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Stand by for the dollar doctors coming up next on Katie radio. While Willard and Peter warmup their computers. A reminder that for years the dollar doctors have presented free useful workshops describing their supply and demand approach to the market. Many have attended these strictly educational workshops and have learned about this mythology. That's been around for a hundred years and works as well today as ever. The dollar doctors use the supply and demand method to help determine the probable future trend of any stock or mutual fund. Over the years hundreds of attendees have used this method. To better make unemotional decisions on when to buy and went to sell. You may be among those who while listening to the dollar doctors have watched the very charge they're discussing. The supply and demand method has many advantages but one disadvantage it does require vigilance and can be time consuming. If you really want to feel that you're on top of your assets. That's why over time some of Willard and Peters listeners have asked them to manage their investment portfolios. As well does their 401K. Satirist and asset management. Now manages investments for several hundred clients. Who found it comforting to know that Sampras and asset management is watching over their financial well being. And who feel like time consuming burden has been lifted from their shoulders. If you ever consider having a centrist and asset management help you with your investment decisions. You can easily get full information with the no obligation. By calling Peter or Willard at 8547541. They'll be glad to inform you of the many ways they can help. That phone number again 716. 8547541. Or call told free at 808797541. And now here are the dollar doctor. Good morning it's Willard Sampras. And Peter Greco Saturday may nineteenth 2018. And his paean 1522. Disoriented or 31521800. 8797541. Earlier on every Saturday live rebroadcast twelve the one Saturday night and this station. And lives in streaming on our website and our Qaeda or web sites that person as CP. ER as steel and outcome. Right now call us in 0315. Money or 1800 heats of Ahmanson and fun for once that person as a management. Number feminist septic register with Imus RBR. A we managed to announce the whole bowl X. And we apparently have it any sort of chat room thing on our website and he can. And you go to Lou Sampras and common that a dollar voucher and go to the bottom. Going to dollar doctor. Ted comes down says allies streaming. You click analyze streaming go to the bottom nestled check box there. We do appreciate the calls because it's a lot easier to you know answer questions in that go into more detail and somebody calls put. If you don't want to call you know try to check box there would assemble and if you do put assembling the snow when you own it. You can apply if you look in the cellar. And we can analyze at least knowing you know what position you're in the stocks you can go to dollar doctors. Tab on centrist and that calm and ensure that the tabs his life streaming live streaming go to the bottom. And you can put in a simpler ask a question there. Right now all the phone lines are wide open very easy to give us a call 8031520. Or toll free 808797541. And we will you know use the go to the check but certainly it's agrees on the phone and its symbols on the chip. There are on bill I'm just wondering if you because those three hours if you go up. In you. Lowered the Euro was confused some not management and these are your kind of sucks us as well and says zero minutes it goes right through them and others things 33 minutes ago so there's so. While lowered difficult phone calls they don't 315 funny toll free 808797541. Though wait until the end of the show it and we left somebody in the line last weeks have to give us a call. And blazers symbol there are two symbols but she NL. She and now George Nancy letters you know enough from the global them les. I thought it was an income business pays 11%. Sharks. Aaron zone downtrend. And I two years ago on the news community team. 21 dated nineteen suit blows blows 200 close it close and 1850s. He. Yes they wanna see it above the 200 day which it says what nineteen some of them people travelers orders 93 quarters one and Steve above that. And we look good and trend it's decline in that the person's there whether rumors are under now is that they have three symbols. And it up almost in a downtrend line kind of guys just started turning back now and again. Speak you know which way do these Kremlin seeing the world like it starts goal. Open and come down or they come down to the trend of Enron NASA to do with the planet's. All of estimates and it just trotted her angle right there at angles but they seem to be. And it's. Human years ago there was a man called game and and VOA's said the 45 degree angle was the most important now whether. That team from point and figure charge of some of the meant that he came up with but. It's campaign and his ilk and that it's a 45 degree angle you know and a work sometimes nothing works perfectly all the time but you know it's it's amazing how many times. It will hit a trend line and stop there were gonna buy G you know we have won two gold ball of the downtrend and sold at a at a minimum -- by the way is also above the 200 yesterday wanna see it above the 200 doesn't mean his stock won't go up that's the way we're analyzing it. Tomorrow the thing he shoot right up well. But the way we're looking at it we don't like and and its 200 day we don't like low lower highs in the lower lows all the way down. And you know and in the real support for the stocks quite a ways down where's it 1616. Now. So so if you want who take the wrist down that air of you know you could do that or you could say if it comes down closer to that. That I can put a stop in under sixteen in a more than they take the risks you have to decide whether it's worth Whalen LA team he. Larry it glued to him at work. Well IE CE I was stopped news. Pick in the forties. In notes 6100. In. 1940. I was but I out of here when I don't know broke right below you know but where was the original so. You know. I was a fast sell it as a moment ago you know. That was like the final blow wash down. You know course so. Turned back up now it's coming back down to test the previously broken down trend lines. So you certainly want to see it start holding viewers at 200 day rate 57 where close 62. All right so it's above the 200 day so I'd use that 200 day from interest in this is a key point for you wanna see it bounce off here. You know so you know to me. So long as you're willing to take the risk down the 57 might be of play and here in the potential target and it's probably pretty good he has 866. For what it's worth desperately configured our good morning Victor. Good morning. A chart that I'd like I actually acted out of water on this past week up. Nike which I did act that was the first one. Seems to be up up just and I'd a nice break cut out all of our consolidation. Is bing Ed and I overrun here. What do you say. Looks very nice looks beautiful what I had just broke up to a high and as price subject to a zoning kind. An immense that kind of thing you would buy in right right puts on right under and to. Put me or something I wouldn't buy it right outside I'd I'd buy sell put and is all put us civilians are you you're so yeah yeah yeah. I know not a unified options number you know I don't know auction. You're Smart guy Peter is. Now every time somebody calls a must do an option trade I I go nuts and this. Is good we are because we do that. Very rarely very ruling. Here are a lot. Of yeah look out what are different different companies that file on a weekly basis and it that would not L. I put it up I put up by stopped yet. 5370. I would it would straightening up ball if that. The perfect cup and end all and things are. What it and it's 53 step. If it hit. Third they would buy you might end up yet. And and it orient if these or. 183 or something and I didn't I had the option in the city getting back all set actually set sold to date copper call. The fifty or if the current collective. 31 cents a so like elected I got I've got some appreciation I got about. That and he made the point that yeah and the pound man and I and I and I and I bet that the optionally. Zero yesterday site collect another very bad about it and I am looking I just want this short term play. I'm an economic belly at the money's going out a week or two. On Monday it just adds I thought it was recruit a quick trades are just absolutely loved it chart. And then I'd like I they would be near our air what. It sure it got them up. It's got significant break out there that's for sure of it and vote we call a quadruple. Breakout which is very powerful. Pricey at price objective sixty books. Sixty. I doubt any hard and pulling figure well us would get for the price objective now. What do you think getting initial you'd think debt that textbook up until. Don't know I'm not lower the lord our young and I will web Willard to billow in the real fear fame and he knows all that I coming in on him as a recovering from it. I love call and handle my eyes search for those in and not get in further on the fundamentals. I'm I'm then you go we go to dot dot sit at the point that it that it got a high port on it handle when I put the the that body it was like 88536. The in a good is that gap that he had an expert he reached that. And when I hit my side in its gonna look bad I aimed it they are right. They didn't think gonna take an additional rod. Erodes that that the war in change and I look at these that he worked at an all out so well I'm a small ball got. I like Bob all I it expects that I got wheel house I'm small I've bought the city. So the fifty sport is being collected the three and the 31 cent that it. And downloaded through May be getting at the money on Monday may be Coronado weaker due Michael bought twelve all wandered out at eight for per Tor exit tonight. No question streamline the exact looks looks like it's gonna go up which shall fit grade in New Orleans. I belong yet but only for two years now know. Or rob. I just want I want a nickel back and cover called where would you Wear out your covered call on the L one goal and out 32 straight weeks. Eighty. Loan. How likely that it. It is itty. Pretty likely if it goes to 79. You have or you have a triple a spread triple break which is pretty good stuff. You can you could see an eighty it really don't want you over and price objective though. Point figure of one far. While while yeah yeah excel NX opiate really been able yet so he's saying they look at. Look at that chart after 45 degree up. Looking. Waiting. My computer and that's that's life life is waiting well life is waiting you know it's nice that are there whatever real break out of 45 close to 43. Chart all minister yulia are better ratio I appreciate the call thank you very much that you're listening to the dollar doctors call a slide show Saturday morning in 031520. You know 30324. Or 800 needs of them and some 4:1 good morning Dan. The morning guys purely tremendous am. I figured I'd give users or that's all right we usually do yes Saturday morning on the question I get genetic I. I got a couple and I'm looking to buy and when they get here. Opinion. How the looked technically at this point. The first one is BA BA. Above the league must. It's been consolidating prepared. And looks to be building strength. Can get past 200 tool for. Truly don't. I meant that it resistance at pulled back. You're your it's above the fifty day which is good so I'll buy you a long term guard for yet. Price of just look at it for years price objective to eighteen. Yet to be long term see him. Okay. I guess I believe that's just got a lot of support. The moving averages victory in the one didn't want me. Y and eighty for the 20184. For the fifty. So what do you think about. Getting it now and using that for exit point. You would you like using my words and use a fifty days in that supported asked I don't find the problem but that's okay area. Right the other one I'm looking that is Tencent. PC EA twice. TCU. Each line same thing without one consolidating for awhile Marie Kennedy era arias from. I'm certain where you gaming ideas new stylist most active. And now I just the united basically. These for these went here Willard it's like them because they have a long term growth prospects. So Lal loose you know stock sit that I believe have long term growth prospects and basically watched him and and I'm looking for. But basically I buy them based on trends like if they break dollar consolidate you know breaking above that this 200 we have access sort of thing. 250. Bucks Tencent. Fifty days at 250 to 76 closed at 5222. So that is all good I. So would Jews may be look at buying in now and he's a 200 maybe is a support. I I would probably buy it now and stop them at 46 from 47 and look at their notre. So you put its ups and when Nuba. Yeah. It tells you different pitcher does and he's dealt 47 stop. Or. You go go go Roy have bucks on polling figure. The smash your opinion on one oil stock. Not that go 46 and that's I'm sorry. 246 on the stopped forty because if you go to the left there is a force those 47 and it could just hit urged her and. What do you guys generally think these 22 guys told them at all there. I hold them in some accounts. But I know it's not sold them. I think they're good long from lung growth prospects anyway. I worry about the through political situation in you'll note that changes landed a bomber on that but they built that island. Group nothing you know with Phil. Nadia air strip in an airport because I wanna expand their territory images Landon today or yesterday. The first bomber. And he got the whole terrorist thing. So so you you keep those things on the back your mind. Well it it's it's cause for worry but there's still no global economy and we can't really afford to irritate them and they can't really afford your. It's. My thank you for your thoughts on instantly. I want mashed the opinion and one annoyance factor a dual. And it's marathon and PC. Now Alan I don't know how closely you follow that that they announced that they're buying. Another refiner. I believe they're called endeavor. Oh there one buying endeavor. Yeah. And so when I was announced they took. Who pretty good site to get them. So all right 171. On them you know at 79 and half. Fifty day it's 75 so you can right there. It out of this chart looks nice though you say and do do do you hold it or do you I'm right here right. Now the one I saw that when I saw that move it you don't want a better keep in mind this one. Some a little concerned about it now I just honesty were you guys think of it you know looking at a technically there. Bell basically to me it came back very quickly. From that within the broader to a three day I mean to me it just says you know. You never know what happens is either of those are Smart people those of those stupid computer program. I don't know. If you go to royal box going to return you see very good support its use. Seven the so what would you guys uses as an exit point that. Well I haven't been few accounts I have not. Considered any exit point to only be 74. And then you're tremble your uptrend or 73. This not a place to sell and as long should think oil. Is continuing to move along I think you'll be fine. Officially you're pretty comfortable with. I'm not comfortable that. Could point. OK guys they targeted appreciate the call and their take care agree have a great day. Thank you very much you're listening to its efforts to do it of widows of 2% of the students at management from the septic and sort of be marry a web sites separate Stennis AP ears feel and that com and that is our live in streaming that has our chat room to leave. Questions about stocks that is freer economic research every Saturday morning. Except for next century. Or half up from start McCarthy. And they do talk. This morning. About. What are the odds of recession coming. And you don't think it's great but they're bringing it up which is important. And we're gonna go back to our YE AM which was a chat room stock. Question. And our idol a IR YA AM I wrote it down right there info in my race in the year. It's rain or advanced materials ends hand. At a good relative strength no votes tonight and this chart of broke that downtrend it's sixteen M. Closed around nineteen. Fifty day and money. Two putted seventeen. Price subject to 34. I yeah and they've chemical company. It goes strong man you look forward to say clothes that. And should should have closed at 1930. Edition of and we supported in the seventeen area known. I like elements like I and a pro the downtrend which Ireland definitely risk reward looks good. Based on the point and again I always say that clients and I commend you wanna step goods. In a downtrend do you wanna side that seemed to be moving. And the nice part about it is is managed cut short term resistance. Only two to play that. If in the low thirties probably. The I do have a comment and it's that well people make fun. People like fuel that are technical analysts and when's the last time you went to an orthopedic today. And had annexed Korea of your knees and your Beck or whatever. And then he put the trio when he looked at the pitcher. This is what this means buses what that means in fact. When you go to any doctor today if he even if they do when he KG they're looking at a picture. And the pitchers as a thousand words yes we do here was Sox and sells a story make farm all you want but. All the doctors could pitchers and we're of the dollar and the no you have to look at a picture but it's all under him and always helps busy you know every stock has its own personalities. At the no. How it moves the volatility. Where people have been buying it where they've been selling it. And it gives you a little bit of a picture of it doesn't predict anything really are no words. You know you know you can't. Debt 100% I'm anything but it's tip you can always look at if where have the winners have been. And what kind of stock is what kind of movements that made so this were an error has its Xbox and in 2016. Now it's it's nineteen murderer is. The picture looks good night eco look at the earnings how much debt today. And the sector chemicals. Says go to bed sector. Our other chemical companies like Eastman Chemical calling them. Yet he lived half a chance to make some money and you think you can again do your own research. We look at. And you can call us now and you know 31520. You'll. Heats so or one phone lines wide open or you can go to the Sampras and com web site. Now inducted to have checked out eyes streaming. And down the bottom is a checkbox Clinton assembled tab says disease advice. Oh world Disney. I almost put her roller in this morning for someone to buy Disney it was looking. That looked pretty good to me in hand. And mule. He owns. And got to hit you've been to take a look at I put a stop by an immune this morning that you knew. Going through someone's account what's the chart look like. You witness you're busy talking you told everybody look at the chart I don't have as they go and off the top the ahead bono's use in their printer at a that showed a certain glow in Iowa put this stuff below low local reporting feet. The music great company about. His bill O'Neil said the only good company is on that goes up. No good stuck Islam goes it's part of the risk on risk off trade when they get nervous about the market they hit the semiconductors. Hit some of the technology stocks I think that was the result of fifty days fifty to fifty with the US trade at 5339. And so. They're OK. I didn't sell it I disposed opera. And we'll look at him by mixture MC we get any better definition. On MU causes club how moans at the wrong. He ran right into the downtrend line in the 200 bass sounds pretty so you have to wait got a long way down for the 200 day that's for sure if your long term guy I guess show hole on the road but. I would be Moro bay maybe 49 and they have for something. Myrna sell sell it ends up stoppers for an hour and half yeah inclusive so supportive 51 of the doesn't hold there I think. And sometimes you take the if you can take terrorism from under the hole number fifty now put it somewhere in there. Or sell have via if you ally I don't know if we jones' under snowy owns an oil and just yeah. And as far as Disney goes it's been stuck in the mud. Yeah but it's starting out it's a great company I've heard that before though it's a great name in fact that we grew up watching Walters in a lot of courage room that it was on Sunday night's. That was a big price used to love the Mickey Mouse club in home like and then you admit that I arena and that's when the child was. He was older than. It it. Disney did stop at night in 97 if you Barnett and price objective 117 but the clothes on groceries been doing a little better fifty dale while one up here above the fifty bullets. News 200 sort of so you still have an inverted yield curve. I was gonna buy more Disney for this client and but I saw the inverted yield currently says. That nine minute and a fifty day it was. Was lower than the 200. I mean I I think it's probably okayed by AM on the other thing is that aren't they involved in buying somebody or something. Coyotes yes with the counseling about and so we via. I've forgotten. What the deal was in new leadership to keep in mind Britney in and it's you know it burger well run company no question about it. With great products and you know they said the Disney. Theme park in California makes more than anything part of the world that's amazing room so I mean there's the main I'm sure I think you know if you're if you're a long term person you know I think it's okay to buy them. Good morning. Our. Good morning how are you wrote it's yeah I am a mule up in the quantities. I can't the note I think I guess 4876. Trapped by it again. Well well don't don't let's not go too heavy on the computers. OK I am Samuel toggle back Jeff does rice scored the winning. Twenty point 99 at two dollar price objective 25 chart looks. Terrific. And fluids on the ship bugs. And do mean. Near you guess. 4876. If Doyle he's get this thing gets number percent different chance. Listen it and knows nothing about computers. We always do give the same yes number than somebody's watching you yes. I would use that anybody. I checked you were talking differently about you and the usual line is I have been yeah I. Yeah yeah no I mean that's just what you would all out and doing fine I've I've got a guy who's a great technician he's got 25 in thirty years targets on in the house. That's two sodas and figured. It could protect border trip and fall but I voted to go a similar offense. Well we can't always that one's a good one but your patients whose. I am patient had that I actually toured the facility. In Morris plains and you'll years ago yeah I held onto it was a help pay for my idea he says college education what she's finished. Culture where at least he is an insult to the result is also not regularly hang nine. If they get something against cancer that they wanted to. Well that worked out very well no question it still looks good still looks good. Okay you say about 25 right now is that you know it's funny five's next reasonable target you know. Very good very all right thank god and join us in the you have a week yanks are up to terror. Or for whom does he wouldn't break. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio and discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors were bad Willard Sampras. And hand. It was doing and it I don't know you know right now I and I never do that says is better remain nineteenth 2008 team at 1030. He has been in fifteen when he gives us a ring alive in the notes from the team on the or he'd wondered heats of the nines and ones and yes that management is. For them member of generous epic must be our Friday. And for economic research at the web sites Sampras tennis APRs. And with. But mostly due to exit live in streaming. So when I'm in Florida the most news show and spies and Peter and news. And so and little note up and promote to do something to get me upset and that of course of course I'm I'm always there like a Monday Morning Quarterback I'm always there is stick the knife and good morning Davis. Good morning air herb going to be two gears here. Okay good okay here on that yet. I have a lot of term options. And there are beat him going to be doing your own nightmares usually held for a long time. I'm wondering is we're getting closer to the due dates. It is it going to erode drastically lowers status anymore. Well warned. What's in what's a strike price and. It's an eighty. And eighty. Yeah scissors and you're deep in the minority Marty yeah no so and so on and in enormous Morton what's it trading. Lee 32. Yeah no and I mean what's the option well I'll I don't know right now I'm I'm I'm I'm an expert. Well Steve I know lowers you got to strike option and eighty right. And it should be worth theoretically 52 dollars or right. So we you have to take a look at what that premium as I wouldn't think the premium for sentence a deep in the money would be very high. I mean obviously premiums as you get closer. To start deteriorating right. First Butler labored hard but they're gonna deteriorate more force something that it's you know close you know and there. Terms of having high premium you know them that would premium. And that occurred I think it's only worth 46. Seems railing and yet and it close adds he didn't. 1290. One's going on B 49 as the year winds are. Ordered her well. That that I would matters is aiming at an eighty even maybe it's and then he too worried him the doesn't make sense of the trade but I'd I'd say what should have the words subtracted eighty from what the prices and the premiums not too much I probably wouldn't worry about that track the strike price are right right. Get rid of a couple of eight euphoric view. Yeah many as well here. Yeah aired on a date now in you know I'm I have let it distract. I'm doing well bear to imagine markers is there are a liar and network support. On very well very good flyer at. You're very good day that I got to. Until. They take care. Give disarray in the dollar and actors in those 315218087. So 41 Eagles re. 0324. Good morning GO. Good morning Willard and Peter. Internally your show very much did you hear what I can't. Who. Stacked they'd like to take a look at this personally this sell cola and equity east. It's club off the end of the chart displays and came back from the came back was dead forever closed at 5083. 47 is that too wanted to move their vision fifties of anyone's fifty day. You think you know selling and or you're worried that'll go back to. Well the ball. He asked it to me technically you've got a very short term potential cell signal there. Right now 49 minutes pretty much for myself and so that I would only sell half so barbiturate looks. I might sell part of it just in case editorials. Valid cell signal. And below the 200 day which is what 47730s. Of an idea out. So you'd be like 46 and up right. Your own research or yet they're thinking that the justice just our feeling because we could be wrong path Stanton. Well here for is it. That comes from Puerto forty years of the united pitchers. And working hard it is very true very true. The other one may have been there and hands and gone to this errand see and there. That is he. All brewing. In the didn't even recognize. We now. Well that closed in the team. And that looks it looks terrible. At that have been out of that awhile ago in the first cell signal relief Cayman 22. If it could drop to sixteen and they have. It would be what we call it spread double by themselves to a hundred days it 24. Fifty day 21 suitable. You know so now it's more like. Is it going to be the bottom who knows if that's the problem if we were looking device in we would wait on polling figure. For the zeroes to turn around x.s. And we would set the computer to give you similar. When it turns maybe that was the bottom now. When figures with what they call at three bucks reversals strong so. It it is price range motive to gloat one and half dollars. To change columns and then you might have put button right now there's no evidence is about. And to stop would be under the last. Low. In 2016. Which was at seventy and so it's kind. Sixteen succeed in that video that looks like since it started trading in Nader round trip you know it's right back Stewart started. And so this is the case you know it's got to hold the right here it could you know with like you say if it should drop. Not much more is Peters says that office this is do or die time right. So I mean it could be this stocks now and a giant trading range if you wanna be optimistic. And say it's between sixteen and 31 you know because it made around and move to 31 back to sixteen. You know but yet you don't wanna see a much. We're here. Cocaine and I think if there is good for your help I appreciate it welcomed the call Joseph initiated you'll come. Now I talked to take care cellulose into Willard Sampras and Peter Brook of those factors like Saturday may nineteenth. Show brought to receptionists amendment from senate pick him Serbia RI AA. So true. I don't know what I was trying to say about those options before it went when you buy. Deep out of the money options the net premium that seriously branding herself. There's and sometimes and all and you called anyways right and so yes I'm surprised he has now call him. But then as I said before it's only in Nevada from well the way they weren't as like a lottery for calling and I guess he won the lottery if you're a guy call. Trying to see if there's anything on the chat room. Well seen in this HQY. Six days ago this we handled that illustrate I think so and bogeys and stays with him. But anyway yeah phone numbers to call wide open right now it 031520. Toll free 80797541. Or go to our web sites after the and I com go to the dollar got to to have. Under that live streaming click on light streaming in on the bonds moved checkbox if you wanna put assemble and can put assemble and let us know whether you own it looked in the buy it look in the cellar there's a gentleman from the Czech Republic. Well yeah we're I was a few years ago sitting in Prague. Anyone and so she's going bankrupt his chief keep hoping that I think. I wouldn't I have clients so enrollment. We have been on our managed accounts to opt out of treaty. All. And I'm I'm not sure that the news you read or the numbers should look at. Our. Honest and and somebody has them in trouble on Sony changes I stayed away from so if I owned us. I suppose at this point in me just what coach Robert. Horry open my mom's name. G. He turned around at thirteen it's as good on the point failure. End. We have a chance and seventeen and chants of one race and vote. I don't know that it wanted to morbid news and could end up its Xbox world listen to those and there's really no way in no way and they got a lot of problems trying to sell law. Major portions of the business. And some better parts of the business. And and other side of the coin is you know there's talk about people and Mark Phillips art part of that that that but I try and this I don't know. A guy of AI artificial intelligence right believe it or not there and that's an area with their health care division. Which has to mean that the images prefix H you know doctors and not have their precincts in which witches and help that are. And yes and have some good things going on that we worry that if they if the sell off. The good portions of the company that's a problem him no question about it and there are some kind of difficulties in their fine finance area. That they have some kind of stuff coming coming at them you know from the finance area. So I don't know I don't know I don't think they're gonna go bankrupt. But yeah and in ever now and seeing companies go bankrupt and you find out that they. And much more brake problems but he realized I know that the book prelude that period. Oh fundamental is seven votes. But anyway. I mean to me. You know whether they're going bankrupt the non I have no idea that I kind of doubt it but it remains to be seen. Think you you're welcome right now phone lines light open. 8031520. Toll free 8087975401. Someone hears from the Czech Republic. Well we don't know if that was true and don't forget bill calls from all over the world and tells us he's here here there and everywhere in the bra. So I mean it's possible that anything's possible and into the gym and many in the net earnings possible slow. At any rate it was a slightly down we in the market of anybody's noticed small caps or start a roar. Which is a big deal him which is which is interest although somebody in Barron's this weekend's it's not good that this small caps is doing well. I'm not it's not good for the market now because. Tech technically there and that means that the large gaps in general market is in trouble but. That's his opinion whatever but you know a small caps are up almost 6% for the year now. And for a long time and I know they they weren't doing very well so. And you do notice that you know is still leave risk on risk off as I mentioned before. You have whom there is this in the market that and they hit some of the previous leaders and thus it was mentioned I think can a couple of articles you know momentum stocks are great place to be. Wait in a bull market except when it turns it up it's a brilliant statement that and that's a pro stocks are pretty good and well told a Mario and Arnold momentum stocks are very good and in the and until late turn in their very bad. Because they're gonna get hit the most dangerous of the so called him so if you're playing momentum stocks that you'll get it the worst you know if the market turns. You know I'm looking and that I mean you know years you're nasdaq's up about 8% for the year so doing very well and the Dow is. Flat net flat. Absolutely flat for the year you know so I don't know whether that's being affected by the rising dollar. Or no by the tariff. News that keeps popping up left and right put. You know that house just strategists that they're doing nothing so far this year it's down point 02 that's why's that why not influence or. But I guess Flatts band isn't equal weights up my hair out for him via some peace. Regulars up one point four. So you always you know realize right now it's more a stock pickers market. Some groups even though they've been strong there's some great stocks in those groups and I mentioned last week. If you look at the gold sector and there are some really good gold stocks in this some very bad gold stocks. So was so if you if you're in sectors that are not leading. You have to be really good stock picker to pick the stocks in those areas. Which is because the sectors not leaving doesn't mean there's some stuff out there and do you know exceptionally well there is so. It's amazing to me how many charts they run into if things go up and up and up and up. Even Biotech which is kind of a mixed bag some great moves in a lot of buy at tech stocks and some bias fix fix that that have been. Destroyed in here so. Gene therapy seems to be on area and in some stocks in an area unbelievable you know. Well about self driving cars who knows they kept it in the crash. So Newton. I'd be very worried about self drive if you ordered attacks in the case came with no person. Then I would ninety minute no question now between now and you. But but it opened its interest thing you know for this year you know we know with the leading sectors this year. Computer services now. Managing over here. And NG is now it was it was the dog. Down the bottom one of the worst actors. And the energy sectors measured by accidentally which we. Talked about the fours up. But he point 1% the year. And the scientists consumer discretionary use up six point three stale. Technologies up seven point seven semiconductors up six points on what's at the bottom. Consumer staples nobody wants totally alters their teeth cereal companies and scenario of Procter & Gamble terrible looking although this week's performances. Is a time. And they value and now you know. I don't know that made it to Emmitt. Full bore us and national. In my. And just keeping an eyes as the old bottom fish. Remember him about how strong home goes second second second horse stereo so that is so. Yeah but in a number of reasons homebuilders have been so so keep an eye in the sectors mean. Certainly you know look you know you go look at the consumer discretionary it's excel Y which is the Tia. But if you go look at the components eaten at the watch list now. And say well what what stocks are in that sector if your person likes the stocks. The same thing with excel league and so forth. You go find a strong sector then drilled down look at the stocks in the sector and you can pick out some some stocks and put on your watch lists that you know W analyse stocks and decide would you buy hammered so it's two different definite way to approach the market. And certainly looking at the stronger sectors first is always a good idea. He just can't throw him. In by anything that's as human nature of for a storm by assumptions. Well that's true that it wants by the troops in Dallas Weatherford ten. And that's why a lot of people are losers. That mean being you know all I'm saying a lot of people lose in the market because they think they found the bargain. Some people can do it you know some people they've they've done their homework they have an approach they can pick. Stocks that are that are really you know on the Warner under pressure bullet. May be turnaround situations. A lot of other people they keep trying to play that they get hurt is there no. Real approach to be naval analyze whether it makes sense to buy something. You know it's always say what was what was your father say get what you pay for it. He does said that a lot. A sometimes when you're looking at a bargain and anything you know so my guys you know these guys will do this a lot cheaper and and you get a job it's terrible you know so. You never know so says you in that area to do your own research right now phone calls phone lines wide open you know 315 when he. So free eight under its 97541. And if you wanna go to our website separate than dot com you can use the checkbox to put an assembled or symbols and tell us whether you own them you look at the by am looking to sell them. At the web sites Epperson dot com the tab dollar doctor. Under that live streaming and go to the bottom live streaming. And see if you know you should be able to find the checkbox and puts them in there obscenity in the chat box right now it's hard to tell. It's is USA is that is. Now it's. You eyes and look in the eyes right now in new way. UA's under that. And that's probably what it means to an ultra now we'll see if there's US you know there is USA. Side but on both its that. But under armour may have turned around if I remember I was looking at something the analysts say is you know liberty and quick meals you go. Closed and fund. Looks very nice USA 80s10. Point 71 has a wonderful pitcher now just made into. High on the recent move up from the bottom. And targets went on to Louis say yeah it is nine and a half minutes 630. You know object. Do it and deceive it's been. Steady. And disclose where. It's three well. So close above its 200 day which is a good sign. You like to see it hold and is there do you like Seattle let's exe area but you know when potential upside than nine. Pretty good check and make sure the do it looks very nice to have an earlier and you way under. So by. Wanted to buy yo sale would considerate and if I owned a good old. Right sounds good to me now I typed in the ensembles and missed. Wait for the delay and I gonna go into outer space vision with the wrong symbol. We go QAA. You away. When their arm. And it's flying across the screen. Closed at 2012. And I guess I concentrates. You know beautiful pattern holy cow in the 200 a fifteen day five in the fifty and its seventeen sued both them both. And potential target. 3131. And calm that down there about a minute charges you with the overhead resistance is. So next short term target would be about one need to 23. 23 years and threatening they might miss an accident there's one area. Very nice. And should have very good support. And half Euro area he. Liked it. What do they do under clothing you know. Is that an expensive clothing people I've enjoyed the but anyway yeah one looks very right now phone lines open a 31520. Totaled 300 eights and nines and 541. A website we'll. Tempers than. The box like streaming. And the bottom blown out there give us questions that relate to number OMC them us. OMC and what. MS MS. Morgan Stanley Ramirez's. Yes and no OMC. There we go. So goto or MC first. It's. Omnicom. Cameras then what's the sector. Sector is. Media media. And man. That's like on the chart is trading between the stock price for and so anyone's celebrity yeah I mean it mean if you've done your research has some great reason why you like the company. Where is it 200 day. 73 and where's it now so Ernie for so it's hanging right around the 200 day that's encouraging. He has. And it's peso and but. Don't know much about the company now. 660. 83 and came all the way back down. So I mean on a short term basis. Depending on how you'd do these things and here's short term play here you'd probably be. Seventy. Sony. And otherwise of your long term players you can probably wait until. 16565. So if you have a strong reason to buy it and I mean it's. The I don't know. No Asian Akamai Russia invited an who know. But it could be a big winner took his I'm not gonna Russia are probably code among troubles and so you know it. Embarrass. Morgan Stanley. Looks all right it's okay and tried to tried to sell. Gave within a large they know and also bush and incidents with which is encouraging close at 53 namely to. Fifty days 542. Wounded 51. Story in and you believe in the financial sector. Looks OK I might be out if it went to 49 now. You know you know. So here we are here we are where we and you look at the right club let's start there. Well we're done I. They'll look at the clock actually look it up and I know our cereal out there on the wrong club Malia got to look at the computer and I listened to the directors whose every computer collided early Saturday morning from Kendall rebroadcast from twelve to one. Midnight on the station like I've been streaming. Into archives at Sampras Tennessee EP steal and a com website go there. See what's what. And as we always say cute little powder dry and goodnight and good luck. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist NN Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by Sampras and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. 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