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I MOK on this Saturday march 3 2008 team. But channel 5 in the morning we always say that because the show is rebroadcast on the station has spanned 15:20. Am at midnight unless there's a sporting event than in the shall be. Were re played after the sporting event also the show is available. Every Saturday morning from 10 to 11 am at your website lies streaming so if you go to the web site. Sampras than that calmness SAB ER NS TO NN dot com. And you can pick up she'll light streaming their most devices that connect to the Internet also all of our shows are archives at that site. So if you miss a show you one replays showed you can pick up the archive show. And then every Saturday morning late Friday night whenever there's a free economic report by stone and McCarthy. This areas and her and you read it again or I read it. Briefly I scanned through it. They talked about a number things that I and he really didn't take enough time to even comment on it but it's usually very comprehensive and something that. It's worthwhile looking at doesn't take a long time they give it different ideas. You know what's happened during the last week and you know they're I think they they economists in general are most confused by this market. Well economists are always confused let alone by the market but we weren't going to morality play there also talked about drone Powell the new chair of the Fed who's not an economist. Right yeah as a banker he's a banker that this this person actually that's. Well you know I sat there are no lawyer in my opinion about the Federal Reserve anyway I don't have meant much. Tolerance for the Federal Reserve at all. But. You know listening to Romeo was convinced me at some point this guy really sounds great you know. An injury he sounded you know compared to last two people we know we had a different tone always taught absolutely. It especially. In that the listen yeah Allen's ways you know so's you know these are our voice was low noise like her. And a I didn't like her voice is annoying but at any rate. You know as I've said before you know and enacting even. Did allude to a but the Fed causes recessions eating quite come out and say that you know put. And I've said before the feds are responsible for most recessions idol and the most of them. And but the differences that before there was a fed did you know the downturns in the economy in the fluctuations to a much. Two more dramatic. Than Taylor right now because the Fed dampens it but. The Fed still is the leading cause of recessions is no question about that. Picture then that's and that's it's proven it's a proven fact tong is a proven track and or whenever they don't reserve raising intro and see that it's not proven that anything that your opinion is that my opinion as a fact and that's an absolute fact. It's almost like is there a guy. And given to that well I just read this. Somebody like yourself. You might be wrong I'm my treatment and it's an executive like heat they might gain upside down there might be millions of other people wrong too but anyway in my book will go on out that we won't get into that subject but it. At any rate I feel when they don't have a and I also want to say is a finally add. Our web sites is still time to carry guns finally you know you can repent all your line but anyway. We won't go deeper in the change of subject yeah that'll change the subject. The only thing true in the Bible you came from Dustin and that goes to show returns or so ago there's been. Read on. Those days ago and now. Truth facts but anyway. Also at the website. If you want to and you don't wanna call the show which I would give the phone numbers pretty soon. You can go to the website click on the dollar inducted to have. In under a dollar debt to it says live streaming once that comes up way down the bottom is little's. Chat box down there whatever you wanna call it we haven't thought of as snappy name for the chat box but anyway. You know you can put in a symbol you know and you know emblem we have time between the calls and some acts there's big gaps between the calls we can get to the chat box and pick up the symbol and cover a matter of cover up some you know covers some questions it's a little more depth it's easier to talk to people about general questions. On the air than it is to try to just commons and a question in coverage and in all the detail you know that a person might want me here so. We do encourage you know maybe use the checkbox at the website once again Sampras in the outcome at the Ted dollar doctor show. And there's live streaming in net by capitalize streaming is the chicken pox. Right now phone lines are wide open give us a call 8031520. Minutes ago 31520. Or toll free 808797541. Once again NATO 31520. Toll free 808797541. Mongo first Bob in buffalo good morning. Good morning. Peter David and I don't okay thank you. And by the way the sides are about 2000 novel. Well that very you could very well be no question about. Over the years that tool and I could get real serious to oil almost like a depression. Yeah I mean you know this is that they've. Cause you on nine out of the last eleven whatever it is. I think Carl would go into that we won't go into the well budget has. Just been added to that from September of seventeen until February of this year we've added another trillion dollar toward that. Yeah. And I've heard that some day our pork kids are gonna have to pay for that I've heard that song forever and ever you know. And I mean you know they probably said this fifty years ago Roy are we paying for that right now I don't know if controller yeah Ivan Ayman notice them taken taken money out to me to pay for it you know whatever you know probably do an inflation. Yeah well associate at the epic you know I mean I I think it's a little bit over done you know scare tactics you know. And anyway. But anyways but I councilor there's. In 2014. Abacha mining stocks you. And it worked out a little bit and I never shoulders and went down and went bankrupt. Now in return over that period of there went bankrupt in 2015. In return I received. Six the I had 600 cheers. And I received sixty words tell you that concerns do these two now. When I so those are among 1099. Will my losses for let's start tomorrow. I'll just tell you we connected tax or legal advice. But I'm. If it's bankrupt. You can write it off at any time. In the the idea it is is that if for some reason it would come back to life. Then you would have to have a zero cost basis and whenever the new. You know value would be so if it's bankrupt defunct worthless. Right I mean you could have written it off and 2015. Or sixteen YR has not been eroded our guy Anderson well even if you don't write it off he can still take a certain amount. I am as a deduction for now we don't give tax advice but she could take about. When I took it to the guy that does my taxes already had more than enough to write off each and I was just curious is that. It was dark and be documented and at 1099. I feel we do now. Not known known not the bankruptcy no problem wouldn't be document. That the bankruptcy though the value of the warrants money. Yeah and I'm just say it appears that it's him but the actual bankruptcy know what companies now are a matter of fact you know not to get. I found that a long time my guys to do it Davidson yes well it's bankrupt apple. That's supposed to do that currently because technically if they're still register with the transfer agent it's not legal to do that for tax purposes. Is post to get a document from your brokerage firm. Saying yes this is now defunct security and elaborate the always done that so processor idea. I used to always guys bankrupt OK okay. Don't know our. Money on it that's that doesn't shouldn't define how much are launch turn. What. My crush. From what I have I have a document. For the Warren you mean if it's not not British what certain that they went bankrupt. So that's why you need letter from your brokerage firm usual says you guys and talk to Peter T. Alcohol you probably don't don't don't don't call me called David. It gives me it gives a tax advice. We don't kid that's why we don't supplies but again but your tax preparers should tell you exactly what you want. Tell me it was a waste there was often do about it this year could I have more of an effort to launch. So anyway there's. Yeah but using carry over use you're taxing us as well somewhere along north us and get it done and be able to do that financial period and always carry animals of the deal so. Honestly what else oh my favorite there's well Peter. Well your favorite stock I've played it yeah I think I made enough money may be to go to McDonald's or something I don't know but. But at that I was watching it you know on and and I drew a line at 315 OK okay and I clawed it at 321 he says by a little item by much abided 320 right. And I think that day in the next they'd hit 360 year whatever it's nice it that's it thank you. Now as it closed the week at. Get 360s so. Yet because it went all the way back it retested at 315 carries messages and sorry I missed that because I came down to 318. Nice that could've played it again and on the McDonald's again. Well here's another thing three million warrants. And 85 cents Canadian. Are due by march 8. How how do you think that's gonna affected typical knock it down. Well I mean it depends on how it's perceived there's actually once the warrants are due to the idea is they're gonna collect money right. So so it's hard to say really you know sews sewed it you know the people going to be more excited that they collected the money you know. War. Or they can be more upset that is going to be more shares outstanding. Are there are some. You know I don't understand much. About the yet did you have and how it's procedurally innocent sometimes you know you might people might even sell something and oh my god is going to be more stuck out there and get an act out you know first and then you know what happens it goes the other way. So a couple weeks ago illustrated for are approximately. Him at 250 grange yeah. So I kind of already been happening them. Yeah I've seen also there was as the Biotech stock the other day it came out and it said that due to a public offering. And they announced the price of four dollars and twenty cents of care. That same from that moment on that day the stock went through the roof you know. To the upside in opera you know normally they announce a public offering you know and and that's it boom news knocked it says it. And author of public public offering of 420 seconds up at six innocent I don't know about that. Yeah that's journalist to die out exactly. Who opens and I. But we're the only other thing I have to say that the moment is so over his way under pressure if it. That is looking at how boring the charts are Arabs over and goals and mean they've been going sideways. For in my lifetime moment you know when they are not really but you know but if you look at it charges it is long straight chart if both. Going no where you've been. Well I usually cycles about every seven or eight years. And it hasn't been done much interest started the crash in 2011. Yeah yeah exactly and they you know even though lasted and how far is the commitment bill last year to whenever it's been thrown sideways you know so yeah. And Obama no I'm not much at all you know and then I'll I'll 2000 and maybe. Five or six it was only it was fourteen dollars an hour it was really yeah. So. Well anyways it is either either gold is over prime minister's silver's underpriced. It's one or the other or design better and better things to play with such is very clear out its origin. You know. What connects. Don't know when you have a wonderful weekend you too thank you very much got about showing the world I am I appreciate it reminds. I Q so precinct chairs and. Our game right now phone lines wide open give us a call 803152203808797541. And once again it won't mention if you do go to the website Sampras and economists AP r.s TON com. Click on the dollar doctor box in the comes up sing live streaming below it when it drops down. Click analyze streaming go to the bottom is a chat box if you wanna punch in the symbol. Or ask a question we can answer very quickly went out in. Being able to provide the tail. Cause you're not on the phone you can try that at the chat box right now NATO at 31520 toll free 808797541. But next to Jim and hammers good morning. Good morning where engine. That got him got him from metal and and look at look at organic crops. What you make of Angela. And I don't think we combined that marijuana. Yeah yeah all of our alternatives are there. Alternative harvest. Well. And it's not doing anything in particular I think it well. You know it had gotten up his size is 39 and a half came all the way down into. When he nine and it's been bouncing rents in the triangle right now to triangle formation. So if I wanted to buy it. You know I would probably say you know the key resistance is going to be about 33 and a half or so so and have to go to 34 for a clear break out. Is that that far away you know. Yeah well I already own and it's okay and yeah and I mean its its core drilling so it's gonna break one way or the other. They go to there's there's a prognostication. And I wouldn't call that chart there are no where comes in Tibet. Some people political oil some people call the triangle. You know. Let's say it's gonna get is I don't. Higher look from from wherever the thirty children going to be yet there triangle pointing and yet. So in an act that can take off site at preferred to see it you know show that it's able to do that you know so no question about it. Yeah I did you you know on this site finally get around it happened some time and they and it is just so much. Our renewed era. Shale and so much height and I'm an old Miramar. Industry. Yet the whole area had gigantic grown ups and now they've come down dramatically you know I mean mean mean if I look at this MJ back in December it was at around 29 right. Went up to around 3940. And went all round trip back to 29 in February you know. Yeah yeah yeah. And in that important fight in a good point. Yes and that well you are in the sense that you buying it and illogical support point you know. You know whether it worked out you know who knows you know but but I'm just saying you know if you had to drop under 28 I'd get the heck out of there you know so. Yeah I'm wondering if I don't look it. I'm looking at certain fifty. You know somewhere around there. Path yet yet depends you know you know everybody has different. Time frames and approaches if you say tea I think marijuana is really gonna turn out to be the biggest thing for forever now you know. If everybody starts legalizing it the United States legalize is that Canada is supposed to decide on that soon I guess. And you know and assemble long term player than you've given a little more leeway you know. If you are short term player yet the new venue and then use it tight to stuff on it now. You know what I can't figure out is what looks into what caused this. Drop to 39. It their whole market in the market took all of the speculative. Marijuana stocks down unity and you can look at chart after chart her eyes. You know can I can look at a company what's it case CA and and and of the candidates stock you know. And knows CA but I forgot what it was but anyway another one and it is going up to thirteen. Now it's back to four again you know. And you know as soon as one another Canadian when TW MJ EF I guess you know. Now they're run up way into the high thirties now it's down in the twenties early. So all group got hit. Because they're very speculative. We'll know like. What's that. Feel like the small Biotech you know they'd they can learn from five dollars the 250 and then they can have written. Dario and I mean their act and a lot like that and don't don't forget the buyer at Texas more on. You know individual company news. And and stuff happening in the company with their drugs and so forth candidates is because of a whole move thing that can of this may be legal now so people early speculating ran it way up. In them when the market got nervous you know the most sucks that ran at the most and where the most speculative really got hit you know. This is an ATF says is it him then. His agenda this week yeah I don't think there's anything I learned from Peter and Willard. Is to look at the ET Al and you know that to try to pick. A single stock in the end no Biotech one. In emit in Hezbollah back in the marijuana does concepts that. Two new oh it definitely no question about it. Welcome Brittany Kiev. It is not bad much is it. No no question about that you and you see how volatile this one woods is no question about it and so. But you know you could you could've picked one minute and a goal in the nothing here at occidental. Yeah well so far you know I'm I'm OK that but. And I just don't want to don't wanna lose anymore. Did you look at what companies they therein. No you know I I really didn't I just. I mean god. Iberia web tablet. Relatives link spreadsheet system sat out. Yeah and it you know these two votes short term as well long term performance. And you have this this was. Relatives great leader for sometime happen. 11 of its leaders that I. I bought through mid two or for real you know YouTube guys you have good chunk of my money be. Bigger take good care of and so this is my at. Can't think a lot of the same thing you've you do good work you are taken care of their real money. And then they have a little place money or more as we. There's this is important kill me go this is real money it took electrical problem at Obama lose and wore the lesson here it's. About but let's look at another. Look at another industry. Check out island Ke K ink. Ink and thank you all off. Well it was sent to defense one. Yeah. There aren't that well that that hasn't been rocking for a long time but at the bottom of ultimate keep track. Yeah I mean unfortunately audits as we discover these things. Way into the uptrend but but usually like you say you know that it close up as long as you've got a good stretch strategy you know. You try to stick with those things that are doing well you know. And and now look at ITA in mind several years ago in the thing was what it. Fifty bucks you know. Acting like 201150. Bucks now it's 200 and around 200 ran an area. Yeah I was 86 bucks and 2015. Right yeah yeah so I mean yeah if I look at it you know it succeed at all targets that are out there. Did their support for words of approximately in the 186 area. And close that what 199. Mean yeah all you only under you yeah you're doing okay. Yeah I'm. Normal like 34%. You know I I just started in the state party in the Tyre and took the time. You're jumping on this and then. No ski season. Is quite in the dragons are on the album is my real job and everything else so. And that that's why you guys have brought in Miami major money because. You know I I. Get it to Witten get a week before allowing them walk in shopping box and then. And yet they wouldn't mom as far as my kind of. You know while they as far as I TA goes I mean I would review it if it went to 184. You know. And. Pot hadn't walked yet there good what 81 for sure yeah. And definitely. You know your longer term 176. Would we definitely you know points. All back and won her many more into it Turkish armed I'm not beaten. They're more. We take what you want other ones and a our prize right now I'm wouldn't have been on this one at. Exciting. Spring. Break in. I think judge said you cut out. From the X ray ink after exciting from China. China on Tuesday. China that you would no surprise is I ATF. It's probably dollar plan. Weak dollar. Strong yen or whatever they treat an unknown. Yeah I mean it had gotten up to 54 got back as low as what forward. And I mean it's still in an uptrend and it's gotten very volatile lately you know. I don't know whether court. You know our volatility or whatever but these are all this a large cap Chinese financials that's as I don't know if that's correct and yet but it was nice and controlled all the way up now it's you know making big moves up big moves down it's gotten very volatile like our markets now. So yeah I thought. Now I bite my anticipation. Buzek China was in Iraq are blessed. Well it's possible but don't forget you know that they've been cracking down alive you know a matter of fact they had to rescue a big insurance company. You know you know it was almost like the financial situation like ours you know where. What was what was that Lehman. Lehman Brothers and you know we we rescued them while they moved in right away to protect their financial system. And took over this company recently. And they're kind of cracking down alive on the the dark. Operations of the banks and everything that is going and so you know as a lot of things going on over. And the other side of the coin is they think. You know long term supposedly. They're moving in the right direction you know from growing their you know economy growing the country's. So it's hard to say you know I've put in on looking at it in only a mean year real supports back around the 4445. Area you know. Yeah I can't wait forty or fifty alma I didn't go out. Fifteen yeah. You mean a long term player might wait on a point figure try to for the long term trend line that be back about forty and have 41 knows. Nice to fire up so that's I said that in your point now I was at. Everybody has to pick pick how much risk tolerance they have been picked their point you know awesome. Well a lot of work out momentum and and I did that exceed it said it. Did get out yet. Any verbal or any other suggestions from you my health care got health care eat Kia which included in interest and PTA she. Doesn't this say about a momentum. Health care ET Al PG eight. Peter and there. Tom Hilary. About the gap momentum is great when the tide turns it into well. Moment I don't momentum works in the long run. Like many other things might work in the long run you know in and we we we do a lot of lot of momentum but you gotta watch yourself you know finally when the tide turns out there a government momentum will just. It crushed. At that point to that when looks real good it's dated truth it was a symbol. As Paul's time hairy. Ample time married yeah I mean elements hanging up right around their side you know. So aside like the looks of that one this at least that means stop would be you know 69. Nearly you know. But you know closest up would be 75 but the problem is in this volatile market yet the watch yourself with real close option. But yeah I look in Brooklyn I feel more comfortable right bad. The sample won't stop yeah is that it helped carry this momentum. And and I and theoretically the price objectives nine DA you know so. I act and live with this one this one looks pretty decent. Yeah it's it's quite subjective it is. 98 and they've got a real good job reward to risk. And it didn't seem to be affected them much played it last week's volatility you know so. And it came down came down a little went right back up you know so. There will look at that a lot of monopolized show. I'd really appreciate it you kept this gone for the first half hour. But if you. Yeah well you know you don't see it if it's slow I don't know call back I got a couple of OK I didn't. Number and it's always a pleasure to talk. Thanks for calling thanks him and I so we can out there right now all the phone lines are wide open you through 1520 toll free 808797541. And if you want to try the chat box on line go to dollar centrist and a economists APRs Phelan com. Click the dollar that it's the Dow and the light streaming in and once that opens up go to the bottom this little box there you input symbols and and you know we can you know cover the symbol that you put them. Right now we do have a caller on the line Ain and if you wait one minute more we'll take a quick one minute break we'll be right back. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven. Whether Sampras didn't Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management answer your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. As Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors. Oh welcome back to the dollar about the show what do you buys separate business management member Finneran SA BC register with him is our duty and an RIA. Apparently we have a lot of stuff in the checkbox you'll cover it go to art it was waiting in New Jersey and try to get to some of the stuff in the chat box the morning mark. If those got quite a bit of snow and I looked at the buffalo mapped it looked like you were getting quite a bit. Well I guess we did not and what is a foot in our yet it was the largest snow fall season. Yeah yeah yeah. Okay effort has gone to their chat box that that comment that wanted to make another question. And it I think I went to the long boxes still places. One agency says post message. I didn't go to that but there was one below it live picture of man's head it. And the kids technical questions and I. I didn't and I went knowledge definitely don't go to that one. OK I mean you have to chat but you should see a whole bunch of stuff in there you know where people who put in symbols and everything. It's they actually are below the to live audio links. There's blue boxes sub horizontal boxes and there's a pang when an ample OK yes thank you so go below there and and then they'll say. They'll be some be a grayish box. I say that that's who wanted to use yeah you type in message and you get votes message does that. Okay now I had to do in the future message question is that that. I just wonder when I download the program on Saturday mornings there's just stay on the computer in the computer and after I log or footnote shut the unit down. Yeah if you download that definitely. That is the way I get tying up a lot of ram a lot of memory if you do this every week sort of. Well it's hard to say you have to look at how big filers. Neville looked I don't do it say you know what and you download it you go to where you downloaded it. Let's just see how big defense you know and tying up memory you just using your hard drive right capacity you know. And they might be elated deleted all thought drugs definitely yeah yeah okay the question I have is now my UN favorites that are stocked. Snapper the kid with eighteen don't want plus 56 cents for the week. And it. You know in a bit weak like that provoked the dial in the over the counter I was wondering if it what George might say about this. I'm amazed because I got out of it. You know it did and it got in early again and again now you know when Kylie Jenner destroyed it in a weird in my you know that now now the Dow was down but the NASDAQ and the S&P were up oh. Up to date but that 79 for the week right here in the them yet but you're right I was noticing that would snap though you know even the day before when the market was plundered. Snap was actually had to go up that day you know right and why I am not I don't wanna get carried away what's that stupid that they should but yet. Rail link on Wednesday it's finished 1732 up the dollar exactly. That show a chilling in my paper or some stupid they're showing the dividend of three dollars and 28% doughnuts and 18%. And it doesn't when I went on the Internet about it doesn't show it on but you know that's. You have to watchers think that's called fake news can't believe everything via the Internet. You know I'd I'd have to say for now I have to be impressed. That it did act that way in a bad week you know in the market because it was down the sixteen something a close one at eighteen you said 1801 whenever. Yeah yeah yeah that's impressed I have no idea why me and I would have to stick with a. There and if you hit a two week is 1128 to 2944. Which was right when it first opened we. Yeah so I I would have to stick with a you know I wouldn't want to see it below the recent lows you know. Yeah does that in England that record well could go all the way back to twelve again. I would want to you know. Okay that's sort it out appreciated I have a good day at a particular item I call him okay right so we'll try to take a couple of chat box ones right. And thank you. Right now phone lines always open at 31520 toll free 808797541. When we got on the Jeff. Box one question from viera Florida which will come first that's not a class at the recent lows of the tests of the recent highs. I wish I knew OK next. Oh. Mean I really don't you know typically. A retest you know we were talking with Dan remembers you know about that. And I said you know if if you looked at past history of financial panic close even though they'll call this big selloff in January but it was it was a dumb you know and whenever you want to call. And usually within a month to month and a half that these guys normally bends some kind retest I'm getting pretty close that. So I think you know the drop occurred Y January I was to open sixth and the low was wide maybe February. First or second when there. Somewhere around there so they are ready one month out. So if you gonna have a retest the normal play for the retest it is. Between now and maybe two and two more weeks at the most you know. And you know you you can say right now we've been doing some kinda retesting that we have to blow it Dak back now on the bottom. Maybe now you know. I have to be impressed by the fact the NASDAQ is ignoring all this right. And I think the nasdaq's up about 67% from the year. And hasn't gotten it yet hasn't come come anywhere close to it slows hasn't come anywhere near close to its 200 day moving average. So I have to be impressed by that and you made a good point and Friday as it was gonna bring them up as watching the Dow down iron and 68 points which at that point. Who's down point seven some percent Friday. So I don't even watched. Points anymore election much percentage. So was down six point 74374%. As election yes and he. And while the Dow was down point 74% the S&P was down point two. So idiot and so is mainly to douse stocks getting hit. And not in the and the NASDAQ as you mention was up strongly for them you know so so you have to watch what you're looking you know. You know what do you get a retest that low is what normally happens is most stocks don't follow that retest its. And you wanna buy if you do eatery tennis you want to buy products that are holding up in the glow way back down to their previous slows so it's a way to come up with a shopping list put. I wish I knew whether you're an outsider. Or Lowe's first you know especially in this volatile market where computers are run markets confusing yeah. So. Right. Take one more real quick in them is Macy's Macy's Emma. Well it was a pitcher's thing you might you might wanna read Barron's this weekend they're talking about bargains are shopping. For bargains in the department stores so when the retail stocks Macy's is mentioned. They ignite might give you clues to what the thinking is Macy's. You know lot of these have rebounded very nicely I mean if you looked at Macy's. Right now it's come up heck of a long way off the bottom off from 1750s. Now up to 31. So oh you know it's in nice run in Macy's you know technically. For what it's worth the price objective is 48. And you know the next resistance area and Macy's would be 35. Good support from Macy's would be 26 the Twain seven. So I wouldn't want to see that particular area taken around them might be concerned it's a cut that's when he sixth place. And the big story on May seizes. I got excited about oh he's re telling stats as they did better in December than most people thought surprising. And Macy's as some kind of weird program there. Announcing. The middle name forward for the program is that the they just institute. But what people look and formations they're saying that. They're real estate is worth more than goal value of the company in the stock exchange rate that's always been a big deal. And some people have been going captain of the spin off the realistically portion of the business. So so anyway for that reason Macy's has been very strong still looks good and 2627. Supports. Next resistance 3435. So. OK. Next to Ed good morning. Good morning modern day morning and it should. Thank you. Our efforts are too old research during the week it's called the culture by. Since mobile delivery platform. This disclaimer that have a disclaimer I own. Or your. And there are very speculative. Berries back there. Well come and now you understand Qualcomm and Broadcom. Particular vote lurching. I. I care worker. Don't forget I mean this that was 75 cents in. Was October 2016. Now now it's runup to what 22232. What I was look was what I was looking for when I bought it and I think I bought it. Somewhere around two. Is a move the theory. Says that's what I'm looking for you know after that would that would reevaluated. If you look at. By year's was as I wouldn't verse that was seven dollars something like. Yes somewhere in that area Mena as I thought I IC USC. 223 years ago was a sex. And actually had that same high of six back in 2013. Great dinner Garrett. Kindergarten cop say it's Qualcomm. Or they're youths. Yup I'm I mean it's dollars and acting well I've follow service they're very. Hi and is at their target is 32 on this right now. Okay. Very good okay and you got paper who are once he. Eight KR. And AT oak asks. To a small Biotech costs sneeze Acker sport model with a embellishment probably next week. Well that problem at all liberties as you're taking a big risk. With the good going into announcements of caring for and you know you know. Here's a stock when it was this and trading. 73 cents yeah I mean it's just day you know lottery ticket really. I mean you know chart doesn't tell you anything you know. And your post you look out means yes and I mean if you got money to burn and you won a bet on the announcement being good at the announcements bad this could be a ten cents stock right. Yeah aren't there certain. Yeah mostly to mean I pray to market. Or you are for now. Yep but you going to that announcement you know you can end up you know big home run you know. Lower or you get light out you know yeah. What was the other one. Oh that's ample Paul Oscars don't. All it ET hole. I I put innate Steelers. Head here. Patrol so genetics and generals are in the future. But Sosa genetics close at seven cents. Well and other when it's seventy cents. Gary but they got spokesman Gordon was breast cancer. Yeah I mean all all this company's gets up and go home with something you think apple. Or else they would be Biotech companies you know. Yeah but the volume Rutgers that this. Yeah well seventy cents. Image seventy cents a share you can buy tons of shares cheaply and depends on any shares are outstanding so you know once again it's it is their news coming out in this and that. There are. I mean is any anything imminent coming out you know you know he is he is one piece of advice for everybody playing buyer tax okay. You go to bio farm catalyst. Okay VI OPH they are am. CAAC. AA LYST. Dot com. I am OK and that and that gives your calendar. And tells you what announcements dates and coming up about outcomes and their drugs with the FDA says not for approvals we've got that. So you do January surge that's good. That's all you can do. Yes I know one service is called bio tech break outs it's kind of expensive. But the with the way the guy you know he's he's run 151000. Of the two point nine million right now you know in the last five years in his own money. And get guys 27 years old right. And but he goes through all of this research and everything and he normally does not hold into the announcement. He buys them a month before the expected announcement dates plays any run up in the announcement Dayton gets out. Right so is probably had disappointments Bulger wouldn't be as big unknown is if he held out exactly and and he's missed big stake home runs here by yet now you know. But yeah but nobody's discipline him. But like I said. Market money at and let the moment you are. You go into the announcement the market money could be gone. Yeah. Oh. We're right exactly what our locker exactly. Okay very thanks a lot of calling him earlier in that. I'm gonna try it's from the chat but it's up Bautista successful was too much stuff coming in Africa through another yet. About LA BU. It's in ETF. Three times something or rather him was we know in other risks of three times ET you know we've been through that many times before you know he's taking him. A chance holding on to them you know. Right now. It's running up very nicely and surprisingly in a bad market you know after getting pounded it came. All the way back from nine it was an 83 up to 93. And if the market can hang in there a key resistance would be 9798. Ford and so he got to watch yourself Leon and 979. BA. You know whether can go through there because that's when a downtrend is. That's where airliners instances. So lies assessor I would be watching and 9790. There there's an interest in one and that it's the IP ass and get under tighter Paulson and the Chinese catalog company yeah that one's been kind of exciting in the traders rooms you know on -- by the traders played his thing it's considered you know momentum type play from December's some and this summer yen and it really took off you know this is hot hot a year or two ago and ended you know you a few years ago has been coming straight down the years. All of a sudden turn back around. And now it broke out above important resistance I'd like to see it holds you know right around this area 1716. Again and investment from Tencent and JD. Yeah but you know take it forward its with resistance of lead at twenty to 22 area. Price target on the point signature afterwards where obviously it's a bet that area might meet the prices price objective of 37. And right now it closed at wise eighteen to anyone so if I were divided I would have to stop it. And about fourteen and fifth 1414. Dollars a share. OK Mo back real quick that are radio go to Dan Niagara Falls good morning. Morning guys and then. They we get to attack in the book oh is going on with the Dow and with NASDAQ. Don't want things to me is who may be there may be rotations from the large cap which have been really leading maybe this small cap that any thoughts on. I don't know about that is all I do know is that tech's hands but it Texan technology and semiconductors and continued to be very continue to hold. Very very you know. And you know even in this market they've remained very strong even the you know take a look at you were in an -- awhile back race yet I'm material yeah I'm watching it that's come back you know we have to fill a 55 now or something like that you know and there 757. And so I mean it was down what. Forty something yeah him. And you know so those are still the areas of the I don't know if the small the rotation is going to small caps are not really. If could be. Only because of the you know rising dollar supposedly okay you know and therefore those companies that are more domestic you know. So so there's always that possibility that you're getting more than more than money yet. Yeah but but you know and let us say you know if I look last week. You know the small caps fell less then the Dow fell less than the S and B yeah. And you know so so I would I would keep denies it. The popular vote bode Manson either. How would you assess that at this point. Value should aborted earlier and so it's I. Hindsight so he's great isn't it the. Well you know I liked that he. I'd like to he would form a good base before you know. Yeah up and say that's a problem not mean I wouldn't you know you're coming up their resistance again you know inadequate to be around sixty bucks a share now. So you know and so so you say right now you're really in kind of trading range between 47 sixteenths. Cilic has started slipping where would you like to see pool. Well back in at 4647. Area I would I wouldn't want to see that low taken out. And a 46 votes at the other 45. OK so I mean if you wanted to wait and in person code consolidation that where would you like to see if it's kind of like settling old that. Now let me take a look at something else with the confined that it hour by coming up sixty. On I mean it's had a nice run from 4647. Once again know the interest thing area that we talked about awhile ago as 55. Fifty yeah OK yeah. And get another one along the same lines it's kind of react the same way it might crop. Oh yeah I mean like I say the whole group the whole semiconductor group you know is that is the strongest group again this year. But it's right up against the highs again you know. My current. Yeah I think microwave had to go 4950 was where is that kind of popped the last time. Yeah I'd say you know it if you look back in and then November December. OK it was like 4988. Okay this time it might have been 4950. By the you know you know. The real real support now would be. Around 45. What kind him. And I think it's your own forty years so. And looks like 491149. It lets. So let's get ready to where we you know made it breaks out of breaks out you know and book but so is probably a good bye laws and probably you know possessed it it would then give you a potential target around sixty you know. We case I think we both know we're talking a voter listen networks. Couple weeks ago and it be any teeth. That's another one that's a big hit. And stabilizing trying to hold again I don't want. I don't wanna get into the end that's what I'd like to he would be able to you know warm and nice piece includes NASA. Yeah and it looks like you know the area around 240 you know which is a little ways down but you know or you know two to forty when it tested that which was a previous break out area in November and they held there right. So that is that should be very good support you know right right right in that area you know. And keep them that that. You can't familiar at all with a company called they can't be wise to. None that really I've seen assembled before it was. PA YC and it's he's gone right through the roof right. Some in the markets coming down in this thing just keeps. Chugging along. Yell I want to what they do they must be in Paris some kind of payments that we in. I want payment systems I think it is and sounds like in this same kind of things nothing compete. Yeah and and that's what the hottest area these days is applications software really only lets them I am never in there. You can say you should see how many companies I've never heard of in the application software unit look like this. Wouldn't it could broadly in the same kind of business as well. That I don't know man on the wood there and you know. One last wanted to get certain. Gold does he do we are doing anything right but this swine KL armed like schools has not Kirkland lake school. Yes. That one seemed to just keep cool it. It does it's I don't look great I mean basically they've gotten up there around seventeen came back to around thirteen yeah. And now it's trying to get back you know that's one of them it more interest and goals that if you if you wanna play it time. So this Clinton he wears that now about fifteen. Yeah looks like it's around that area 151980. You know it was a logical point provide our. Well I I would say probably. Either way it's it's. Yeah round fifteen route fifty and that. At centrist thing that I mean they are of that guy what's his name's rob or something. Like that at that he's got a big detail there's sadness. And enough. Kind of tripping because what you look at some of the other guys like Barrick Gold on the picket slam but. Another this one is charts and going up up up since you know. December 2017. OK guys great great show's usual thanks for taking Michael. OK we can't they call again okay. And underwear rating and chat box real quick allowed Twitter Twitter Twitter looks very good and unfortunately. It. I hate to say it it's got hit with snapped. And but now it's I think it's been coming back to Oakland. We'll sit and threw it even yeah Demi is sports woman what they call a flag pattern you know. And and if this thing breaks out to into buying you know above. 35. When a close. 33. But it's been holding that gap. And when you hold the gap like that which was a major breakout capsule I wouldn't want to see it below the gap and you know which of between 971. But in a fuel you know if you're looking to it in on breaks out above 35. It looks to me at a minimum it could go up probably. To the low forties. You know so it looks looks very strong in here you know I've I guess that would not want to see implement GAAP 2971. So that set which couldn't get to all the chat box maybe it's gotten too successful. And so the but to figure out something there in on plus it like you mentioned somebody had tons assembles and which is only put in 111. Symbolism when two symbols in this. That midweek and get to mourn those but we'll have to work out the champ but it's still an experiment. In works great kisser. So okay so. We're down to the last minute the show. I just want they are on a par ample purchasing managers index came below. Expectations expectations. What you feel what the definition up it's all about the combination of things so it looks like it's weaker than everybody wants. Okay and as we always say until next week keep little powder dry and will be back next week. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. 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