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Good morning. Welcome to the dollar about shield it you Sampras the NASA management member Finneran SIPC registered with the Imus and the RI AA on Peter Greco. Corn Peter David Brownstein and doing everything here this morning. That's spreading catching your headset that is totally right on the rookie 25 years and I'm the rookie a leadoff walks the line don't forget this is a very professional show interest in its reference watch it how could I forget. Right now it's. Saturday February 17 201804. In the morning. And we always say that because this show is rebroadcast at midnight. On ESP in 15:20 AM unless there's a sporting event in the shall be gone after the sporting event. The show is also available at Euro website. Sampras than that calm it's as say the art as steel and that sunlight streaming every cent in the morning from ten to eliminate him. And most devices that can connect to him and that should be able to listen to the show. Also at the website while bush was archives so if you miss a show you and replays showed the archive replay is there and then finally last but not least. There's a free economic report. Either late Friday early Saturday morning from stone and McCarthy yeah go very nice concise and I shouldering more if you wanna find out what they had to say I'm sure they talked about inflation right. Yes. These days they did talk about and some setbacks in consumer spending and you know worried about the the Fed doesn't have a good track record of and dean well when they're raising rates so. I think in the last hundred years 94 was the only year that they it wasn't filed by or session because they raced too much so. I'm opting cautious about this and they can race to finance system. I don't know I mean the market pullback. I hear it and that is a bad this stuff for the market this decade and bags be okay. So the market goes up you dig it out of decade come up with a reason. The market has been an eagle and debate be. In your poll lotteries and hook it you know nobody knows the reasons right of way the market goes registers and exit Amber's. So at also what we've been trying not to well really in the we did a good job last week if you don't have to if you if you go to our website I did I was really says you could trade. Sat test and dot com. And you go to the little Ted this is dollar doctor and it drops down and s.'s life stream music online streaming. In them when that opens up you go to the bottom his little chat box yourself your person who doesn't want to call us on the radio. You can type in assemble you know and and mocha for. Iran and last week we've. I guess we were lucky in a way we had tons of stuff come out you know on there and we couldn't copper world in Nome we've been handled very well. Charge so so we'll try it again this week but if you do you can you can try that net to Sampras in that come dollar doctor to have. Live streaming men and then down in the bottom there's a little box where you can type in symbols of the few ones that covers them and a and that helps us. And we cannot we can't comment. The website we're neck and give any ideas or any advice on that but if you have a symbol I'll try and place. The name and one callers or cloning give them the name and symbol on and the clothes priced just right does you know unfortunately. Our art our compliance officer got news knickers all tightened up and note all these regulations these days you have to watch what you say anyplace you know via yet they have records of what he said and you know anyway and wanna go in the regulations ridiculous and split. At any rate you can try to hit. The move to a try to try our best you know it is an of course has followed the big thing is do your own research bureau researched your answer if you don't believe us and as we might be wrong you know just like anybody else on the question of highly unusual and hard to believe but true right now all the phone lines are wide open and give us a call 80351. Units 315 planning. Or total free 808797541. And it's very easy to get in Izzo always say they've sent in the morning very early blow listener but he calls Lleyton some things we can't get to everyone. And it's hard to tell how long any one might be in the lines that culture doesn't. Well it very hips and down all the way asleep on a night on the upset about it right now so what's our senior drive on the right in Scotland. 8031520. Toll free 808797541. Give us a call we're happy to never. Old. Producer Matt back. Sitting in for Andrew has Andrews under the weather. As I walked in and has annulled all of disinfectant and that's gonna happen. He's given us a thumbs up nothing else. So you know looking at the market last week you know some some people were coming up with different little numbers. Like this was the best weeks in the last five years depend to what average you looked at. Lot of people symbols that point wise or percentage wise you know. But you know in in looking at Barron's this week they said if for example. Depending on which index you look at. Stocks had their best week since November 11 2016. With the Dow up four and a quarter percent. Or since January 4 2013. But the S&P up four point 3%. Or since December 2 2011. Which is even further back with the NASDAQ up five point 31%. So apparently for the NASDAQ that's the biggest one week percentage gain since 2011. Took us to show you when you hear news in people counting stuff the pet if you don't know what they're talking about they don't tell you. What they're basing it on you know you can run around with this information that your. It'll you don't yeah. You know there's all types is statistics as it from the previous high as it areas it from the is it intraday as a closes it and writers and a and never everybody unfortunately in this day and age of instantaneous grabbing of the information runs with a number. Anyway headlines headlines give us call 8031520. Toll free 808797541. We're gonna go to art in New Jersey good morning. More because I am on. My HD I have a picture or somebody that Peta or I don't know though. I'll tell you. You're doing a good job let's not many present and allow pictures of me at all OK but when it's humid on headphones through that fits us well Miller that's Willard. Oh OK I don't record but it looked like pitch black hair that's probably the headphones right. Know it's like oh hours ago when we ID we like to use that used in thirty years ago. And by the way you're doing a great job advertising rates pretty good anyway he he. Elements available or other Toshiba just did didn't have the right. Updates on the software so I'll just in case. Three just so my barons and that I have to respect that I have them interest in and one of which you know well first and Cisco now it's. 4433. Was up 480 for the week I know they it increased the dividend and the chairman was on that touting some good stuff where you think. Could that get up to fifty missing. One. Well if you want to believe the point you figure chart or supply and demand as some people call it art targets 57. It take you take that for what it's worth apparently Cisco you know I personally thought they were dead company you know they are. Like I had a oracle and Cisco I saw the oracle back around a 28 dollars and I wrote the Cisco which state blows about that for longest time 2728. Now it's removing. But but it goes to show once again you know is fundamental opinions and opinions don't matter what matters is prices you know and I am and what what the prices in the action of the of the particular. Stock is telling you and obviously. After the stock went actually no place for 1234566. Or seven years. If finally broke out you know. Yet in an animated made a major break out when it went above thirty you know and now word is known. Oh yeah so there and I don't would be Bristol-Myers I have a whole match since it was swift. And I have quite a few shares of it does that base price is about ten dollars a share. And right now it's 6896. Was up 626. For the week any particular reason for that big job. Those probably news whether they there is that they. Been purchased. Another company here Patton than having to do I think with immunotherapy. Great. I know there was a new story this week. And just try and find. You have up you know that was that was a major break and out of jail multi month consolidation. For the stock you know and and and if you wanna take if what it's worth again that price target on the chart is 89 you know put. Soledad over many a multi year idea. Well you know once again people came up with this decades and centuries ago and every you know. But this met did and the anybody's ever tested how accurate is. And to disclaimers always been this is a potential target some time. Sometime in the future. Which which so which is very nice as you can say you know out of it took ten years as they say you're right. Eventually there you know they do work but cancer deal with net net. And star in last year Oakland and that's Nektar which has been high. And I haven't known well actually next to ours the company a look at that stock chart view which on that one. Yeah a buddy but any rate the at least it looks like this should attempt to try the old guys back in the mid seventies you know. That you were too quick when you have 2042 up 162 for the week. Now like we you know what I've what they're around twelve million and you had recommended myself they have. Alright yeah yeah when it got up to nineteen some when he would never won 42 up. So. I have a feeling that's got to keep moving at least one obvious disclaimer and I hate to say I hate the idea is snapped Jan. Yeah I do to you you know but I know and I tell people. Get your opinions out of everything you know who's does that just gets you in trouble and yet to look at the stock chart. Right to be honest I bought the thing. And it would have about what area for a lot higher with activists say it well none none. Trying to remember if it was eighteen some. California had a feeling that that's gone list item that this is my new one of my favorites as imminent medics now it's 1647. Up 136. My base prices do. So I've been really right message with the new management. And new possibilities of that cancer producing drug to have a feeling this is really so this was for my needs his college education Jeter ready attic college. Ito. I like the price since sixty but I'm hoping he would be a takeover or. Announce the discovery of some type of cancer drug. Well it's funny that. You know once again disclaimer I don't count for myself you know it you know and I'm. Him. That decent profit certainly enough from two bucks a share. I don't know I've read that article of it was a by a certain person recommending that to a symbol RI MM you think you can implement it is that bidding him immune other things to it looked like. Yet it what is it immune immune you know yeah I can't even say it would want a contrast to hit fifth. But at any rate amino it gave of you know look like it was in trouble for awhile when it broke all the way down right you know back the fourteen or so fourteen and half. Asked what they recently Lee existing management from yup the bottom and they get new people and who had done I think they had Biomet start and that's. Yet but I know service site follows look confirmed you know at least when he on it. Based on his charting approach which I am right which I think is a very good approach and eventually you know probably 23 possibility you know. So looks good you know really look tags are close at 1647. Thanks. Up 136 of the week yeah. You guys are wonderful on got to contain you know watch the rest of the show and listened to radio on my OK great appreciate it color and it'll take its doing okay UCL. So findings that he's happy person in Florida right now so I want our guys there. Okay thank you I. OK right now phone lines are again wide open you know at 31520. Toll free 808797541. And from our little chat box or whatever you wanna call it. Jeez of symbol coming up here. We laughter technologies to cover story in Barron's I said stocks going lower and they wrote also it's a negative things about AG. Little frightening when you read it I suggest if you own G year looking in Asia read the article. For what it's worth that big of companies got a lot of problems. You know the article for what it's worth you know I'll says 10% lower at least you know. And an old immigrant Czech went closed I was fourteen something 1505. You know for a I don't for a long time we said when he was a target of a pro whining. It would go to possibly fifteen so when they're fifteen right now. What would be a good sign for the company is that you know potential good sign for the company. Is if it ignores the veterans article when the market opens on Tuesday because the market is closed Monday for President's Day. I just don't like. Too because in insiders are and in the company thirty some year veteran and nine GE's second do the die hard the heavy lifting that's necessary in order cling to company. Yeah but you know as a bottom fishers play now is in that area we said fifteen. As a potential downside that actually between say fourteen and fifteens been low for the last 1234. 567898. Or nine years. And obviously if it takes out this area below. Fourteen. Now in a potential believe in knots down the ten. So it depends on what do you wanna be a bottom Fisher Ford or not and you might catch the bottom here you know in support but. Certainly if I got in and a drop low fourteen idea out of it you know. Sure other people you know who believe in the company of the different approach they just keep buying what they think. It's a good company you know and but I I do encourage you either read the Barron's article a cover story is a lot of interest in things even I didn't know about the company and some of the difficulties is that they have there and and a lot of it you know some of it's from the predecessors. Of the company's it's been kind of buried in the company certainly in their finance division. They have they have problem and their finance divisions in anyway doesn't fundamentals I gave it to technicals on it. And next one is an effigy which is National Fuel Gas. Take a look at that and not a tank via last week in. We before I think it would have been effective interest rates to grow and have been hurt by energy via an energy sector's been decimated you know. In in the last couple weeks. And if I look at the chart mean it's our image really really tang that was any other news it has just and Kanye. Tickled take a look at the news. I mean it broke a lot of support areas. And next support for the stock of the continued down would be in the 47. Area. So you know you you fear you're playing with and I was so there's no unknown news on that I can probably got a template of the energy prices you know. With oil coming down that the oil collapse but it. At a drop too much about 6364. Of them at 56 or some 58 and this somewhere in there where. You know put. You know that that was one prominent tickle and then recover or sales recovered the parents not much after a while since in the sixties to zero and sixty arm. Closes six and one half. That's interest and whether it be interest rates higher interest rates. And and obviously of if I looked at a bar chart in this it's trying to bottom in this area you know its arms trying to bottom. Actually it's asked that a big plunge it's been going no place for a 12345678. Eight or nine days you know straight couple weeks here now says about two weeks to have one big drop I can't believe these non news though. Now what they were sent there was a one day drop on February 2 whoever's not from which is when you know. Well it's us they're they're going to on February 2 they're gonna host an earnings call. I'm beat the first it's as they beat their first quarter profit forecast maybe it was enough. They have when they say about the future and any other problems and they're all yes it is. I would think that for some reason on you know this that drop on the second has something to do it earnings now had something to do with their earnings call. You know. But but after the drop you know even though energy energy stocks in general kept going gases so you know possible place and they are these the earned a dollar two or share in the street was looking for 82 cents off San Diego and make enough I don't know it was it. And had to have some of the with the earnings when David over second it was a bad day in the market to think I remember so. But you know and it is this kind of critical stopping point I wouldn't wanna see it take out the low. Went to close. You know 5050. Dollars and five cents so. Below 4831. I mean it mean if you're looking to buy it you know you could buy it here if it got below the low of 4831. That's a potential problem area. And you know then it could go in tune in low forties at that point in time but you know potentially. Could be. A bottoming play here who is trying to bottom right now and in I would like to see it. You know blah of NC. So. 5182. So got above 5182. Of the union next says would be the fifty day moving average which would be fifty fours 65. And in the 200 day at 56 so. If it does rally watch very carefully to 54 to 56 area. Is that could stop it. And so pay very close attention to what happens once it's open an area. But it looks like it's trying to bottom you know and certainly that wasn't much follow through if that big one down day really you know. Now he dropped about another point lower after paying down so usually lack of follow through can be encouraging so this might be you know one can get excited but it might be a place sport that once again if it does rally watch 54564. Resistance. Okay we're gonna go next the raid in Williams go good morning. Are you doing guys OK okay and very well thank you. Couple stacks. HSBC. They're calmer now earning that audience view of a market price and they had. At all. I'm sure we have a target price but we don't know what this. Checked real yet it's. And gone off oh lead over that the year old and up I guess over the pissed. Here while financials avengers star air and his rates go up to make our money it's for several. All right so let's see what the stock chart look first at the pointing fingers at play in the and chart. HSBC. And little slow but coming up and it. Yeah I mean is still looks very good you know there after a little pullback. You know it just turned right back around went the other way it's a cement the next target would obviously be. The old guy. Few years back around and say 59 okay. That'd be the next target on enough you want to believe the point and figure chart. I seventy two's a potential target for. Wouldn't that fed meeting they meeting next week there are some there about raising interest rates are at Manny would make thinking maybe. Did it recently when they meet again in March. And Bartok yeah well in March around the corner also one other company. The name omitted the gate war GE NEL all our the earned it should be business side note to ship oil they should boilers something along those while at the symbol this tour. I. I think it G. And there GL NG I think. They'll NG. EL and she did take take take a look at it. Goal our. Goal RE RG OLA are correctly Saturday Darren liquefied natural gas okay you know and and that you know when everybody got all excited about you know we were gonna export liquefied natural gas. Many look in the buy this beyond that are. I own a little bit of it and and the research others boast that are you'd just the to be and it's what Garrard out of whack and this is going to actually scroll like in. Do we lose them. Yet. Here's what town by lost lost them there. Closes Tony 786 for those who won yeah I mean basically you know this general area here you know. It would close at 2786. Cents a month and from the area around and say 29 main 231. Has been very strong resistance though over the last two years ago you know. And it has to take out that area attitude to go significantly higher. And you know right now I would probably if I owned it probably. Have a potential stop or reevaluation. At 24 of and but you know I would I would probably hold it right now no question about that and watching meant. 2931. Area that's resistance from UNC took into account that area. And okay. There were a couple of question Pina and Cisco that you can you bring the turn up question and couple gaps. That took place. When they had their earnings gap I would guess and then look at the size on 3442. To 3573. And then from forty to 31 to 4331. Question is worldly feel. Well. The interesting thing about gaps are and you know eventually some day. The gaps may fill them okay they don't have to fill right away so you don't know sometimes they filled sometimes they don't fail you know. And these were recent yeah exactly and well actually the one was in the lower price was back in November. November's. And yeah. I mean you never know you know like I say I always hear that bit that it's kind of a myth would gaps you know that there will fill some of them do some of them on memorable FaceBook. Moment but you know back when way back. They've gotten down the seventeen than it was in the twenties and the earnings came out they were unbelievably good break it gap up that gap never fail to show never failed never never came down that gap at all in this oh dollar one that was a couple years ago Clinton. And sometimes when a gap is happening because of the substantial re appraisal of the company. It can take a long time before it ever fails again you know so I don't know if so. You know there's different strategies you really don't know. But but but usually. You know if a gaffe like in the case of FaceBook that was a major reevaluation of the company. And that's why they kept never failed you know. And it's a very strong sign. When a gap doesn't fail is that just continues to go higher in early what happened with this you know it and cumulative well the other can be very very bullish Schiff. Four days weeks and months at that camp never fails and and so. Did that to these very bullish on filling gaps alike you know that can happen and doesn't really mean very much you know but. But it's very much more encouraging when I'm winning gap stays unfilled. For a period of time so hopefully that answers the question now birdies and we'll go next the time and Amber's good morning. Morning guys I've been following this stack. Cope art CP RT. And and I don't like to chased actions that the market but. This seems to be hard together weren't from. After we hit the downturn. What selector. Forty to lower our way up of 46 and change. It close 4640 sound. Well my comment just look anything that just made a new all time high that the more 52 week I can't see it can't go back and go back. Long time on the charge. That the U reach its in the all time high. Have to be totally impressed by that totally impressed. But this thing this thing good to one wonders deserved huge racial thing in in this type of market. Oh geez this is stacked his great photo levels but. It's a relatively can you ratio. Does not seem to wanna go down at all. Well it had a had a decent pullback from. Well where was it the seed Ohio was 46 and it went all the way down in the big February downdraft on the 39. Says that was a nice pull back you know. And then did it gave vice signal immediately you know if you did that three or four days later you know. And you know to me. I like to buy stocks that that break out like that you know I'd ideally I'd like to blame and a pullback you know and in an Atlanta placed. The buyers right now I'd probably be looking not much lower really you know close that was. 4647. Him effective violated 4444. And a half I'd I'd be happy with a you know. But I don't think it's gonna go back down I mean. May not I mean where you could always do is by half a position you know. And see what happens you know. It's a good idea ticket take a look at this others. Static you know with great earnings but. And of course see GM next quote quote mixed I think it is. CG enacts Cogent candy and in this. Guys. Cognex dot Cognex we go well dinner at my ego. CD and Axl do a live there must have been some more to the earnings either wasn't as good as expected or they had some other common answer. It closed at 5577. News at that it the only what are you looking. I I have a few of these fears of it and I was as surprised because I. Looked at the earnings report indeed seem to put put. Record revenue earnings and EPS for Tony seventeen. It was on the fifteenth cabinet but you know if you know I'm just saying we avoid they say ahead what Leo yeah what's the guidance ahead. You know with the guidance your arteries it's on them I would assume that wasn't enough. Well what you want. Do his or you just have got the 200 day moving average rate. So it 52 are they moving averages at 5586. You know. And the clothes that was. Fifty. 77. Yeah so you're just a little below the two on you to back above the 200 start holding it. Can you don't take out the recent low you'll be okay. Everything beat all those for this company they earnings and growth everything beat the analysts' estimates. I mean they beat them so maybe just sell on the goodness. Some of that simple yes. What I would do is you know I'd I'd I'd probably. Reevaluated if it takes out last week slow which was 52. Oh. OK thank you thank you very much for calling. Okay the to phone lines are wide open NATO 31520 toll free 8087975401. While we're waiting for calls we'll take a quick one minute break and we'll be right. Back. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctors shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio and discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors. You're listening to. Welcome back to the dollar doc to show. Trustee vice after the NASA management member ephedra SIPC register with the Imus RB and RYA. That's where. And as we always say we're very professional shows up. At any rate phone lines are wide open give us a call in 031520. Toll free 80879. 7541. As president bring up last Wednesday. Was another example of why you don't. Colin your opinions about what the market's gonna do you know react. To news that's coming now and you pay attention to the market settled down and CC how things work out as far as prices and everything. And and I saw it was a talking to you about a January usually get a band play yes it was me. Well talks is and the interesting part was it. Every year Barron's normally tells you that OK this January for some reason lately whoever the person was they looked at it statistically and whacking number always comes out in January. Which usually gets readjusted. Or disappears normally I'm. And I said to be interesting to see you know therefore I am expecting the January number to be. And the beach and see whether the market reacts to that number or they settled down and say wait a minute January is always a faulty numbers and what happened sure. But so obviously the number came out much higher than expected. And the market was down a couple hundred points I think golf 300 it was down 301 point early you know. And a lot of that once again his other men that came as government trading. The computer trading originally I was algorithms right algorithms right and what happens is they see that number and I don't and that act and it does not human beings thinking about it raining like that won't sell bonds you know its program automatically. The interesting thing that was really wacky about it was that he is the market down 300 points. And Divx is dropping. Settling. In on index was down four point six. How the markets down 300 never seen that and you know I just said you know what the heck is going on here you know. And there were there was another mark and canticle it was it was a reacting totally different. Took away normally shows. Pace than inflation those two things it would totally out of whack them and then all of a sudden the market comes back and explained you know what way came roaring back. And but just hosted on jump immediately it you know and and don't go based on your opinions what you think. The news means it and so and so on his. Though we know what would you think is obvious is in the market doesn't always end up reacting the way you think it shooter could whenever and so there. And it says it was it was a very interest you know no question about it and and I said it was interesting to air the ad that article saying now that there somebody was a whistle blower on the CBO is that they would they would manipulating the knicks. Rank. And another guys as well the only day that could happen. Really I don't think it's happening but they only they could do that and settlement that it happened to be Wednesday settlement that it meant that. Nice but the heck as a that's this guy that's kind of it adjusting coincidence you know at that. That big drop in the vick's happens you know while the market was plunging and it happened and settlement days so right. So very interesting so market came back. You know kind of dramatic reversal recovered and all the averages about 60%. Of the decline. You know that year for the U from the high in them. And what is interest thing is that you know some big institutional traders. Use the 61 point 8% retracement level. Of but decline as as a by point Perot saying that that means the corrections over. And the market will then rally made even the significant new eyes are right you know after that. And it's interesting that for the S entity it hit that number and bounced down you know and didn't make it past it. Is it technically did go above it and then came back down so the level we'll watch for the S&P is 27. 42 and closed at 2732. And a nice clear that 2742. Nicely you know a couple of percent Sharaud. Would be a very positive indication. For continuation of the rally. Now for the NASDAQ that blew right through it and theoretically insane in NASDAQ. For all it doesn't mean you can't pull back or break but it means for all practical purposes the odds you know you know are in their favor. Of the NASDAQ going on higher is that 61%. 61 point 8% level 7164. NASDAQ closed at 7239. Couple of percent drop below that 7164. Than that calls that it in the question navy. The correction continues does his other people that believe after pull back like that. Yeah after the retest the DelHomme but its interest and we had like the one they retest. Of the low and in the market went back so do we news of the retest. Possible and finally ended Dow the 61 point it was 25368. And a close to 25 to nineteen there was a some levels the wise you take those levels out but a decent percentage and things are looking and looking much better. No question about anything you can do your research on these type of things and Peter brings up I mean that's. You know in some. It's something that should be apart I believe a part of your investment plan knowing and these type of things in different areas to look at and although some people do strictly charting and technical and on the others do. To just fundamental and then it's people like myself to a little beach but. Amar a fundamental guy. Over the you know this could put it is nothing magic is they tell people. What's the 200 day moving average. The only reason it's important is there's a lot of people invest using it to and he moved a lot of big money track uses it to a day moving average there watching it. Lot of big money uses the fifty day moving marriage what so that's why those at and that magical averages over the years people have come and use those as little markers in in in ways of being able to invest. And now and so if they're using them in their make and decisions based on knows it he should be aware of them. And I usually watch CNBC its always on and our office and pay attention he listened to these traders. And that sometimes a say well I you know I usually watch. What Obama about this this average fan I didn't really make the move and no I didn't do it in a word then in China somewhere all the. I'm exactly but but at least you know of their looking and that there may be some. Program trading our son is some mechanism they're gonna use of fit all the states they see some moves through those averages no question Russian about that. So anyway right now phone lines wide open that usually late in the show 8031520. Total free 808797541. We do for questions for. Am. The checkbox of the set I exits and the fix it says still kind of high at 1940 sexism yeah. And I've seen a lot of research on that now a matter of fact there wasn't in this week's Barron's when they said that even though the vick's. Was higher back and they may have been in nightly 1990s. Or some like the markets are going up. You know and sometimes. The Vicks and just be telling you you know more volatile environment you know sometimes it goes would bad markets. And sometimes a higher level of risk is just Tonya is all the more volatile market but doesn't mean it's a bear market. But a trend trend continue down. And then in the Vicks is what in nineteen somewhere on 1846 penalties and in 1946 so. Still higher than it's been recently you know but don't forget that the levels around nine and ten were abnormally low on the question. About that but there's a lot to be said to when the markets on 12100 points 12100 points from 26000. There's a lot different than 12100 points from 101000. And as I mentioned earlier if people watch in the vex. You know though the market was plunging on Wednesday down grow rapidly dropping down 300 points in the vick's was plunging ten. You know so so the vets is interest thing. I I think one of the bed uses of the Vick is when it's spikes to an abnormally high level it's usually bottom. You know usually at a bottom or near vitamin a did that hill. That level that it ran into. On the on the decline to a weaker to vote ever was was I think and high 40s49. Somewhere on Erica and that was a levels seen two times before. In the last five years and that tended to be a bottom in the market and it's you know. So I I think I'm more interested in the spiked in the next to a very high level as an indication of the bottom you know. And wouldn't put a lot of emphasis on trying to make plans based on the knicks fan interest and you know. That's my opinion for and it's worth and not worth it anyway. Once again we do mention a little some people have been used in the little Sampras than chat box there on. Our website if you go to Sampras than dot com click on the dollar docked at. Dropped announces live streaming quick online streaming. Going down the bottom of the page as little model there and you get type assembling it and say you don't have to give us a call if you don't like to you know call on the phone. An interest in the a stone and McCarthy the economic research this week that they're talking about a little bit of wage inflation which was talked about. It's not rampant it's not like you're working for someone and they're gonna give you 5000 more to stay or. You've been called by had honor is gonna get to 101000 go to the next company. And then there are a lot of people that are under employed in companies aren't working but I. I noticed. That New York State has now at least ten XP I don't know if you notice that it's on the New York State paid family leaf tax. Really name a New York taxi to notice. I try not to pay attention to a new year and I noticed that any. This week. When we receive some money. It's it's only they the most again big car crosses 85 dollars and 56 cents a a year but that's annual camp but yeah. I don't know like Google then it's something that I guess if Kiev to take a family leave your again need to get a certain amount of money but it just another tax I mean it takes. More money out of people's paychecks and summer sex is not large at this point but. Interest and think mr. Cuomo's in some trouble at. I know a couple weeks ago they had a gentleman. A couple guys in town there were looking for the Republican nomination this couple interesting candidates can named Joseph Holland I think you're gonna hear more about him. Right now full alliance wide open NATO through 1520 toll free 808797541. Moving on next to Dan in that group falls could morning. Morning guys weren't then got a classic example of low why you don't buy before earning. Your Ringo network. Widget which aren't any team. A and EC be a great company with surging books or earnings. Yet echo what happened. Leah. I see though I was two love 311 the day war. And that's managed as close to 47 that's relaxed networks that's quite a hit them to 4949. But that's this is a third company where they have better than expected earnings of. But it impression earning yeah so I think that the F. It still would you gotta start it's true that like 67 Il it's just you're seventy and you gotta really be the real. Yet they crushed earnings but it for 67. Yeah and only hit no no I don't really you know it's obviously going up and open up and up. For a long time. We're we're just not good solid support. It may be right where it is. Now it looks like it matter of fact is that since. It. Well yeah I see it close. When they apparently are having a fight with Cisco. On another artist at 24949. Today. A reasonable below that was 250 about two weeks ago and today. And the low. Before that was 252. So it's right in that area the fifty day I think is right at the fifty day where a lot of professionals might be interest. Which is 254. Is the fifty day moving after larger. And if you and if you are lucky enough for the drop to the 200 you're talking along way down 14. So we're down 194. I think this general area. To fifth the area in general could be his supporters. And what you wanna watch is the follow through and now you know. If there's no real decent follow through on Tuesday you may have something here. Yep that that you guys the very good point though apparently this is to. Big stop going out of it with Cisco all we know they got lawsuits with a hammer away with something. And I think that's making a lot of people. It May Day Buffett gift that you see if Tuesday can't follow through you know that that would be very positive side you know. What do you think shopper by unbelievable. I think it I just I just read somebody uses this is the place to be really yeah. If you I mean their revenue growth growth is unbelievable. Unbelievable. Shall you quantify that weren't that good supporters. Well fit into a technically. A good support area would be where broke out of love with the symbol gentlemen I think US shop shop as they say to those of us and Mina haven't and strong and home. Anyway that actually one. 29 and 13129130. You know. Would be the first reasonable level of closed at 137. And thirty some 53. And actually images to go back when. That he weighs down to say you know if you wanted to use of the panic selling clothes at that everything was 112 you know put him. In the fifty days judged. 114 you know. So I use those as reference points I mean you know. If this once when he nine when thirty aerial calls. I forgot I was greens on this morning from a newsletter right yet dies very good follows. These type of companies that are changing the and world you know and you let me mention shuttle flies in a couple of other companies that you should be and you know. Well I mean I think there is you know that the future is as bright as they say is I mean look like if it was put them. Few dollars. Exactly you know I mean yeah. And that a rescind networks after hours trading it's trading at 24803. Down a dollar 46 but and his Sandra so who knows that the justice. Follow. So those apparently you know apparently both those companies posted the you know I have to. If it. The pocket if you OK okay thanks for calling take care. OK phone lines are wide open 8031520. Toll free 808797541. Fed meets march 21 twentieth and 21 march twins which they should and probably will raise rates him at that point on last I can't get away were not rate unless they don't. Now the odds are very high that they will raise rates I don't know what the does that add to especially with the new chairman in there. Yes the show is resolved the fight inflation. So. Yes that's it does not question about that. Also you know we that we have been mentioning the website Sampras the night the doctor shows to have. Like streaming it live streaming and then open that page way to on the bottoms of the box and as you say step pox that's a noven anyway. Little chat box there. And you can put assembling them we can code that for you mean if you don't you know one make a phone call. Also you know if you do go to website you know look around on the web site you know you can see what services we do offer. And it's quite a few different services we do offer you know there are firm and also any of the contact numbers if you wanna contact us Soledad and missions there. Right now give us a call at 3152803808797541. So anyway. You know in reading Barron's this morning it was this person who runs a pension fund which supposedly. They've done so well that people have questioned. If weather results are correct or not you know thrilled yeah. And rate which was kind of interest thing you know but. Basically. It was this Atlanta based firm it's called following Haynes genome and they they oversee the Tampa Bay fire and police pension fund is okay. And apparently. You know that they've done very well over the last many years. And in the returns you know and basically did you know or the person run. Any it feels that you know stock stock gains stocks can actually gained ten to 15% this year's wrist has seams of the eighth to tennis you know him. And you know they asked them what do you think that when you don't you think the Fed rules won't why won't defend choke the recovery. And won't rising rates hurt the elevated stock market multiples and he said we spend a lot of time looking at monetary apology. Policy which is the 800 pound gorilla for the market. The new fed seems determined and the negative real red funds rate rigid regime that we'll have a greater concern about the consequences of an overly accommodative fed. You'll focus more market prices like commodities and foreign exchange value of the dollar as long as these prices are signaling pro growth noninflationary environment there will let the economy grow and above trend rate so. That's their opinion from them. So he's basically hit him once again talking about the new economies where the opportunities today which some were top down. The manic investors we believe in the fourth industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence robotics nano technology big data block chain technology. Biomedical engineering 3-D burning and industrial automation. He's is this happening is happening cook. Right now all of this is going on right now. And we're in the early stages of a move by business away from the obsession with financial engineering. And bottom line earnings growth toward business investment. And top line growth this will only benefit for nativity in wage growth. We're very optimistic you know very optimistic and got all the millennium buzz or millennial yeah 1 AM yeah putts burning and the world is changing you know is dramatically happening with the Amazon's you know and so forth and they're all changing the way when things run you know I watch Pardo Wonder Woman is that what you're talking about windows on some analysts at all you're talking about the Amazon that. Can of course. Kelly at the beginning parts right now we probably have about what 45 minutes left in the show if you wanna hit the chat box with it's ups in the com more. Money give us a call it's 8031520. Tool created under its have been so we do have two questions if you do what you questions and after Al DMI. That's old the there's a couple of others that don't. Turn fluid. Who dime corporation looks gorgeous. Just broke out to a new high once again. You know knew recent high. And the next resistance would be right around. Closed at 776. So look we're looking at the price chart. Probably next possibilities around the nine area for now and if I go to a point figured charred look at that real quick. The so looking at a potential target of non team. Next target of potential target of nine men assume that this chart and point and figure that you aren't. Very nice very nice that that gives a target. Fifteen for what it's worth the fifth. But don't made a nice break guys do great buy signal at six and a half. And I would say that. Ate half denying next and possibility of of ten to eleven so it in years since that is such a nice a look at this dog TRU we true. Yet I've killed in the Booth there was no music came out on them. And I get my check that had something to do with their earnings are central car it was a hot stock. And right now you know I've had been up a size 21 it's down around 11181118. Right now yeah. And you bottom fishing here you know Greer broke in the long term uptrend on it. It and had downs and summer yet sister and been straight down and I know the it's the soap and news cameras either earnings or something has spent less on site is the ZTS. ZTS. Quick look at ZT as it's. Closed at 7973. That's ridiculous that charges trade up here so we don't just just may have just made in the wall time Miami. I would say next potential target now having having broken out there would be year round and round in ninety area you know it's up in the new ones. Nice I like about support for the stock is. Probably. All in this. 74 area says it's not dead at fifty day moving average is around 74. And if I was getting into it I would be re evaluating or for people who use stops and light these stops seventy would be is stuff the and it that's that we covered those two. So we want you to do your own research for the third time here on researching on research for what are we looking at on Mondays off what are we looking at Tuesday. Market opens on Tuesday all sorts of it happens on legacy to market went up to critical levels which I gave earlier and we'll see whether those. Levels CEO of some people are saying that was it in owned they dated important levels and who knows you know that term back down is always a possibility of retest but. You know on the market market still looks good and you're still a bull market you know you can't argue with that in and when service I've followed they follow. As long as the oh. And now our recipes above the the S and fitness and he's above its. Forty week moving average which it is. And they follow fourteen sectors. And the S entity. And as long is at least three of those sectors of that positive returns in the last six months there bullish. Right now like it to him but right now out of that's updated. And out of 14 sectors 11:14. Am positive returns atlas so they said only it's good news if there's three missiles it got almost four times more times meanwhile. And don't forget I mean yes and he hit it says 200 day moving average and bounced off him the other two never came down to so. Yep you can ample restaurant sure that you still have to look for opportunities on pullbacks and no question about that at all so. And thinking change once again we're all those computer programs you know way of a kind news comes. Manager of the market algorithmic again right I don't wanna say you're savers well. And then people get mail concerned about. Five and a point drops in the market that percentage wise it's not much. So now when you have to get an idea mine right but when you're watching the news that's all you hear about X Texans know alerts and stuff going that the worst day members somebody said a long time. The worst day in the market if you look over the years usually filed by the best day in the war in us. And in the sometimes the worst weeks in the marketer of investments in the market so anyway down the end of the show. We always say keep the little powder dry and you know the opportunities which this while the market creates an until next week take care or do we can.