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On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, July 29th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests. Now here's your host honey Wolfgang. Hi everybody thanks and thanks for joining me here and on target. I am your host penny Wolfgang and we're here every week in week try to talk about subjects that we think are interesting in. Important to an entertaining in Nancy AM like emphasizing the entertaining. Part. Because so we're serious now and then a bad health and economics and damned opiate addiction in some of the issues that where all confronting and it. Daily basis here in Western Europe but once wow we get to have fun conversations we did talk about art park this year which was fun not too long ago. And can now aside the entertainment and now I'm turning to NASA receipt entertainment but the into teen terror. Because in the studio with me today is one of my really good friends and she is involved in every aspect. Entertainment here in. Question you except maybe the circus or what she can't think anything. That that my guess Darlene Pickering Hubbard has now been involved with over the years that has to do with entertainment. But at the moment. She is sound and instead I don't know if it's really each team is education maybe we should tell until Kevin to mark this in their public services education pages. It's because Charlie is he co-founder. And artistic director of theater for change and it is now in its training any fear. Wasn't really thinking about dad talking to her about that just came in studio and I remembered. But it is a very very important to here in western new York and I'm gonna him explain each unit minute but I also want to say that. It would take me the whole program to tell you darlings credits but she is also a talent agent. Helping to cast movies and commercials. With the company which I didn't know she had until now has a name. Pickering commerce kiss him during covered casting. And one of the reasons that even thought of it's having my friend darling here is because recently. It's Gina my loyal friend and assistant for my assistant producer I guess we would say. Jim my assistant producer along with field. For are from him on target. Jeanne SAT there is this really fascinating story about a woman who helps Kay asked the movies and commercials. Here in west in New York. Maybe we should talk to her. Our listeners would like to know more about that. And it turned out to be Darlene much to my surprise but then you know what they say. This is a small town rights group buffaloes a big small town or something like that yes yes exactly we're all connected world can someone. So I'm Nat and I just like I went to continue on about. Darlene bean accomplished character actor. She has been with the she's played in many of the local fetus BB UN aid the road less traveled to Shakespeare. In Delaware park several sure I've seen her in several times in that. And the Jewish repertory theaters since she really has been. Active with all of our theaters road less traveled. She was with the buffalo philharmonic but they did that concert in them behind him it's probably. And I could go on and on but say it's a really Utah OK hello hello and hi to her own in fantasy. So. It's entirely news from buff with a south buffalo. Yeah where she says contrary to popular belief you do not need a visa to enter high. And I just wanted to say that she was married to also a very dear friend of mine who missed very much. The legendary Western Europe actor Richard hammered you know we everybody in the theater community and everybody who knew him. They have the amount of snow and and also. He was on target for several times you know that he was on my on the show here worse with us I wanna give it away but he was saint Nicholas day. I don't among of that negative for many years yes you. And actually ask mr. and mrs. bush as I wanna give that away eventually sitting next to me in the studio is going to be good action and it act Tra I Evander I've had a tip. You know what I don't let it take committed to. Let you tell Alyssa is what he had to for changes because they said it's a very very powerful. Crew in Western Europe that has made a bit a big change. Yes think Q yes we started 29 years ago. Actually when not a friend does not mean a zen killed golden acute called me up one day and said. I was talking with Katie choice and it's. They haven house. And she has a plays it she wants directed about some topic of domestic violence awareness. In down. So it you've got to go over there with me we'll talk about it and see she said maybe you'd wanna directed or whatever. So we did that and I read the play that she had in she'd gotten it from somewhere I don't know where she got to play. But it was so. Let's say it was written media bias social worker well meaning social worker to play what's good for us. And say it was not a professional play right exactly. Made few pennies at exactly actually. And anyway what it would have placed are so lists. After number one dentist says it's a lot of that with the actor number two on round mag you know. I I don't wanna spend three months with fists you know and with professional actors that I have. So I said I went out and Illumina said to Katie will look I would like to really recent success. This tactic and take a stand that writing a play about it myself and if you don't like it we can part way isn't whatever. And so we did a lot of research we even went to amends Baring group. Which was quite enlightening. And useful. In my writing and out so then we came up four assists displays about forty to 45 minutes and we called a Father Knows Best for obvious reasons. And I'm from Katie looked. So then we started doing it we did it for over ten I don't know 1015 years really. In various venues all over western new York and and beyond really. And down. Who's quite effective in and at times we did this Q&A follow. And with the help of Katie or whomever was going to facilitate. Since it became that that we get another call for an another issue. An aging and I get a call from someone who said I sure you do theater for social. Causes and I said yes sure we don't want to play it looked it up. But I said yeah sure sure sure you know so from there are we started our company theater for a change. And down. So Aaron usual format is to right to do loads of research with the client was a clean committee for might be a corporation might be a school. I gave governmental agency whatever. And down didn't write the script. After a lot of research and the client has to prove the script of course we have a script review session. And then we tested them we rehearse we do Z does this season they might be anywhere from five to ten to fifteen minutes long. And an entire workshop might be an hour to three hours really. But we always working collaboration with people who are experts in the field so could be an attorney. Could be a human resource. That you expert. Whomever did that is the real good to the people that really known to topic and we're not lawyers and so forth so. Then. What we do is the week we try to depict three dimensional characters so it's not like the bad guy and good guy and you know. That they're human beings and three dimensional characters with flaws and strengths. And so after a scene that we would open up to the audience and the actors would remaining character. So it takes us very special professional actor to be able to do sets because. They're wonderful actors who can do when Jack Austin and whomever. Beautifully take their curtain call or go home. But when you have to stay up there and you stay in character. And you take questions or comments or criticisms from audience members you have to be able to handle us. And so that the purpose of all of that is that that the audiences would take away a lot more. From a workshop like that than they would being lectured at for example is sick. Because they species is three dimensional people they could beat themselves that could be there coworker. You don't. More their student or whomever. And so. We is that is the actors. Say I beat I get a question like. I did and many times. You know some would say like I can't believe that you would say something like that to to add to that woman how could you do is yes you know. And I might say something like well I don't know she didn't say anything we she does she she kind of smiled. She kind of you know kinda think so the discussion grows from there because the other character is someone maybe who is not demonstrative than not. Can't really speak up or is embarrassed or you know whatever so it becomes a really full blown discussion about all these heard. Heard issues you know to to talk about the issues it's not not only but it started with domestic abuse. But you range out into other issues as well. Absolutely subtly EU substance abuse sure sexual harassment. Diversity and inclusion. I'll cans healthcare issues. Net many many different and we get a lot of work from referrals you know. So this tower to tower company has grown. And most definitely isn't better than you worry pointed out to fit their learning. Tool. To have this acted out in front of you no matter who what the age you any instant like usage is to lecture because we've heard so many lectures and and it goes sometimes you know to show the ahead you know your eyes glaze over but he actually seeing it worked out and in for a new Buick makes a big difference. And you can see how these people many times. They can remembers it characters and what happened at everything years later I mean. We would feed my husband and I Richard there would be in wegmans or somewhere and somebody would be yelling Hejduk. Hey duke and we appreciate. You play music care treat to play his west Seneca it would Chad we did we had done like probably five years before that. And the person may finally just came up to him if Saddam telecommute due to known as and an assist is hesitation this is just days and if you know. And when and when I was with domestic abuse some. Hi remember so many times. Women who would come to the show. And they were zero or two hesitant to comes a sign it might be harmful to them and hurtful. Horse who had survived let's say and down there remember woman clearly came up to me and down. She said to I I wasn't gonna come here tonight. I have to tell you. That assists this really is now this is a part of my healing. And I wanna tell you that while it doesn't get any better I mean this is at step was our whole purpose. That is so true being that is you know super rewarding just greets you really actually lucky to be in position to to do that I just want. Two interrupting from momentum. Until I listen is that their listing to a target. With your host annual gain in guest today is Darlene picturing hundred. Who is it's like well known character actor here in town co-founder and artistic director for theater for change. And debit president of a talent agency. Which helps to cancer movies and commercials and we've been dying to talk about that. Because like you said scene is said to me only six. That's so exciting Heidi had a issue fun of people waited she meets them. How is she knows who would be good for what hard. You know that kind of link sure what to lay the answer is okay well. I started doing chance has sort of fell into it when nom. As an actor director myself and playwright and he might get a call. But it. Do you know anybody who can play a guy is 45 to fifty fans and executives. I do you know anybody who can do this and in unison you know anybody. On and so I was doing at and a surgery and hacks sort of basis sort of stuff. And and then is it is I get more and more into dad I really enjoyed it you know. And also I'm an actor myself. And I missed a strong advocate for. Writes for the for actors who writes let's put his tail. Four and I really mean that it is it you know it's a profession you know is that a happy if it says yes. And you get what you pay for. And so. I I really tried to negotiate the best rates possible. With clients with producers with whomever calls me whether it's an it agency or producer. Commercial producer. Client who you know whomever despite. Hit it over the years I started to sink you know I could really make a business out of SS I mean I should really formalized that accident I was advised by a couple of other people to do dash. So I did so I actually did also legal stuff you have to do and gum called a Pickering commerce casting. And it's grown up quite a lot and I I you know for example was from the movies that have come through here. I did tell local K esteem up steam engines and extras for Henry's crying with Keanu Reeves. I'm your firm Nikko teams can't. And Tammy which most of the carriage C and one of my favorite actress Kathy Bates. Lost her as Susan Sarandon. Did she do you have before you continue well if anything is saying Chris is. Did you actually get to meet any of the people you just mentioned yeah I did and did it and Willis everything oh and well this one room was terrible no I'm not gonna happen. Guess it you wanna hear pan am I don't ask don't pay lovely. Yeah. Know everybody it and that was lovely. When we finish we're doing Henry's crime. The police had to be around else all the time. We are shooting downtown especially outdoors. Because these I'm telling you women were climbing over each other to get to can't tell you now. And I mean OK anyway he's a relatively attractive but I am I'm much more like you know. Robert Redford chives and and that he that he no reason I don't know I don't know a lot of women just adore him you know. Which is great but anyway so's they were everywhere it that we Wentz and he was so. He spring him and he he really was and then turn me. He looses it's no secret he was a smoker boy he was to bet that he was that year anyway. He was a chain smoker I was like a lot. Home like you know I hope I help you quit trying to refer and I hope you all lively. It really was movies with people don't realize is the weather and it was very cold it was in the wintertime and we're doing all this outdoor shooting and I was there. With what all of these movie companies have to deal with axes Cory he's I mean with extreme heat extreme cold. How cans of wet oh no we can't do it chat now and Eliot due to narrower. It's it's very complicated. Theory immediate things can she nation. They're shooting out of sequence when you see a movie. They could've shot the lists seem new song that movie first the first day with two or three actors never met each other boom golf you don't. Com which in theater we have four weeks to develop the character you. So I don't I still don't understand how he'd do his ass because you see if you start backwards and forward I mean it's how deep to say how do you develop. Over the course. What we call seater electric the arc with the character and someone forget to ask you just hit the ground running in and handset but on. So as far as his staying. Commercials will stand ins is really hard to do because the eat it the standards have to be. Generally speaking they really wanted to be the exact height of an actor in the exact. What to expect but I mean around the same ways seemed body build. Seemed complexion coloring. All of it kinda stuff and so I was fortunate to be able find these these standards that would work for you know for that. And Stanton get a little more than extras for example if it's the same movie. It's everybody gets. Say greats was your next or not you know you get to what they called Taft Hartley didn't Tuesday at rates so. The exes who are not even in the union you you make the same money as is the sake actors it's it's true. But the Sega actors come first like you what I do when I'm kissing simulated a cycle after all this able complete list hopefully. Of all the sag actors usually say and it is Vegas stage screen actually is skilled union ya. And armed silly going after them first guest down to see what would like to be an extra sometimes they don't want to be your not available. And then we go with the with everybody else and down. So with so with commercials as I was saying before it starts with the news agency and I've where I've worked with many producers now in town. Over several years now so they know me and they know what I if you know that is what I can do. And when I don't have something in in my talent pool fatal hit it that I that I have sometimes you really have to. Get out there and trying to. With various and in various ways and means to do so you don't. I hit a request for. Well we need we'd like to him about dot eight. Young women. They're gonna play Russian girls were brought over here undercover mode ever illegally he. And he had he had he had ads in the eyes to of this kind of coloring in this kind of business. And so was a lot of different phone calls and things I hit on somebody who says. To know what they're Arabic Terry Young women in patients Kalish to Wear for Russia. Huh. And so let's do this event did you honestly and that so what do I just they say reach one oval mesa explained myself. You know seven others and I did she ever Ali NAFTA so it is so narrow beautiful house who looked. And they all of course spoke Russian and they all. Hid in of course he spoke English to the minute it was a Russian accent. And it was perfect so it's called the producer is a guess what I get you eight. Young Russian what he's with the rest of the chair and then I made a gray area no active. Let and also I had to find some Asian women who spoke com who who Mandarin. That was hard everybody thinks oh just call you. Cellist Jeanne inaudible of course they do that but it's it sometimes just leads to blind Daley really. They did with that. It's a lot of phone calling and networking and all kinds of stuff but I did find the perfect the teacher who taught it it was going to be and cameras to say. To use to exist long narrative in in Mandarin to speak and to speak it. And children often times you know if defamed. Children to too I mean if I kissed the armed. The green fields continuing care or should mention that I should mention client privilege twelve ahead Falwell thing. And I just get those are currently running against those in Erie county fair spats are coming up I kiss that was. And there are other agencies around you know but. Mostly what I hear ever actors that strictly models. So they're able to improprieties you know when when there are no lines for example. They're able to on the spot. You know into a Stew was scenario. And of course with wine and spirits are. Are good because scene there anything in yeah says. Un and don't tell everyone who's listening other evidence that he really do that I would do that from whine at me tell Luke how hard it is and how boring. Voice I noticed after two years now and then if you. It when you're going to be an extra for example okay is is people have on the film Marshall and someone saw what it means is this usually it's a ten hour day. With with a meal in between and a couple of breaks. You're paid that sometimes you can be anywhere from fifty dollars it can be anywhere from no dollars depending natural Marshall it was a pain. Thing of course. And we're for no galleries to fifty to a hundred per day sometimes. Depends and kind of video for example if chaos some. Texas who made 200 dollars a day which is pretty good you know. In most cases seed you're fed so you have to bring your lunch or something. And but there is allowed of sitting around because you're hired for day you know there was some pays people say Walt. I was 38 o'clock in the morning do anything until ten to three you know. And ash. If you wanna say yeah that you know what your hired for the day they own you for the day was retail and on so. You're if you're gonna sit around nowadays of course everybody in the last several years now with cellphones. The other on herself once or Nat is bored as they used to be navy if they didn't bring. Some were current book or newspaper they may be the only they would have not there yet see or work to bring a feeling teachers or something neighboring. Papers to correct. You did a lot of fun people lifetimes and those kind of things you don't know you've never known before. You're hanging out all day. But yet to be prepared to sit around like say yes you know. If you're lucky enough to hear of a few lines like for example I'm in Marshall Jozy detentions so many here. Your listeners know from Jewish wrapped and a Shakespearean pair console went. She played a secretariat Marshall and who who was feet church for a brief time but still she had lines and and she was an on set with. We fact checked the postman and I'm Josh can't and so on you know so he said he. Think those are could be yes down down citing Kia out to getting Mueller and penalize or I don't know which it college in your. Rip it where you have keeping the names in the pictures in this faces and and everything. To people call you it should they can't do they call you do that taxi they what do they do in which they need to do okay. What I do is I used FaceBook collapsed so I'll put in notice out and then here you know. And word that generally gets around like with the movies he gets out on television and radio I mean there is they publicize it like met yet you know as we've been doing sales fortunately and Tim Pakistan I guess and tag once and while he's Tillis have fantastic. The movie business is here unless you absolutely and getting better all the time because of the new tax credits and so on you know. But spider openness Chris and I mean. My phone number and the area I let us but anyway they can maybe can take your station and that and leave here leave dare county it's not a name and number. The salary they don't know what they need experience I mean with the need to have a wrist in May be you know you don't have necessarily just give Nat necessarily because. Especially with commercials discern if you're new lines for example. Which with film and TV and you know commercials is on it's it's a lot of golf the way they look you know frankly is that it didn't I'm producer. Of a commercial or film for them in his vision of the the types let's say. Keep their word that anyway. That a vision of what they want in in an actor. Who walks into the room and they say sometimes a look at someone and when they want cannons and in their heads are saying. Oh my god I hope they can act you know because they're a perfect articulate perfect face cup again chalk up in sailor so happy you know descendants I notice that his first a lot of extras no you don't really needs. And you know in many cases they will do the wardrobe for you they'll have makeup people on set it's a period p.'s son they'll do hair and makeup and you know. So it notes that this is series it really that you hear us. That you have a lot of acting experience for saint now. I think that's keep it to my listeners general saying oh good I wouldn't even though we tried to discourage them. And that being excuse that about the or being in a movie how it could be boring I think so many people you must know that he's so many people would love to do it. I feel like I was a negligent in not just telling are listening is that not only a million times and I'm talking to Darlene Pickering Hummer. But that. To Arlene was this year BRD theater a Lloyd's. She was honored with a career achievement award. And I think that's really really meaningful because as you can tell just just talking Terrence brief time. She does have a lot of achievements of her career and we are really honored that we had an opportunity to leftist DT today and thank you. We have so many more things we can talk about Japan needs to come back. May be fair curtain four win over here earlier season starts Saint Lucia and by the way dallas' recognize your voice. I was thinking proudly yeah. I give them hints that eleven regions of axis Dennison voice and it might seem yeah me. And mine is definitely some really proud because of being your own time plus. My still accident. Senate for free Linux and I which I don't know either IQ is a CIA went Timothy thank you for listening everybody we hope you've enjoyed a conversation. I'm targets see you again next week have a really good week that I everybody. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.