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And that's silences. And hit it Bud Day who was on the line but anyway. Yeah it is Saturday. June 9 2008. Team. And it is 1004 in the morning and we always say that because this show is rebroadcast. At midnight. Unless there's a sporting event and if there's a sporting event show will be rebroadcast at the sporting event. Also we are available every Saturday morning live streaming from ten to eleven that are website Sampras than dot com that's SAP. He RS TON dot com. Most devices acting connected in in that will connect to it. And also all of our shows are also available at the web site. Archive so if you miss a show you an replays show the show will be available at the web site. And then finally last but not least. There is a free economic report. Either late Friday night over bright and early Saturday morning from stone and McCarthy very concise to the point covers the economic news of the previous week. And I know if you just wanna catch up on what you might have missed an economic news and get their opinion once again it's their opinion like anything is. You take it with a grain of salt you may agree or not they're not agreement Alicia may learn something that you weren't aware of so we do. Encourage you to there website Sampras than dot com. SE PE RS TO and I Tom. Also all of our services are listed there are contact numbers of interest in you know potentially doing business who are firm just go to the website Sampras and I come. Can you hear me now I can hear you while I guess it's it was a technical issue from what Andrew tells me they'll. You're out in Colorado right operator error I'm comment he's. Well. Of course that was good to hear your voice in whatever on good morning. Economic report period choosing take both sides of the bat. As a lot of time economists do you and I talked about so yeah he beginning part of report that little. Negative but then they say that. There's more reason to be optimistic about purely domestic development so. It's been choosing greed as usual I think everybody should and amid in my memory does once. Well its interest thing is that and I goes along with this weekend's barons where they say the US is the only game in town. So very interest and right now. Give us a call phone lines are wide open 8031520. There are total free 808797541. Also if you do go to our web sites centrist in the outcome assessing AP r.s TO and I come. He go to the dollar doctor tab then when drops down as his light streaming go to the bottom of the page live streaming is a check box down there. And if for some reason you don't wanna give us a call. Just you know type in a symbol let us know whether you own it looked in the buy it looked in the Celadon we can cover that. We do give precedence in the phone calls but when there's no phone calls we go back to that. Checkbox. So either you know they use the chat box but give us a call it a 31520. Till free 808797541. They go first the bill in buffalo good morning. Lauren than mine portal. Quick question. Short term bond fund what are you recommending that. Well Ben asked David that. With the architect. You know. Good question. What I. Like to use it is our bank loan silence or or short duration silence the idea that interest rates are going up and you know that looking at it day by day week by week but in the next. You know. And it from here until next five years I think we're gonna see interest rates going up so. I would look to the depending on what you're looking at if you're looking at a 41 K. If you're looking at you know individually look at something and that's a short duration fund. And you wanna look at that duration. And if you go to Morningstar that camel crush anything put him assemble and I I happen lights in an again looking at something considering that somebody might have to pay. See. It did to do so I like the Oppenheimer. Senior floating rate fund. And I just think that's a good one it's got a very very short duration. And you know and so will manage in the ideas. Bill as you probably aware as interest rates go up that these funds adjust themselves so he instead of having the inverse relationship. You could still have the inverse relationship but he should not be as drastic as some in this together. You know ten or fifteen duration and so. Okay the Nordic Countries. And you know one expense ratio now. You know but I am well you're if we have another question I can look at. Wondered your opinion at this point time with the intermediate. Forms. Investment grade so it's yeah well I. It's it's it's a tough call. Because you know my my training in my experience tells me. And when interest rates go up on sun's going down. And inverse relationship. Now some people say well you know like and I can afford a little decrease in the principle because I wanna get mine in like yield. I. I personally I just don't think like that I would rather. Get out on to something in the short duration. And at some point in the next several years again this is strictly for about on. I'm part of your vote on it. Then go ahead and then by that intermediate. Investment grade science that just means in you know I can I think it'll do your research look into all the different possibilities of Islam accurate so. Can't. And that fire and that rate and and dipped to honor they shoot these via Oppenheimer they shoot 48 4% yield current yield. They took they shoot four they don't always get it and they actually and I'm fumbling hero to them and values and had seven others. That it works but they yep they're yield was a little bit about that but 4% is when you read their literature that'll tell you that's what they should force 4%. Look at. So it's a very attractive if it doesn't have I. The country's. Yeah I'm looking and it's it's reasonable and that's because I can't find it exactly at all costs so. Yeah of course it. And usually so well prepared but I am unfortunately don't have that. I might allow the show goes on if he's gonna continue to listen yeah okay. Ala. All I'll get debt expense ratio during ensure. Okay thank you very much appreciate it have a good weekend. Okay take care. There right now phone lines were wide open give us a call. It's 547. But do when I'm doing and giving and giving you're home office phone number just looking for business made it anyway so don't bet god forbid looking for business but anyway. If both Retief 1520. Total free 808797541. And the U taking care of the chat box on the. On them I hadn't seen anything other than me. Oh really come here hoping here's one now a SX and the person owns it. And what is the symbol again. Apple yell all. I don't know they gave me the room once aid why tax Apple's yellow extra. He why asks them there. You wise acts than this they would they are wounded there eight or they don't know that all's alta risks incorporated. Saw or software which is the hottest area. Right now right now it's testing. Its high okay right at the 39 area. If you want to take this with a grain of salt you know with the price objective based on the point and figure chart. Is 56. Called 3041. Right so you know the key is that approximately 39 area in your area you have to take that out. If you go to forty. Then you have you know stronger probabilities. Of a possibility. For that 56 area. And now also looking at and I would say. They support Ford right now would be right around. The fifty days at 3383. So I would say you know into the 33 areas so. I might get a little concerned if a went below that if you're real long term person you stop would be down at 29 if you willing to take. You know that much potential risk down to 29. But you know if this thing is is as strong as it looks the fifty day should all the net 33 areas so. Analyze it right now it's I would or an area right. Definitely right area hot sector. And we've always said before always look at the set to first you know before you pick this stuff. It doesn't mean you can't make money in a bad sector but. You have much better odds by picking the stronger sectors and trying to pick a good stock and stronger sector and this is obviously. In a strong sector which is a software. So yeah I mean I would hold it and I'd only get a little nervous in the cities short to intermediate term and the 33. Longer term. Under thirty. OK so nervous about that now go to Bob good morning. For more about for a period of mourning today said Bob blanked I don't know you know an athletic. I think I'll words. Started the day out listening to the bear got. The deer guns and a mystery dad and I am listening to the Monica how old bottle this well this is a little bit too much for me this early in the morning. Peter is used to being yelled back at. Approximate or are you blood some more. I got it I got an almost at the lowest in the last. A police well barring there really bad day it and I assure you brought us it's a EU. They. I did some research found that it has filed a boxer in these times I think it closed. And wanting national. Really yeah. Would you buy it. I would I would go and apply you where oh well yeah. I didn't buy it but I showed us a little older seclusion and by a display it was not that assist you might have a point there. Yeah I I don't the go to one of the side I've tried to places for this yeah yeah really great stock if if if it. Start it's enhancement you don't get that OELE Yang go to Leo finds that he give charts forward and then. Now know him well let's yeah I can't find a chart anyplace. So I don't know what to tell you another one of confusion. There's trading do. Yeah trading views goods to. And had a bye I'm not too. Yeah I haven't looked at that's it as a guy you subscribe to freedom in death and you can buy it like any other when you can buy premium. But I'm not aware of the that's. I don't. And then there among instructions. To the writer what we're literally. You guys are talking about a missed. You lie I am sorry you. Do you IE. That'll make a difference does it pay you yeah. They use a path. Obviously may be this way and if the game I can't get here and but I had some you know. Yeah every once in awhile and a great stock goes up when you when you clicked and clicked the wrong ones. Earned. But yeah I mean I'm looking edited had a great pop and now it's kind of up in the resistance area what are what are. It. Let's and on the phone like this trading view that the closer to 33. Or. So you astute tornado and I really only go and I saw last week the dollar 700. You're kidding me now. I would've been now I know well I don't know if I could achieve. But unfortunately I had only a very little powder and I just extended my idea. We know what I did. A lot of course I noticed that's. Our active but you know we don't in looking at it though I mean this area. Saved from 240. Two. Maybe to fifty. And best who's seventy will be moved now to sixty will be resistant to 242 to sixty will be important resistance. If you take that out. All right thank you got to shut up in the four area. Now which is still not. Not ban all credibility gather that it got access indymac well yeah. I I'm now on I would have gone out before. You go I would have done would you do. You know or Elise takes on the money to him especially would real speculative stuff it and you don't know what moves this and and though was their news on it to you know our. Yeah oh yeah yeah yes or are you report criticism about private placement or some thing right now. Right and enough. And then trading has been beating my favorite stocks are figured that was good time to buy more than what it. In a day ago. A lot of times you know companies like this you know a lot of times I go to that stock promoters dot com you know right in it'll tell you who's been pump the right. The pump and dump for an. Which is true it's. You know there are domestic especially if you speculate. Exactly so I'm Noah and yet you ever get a little email or blurb and yet I always go there you know on seller. Little bit going yeah like that he didn't want about Rodman now know that pot calling hunt club. It'll like I guess in New York for Democrats. Yesterday about it and then there. It's like give me a break then there'll I believe it's over 18115. Crypt. So really. Ams I'm surprised trump didn't take them in North Korea if that. But you let it. He's a bloody plane you know he's a body look. Yeah who's afraid it. Yet there's something very suspicious. Two well welcome going to we all gonna marry him at all so. We're being monitored anyways so. Well guys thanks for the information as well for whatever it was words matter that people are lining up or are you guys hope so too I don't see anyone on the phone right now saluted objective. Are good dark news OK okay. It might have a good weekend take care. I'm. To defective build our first caller on the Oppenheimer's seen loading rate the eight share okay which side surf funds for somebody that wants to buy this sort. As soon as some of us do in and managed accounts were we don't have to pay a sales terms there's a load three and a half percent load it's not cheap. So you can always look to a band Carriker you know fidelity RT Rowe price they'll have a similar fine but this one's got a three and a half percent load. Expense ratios just under 1%. Durations point 18 which is very low. It has a tour trailing twelve month yield of four point seven. And the thirty day SEC yield is four point 25 so you can look to compare may be other funds. If he had the ability by something that's no load are very low load to disarm that tests. What I would love to do so I through the years. They have a lot of clients that had Oppenheimer Funds so. We don't have to worry about the loads and as opposed to going into something else it's not a managed account you can always do exchanges so. Taxable event but there's a crossing themselves. Visit to Israel and they see in the chat box somebody's is. Not to rain and anybody's parade but having a hard time hearing the show on the Internet and in that anyway it has suggestions a don't know why they deer problem. Yeah I'd sent I don't understand there may your moderator can chime in but also. Well on the enemy you know the problem is it all depends on your own computer what what device shoes in you know. And you know you can have individual problems there's. And there's a person looking to IE. Company and and and National Retail Properties it's REIT in that I think it's got a tremendously interest in terms especially. With interest rates rising Pete usually the Aaron guarantees him. Done that well but my god look at this after a tremendous pull back initiative so. Well. And the lawyers cited. A look at this from February. From February. Inserted seven hours of February close of 42. Yeah. But I mean don't forget it's come down from 153. Has some sand in them. But Garrity hadn't been echoed here with interest rates going up and angrily shouldn't be and isn't in there and president but it. Look at this a couple of birds too far so. Yet as a mean the interesting thing about it is that the 200 days at forty point 47 right. So close above the 200 day that's a good sign him. So that's positive. He's looking overlooked in the by Syria. If I were to buy it OK I would be out at 36. You know that that that that's the potential downside war. Potentially use in the fifty day idea out it's a 38 and a half for a so you know that would that would break the fifty day pretty significantly. And says that's so that we use for the risk in the you know right now it's in a down trend so the resistance is going to be 43. If you go to 44. That's a breakdown. Next target would be 46 and then you might have a chance of you brake test to get back to 53. So if if the person has strong reasons he's looked into this as we always say do your own research. To wanna buy this okay. You know I've given the other risk levels so he could either be out at you know 38 and a half. And saying well I guess I was wrong war. He's willing to take the risks and complete breakdown to 36 which is all know pretty pretty far down yeah but it counts still that's what 12%. It's that it's that that your again you know and doctors say a forty three's resistance. Take that out 46 next resistance take them out you may get up to 53 so. Could be interest thing in if you willing it is to take the risk there and you've done your research could be some in the via looking at. Therefore for four point 5% yields an idea. Yeah. So India with him our administrator in the chat room. Has success said cities looking into SE what device in the browser this person was using Google Chrome. Hope to. Guess sometimes if you use a different browser to deny it has and always tell people the having problems switch the browser. Maybe go to Mozilla Firefox. Surely the excuse me the person that's hearing a loud and clear. Using nickle so it city radio that that is using Google Chrome we haven't heard chrome we haven't heard back. On the telephone went the other person using it yet but if you have a trouble listening always. Try different browser you know if you're using the browser on on the on the Internet. The other person. Right. That right now phone lines are wide open you know 31520. Soul free 808797541. Very easy to get in right now if you wanna use the chat but you don't want to make that call. Go to Sampras in dot com SAT Yaris TO and act on go to the dollar doctor Ted drops to bounces light streaming go to the bottom of the page is chat box in there. If you put in the symbol or symbols and but you looked in the via look in the cell Leone right now we try to do an analysis on it. And remember when Thomas open somebody when times can get into Africa where it was you know I said well you know. To switch tried to from browser nobody said the main. What's a browser I think that. Broke. Those are the guys and I said as of people like that should known computer anyway. It's not true let us I was so financed Bob. The question that I know he sells gold but. You know there's there's a lot of people that believe that this dollar rallies and you know pretty much played out and literacy. A weaker dollar. And some articles I've been reading this saying gold. Would benefit from man. Talking about 14100 dollar gold prices gold closed about thirteen 103 dollars of in terms anxious to see what his feelings were there. Now that's interest you know idea of one of the things you know I can do quotes of the day haven't and then along time. And when my favorite people George Carlin. He said local correctness. Is a polite. Word for fascism. Or totally agree with them is I will never be politically correct that's for sure. Also you know on this is from Socrates wisdom is knowing what you don't know. Actually I heard somebody say it better I don't know who was attributed to wisdom is knowing. That you do not know you know. In other words everybody everybody believes all that what they really believe in strongly. But they're not willing to admit they really don't know. You know great and you know and they're not willing to look at everything they get so stuck. In one direction you know and willing to admit what they don't know. Pray and and you only get wise when he realizes alike you don't know it's like people are asked me if this happens if this news comes out what's gonna happen I don't know. And anybody you can tell me what a 100% certainty every time news comes out they knew which way you ago and it did. I'd like to meet them. So right now phone lines light open 803152203808797541. Right now we're gonna go to Joseph in Lancaster good morning. Or. Are you. Okay. I export Twitter. Good will now know that is a good bit. I felt I got. By Mario or you get back which you. Kill in his. Well known writer and sister. Sent him. I mean what do you say you're still in right now you wanna give back again. I doubt Erica or I can't put all your okay you want to start again. I mean it's had a heck of Iran did little WTR for the. WTR but you know this this is a major breakdown. If you want to believe the point and figure that you targeted 66. Or. I want closed at 41. If that was a valid breaking you would expect you know third the 73637. To hold this support. Confirm that it's a break out and then adapt to decide what you strategy would be I would say right now. You know with live with the fifty day away below the 200 day you couldn't use that. So I would say if you bought it image in a drop down to 3334. I'd be out of it. And I would want to see it hold 3637. And a pullback in theaters and buying and I might buy a half position. And then see what happens next you know. It's I think I hit back at actuary at the result. Well all yet thank god after the dropping that's for sure you know. Write it but nobody doing a good thing and in a way because a lot of people they get they lose money on some and they forget all about it right. In it and it turns out to be a great stock after that you know so. You know so always keep certain stocks on the radar you know on the net net never just say I'm never gonna look at that again. Backup exec Eric. I accept it gold and silver that you don't be matching up and she. Loyalty. That stuff is dead. It well I mean gold has been going sideways forever. You know Bob will be coming I think back on again isn't it he's a big goal person you know. But you know. I mean to me it's very possible that the drop down to the twelve and three quarters area. Close it thirteen 89. Yeah I mean. I can't get excited about it right now that's Fisher. And what was the other one. It doesn't mean I'm right now with but the but the way I look at it I've not no reason the dean interest and and at the moment you know. If it starts so showing better action and yeah you know you know but not right now US sell these not bad I mean it's it's boring. You are UN underline. Yeah. And US LV you know it is trying in the base its its its in the same area it's been for. Since about the middle of 2017. And I would only be out of it if it dropped to nine. And their close at 1040 yeah you know so at the moment you know it's not exciting but no reason to get out of it. Thank you are calling we appreciate your call very much take care. Okay and then back to god in buffalo well now you move to buffalo I'd Blanco couldn't cut it up and. Yet and I actually live and adored. Him on all that again and yeah. I'd really David. All right but I said that in December I said the goal was gonna close this year's somewhere around a little bit under fourteens maybe a little bit or fourteen. And I also served so we'll probably close somewhere in the low twenties to mid twenties and I still agreement that. I think there's doubt dollar rarely is temporary. And I think what anybody who has patients starting load up on a juniors and what you just told us so there. But you got to have patience not like you Peter you wanna give us just. You're if you're prone to west. When you're young you can have patience. Well I'm not they're beyond peace. That put up through people's while you're there over at the back. So I hope I won't comment if I. I'm not that beat. No that's for sure don't want it wanted to leave there like a mound bring your copy embryo a bit corn. No way I look forward to that evening. Hold uses that well a little bit of a bit cooler deletes. If you want it's it's copper alone. And across your dollars I mean I realized that again and stay home. The copy would cost more Panama and I'm leaving drink coffees and you really never. Never never. I might currently I won't call either but I took a look dinner the other day and he drank a Coke. Who does my doctor Bradley yeah I'm like okay. We'll throw that picture. I like this knowledge coffee but I don't and I've never drank it you know probably never will be. Well see now when I was a little kid my grandfather used to don't. I'll. Post a lot of brother in a real sugar economy if I'm allowed you know and I was only. Probably one or two years old and a particular was tastes of the crop to vote. But I haven't figured out reasons I was little kids so. But anyways I agree with the Davis. OK we shall see if you're the only tool and it's paid an AMBER Alert for months now you're in the archives now are unsure if but now you know I live in should nor are they going to watch Rolex watch what you say Chicago likes. Fortunately or unfortunately I don't want to write about it and any news you learn how you guys stick around I haven't released did it occur by oak. Jay give us a call phone lines are wide open 80315. To when he toll free 8087975401. While waiting for your calls we'll take a quick one minute break. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. As Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again in buffalo 8547541. Toll free 800. 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors. Welcome back to the dollar not to show brought Cuba eyes Sampras then NASA management member offend aside to receive register with the M us. Are being and that RI AA. Follows. Alphabetical letters. And and are a means we are registered investment advisors we do manage money would you rate for the management the outside the firm which means if you have a employee accounts with your company's 403 B 401K. So forth we can manage those accounts and once again I say. If for some reason you wanna do business with us go to our website Sampras than dot com SE P. r.'s TO and that come and all the contact information is there. Right now give us a call 8031520. Toll free 808797541. Movie and even next the band in Niagara Falls good morning. Morning Peter wind this morning Dan you don't have been very good thank you. Wanted to get your thoughts on Valiante you are acts. Now adamantly talked about that before work it out. Did you by Andrew I did it could thing I got so. You know me just take a quick look it look pretty decent to say the least America. I mean. We will worried about debts when he foyer area in which it took out you know. And a minute now than it close. And 2579%. And you know looks like its next target would be around 32. So I think it took out some resistance. Yes it was it's funny 24 was the important resist or. Okay so I should use 44 as a whole point here. Yes somewhere below there I mean you know I'll always give these things a little bit yeah you know so. Not nothing's perfect exact as I always tell people. 24 is an area and I and that areas up to you you know doing it used 22 we've won he's 23 minutes of Q. Yeah I know some guys that are really big on this thing I think that if they get their act together. They get their act together I think the Bausch and loan thing really helped him you know him purchasing Bausch and I. I don't know if you're familiar with the big Millar big fund manager. Oh yeah yeah oh yeah a big hole there in this thing is he really well at least he was last time I. I heard him to discuss this situation and this was one of the big Golding. Snickers the years what was the funds he had the at a fund that was remembers Vietnam it is the latest on blank and the whatever that Islam was for years he beat the market every year for many years you know. Yeah finally begun and damaged as well you know that everybody gave up on ammonia and you had a couple bad years Legg Mason was the always Mason you know. We elect to keep trying to. I think he's kind of a big mistake or two ago. Oh yeah. Malia and they I mean he viewed on a bill which you would you consider big risk but he's more aggressive I would. Yes exactly yeah that's the rate that exactly let's be politically correct it and I don't back in December of seventeen an effort as hedge fund money in bitcoin. Now I'm really happy about it quite a risk well OK now right now I guess I have to retract my words that he did it like me like Mason Legg Mason and yeah you know. I documented. That it going so I would say so well it depends if it cost us the adapting just changes so. With only the day at that point that's what it was like fifteen to 20000 dollars to their members find. Blossom per Iraqi meeting and the friend of mine asked me about that quite a little girl of France Italy and my husband Bob. Our players in this trend make 151001. Dormitory. As a selling dull. And you. You're right you know athlete ought to have been frankly you're guru now Garrett have been falling but quite a lot of that state. I had an even edit it stabilized hours left arm which will listen that. I think or 8000. Many members and member of the event I had to get it stabilized you know for the time being so. Well you know I can't remember I think within the loot did that was pocket either him or some other guy. That I like to watch a program on Sunday they'll mention it. And six so five is the record close US dollars 7006 so far. 7006 so and one of the guys who it was there was pocket have bought it I mean you know these are all fairly easy well known people eat. He would like hitting this big scoring thing to the dotcom bubble of 2000. For it he says I expect this thing completely collapse. And then to stabilize him and this one guy was saying he believes is the future. I'll lay on him and I've hurt I've hurt I've heard people you know very strongly on both sides of it you know I've heard some very well known people say no this is for real you know and so I have. Per cent of the ownership and recording in the crypto currencies. Is Japanese. No kidding yeah. No that's invented it but I mean crypto currency as an exchange in a way to. And trade and that it's obviously something that's gonna come hard you monetize their I don't. I know Peter looked into it more and I guess I have no idea but guys like. Warren Buffett. Bill Mott the chairman of Alibaba China's days. They don't understand if they don't want to know about it I just realized they'd leave them and to him a that's fair enough trouble trying to figure our where interest rates are. You know it pocket on this subject to build Millard. Another one of his big one act and it knows the name of it that's the pharmaceutical company I believe it symbols Exel and and this is one I don't that they activated if you had to pick one little loses next Amazon right this thing. Yeah with a guy like people would really in this company members or corporation I don't care Biotech companies Biotech and capturing like apple or something like that you it's I've the got technology you know but it was posted the tremendously teams changing. Technology anti tumor immune response. Well I don't know it's yeah. Food with preventing apple from spoiling his stuff like. Just had a motto they don't turn round is that there's actually that's the one I remember hearing something to write just regardless of. But you know stock was 32 and went all the way down the ten you know that times ten or 12 times and I am saddened me. And Iran all the way 121 and came back there again it's. Mean I remember this at least a year or two ago where they were all hot on this company you know this was the next great thing you know. But it's it's wild you know and it's is it can be interest think at times you know. And if somebody were divided they could easily stopped and out at fourteen right now fourteen and aunts you know. What what looks like a real solid piece like I mean we've and it bottom Peters well only. Mean I mean it's formed the base at the fifteen area Cano and it actually. Is interest thing in the sense that it had a previous base. Between ten and fifteen. Then it went up and came back and now it's retested that fifteen area three times and. Closest to sixteen ABA yeah. So it's forming a higher base. Yup yup so that's potentially bullish you know so here. Little bit more of a risk taker may fifth it. Nat did you even put a stop the you know say 1414. And a half somewhere around there. With stuff like this legislate the watcher when I feel really really solid piece that I and let you know what they've built. Well again I mean it's been basing you know for a couple months anyway so we shall soon. That time for last one's sure I had this will have Adobe. Would be I was Adobe look right now it. This idea have you heard you know I I just got notified I use. At times views trade architect. You know which is through TD Ameritrade. You know. Platform. I don't traded TD Ameritrade good years ago I was able to get there platform in okay. And and they just announced that at the end of the year they will no longer have that platform that is. Most browsers will not support flash anymore. By the end of the year and but not ordered an English and explain what that means Adobe Flash is what gives you the pictures on your computer are it well like you streaming union. You know when you go to Witten is in news item in you can pick up and listen to them talking and watch amino. A lot of that uses splash early. And they so obviously purpose. Well on the dog mean I don't think they make any money from Adobe Flash and it's free thing yeah. But it's it's kind of interest there is some came up you know their quote. I closer to 5121. Adobe 45 degree ups and so. Amber yeah I mean a nice break out the night after a nice run up consolidated. Broke out of this consolidation. What was that point they're Peter. Is about 228 to thirty you know it. And then. The run up into the consolidation. This couple of different ways of doing this to say when they needed to 2848. Points a debt to divide on C yet. This first target right now attribute to 56 of today and the price objective in the point and figure charters to 84. It was you get worried about it. Where would I get worried well military security again. Probably somewhere below there because of fifty days to 32. All Christmas that a lot of them. A lot of strength to exactly see so he's got the break out there you got to fifty day. In the nose technicians like to sail like deceit influence you know a number of fifth different things lining up lining that same area right yes that. That's what I liked the look or it is well exactly you know. Okay great great great German player track and on our pleasure talked in the you have a good weekend and you can take care people or somebody in the chat room got. We give the phone numbers real quick phone lines are open Asia through 1520 toll free 80879751. Tim 541. Team. And kind of losing on the phone numbers but anyway. Chat room. But the Pope. ET JP. Received clearance from the FDA. Days ago for their high intensity focused ultrasound. I HI SQ prostate cancer treatment. He's been successfully use it here for the last fifteen years well plus side effects of surgery should I buy more with my biggest money. And have even more fond of course we would help people do your arteries search. You gotta do all the disclaimers bride well I don't know this is sure madame and I have no reason let's. It's did you see it it's a stock that's been going no place. For. Eight years right. In the sense that it's traded between. Two. About to let's say maybe one hand on two and six and a half. 66 and a half or three dollars and 648. Years right. And apparently and the news has had a big run up from the two would accorded to enhance ferry hit four and a quarter. 440 in about four and a quarter and obviously closing at 360 to sellers came and took advantage of the run up you know. So. I mean but that is a breakdown but you know that's a pullback. Right now and you would like to see if that's a good break. That you want to hold right around here or else it could be headed back down. Today two and a quarter. So you definitely want to see it start holding where it's pulled back to. And then you do have a shot back at that six series and that's all this stock has been doing you know back and forth for years and years and years. So. Thank you say if it dropped you know probably. Below. Would you say close 360 right there are certain. I can't can't give too much more room to the downside is that could retest. Two and according to an answer you know. So watch the pullback from its start stabilizing. Showing some more strength you may have the interest that it you know for run. Potentially back today at six area eventually. So pens and how much risk you're willing to take its witness later on what exactly. At OK we're gonna go next Howard and hammers good morning. Morning guys how are you sir. Good. I had a question little stunt its utility you know absolute interest sensitive and. Herb and word these days. So what does stuck at just merged with another company and there's not a lot of history in since submerged like. During the week has been going on every data so I really don't know what to do with the sanctioning it is a symbol sure. He has a network mr. Carter. She is pulling Gordon easier she. Don't they don't Great Plains Energy which merged with a company called west are. And since the merger I guess they you know drawing yes and 500. Every day that starts and going down but there isn't a lot of history on this company and I can't even pull anything out when I try to go through world Yahoo! finance. You used up their offensive on the London stock terms. Yeah that's the problem when you mean that this is they're close at 5132. Is that writer. Well that's what a close look at yesterday but since. The merger it's been going on every day. Yet this you know it hit that 57 area four times early. And that and that's over the last many many months aren't so they don't know. The merger just took place so I mean I don't know. How long it's actually been training under the symbol you bureau chief. And I noticed much the stock chart basically credit history. As in history and. It's strange though can they took but they complicate certain. I hit Great Plains Energy which has stopped trading on Monday or to. Dayton. And it burned out west and where was Great Plains Energy trading and when emerged. Realism just 3233. Area. That's that was star was in the fifties but. I don't download there I am too because as companies called averaging. And why they have a chart that shows a trading for years and years and years. That. And it's got to be out is that combination. You know previous stock. And I've never seen anything like that yeah Foley used to sell mine with the we'll have to look into called yeah yeah you confused us now thanks. But I'm if you look at me I'm better yet I believe it's stopped trading Monday or to. Yeah yes yes he went 20 yeah once they do that they killed the chart done in well with the name and white great range great planes great great great. I care more common during the week as we don't have a lot of us have left to take a look at and we can come in next week's Vegas now. Unfortunately I mean mean they're acting like this company's been around for. You know the standard. Written guys and there's an academic simple opening news certainly. Here's an explanation. There will be an act well north OK we make one up the crowd notebook. No glaciers don't sell it because you coordinate the island do that but did you go to their web site. Yeah I can't pull anything out that the problem is. That's weird. Well we will try to look into it and if the charts correct me if you you would be out at 47. OK so they still have a little room here. A little bit more room to to investigate this thing. Was that GXP was that the symbol you're messing XP was the company that I don't great talent and energy on just looking here at just. Trying to find something quick forward before Rico laws but I. I don't work and under pressure now just west there was the other company that merged with great things are simple W. Yeah I don't think you can find anything that quickly leave me. But why they aren't killing yep we'll have to look in the field. I would have called earlier in the. That can help round up what will try to look in the definitely. Okay yeah so well doubly listen next weekend. And you know if the charge is good watch that 47 area for potential allow him. Forty yeah. Okay okay you take care of calling you to. OK phone lines flight open NATO through 1520 total free 808797541. Those are somebody on the line right now. Ed good morning and. Unionism okay do they care that we probably. Okay well and play an open. Yeah there are Israeli army. And penalties and what you're before our Buick to our wanted to play tonight that things aren't. I I don't think I go to the wrong ones amongst about a mile up like NC. Yeah anyway animals reds there anymore and coliseum but anyway. Phone lines are open 8031520. Toll free 80879754. Of one anything and the chat box and all know now. So you know coming down you know close to the end of the show we think we have about six more minutes so you can make it called prism. In the jet but okay we're gonna try and again. The morning had. And yes hello come to terms radio down yeah. Iraq turn out. It. Good morning. That's. I want to tell Lander to click option. Yeah I don't know maybe. There it is there. It's so okay anyway so why I don't know these doom line. I'm flying Wednesday. From buffalo or Chicago to connect to come this spring's I sat next. Eighteen year old girl who has visited buffalo and she was we started talking about how she met this person in this group of friends and start talking about social media. And she'd like snapped Chad unbelievable and it. She you know I asked her about all the security is talking about FaceBook and she doesn't FaceBook but she does snapped at. And I said well I you know I explained about monetizing it brought a chart so FaceBook instead I went down and then it Twitter. Mine has said do you Jeanne splintering up yet they spend money and missing. I don't have all the details but other advertising. Object that you spend. Anyway on real quickly we're gonna go to. Who. Bill O'Donnell villains on the line to good morning. The morning bill. R&D. Mainly Latin. What percentage do I have to take. All required minimum distributions. Yes sir it depends on your eighth yet the firm should tell you that. Well that day. I got the figure but I forgot what it once did. I'm seventy and seventy years old seven in order and I know lawless I don't really kept the ticket so next year. But I already. Took a 5% distribution 5%. On the balance that was and and as of December 31 flight seventy. Yeah. Salt and I take it not at 5% or is that by point tool. Or. A number. It depends on your age with the factory is okay. There's a number of different factors he's correct but so what it. What do you turn seventy and then ask don't need don't give me your birthday but just is it in arrogance attacking this year. Yet this year OK so you have to take a distribution. Yes right and so I can't really tell if 5% and it's probably close. And I would actually think it's a little more I I don't have any anything any thing to basis some other than. Usually there's a visor in the first years around 26. So 26. It is less than 5%. So I don't think I think you've taken enough but it's pretty easy to check he should get the form and may. That says. What Jerry said he lost it right. I what. Did did you. I think it I think get a form yet to a night out. It's all case are usually out in May from your firm it'll tell you or call your eyes are. Whatever they can tell you we get we get print out straightaway the first or second week in January telling us clients. Maybe I should be should be getting its I would worry about it and you and you may be over now possible. Had a problem I mean brother and your gonna protect sounds. Yeah they already took that they're taken that out as part of the distributions it's automatic. Protect any and I can't even. Then magnet they tell me again alum in the all the money and I'll pay that exit at the end of the year they may be pay. I don't oral and gates the money up front and an irate that might be different. Well I would disagree I think you get a choice partner. Rant but I don't know when you know there's so many different plants and maybe obviously it's the way they do their plan and there. It's hard for me to say without any details of sore. I did I did you edit documents from my eyes are a provider gave me a percentage and a and the actual number. But and the 401K I didn't get that information yet so I'll be looking for it. And they should be coming in in the chances are your ready covered so. Very good you guys denigrate as I appreciate listening to you every week. Well thank you very much at all and I appreciate our callers and we appreciate you Susan thank you. And have a good weekend. Thank you sir okay take care and I love it Peter when our relatives Collins and I think it's wonderful now but that was very nice yeah. That was very. So anyway Wear down the the end of the show. As we always say do your own research. And be very careful just. Don't jump out by some to somebody mentioned it you know that's what we we say to your own research make sure it's appropriate for you. And you know next with a lot of stuff going on over the weekend the G-7 news at the North Korean thing you or error. He got the European Union. And you've got the AT NC Time Warner's decision so and not so much nothing much next week so until next week. Take care. And you've been listening to the dollar doctor show. 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