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Aside PC registered with him as our Vietnam our aid on Peter Greco morning Peter David Brownstein or you on this. The dreary day little injury in the day before Mother's Day happy Mother's Day that's right now Moya. Amazing how soon that comes around down here to him. Right now it is Saturday may twelfth 2018. It is 1004 in the morning. And we always say that because the show is rebroadcast at midnight. On this station ESP and 15:20. AM unless there's a sporting event will be gone after the sporting event. Also the show was available every Saturday morning live streaming. From ten to eleven and the two through our web site Sampras than dot com that's SAT. ERS TO and dot com. And you go to the dollar doctor show there and you can get the show live streaming them most devices that connect to the Internet. Also at the website all of our shows are archives so you can either. Catch the archives show if you missed the show or Ewan replay this year earlier today show is usually up fairly soon although every once in awhile. Takes a little while dole also mention if you know you have a problem. You know with the archive shows of allies streaming I think there's a email at the bottom that you can contact the actual girl who takes care of the show you know and tell them about you can emulate and Sosa agree with dad knowing you have no idea but I think it's there and and you can do that first you know besides you know if you don't get to respond chicanos contact the Huskers. We don't know the archives showed and you know pearl in that type of things so well. But always contacted her first and then. You know he should get a reply. Also finally last but not least that the web site usually late Friday. Early Saturday. Whenever. There's a free economic report by stone and McCarthy. Yes there is. Mr. an interest and. This week's. That there are. Backing off the enthusiasm that they had about how great the economy was in inflation's a problem and so many jobs and blah blah blah blah blah. Something. I've been saying for awhile now I'm not patting myself on the back because I'm not nobody's ever write all the time but. It's just been a feeling. That this economy is not as strong as they were saying and it and it's absolutely true when there's a number of factors as listens absolutely absolutely true. I was listening to our sister station. Talking at real estate show that son did to our reforms. And they're talking about. Well you know people are selling their houses because they're fearful. That they can't find a house to die. I thought it was kind of you know they're not selling their houses because they can't find a house to bop. And I. I can someone understand that you know their cars as a because they don't wanna get into a big bidding wars and pay some ridiculous price price or another house. So right. I mean I mean if I was able to sell my house and get a decent house again for lower price I do it right with you but that doesn't have the don't read and the odds and right. But anyway Al yeah now. Must say I have house's and his Adam for 304050 years. It's a it's tick is sticker shock when going out to look at not a word so exile. As enthused about what we can get for our house but. It's state of people I know our age talked about these patio home so let's don't in tournament foreigner. Thousand half a million dollars for it and I mean it's expensive but then it's the idea that they had a timeout. Heidi get qualified for. It's hard to get qualified for these because the prices are so high. That they don't have a lot of compare apples so the banks are not period lenient. And moaning for this plus 20% down payment and so this is something happened talking about for awhile and they just you know I like it like this words you know. Low inflation and I know unemployment it's three point 9% but. I don't think that's you know the real the real unemployment and think it's close today and and so it's you know we're still not near their full employment but they keep talking about it academically. The reality of it is it's different I think mr. Powell. New fed chairman's going to be more selfish towards raising rates and I don't know next month everybody's expecting it it's like a 100% certainty. Well I can go on with this thing you're reality is based on the realistic person in Buffalo's. Now and and I'm just saying I can't imagine it. It's different and and what's going in the end in the whole country always there is also got a blooming at all relevant yet exactly. You know you don't believe me if he can't generalize but anyway I do. I can but there is this very economic or if you collect interest this economic report by stone and McCarthy their economists what do economists know but but then you rate. You know you you get a little overview of what happens in the economy. And their take on it you know for the previous week in issue reader we cite weak you did you really get a feel for exactly yeah in the whole country so right now phone lines as usual wide open 8031520. Minutes ago 315 twining toll free 808797541. What about the other ways and also I was getting that Virginia we have information word got somebody who are rolling they're ready for it anyway. You know from there we don't really like to get the phone calls you know we'd like to talk to you. We do give preference to the phone calls and receive phone call. But if it's if you don't wanna call us for some reason. You can go to the website Sampras than that come necessity EP RN ST ONN dot com. Go to the tea dances dollar doctor show Nabil drop downs has live streaming click analyze streaming. And you have to roll to the bottom of the page in this chat box and you can tighten assemble. And if you do that you know let us know have you looked in the pie in the cells can hold it helps as little Britain. Try and analyze it if you do pardon pardon the checkbox. Phone numbers again 8031522. All free 808797541. And what's going. In chip acts we have three stacks it's always asking and they're looking abide first on the by DE ODIGO. Close at 14449. TE ODKD. Isn't David isn't corridors and Oscar. Take a look at that. That one looks very nice blues. Says it saw at say it looks nice. Thank you very much okay are redundant well anyway the I show clothes clothes that one sweater for 69. And nice mom don't decently above its 200 day moving average like to see that you know I'll like it. No stock is bullish above its 200 day moving average which is. Which is 13740. Thank you and nick closed at 14469. It had been consolidating for awhile also support for it now would be around 130 to 132. I would definitely get a little concerned. You know to drop the 130. And right now the price target for what it's worth by the point and figure chart is 170. Sign me up so if you go we you know on the risk reward and as you know as you talk and theoretically fourteen point downside risk. And throw it about 26 points upsides of getting close to 221. Right now it would have to challenge it's all pie in the 146 or so area. Go to 148 that would be new breakout so I do like the stock here and you know I I think. You know to risk is worth that and yeah it looks nice and also attends to be somewhat of the defensive position in a way that you and so Evans all right what's next. Next we have you know Meyer. Do you have an electric union home namely that lets what they closed at 72 bucks really. Looks like this of the previous chart. To me untrained as I am. A true. Now okay. Interesting part about Emerson was it came down to its long term. Uptrend line bounced office. Held support twice in the 66 seriously looking for 66 to be support. Upside target for what it's worth again is 85 you know once again this is by their method you know that point and figure method of calculating targets in the anybody's ever. Figured out how many times it's correct but the problem. Is that 85 and you don't know win you know no A in 852 years later it was a right so but. But it does give you waited decide risk reward in the stock closed at 172. You said on the button. 65. Is the risk areas to consider. Reevaluating it. So that would be wise seven point downside and verses theoretically the thirteen point upside once again almost 21. Which you have to watch it made it doubles top twice in the 74 area. So you know if you look in the by February you have that resistance in the 74 years but if you will undertake terrorist down 65. If you got it to 75 you've broken out completely in the new dealership that potentially five areas so. The aware of resistance in this 74 hours. But it looks okay last one is Microsoft for the Patrick closet ninety's so well that initiative on the long time ago and now. You hate that stuff I hate the company. Not the stop arm eight come Alter our guest is beyond computers all day you have to hate Microsoft. There is seeded blue screen keeps popping up from time that time no around them feel lucky well it will happen you islander proms are my trainer. Well believe me that you can we we've had a number of computers and our organization we've had a replaced as they keep getting hit with a blue screen around. But anyway Microsoft right now is up to resistance. A fourth time. This is the charm and then four. You know can at six going well on the court and the point you figure out to art and the point in the future I'm looking at the am you're looking at departure will play which I like to look at. But you know it's been making all this and making nice rising bottoms. The 200. 200 day is 8470. Theory. Close at 9770. Yeah. So mean theoretically a long term investor would potentially be out and it. That breakdown which would be in the they say he's the and seven area. You are paying attention to me that at. You know what's big about it doesn't mean 87 area but and then one and 200 days and 84 point 73. So those are to support areas for the stock it complete breakdown would be moved in 98. So you might wanna watch for them moved in ninety. You know as as a buyer beware of the risk areas and even though this only has a potential target of one gulf war on that. That's by one method of calculation but in looking at is been going sideways reliance and spent for Italy. The slight up would buy is split. It is since February it's actually hit that 9697. Area could say the fifth time this. Artificial intelligence as their new area that is that in his also it's of you know great reasons is like yourself put it. Yeah I mean you may at this point one way or on a pullback you know is another possibility bush. You know if it did it 98 that's a complete new break out. And you know breaking out of debt consolidation of Purdue's differently you know the consolidation is probably 87 and 97 so. At least talk to note to 107 next target. So it's at 10417. The next target it but it looks okay year's longest technology strong. Should do well and now. Okay we're gonna go to the phone lines are right now goes to. Good morning and actually from into bed fellows in recent years and I. It judiciary also proposed ten minutes before the show I sent out a note that chat box with a stopped but I'm gonna have taught them to tell them now. Was at Microsoft in Emerson. Now tonight that Cisco Cisco and now what do you come through didn't come through it. Maybe you could restore early you know quarter of itself it's possible yeah it's kind of an episode but anyway let's take a look at since it. Which came back from the dead now everybody loves it. Yeah what Bennett fifteen along with oracle and I sold the oracle oh offered thirty but I held this. But it's 459 victory right now. Yeah on its you know you know big it was and there's article in Barron's this weekend is a lot of challenges to this networking area you know. About a risk of death and in from the you know the upstart companies and so forth but you know your upside objective is 57 on it. 57 yeah yeah there is set up from the point and that's on the plane your objectives via and right. And looking at what. Technically or fundamentally what is that short. When you use that does that indicate the future possible potential let's start. Well it's it's a it's a way that they need to have developed over the many many many years of a price target something. It you know that's all it is its price target based in this meant that I can come up with price targets based on fifteen other methods you know. Right right so there's no magic you know way of coming up with where the stock could go to. You know fundamentalists might come up with okayed earnings and grow this much. And peed resist much in the air force for earnings growth 20% in the T stays the same second go up 20% there's also has a different things you can do this is based basically just on the this is based on charges you know charting approach. Sure and you know. Which usually fundamental plus bottom fishing but I do appreciate hearing from people that do at a technical right exactly you know and you could mean a little more info. Price action is very important very important. Okay the volume is like throwing up still. As simple to do it. Well that I can see on the point figure chart you know. And volume you know trying to analyze sight lines very tricky return to. Right I agree holidays if respect take a dive that I advise him. Usually that Israel warnings that. The you know normally. If it's going up a lot and takes a dive and timeline and victims to play usually but they do but usually when. The stock gets hit hard after going down long and very high vitamin a can be the bottom you know. And I know the banks of the news so the second item is that Bank of America it's closed at 3092 I paid search service. For many years ago you know I've been held onto it even before Merrill Lynch. Before they took pedal. Can't just send Cisco of their earnings to mount on after the close on Wednesday Weinstein. Wednesday morning M gonna watch for those children balance. And have a Bank of America. If you really wanna laugh. Yeah I like the price objectives of the foreign hands up. That's very subtle at bust it. At that time it ever get. But it. You know what I'm looking and it is in this is kind of you know right now closed at 3092. Right. Previous I was in the 33 areas is certainly wanna see that taken out watch the 200 day moving average of it which is around 28. I would not wanna see that below 28. And you know and it Lotta times you know people he saved to a day moving average. The real reason why the 200 day moving averages in important. Okay is that it's been used by many people over the years for whatever reason okay. So a lot of people follow with the funds follow with the computer programs follow it. And so becomes almost self fulfilling the 200 day. Do they use the fifteen day can jump. You guys a fifty day to you know live program Jews of fifty you prefer to see it above the fifty which this at the moment is just barely above the fifty. Men like to see it above both the number to 200 slight beat them the dividing line for many programs Mujica institutions. And so forth they don't like to see their stocks go under the 200 you know. Sure that those that is is there any other tremendous meaning to prove that I don't know. But let's it was since everybody uses it it's important I think. As I land item I don't know do you check can you checked for me on mutual fund I have a code that is when. He W. Seeing you act. Its American century ultra fund and closed at 4737. Who have been told that since 1982. Boy oh boy I'll tell you. You're amazing that's a. What did I put it seven now it's 47. But I mean the thing I like about this is every year in December. They kicked out sector capital gains mating and then in January February the Croatian trek back to what it was before the capital gains. So it's like a self. I mean don't capital gains don't mean anything to me I mean it's nice that it comes back after all the do and is selling stock in and paying back what they've sold you know. And so obviously reduces the price you know by capital gains you know so it's notes it's kind of mathematical game so yes and it works for man and what you don't want to do is if you get it by mutual fund you certainly don't want to buy it. Before they're going to be did do it again and distribution at the end of the year she sure yet where that failed in its in taxable accounts in. If you're gonna get hit for attacks are so amusing yet across. Right but anyway and I mean look and added I mean it is right now it's up against on an important figure chart at triple top at 4720. And break the 48 would be new breakout. Film and looks very positive and here no question about it so like so great about it. But you know under under the 200 day 43 year under the EU recent low 4240. And the little concerned you know you've held so many years I don't think you get concerned so. Don't know yeah I saw that they if you know the average. Again this spent 16% over five years pick you up you know the price has been very good that's what on the question what. Well you guys have been a tremendous. Information I really operational we appreciate you calling them. Technically very you guys are very astute I give you credit I'm gonna enjoy the rest Alicia. Okay thanks very logical rather we weekend their take care ethic it okay phone numbers to call phone lines are wide open 80315. To when he toll free 8087975401. And if you do have trouble getting and you could try 80303218030323. Laredo 30324. To give you some more that's enough communication problem also mentioned the chat box again at the Sampras than dot com web site. Go to the dollar doctor tab the drop down the light streaming go to the bottom of the page is checkbox to one type and assemble. You can put that in there and tell us what you looked in the buy sell or hold it there right now we're gonna go to Bob good morning. Good morning theater the morning David good morning sir are you happy Mother's Day view. I'm okay. The here philosophical. Ranchers. And there are no interruption truce in this universe. Well that's well I don't know that may be some assistance rather non yet there's an absolute truth that you'll die. You have and I can go into our. Cop who couldn't philosophical banner about what that really has. Well it's a but you you'll you'll physically die. I will have actually reload the page request and have but I don't think people want to have much truth. No and its future. These days people don't want truth at all that likely truth to that. Exactly. Now so I thought good dreamer would probably and we appreciate. Well for one thing gold still over thirteen hundred. Let's centrist thing on in and what I find interesting is that you know some people you know that they've been trying to. Think goals and go way up and they play any old gold stock you can do that no there there are there are some do and you know took it take a look at that Kirkland to detail. Keeps making new highs all the time. Well I did they just a lot of I didn't get a chance to read the report that just came out about their involvement with Knowles. Oh really yeah they popped up something embark more or whatever. The united get a chance to read don't report showed or something going on there. But but but you know it's almost like you know I know it's the stock pickers situation in the process of I would not you know gold hole on gun and an Eagles stock corner. We're gold the TF for anything like that you know I'd look at those that for some reason or do an exceptionally well you know. While gold is just basically sitting there. We cure except I'm still. A dreamer and they'll learn like maybe it's still up I'm figures drop that low five figures so. Low slides that it's paper properly you know what I'm still hold out for the big stuff. On a go. You can be like guard holding stuff so what decisions in 1982 hours hands old ladies out there you know. And then the dollar's been. Or not to witness so its interest in had a dollar's going up and restore over thirteen hundred. It's you know it's some relationships in the work for awhile and they don't work you know on and it's just in tonight kind of weird and yet even goals righted that doesn't react any public. Political crimes and yet and they used to react to every single thing geo politically doesn't seem to do you know. Men I look at. You know a chart of GL the U. As Selby in silver in the comatose with us the sites like any of us just winning and I is that a. Which which tells me there's gone back to a measured in January has. Gold silver platinum are undervalued and they're gonna pop. Am I mean based on you know just going things are very tight range want it says. They're gonna break one way or the other great a couple of. But so far it hasn't gone below thirteen now. Yeah you just did just amazing just the boring his charts in the world than I've ever seen but. Plug for olive dreamers out there who have patience of course I'm probably the only ones today would be. You pass. GD. After you. Yes she ain't the NF. But the fact is that. Of course is to go on that I realized that we went in the business. I. I Jenny from Poland up after them let me try another one here at night I think they've banded from all of us are worth so Yahoo!. And in Athens and now go to stock charts right now one. Even that doesn't. You're kidding. I guess I'll have to come back in a monitored. Yeah laughter god or you have to say that you know the society of conspiracy. Little junior and Paris. Unbelievable. You hit the winner this today. Well unfortunately the last five or six weeks who's been really financially I've been terrorized so. Plus the little bit but I am seriously look at them to look at that just want to what does it trades with drugs. The last time I looked around 30%. That's why it doesn't hit anybody's radar ideas. Yeah yeah that's and supported the dreamers with a long term outlook then there is interest but I'm gonna keep an. What it was wish. Got the name of it is but it it was a top scorer area now where us and it was owned vessel fall. Lenovo. Found and I did some research on their properties and Australia. They sold it off. Sure that they can work in Australia develop. The mine now her. American Pacific mining. It's what it's all over. Here this is down eight cents. Eight cents and thirty cents to go no no no no I'm sorry. Who's down. Point 000. Yeah that's better I'm. Excuse me and it's used on recorder group don't mind us. I don't ever remember so that Novo was selling for 49. I was saying earlier I remember. And now it's almost ten times that right. It'll last I looked it was four and a quarter. Was really there and then hit. I'm that news would carry out I don't I did read is so I don't know what the news launched. And I think it went up to about force sixty yesterday. It. So it's it's bouncing it's getting activated against. And then they did they did some arm. Whatever mining samples and they found eighty. I eighty targets in their example. Tonight only note that means not a well he's somebody dropped a bunch of nuggets that's wonderful. What it means is they can't do samples always gold mines or they're just gonna have to mine. Oh okay now guys. In other words you. The holes. The way it is in nature just doesn't work the way most. My did you lose interest because it broke out and then got slammed back down yesterday. From fours 64 to 435 right now. And I think it had something to do that deal would carry no problem election showing interest. But I anywhere is. That are no rational that top scorer land and so we're back in 2014. Who wanted their drilling made about 948. Grams. We're not tonne. That I knows a lot. Yeah I don't know that much vocal lines that I know. All that was amazed when they did. They just don't have the money to. To work in north so they eventually sold it out but the north does have some I think they have 5% interest and and some kind of financial deal on more than. Interest charged up and a lot of nice things are out there a lot of it is yeah. Will a lot of patience because everything they're really hits the skids eventually come back. And I just wanted to check in an unprecedented I. All right it's been a little quiet so far this morning we appreciate the call. You heard OK yanks by about Agilent and OK phone lines are wide open again 80315. To any toll free 808797541. And I will mention chat box again if you wanna give us a call although we do like calls. Go to Cyprus and not economists AP ER steel and that Tom busy dollars detail there click on that. Jesse lives streaming quick and light streaming go to the bottom of the page. And can type in a symbol. Tell us whether year looked in the buy it looked in the holder can sell and we can go from there. And a couple of different ways to to get into the show no question about. What I do wanna match you know somebody mentioned. Like averaging down. Last week that keep talent people who are so many different approaches to the market. If averaging down works for you and it's worked over the years then by all means average down. I know people who average down doesn't work for them that they get killed you know. And you know basically they'd pick and take the pressures are averaging down or news comes out and so forth and you know it's it's hard to do and as Dick Dick dimensions as we've he believes in. Scaling up and I've heard people say why don't you keep buying the stuff that goes up you know and right and what works literally hit the final count on him yet to find out what works you you know it is no one thing. I can say my dad died and became rich and averaging downs you do it and you lose all your money out so well. They know it's it's it's it's the person behind the real you know really comes down to that as the game plan yep so no question about it. As another adjusting until Lotta times you think. You know something you know and that should works should work a certain way here's an example my own account this week. You know what would you do yet the stock that was trading at. I had taken half profits and it's made money in a stolen a decent profit position. And the other area earnings are coming out at five. For this since that 5 PM right. All of a sudden during the day stock starts getting hit me at one point it's down over 15%. And what would you think was gone. Arafat you've just asked me what what I do. What would you do I am I a lot more of it though David you know average down. I looked at earnings are coming out of 5 PM on this thing that's the bad news or bad news is coming out right. You think so I Seles. Earnings come out good news. I sell it near seven yes where is aftermarket 1011. You know where is the other day eighteen. And but it's seem logical you know is seemed logical you know Leo somebody knows something that used to church can stand some math that which is the opposite there. Anyway strippers and give us give us full college go through 1520 toll free eight under 8797541. And if Dan can wait one minute we will take a quick one minute break and be right back. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Answer your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctors shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or tool free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors. Welcome back to the dollar got to show brought to you by separate the NASA management member offend SN BC register with him Saturday. And our AM phone lines are wide open give us a call 8031520. Sold 308797541. Or go to our website Sampras in the outcome if the dollar that the Ted light streaming pops up that live streaming go to the bottom of the page does a chat box. You can put symbol in their tell us whether you wanna buy it you can sell you look in the hold it. And also lie here at the website you know since we don't do commercials on the show look through the website to see what services we offer. And you know if your interest and any of those services. You know direct contact. Information there at the website. Right now we're gonna go to Dan in Niagara Falls good morning. Morning guys tomorrow. In last you guys both one of the national stock few RI. You are high. That thing is so hard to understand. Is currently crushes turning etiquette slam. Well I've seen that happen a lot of stocks though. Yeah I know but that's been here assistant seemed more so as so much more volatile than. Yeah IE you know it's just very hard you don't Malone you know what the expectations or. You know and it's not even you know maybe the analysts have a certain expectation. But maybe investors at a different acts. Our nation so this one came down us. This 200 day moving average rights and it looks like you found support there. Now one Tuesday moving average 154. Closed at 166. It it. Well I mean you know it's it is broken down but the good part about it is that. Yeah you know it is actually you know took out a low from she's months ago all that you didn't wanna see but it recovered. And recovered them. So I don't know in this I was just thinking about it. Yeah I mean you know having hit 200 day moving average. Bouncing offered. And a heck of a run office you know so that's encouraging to say the least I mean if you look at the chart you're. You know you say well you know did did this thing just topped out up that the Maya when nine the area right. And then breakdown after it took down the 10. Safe with the aid area. And broke down and took took that out but you know hit the long term uptrend line hit the 200 day moving average. Rallied strongly off then that tells you buyers will wait and you know how it. I. Well what your problem as. Is there has. You know basically. Via the interesting thing is a man on the charges and welcome him back into where there was a lot of activities they got. I I know there's one other guy be he sees his overhead resistance he doesn't like it right. He's always get all this over and resistance as it traded there. For a long time now okay you know in order. What sets well and they may mean basically over resistance is anywhere from 158 back up the 19 the rate on. That but they would do should you worry about that I'll. Mean this guy does he doesn't like right now is he right I don't know. That that's the approach she uses and Michael overhead resistance I'm not gonna buy into. Over resistance the other side of the coin. A strong rally off 200 day moving average. Told you buyers were anxious and willing divide it. So and if you wanna take the price objectively that that is to fourteen. So you know you gonna have to use in the south that you know these 200 day moving average again you know. And you want to see it get above the fifty day which is 17171. Iran. Yates is I think that would and more buying you know from institutions. Vying from. Computer programs for the rest down the 154 it's not that. Oh points and earn 66 with 7% 8%. A press out keep yeah them and I think it's worthwhile look at haven't heard from Dennis in awhile. Yeah I don't know maybe use his state and Florida longer it goes and just in this undated. Right brought something. Yeah I won its talked to him about when he got me in Peru Peru where we probably both got creamed if but that was. A low price you know once again Biotech. I mean you who has it it was a disaster. Only her because I think you're talking about something that I missed this stock you're talking. Well I would mean the one he. Priscilla decks sealed the there and unfortunately I'm sitting there with a written. Luckily I don't have a lot of you know for myself he covers you're talking also won before the commercial break and I missed what. We which what you are talking about resent it went to eleven than what they team. All in the and it's and it's HE AR. Turtle creek. Here AG it's called here. Saga David during a break us and then on top of that exit after it after it Euro opened the eleventh went to thirteen. I think it closed at thirteen and so on Friday it's. I'm not really paying that much attention to a cut down the tens something right. So if they don't boy all the guys who play either getting out of this you know without. Went down its Sonia all of it but you know we're went up to turn the day after that now eighteen. So what. The bottom of the pan back up eighteen. Yep they closed at fifteen or sixteen dogs and hasn't. It's one of the ticket take those critical. What do you think they too broad Valiante right now I'm out of them. It was a very negative article on him barons who it's worth. Yeah its so I don't mean to what it's worth I mean you know. Mean they bounced off with they said was good earnings you know. And but then barons and rhetorical part. You know and then in words around and now yeah right now that are dear close that's when he 85. And the RX. But they're changing their name I think the Bausch is that. What should now. While these cameras they all come up although this stuff you know. Yeah change the name do it is to. Yeah so so hole catches going to be gonna get a both when he for the united to be the next resistance. Communicate she keeps making a higher bottoms you know so. I'd probably keep an Diana but you know when this thing comes down you know got up to 24 dropped the watt fourteen. And I mean it's very volatile you know on this particular lessons. Looking at tech. Technically right now it does well having run up and on the fights chases at least you know sorority is cease support them as well. Well unfortunately your backed at the 250 day moving average 1617. Area and that's not that far. You know obviously the cup back below its 200 day and I get very concerned again now. We I think in general banking sector at this point. I love your saying you know you know you haven't problems with the spread you know an interest rates. But you know the other the other side of the coin is the year yeah I do you saw some of the it was in Barron's that that there are looking for earnings to go from. I'm of course this year whatever from five something denying books. They share on Citigroup you know all. And you know analysis of the banks have been under a lot of for a. Shear and indeed the bank. Brokerage cited the cities the Morgan Stanley's those things had a little bit a difficulty here a little rougher ride at some other ones in regional banks and some of the peer banks have been doing while yeah. That you knew it was evercore sudden death you know you look at some of these banks that's gone straight up and so once again you gotta pick picked the right places you know you gotta pick your poison but yes I think his opportunities there's no question about it now. That was quite a picket getting mystical look at one point. He deep. Now this is TD Ameritrade is. Toronto dominion. It's. That's holding up pretty nicely it's dated truth. A minute you know after running up the 61 has been consolidating between say about 55 and 61. Tackles at 5830. AM it's making lower topsy known which nobody has been holding his support has been holding the previous break out area. Which was around 5455. You know. And you got 200 day at 56. You know fifty days just about there so I would use that as. You know potential support for it wouldn't wanna siege problem. To say 54 and that there could be brought in order in now and it closed. 5830. You know so it's it's above its 200 day above its fifty day. It's could be interest thing. Yup and here or more sure. C no. But doping. Eighteen community. Am I know I didn't do very well this year on the late Leo it's been doing it. Well I would just recently brought democratic candidate areas now. Well target forward it's worse than the a point figures to 84. Close at 241 dosage to 41. I don't poke at. An area was treating him like around 230 years. A long time we who is you know about 228. 20820. Yeah two's 228 broke out support should be. You know at worst the fifty day which is 223 Bryant monitored by you'd like to see that breakdown area you know holes you know saying that security. Say it's a 228 to 230. And all this one it looks very strong this looks very strong and when America came down this thing I mean it held its fifty days couldn't. Only on Yahoo! held battleground. Really don't. Oh mistrial indicated. It only came down you know wouldn't come down less than 10% I guess you know. OK guy OK great great show thank our Larry we'll tell you that you. OK phone numbers call it a 31520 until free 808797541. Couple questions that a general Martin questioned the chip by a stock specific but. Somebody asked general market question what effect does the special counsel final report. Points to nefarious activity by the president or impeachment vote by the house if the Democrats take the house in the fall conversely. Inspector general report showing illegal activity. By the past administration by FB IN CAA to undermine the campaign of trumpet in his administration. So well. I know is so news you never know a lot of times what you think is going to be negative. Turns out the market goes up there. Right and the impeach Bill Clinton in the ninety's and market at a great rate right there you know everybody said for example when the Iran deal he pulled out of that was and kill the market. It went down briefly ended up flatten it took office that so you never know trying to anticipate. What news is gonna do forget it I have no way in on you know what what they're gonna look at you did yes but it's stupid Vegas and it's hard you know. I mean I would say in the second case what was the second part of that I would think that would be positive. If they found that the Justice Department over. While another saying that the the Democrats. Impeded tried to impede the trump collection. That the Democrats try to yeah they're just saying either over the one side is saying the Republicans are the bad game that bad actors in the second. Question was that the Democrats it's something bad. Mean I really don't go on all the time I really don't know I mean like I say. I guarantee you most at a time when news comes. The effect will be opposite of what you think it's been in science and I can't romance yeah him him. OK phone numbers to call it at 31522038079. Jim 541. In on next victim Amber's good morning. Morning guys they act in the frozen tundra now. The clock. Yeah you go from. Yeah almost needed air conditioning the other day to my heat comes on the following day right. Now know that what he gonna do enough to much. Yet. Is get the will he be in Florida anyway so this is too bad. Peter I wonder if you saw a few weeks ago parents hit an article found. Barry Diller's com. I mean why did I I always met I've had this on the she's year. That's how I AAC has done much better than Berkshire Hathaway is an enemy and it absolutely memories. New Year's. I don't look yet it ends. Or a couple weeks ago FaceBook announced that they were in the jet into the dating game. And Eaton 101 of I Casey is big companies netstat. Now that don't even mention it adds sales. I did they I did the exact wrong thing I panicked on that coming I had I had of for a client I had a stock. She had a double engine and believe me this doesn't happen all the time parade but she had a double A border match that come right. And they're going up more than double the channel was the trip was over 47 from them as you said the news came out is down ten right. Yeah and then I said oh my guys do you know and and then all of a sudden. Somebody came out and said FaceBook is gonna kill matched the same way they're killing snapped and so forth so on. And has no case that I called the rumpus we have we have a double let's take it right so we get out around. Third the six may be 35 something you know. And now we're to close over forty right. Yeah that you know I saw in New Zealand's CNBC which is present more IAC. And he says. That. Based group FaceBook could come into the market that you want. But we have a 23 year headstart you end. In the penetration. People that are into our you know dating sites. It's still relatively small. And he was saying that they could get into the market and we still have our. Fairly high level of penetration. But I want to insecure about I eighth seed because they got. By the way you know yapping match but they're matched that have they have. Expedia and trip advisor if you bought either of those companies all you wouldn't call it would have. Done you know got a great reserves. But I ate he got hammered and then think you know earnings this week and they recovered. Somewhat. Yeah I was looking at the chart I was wondering if it's it's safe to be able or. What you sent. Well this is another one bounce right off its 200 day moving average. Right so so so the so big big institutions and so forth they had their programs right in there right. It's like 130 him and bone now. And you know friendly and and I forgot you know how how this is over twenty years trounced Berkshire at the way for total return me out. No question about it. So. So I mean I mean if you had to buy it early age you're gonna use that 132 area you know. And what you want is seeing now is it the go vote when 54 which is the fifty day moving average. Okay that's close to mask and so yeah that would really be key right exactly so what if it crept up close to one just before. Where do you think that it it needs to. Get when kids. Four to sustain. They uptrend. Well I mean I mean I'd like to see that the once again when you have a strong rebound off the 200 day that's telling you the big money still interest in the company. Yeah so in the nineties say if you want to buy a little and is saying that they dropped to. And avarice that once when he gators them around that area slow with a two under today 130 twos and maybe I'm wrong you know. You know the kick. If you got if you can't I've got a couple other scream when. I bought awhile ago company called ResMed. RM BER. And and I'm looking. Looking at maybe dying war. 40%. Like it I mean it looks very strong you know 104 about the 104 area approximately you know it'd be it'd be complete break out if they hit. 106. Close at 1211. And in India and you know support for the stocks around 9394. Looks good beer. Yeah they make they make products source didn't sleep apnea and CO PD you real real. Major issue wouldn't ends up in the country. There's the other one I'm looking yeah it is. Pull equity. HQ lies. Each if you will HQ wise health. It's. Well. It's harder to buy it's unbelievably strong stock just yeah it had just had a nice pullback. To around sixty area now. And just broke out again you know and so it's exceeded its targets. Nash is one that you that you would probably. You know to a days back at 52 and of the you can take that. And the fifty days at sixty force parents of fuel in the take terrorists the 64. You can take a shot just made a new high you know realize this. Award might that be so great rights. It's hard to say yeah I mean but yes and in Europe does decide what to of that risk reward toward that you don't know what the reward is now you know. Because it's it's had a gigantic roundup you know. No one really quick. Our story our you know. According a lot of about bowling. Yeah it was at a time when that was really. Looked like it was really at a much lower east but around the same time I saw. Our stock options shorelines CNBC. Worked harder were no books no obvious you know he he guarantees. They're borrowing would go I mean it's virtually guarantee people would go into the mid 260s. And the and the people that were I must show. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Eat and that he looked at deploy and figure chart he would receive. 312 through sixteen bit area yeah bounced off a couple of exactly now. Then but is it shows what you've been saying a lot do your research so. On the question no well at any rate it. Kirk looks like it's a lot it's a lot better shape today a perfect example plus this I ran thing where you know there at twenty billion dollar contracts in Iran didn't affect the girls that. Don't know. And and somebody could is that what happens if people's out of Iran aren't gonna kill Boeing now didn't happen. Patrick whatever he had to go isn't it. 219 intertwine. So they haven't really been committed to that yeah so they have so many. So so much debt swap with other countries. That. The real issue with balling it's China you know and it's we have the trade where China but it doesn't look quite yeah that look like anything significance to him. Yeah I mean that'd happen but it's another example you know you could have said at a time I get the heck out of Boeing crazy people's out of this you know. Yet in Arizona you know like I say try in the yes what's gonna happen again it you know. Yeah that's right up any doubt get a good talk and you are doing we very much for the call it's okay we've reached the end of the show. Probably left the caller on the line of good but at any rate you know you know we've done the last minute the show. Notices that we've part of some good points hopefully you know from people people to keep in mind especially trying to. Yes based on who's you know known to waste our time relief totally wasted time. And you know as we always say you know going into next week you know market had a very good week last week. Hopefully can keep up so far are the sell in May go way people are going to be wrong they were wrong two years and broken out in three years in a row who knows. But you know well he's using last year there were profits this year there's says oh yeah. But you know but you know do your own search as we always say we oh we always say to you know always keep little punch right who's. The markets provide opportunities especially when you're a little bit more volatile like we are right now. So the volatility in a way someone different so always keep a little dry until next week take care. Happy Mother's Day. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by Sampras and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. Discussion of specific security should not be construed as recommendations to buy yourself. You device after an asset management for am 1520 WW KB. The dollar jockey show is rebroadcast on Saturday night at midnight. You're invited to join us again then for next Saturday morning at 10 AM I am 1520 WW KG.