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Sunday, January 7th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Tony Wolfgang. Hi everybody welcome to a target. And thank you so much for joining us today I am your host penny Wolfgang and every week we're here to talk with subjects that we think are interest seeing an important in current. And helpful. We think especially today because we're going to be talking about what I think is one of the most important issues. And I'm sure you would agree with me and that is our security and security of our children and our loved ones in these turbulent times and studio with me today. Is gay visit indeed true Leo. And David is a defense. Defense or thinks chief operations. Officer of and he is going to explain to us lunch. As a decorated combat veteran with over twenty years of military service he is willing to share and teach others. About what he has learned in what he knows and what do we eat should learn and know from him right David as to guessing. I wanted to thank you so much for coming I want to ask you if maybe you could tell our listener is a little bit about yourself and your background and the four week. You know get to let down and the security issues that we want to advise everybody vest so they'll know. How were how much experience you have an that you know you talk about. Yeah. Well some the twenty year combat veteran did that ten years in the navy. And they did a thirteen years in the area. And in my last deployment was in Afghanistan where I was a team surgeon. And now we ran teams throughout the mums and Afghanistan. And training local nationals hunted to some Celso. When we do leave they're prepared to protect themselves against Taliban. So I ran hundreds of missions and and trained and all Russian made weapons systems and American made weapons systems and and some very familiar with with weapons in general. And what it's like to be. Stress inoculated which we can talk must surely. And home court now plays to actually be beyond the paper target. And and be aware of what it's like to have someone who's an actual threat coming at you. I'm also behavior detection officers through the Department of Homeland Security. My job is to. Do behavioral analysis. I've been training with the FBI special surveillance troop on surveillance and and that counter surveillance techniques and tactics and interviewing an interrogation courses. And so I like to apply. That as well into situation awareness and people who are carrying guns should be on the lookout for. So I'm talking to the real Bauer what was found his first name. I left him Jack Jack but Jack and talking to elect a real Jack Fowler. And you hit it you know I set I have watched that one or for a coming through most of my in deployment actually has and a funny scene ever relay I picked I picked and that Clinton and or. The other one. It's coming back soon I think homeland. Oh yeah thinner than civilian. Oh you'd like death but I haft to hope that two and to. You're servicing and what it was like the way it where did you get training. In the service itself to be noticed in just a behavioral pot part. But a sinking of the behavior apart criminal minds if Deutsche then yes and other links him if I win they concentrate on doing to. And so many of these are so realistic and I think their actual real people. It's scary to think we knew why he can't help but wonder what's going on a person who's making the most down to yet yeah well I'm hoping that they have like consultants that you should be. To sell its. Yeah I think yeah I think there's a show called liar liar that was so the person who is in my position to the same. And kind of do the second thing Intel and Sony is sandwiches and when their line I was side and hedging around. In now from the bench when he is like sitting beside me but anyway to go back to I want it's an escaped just about training. That you received a square and now. Well. Primarily you know one in the military this is not what we created here on the East Coast is nothing new. It is specifically if tactics we use in the military to make us some of the best military in the in the world arguably. And so you know it. What most shooters are comfortable with and what there all they know always to arrange. A static range really stand behind the firing line and shoot at a paper target. But the military breaks it down even to further in the shooting cycle so we got to get beyond that. Safe firing line and learn to shoot from around corners are back on the side and your knees. Because you made have to find cover. And understand indifference street between covering consuming. One stuff some bullet and one doesn't. Then. So those skills are used the next step down that bizarre reflexive fire in a 360 your environment. Because just like longer in Afghanistan. There is no more enemy lines so you can come from any direction. Just like we saw it in Vegas with that shooting. You don't know where you don't know from what point can be coming from. So. Our awareness and our ability to operating environment. Is important and in the final and most important aspect. That the military taught me. In our preparation go overseas for combat and make it as realistic as possible is to create an environment that Mears then. And so for Afghanistan who we went to four four bragged and that train for three months. NA stressful environment living just like we would. In an area that looked and looked and sometimes small just like it did for cease. But they brought people in from overseas to to allow us to see was like two years to work with people who speak the actual language. And interact with them and understand their culture and things so that's what we're doing here defense or we're bring in that. Local where you step to travel to places like. Well Vegas and I California and now west. Now we can do here in the East Coast to a full spectrum just like we do military. And since you Larry in Afghanistan as well us and other and Middle Eastern and I think territories they spoke up. I. Well I think that we have to we have to make a stand at some point. We can't let them walk over suspicion in light of what we saw from my eleven in the offense for the brought it and made this a home game. I think it's a tough decision because. Because everything we do. Affects the lives of thousands of people as we saw come. But personally am mile oval I think now. I think if anything we probably you take a harder stand her approach in this conflict has been to win the hearts and minds and I think we have to. From my experience of break the will of the people to to get her point across and but that's a tough thing I think our military and asked me a last resort when it's used in these two these two full six cent. And when you're actually in comment you said Ewing not just incumbent but trying to train. And leave behind troops that you feel could handle situations. Once you gun is that ever gonna happen. Then a sleeping or turn either one both. Well I think I think they're. I think percent see now we're actually raising the levels of troop involvement over there because I think they realize that. Our initial approach wasn't. Quite would need to be to get the job done so. Our current administration is giving the power back to the military to. Take care of what they what they feel they need to do to get the job done without their hands being crossed so. I think there's an end game aside I couldn't tell when north I didn't know I probably wouldn't say. Ha I think I'm thinking of a lot of questions I can Escude that you can you tell me the answer to I hope anyway gonna be aware tacking to David 22 Leo and down and he is. Is a decorated combat. The veteran with. Twenty years experience of military service and he's been an area of operations enduring freedom and no noble eagle. Hey Chris Noble eagle. It's just that term through this this latest conflict that word you were him as they're calling it. And depend. As he's an expert in a small units direct combat missions. He's delivered hundreds of pistol permit and concealed. Popped concealed carry courses so now. One and two talk a little bit about you mentioned of the active shooter situations that you are trained for in the chain of this for. How well what is. Well first what's defense or defense and that's your company yes and what's what. Don't defense during Q is the company that brings the full spectrum of training so we don't use life fire in our facility. Because we don't wanna take away from that that's certainly being done in the local area. But critical piece it's not being done. Is the ability to them to get out of an extremely risk mitigated way of shooting and be able to get comfortable and shoot train like you would actually. Do so it's one thing to be in agreement marksman offend many people who are extremely good at putting the bowl where they need to pull it. But then when I put him in a stress environment and they don't know when to. Make that decision that's probably the most important critical thing. Especially from his as a judge you've probably seen people making decisions and as cannot operate in those environments can be something that could affect them Mercer lives. Right because it's now at this stage it as you've cleaning out it's not a static situation where you can Google extend the underlying aim for. AEA a target on what from the doing target shooting you know I think obviously. I won and it went out of at the experiences that you mentioned before. First of the world before our last base even was. It is shooting at schools school shootings I think making first. Now it seems like the idea of how to deal with active shooter situations. Has changed in the last. Maybe ten years or and now recently. It would they had one idea in mind and they had one protocol. And I think it was changed because of situations have changed and they've learned I and thinking from. Experience that there's a better way to handle it. Yeah baby law enforcement. Yes I think there's so many aspects of that we just don't have time to cover when it comes to LA can now eleven on the use the down the razor waste take on the plane that'll never happen again in my eyes because. People know you don't just listen to the terrorist another plane will be landed safely announce they've got to take the matters their own hands. I think you know even these things like sandy hook for example when not her son had access to legally don't pistols and rifles. And so so we we and our courses. Stressing importance of responsibility with that. And well me not a stop to would have slowed the process down maybe give them a chance to think about it but he had access to a Tom the toughest thing uses as apparent we don't want ever think your kid would do something like that who still other responsibility because it is under our. Our controls that we have to do that so that's probably the biggest things starts with the people who have weekly on pistols and and rifles to make sure that day. Are responsible with them so I believe or what should have that stuff but I think they should be response would be well trained for so that's part of it right there. I think response. My partner pack can is a law enforcement officer currently and they firearms instructor for the police academy. And they'll tell you that when seconds count police are minutes away. And so I think we often think them or like to hope that police are here to protect me individually. And the reality of it is. In the event that so much that happens is not something I wake up knowing I'm gonna be a victim Carolyn Fort Lauderdale at the airport when they're five people were killed. Those people got up that morning not thinking they're gonna get killed and hoping to get on the cruise and and enjoy their life and unfortunately that isn't going to be the case anymore. So what do we do in that time between please don't vacation and when they arrive they could feel like an eternity. So that's where we come in. The the typical run high fight to me is starting to change we teach them. But to me I don't wanna die with a bullet my back if I can if I can stress more of the situation awareness having a plan before it happens. And in the event that it does happen what are my options. And we do believe that under second memorize we should be able to defend ourselves and the most horrific situations like that. So we've looked different things and one of them is a part of the faster program. Through buckeye. We've worked with the so we know group met nursery and over programs and to. Educate and train teachers in Ohio schools. And right now we're about vote away from becoming primary instructors for Pennsylvania so I'd like to someday see that happening here in need New York. Teachers being being trained. Insecurity and in arms safety yes so so what they're doing is they're recognizing that there are. Pistol permit holders who are teachers. And if they're willing volunteers in the school board approves it. Then they go through three day intense training program. Learning marksmanship extremely good merchant ship that has to. At the end and they have to qualify within 90% or higher generally even higher than the police officers do on their tests. Than they go through a day of a medical training it's called tactical combat casualty care learning to assess the situation for survivability vs non. Learning pressure manages tourniquet and sucking chest wounds all the events of what can happen with a balloon around. Come just that training alone has been known to save. Administrators and schools. It may have been something that could've saved even more lives in the Vegas shooting. Is having these things that we used in combat when some 5000 feet above elevation in Afghanistan and I can't just give. Now I don't want to show up in five minutes it's going to be hours and so these things were bring into the street to train. The average citizen to be responsible to be able to help you save you people the best chance of survival. The the last day is is in their school we do scenarios. Life scenarios where they actually get involved in seeing creative. And if they graduate them will be a resource that should something happened they can be that stop. In between. The shootings and when the restaurant. I usually interrupt for a moment Casey just tuned in today you are listening to on target. With your host penny Wolfgang in. And today we're talking with David to two Leo and basically. We're talking about. Security. You or security of family security. Children in the school security. I I guess anywhere now and I'm listing the places I didn't get to church yet but. There's so many and events now that happened. They that in whoever it is a crowd wherever it is people wherever there is a mean you know does decide Boxee. That the trucks but just people watching a parade or people wherever they people congregate. That I don't know what you're advice is a way. You would say to people about how to not be a victim. Well you know we're we're age it's different from when we were growing up do we now have these phones and things and tie up our attention with people go to religious at a restaurant. For New Year's Salvatore is and I'm looking at the table full of guests. And sound everyone talks on the phone or missing out on these opportunities to be able to they have camera sees with the each other. But be being aware of what's going on around us and that's the most critical thing I think. We had I think that that. If you're shooting happens and I'm involvement I have to use my pistol I've missed about six or seven things before they even happened. And so we talk about you know how are you make your observations things to look for what's normal what's not. Gathering what's called an environmental baseline of known in this area it's. Seven near eighty degrees and everyone's wearing shorts and and T shirts and someone walks in with a trench coat. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with them but it does stand out and why doesn't. And so in my line of work we further pursue that and learn to investigated and and talked to own and find a way it may be may be. Maybe there vampire Campion son of an effect but that's but nonetheless it's. That maybe the worst case scenario they have big eight case something under their transco yeah so that's what you're saying to be a servant. Well you know we saw like the Boston bombings it was two males between you know twenty and forty years old they were their backpacks. And similar dress with hats on and things and so. And what's normal in that environment for for marathon is shorts and you know running sneakers and water bottles and I see two people of backpacks it may be actually nothing but if it stands out is not the normal why would someone have a backpack there. If if you were mere someone who is trained we would go up and ask him and talk to him through just a casual conversation. And may find out that there are backpacks filled with water in the re supplying points that would make sense to me. But I wouldn't get those kind of answers if I didn't engage him or at least draw attention to them reckon if I was couples that I can get law enforcement to at least. Look into an. So if they they have a saying at the airport if you see something say something if resistance in rent probably right I just have a way of putting a number two it sounds. I have spent about this it is very is stated by ace. Also. You point being that people are so busy like talking in a phone alert at you know or texting or something that they. Not being observing to about the situation surround them and that's why a lot of these things a lot of these situations could have been avoided. Going back majesty to the situation itself but. We keep reading and that there were signs very often of the person themselves the person themselves. Their behavior. That family friends schoolmates. And church based might have recognized if they were either trained or at least alert. You know the Helm I think it. I think they're when it's always easier to look back consume all I can exceed I think part of the problem and why people don't report that kind of stuff is they don't wanna believe it. And I think we have to at some point we have as a nation have to understand that these times are different and down with that being said anything's possible. And we have to be people who are not afraid to talk to people get to know people and when something doesn't seem right. To not be afraid to talk to and try to seek help for answers for people that think that's what happens is people are getting the attention they're back in the hope that they need. What do they have the criticism or comment door labeling. The a lot of this as profiling. Do we believe in profiling is at the right thing to do is or is it isn't mean just misleading. I think the names misleading I mean. It is what it is if there's something that there's intelligence credible intelligence that. The lead you to be looking for a certain thing then I think you need to rely on that you'd be. On this tune remiss to not take that into consideration and from a behavioral thing I think people confuse what I do for profiling. When the reality of it is it's some it's it's science has been developed through doctor frank and Paul Eichmann. Taken years if you imagine a can of Coke. A can of Coca just a normal can of Coke doing his job. You can open it and is going to be fine but if I shake that can of Coke. With a rigorous intent and I told Toledo open that. It's gonna have you know it's gonna do things and your body is very much like that it releases a physiological physical. Things that stress or is this not normal. So if you're going to something you may have just committed a crime or kills someone. And your approaching a security checkpoint and you're not sure if I am aware or I'm already looking for you. Your body starts said the stress because it knows it does something and can't get caught. We're normal person isn't gonna have anything outside with the normal is for for people in that environment so that's what. Contrary to look for her those physical indicators. Anomalies that. Give us a reason to further address it. And a week it is so funny when you say this because we were there we just went to Israel. Wind. Two and a family vacations. And when you get to the it it's the F put you go to L it's an area. And they exactly. I I've heard that the people who work trail or at. Israeli security would never have been brought in. To train like the new York city police and people who Homeland Security because they use whatever method they use are very similar to what you're saying. The same people that taught us and other ones who created that program for the Israelis and now they've been using it with went out of some success in fact when you were there you probably talked to. Talk to them on an average of twenty times before even made it to the actual checkpoint. And you don't realize it now now the bag that what I agree when you get to the checkpoint. And it is so interesting that. I mean we don't have anything like this in our in our country or that I know have presented the travels you know many to many other countries in Europe but. Here they would they danced like they talked to our twelve thirteen year old. And they easy you know little little things like what grade you win these repair which when he mother you know I mean. And to all of us you know I you on vacation where you going to have you been there before I mean just I guess. Certain. Tips that they would that they would know like if he says something wrong or if you said if you are nervous if you didn't make eye contact I can't. Now you know recite all of the the factors see that you would look for. So we incorporate a lot of them there's some things that I can't. Discuss with our nature of our job and we do corporate a lot of things that there we use. In training her and I needed jobs that can help to general public and we do offer them so. Looking for those indicators of suicide bombers and active killers you know what is is that. That they're doing or displaying before they get ready to commit something like fencing. We do address that kind of stuff and and help give people lay a clear picture of what they're looking out. They're generally anyone is it was apparent. Knows when their kids are up to no good I just have a number to it and and a name in a way to describe and so we we we hope to. Educate the public and people are managed to a kind of training. Two to give them a better understanding of what it is they're actually observing so they can articulated to law enforcement people to follow. And other different ways and the different courses and different methods of protection that person would. Learn from example from their and that in their home as opposed to it church school up for a vehicle. Well we took we use it's called it concentric circle. It's is this very much similar to bomb airport security and things it's layers of security. So there's multiple layers because they understand that Dave is not the only perfect solution to to fix am human I can miss things I can. And so there's so many different layers whether it's bomb dogs. Com behavioral analysis. Commuted tomography X rays metal detectors and people who check your identification deceit. Somewhere if someone missed one thing that catches somewhere else and that's see the hope for. I don't seem scatter when people go through those airports and things that there is a method that madness and it's all based on. Latest intelligence that they can gather try to stay a step back and so when I when I talked with. The normal person civilian who's concerned. Hmmm I don't really think there's a difference to their home. And other workplace and where they carry must say it's concentric circle how can I protect myself from the outer most clear to me as an individual which. That ends up being my gun. Tom but I wanna build protect yourself before that so I'd like I tell my daughter when she goes to the mall or maybe 12 o'clock in the afternoon. And shield plan a funeral David then she runs into friends and family in the go to eat make him my new watch a movie next thing you know it's dark. And she didn't pre planned that are at least think it is an option that she's not under a light. And she doesn't look in the back of occur before she gets into it she's on her phone she's not. Looking underneath the car she's walking up to this so this things that we we talk about to give yourself a better clearer picture of what's going on around you. And a lot of it means is it's not just Cheney but planning ahead. This is what you're saying whisper every single out people preparation. Yeah and it's it's it's giving for us this is giving them some topics to think about. In our home defense class. We break your home down and look at Tom swayze can protect yourself without. Becoming Fort Knox your landscaping and giving someone a place to hide behind so that they can get in your house through the windows and things. The lighting in the way the directional lighting is. Can help in the visibility between you and street for the general public might see something that doesn't seem right and reported so there's. And then just the the policies you have within your home and and you know it's summer and you leave all the first floor windows open as opposed to closing those and opening up so hopper forests and so there's lot things that we look at to try to do the hedge nothing's perfect. But it's making yourself we call a harder target than someone else who's not paying attention or care about them. And how he and and people find you or get more information if they wanted to take any courses whether it be. Administrator of the school whining you church or person or private person. But we're red dispenser ink that's DE FEE and has so far. I and see if your defense or think that come through the web said there were on all the different social media is opinion so. Now thank you so much it was really in the lightning talking to David really appreciated. I hope all of Allison is have learned something in if you need. Like further information don't hesitate to contact David 'cause you can see how. Amenable he is except for telling a lot of secrets that we really wanted to hear the thanks for listening to on target please join us again next week same time same stations. Have a good week everybody to buy now. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.