank you Peter. Who are listening live to Willard says Preston Peter Greco and all of that confront 2% percent asset management finesse a victim of Serbia RIA we have affiliate company's efforts to realistic or. And a few others we will bookkeeping companies priest and management services. Give us or rain or live at 7168031520. You know 31520. Or 1808797541. Hour shows our archives that are website. Sap system. This AP ER is to you Warren. Dot com Leo sort of pretty economic research but opened star McCarthy posted every Saturday morning maybe returning it. As a great vigna on interest rates. Tenure rate went up from 215 due to twenty last week. And where the markets have been for the last week analysts months of last year and gold and oil. And a few. Tell tale grafts. Which are just terrific for example. Is a new one and oversaw workers are job hopping. Ratio of voluntary exits to new hires. And Peter can explain to us within a sounds exciting is very just so anxious to read definitely give you ideas a bottle investment. Having said that of course and Azteca trash yesterday. That's right I'm surprised there weren't a lot of calls you know based on this you know the big main stocks all took 34% and its. NASDAQ at cranes and you know. Down. A couple percent I guess on Friday you know. And interesting part was though the Dow was up to a new record high what's that about. So we so she can't keep focused on any any one Ares going to be watching what's going in general and apparently. Technology is veteran well that's what they're proclaiming now sold after one day yeah that's the way it is Penn. But you know what's interesting there was this weird rotation. I'm. Friday. You know because you know NASDAQ can cream the Dow is in new full time wise as simply barely budged. And why was that because it was a rotation. Technology guys hit and believe it or not of all areas energy had a strong day. A couple of percent the energy sector financial sector was up a couple percent today. As to relieve lagging sectors for the year so. I guess people might start to make the case there's in the rotation going and everybody's gonna move at a technology and move into the beaten down sectors and who knows you know put. One day it doesn't make the market and you don't really know what was gong and everybody costs you know came up with things that could've been the reason you know. And short seller picked. In the media and the media got clobbered you know and they were there or other probably there is getting clobbered in their short yet so. Anyway so that's what happened on Friday sort remains to be seen I don't get excited at the moment and if I looked at and I said OK it's nice of technology is gonna have a bit of a correction they start making up a shopping list you know. And say you know what names might want to buy any pullback if that continues. We are allies to be seen mineralized zones 6030321. Or 808797. Or on the on good morning checked. Morning guys. Aria good. Connection elephant talk about them the technology. Knows both. Google or an image that we're down almost three and a half percent. I've been thinking about science so matter of this is the timer maybe wait. Little bit. In Victoria sedan what's the difference between Google Google. I looked in my eyes and I think alphabet GO OG. And NG OPM hour and a different classes. I think it has to do was voting rights. Oh it's it's okay so big class as far as the voting and yeah that is about a 3040 dollar difference. Green well I would just I would look it's. GO OG result through last night. 23%. In energy. Poll poll GL is. We've got this sandy dunes. We. The result. Twenty tuning him out for yourself. No significant difference now. File each other pretty ridiculous yeah. One called the nines seventies something that's they have one that's something up but they were closed or whether I'm 49 in the so yeah OK okay. So you think the voting rights that. Yeah look yeah OK okay because I didn't realize you really don't terrorists long deserved. Today they asked to vote since the performance right right it doesn't. Mean it's. You think should I did and possibly wait they just more of a pullback in Anthony's there. Well the way I do it as I would if I wanna commit 101000 dollars over 5000. You have in the new and then watch OK because. I'm looking in and it Google. Without the L. And the beat 208. Is 821 and he 150 it is 935. And you closed at 949. So you're close to the fifty day which might be good by poor OK but. Again it's so do so volatile. And you could you could see it back in the fifties depending on what happens to the technology might refuse to disclose that 15 today. The fifth 150 days over the days before importance. That's nine victory. So I misread this sauce a lot of institutional players you know that follow technical analysis. They would only get concerned at the drop of fifty. Which is 903 right now. It is totality when they apple few years ago I kind of waited. Who went down I was gonna buy and I waited went down went down and bought it and and I guided late because sometimes it seems like things they're bargain now but consistent with no. Sir it's only been one day in day out right about that. Ride right so you don't know. And they amount Monday NC some fat finger at the mutual funds at the wrong button let's talk to you never know you can either way to Horry combined. OK give them things like that that does mean some immigrants to I've been holding up the ball well but boy they've been going up up and a guy like Mike Ford which has done nothing and a couple others which are done nothing done. I think even though they paste from my dividends I don't think it is something that has suggested that moves you are right well thank you so much. Okay thank you bring to for the college appreciated. You can robbery. Listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. 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All the little vignettes. On FaceBook and Twitter. Talking about the market it and things we should pay attention. So right now give a soaring aunt. It was 315221800. Dates of them and some 41. And don't forget Federal Reserve does meet Wednesday. Missed probably Tuesday and Wednesday but Wednesday as the Federal Reserve announcement so. If you look in the see what happens when interest rates and whether it matters are not very interest thing. On Wednesday is also an important thing for people who were invested in bank stocks is that. Federal Reserve is gonna announce in June 22 there's stress test results. And basically is so determined that the banks have enough money to survive major financial crisis but. Then on June 28 the federal report it's what they called a comprehensive capital analysis and review. And they it that resulted apple enables certain banks to increase their dividends and do stock buybacks and so you know one recommendation is set and via Barron's this weekend for what it's worth the ticket for what it's worth which may be nothing. But as the stocks they think there will be able to increase their dividends will be Bank of America. Citigroup. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. And I guess there's only says to me is making too much money yet well. I guess went for it you know but. It says the financial system is like healthier than it was several years ago guys who have a so that is good news. And also Alito were talking about Telecom stocks and the pressure on these Telecom companies. And basically it was mentioned you know the Telecom companies that grappling. With deep facilitating price wars which. I kind of brought up a little bit last week and competition from the cable operators. And they're saying there's a wireless partnership. Between Comcast and Charter Communications is threatening the shakeup that'll status quo you know. Says that's another reason why you know there's been pressure. And a lot of these telephone companies so. So it is an area that's considered defensive but you know the industry is not the polls industry that your mother and father knew if it it's changed your. I had reliance yeah that we still have our telephone table that I had as a kid where you're at one telephone. For the whole house and it says on a table and someone would call and so on and answer and then they called liberal with four. Four people have multiple phones I remember that when it was a trial. No question it was that you could you know the phone to somebody resign that's right and I am and I've I still have that table. Where I live now it's all beat up but it it's. Moment so please and yeah. So. Right now you can tell we at the phone lines boys opened a school 315 to one rate under 8797541. Now looking at sectors in the market even though. You know the technology sector got dramatically hit it still. So far you know semiconductors and number one leading sector and yes indeed you know technology in general's film but soon. And looking at it further the home builders are still in you know is a third of fourth place I think when I was looking the third place this morning. And so those sectors have been holding up you know very well and even those has been the correction technology sector you know there's still at the top of the heap. So you know just to continue to keep an eye on the sectors and you know but you're shopping list that belief from those sectors that. Are still the leading performing sector Chenault. And that's the way to do it look at the set the first Leo he's kind of say that every week so used to say in the more troops yep the 80% on the movement of Asarco is the sector. And a lot of pick earlier you know a lot of people go quietly searching all over the place for an individual stock you know and it's not the way to do it. Look at the sectors first because the bottom sisters would look at the bottom sectors you know like the imagery. Which has been terrible. You know for the year. And I think the financials haven't done very well for the year. That those two areas of your bottom Fisher. And it was kind of interesting to his couple weeks ago I mentioned in Barron's you know that they'd survivor's guide for the retail stocks. And have a nice list they read up nine stocks and most of us have done pretty well yeah since then that's life you know. And you know. Home Depot's continued to do well in there and icing Nordstrom's talking about it is on the list is talking about maybe going private. Which would make it you know well as families or on the road yet and their little discussed it would tap into the stock price. And Wal-Mart was on that list you know we know Wal-Mart has done well. We do have that managed accounts. So yeah that disclaimer. And as Edmonton I think we took a little off the table to him so. Maryland yelled and Helio cells from cells so yeah. But we took you know FR position off the table. Vision never know you know so if if you have a big gainers substantial game which considers usage of game reasonably short period of time. So it's nice to put a little money in your pocket as. You have no idea what's gonna go I know what's gonna happen to the market. Or what can happen in any individual stock all of a sudden you know fortunes can change him dramatically. Now remember years ago forgotten what should remember the company they were the cup some company now actually was a pool table company. And it was like Minnesota fats are right. It was his his Jackie Gleason America service also promises full table company that it came out with fantastic earnings you know in the stock jumped up and I own the little position in the thing and at the moment you know throws a beautiful race. Couple days later the stock is dropping dropping dropping your company goes bankrupt with a well so. There you go so by the time the same in news when when the news comes out. That that's old news or earnings that's old news you know already here into. The next earning season things have changed significantly you know so it is 315 torn your 808797. 41 dollar and brought tumors some mismanagement. And so Pickens. Thomas RB RR IAA. Am. We have the new Department of Labor rules to deal with on Monday. And it's gonna make us all better people. I'm glad to hear that. Government is good. Of course as we do know the house passed the bill that killed but if the bid depends whether it goes through the senators. So so we shall see you know. Now things are predictions of an error that'll never be. Canceled. Because of the media that's possible you know in in well I'm going to whole thing about that so. Mean basically if you're good guys in the business year essentially being punished Visio Wii's were. Doing who are always good yeah you always doing the best things in interest in now all of a sudden the right thing. I guess our compliance overs it was so on the all of the paperwork yet to fill out now and you have to have. It if you do anything yet have a six page questionnaire you know yet to go forward and explain which expires auriemma you know which expires every ninety days and pounded their doing to the financial industry with a did the health care industry goes so but anyway. Hillary agree we event and that you should always act in the best interest of the customers we always followed that philosophy. Matter of fact I think when the FCC came in and the author of fees a say in these guys. Start Arjuna charge not yet simple if you charge that you know you're you're below is the average you know. Of the fees it charged in the industry knows so. But you know. And still people on repairing those exactly anyway it really wants to we don't want to go until. And if you don't finalists in the low and activists call it through 15220. For me and ask about your favorites 7541. And always point out real we say do your own research you know I was mention Barron's but you know Barron's mentions things we look at it. But we go to a stock chart says it doesn't make sense or doesn't make sense you know. Is the stock already flying way above its support area is you know where's the risk on it you know what's the further potential you know that we can say unit you know. And it's a few listening to Jim Cramer and here and you know fast money I guess you know any of those shows you know. Make sure you have an approach you know as a way to analyze whether it makes cents. And a lot of the things you don't know if you give us an assessment of those guys to via an half an hour. They can be talked involved festival. They could be talking at noon and got out of the stock that they just talked about so. Say got to be very careful about what you're doing now. Everybody everybody who does. Who is very substantial in the business in great traders agree investors or say yet though planned yet DeVon approach now. The biggest problem most people and I've had a problem over the years remaining consistent you know. And I jumping around sticking that what you're doing you know and being consistent what you're doing that that's half the battle. You know 315 toward me you know 3032100. Gates of the in some. For 1 dollar characters good morning DN well good morning Peter. Thank you for calling already dead this morning. Well we're probably going to go outside like everybody else in this beautiful there Alia volatile people. Won't be long okay. So many great. You guys were talking about technology this morning. And I definitely like the big question is if it was the beginning of some big rotation you still. And some with the that the respectively as you're talking about material you and excel he. Looks like that's just throw coats. I was looking words of anger materials this morning. Which did Erica. So that's something with him. And I don't know what they're really tinkered wanted. XOB broke out awhile ago. It. Fifty or long term break 52. I think. The clear it was a fifty recently ended 52 victory in 2000. Fifteen. In the course that 54 so broken that old old. I think it's I think it's. Maybe the AM NCAA I am doing so. Yeah. No. Well Aventajado whatever it is every day government heroes and those would've whenever that one's two and I mean aren't these are related to homebuilding and construction. Companies I think a lot of chemical up. By the chemicals in their two. Selby who is. How do Monsanto right answer your yeah him. So I'm wondering if a lot of this is just people that are looking. You perceive the. They'll I don't I don't know is it you know I don't know if days. You go to the chemical industry for safety. The two yeah. I don't even remember let Fidel. I mean moving out of technology yet I mean the cat yeah I mean if they're rotating to different there but this has been strong all year you know. Is is one of the top sectors all year material yeah exactly so you think it more of that. Yeah yeah and I mean you know you stay with strength until it's no longer strong right. I mean that's the bottom line we've got to think about technology in general this one. Well I I think the opportunities to oh I don't hope I mean I hope. Agassi do you know you know that give you nice opportunities with the ending its you know Friday might have been yet. Now the corrections who knows right. But you know put them on your list of some of these companies will continue to do extremely well yes no question. And you have to look at the individual areas it was something in the world was maybe this morning there is something called the sports which I've no idea what that means. But I but I think it has to do it gaming. And okay. And they're mentioning companies like Activision. You know it burn a leave of lawlessness but that they think that you know this will also benefit Facebook's and all these other things right. Is because it somehow it's related socially type thing. And you know so so those areas that continues stay very strong so it may be just as accurate as possible you know. But even if you know you look and I hate to look at the fundamentals exit while the future's bright and so and so I know it would it doesn't matter now. If if if those people who run the market you know with their buying and selling decide they don't want to be there anymore Soviet right. Laughing well yeah and you're talking about faith but for example if you look at the fundamental basics so honest this thing is cheap. Oh yeah. Right you know and that what credit but people would move the market exactly you know say hey you know we've made a bundle of money and FaceBook let's take their money off the table on. Well by some dumb energies that have access and let the know if it's not a but you never know right. But but but I I would not write off technology in general yeah I mean there will be still areas here within that will continue to do well known and and give you some nice plays. Well it probably just an adjustment. I think they. Gloria it's. Just got lunches they get really got to control it well whatever started it you know like you say you have all these computer programs maybe they picked up the selling right sure. And and and that just snowball the whole thing on Friday right. Well I mean you look at some of these things that if you look at the video game how much you know how much. Value we can put the fundamentals but if you look at the fundamentals increasingly to the couldn't do it. What are you paying for this thing you know you and some of these other companies and maybe even Amazon and does a great company but I mean. You know you look at that game we pocketbook and mental outlook Seattle I was at a particularly if you're right back to help. Exactly yeah it's a based on the you know right. But you know I've I've always an innate in a bull market I've always kinda had this you know little rules on the in my own mind. Say the company's growing at 50% year yeah. And in a bull market that means to me and traded two times yeah PS growth rate to trader at a hundred feet. An area obviously in and not bull market that's different store or it. One other wanted to get halftime and store. They've been BV. The company you know. I just killed just leaves we have it yet we have Britain's counts and I mean now what are you looking for. It's not a hot trading stop. I don't know I'm a little something I'll look for value in. Capital appreciation opportunistic with them. Well. Headed in a few accounts since. One Saturday. Mid fifties. Okay and then I donating to a including on Monday morning and creating topic we're 11 person. So you guys think it's been very good company. Yeah I mean it is actually don't see many Biotech stocks that actually. And consistently and played decent and. And the track looks really good. Well it's got to go both seven anyone really yet debate that's the big test in the high two years ago on ten and so you there almost Dubai and stuff but so for me to. It's definitely one of the better acting in this sector and in Moscow strong room she's a good incomes through them. All the so far like this remember we are for do shooters yet here. You can buy early while we have. Or. I'm not against. Yeah another vote. But don't let anybody go to casino and lose all the players. It's about anyway or no rules against exactly anyway dad. I would look at what other way you mentioned Citigroup this morning. Yet so nothing would greatly in music or forgot her approach issues since I like people did. That was a thing down to like single digits of the EU imposed and two well. 33 and that was the Atlantic even further that it was ignored that anyway. The thing looks super oh yeah broke out yeah no question. And look at Iowa. Line which is set to. Hand an entrance. I think there's there maybe some new rotation going guys. That's possible you know it's a thing to keep line you know some banks docs don't look like city area. So you know you generalize so high banks that exploit him by all things that yes so. OK got it okay thanks heard right well appreciate the call things thank you. Give us a call we realize that auditor to Saturday June 10. We the 1058031528030321. Or 80879754. Along the morning Gerri. Good morning them and Camille you and and show. Have clashed in the first one is sent Tesoro logistic Keogh he. I buy it some time ago. With the dividend. It was as CO LT yep and down a little button and disciplinarian. What stuff it would be an. Moon. Pays seven. Has it has had a polling figures sell signal. Yet truth. The to our 51. It has a fifty day moving in over 253. Sold below that. This is 251. It's below that element considerably. But interest team to put into war a beer about it. And changing the charred. Beginning close to him since opera Melissa holds true cause that fifteen they have this really. Last year held several times yeah I would use the whole under fifty OK okay I've. So somewhere and they have a lot of it may be you know half. In the 49 range and have a little lower. If you are OK with it. Orbit to change the chart amendment. Assuming no change chart that they could look different at 3 o'clock I know what was as a movie VE LO KTO. But anyway you know you know it's so so yeah it's it's getting Dicey at the moment you know. It is sad to sell signals on the way down as it has undated 200 you know you. Johnson and I'd use fifty is all numbers is somewhere in the there whenever you're comfortable with on the fifty. Not necessarily 49 point nine. You know but whenever you know maybe some of forty earnings have from some of you reported so right now. And then the next one is Qualcomm. Conceal them. We have that in our accounts do you own what are you looking them but I have. I bought an entry point. It's I booked it the. And I wanted to buy more of their those are down. Deal or what happened it and now let's talk of I was took about some of the ones know that our way round Qualcomm the caller welcome. You're using your by stopping them. You know. Although I don't I am just an entry position in this actually is wondering when would be the next five points effective. What did it close. Poland. I wonder it got hit the other thing. Closed at 5657. They mean it looks. Okay. Okay. Well there are are gonna long term you are long term hold here yes you know otherwise I would say 51 and now. Which you Islam Holden told him. Well let's out of bed drop what would you pay four cents would be paid 51 through yeah through you know. Yeah breakeven you know. Some can. Well I thought when they if they could ever settle this thing for example maybe. Might finally do something for them. Over the years. I mean. Loyalty thing they had this seems like that. Where independents and going to work well. Yeah it's hard to say you know what would happen would like to say I just concerned that it's 51. And one more than a century link CTO. That's the dialogue. Yemen has come up from 22 minutes to them hello. I actually thought this company should have been doing better than they've got what they buy out boy I don't remember it and it is a level. Level three ring yourself. You alternate or you want I I only own and yet here yeah I would hang onto it just had all the here we have it in three accounts. I've been by more visit dropped. The issue was when I lifted to buy for every one and it did not have a stronger on shoes always scares me. In the had a lot of debt you know two dual leeson's vine. I thought nearly and they have a great two wireless presence in London. That's where they're trying them and if you are the number three provider and I remember whoever they boy it's a big fibre optic thing. I'm pretty sure. I wonder if that would be affected you mentioned earlier this telecast decapitation and. Yeah it's it's tough you know it's it's tough. But there's still of people praying in the marine on which was. Cash flow we like menu probably have to hold right now. Who. Get Japanese thinking. The zone a little bit AT&T. That would it be maybe better because they brought to settle it. Wish I mean. DirecTV. We have AT&T in the house is close at thirty the Sony nine. I would be a buyer in the 36 from him for an. That the drop and having said that in this week's Barron's they covered it they said good things about it but they think it's already priced in the price of the stock. Oh okay so read the article published it hours. Thank you very much okay thanks Gerri we're gonna go right to man in Hamburg tomorrow. Morning guys. Wondering what you think about our interests and our app. Eight app and. That's a real him well as they affect us. Yeah. I Pharmacia them. The I didn't seventy's I got out in the upper nineties and manic panic in a low ninety's. Couple months ago six months on now to fire. And I I I don't know anything about the company to also vote. Our financial chick and it circuit out chicken a Wal-Mart is opened up a couple new problem. And juries heard however and it is is really growing. I think yesterday they came out where it. Possible buyout from. The European or Chinese company you strong it. Which really enjoyed it and got it right you know dividends than increased CNET. To order I guess what there you know what are wise what you're saying as. You brighten editor thick mop up. Never let up anywhere near worded. Italian on the question. Well. Would you buy a little bad what did you buy that. I didn't. Seventies and I got out of on the midnight yeah aren't in the nineties her about it that's. Smart yeah and then they're gonna come out the special dividend of a dollar share like aspect in an alone ninety. And maybe six months I don't have it in front of me and now it's like what 28. Well I and I'm fined businesses. Are clues says it's a neutral. They're that means but anyway you know what that's bigger gain a short period of time my tendency to take a little off the table. And I would be out at one away. Yeah actors you know yesterday I got clobbered with my I have FaceBook Google and apple in my chicken back until this. It's thank god that's diversification right. I don't want to check out. That matter of fact I was watching America's Got Talent that watch the chick in play the star spangled banner on the keyboard if it. Maybe to do chickens their brains I mean good brings the America the beautiful play defense and it would. 00. It did activate you never take take whatever signed comes your way it. Our guys are. Talked at Mexico thank you well here we are at the end of the show. You have been listening to Willard says Preston Peter grip with a dollar doctors go to our website Sampras tennis ATP terrorist Gil and com. For replay of the show. And off or four liven streaming appear out of the Buffalo, New York area. And so. Create economic research at the website posted fresh every Saturday morning from stone and McCarthy. Give that a look. Call us if you want an account. Reviewed a second opinion. And the office number also is 80879. So in 41. And as we always say people little powder dry and goodnight and good look. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist NN Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by Sampras and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. Discussion of specific security should not be construed as recommendations to buy yourself. You device Jefferson asset management Jorge on 1520 WW KG. The dollar jockey show is rebroadcast on Saturday night at midnight. You're invited to join us again then for next Saturday morning at 10 AM I am 1520 WW KV.