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I'm Peter Greco the morning Peter David Brownstein I you don't. Okay and as bright sunny warmer day now. I've found some in the complain about there's too when I you know we can't get everything that's Fisher. And if I don't have some in the complain about my life is not complete but anyway right now is January 20 2008 saying. As we roll along before you know it will be Christmas again maybe the government or reopened by who cares but it could and if it's. It is 1005 in the morning. And the reason we say that is because the show is rebroadcast. On the station yes the end 15:20 am. At midnight and less as a sporting event and then show will be gone after the sporting event. You can also catch the show every cent of the morning from. Ten to eleven eyes streaming if you go to our website Sampras than back columnists as say AP ERS TO and dot com. Most devices that connect to the Internet and pick up the show like streaming also the website over shows archives of you miss a show you replays show. The shows there. And then finally last enough at least brighten early every Saturday morning nor. Friday night. Yes Friday night we have our economic report kind of boring. Boring well don't bend them but by the reading but anyway in us. Stoner McCarthy economists and they they kind of covered the things they think were important. For economic facts from the previous week right but they also talked about a lot of the economic indicators but the trying to put some lipstick and pig so and so it. My opinion the our opinion everybody's entitled to opinions I have right now call what you are opinions phone lines are wide open give us a call bright generally. Very easy to get in. I think the last two weeks in a row we left one caller on the line we hate to do that. So what you are entirely new again reading about it when is only a minute left in the show the negative about it. So right now give us a call phone lines are wide open atoll 31520. Toll free eight under. It's 797541031520. Or toll free 800. 8797541. And right now we're gonna go to Tom and done 1 good morning. Or interior. The morning time north town wanted to send team and I'll start time and a lot India. Or Mexico not Wear my glasses and seizure and David. This morning. Hoosiers so to David yeah it yes. I particularly British dreamers and quiet while de de dreamers sometimes makes a lot of money you never know what's on paper. Until April well no not really hit a couple of now they do bitcoin. Of all I don't think so a okay ever go once news OK it's the US death. The UFF. It's the blue buffalo pet products very interest in bird mountain poison Neitzel the only. Yup because in the it's been a beautiful chart in home. Consult you know had a base couple years ago than one up consolidated broke out. Well looks like a broke out in December. You know and then now just gave another. Reiterated buy signal when it hit the C looks like 31. And price target on the chart is 44. From close at 3360 game deficit that looks very very good here right now. Like it and let's see. Swung at one of those things different charts. Interest you're looking duration of bank and JPMorgan in December downgraded it. I just when war broke out right so that shows you that's why you don't pay attention and for those things have gone. To church thing. Now look at looks very strong and accurately and as one to see if that's a reasonable price target went from 25. Two. Say 3388. Points of that little hand and I'd say at least 38 minimum target of 38 looks reasonable. Good very good very good. And and. Probably had my ninth get concerned unless it dropped under way to close at right now 3360 game. The I mean mean right now to fifty days. 31 you know so. I would say under 31 that I might get concerned. But as usual gonna dodge that was. Ali idea problem yet and I mean for a long term I mean if you're going to be in this if you if your long term investor. You know the 200 days back to 26 I don't know what price you paid forward. You know right right now you know looks very solid and it at a minimum I agree reevaluated and the 31 maybe you know. They have great products and okay thank you so I appreciate thanks thanks for calling bright and early review mandated price creators day somebody's gotta get this going yeah. Update thanks alive thank you okay have a good weekend. Here right now phone lines are against wide open. 8031520. Toll free eight under he's 7975. For one so give us a call it's very easy and be nice if we have some new callers to. Change oil we offer price. Well it used to do I can't offer anything unless he's here you know so. And the guy he's that he has all these books books books down on the base and that he gives don't have the space in the well the conference I call it down in the days archives. A there oldies but goodies then you're. Phone numbers they go through fifteen when he told creator and 8797541. And remember I said you know several weeks ago facetiously as markets never gonna go down. And who knows if that. Around and around looking at the five in a thirty year ten and thirty year treasuries or just interest in. A year ago the ten year is 247305. Under thirty. And now the ten years to 66. And 293. On the thirty so we're getting closer to that stuff planting flat flat yield curve which everybody talks tomorrow. Am which is irrelevant. No but it's it's it is very American Iran are you talking about it but it's just a history is pearls proven it's a very poor indicator right but it's something that they'll talk they'll talk about brain so. And as I said before it's only when interest rates rise rapidly you have a problem. I mean it's been so gradual. Nobody really cares you know. There's no inflation. I mean I've heard people I thought maybe two point 6% Europe there you know in that range right now. Some people are saying to into recorders some people saying throw you really only a problem with the gets above three. You know and in the bull market in the bond markets over our could be over forget above 3% who knows you know when it comes down to. And you know meanwhile leading averages keep it new highs right now I think the Dow's up what five point 47%. For the year wrong. NASDAQ is so point 6% so much as six point 27%. As some tees up five point 11 in the Russell 2000 and a lagging behind her but we're seeing home building fall numbers fall in the a look at. The say the weather which is possible. But it could be higher interest you keep looking at all these things all that man is is price the market is telling you it wants to go you know bottom line while unlike you I look at everything about it marketer that you drive yourself nuts you know in. Unless you're good at it in there may be some people can interpret the news her. Interpret what they're reading and make a good decision I don't know very many people that can do that hundreds and be lucky even yet I would do justice that. Unfortunately on that one of those lucky people I wanna find out and figure I'd like to all the people we unlucky things that hampering me play. What caused almost cost blows on zone now the I'd like to figure of the coin that's on Tryon yeah I just. Can't get mine and had her well and as I used to say I don't have to figure but it's around you know this trip though currencies that forget how many thousands now different grip currencies there in expire December there's a seminar. Must've been. When one of our sister stations must have been WB and the bush yesterday. Advertising in a seminar are of some type of thing where you know we'll show you how to do this we made. We've put on 2000 ME two million and then you know he just one day stuff ethic that. I guess I mean I am in the watch whoever learned in. Matter of fact the two hottest areas are declines in Merrill one stocks and and I was watching webinars Merrill on a stuffed it told you before it 200 dollar investment went to a million you know and Merrill ones you know. So you know speculation but NATO lost 200 bucks within a matter no I mean you know like to lose 200 books. There knowing you you would have been out of 400 dollars outlet that. I could echo have been added to fifteen an important meetings and who notes accurately comes down through. But in you know if you had a to a government shut down to the market care now. Well it wasn't. Is I hate hearing that you mentioned then I look at the premarket trading just use duo work here but. Yeah the M and it looks like the Dow Jones is down about four. But yet the S&P up one and a quarter yet the NASDAQ up four. The Russell's up about a point you know so you're rated the they don't you know comes it's actually more efficient and shut down saves us money can. My vote now I think that you know something that nobody anticipates. Could eventually hurt this market news and nothing that you're reading about. In the regular telefrag about forced him. It have to be a total surprise you know the sun comes out all of a sudden there. And you know you know them now that's and obviously the market could have a correction I think the markets supposedly one day short of record of not having a 5% correction or something like that who you know. And and that's kind of surprises me you know way because I thought last year January had a 10% correction I. Heard a couple people discussing that yesterday or else they are trying they are debating whether it is there or something. And I don't know if they're talking about close to close intraday high intraday low value measures. Rice and that's and I always tell people I was watching a seminar and a guy who does big cycles he's been around for forty years it's like you know. And he was saying that people are all excited about this market move but they say it's one of the slower rising markets of any. And their idea forget where it and his cover what's gonna Sally measured bull markets right right type of thing you know over a period of time right we've seen it rapidly and equipment than it did the ranking of it of these kind of moves was one of the lowest. In terms there's probably using percentages do it could be 100% as whenever you know as much as this market you know seems to have gone up it hasn't been. A rapid rise in the next its volatility so yeah yeah and it's just steady gradual rise in the market I think people are complacent. Possibly could be Thelma and replace him but I think there's a lot of people amidst this market for many years now been sentenced frightened to death you know. Who would you please allow us to aluminum O'Neal's big savers serve there afraid of having to go through it's probably stories are drilling and yes it was me it was you yeah I think yeah and that's. Yes that is a lot of people have seen than their parents went through an exit 789 and yeah exactly. So. And you know they may be when the millennium is get all excited and start pushing their money in the market that obedience and I don't know you know my mother's depression. And apparently isn't there an. Depression baby and she's 93 capitalists are in a penny is a penny tour I mean she's tied as there is there comes from them so. Growing up as an attack appeared daughter of an Italian immigrants and boss and then it's tough and you never get out of it. Remember our viewers who used to do web where I guess he would use a depression personable that he would not spend dying man who's worried about it yet exactly and matter of fact the any money keep his money in banks to banks don't. They earn myself a couple of clients that are there anywhere in summer I have some even older net. The younger than myself button that is old is you know all of them and it just. They don't trust the banks don't trust a government that nor talking about things on cell phones and it feel that each to a zone yet and say right now as you can tough on my answer why did open. 8031520. Toll free 8087975401. But it on next to David in Fort Myers good morning. Good morning and I had a little question here. About did you put in signature. Yeah when you Arab stacks. Like are. Beat and MasterCard you need search dramatic moves. Where can you look for a support level. Without going to get that far. Well. The meat to get an area does as I was gonna do. These. So. New. And one in the west these days 1227. In a close and it is you say to me you know. I don't get that excited me in terms of people say they call this a long stem operate. And if you look at the point and figure chart it's come up from 194. Hours straight up the 122. Via an and it means that all that means is on the way up is hasn't pulled back. Six points you know. In awe and the whole time so it has ever had as a matter of 5% correction. No which the market hasn't you know. And you know I look at the period this is so mean since about what June or July. In hasn't it hasn't had a 5% correction right. So but yet so what you could do is you can you can change the box size on the charge okay. And I know whether does that alive and for exam. Charged. It's. You change right now it's they eat they use it two point right. Her and so so if you change it to a one point box chart pride then it's gonna pick up. Three point corrections. On the way up. And if you did that which I just filed them totally but anyway operator error out and I used to go I tell willingly get operator Kirk. Eckert the let's go to one point chart of case if you go to a one point chart on visa. All right that so that looks a bit different and it would say that the support level would be 107. There there's your answer. That's one that's one way to do okay. Now that might be too far back field I don't know in other words was that about 12% correction or some moderate you know. And social I normally do is I'll go to a bar chart then okay. Take a look at the bar chart. And I can use all sorts of possibilities you know there's plenty of possibilities. I can look for a recent support level. Which would be right around. That city in the 111 area 1111112. Sure or I can look at the fifty day moving average rise and say values that is a possible stopped area. Around 113 81. Through about the same. So I would say you know I would do so I'm. Actually change I hit I should use very different. Things don't just go to or configure. Long enough and yet when you can't get something clear from the point and figure. Then you. Go to a bar chart okay or else change the scale on the appoint a figure chart. Very selective Q&A and not another look at it you know. Made it similar similar where. Massacres. A little back. Where where it's supposed did. That's a different teacher and yeah yes so so if I look what what is a symbol on and they remain a new era is innocent. And me so five I looked at than the standard point and figure chart. You know you would say oh it's it's all the way back there 142. Herself right. And if I change that to a one point barred chart it would be. It's changed. The more or by around 150. Her hair. And then a front and then a fight than of I used to lying chart you know and it. So then you can decide you have to decide for yourself what risky one to take you know as a philosopher I use a line chart. The fifty days at 152. You know. So I would say somewhere in that 15152. Area you know. Very great quality TV. Felicia objective what is at 146 so that's where Boca I don't exactly broke her book it exactly. Silicon portrait systems to talk to possibly compact. Yes and that's the owner general ideas if you have one charge you say is things things supports two way more and I won a wrist then. You have to pick another point use one or the other ways. About Maria Costa Albert how's the weather down there. A little little little little well down pretty considerate surely. You know I mean it sixty tiger. That's terrible here and I've probably isn't windy there is that the okay. And thank you so much Somali have a nice weekend take care. Right now phone lines wide open in 031520. Toll free 808797541. Give us a call still. Easy to get in right now so they'll wait until we ended the show. Right now we're gonna go to ready and waiting is no good morning. Good morning guys played on our view very wealthy but you know this thing is look these crypto currencies they don't sell. I've tried it called you're either company. In rapper so Koppel I was look at their net that I would even I am which is saying you're looking at the turnout and and the exchange is one of them is our. Loom in a TE LL eight. One ward LB UNE and ask they send eccentric idea. And it's selling for pennies. But I don't know. And also I would look good for big Corning. Investment trust in its target I normally don't sell and and the Arab power back to explain you know water. Worked Tuesday so I was interest. Well I mean there is a GB TC OK yeah right right which is up what sells on the exchange. Over the counter. Over the counter. And and and are firm will not let you buy any crypto currencies stocks. I. Was not just their firm it's who we clear through and don't realize that Sampras then I'm right its Wells Fargo and it's pretty big unions wells for. And that's been that's because they're a bank. And crypto currency supposedly is can be used for money laundering you know write us go any campaign to oh okay it went effort. So yeah but I mean I mean but you know there are. Other firms and so for fourth oh lord you know TD Ameritrade or whatever you can trade shows you know. Matter of fact there are firm you clearly traded up until about two or three weeks ago. As we were looking at an Friday it was able to trade somatic court up within a Monday in a stellar moments. We. I'm so and so I was in trading I'm just saying we were looking at the different pickle decline investments in these somebody called about that one GB TC arrive. Well I don't know but but I'm on a Friday at forgot which Friday several weeks ago it was we could avoid it all right you noted that it it and then Monday we went and looked at it says no buying it. So it took them a little while to catch up well you know you could sell it isn't about all but all of these things can be bought some place. I'm an exchange. Where. How do you find out what exchanged there were actors like this colored woman. Well me what's so what's a symbol on X argue that don't are guys who put up stellar alumina mud is Al and is what I'm looking at it's about fifty cents in the bag probably right around bet there and I can't get a quarter. It up but it doesn't have the exchange does that. In turn. Well let's see what Christmas is CNN and you know not really I don't I don't see anything coming up funded there. Did you. Did you Google earth and doom and I Google bit and they came as X LM. Is correct. That's weird. There's a charity because usually when it's an excel lamb. That sounds like it sounds like an abnormal New York Stock Exchange or American Stock Exchange and I would witness that strange. There's so if it was over the counter that wouldn't be the symbol Milf was over the counter. I mean I did find an excel and in Vancouver but it's not that won it cookbooks a. Yeah yeah okay. I mean wouldn't put up a lot but most most most the most of them if they're publicly traded some place or way right. You can find out where their trade genome. Well it's a trick I can't think right now I mean I've Google about to word and excel amber it's called the conference call stellar legal and and I came to the information that that their excitement you know I've thought about it well pile up than I did I called der format that they looked into it. Slept well maybe I'll call Saturday and. Check here says how to how well our stellar stellar Loman looks more like a bit cooler and pay currency crypto currency that's right I'm right. And the crypto currencies you have to go to the crypto currency exchanges. Okay. Inside and sign up with them like what what's the one calling calling base of some like that's one of them. And crypto currency I just Google's. How to buy stellar moments right are aware and remember Hornaday they came up. Today asked a where does stellar moments trade right in the first thing is under W don't read every death finder icon. It tells you about a crypto currency any gives you links to. The crypto currency exchange or in exchange offering stellar. Another option is finance which I I don't know anything about it. There's there's there's all these different exchanges. Or whether any of them are legitimate I would not doing on the question and and I'm reading on this one. 400000. Dollar K hacker makes off with stellar woman's. It really did. A are they pretty for Beijing guys that really put a tenant plan unlock it and I made millions as care right thank you via. A blockade. Yeah phone lines are wide open so you know do musical at 31520 toll free 808797541. And while waiting for some calls will break for one minute we're right back you are listening to the dollar doctors every Saturday morning live from ten to eleven was a separate statement Peter Greco a Sampras an asset management. Add to your questions about stocks bonds and mutual funds. The dollar doctors are heard live every Saturday morning on ESPN 1520 buffalo their shows are also available 24/7. At Sampras didn't dot com. Years of previous shows are available there. The dollar doctor shows also rebroadcast Saturday night at midnight. If you'd like to have Sampras an asset management to evaluate your portfolio. And discuss management services you can contact Willard or Peter. By calling in buffalo 8547541. Or toll free 808797541. Again and buffalo 8547541. Toll free 800. 8797541. Now back to the dollar doctors and will. Back to the dollar doctor show brought to you guys separate the NASA management member of Finneran as say PC register with the Imus RV and there are I aim. Right now phone numbers to call 80315. To winning total free 808797541. And believe it or not it's still very easy to get in right now. We're gonna go next to Dan in Niagara Falls the morning. Morning guys happy Saturday. You said that he seemed to. Wanna get your opinion. Oh win. Oh and you would you guys that you guys know much about this company. Semiconductor stock that much in our I know nothing something. It sounds like from a quick learner on it and are used to always say that sergeant somebody Schultz sergeant Schultz focused enterprise I. All of my favorite show on. She talked about sexual abuse he's the Bob whoever yeah he was so it journal her composure. Allegedly. Allegedly instead go and I wrote humanity human history. Today now let's see now lies at the hope you'll own it that's just recently got it did you really going. Well it's exceeded its price objective right. Close it Tony final four and closed his way to close at one point 504 new high ho Lee found. Boy I'm. It would hinder your. Eyes I say this of those of the kind of things you should die if it was it hard to buy it. You know her body buys the stuff that's way down to is it's easy for them divide you welcome it's a bargain don't realize and stuff so weighed down. Most cases as a reason behind the hitter we have some window openings open that is chirping something I don't know really isn't counting. Did you see. Where is that anyway. Oh crypto currencies. That I was busy investigating something. But anyway back to something else. Yeah I mean you know I mean it's had a heck of Iran in here no question about it but some I conduct desist those strong area. They look like this started to pick up again. There are no question especially on the images it just made into high again Bryant. In the news or always same try to buy those stocks or at least have my new watch lists so. So that makes a similar run to the last round with the Olympic I've said before is a measured monitored you know. Seven and a half point move. Upped you know from saved. Nineteen or so would be what twenty sevens in that connects objective on. So so I would look at that is being in the next objective currently. Analysts are looking and it does the the highest 26 and spoke. That just him on the middle of the chain yourself where almost there 24 to ten doesn't you know doesn't mean it's good but that's in the Austin area to look for for an objective on any right now. Well you know I've been but look at a few of these days you know everybody keeps talking of put Nvidia. And the best looks okay. You're going to see a lot of for client the other day just jumped in to buy it yet. I just you and I and Lackey. Keep saying this but I know Peter let the word look the land. Alley and you limit everybody's different you know I mean you know at some point. The highs you know. You're buying at the highs well this is just keeps on making new highs without any of these you know you could have said that to a Nvidia at fifty bucks a share sixty bucks a share in Ireland and brought it two days ago it's who Tony five it's 230. It just because I know. Yeah I mean if you look at the charts starting at point sixteen mountain it's just what they're step in. Kramer named his dog after it's on those districts or something I don't know I've had. That's an instance entire mavs and them them I've been playing around a few of the things here right now but put it you know that's that's spent that that have been going sideways now for quite awhile. Couple months yeah which is nice welcome in November oh yeah I mean it is long as you seek consolidations. And now it becomes ill. Theoretically. A more of a concern if you don't see these consolidations. On the way up yeah that's what it did for it to turn out. That deficit that is then you have these these big. No gaps you know and he had actual price gaps but areas that the stock just blew kept blowing right through blowing right to resume as a support. But now this is built up a whole support area you know. But there are involved and everything on the question about it you know didn't compete with people keep. Trying to write them off full time they're calling graphics. I mean that just capital. Sosa I would always look at the chart neon at least be in those that look like they did that they did they were consolidating all the time you know. Yet. The other one I was I was I wanted to get into but it it just got a little too extended visit is a risk that any peace. Yeah that when there are one of those watch the last couple weeks ago it was like I was trading around. You know around it through forty mark in the last two pitchers who way. In his zone and you want to seventy and 84 and close unbelievable. I would put it our what was the symbol again and it ET apple Nancy and requirements as he becomes fact that it. I mean it's an interview with you wanna try to vita pulled Agnes this to a three. Some people say never vibrates just doesn't always come back and retest it. And it's a certain percentage and just keep gone now so what's your strategy you just say well I missed that forget it. By have to position them by the other half of that retest in our children now and and that type of things you have to figure out what your strategy is going to be you know but you're right I mean. To break out was in that. Two for the by a by a point figure chart it's 248 right. But this is nice you know now you have nice support and that you know to 44 to 48 area you know. So that's I say this ensures you say hey forget that I diving catch it on the break out you know. Well the other option is you know you put in order and maybe around 250 to sixty and if it hit you know because we think there's decent to somewhat volatile a sure yeah you know. The somewhat volatile if they if they have a week we couple hours or whatever and you might get it. Exactly and that's another person's is never you know chase and always try to get it adds a somewhat better price you know. And you know sometimes too icy that backfire. And I wonder why that at 52 and goes to 52 an innate never sees 52 you know the revised 52 minutes of the 42 right here so I mean you know there is no easy easy way immigrants do you have to come up what you're strategy isn't. Well I mean basically both on the got to control your risk right exactly that's an area got a was saying how much risk percent of whatever it. Yeah how much risk you will in the tenth you know you know in other words you always wanna you know wanna just picked 10%. You know because. Charts are different you know rice is a different but you wanna say as long as I can see is support it's that 10% or less an interest rate. Well like this one here clearly conceded at 240. No exactly yeah. Exactly it's and I mean so so a lot of that's why people and make a mistake when they say about the drops 10% amount. Now you know know its goal looked at what's a reasonable level and where the fires where the buyers are going to be you know you don't wanna be out where the buyers have been dangerous of the. Although you wouldn't actually part of what the park church where do you are you you would. Can you pick that up through stock chart. Hillary you do that or know what you can do I mean I subscribe to I think. One of the best services which is TC 2000. And see who and I paid 29 dollars a month. OK but but they let you do also to scanning right off the charts you know it yet you know Sosa mowers for example I can put also to moving averages and I could say scan. Indicator from chart and who gave me. Skiing and all stocks that are broken above their 200 day moving average. So it's a nice platform if you wanna pay to 2999. And it must be good I don't know many things that Peter repaid twining and I'm. I couple but you do right but if you don't want to have all the bells and whistles this replies which can use. Which is great really almost that it can do. Go to free stock charts that. Region free so charts. So it's free stock charts that which is their same service. For Fareed but it doesn't give you all the nice bells and whistles but that'll give you a nice player with the charts look like. Certain amount of indicators he tried. So that's the that would that's the difference that's a different site instructor it itself. Exactly and as this is the warden brother's company for TC 2000 Obama. That the fact turned the doctors and I don't I don't know me I thought maybe it's not a it's. It's not that's about it too it's on this particular play. Well that is good evening you can change that charts and and call up it's a sharp shards which is the point the bar chart right. You play around with that could you just tell them okay charge on it but to try to free stock charts are not. It's a lot better. Prepared pay packet casual okay well and have a great Rick have a good weekend team okay rate now you're listening to the dollar about Fishko SP and 1520 and that Buffalo, New York remembers finesse PC register at the Imus RB. And then RI AA ERA means that we are registered investment advises besides being a full service brokerage account we can manage. Your accounts that are firm you know we have also to different programs based on your risk tolerance. And also we're able to manage accounts that are held outside the firms such as your 401K you 403 B. Yeah so we do provide those services we also do have insurance you know certain insurance. Services that we provide. And if you go to our web sites after the netcom that Ceci APRs Theo and that com you can find out all the services our company does provide. A contact numbers there so if your interest in news services. You're able to give us calling contact us. Right now all the phone lines wide open give us a call 80315 to when he toll free eight under 8797541. And I will mention those talk about Barron's Barron's had their panel would all of their stock picks and it was interest thing you know you're looking for. They watch list of stocks. Not to just go buyout by because it was listed him back answer right. But. They have a number of their panelists if there different picks out there. And you can go through him and take a look and whatever approach you used to analyze them you can do it for yourself we always say to your own research so if you have a an approach you use you can analyze the Texan of of these. Different supposedly well known. Investment professionals and one of the Indian mystic and latched Jefferies and truffle boy buffalo boy who by the way. Right now often fixed income people loves you bank loan. Stocks into them floating rate loading racing him now makes cents. And for awhile you know barons and articles. Couple months ago at a very negative line that he was put there it was very I think it makes sense because as rates go up they'd just and they also an animal based on Libor. You know in the Libor rates going up. There there rates go up. And that's the idea of a floating rate well we have a couple of people that relies for a while a fly ball wasn't going up or there were certain caps. In other words until like we're got above a certain level. The rates didn't go okay. So you have to watch what you're Aniston's rates so it's that simple no but it's yours and if Libor went from I have to 1% didn't matter. This is what our business does that make it difficult OK it's not that difficult rates are going up gradually so you should probably look at something. Exactly so it does especially even in tax exempt funds Eden you know of clients haven't gotten older their incomes maybe not as much as on their in their peak working years and so we've seen. A lot of some of the higher and even the highest New York State tax exempt fund. Coming down. And to a point that the floating rate you can. Do is good with some of these floating rate funds depending on what the kid current yields are you can do as good as what you're currently doing in tax exempt funds. So it's good to talk to your broker call Oswalt talked to him and it was extinct. And Barron's ever there were very positive number of people very positive and junk bonds right now that they said the spread between the jump on the Treasury's come down very low. And normally is not to blow. And usually junk bonds and a very good economy and our defense was saying fourth quarter will be 4% GDP in the first quarter will be 3% GDP. So is the risk of bonds defaulting becomes less and less known as junk bonds up. Things to think about you know and you know you can basically we're always has something for it right now. Okay. I've something that says take this first so I will take this first. Well okay. Frank from Clarence good morning. Every morning. You. Normal well out of an editor. Are you hunt and over again glad that your visas swisher I. I'm just blessed to be sitting here next to Peter. Arm I'd pick up 150. Shares of eight. The power hitters short. Term. I didn't go all in not I just that's about 10% of my portfolio so I'm walking. Not necessarily a correction but I think what all of it so. I bet she could and that. The government shutdown had a little worried but it's almost becoming like normal. For them to expand that but like what does it doesn't go through or what do they don't. Bomb come to some sort of agreement by Monday. I think that will sort of been site may be enough beard to get things correctly what do you think about that. Don't think so doesn't look like it. Or article are both totally disagree there history shows it doesn't matter. Once again I credit I go to history in and all government shut downs of course is no problem whatsoever. That just some of the. About I mean if you look at that we talked about the premarket indicator sets today Saturday the twentieth of January at 10 o'clock in the morning. The indicators show up but that's today Saturday but. Haven't heard much no I haven't heard of people on hand wringing in. He talked Noam mayor brown this morning says they can go two months without it affecting any thing in the count me. That could affect a couple things I mean it's a little bit different then what it was even a thirteen. That the parks will remain open the go to the east fed national parks but the people get paid. I don't know if that's. Efficiencies and but the military Alexis but they don't get paid him. Our elected official added. Volume now you sound cynical thing come and it's a corporate on early and Malia ten years or talking you're talking about retiring. No no it's good to be cynical. Yeah I mean you know you this question is set yourself that's fine you know you know. And whatever you dream you may have you may turn out to be right at the most something else absolutely should come along Joan. But but that. You know this. I'm looking a bit like a charter of of the doll or DIA but what is it yet that little rental and it just looks like they're some. It just it just popped this week so we had a nice little week and then I mean I'm looking at charts that look just like that I'm you know individual securities. And if that's not an individual security. That's welcomed like a golf already did TR in the dumps I mean. It's yours you're scream and are outside at at almost ninety. Never about now hi. I can remember watching. I'm like are needed and they go after it and move and become more conservative position and didn't mark out a turnaround. Assuming you have to do what you're comfortable with the men I've heard other people say and ours I've ninety's very bullish right. The entered the obvious big because we saw people don't read businesses and overbought oversold indicated which really only works in trading range of markets okay. In time and and in markets that are rising it'll go to very high levels and all the means is boy this is a strong market. You have to do your and you're in a critical point of history is charged York trading history. Because disease you may not seem markets like this for another A ten years senator who knows how long. So you're trying different things you're using logic in saying you know this the only government shut down so of this at. That's the same logic sometimes people use them buying utility stocks in the in this fall saying that's going to be a cold winter. They're gonna go up not realizing that utility companies hedge. When they use our commodity self but this a good experience Torre and and you're not like you said if it's 10% you know can kill yourself it doesn't look like it's going to be a disaster. But he you may not make it quick hit that too although that something could happen this afternoon or tomorrow to make your worst. It may look out it is so that's always thought it like is better and and that it I salute all of us will agree with that gets him if he. Are yet gridlock call again as well great listeners involved appreciate. Bucket thank you. Right now phone lines wide open 8087754010315. To one of frank in Rochester good morning. Good morning gentlemen how are you today okay thank you. To rank and roll hall in the area. I never that's what threw me off a really agonized look at it as looking at Franken Rochester new says frank from someplace tells us I don't know what's Conan so. Yeah they're good. At that I is it. I don't know how many years ago was. One of your seat callers recommended beat US food and it was about nine dollars and change. Oh just over an interest in everything about this year's and then. We're not about 4849. And then dropped down. I don't know low forties how you Moody's announcement bounce and between. So low forties somewhere and I just wondered you know what you what you thought about it going forward from here coach bill pays a good year yield I think it's like five point seven. Which is excellent. Yeah that's a good deal but it but it doesn't look great chance to close at thirty to fifty thirty to 55 answering gone south since December don't forget the thing hit. 51. It's been going steadily down. Any reason why don't wanna take a profit when I was up a fifty year and. It is I have a hard time and perhaps. That's the only on the hard to send sell such as when it's up. I took some profits last a month and every chemical properties and their status stock. Like just next to the next thing that we just got. Nazis to call us when you cells are we combine and still has an adolescent doesn't wrongly taken profits you know the Ian you're never gonna catch the top you know. And an invented and sell everything you can always sell half of something you know so this thing went from nine the fifty why not sell half of right. Rory through yet and and yet it is a busy that you get bad habits like you go. All right I got stopped out that thing turned around so I'm never gonna put a stop in again you know and and it's not the right thing that we have to and we all do it yeah we all do it wrong guy. It's easy to preach you know it. No I know yeah you're right good but I mean electors are. What as far as this back and mean would you like look at getting out of there holding onto it for a. But I would say at this point is. If it broke. Below. The city the low is 2995. Okay. So anything below 2995. I think I'd be out of it you know. Poker him back in early January Cramer was very hot and the Stockton. Because of its millennial advantages he calls itself. That was January 4 and fifth so. You know does have a nice dividend five point seven. Yet lately he's been he's been positive harbored them prior days or negative I thought you know he's. Colon. Altria parent and him a letter. Brian present look at when the level in the level. OK and if you wanna give it a little bit more room I'd say. Under 2883. You know so so accident that when he nines. But I just say. This. Morning I eighty I went 2990. You know somewhere around there or 28. EU three. Right all the other thing outlook unless we can somebody mentioned you know Mays are robotics. And also it's quite a great I device from. 00 what level. Kramer made this call you assume necks into this surgical he says I know it's very very volatile stock right ultimate look and Escobar. Deal easy. And an account and somebody mentioned and I know he says something thousand bottlers right yeah. And then I was looking at the beginning of this summer and of course what do you do it Lincoln Neuheisel as we know exactly here. Yeah yeah of course yes so I wonder what would the what do you think is a good. Strategy forward getting into the air auction wait. Because again I hate to chase a stack making life. Well. Yeah I mean I've always said you should be looking at new highs is that's telling you something you know. And I would say. Is a number of different ways to look at it and I would say the right now if I look that changed. They made its they would tell you the truth and if you're gonna buy a pullback mean the fifty day moving average and this is back at 24. Arrived. To our toys 24 and something 24334. Real. So you say well try to buy a pullback but is it gonna go back that four and so right if your interest enemy million doses take care for position right. Right and say if it comes back the old now the price of by and than I've averaged my price you know. Or the other than watch the other advantage of boxes at least it's a collection. Of robotics and artificial intelligence companies say not gonna depend on any one company you know if that's true whereas praise Zore. Can be the greatest in the world but if anything happens you know. Who with the product or whatever. No you're subject to much more you know. We're very well OK they're good point. But I EU and don't have a very very. Miniscule yield to good research has yield enough so that eat them but. Do you have one more sure. Okay you know mayor mark sacks and more I am. Yeah. Am lying. Am I am am at him with a double lemon there to Syria. Yeah yeah yeah. And Mosley can use chart on those images. The I read something about a month ago that this. I pricing was Warren Buffett's favorite cut staff and stuff. Gordon yeah neighbor if that is that's all that's great news. Believe I am so anyway Warren Buffett's. Together anything do with Maryland's. What I think those articles agree salt. Well you know if you look if you look if you look at this it came off room. Penney's you know. Greg to seven and then closed it to 79 all of the marijuana stacks had a big run. And they're all in the consolidating. Correcting right now tearing Mel lower and that's obviously. You gotta realize this is a very speculative area to burn. And it's not you know because it's marijuana just it yet in the long run some of these companies are going to be big companies you know in the as there should be legalized marijuana that's the thing should they stand about the legalization candidate yet and can legalization male self. But it's like the Internet stocks back in the 2000 you know 2000 how many of those survive in the handwriting you know for Sosa got to realize that you know. So it's on looking at this it did run up from pennies of the woods day and actually hit our guy around. Port our four dollars or some and then it. Plunged. To a good dollars sixty years seventy right Monday. Right now I went back up on it's been bouncing around so. So so you do have that risk technically down there that 17 the year if you're willing to take you know. The other thing is the fifty day moving averages right era and 231. And that's would have bounced off you know so if you were to play it I wouldn't wanna see it come down on the net you know 231 you know. Do you want yeah okay. Thank you fingers and your wrist on the 175 and it depends and you with the Atlantic at risk. Right OK. Okay well as I get to that one date it was down seven counts of you put in the code. A limit order for under 230 some 231 and it's just it's so well all the way of most every day might be able to. People looking CAPTCHA below to 31 have so far. Well OK okay. I don't think remarks are pentagon appreciate the call thanks call again OK okay thank you take care. Okay that we have time for now at least winner of seven or a more calls known it's actually 1055. One time the same then people you know and all right rushed to reflect and there was somebody there would put they'd drop off the lines of you know. Yes or down for the last three minutes of the show and we US oil output is expected to surpass Saudi Arabia. As it wrote them rivaling Russia for the top spot it was a famous person simply connect the drill our way out of this problem. Barack Hussein Obama who were so. Anyway I don't know I truly don't know your eyes and who says okay. Do I win anything you you would give news Epperson teachers. We have we should give them that they didn't go with three articles on active teacher there you go go have your picture and try at least one person list from one who can have your picture. And he's offered darts will pass and that he. Anyway I guess we don't we have time for one more call so we have done in two minutes left in the show markets keep going up. Be careful we don't trying to interpret the news unless you're good at it you know once again if you if you found over the years. Then you're very good interpreting the news in making decisions in judgments on more power to you know. But. In general I found most people who pay attention in the news make mistakes you know. And they make the wrong decisions and you're concerned about the wrong things it shouldn't be so it's OK okay overall eating and who's put. But reacting to know you know you know. All that matters in the course technical analysis price is the only thing that matters priced owes you everything when it comes down to. So views and hustling and running so so pay attention now pay attention to you and if it's not acting well right. You know it's going up and all of a sudden news the markets making the lies and your stocks are new lows throughout my telling you something. Illustrious career I've talked to people have had 41 case and what they'll do. As they say no I always see the you know performance over last three months or six months and I've by those that are doing really good. Historically that's not the way to do it either so. But maybe that is that your gonna this market your it's my everybody's talent like other things we have. Well I mean it if you buying well not yet. If you buys them it was good and Lester Munson has been good for five years that's different but anywhere down to the end of the show people little patted dry do your own research. Thank the callers have been calling give us comments we take care. If you've been listening to the dollar doctor show. Every Saturday morning at ten Woodard centrist and and Peter Greco answer your questions about stocks bonds mutual funds retirement issues and the economy in general. The dollar doctor shows brought to you by Sampras and asset management member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority SIPC MSRB. Discussion of specific security should not be construed as recommendations to buy yourself. You device after an asset management for am 1520 WW KB. The dollar doctor show is rebroadcast on Saturday night at midnight. You're invited to join us again then for next Saturday morning at 10 AM I am 1520 WW KG.