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Morning Peter gave her brown singing and tell everybody howry in the discuss in the name of the show because of open mics are now we're neck and going to win the talk about it from our sister LaToya let anybody hear what we say before the show tonight. Hopefully there were no open minds but anyway it. He knew right. Right now what is ahead Avaya October 7. 2017. As the year flies all along it's 1005 in the morning. And we always say that because the show is rebroadcast on this station the Caspian 1520. At midnight. Unless there's a sporting event in the shall beyond after the sporting event. Also the show is available every cent of the morning from ten to 11 AM live streaming. At our website Sampras and that's SAB. ERS TO and four dot com mobile devices. Those not just that weapon than any other piece of any always at the end say learn. I think you're most devices that can connect through the Internet there you go see days ago you should be able to get the children live streaming at the website also at the website all of the shows are archives of Q1 two. Replays show where you laments. Players show that you miss you can go to the website and get the archive shows and finally last but not least there's free economic report. Brighton earlier reset in the morning. By stone and McCarthy that's up on Friday afternoon and I and you're gonna I was given you an opportunity that's way applause by the time. Ready to go to five years in an effort right. What it would it would UI and ready for what you don't show. I have prevailed shown gave myself an idea today it's but any rate economic reports very short concise you know it's nice if you wanna catch up on some early this week is a brilliant yes look at the agreed with you. Yes and I knew it into a right way. But they talk about. Report yeah all the reports and how the storm affected didn't. You know you know everybody was so giddy. On Friday about other offense gonna raise rates here's a reason why you know low employment costs wages and drop them well. Wages are up because most of the people that lost jobs during the storm are Macon minimum wager lasso. He got away didn't it it's a perfect example of one month does not make. In. Whatever. As you would bet that they're gonna raise rates in December now based on this note we gotta win now under way I'm well I'm relentless odds of very died. It sounds like it you're right and unless something dramatic cat writes let him. In June they are high too and they shouldn't have raised rates they were wrong there was no inflation but they wander around him and Mikey tell chambers and that they they want to spyware rages who fed they want to raise rates that's all that matters no longer are we dependent upon Bethlehem steel and General Motors this is 2017. Tech is a new industry. Tech is an automotive OSHA so we shall we have mulling yields running the Fed is that reason I'm just saying we need people that I've present understanding we won't get infidel Daniels but anyway smaller meals whenever there are. Whenever they are an insult somebody there and look there there there disaster whatever they are but anyway. If that was Peter Gregg that's my opinion. Strict form my poster in my opinion it. Yes right now the phone lines are long wide open give us a call I wonder what you know 315 foot or so free 8087975. One that's 8031520. Toll free 80879751. Or if there's a problem and you can't kid and try to you know 3032130323. 8030324. So I give us your home I may be wrong maybe the economy isn't about the millennium doesn't know about a year and he picked you you on that right to put the it may just be that they can mean a stronger you know vote. Boasted just dance but right now it's very easy you into show we encourage you call this early seems like often. Somebody called right at the end of the show. Have a very involved question. And we really can't get into that either takes it personally tonight yen hurts neo all the way home it bothers me so does so weeks give us a caller earlier rate. Right now we go to Dominick in Sarasota Florida good morning. If this is the early bird gets the worm. I got a question yesterday after knowing. CVS and Walgreens. What could put that the end of the day what do you think about walker. They went to report. Brown that's because of Amazon possibly. Selling drugs. Well great yeah I do lives here but. I figured that but they've been talking for awhile but I did get dumped yesterday or about 3 o'clock. What do you think as far as a possibility of buying a. Mean you didn't see any news on Nadal are all about Amazon and Everett. On Amazon Amazon has apparently it's come out that they have a person that's been researching. If being able to sell drugs so that they came out that was in this story I've forgotten what was assemble them Walgreens any. Walgreen audits rights rights and find because they bought boots alliance that's rate. Yeah I put NWA cheer to. That that's that I did so we'll look at him and at practice today that tickled dump late in the day. Actually. You know looking man well I am in the short term which are. Well that. How about. Well it's interest thing you know when non. Amazon bought whole foods that killed a whole bunch of stuff. And actually for example Costco never recovered from it you know right. And so the question is you know no matter how good. The story continues to be on Walgreens are they gonna recover from this or not that's the catch. Khamese receive one other thing that's bloodier and longer term and just bottom fishing this yeah. Well yeah I figured it's it's a year. You know a good company and they had stopped and you know a lot of you know for a you know. Shot in the dark I guess it's a good company I mean is that a fly by night company but you know it may take awhile to. Come back from SM net stop but I mean paper are a lot more than what they pay out. As far as dividend goes although if I was a pharmacy tech Europe or pharmacist I'd be licking my chops could have. They go into something like that there's going to be like when. Wal-Mart. No public down here Kmart target all went into the pharmacy business you're gonna find out that. There. They're going to be in such high demand they were panned. 68000. Dollar signing bonus of pharmacist. Yeah yeah I mean looking at a mean it's coming down to one support level which would be 71 and half. 7327. Streets one I would not go in the whole hog. Because of mechanical support it could drop the sixty. By Netflix by -- Bob and well but also adult life uses it it broke below its 200 day moving average Euro rallied back up died at the 200 day. And kind of tells you that the potential is there at the long term uptrend is over. Irate it's two bucks a and I lose to really don't want to mention writing I'm just saying blood thinner than you rate I mean yeah I mean it if you buying a good quality company union of the patients I would only take half position. You know assuming 7150 my idol and then you know for did drop in the lower sixties or something and you might pick up your other. All right thank you very good day. Okay thank you you to take care. OK right now all the phone lines are wide open they go 31520. Or toll free 808797541. I would not wanna take on that 800 pound gorilla in the room that mean Amazon. Yeah move aside go somewhere else oh yeah Agassi put it can do is it may affect articles. In Barron's this weekend in Pasco on whether it's a good iron occurred by chance the Eagles doing it. But it it's been under the cloud of the Amazon situation there and even though they came out and he beat their earnings. It you know recently went down. The analysts all picked apart all the fly in the like you know oh my god does your gross profit went down so called troops went down point one is that in now they looked at all the all the negatives you know press. Because they have the Amazon cloud hanging over their head and it's a negative things so tough Sosa can be tough to get out Monday that while. I mean Wal-Mart 79 dollars shares it's is they're gonna. You can order groceries now they raved about Wal-Mart in this weekend's back and of course you order groceries. Not to EU condemned delivered obviously I think for those of us said Larry H Peter American everybody's at it now 'cause I was doing that but you can drive by the Wal-Mart and keep it up into a drive by definitely count. I mean that's for people that. I direct icici what they've built in the parking available Mosul stalls you know for pick up and everything him. Interest Sosa did everybody everybody I still talents can easily Apple's myself. In and we had two callers and vote disappeared now about it. Surprised must've been some news Andrew says suppressed have been some music provide a phone lines it took 315 to money. So free 808797541. The other problem call 30321. It preserved streak to three buried a 30324. And as far as the market goes the bull market just keeps. Moving right along. Despite all the naysayers and you know the cliche of the most hated bull market in -- is always the most hated bull market. But everybody's sitting here waiting for the knife to drop for something like that in. And therefore they just keep sitting back in the viewers' interest thing they did mention this in Barron's. And I forget that beat this frank threats you know I liked over the years I've seen him on CNBC and time and time. And you know he kind of points out the no bull markets usually and winners while blow off. Usually a couple of sectors meego preserve the outside via an advisor to idiots. He says that's what you would be looking more for even though some sectors have done very well this year. When you have a while blow pupil leave with those sectors may end up doing you know. And there's a market watch article 2 today 9 o'clock some investors see signs of a stock market quotes on verge of a melt up. Am now such. And everybody says the same thing but but typically that's how a bull market long term bull market and you know and I think even in 2007. Arroyo seemed an idea of what it would happen like we haven't seen in 2007. While most of remarked it was kind of deteriorating for months. The basic materials sector and the medals and all of that surged you know and they were doing exceptionally well. You know that point in time so it's O was you know one sector you know it may affect the energy sector back in 2002. You know 2007. Was up 32%. You know that during the year now so he seized we CO oil's surge in some sector. Right now give us a call phone lines wide open it at 31520 toll free 808797541. On next to Tom and hammers good morning. Morning guys. Would take a look at Mae and carried them and it KG yeah Ljubicic or their parents. You should've brought should call when it was too if I get there. It did move recent adjunct to what essentially yeah. Yeah all of a sudden it's a coffin became the favorite of all the trading rooms. You know in all the all the day traders in the momentum players just jumped all over. And it's five dollars and three cents on the close I had clients call me a year ago or so on because I know Thomas screen I can't remember what it was I think it was at these levels so. Time when it. Did you actually. About what I called it about three or four weeks ago telling. It one in change. You know account obviously I wasn't here to assist you it's that guy and embody that. Of course. No but what I mean to chart looks litigious as took off and I was wondering. We're your interpretation would be. Well my interpretation. Is they got the short running time. And I don't know whether it is anything justified out there. Or it's all of a sudden in his what happens and trading room they scanned their every morning for anything that's moving okay. And then what they do is they look upon one minute look at what's the resistance level. And they'll say okay if this thing breaks above this level jump venom by her right. And that's how it works now what happens is once these guys all started jumping in this stocks cut 32% of its float short. Which is gigantic. So now you got the short sell is getting squeezed in here. So we're cats and it catches. Ten is the squeeze gonna continue. And you know if it does who knows where this thing could go to in this it would what's the story with this company its health care company do they have why they didn't have. First. There's third diabetes. In tennis inhale it and they very. Something from the FDA says you can. Advertisers some are in there were it's been in stock. 2014 the stock was 55 dollars a share and I would think here within the last year so I had a client called you heard the party. About this and level of line it was at these levels who's maybe six or eight dollars and I just said I can't see anything there there was an Iranians there wasn't this in the bud. Well but I but I think with that news with the day traders jumping on it it's important to know with 13. Of the float short. Huge volume yet and in an all in the but it's a short squeeze that's a bottom line right now. So if I were to speculate on this and if I were to buy it I'd be out if it dropped below the low via a Friday. 430 day. Broker. Okay there's another statuary regular looking and packaging PKG. A major corporation are attackers. Some pizza age she. That was not bad for me it's had a nice run up. And now it's been consolidating quietly in here. To close at 11650. 11650. The resistance would be around 119120. So that took that out that would be very encouraging because that would break the consolidation. Suggest. A new potential applied. And we can put a target on it what's it. And you status shoes off his countenance that. Yeah I mean it if it takes out 121 you next target review around 126127. Where he sees support right in here right at this level. Well it mean technically last time they went went went took the dumb you know for a couple days. The low was actually. Won twelve when he was hello okay. So I would be OK with the stock as long as it didn't take 11220. There. OK guys gonna analysis. Okay. Thanks I'll take care ever gonna he's been calling to carry out there right now phone lines are wide open NATO victory. 1520. Or 808797541. Their problem didn't and try it 03032180. Freezer retreat to reread your 30324. Give us a call for using the it and right now man next to John in buffalo good morning. Our good morning glory both of you. Good good. I am a millennial that there. It's spelled Greco GR Smith and a I don't Helio you hate to be generalized. You know about it but there are some problems in the that are dead I've. Animal electoral. And days ago I appreciate that. How I want to question. I owned Bank of America Europe out of market. Now and up about 5%. I've also owns GE for about a month because I've felt that may have bottomed out you. Thinking of selling. IGG and bank or Bank of America. I don't think or profit lately are. Not there or do you think he helped. A Buffett yeah Warren Buffett loved Wells Fargo to. Throw it. Just look at what's gonna happen down the road two years and Peter give you all the technical smarts off but two years down the road interest rates are going to be higher. And what with the the the companies that the banks and financials a lot of them. Are just gonna make more money are going to be better geez just an NA you know I feel your pain I mean just. Just so sick of watching that system now I was the same way were Microsoft years ago too and finally woke up that she's got a lot bigger problems in front of them adjusting BankAmerica is. A great failure along with a number of the banks including Wells Fargo which I think is of value here too. Do you think she can maintain a dividend. Well I think that's. They're great company I don't see anything wrong with that. And the other thing that's interesting and got a surprise because I saw a whole bunch of news come through their cleaning house of their top level they have to yes it's gonna take a while it's at 800 pound gorilla thing museum move cells if you're willing to be a little patient and see if the market starts responding at that responded yet you know. And frankly I was surprised that win and now laughed when they announced it was leaving. Everybody jumped and his stock and overs Koji finding gecko one of egos. In the quick nap and went to like it 26 or something right now because I had some clients that we owned it higher we sold out its point six some people on hold and we just cleaned out of money for it's just so Agee is kind of a patient play bullet. You know the guys working on it's a catalyst is again. Reduce the company you know easy and clean out the old culture but you know aren't theirs is there's a key right there it's very difficult it is all culture exactly and again I don't know the ages the people but there's how many how many employees as of 270000. And think in some I mean it's -- an operation that in not to go in years ago I was a little convention downtown all of these different companies locally in the there was a guy in the Eastman Kodak the new the new CEO of Eastman Kodak. I doubt but I told them together as a unit you'll never change your culture around at all. In the what happened Eastman Kodak gripe and pretend you're up. Open anyway but up just saying you know maybe he can change the culture or maybe he can redirect that's up the if you view patient wait a little longer and see if the stock shows and yours by right at the. And they're investing right trading you're looking for trade I mean BankAmerica is gonna move I think quicker than the G didn't. You know again the department safe don't see any problem. Okay well thanks for calling. Just preparing we despite what I said about millennial to call up a take care. You let him by now. I've not heard thought despite what to say I can call and Mel Watt way. The day that I'm I'm not as bad as they canceled those of you there would like to Peter doesn't call the sport. Yeah at least if that gets the phone line going or anything that'll work. Use the we used to do political stuff and then got the phone lines going and phone numbers to call it a 31520. Toll free 808797541. Have a problem trailed 3032130323830324. For those that don't know sap tennis management is full service brokerage firm also RI AA. Which means are registered investment advisors we do manage money yet. We have a number of different management. Counts you know in terms of management accounts flaws of that different approaches. Based on what our clients are looking for them in terms terrorist tolerance and what they're trying to accomplish and his. Is different money management programs available were also able to management and it's not held at our firm. Meaning few the money in pension plan your company retirement or reform and count 401K for being. Four we we can actually handle managing. Your account for you. Now we also do provide insurance services. Via one of the best people in the insurance business who works were firm. And and we always tell people pars insurance goes you shall issued a second opinion and events and come and show but it's a welcome us bashful you know. That's hard to. If it is it is but anyway. A puppet you know take advantage of of second opinions anyway. Lotta times people ages buys some boos sounded Great Britain. It realist would pick in tune we've had a number situations where people who have come through our firm with insurance products and turned out that horrible situations on Tuesday so proper and in music products but we're talking life insurance whole life that we and universal exactly term as opposed to a product like an annuity is exactly. So anyway yeah if your interest in any of our services you can go to our website Sampras than that pharmacy. And all of our contact information is there right now give us a call. We're gonna go next do Tony in Clarence could morning. They're out should the people at at our own shares. And I it and gotten gun manufacturers. It's not a rock. We're rooting for more mass murders in this country because it seems like going to have to that you ideologues status stocks I let out. Okay they'd be looking at skilling because seems like that's a good action. I don't notice an article in Barron's this weekend sang in the guns stocks are in trouble right now because it's going to be gun legislation you know so be very. I'm talking about immediate after that that what happened in Maastricht has gotten cares what about stocks went way up. But that that's that that's it that's. Very very. In my opinion very evil statement that you making that anybody would wish for something like that to happen at that that's really out there Tony is settle a lot about there are things in the years that effort John different shows and on our show. That is really out there that that's absolutely terrible that you it and say something like that. He had got pictures and they wanted to grow up this seems like there's a correlation between Putin's. And people probably not why I'm being your world. The actual attack they don't look at what happened on Monday that he'll. Anyway as a threat country as a thread as one of the most idiotic statements I've ever heard. It's terrible all right thank you. Which. A it. Right now a full answer wide open a notary. 152808797541. Or both reserve to one of user 32330324. Well. Following that up it. She says as I point out everywhere else and it's very and let this thing you know I always say you know pay attention to what sectors of the best sectors in the market. And if you wanna pick stocks and if you're an individual stock player. And he'll want to buys sector ETFs and you should pick the best stocks in the best actors and all year. Most of these sectors that we've mentioned that have been the top of stay there and constantly. So you still have you know semiconductors. Right at the top journalists you know is the strongest sector in obvious in these sectors should point out you know when I say the strongest sector. And yet technology known general who's second strongest sector. He had health care up there. Still Clinton and we mentioned way back in the beginning of the year I think at that point the fourth strongest group was home builders and home builders and now. Rolling. In mountain home builders are up almost 20% brighter and now. Everybody's an almighty god that raising interest rates in all this stuff and you hear all this news about housing and in what how many homes are being built. Homebuilding stocks are hit new up in the lives. And I think. One person I've followed you know he said a great way to make money say after you've had our bull bear market okay. By those boxes of first stocks commitment lies ahead of the averages of certain. For the averages make new lives and those will be two leaders we make the most money for your buck right after serious correction sure. And and also you know even in a regular bull market when. The market. Is not making new highs and say it's going sideways you know for. Few weeks or few months whatever yet there's stocks making breaking out the new buys look at those ducks is a reason for. Friends today with the Internet and in the end you know did that ability that we have to get information sometimes I think there's too much information out there and it gets confusing but. Wrong people or do listening to you when talking about looking at the different sectors you can find that information out there it's out there. And I think killed delve into some things and then find information that can be very helpful in trying to plan your own portfolio. Yeah now do your research and what that aren't and also you know it just by going to add to a few areas and just saying notes using Google and say you know one of the best sectors handers and. You'll find something you like yeah I mean how many times have we talked about this work final caller we have caller on the radio show call about some things some area that their interest it and and all the sudden it kick something in you start doing some where it's at that make sense of. And then as the jump around trying to do to try to be a bottom fishers try to be a momentum played tray and draster announcer I don't actually you know. And they say the most successful traders or investors. They stick they find one thing that works for them. And they've been doing over and over again. So some of the sometimes. When people are making good money and some of these investments it happens to be locked as opposed to anything else. It's not always true brilliance intelligence or knowledge. Can be dangerous knowing too much I mean who Peter you and I both know people that were absolutely brilliant in this business could explain everything. But couldn't make up could make Japan. And that happens in a lot of things in life real intelligent results philosophical. And a but you know you're talking about the bull market in it was mentioned you know interest in fact was and earns this week in the S&P 500 is now gone. 332. Days 5% drop. That's second only to the 333. Day rally that began on November 23 1994. So it means if you make it through Tuesday without a selloff that will be the longest such streak ever. That's Gary I mean and for some time. Yeah yeah I gave it but the interesting thing this in the rate of change in the market however has been snail like. The market rising about 33% or just under point 1% a day over the rally. The rally in 1994. The market gained 50%. Over the same number of days or point 17%. So it's disappointing fearless dozens of ending eminent markets nicely up I mean no question about it but it. As in and day east Tyrone was talking doesn't feel replica is a little little at a time and that's why some people believe you're gonna have to see. A little melt up. Not necessarily in the market but in some sectors Chenault. What what when Sid 330 do it or there's things started Tuesday. Nobody knew where does it start what it would always say motive industry and carried two days lists and vote him in to earn. To wit it's 330 today's back whatever that is that's trading days so there's played twenty trading days in the month when times couple years and and it's it's it's quite awhile and the question about to get my calculate. And it ended you know bringing up another interesting article and barons and there was talk about restaurants ducks. And and and the rising wages you know for employees. And that only those restaurants that are able to have been growing. The number of chains that have been expanding. You know. You know there's that are still basically able to benefit you know. And they and they come up when you know ways of doing that and they mentioned three being yum. Wendy's believe it or not and dominoes just you Domino's Pizza stuck in the insist. Through the roof I'm tell you this is a personal experience I I don't. Did necessarily go out to chain restaurants Haloti. Sell. The the other night my grandsons at soccer games three hours lag time I'd take the younger one home and so my daughter Alison let's go to Texas Roadhouse snapped. Plug for them but right so it was near where the arena was so glad I never been in the Texas courthouse I was court it to seven that night. And it was packed. I tell you discern who's jam. Packed I mean we didn't have to wait because it was courted to seven but it was in there were all types of people blue hair small and he knows kids. It was jam packed and I always drive by the red lobster out here. Restaurant I think have been and wants. And that rest that is always packed people I guess are you don't want it just hit it in so that in him. Is very. Uneducated to an endorsement of what the Tempe and those restaurants stocks are jumping they're going Chrysler. And we which follows. You know Peter Lynch alias arguably the most successful home mutual fund manager ever made them. And you know he he beat the S and B by him by miles. All the all the time over the period of years and Iran is Magellan Fund that yes Iran yes. And unbelievable percentage gain over that period his philosophy was called by. Stocks of the companies that you observe or use steroids or who's followed this as you go to you what's going on that type of thing you know. And he was unbelievably successful that would just observation observation you know you know. You know sometimes you can be late I mean if you discover all of a sudden that to pull these. A great. Do you think it's a great race debate turned it might be five years later news gently to depart for him but in general it's a good way to do things you know take a look and then. Figure out where the stock's been in it might be an easy to way to invest it certainly worked for Peter Lynch. Right now phone lines are wide open give us call at 31520. Your totals 3808797541. If Paula wait just one minute we'll take a quick one minute break. You are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Toll free 800. 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors welcome back to the dollar knocked. To show for your biceps that management members fan as a PC register them as our feet and in RIA. Give us a call it at 3152012. Free 8087975401. Next to Paul and Sloan good morning. Tell guys the morning. They. Shield of the Google courting. Old Corning if you would then I wanna. Yet broke. Broke thirty years or is that a good sign or what no. No pity I added. Now let it take you quickly made its had a heck of Iran. I mean do you own it right now our. Forever ago it is it is thing you know see yeah okay. A failure to. Well I mean after years is finally broke down today so I don't. Really see a problem and if you've held that for years. As long as it can hold above say 26. I'm fine you know. And close at thirty dollars and nine cents a job. I'm I mean you know we it just that a major multi year breakout you know when a cut above 26. So you wanna see that 26 area holes. But you know and it was it. Apple apple. Apple signed a deal of them for a couple hundred million now in there and everybody was wondering what sort but according distort what what what what apple was up to. It doesn't hurt to be associated when apple that's Fisher you know. And you know and if I look at a regular chart. And Corning all right the 200 day moving averages around. 28. So Alia so's on the stays above the 200 day moving average at 28 you know and doesn't break you know 26 and you're in good shape. Yeah hey international order nationals have a good for you here. What's that in an engine emerging markets in general or else generally I'm glad you're Pacific growth but yeah yeah there. No it dated and it's not reporting yeah. They're coming back there they were based there and they're doing what this market did in 20089. And they they came out of the doldrums and all the son of all there. Enhancements at the European governments were doing that it's been great now it's the next hour. Yeah and don't forget overseas you know you know they're talking about maybe cutting back they're still stimulating over there right. And so that helps us so it's been a good area I'd stick it right now. Your. Because it what's what's holding back to small tips. On that I held back anymore they're they've been on the Terrell has listed on the countless. I mean I mean if you look at the Russell 2000 which is the small cap index or. We have got that. Area I mean it's up eleven point 26% for the year now okay at it a little bit volatile they're good they're been running and it's a good place to stay gleaming those. The companies that if there is a tax reform that then they're gonna benefit them in front of the most from its area that's a big if small caps were bad for most of the year but her voice their run and now there. We think that you think that tax reform bill a chance for a I don't know but as long as long as people think it does broke it into a both people at New York California. And kittens. That's going to be the interesting thing you know are we gonna be better off they got to prove there will be a word is that a second hurt. Us by not allowing us to deduct state and local taxes. Aspects I did think Schumer. And posts you would go for that being in these two high tax Agent Orange same. Oh yeah yeah exactly the the other side of the coin is it's all up the Republicans a comparison on their own that one think angry and well I agree they can't. It's pathetic. Counter party. I don't know it's time to get rid of both parties it it's I use the installer all over again good luck with that it. And yet. Appreciation now of our thanks to follow appreciate the call and thank you very much okay. Right now phone lines are wide open give us a call 8031520. Toll free 808797541. Have a problem call it 3032123. Tornadoes reserves three to four we're gonna go next to Ed and Amber's good morning. Good morning commuters that Marty day of mourning as our. You know I like small checks could you look at the OK or me. Mail that that's one I have never heard of and I've heard a lot of them believe it. What's what's called. You quote oh really VOK okay yeah. Boys that night so now. I don't know what's going on there. I always give these good things with. Always with Biotech so it is two things that can happen right they've they may be having an approval thing coming out soon. Or they're gonna announce in I always check the news. And see when they're gonna announce results bird for one of their drugs. Credit because sometimes yeah I mean you can be lucky and you play it and you had it you know you had it and it was good news. Lot of times it is in renews your stock drops 405080%. You know. I think that's our reseller is on her fourth of October and a third either they're going to participate in the Oppenheimer and company special pharmaceuticals. Okay is there are they all go to those little press conferences but but you want to know when the when when their made the the results on the drug enters its and I accounts and once you're good image has announced the other thing. You may be may have said it is you know and saw a lot of times they'll come out with a secondary offering all of a sudden. Yeah you know they are the other thing though is one that loose does come out. That's when the short sellers joked then that you get help right away take you're perhaps. Gloria you know you learn that no question about it via. IO I always check the latest earnings report and somewhere in their notes IU how much cash they have on hand in how long it's gonna last. Yes the always wanna look at the list earnings reports though they say they weren't good through 2019. Okay thank you so sometimes they alive. A but anyway back back through this stuff. So when it would almost caveats rate. It looks very nice the chart a question about. And broken above its 200 awhile ago. It's at. It just broke resistance than. 367. You know so it's at resistance really. Antsy don't want to die here so keep a close. Even if you had nice big gain them even take partial profits in case. And and if it if you can break out clearly above this 367. Area. Next to argue would be year round for fifty. Close at 362. It's right at the resistance. Owns never an exact numbers an idea where an area. And Peter less chemicals they ask you about SE YX that's straight at resistance now and believe now 250. Sitting where I acts exactly yeah exactly that's their right and it. And in what's interesting about that resistance is it's right at the gap down area you know sort of closed the gap early he noted that it made may. Right and so a lot of times it closes the gap that can be yet but the other side of the coin is it just broke above. It's sitting on its 200 day moving average crisis is key area now. I mean I expect out they got a lot of drugs like. Sets and manned lunar whatever it was gone ashore earlier and then. All mankind yeah yeah and they did you. In other than the similar things can take place. Anti viral drug. Yet there's I mean this is court this is a very critical area Ford you know etc. I watch very closely if it can break out above this. The next objectives would be around two and 94. And 322. Oh. Okayed that earlier in what a day where torture should he go enjoy yourself catch a lot of fish. A it. You caught them anyway it's all that matters in an excuse that oh yeah. I remember when oh when I was very young that people took me out fishing and record of Lou Fisher. And they say oh yeah take that only just I can't do that if it thrown back in the Arab. It. Reflection yeah. OK okay thanks right thanks and only. Get. Take care. So well what did you mean filling the gap just so people opening of the gap is that on end and often they're the main date McNamee. It's back on May eighth 2017. And the low for the day was 250 correct. The next day. It dropped all the way down in open ended Dolly 82 different. And dropped to 155 so please avoid yet camp opened in there is no trades between those two prices and so Lotta times people look at it okay openness that comes back up. It may fill the gap which means get back solo and of that particular day which it did you know below of that they would say it is though to fifty all right yeah rates so it's gotten bad match practice is closed at one to 44 era. So a lot of times it can be a close you close the gap that's it. That that's it meaning it's gonna go higher it's over all came fast and that's our line manager apparently okay that's an idea snow saying okay. It it closed the gap you know it recovered all those prices that does that never never traded right. But you know. Yes if it can still go higher but you got to be aware of that's that's an important area. A committee there was a class action suit they reported there and that's borderless and usually it's a news item right that comes out the courses that stuck. Gap down. OK we're gonna go next to Howard and hammers could morning. Morning guys and don't you. And again towards the end of the show keep the kind of fest but the question I took a position in British Petroleum. Firstly because it has good dividend but how much does the well the price of oil and it's difficult answer but. It is very clear correlation. I had to take you through that off the top of my head I don't know what I would have to do is. When you what I would do is run a charge and he can do it in stock charts you know and you can put the price of oil and all over the price of the chart and see how well it follows that. OK what's a symbol for the price of oil. I mean if you were. Is there a commodity stuck there. Others but it's not neighborhoods known US always wanted it does it in itself doesn't tend to follow with that well mean you know move up with. For example say the price of oil went up 20% in my movement 10% but you can look at that it would go look at the direction. Most you're gonna compare those two charts that are opposites. Just well US all look at the charity US own looks terrible and. There's an important natural gas you have Sowers. Now that that's that soil not on me and it looks to vote I'm saying is the direction OK I am assuming I'm saying so. So for example USO went up from the may be a better one on a map that's in the at all that that's a USO went up. From. August 29 low right. Round 940. Something. And went up. The 1043 by 928 so for a month it when upgrade. And then if you look at the league. It actually went up. From August but that time. All right the same things that followed the price of weapon at that yet if you watch those two charges watch. Previous times that was just the latest time today. But one thing I did notices. You know the US so has pulled back a little bit and the gospel backhoe you know so Barroso told. But but it's a director I don't care about how much pull back. I was gonna say is this a good entry point right around this. You know price of best buy Oregon and basically. Well. So there are stronger they are here. Yet may mean that mean to break out was. It's 3667. Time. Is we're broke out that would have been the best priced by. Hello I got him a little higher but. Have you heard any assets that may charge so it's a what you want to do is you won NC. At least that 3667. Area holes in focus that would validate the breakout and the worst case if your long term investor you won the 200 day. Which is at 3547. Okay. They're predicting a price of oil to north from here but it. No isn't it it yeah lately the dollar has been exceptionally strong and pretty simple as supply and demand and the reason the price of oil has been down is because you get those people in OPEC and nonopec countries that are continuing to pump oil and sell it. Even on the black market and the other prom while it's gone up recently is we had some pretty heavy storms. Here golf and that stop some of the refining I don't take them for what it's worth I don't you might be right Arnold's gonna continue. I IC articles on back and forth there was an article recently and in read it sane is going to be an extra big supply problem all of a sudden and why I don't know nothing. I will thank you anyway for your important to appreciate the show. Okay thank you thank you calling it. OK right now phone lines are still wide open and we have fun about 56 minutes left in the show. Taking gives a call at 31520. Toll free 808797541. The other problem trade of 30321. It of the user 323. Or eight at 30324. And on a lot of people were looking at the energy sectors being a rotation recently moved over the last five or six weeks. With the price of oil energy sector is they have been very strong so remains to be seen. You know whether this sector is really your rotation and people are. Moving into that for slightly longer term movement not so it's worth you know really keeping in mind. OK so. As I said the phone lines are wide open so give us a call. Yeah I mean this talking about this a stampede tune in on melt up. There's a little signs of it volume on Thursday was five point eight billion shares vs say a year to date average of six and a half billion saw. You know looking at a by volume we're not seeing people rushing to get in the market just continues a drop in that we do have pullbacks. They come also periodically. But they're not big an update. So but I guess they don't forget in in 2007. The market was deteriorating. The averages due to a coming down for a part of 2007 are not doing O line. Yet there were some sectors that were melting up for it during that period. And I remember you know while we averages were down. You know. Are ready about 10% of them like that the basic materials sector was may be flat at that time you know. Was holding up and you say oh my god you know there's a mature as a holding up it's a good place to be for all of a sudden they joined the the stampede to stampede that happened side you know. So it's not necessarily look for the market you know but he averages to melt but I. But watch the individual sectors Chenault in one area that's been very strong and you certainly. Could get a real melt up and possible does that mean recommendation Arrington and depth at the Biotech area. Has been very high aerial. Their. And and it's interesting always mention you know couple years ago guy asked me and said. You'd think Biotech and continued you know it's it's gonna do well that's the thing some of the differences and this right now is they finally got Smart. And they're looking at different approaches for awhile it all these about the company's following the same path there. Any notice the hottest thing right now is in use that are immune therapy and and they're finally looking at that which is a big big move and that's why you've seen some amazing moves in these type stocks one example was tight. KIT which was book by yulia and in that stock was just unbelievable. You know and you know it's in that area. And among welfare be the idea is is that people get these things I have a familiar are doing that in an effort to. Keep people going wild there fighting cancer accident just keeps new new cells from forming but that's very. But all the muscles of the butt all the approaches are more in this direction lately you know and in his a lot of exciting things. On the horizon that's why its has been on there so. So as opposed to finding it in the past it was like let's find a cure for this is that it's a maintenance at sort of keeping them it and you know and extending their life takes. And in their life right now which is very important you know has some. Them both and they would the situation. Cancers in Yuma certain cancers might only have six month. You know survival rate born eighteen month and they're able now maybe to come up with things that list and sure. And maybe hopefully Sunday. They'll have a pure you know and but they seem to be heading in the right direction so anyway it's taken and the Biotech area. And once again if you buying low price. By a text that she can make a lot of money can lose a lot of money so quickly. Make sure you know also quickly and yes that you're you know you're doing in that area you know otherwise the play it safe by. Buying if the interest in Mumbai attack and announcing jump out today but it. There are Biotech sectors ETF says IDB which is mainly the larger. Companies and XP. Which has some of these smaller Biotech companies you know as well as the larger ones but you spread your risk. Exactly spread there. Risk rather than trying trying to go for the home run you know and so singles. Singles rate doubles there's a guy calls himself the butt trader. In other if it. Take me out to the ball exactly what the sabres and the other nine you did very exciting as it doesn't downtowns jumping back and it's unbelievable. Remember the days we were downtown. Does not them down. Anyway remember those remember those days. Right now with ours and of the line and to show a total and it'll. And we shall see you know it next week brings I think the averages you know. I've been going up for seven days and Rory days some of them so we'll see what happens you know. Sometimes people get there there's you know and I'm always anyways as we always say keep a little powder dry and make sure you have a plan you know you know why you're investing in light your boy what you boys. You know how to protect your profits till next week take care of at a weekend. You've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by centrist and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. Discussion of specific security should not be construed as recommendations to buy yourself. You device after an asset management 4 AM 1520 WW KB. The dollar doctor shows rebroadcast on Saturday night at midnight. You're invited to join us again then for next Saturday morning at 10 AM I am 1520 WW KG.