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I'm Peter Greco I don't know David roasting the morning Peter. What a professional show which if they have to. I. Peter while Peters choking in the up in the ago we just go home but now I'm done now has a good start weren't at our program our way. Well these are professional show ovaries that tells the story you know we we went to national public radio many years ago. We sent them an audio show we met with the president you know. Locally locally have anything as well visas you like your show but you're not professional. That's a compliment Summers Buckeyes exactly that we we need professional you know. Everything's scripted you know in this type of thing never mind as if again at nine us that's Fisher you know. But were lucky we show up on and that is who hit it exactly. Anyway it is. Saturday. February 10 2018. Its 1005 in the morning. And this show can also be picked up. At our website Sampras than dot com Francis AP r.s TO and that come. Shows are live streaming every session this morning from ten to eleven most devices. That connect to the Internet. All of our shows are also archive at the website a professional. A professional ones are there currently are cut if it. And also at the web site. Last but at least every week is a free economic report by stone and McCarthy. And usually up. Late Friday or early Saturday morning whenever you know. And usually concise understandable. For economists you know. It's it's their little take on what happened in the economy you know the previous week. They put little little opinion in that and you know I don't always agree with that but. You know just it's interesting they talked you know we had a pretty volatile week for those set to we're stuck in a hole somewhere but. And you hit the nail on the head. He said I think it was Monday or some reason this market's gonna trade 20000 points and I don't know if he said this weaker statement I guess it did it it is the ups and downs. Have just been Truman's amazing you know by. You know one thing I will say to which it was at the state to the show is rebroadcast on this station USP in 1520. Page Buffalo, New York it's rebroadcast at midnight. Unless there's a sporting event. In the Shelby and after the sporting event. And we tried something new last week which were pretty nice known tried again if you go to the web side. Sampras and promises CP US TO and that. And you click on the Ted this is dollar doctor in the and you drop down to live streaming. And once that opens up you can go down that bottom and is a little what are we allowed to say it is our compliance office that little hissy fit right. So so so so what we call that. Whatever it is is a thing down at the bottom. Where where you can type in. Assemble you know that you might want us to call at Santa arcs that Sam Pollock at the Sampras and sand box. And see a little message thing we can type of message and and David watch it during the during the show one. Will the able to talk about a particular stock if you won its second assembled fears type of person doesn't wanna give us a call. But if you don't wanna give us a call phone numbers are 8031520. Or toll free 808797541. Because this is a collar driven show exactly because I I don't wanna hear you I hear you well week in unison on a good stuff though from you. Non not for me is not a good stuff from that turns us all okay you know people should pick it up because. It covers some interest things things the same at least which I might cover of the cell phone calls which that'll urged. Everybody not to call his or so interest in the city barons you know but but it is interest thing. On the down day on Monday it was the market down eleven islanders 775. But at 3 o'clock it was down 80306. It was down 16110. Minutes later selling honey come and I said to somebody there learned during the day in the office said this is unbelievable. -- says unfortunately we have the sit here and watched this. You know a thousand points shocks a lot of people on it was one almost 4% decline from four point 2% decline Everett. In a thousand points isn't what used to be many years ago. And I said there's a lot of people have been around long time when they see a thousand points and think about wave back then and that's really. Catastrophe. That was bad enough an analyst at market that 1000 points in the day. But I said you know during the day this swings during the day. Unbelievable and so if you if church artist and you be doable our charred and you do a daily chart each bar represents the day's trading. Drape them so I didn't daily chart for that day though tonight would be eleven. You know whenever province at least 11100 points that it closed below for the day you know. Some might not have been exactly the amount and close that the load it below the day was down 16016. Under right now so the range would have been even more than yeah incidents that arraign him Monday would have been. Unbelievable Africa with a total would be. But I sent a bit unified data barred chart with five minute bars okay. In every five minute pars the range for that five minutes and I went from the lowest five minute bar. The highest five min park which tended to be every twenty minutes or so. That. You add up all those swings there today. I bet it had to be at least 5000 points. At least that part that you know you entered today and and I read somebody today said there was on that Monday it was 29 reversals. In the averages. In you know this is something else. Is affecting the market models and who knows and it was all tactical right thinking along with fundamental eons. You know algorithms so it was it's also compete on that earns is giving you reasons everybody's got their reasons for why why that happened okay but. It was kind of amplify it by all of these leveraged products that are out there ETFs that are TNT TPT and as and so forth and zone. And is an interesting article. In Barron's and the puts the death of volatility. Or. Where volatility goes to die. While. And one of the ETFs which was an inverse vick's EDS. And actually was an ET in which makes it worse there there's that's that's a dead instrument yet it's a senior unsecured on subordinated debt securities issued by an under our writer right right and whoever issues it. He intends to make good on the price. Of whatever instrument is right. And the maturity date back to only by the current issuer and I was looking at that. ET NE TN advocates XIV. And gets room like for its ways that benefit company today on Friday closed at one on mine okay. You know to close them Monday. Seven. There. 90% drop now. And on top of that you know what happens is they would their force because now it's leveraged and it. They don't dare to go into them the futures markets and by the vick's long is this is a short cervix and which you know amplifies the movement in the mix which frightens everybody just plays itself you know and it just goes on Miami anyway from bell anyway they're gonna have to take a hit on aunt and actually are closing it out a number of those people Los everything exactly you know just just unbelievable. In and they always warn news an inverse or leverage product is losing bad for the long term we always warn people about whom you can hold no question about it. Matter fact. They said it in the prospectus if you read it 197. Page 197. Estimates of index and read the page when it was seven. This is something in there which says in the long term this will tend towards zero problems. That's an isn't it nice page when they discovered everything the exact. Anyway here it. Give us a call 8031520. Toll free 80797541. Phone lines are wide open we're gonna go first of that in hammers the morning. Good morning guys morning that. I have a question for you David you're the fixed income guy here. Someone establishing a portfolio they had Monday there's third start from scratch. Look at out by years that article fifty equity that the extinct. Oh where would you put meat putting money on a fixed income side look outside your outlook and out wanna. 39%. And I'd sell. So there's no doubt and regardless of a person's tax bracket I would look at a senior floating rate are sometimes called bank loan fund. The one I like. And it suffice. And you whatever class you wanna buy you know look at it there is a feed to do so obviously but. These are errors that are floating rate funds and when we're in now. Obviously an environment where interest rates are going out for about 35 years interest rates did nothing but put down. And so you could have a longer term funds on now you need to. Look at senior floating rate funds and that's what I would do without a doubt unequivocal. And unequivocally. Be whatever. Without that or early entire 50%. Sure why not why we're joined their rates are going up. And if you buy anything. That is anywhere. Longer than its act and it just on the way out you're gonna lose your principal. I had I open now let me ask your question what what are different choices would be at the senior floating on audio it's a duration you pick adoration I don't know. It's a it's a group of bank loans at Oppenheimer puts together Eaton Vance they'll have homes they all have them out there. But it's a decoration is point 19. On this. Point 190 point 19 so if interest rates go up or down. 1%. The theory is that this this fund. Will go up or down by zero point 19 or call two tenths of a percent as opposed to. You know even some intermediate term bond funds have generations of four or five. And what he. Hi how you can buy something in an environment that interest rates are gonna go up. The camp Miami I I don't think he'd mind me especially if you're going in new like them like you said it's a brand known investment. Well let me ask you questions Olmert is safe this scenario work interest rates trickle up trickle up. But trickle up steadily over five years what could one respected a total return. Curry averaged. I can't get it past performance and I can I do I just can't you know. I want burst it. I went it went in these children with while the XS EC yield is four point 8%. That's a dividend and the the manager shoot for 4%. Current yield. That's taxable. But that's what they do sounds sounds great then you look at the track record it's five star and not always. Great proponent of that but you know in its in its class there the Taiwan at the top rated funds and again there is a feat to look at a vanguard you can look at the fidelity. You know if you have a counselor yeah. You're price of a. Ellis senior bank floating alone let's senior floating rate. Senior floating rate and then it adventures straight award at the trickle up then and go up at a at an aggressive edges you're not gonna get killed out of principle. Now if they don't go up in a rapid fashion you're not an if they do. You know over the longer term you're gonna be a lot better off I believe now again that. It's been 35 years since interest rates have been going down we haven't seen this type of environment before. At least I have and I'm in the business forty years I remember in the eighties of course rates one up but then they started coming down. Yeah I just hope to resolve the battered and yet ships left in my white I reject the idea other scenarios you can reach. If registry I can get it till lottery all. Anything interest sensitive. Anything interest sensitive it's an inverse relationship because somebody that owns a current bond or read or whatever mutual fund. And and is earning 6%. When rates go up they need to go out and they need to adjust that current instrument in order to get the current yield is if rates go up to seven. Well this of principles gonna drop. Because of the underlying rate ever rated rate of interest sent its bank so you can pay less forced to get their higher yields it works the opposite it's an inverse relationship. And a fine just the quark final quick question are are these it's senior all law holds a bigger up more suitable for a yacht. Our hockey aura just thought taxable account. Either way. Either way ticks exam qualified account you have pain any current Texas so you don't you would never buy a tax exempt product and that. So I just think depending on people's tax brackets that somebody's even in a 25% tax bracket. And let's say it isn't paying four point eight say 4%. After tax real simple. 25% a four is one so you subtract that you end up with 3% to X three. Yeah yet it. That don't much better than it would be would be interest rate risk I just don't like anything yet you know any. Even even knows. I'd like a ten year you're gonna get hammered the well. And hands on how rapidly that's the 64000 dollar question. Oh thank you okay thanks for calling pre shared very much. OK right now phone lines are wide open again 8031520. Totaled 308797541. As we mentioned before if you don't wanna give us a call for one reason or another but you're interest in the particulars Carter. And generally edged stocking generally put the symbol in here at our website Sampras than dot com CP artists steal in the outcome. Click on the dollar dot detail of that drops down click on the live streaming go to the bottom and is a little. Chat box in the bottom. That you can use to put in your symbol. Yes and we we can't. You know somebody wants. Loses. Doesn't wanna call in or can't call and sound their and once a quarter something that's all we're gonna do we can't really. Answer a lot of questions are some questions on their asking us some. Probability risk in this and the other thing live search products I can talk about it but done yeah and then that's it Pete somebody's asking are you looking at a Tucson after repeated but. I mean I'm looking at the questions something and I'm basically covering. I don't understand what's going on in the market America. And and we did Mitt I didn't make the comment somebody you know back in 20072008. It was the derivatives at who have the market okay. And I said there may be something out there right now that we don't know about I have no idea you know known though is I don't know what's ties to wipe out there. I know these inverse leverages I mentioned this inverse leveraging its product caused a major problem. You know you know so so the so there that the risk is out there in terms of you don't know what products are tied and and and what these leveraged products and causing somebody deeply they're tied to something else exactly this mouse and and also somebody mentioned you know you know said there is no stock market anymore. And what he meant by that was right now there are more ETFs and mutual funds and Sox. You know and therefore. You know day hold the stocks but if but if nobody's trading the stocks what happens you know. It's or people are selling stuff to you know it's a problem Syria there it is a different kind I don't I don't. Wanna be frightening or anything but I haven't seen this kind of volatility on an intraday basis ever in my life. Certainly this is something it again. We can act correlated anything in the past at this because we've never had the amount of volume in my own trading. The amount of products the amount of volatility exactly who we're 35 years rates have gone down now we know they've been going up for the last couple years but just gently and now. You know that's why things that the economy is not great. It's OK it's out there about it but yeah well that's not Barron's disagrees with you but that's beside the ban open. You know an alias story wrongly have already have them all but at any rate. You know in terms it's obviously there there are these things but the other side they work the other way to those products and it could cause a melt up in the market to you know cherish her place in really don't know when but it but definitely it's increasing the volatility in the market ETFs unlike mutual funds when they have a selling frenzy can ETS have to sell the underlying stocks mutual funds can sell some but our. Exam and ordered me to liquidate Jesse has yet can't we have had yet. Before we haven't had this and. And now of course but thousands of the ATF sell out there and I don't know I mean there's it's like a lottery take unbelievable and social nobody's ever seen what the ultimate effect can be with the team well we're seeing that now. But part of it yeah we think we thank you know. You know a matter fact barons of and I don't think there was already they said they might have caused problems but they said it's more the fear of rising interest rates and in fear of hood accelerating economy which will increase inflation so everybody's got their opinions you know but you gotta realize all these products are out there in their causing. A lot more about to leave him we've seen in the past. So give us a call it through 1520 toll free 808797541. And go next to Judy in buffalo good morning. I get a I haven't been in the bunch in fact I hardly understand Barnes but I was. I do him in my retirement accounts some tips. And I wonder if David can compare. These senior floating rate funds which I never I never hurt us. Heck I even though we won would sign what went live look them up on that. Compare them to tip because he was so enthusiastic about them I wondered whether chicks wouldn't be in the same ballpark. Well it's a bond but it's tied to inflation. There are called treasury inflation inflation protected securities so. Is that what this senior floating rate when it's no. How are passionate moment I stepped. Nobody is it is it is a similar idea that it moves in certain ways so it tips. And investment you would want to buy in an ever increasing inflationary environment. You're gonna be protected and that so I. Have. Never owned any tips I'm so I just haven't in my career I just haven't and I would rather own within interest rates going up the trying to tag inflation is very difficult so I I'm sure there's some very good ones out there I am just a familiar with zero of them I just don't do. Out okay. Well then I think all sort of put this in the category of things I don't understand and maybe just watch them. Well and go on morning Kyra you know pay attention to the menu at some people you know different people that's why advice is always difficult in here in terms of risk tolerance and their strategies and what they're trying to accomplish but you know certain people might have a portfolio when they have a certain percentage of tips in there they have. Some floating rate they did you know never bet all on one direction. So specification exactly yeah exactly OK but Al for the Larry adjusting things it's about it's gonna come back. I've got a blender thing. You know what it looks like an out. When exactly two weeks ago I think that we will look at edit gallon up two a high of a 129. And if proceeded to go down to. I get below seven that. I'm of these did you call and get nice and say you had to call loan. So to let or sold the putt we said we get out of that. Yeah well I'm still in it and I think it's going to be you know and it's not going to be and the fact that you. You didn't get exercise than that. Not fully admit I know I didn't actually like I you know I got out he got out I I had two of them so I've. I brought one back. An and I got out and I was very thankful to you. Yeah and and I think you know somebody called and it was last week or something nice and look like over stuck to go into the low forties. Oh I missed that one. You know I was I well I think it's on its way back. Well you might be right I mean all depends on the market. He didn't. You know ready you know I I think I misspoke it was and I got to over second love collecting club it was one that was aiming for one to. Okay yeah. Yes with in the office I can't believe we simple it's not an analyst at all although we've we've been known to make mistakes at. The only thing you make really terrible mistakes on this year to put politics on its all right. And I guess haren well drilling and one of your rants. And you haven't but I have a long memory. That's as a problem on the net I almost said something not seen anything you might be offensive to protect it. You almost tripped me up there and they. Okay our league talent politics aside right. Lip and it could get mad at him which is saying. You know Whitney and the Biotech. Yeah it's time you know triple and. Action yet triples which we say never hold triples for long term that's rhetoric but. Well I mean your your your kind of add a critical juncture for that now. Because the 200 day moving averages at 79 79. And guess what you're at. 7080s. Or seven he knows it's 7987. New clothes right. And 200 days seventies it's actually far away from the two fund. There's that's not dead OK until you're a long way from the 200. So that's probably the risks and on the light that showing off play hang on the second is this some bother me here so. That in 97 so. I mean the risk is down down that its 200 day moving average if the market keeps correcting okay. Lieutenant. So the 200 day moving average at. 79. And 97 and it is match. Seventeen I mean it's where's this. 7987. 7987. Well I and so the put on that and for eighties. So I get my fingers crossed we've got a you look at week. Expires next Friday. And it will be interesting only because to what's entered you know still depend on the market obviously right. I mean if the market continued to go down newness of properly again tests that two day. But the other side of the coin one positive on Friday it was the S and the essentially. You know within. A pointer to touch its 200 day moving average. And that's when the big rally happened at the right and today right. I yeah I hate to tackle until Monday at and I got to give Willard credit this he called him he's at a at a town right now. And he said I think the market you know is going to be down early but I think it'll close up Isaac copyright Willard. And and he was right but. A lot of cut your customers so he rejects. Exactly so so mean so we have that possibility. In in the market being well oversold on a number of different. Indicators that you know I forgot what what there was one like it's a number of stocks above their. Would you day moving averages that somebody follows. And you know at at the highs it'll go up about seventy or 80% of stocks are above the forty day moving averages and that's kind of like you're in you know. Hi territory and keep an eye out. And as of the day before Friday. It was at 12%. So only two and they get down there at territory getting down the potential bottom entered to. And note the only Wharton usually several times in the last few years gonna get down around ten or twelve that was it right. There is one time though it did dropped all the way down the tour six you know real real low levels so. So I do it but they're there is hope you know and and therefore if it doesn't. Then you have a shot at this thing rallying back in and and kind of what I do like about it on Friday was. It had unbelievable. Volume. And Friday. You know and usually that some kind of climactic rally. Ten climactic volume and the ability to to finish up and the finished higher for him to open. Oh. In addition this incredible volume Internet intranet Mikey to. Talking about yeah this club who itself right. And the day before it closed at 795. The close. Higher than the day before that can be an indication of a bottom right in that particular stock. So you have you have hope for that week. Well I hope so that's that's very good news and then the thing that had to be pleased about over this stuff is the guy's done options actions. We're talking about it about the claim related stocks. Going up next week. Because there's some something some kind of news is coming out. Yeah and that some sort of conference and yet they Wear. You know looking so bad. You know that puts me in and you know very amid a precarious position on the question that they're right for next week because I kept sort of put a net to. Yeah well what you you wouldn't want to see obviously is the low of a few days ago taken out and are now exit. And that that blows around the 4855. You know. So that would that would be. That would be really devastating. That would be no question but I don't I don't into especially where it closed and you can hit some good. But anyway all right well lately I was tired you weren't together occasionally. That's right hanging on him as long as you know your own risk tolerance that so. I'll do you one thing that I discovered vicious vicious and by the my used to playing with these things my naivete. The might come my yet brokerage firm and let me know. You can't do anymore you can't sell anymore puts. Because it just never occurred to me that. Is now that I couldn't keep on selling products and they're telling me you've got to put in more money. It through to do this because of all of these puts. It has outfitted it's subtle. I suddenly and the ducks put to me. I would be you might say underwater like broke. And that would I had would have to be careful. Exactly which is going to miss protect. You met the little guy is. Better able I was very pleased to. You know. Fortunately there are people we know that they just keep putting up money and keep enough money just gets worse and worse and yeah so sometimes you need to reconsider selling puts. Yeah that strip a cubic. It's. It's interesting and it's just now when the market's going down it's not something found none that's sure that that I don't. Years ago years ago I had some. Experience Klein we're selling on me like did he was taken in the money and then all of a sudden yeah. I'd walk in and member errors at Shearson. Low roads and brought in my office and Leon's elements seem my slot. Where we put our tickets and they see. You know put notices the up put the thousand shares of this that of those just. It did it was not fun so yeah that was my last experience don't. He kept us. Yeah I think the direction of the market is really critical with selling puts. Yet exactly you know thank you thank you appreciate the call vacuum and I. Okay. If stand them wait one minute more we've appreciated and I was like that's a quick one minute break will be right back. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven weathered separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. As Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again in buffalo 8547541. Told free. 800 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors look. Back to the dollar not to show brought to you by Sampras and as a management member of finesse IPC register vehement Serbian RA a phone numbers to call later withdrew 1520 fold free. 808797541. And we're gonna go next to Dan in Niagara Falls good morning. Morning good morning and then you don't. I happen. All and we are strange and I'm hearing feedback well you know the Canadians say they have trouble with the wires on the although we have voted. Is it that rev Wright told the guys never invest in the Canadian market. I remember what you didn't have to tell us that happened the last couple weeks is collapsing now unbelievable. And that means. Well I guess okay energy into prime minister you know the builders aren't really what I thought if we're not gonna do politics. It's just it's your politics we we can pick on your politics from. I think I have this day enjoy it and there it. All depends don't encourage him there's an Iowa started. Anyways I have to say it's a very interesting time vote to say at least. Can you know like you guys were talking about. I look but I was just. Ticket took a couple of minutes plus because I was looking at. Stock charts you can look at you know you can go back using using history you can apparently see relative strength indicators all I can stop you. And I went back to late nineteen pour yourself. And there I did he ever a time when the IRS site was as high as it is as it is it was now. Knowing and I don't know I really needed because I know Peter you say well are decided really mean much when you're in a bull market. Well in the early years a trend dirt track when you're in a trend either up or down he can stay high for a long period of time. And if it if you're in a downtrend. A sustained downturn can stay low for a doctor's time. Did the best use of our young of course now you could say look there was warning you you know but but the best use of it our side most people that. Our technicians and so for its value in trading range market in the ours eyes good. Up. What what what other people will say you know if you get a sharp spike. You know bars side you know and all of a sudden today year to three jumps up to. 80s90s. That's usually the indication of the beginning of a strong move you know. So but anyway. That didn't tremendously strong move over the last 1213 months would be high yeah and. It certainly it was like look at ninety and I look again I'll look through history has never seen that high. I don't know the markets never been that guy. And the other thing is the rate of drop. I was looking at the read a drop in I didn't see Everett kind of history with a live drop was as high as it was last couple. Yeah well that's once again unfortunately when it drops that assess you know it could be an indication things just continue that way. Well that's what I'm kind of thinking that if they get your guys opinion on. That's possible or not but I have a bank and just one indicator known has known no question about that you know and I can say no the fact that the S and the game down to its 200 day moving average. Many other indicated is if you look up the colonoscopy later in those type things are all. And bottoming territory. Which doesn't mean things can't you lower but there there in the Dow and NASDAQ didn't come down that are 200 day. So when you see something drop back quickly. I mean Tim he's. It would seem to indicate a sign of greater things to come I don't know what your opinion on that. Once again because of all these leveraged things out there we may be in different different you know I have to say this time is different you know you get in trouble when you say that there. But you know on the with the affected these products are on these indicators now. You know with which are making things look look a lot worse you know. As somebody in the chat box put up you know Jim Cramer says some edge funds after that and hedge fund that's the liquidate right now. Which wouldn't be a surprise of today but then again I was in re embarrassed this morning they said they think. A lot of the funds have done a lot of their selling ready you know yeah because of how fast this thing dropped down right in the and they added dues or knows you know. I'll know if you don't wanna catch their falling knife very rich. In some people can trade these type of markets is a lot of money did we made us. There's also a lot of money because I know I don't have that ability. I like to sort of sit back and let. I mean I'm you know I'm more of a long term guy don't you know on the night. You know I'm not look at this entered you know entered the trade well I think you know longterm and I'm wondered if this is a turning point. Well what's a little and and I can always be but the interesting thing is they act and give you a different view point from here guy who's pretty good it was Chris row OR OW he. And he says the bull markets and over. And he said you're still in the melt of phase. And if you look back at the nine yeah 1990s. Late 1990s. Delta phase. That the market had many I think five or 610% corrections. During that theory here bright and he said that that that that wasn't wasn't anything all it was was and it's good you know because it it takes and the enthusiasm around this. Proper and the problem that was healthy it. The problem with this run up this long term bull market is that we haven't had many of those 10% sweet Pannemon industries and then in different categories. So we've never had that market wide. Yeah but he's saying this is just the beginning. Of 10% correction could be leading could be the most volatile time without ever eating too much higher then I'm then I'm not a though that's his argument you know so and so I mean everybody's got their opinion somebody hadn't in the chat box whenever we call thing. You know Jim Rogers said that things are about to are gonna get much worse as it might comment gently at that could happen. But if I look at Jim Rogers isn't firmer a rare for for years right for Alia is firmer there. You know. Navies and they'll drag out when the market exactly three it's. Immediately he's been bearish for years it's. Three guys still aren't he's still don't have the red alert but. Not not really I mean you're an idiot you put your antenna up you know and you say maybe sums going on here now. Obviously once again and you look at your individual positions yet day if they broke certainty levels you know find out. I do I I did sell a few things yeah good and what I've done is I've put in some ridiculous. Orders. Great it was island I was gonna say I'm. Top companies like Amazon. FaceBook you know and it is just put some ridiculous numbers in there. Because I'm thinking I'm thinking this is gonna take at least a few more weeks. Or adulthood yet you know you know me you know like gone back to those tempering that 10% corrections. In the ninety's all of a more a month or less right. Now if you think things happen faster may Beatles being of the few weeks and it's over right end if things happening the answer we got on him I don't know sniping seven. I don't I know in my managed accounts I've been. With a 6% stock exposure. For several years. I didn't even though I like. The idea of does have a Republican president businessman. As oppose academics. I never thought this mark who would have run like that so I've been waiting for a pullback I just don't know if it's done if there's some more. But you're ready get more exposure individual stocks is different story than. Yeah Seattle does that mean you give individuals tax revenues if the market's going down I mean she. Oh yes but even individuals are gonna be a hard time to stay up. About what you want to look at is those stocks now they are holding and holding her went up. Especially those that went up you mentioned the video. But it outages in the city itself had blowout over earning this is a good market that stock would've gone in a moment or grown into its its involvement everything around us oh and I mean I would be looking in the media you know and say that some might watch this is a good choice I've. But I don't like it you know it got as big as some of these you know really good company put in some ridiculous quote this man and if you get sick I think. I think it's gonna take minimum a month. And you concede that it's good that you could see some huge move. We haven't heard from the new fed chair. So a lot of people are waiting to see what he's gonna do what is he going to be a hawk on inflation do we have inflation. Four interest rate increases a week ago now they're saying to. I mean it changes minute by minute. You know I think I think this is I think it's just this releasing very similar to what happened 1987 members. Let's ask the mast that's done moved right. Stabilize within a few weeks. Maybe a month or two. And then it slowly started to climb again. But there's a distinct reason one I think it was united Airways couldn't float a bond issue was a united Peter those areas agrees. But you know it out of the bottom line there was a lot you know lot of reasons you know Alan Greenspan for one you know that's beside the point. But anyway. You know it had that 20% drop from one day. It climbed up in the and it retest in December that was October and it says are. Market retested the byproduct of retested about take a look at the charts back and retest the the bottom in December than that was it that the candidates candidates. Steady climb that. It was early a couple of months. That was that was couple months things happen faster now couple months things happen faster. So you think it maybe this time it'll take a month. That most food at most of may be over are amazing to see what happens among us to see it now. If that's been a let's just wanted to take a look at invidious. Yeah I would you guys think of that look at right now. Love it to 32 or eight under close. And the ideas. And lead the day and hello. We look at critical you know point that. Well and I mean what's critical of him but anyway I mean I mean a short term stuff would be to sixteen. To sixteen. And longer term and bill a longer term stop. Would be much lower you know sinful how much well and they need yet ill on one basis to be 180. It is an and then. If I look that and the other one of them in the room had the political Murray ordered that Peter when it did it go. And if I looked at him now its 200 day moving average of I looked at that eighth. Is that. Its users to. When 79 yesterday. Now OK so we could get it pretty Iran Saturday had a pretty good you don't have did you have to look at that you've been advised that. OK guys I would pick up audits appreciate the caller gosh you guys have a good day. I have a whole bunch of stocks that you know somebody asked about and BR way back there you know. And you know I looked at it obviously has to do with the oil prices which all of a sudden coming down the members of the summit last week is. Why aren't the energy stocks going up with the oil prices going up assessed as people don't think they're gonna stay up there. Let's I saw oil's down below sixty dollars a hero find out but I was right about it it went above 61 before went below forty around you know Peter and I have the scenario it's so I will replay that show few new you have to find definitely adapted I got rid of forever and certain. But anyway you know in looking at and DR. You know it will depend on the oil prices it's come down with the oil prices dropping. And and I've lost the charred and unfortunately. It's good thing too loose. Yes there pretty. And they go back because they switched it then in whose. Now it's it's you know it depends I mean it depends it was amazed look in the by the holding it right. And you know if you if you are looking to buy your bottom fishing right. You know it was going up when oil prices you know actually rallied up and not tremendously often fought well at 55859. Percentage wise it was a nice move. Come on back down notice supports going to be around the 5550 area. Sophia holding it you want to be out of it goes to Ford's recorders you know is it that's in the low. And if you're looking to buy it this is an area of potentially bottom Fisher you know. And if it manages the focus it's that bottoms in the 55 and and a fairy over the last two years now my constancy causes us a bottom fishing kind of play. If oil prices stabilize and start moving back up and that that this can move back up with us to support five to five and half. And if there are holes and can turn around you at least got a shot packet. Eight and various somewhere around there. When else that we have on the cheek keybank summit that we have those other ones before that though. What was the other ones before and two key a look at them. But cope with a of the ones is 10 lead people waive transfer and is also lets them yours. Somebody asked about Nvidia which we just talked about envied the day and see you ends of momentum ET gaffe. And in looking at that once again obviously. That's a relative strength play it depends. Quite a bit on the market really no question about that so let me take a quick look at the chart. And see you alma. Maybe it's checkbox is working to keep up. It's now operator. Let's see where we had an MT UN right now. Okay it will give a short term sell signal at 100 and close it was. Close in prize won a tournament raising seven so. That would give a cell signal at one can be a false sell signal that it be to first sell signal and this big move up. So ideally you would not one seeds drop the one wonders slightly below 100. You know if if you want to feel much safer and you look in the buy it it like to see a little turn up maybe it's at one. 08. Area. You know and that tells you potential reversal and you could then you could stop it out to win under 100 you know at that point in time you know. And says it's way I would look at it right now it's a good play of the market turns around there's no question about that. And then when they look in the of the chart real quick I am TUM. Looking at the fifty day moving average it's below NC won so once again. What has seen above the fifty day which is 106. Ideally it turned a one way would be a more conservative play you know when you're trying to place something that's come down. And and a funeral longer term players and longer term players that 200 days it from 96. So you don't really wanna see it Coble and 96. So that's look and TUM. VG AT somebody asked him VG what is it V victory George Thomas C vanguard information technology TF. You know take a look at that VG. Team do you actually see. He cheats age. Gave a cell signal at 158. And you know so theoretically with that it could come down if the market keeps going down I would think you could go down to. The 150 area so if you look in the buy it that's a potential area. And if you did buy it in the 15 the area would probably stuff about 138. Right in that area. And if you wanna see that this is a false breakdown and you wanna see it turned back up to. When 64. Which would suggest this was a false breakdown and it's a potential bide. And and you can actually use the 156 level to get out because that would tell you know was an falls breakdown so those are the parameters for. Fiji say all right what else do we have there Keith KUIQ bank keybank. Now the banks should be benefiting from these rising interest rates you know. So take a quick look at that keybank. Close at 2013 and. You know that's not too bad it's about been about about the area it's been a farm member of Yemen has no keybank is really good support. Eighteen and half in nineteen and half that's a nice pullback now toward that support area. I like the stock elect affect interest rates are going up. And I think the potential you know if you look at the figure charge. The objective forward. It's 34. Weaver and and my next target on a bar chart would was around 20/20 six or so it was so. I do like getting here after adjusting the first Niagara center and yes no question about it now it's I'd like to see that the support between. Eighteen and half in nineteen manifold itself into Netscape away and so go back to telephone over many more to. Wanna give one symbol that Oppenheimer senior floating rate a Oscar Oscar Sam apple X ray. You know just take a look at that you can just Google any of the other funds and just compare and just just take a look that's on. Yes. OK. Next event in Venice Florida. Nice. Good morning morning morning away. It's it's warming here only about 78. Both houses below this I hope it's humid. It is perfect for this. That pornography and the folks might want to wait a couple of fidelity has afforded to make fun. Are they then note three point 6% and it turned. Well the last three years so well point 3%. In. Transamerica has so floating rate fund though. It fidelity is that the advisor fidelity advisor. Yeah okay yes I looked at it too because I've got some clients and have some actually just recommending climb looses. On Tomlinson and Kardashian. Tell me to look at data access fund the picture. It is it is and it is an option too long straight bombs and that's for sure are. I think I saw yesterday and me. Interview with David camps is pretty good. Yeah track record he seems. I want to ask you about this. He says. There's your market drops the quickly the recovery. Do you think they're that there are some watch Tibet. I think so. Because that I've heard people now say are captaincy of the bottom in this market and that's okay that's it. You may be wrong because it is all these products that are around here. Yeah if if that churns it'll be quick you know it'll be very quick. You know it has wrinkle it can mean that 20000 points in a week I mean it's just amazing the up and down I mean it's just unheard of he's getting don't yeah you can't even watch it you blink and it's 200 points I mean it's just it's all computer driven an algorithm driven. And yeah I mean like you say protect your stocks was certain levels okay. And and that says you know what that determined that don't let you know don't panic you know so well you you know some people they can't take the strain on them in the volatility and they went on a cut back find next up that's up to you it's an individual type of thing otherwise for people who can. Monitor their stocks and they have a plan rather. Monitoring in my that's that I would do you know for an. And this is a great time that the iffy and some Ive heard advises Starr and open your 401K we need to. You need to open up you wanna see. In torture allocation is he would hopefully have the ability in your plan to reallocate and rebalance. I do it on a quarterly basis. You know some people say ailing dole once a year well. Andrea the stay more current so I would do orderly if your fun if you're if you're around. Forward Caleb issued to do that or your 43 be here for 57 am. It's it's a good idea. The only thing the only problem with because of these wild swings to try to protect sure Europe. Positions with what's limit you know he can blow through your your. You're down there at the very quickly I mean that's always a tough thing if you're doing it can't limit you know you know and in this pro in my he has frozen kinds whether the use of planes stop Warner use of limit you know. Yeah that's what I think what you think it's significant so. The ten year. Going to 3%. Would that be the game changer. And he. Could be yeah. But they're very well be I think it's already in the cards that it's gonna go to at least then maybe three and a quarter. I think it goes to four that sand I mean that's a good sign but yeah I I don't see I think. You know what's happening within ten years it's more speculation than anything else I think people who are ahead. I looked unlikely that that the yield curve would be inferred it at that point you know I mean it's it doesn't seem like that would have gone to great. I I think you know I it's very difficult. For me to hang my head on this inverted yield curve and the recession and all that stuff and and I don't they just don't see it. You know oh although there is that there is a track record. When there is an and you can you inverted yield curve they're generally is recession but it put a big step base and I our economy at. It seems that wouldn't be okay. Of course it's steepening right now grinding it out right what's your thing it's AA incorrectly. Called the recession Tony 125 times as sad it's just. Every week you're gonna hang your hat on that and that suggest you look at something else just in and you know I don't think you can see that attention but he knows that that. Including the ad in the world banks is that that's gonna we're we're now under recession we're meant to character and I think we're close and could we going to want to share. You get things slowing down a little bit but you've got a lot of stores and this is the story is atop got a friend. Who works for Lowe's. He's older. He's working six days a week from 6 AM to 6 PM there there are third understaffed. And they're not the only one. So you know that's why there's plenty room to grow and we just haven't seen him. Yeah I want to ask you Al and I earlier in about one minute left to take its real quick about who's got. What do you think of Wal-Mart at this point it looks pretty solid with fellow Arab public turbulence in the market. Yeah I mean once again if it's been acting well in this market you know I'm relative strength basis you wanna you wanna hold stocks that are acting well you know. No this pulled back the 97. In the pulls back to. 95. View you know you have to sell signal a short term cell signal on today. And you know so so basically have to be a little bit careful because of the market continues down. You know I would say for went in 95 and ninety concerned about it you know. Can't and Masur. Robotics. And there reporting next week well we worry about earnings in us I know that Nico I ever and you know edit them an amazing run at the. Off the year unfortunately. Yet then look but it looks like it could go down to the market these things that could go down 51. Okay have literally can't okay well that was busy reading get all the chat things that work too well. But anyway until next week keep your powder dry he can be nice opportunities out there to your own research will be back next week. 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