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You know interest scenery this week Tuesday over a number different things retail sales to. What does that mean do and they keep on talking about. You know inflation but we don't see it but they keep talking about it. Well we talked about it they're talking it up there. Talking you know if it. Just it just it just ain't happened. That it. Yeah well it's it's interesting that there's a slight you know gradual rise and that's actually what the Fed wanted okay yeah. You know the world needs a little bit of inflation you know that that's that's the way things are run you can have no inflation. So. I think it's interesting in and and also I could say in my life timer career move we've always had. Efforts to fight inflation from. The wind buttons as Jerry president Ford and whip whip inflation now. You know with the high interest rates higher oil prices and and other runs going back until late ninety's and this has been very good and very gradual in and I think it's because. Yeah I've always said it doesn't whatever you looking and it's like you're talking about interest rates that are anything. A gradual movement nanny thing. The world can adjust forward Nokia its its the sharp increases that rapidly occur that start hurting thing Chenault. But the other thing make complicates matters. Especially when it comes to. It's. And bond funds and ET apps an area that is a great deal of speculation that goes I'm. That we really didn't have. Even 5810 years ago. Is it very Andy's got these you know computer programs that are out there are buying things and selling arms. So it did it really is is it changes the game so he. And that changes the game as does the availability. Of good and bad information. Victories because people get Payton hit ma where you more and more information there's suppose in information. It changes the way things work mean no question about it so so I agree with you. Right now phone lines wide open. Give us a call 8031520. Or toll free 808797541. Once again NATO 31520. Toll free 8087975. World one. And I must say David you're lucky you timed your move out here of beautifully. Our. Source. Every people don't know David's calling in from Florida right now so yes. Orlando it's chilly 56 and been warmer but it's there's just days. And the USA hockey meetings so just tune in to help but does. It's yeah work good idea I did talk to my license not money sons who. Like a lot of children weren't very helpful when they lived at all. And have been over the outs already. So that's good I'm glad to hear that yet to me we have we had six inches a global warming here's. An annual weekend. If it. Anyway right now phone lines like open NATO's restricting toy until free 8087975401. The clintons bobbed to the rescue good morning. That's a dreamer the dreamer and today the dreamer. The dreamers and doing okay. You're there watch in the USA you know. Is me a headache felt. A where's it gonna go out there and I mean I've heard some people think very much of that company's it's truth yeah. But you know you know it really I think. Went past its argue and I say to 75. Or 250 due to Vista went blew right through that yes. Yeah I think we've got to try there's racial open. You had 327. The unbelievable. Well we're not assured Serb and everybody gets excited about it I. I hope they had information out yesterday. That they had some sunlight on dirt and eighty million ounces and Goldberg worked on an eighty million dollars. The wacky thing about we talked about this company didn't used to be like some kind of. Yeah it would it. Well what it was where is the goal people bought out the it was a status conference. Yet it was it was a data there was some credit technology company right. And that's where you know I forget what they call me Lego reverse merger they column I think there's something. Where where. You know by by doing that right you don't have to go through the whole process right. Of of listening in and registering and everything in becoming a company you know all of the you know registrations. That are. Exactly and got rid of it right and and somebody I know follows the company thinks highly of them leave and you know whether there right or wrong but. They said that is still has the tinge of the fact they were this other company. Yeah that's happening more and more and not just this area but and other areas you hear about these like you said reverse buyout conservative. We have enacted it's a way to just get yourself listed in operating immediately you know it's it's beautiful. Boy disinterested me is they have goal. They have copper copper and they only have fourteen million shares. That makes it really. More Palestinian im and more volatile that people should be aware of right it is a speculation. If it's that then you know can move in a matter of fact it seemed like it took a big hit off the high yesterday. I believe it quote. 276. After hitting 320s. That the effect. Yeah it's funny yet at ten minutes to forty yesterday it was deuce side of the yeah. But its interest in it to be at the net it is broken through for the first time the 200 day moving average. Yesterday there right there and then came back to come back and nearly tested at 265. You know. Sosa that might be a nice little retest and believe it or not if you take out that 327. Area you have. No real resistance until 450 so. Hold themselves we'd like them but it was tight as high as seven dollars so lists 52 weeks in a million. Well what my game as I am hoping that goes and tacit sign. So reconcile it and buying more and has served. Yeah I just was dimension to pick up. That's actually you know it's too late. Because once. Good news comes out again about that it's going to be hard for me to catch it. There were that close on Friday Tim in payments to it was a round too shot around the same price obviously he's a scenario. It's certain are because you know. There's nothing going on right now but there's poster revealed some information. Later this month early next month to show Wilson can. But we'll see what happens next to. I was just I get magazines but according magazine weekly U. And they had an auction and any auction was a gold nugget. From western Australia. And it was a 121. I ounces. You're kidding around now. So we were in that western Australia's got some the merits. I'm surprised then did there's not a major gold rush your health may have maybe there isn't it. Well it you know probably you know when you think about it go to Western Australia reform means well he would get through camp on the Volkswagen bus. Well I don't forget it. You all the old gold miner's act in the old days or nothing else I'm. We've got like an old man now I don't know how I do you know. Just get your metal detectors go walk along the beach but you gotta watch out for the sharks and alligators actually do that in my twenties and but that's a long time ago on the only silver found is that founder Mercury dime one time. And I got all my money and I got all my money back from that now I went to the school yards with a swing where fossil. I suppose I would kids over the years out dollar changer out of their products. Like. These are kind of broke even in myself to forget that ship. I don't know there's always a way you know using your head there's always a whale to if. Or anyways it'll be interesting to see where this goes. Well it is an elbow which when we talking about it is our behalf or US USA used. And then got out. Potential to double at least from where there as well. That means to seventy some of the you know next resistance if it breaks 320 seven's 453. That's almost a double right. So we shall see my. I NG average volume on Friday and all this perked up does Oakland's about a lot of people talking positive things about it so yeah I don't know it's got a bit calling. And now that they're plowing he's been getting hit against him that they're going to let down about 30% off the hires them like. That that's that's and that's interesting although the black chain technology will eventually be used. All it is is being used it will be it'll be like the the Internet bubble you know back in 19992000. Wired. Now how many companies survived in the end dried and you've got Amazon is who rule and so forth right but but. Dozens and dozens went to zero. Yeah. Cecil eventually happen in the blocked chains and they'll be winners and they'll be many many many more losers. As crystal currency here when he let the door one time couple weeks ago I mentioned that there were twelve under now there's almost four. Leo well that you see a big moving Kodak last hour right now are at the stock goes from 13 to ten or twelve whatever. Isn't gonna have Kodak coins into its. So somewhere along the line will. The good survive an irrational go by the board. Does that and plus you know China is baking moves to clamp down. Our careers on Korea is investigating all of their exchanges injecting for money laundering. And there were three firms I think coming out where bitcoin ETFs in the SEC stop them. What I read about one album yeah yeah. And they tell them you know. Put on hold right now does the same company they went from almost no money at all those worth six billion dollars U and it's just unbelievable. Actually there are lawyers a couple hundred million in Largo it would a billion dollars trade. Yeah and I was I was talking to a friend last night I mean I mean I laugh did decline mean you know. And I said you know and you know and are firm you camp by Merrill on the stocks are right that type of thing. But I was watching a video where there is promoting his New Zealanders you know when he was showing us all the marijuana millionaires of what airline stocks are right. And they have one marijuana stock and I think that was four years you put 200 dollars and I don't you know would have became the marijuana stock. Two point ruling by the you Wales open anywhere over a million something right 200 but boy you really greedy but could you. After a and ratios if they're not a liberal country are. My point is is you you you can get a mindset on things but there's ways to make you don't forget it forget all your thinking and you know there's ways to make money arrived all right and it's like I always knew we said I would never buy FaceBook and I hate FaceBook right. But look at the stock I mean after the collapse in the after the IPO went to seventeen. Now it's wide as a unit almost 200 right. I think. Or do we get a 170 gators yeah I was down low getting hit you know how much though. Like I told you before I was gonna wait until at twelve dollars and if you. It got close I think it was like twenty some. And lower but you know you can get is of a mindset again at the ideas to make money pay attention to what's moving. And matter of fact you know to know what the strongest sectors so far for the years this year. Retail. Ehrlich and everybody held their nose right. All these companies have gone out of business had a client command has won at some idea voters portfolio anyone in the news. Try to pick out some ETFs for him you know right so when I recommended and we did buy a was XRT which is the read to and he said no why why retail look at and I sit down you're doing the same thing I do occupies a is it so now you know for most of the got to give the reason I can't just say. Retail sector's been a strong sector I. Don't worry about why it's a strong sector you know obviously Pete somebody knows something or believes them. Well this millions of our retail OK Anderson I believe the fundamental reason to town and knowledge of the government to tell you what happens yeah integrity need to do all. Well that's I mean I prefer to client I had given a fundamental reason salutes and yours. The reason is is that people are nervous you get the excuse me the analysts. That should the malt and count the number of bags in the traffic. But the truth of the matter is that people have the ability to shop online. So. When it was bad weather retail sales were down. People are sitting there and there are and laptop on their own. And they're they're buying mentally Amazon and but using all those things which down Nike can get to Amazon bubbled up in those types of things. A minimum of it has a lot of the old. Brick and mortar stores that are doing very well right now okay. And one of the other reasons you mentioned as the unit a lot of them have developed online presences are right. And you know I've Wal-Mart does a lot of on line. I know all these companies are doing minutes or so it's change I can give you all the fundamental reasons but. That's a reason why somebody said always look at the new hi Lister what's moving. And if it's a sector which makes no sense to you that that you wouldn't touch her racism and touch you ought to look at that right this is a reason. You know speak at a Wal-Mart if you looked at Wal-Mart site. He used to be just Wal-Mart products may become like Amazon and that's not it is they they're. Do whatever David because they've become on Amazon on the question knowing everybody's. Mean not I learned to that would go to their website I'd buy it on line picked it up in the store you picked it up cheapen it and if you walked into the store employer. So and and again I think even Home Depot does that you you can go to their website you can find the product is selling the story you can buy it cheaper than it is the story so. I think they've they've changed that a little bit now I don't think the the dollar to say means you know maybe change is that the. Yet depends you know that but I was I got some deals receive the don't. Quite a bit of money by buying an on line you know so anyway so but you have to give all as a reason I'm saying a lot of times when sums moving all right. Is an amber looks like my god I wouldn't touch that it's probably the area via the. I assume that the models were out for the last Friday or exactly there's a change again yeah but the market that's a psychological let's. You know people are herd animals and they go with what's popular what's going is they don't look at. Something that's way undervalued with a lot of what country you don't you know it's big it's excited about it and they buy an unused cell. Well it depends if it's a Specter of a cheap tickets to and Peters. Reason as a technical reason you don't worry about the price but human nature being human nature. You know this may be a great company is now down to 200 dollars I can't hide 200 dollars they are looking for twelve or four. So they can get more shares so a. Yeah and also retell economist Bob it's not the strongest year to date. The last three months it's a strong dissent now it's up 1617%. In the last three months ago. Obama's 6% year to date which isn't bad if it's. So anyway you know it's about what covered some good points there hopefully a few people give us a call or two we know. Asia Vietnam because I was global war and other out their snow blowing the global warming up to their driveway he lets. Well a gentleman and do it or when or if it had to do take thanks for calling it right take care. Are right right now phone lines are wide open so give us a call it 03152203808797541. Very easy to get an early we keep saying that you don't wait until we in the show. Because every once in awhile you know we do beat somebody on the line is we couldn't get to them physicals and greatly show. Don't I don't you know it sets me very much a go home I just. Can't stop thinking about it we we we left the sport person on the phone you know. Then I would. But right now you know obviously the markets off to a great start date no matter actually embarrassed the extra humid it's the first two weeks the market when the Dow is up plus four point 39%. Yes in the imports of four point 21. NASDAQ up about five. It's a guy extrapolate a boy at this rate continues on the market will be up 175%. This year. An. Unbelievable. Right now we're gonna go to bill in Miami Florida yes good morning. What EPA is an. Every remotely and collect and we have all been sort of you know exactly the Kodak declined an excellent. It opened in. Puerto. They're calling. It broke six view that there are probably the survivors. Leo. Bearden you were ordered oil of this Gambill you can't bluster out. But because she girder and oh yeah oh chase shoot out now it and more pro tool but. Simply the absolutely only nearly. It's good to see British Petroleum. Who we hear. Road roller are stuck with you the whole time. Oh my god goal if you would do urge you vote for them to use. Goes double. The only it's I don't. You don't want to. There towards royals folks. I won't go extended troop ability to finish so I did bird. Is sure are blown you're going to be so you. Shook up big but. It blew you. I group visits to the Pete advances to repeat. Also have nine been losing occasional. Yeah oh yeah big boat visit Seoul. You could hurt all the way lieutenant soon. Deep group it will. Still search and global elite track and shoot right where the UV in June. For low and so broke recalled a piece. We're drinking didn't go slower these companies. Don't don't don't walk and promote you do eventually. Due to figure out but I chipped it kind of that loose very broad Darden. I'd never own wall that is good for the content. No no question no question you know because everybody you know I predicted the demise of Wal-Mart in on a you learn to reinvent you'll learn to adapt to you know. You can do it on guitar and Sherry would get. Well yeah Arab them loss. All I got the old robot from 55 that. We. Didn't really feel a bit. That. Did you really don't really want you want. Before. You and people that he. How can you need this market even if you get them that they think beer. Eventually. That's what influence epic but wouldn't. Let it help create. He's got big through the fifties and won't you choose. This is bigger is that fifties so. It's going to be corrections just so shell. I'm definitely in them. Well. They let them command pretty good now it's yeah don't insult. I don't know what book before already pitched well if it's well or stroke. So that's the big it's a picture outbid the be sure maybe they'll interpret because it would pay compared to outrage but he beat good. These logos because we're real slow. On the question in no question about that now. So lol well what this. Well it is true private sector of the joint where you argued here. Well it's I said you know I I I I picked I'll tell you what I picked out for this person when it came and picked up basic materials. Something very. I picked out financials. Right then another and on the greens I picked out the retail sector. And what was the what was the other one forgot what the it was one and one. Obama is great Pete. Kyrgyz truck. But it will put Wootton will hopefully create all this considered. And the other set the other sector was energy. So that was that was forced sectors. And my fifth sector which is a very conservative sector today was in two ETF that it has. Alcohol. Tobacco. And can of this. Yeah in the ten but he databases it isn't the tandem is growers it's the drug companies are right. That it had been using canvas for new. Treatments you know. Sorry. I think these guys feel for you skipped the Morgan yeah it was tremendous compliment lived most of them. And what would chip and you'll hear a big order. Korea consolation rents are always it's just been unbelievable. We'll look at it is so little bit as we do at all but why should assert their good buys them. If you could vote every Serb dictator style loosely. I certainly is all good and click here and they're all there stupid movie you use. Yeah I do what you it's so they're very liberal group. They're being called Beck that's all you two movies if you will pull its fight news. Still we can't be sure observed very confident all his collected. What would you pay ill be very afraid and Malia year. I was looking this Constellation Brands of Cain 2012. It was trading when he twining. Twenty bucks a share right group has just been amazing and now it's what 228 something like that too. Who moved to calm Lola. Look if people pick and roll of paper. It's dark while will and should you know one. They checked. Yeah its troops be. It is really good big old you can't pick it too early. I'd be or do Porter is the static so all the world had been struck Butler. There's been some I'd be one. So let's let food so. Due to the fight ensues we're picture ever since school what would should be a big violent at times or then yeah. And well thanks to a big school locally. And so and so thick that the whole culture neutral and then suddenly it. Oh yeah yeah I'm me and Dana it is they had that cyber security is religion which knocked the stock down you know. There and bird yeah. Did the week here and so yeah it took me yeah I live so they called. Until we create charts. From down and there are still good. They're all worried should the world know students six. A year they have before the close of the weekly chart prudent bear up on the clothes. Really true. From debt but this sent around a little bit worried about square shopping. Well you know it's funny when you're you're mentioning we used to work with with this investor you know I forgot how old he was wrong when he residency geezer. So forth and that his approach all his life was he just buy good companies one bad Morissette. And he says just temporary problem you know and Andy and I am you know. People and what grade would give Americans will be wrote. You about ten calls absolutely. No I didn't distract the people called them with the words code that your good. Oh well still broad why it won't give you know I'm sure aren't what should be the buyer operations here. Look at rich I will look I appreciate you can almost could well certainly I. Why would choose whether it's what are your body of this Cho. Well yeah we really want to ever. Okay it's Olerud and will principal lawyers shoot pool go. Did that I've forgot all of that Buchanan. The church at Bristol martyrs. If shirt very political news via water. Well A day diet after they had a disappoint them with their drug I don't know and and then all of a sudden you're on the just kept basing in basing erase things you know and and. Brilliant people are so low looks so pretty popular charitable loyal favorite. Beat Kentucky Derby prep CHC. CH OZ. And and pure truth though volume boy you know leads down. Now who would ever done combined Churchill Downs except you. Which supports the hike didn't. Sit. It. You just need a. Don't let it certainly sounded sort of mirror price and pocket can't speak program but the person who it is Monday when via. She was what are the formula to. Well we've got close who approached the price gun salute our particular. Episode. So low and could be so quality so why don't we saw him lucrative world we're acutely felt boat people. Don't fear the bargain. Agree cold well really it's just got Obama's speech will pay you. They could do with these new. It's. And so that Favre was used as dual. Stick here and single play is simply the tremendous jobs yeah are good. I'll be okay if that's that's why if you. The score would be the big book market although considered so they want the film and it happened. So I think we care for. Well appreciate the call nice hearing you okay it didn't give and take care. OK right now we're gonna take a quick one minute breaks will be right back. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven. Was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management answer your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. As Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 800. 8797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Toll free 800. 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors. Welcome back to the dollar stock to show brought to you guys separate the NASA management member or friend aside EC registered to him as RB in the RIA. Give us a call phone lines are wide open you know 31520. Tool free 8087975. 41. And I guess you know one night I did do a big commercial for the firm but we usually don't do that and others in the fact that we are it. You have a full service brokerage firm and we do we have we are we do manage money. And now we're able to manage money and how surround a house so if you do have a 401K or 403 V with your company. Most of those plans we can manage for you. In a lot of those so people do you know don't realize and they you know we've done on you know that periodically but it does change business now but. And most of his time you know they claim there's somebody can talk to when your member participating in it but. He should be used to they have only come into the office and they would sit down talk and now it's an 800 number. And then it's a little impersonal you don't know anything about you they know about their plans. Lot of times they want which is a target plants just because that's a little bit safer form. And dealing with an individual and so that's a lot better so I think people like that so. Nip this in the question and also you know. We have a number of other services or are firm does provide so Gordon website Sampras than dot com SE P. r.'s TO in the outcome. It lists all of the services we do provide and provide their contact numbers and that's the end of the commercial. And hopefully we'll get a few phone calls they go through 1520. Total free 808797541. We go next to Tom and Amber's. Good morning good morning guys shipping carrier happy news to you. Kind of got a question for you why do you think there's marketers. Is China's more like 2017. Or does it take a breather. Well I mean there's always a breather facetiously said but some are we respect several weeks ago this markets never gonna go down again after that and are okay. And you know Jeffrey gun religion Barron's if you read and he's very he's very beau Reggie gives you all the reasons why this market and just continue okay. And so I I don't even though if you are gonna get 10% correction. Annually India haven't even had Leo 5% correction and I don't know a year and a half for so some like that actors they have corrected right and you and you get a rotation I don't worry about a correction you know I don't worry about it. I do. Yeah well you don't worry about it but I don't you know in other words that you're spices. Mean someday you have to be a correction in the hopefully he'll be Smart enough to recognize at a time when your stocks. Or whatever you're invested and are just not acting well you know. That's what I would worry about more watch what you own as long as its acting well don't worry about it right now and is nothing wrong we've always taken some partial profits to. Just the locks and money away. Yes speaking of bush Dutch radio. I follow this show ones that come major erode the I'm using Ngo are. And stacked vision in the fifties I was order what you guys because there's. Well it can deal while the one OK when it gets it they provided a great opportunity not to long ago you know. And I mean the owner and you just keep watching it. And basically I was unit in the and I took a perhaps within its own language thinking about. Getting kicked in again this service that I follow follows that they ship and now is time to buy it again who is trustee. It's gonna go to 6061. Hand they're good they're in the right area mad. I mean there was there was a perfect double bottom in the fifty area. And yet a perfect shot that's when you look at it you know when when when it's come down. And then it it hit bottom back on December 5. In the mid fifties or so with C where it was around 51 matter that fifty. That are rallied and came back down they came back down writes in that area again early January read 4990. Something. That was that was the time of they gave you good advice you. Well I didn't follow all right in a but if you look at the research on it says the companies are followed. You know October they were downgraded by our police to equal weight and they had a target of 340. Yeah I mean just you know we'll talk about how wrong they were slowly counts right also. Let's see right now you coming up the resistance again you know in the 62 areas 63. So. You know so if you're gonna buy this their way you've got to be willing to hold it. To below fifty. I do not wouldn't you. Or go to post fiftieth Patricia. Yeah I mean there's there's it's a very volatile ordered under order yet yet it gets it it's a very volatile. Stock at times are way it did have that one big correction but it could. You know right now all I mean did this probably nothing wrong with taking a small position you know. And and if you and if you wanted to use a closer stop on their way. You can use that city. Now that be really close to fifty days of 57 right now. So I don't know if you wanna be that type you know. OK very good legislation well what about and I was another look at another stat. This thing were up about seven points list weeks and answers that's why and eight. A sly and name toy that's it that's a big play you know was good about that move. It broke out above its 200 day moving average for the first time in since August all right. So it's been in the downtrend built the great bass on it. And now. Ideally having broken out about the 200 probably. With a 200 is right now is. For the 588. And his stock closed that was 4978. So you could use a stop somewhere below the 200 if you wanted to. You know if you Borden in NC where the next resistance would be end. It's the right around. It's. 5556. To be the next resistance. And then after that looks like he could move up to the low sixties. So I think it looks good doesn't built this nice nice base for months you know now just broke out of it so I don't think it looks good. The problem is everything occurred that. Well yeah but that's they have to see if they can't be afraid to me the I mean assumptions going up. Triple core male doubles triples whatever you know it. But you wanna catch stuff like this that then all of a sudden moves and broke out and broke out of a major base and today. OK guys. Quote good advice. Okay sure okay thank you very much called project or. OK right now phone lines are still wide open give us call it at 31520. Year toll free eight under. 8797541. We still have fallen about fifteen minutes left in the shows plenty time to give it's called give us a call them wait until the end. Gonna go next the victim Venice Florida good morning. Morning guys I do and it's you and the guys that look. I. It was all the way to shall on yet. But. That's a problem we'd all like to have to eat it. Yeah. He didn't mention here and quite a bit yeah. I actually pittance really one of the best resources for best information. I always try and little. Little. Ideas. Sometimes they come up to these more than little it just. Ed and some of the columns you know he had you can pick up out of the columns and. Exactly smoke columns and a great ideas currently. Yeah Arthur CE I I go through almost all of them even if it doesn't sound like something you know. Yeah just a look at it and say hey what what's this about you know so. So a couple weeks ago. I forgot what her name is sort of some sort murderer wrote about. Some interest in ET apps and and I actually thought one's called. As simple as PO cheesy. Yeah up always down lots global actual products and our official internal then yeah and that's the global and yet you also have robo you know witches. More domestic but to have. And then put it up like 80% over the last year enemies M and and it's it's that's some great great great things you know. Let me ask you. Tool out. Sort of it proves won the previous callers mentioned target. Yeah banned and no one of the reasons target is not a crisis because of speculation at a time. My between. And I understand I know a very uninteresting now. Applied but. I looked at which are at the end. While the relationship objective a 107. Looks like the last two or three years. That's coming up that resistance. In the high seventies could fly zones and I don't understand why I like it give you know 107. Objective. Well is that stock charts there. Yeah are a seed stock charts as two different methods for calculating the objective now I mean I don't I don't use them for objectives. On the Kazaa here we we have a different surface you know our service as eighty okay. As it's our. And yeah and and if you and if you look on stock chart you can change the method of calculation. Does a button there are some place. The idea. That there's I actually put him. Our long term. I forgot what what it's called it's a long term objectives you'll free despite knowing that it's. Yeah a long term. Yes but it still shows hundreds. Let me just seize them them room where. Of those doctorates and real quickly here. Unfortunately when you clicked and of the comes up with has done advertisement in the middle of the files everything now. Good bye Geiger Camby choose your sense so anyway have you eat it. But by the way as an aside you mentioned Amazon. How but just days so its network over a hundred billion dollars. Isn't that amazing. And everybody laughed at him for all those years you know. Because it was a making money that the company wouldn't be so doesn't make. Not doesn't but he keeps these plowing it back in plowing it back in you know just amazing really. You know what I give them credit for he he does everything he's looked in and everything in east disrupting. The whole economy you know which are given credit for us. But anyway I think it. He's that he's a look scary it was so yeah it's. I am concerned about you know all the so all the stuff that's come up about. The cool and in the you know Getty and FaceBook. Getting into. You know more privacy issues with. Which with the public. And especially Google and its storybook. Cool cool. Shifting their sites to go home. Go consistent conservatives and even within their own company it acquired some people that his conservative values. That's scary stuff. Nail them you know they didn't get carried away it is no question about that in myself and let me just see if I call this point and figure churn out there. I'm. See where are we here. TT teams. Okay now he's at the chart. Price of Jun oh okay. I don't have been difficult test. Fortunately. If I'm not there to help Diego north to do. Yeah and now via. If you look at you left these totally show. Images that you weren't thing is. To tentative. Charts than traditionally. I lost track you know where's your urine and where's the button on this thing for. Where it's about it on them crops you know if you. If you go down you. Right at the bottom there's so. There's Sunni. I'm I'm on the bottom usually where it says charts charts I know right you see in just. Click on that. If you get up you get a whole bunch of different options. I see that. And then and it kicked long term. Yet but where's the one needs to be a button for other price objective you know if you look at chart attributes price objective none today. How and now I can do based on breakout okay. Right now based on break out of play updated in and then you have to go to their explanation if not they do okay. But aren't there based on a break out the objective is 79. Okay yeah that makes our rights. And then you can change it to the other setting you know which is probably the one that you're looking at maybe I don't know and is a reversal. Calculation. And in I've forgotten exactly the difference between those two OK but the reverse well actually universal give you 79 twos so. So like him on both ways but with 79 so maybe could you went to long term or something. Yeah I went long term idea. But I I don't see how mean they haven't hit. Yeah I mean 93 years yet the 7980. Areas so a lot of that it could be this speculation about Amazon buying it here. It's seen an entire owned that I might be taking some profits and if it's a. Yeah well I I'm just looking at it right. Couple others. Which you go. I hate him the position you know cola. Minutes that's been great Kia and can look quite so long term objective is I. Put it in it in the law until opt to what do you think about it. Well you know I I always say don't Willard you know this long tail up stuff that's nice but don't forget that that this charting that it's been around for hundreds of years. You know soul things change a little but I always say when you see that long tail you know go to a bar chart. And concede if the thing looks totally. You know ridiculous on the board charge. Okay all right and and and to me. This thing just broke out. After base and you know which you don't see on the you know the year. Clinton figured chart musher changed a scale you know might you might see a different picture like you can change to a half point scale or something you know. But it broke out once it went above glitzy fifth the are on the fifth the area and is in new breakdown in the luckily you know so. I'm not that concerned about it really. If it becomes about these long term break out style looks I mean they've they've seen. We'll far fetched. Now it depends it depends of me like selling a 779. And target was and was in the bid target. Don't know him he was talking about over undertow Peter any sort in the same thing is he looked and long term sure right but it just did not do enough to make things happen in between. My limit now. Yeah okay don't want glanced quickly Schlumberger. That broke out and we too. Funny thing in the life of the ya bin must appoint him for a long time ultimately now it's really moving over yet. Seen the good part about Schlumberger once again you know it broke its 200 day moving average when it broke through about 69 right. In and that implies. That the bearish trend could be over you know. And then if I looked that are regular. You know bar chart the next resistance is 87. Yeah that would yet. Okay thanks helped okay thank you for Karl Christian. Or do we OK phone numbers to call it a 31520 total free 808797541. Moment but next to Don good morning. Morning gentlemen we're in my question is the united renal. An old favorite. Yeah I'm here. Yeah it's just that Dennis Jeff. It now one hit me he's gone for 200 and an iron. And 8089. Yeah yeah and I thought that it won 78. And that was this week. And one woman who was canceled effort you know you know it's like. I am you know you're getting to the point now where. I feel you know one little. Correctional the event. I think myself. It's why don't we hand out there right now. Yeah it depends what causes the correction you know that's the point of at all. I don't I don't think a corrections gonna happen for no particular reason you know. People are have a lot of gains. You know at the beginning of the year the last trading day as the years the market was down it was down substantially. And I thought you'd like everybody thought that they were going to take profits after the new year because you taxes at all that did not happen. Love you know and I had a I had it. Five recipe put at that time and so I lost those. When are they I mean what are they gonna book their profits Earth Day. You know I mean it. That's hard to say in like you say it depends on and who is running this market I don't know I've I don't know I really don't know you know and but they just mentioning you know we see that are firm to this people we have who's had their money in cash for years. In their just all of a sudden you start to get a few calls are right. You know so it's so it's not like. I think there's a lot of retail investors who. That's just missed the mystic known and a member in that involved in the ruling you know. And and then somebody was telling me about an article about the mowing fields known it. That that their big savers as a great yours is yellow they don't that they saw with the parents went through in the 1990 now I mean they're afraid. Those people aren't even doing anything to him you know assigned. I know my children are afraid yeah because they don't want a fatal chemicals through the best thing that we went through exact thousand. 2006 everybody subsequent country was gonna go bankrupt right exactly. You know they don't even remember that. You know they didn't even go through like I did. Friends are there and I was student debt to open in 2000 dollars down the 6666. Julia is. Now it's his closeup almost. Those thousand points in the week exactly you know I mean that's really crazy I was yes and keep it hit 666 preseason team right. Yeah right yeah but yeah I mean but you know just. You may make sure you know where it where to get out of something where you're stops are you take your profits and that's it. You know yeah most of myself now it's like a long term stuff that I've had right yeah. Katie Holmes is one. Yeah just been beautiful home to home builders that they've been negative on front in the how long now yeah Somalia's children no older Catholic. Exactly so. Well you know we've stick with so but I like United Rentals I think yeah I mean bit. I think at 200 targets reasonable yes I do too. Oh it's just thought the whole idea that everything stuff to hold it. I mean especially you know like he has. I'm you see people like that I mean I I get scared when they see that mostly yeah because you know then don't wanna buy protection. You know and now. As long as you know is it did not cost annualized for protection you know right no problem you really him. The other thing I wanted to ask you like got in today codec. Oh really yeah I did I hit in the vehicle by and the screen on the bottom look at them like we Chrysler bought it at six human soul than ninety. Beautiful beautiful that was that was Smart we made. And anyone. Then went down and then it came back to nine at the end of the week Scalia going out. And the other thing that I bought and I didn't I couldn't find any information what I wanted to they ask is there was I thought the war itself so yeah it says. KO CK. WT. And I couldn't find anything about plans are what. Right here or really. It really. Unfortunately. We don't have much time that we well you can find them I'll look it up you know on track figured out. Think the and I'm surprised you can find anything I'd probably go to their website. Yeah I mean literally had originally it was like up any minute once like 49ers. Offense 179. And wrestled with like. At two blocks. Unbelievable it was created. In an awful. Him in this crypto things. It's ridiculous but again it's not for anybody who doesn't know what they're doing or people get greedy. You know using your greedy aborted its that you saw on nine thank you Dubai yeah aside though. Yeah you know and then the other thing was a good directors while body and you know like that they before they issued debt announce no really yeah it was a problem. That's the big problem at like six or some and it did. That says somebody is reluctant to give them social order expires September 3 2018. Okay and what am when prices are you worn forces. As well anyway you got that far at least now. Somebody. You know we're gonna have to go mute button in late thanks. A lot but thanks a lot for the call appreciate it well okay. Now unfortunately it looks like we left somebody on the line there. Anyway we're down to the last minute. And we have to get moving so as we you know keep a little touted drive you dear Larry your own research. You know always pay attention to what yours. Individual investments are doing stop worrying about the market unless you know the but it's too much for you then you have to do something you know put. Pay more attention the way here and and as this and its ovaries the best stuff sometimes artists to buy you know no question about it. So it's about and appreciate you calling in Davone. My pleasure of BC a Monday or Tuesday were closed Monday. Okay and think I'd get a break Cuban but it qualities so. Okay. Great okay until next week take care. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. 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