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Saturday, March 24th

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Welcome to the ross' report on ESP NAM fifteen twice and I can say back by popular demand. We have two executives. With Colvin cleaners with a us and they do this wonderful. Program. Downs for problem every year or also deputy it would that's Geneen mark caddie. She's an all state office miniature orange financial services and their colds are answer. I Geneen has been with all state for three years she maintains the customer service for the agency and let me tell you a little bit about the Lonnie. Young man we have with us. First our goal with Chris treasures saint Joe's collegiate institute and sit Sunni. Janice CEO Chris first job out of college was an empty bank in the management development program. Chris is 140 candidates across the program selected into this. After few years and commercial banking he cited join his father Paul in the family business. Nine years ago and problem has been on this program many times over the years. Let me tell you a little bad about his background in 1931. Phil and Angeline Bonnie founded colon cleaners and all the bull Arden north buffalo. At Taylor by trade fill specialized and tailoring with dry cleaning as a secondary skills sent. There were only. A few employees at that time. As the business grew and moved in 38 to a larger store. Incan more and 43 there remain in the village by purchasing the building at 2375. Would. To house its plant and finishing operation remains the company's headquarters today. Today Paul belie any as the president and Chief Executive Officer Coleman cleaners. And Colvin draperies and has been for almost 42 years old enough to see. 42 years. I've got a letter used to go right okay and another 42 use OK the big question it's march 24. Gallons for prompt what is this campaign. We you know it started thirteen years ago Brian and what we do is we collect gals from people all over Western New York. We sort to goes down by size first ball determine whether it's a prom for the down because. We wanna make sure that these films are very gently used or no we got a lot of new account with the text a lot of so that young ladies who otherwise couldn't afford to get down when they come to our goals for prom program which is the ninth tenth and eleventh. It Shays buffalo on the stage of this historic. Chase performing arts center. They select 345. Gowns they take these gowns and go up to the second third or fourth floor. Where there's 28 different changing rooms and these are the changing rooms. That all the actors and actresses use for all the performing. Performances at chase. So these young ladies are goggle over the news and there's lights around the Mears who really. Looks world class and this is where these young ladies. Get to trial these downs and and then if they find again on the stage like he needs alterations we've got a whole alterations department put together. That does all the showing in preparing them these guns are cleaned packaged and delivered back with a young ladies come back and pick them up. Now it's in a nutshell Brian that's what. Happens to. Thanks a lot general ordered new tell us a little bit as a sponsors. And check prospective ground discounts for proud. Absolutely were actually proud to yes on term that's because it does get everyone in the community. Helping. You know these girls who wouldn't be able to afford upon trust. I'm still it is very. It's it's very very rewarding to be part of the program and I'm just hoping that everybody does strap. Donations. You know to our office. We and have a donation bins set up in our office at north challenge Toyota. At 1135. Dollars for highways so everyone is more than welcome to drop their donations up there. Very good. Chris you've been working on this probably a year what else. What's the bigger than all of yeah you know promised one of those magical times than girl's life and high school where there's really nothing that compares to mean it is months and months of planning that goes into it they get their hair done at work transportation. Nagin. You know flowers involved in the gown is probably the most expensive part of it you know shoes purses. Everything. So the harsh reality is a lot of girls can't afford to buy their own down and you know hundreds of dollars. And now in our donations are through the roof the whole west and our communities coming together. It's so easy to donate with all the Allstate offices. Breeds Jens locations Colvin cleaners route customers leader outside we'll pick it up form. And now social media and posting pictures and things once you've been seen in an outfit you almost can't Wear it again you know once you've been seen wearing a dress of people are sold. Quick to donated to people who can afford to buy themselves it's really tremendous for him. Very good now. I understand all staked their foundation is a sponsor. Our sister station kiss ninety point five let's talk a little bit about what the sponsors are doing how they're involved with the whole program for. Gowns for problem. Well first off Allstate foundation when they came on board sponsored goes for prom program. Last year and then they followed up with a coach for kids. This past fall so the two programs. We we merged there are graphics together so that. We can literally have barrels at all of the old state offices throughout Western New York. Regions Jewelers. All all six of the department of motor vehicle. Offices. You know our Iran. There are county. As a controller. That my value I don't know how to clerk if Kelly Clark County clerk. You know Mickey Kearns you know loves the program while. Coats for kids and he said you know what we want to put these barrels into the of these threats to your round so. The the barrels or branded year round. The Allstate foundation I mean it throughout the United States you know Allstate has this foundation. And in the very very particular on what they spend their money none of it's used for marketing or anything like that it's used for giving back to the community. And you know all stages just an absolute. You know I dream come true for these two programs because it's all about giving back to the community. And until it meets if it meets their need and all of the agents. Are involved in this so. There customers and neighbors you know they can utilize Allstate is a location to drop off. Gallons for you know goals for the prom program or. Coach for the coach for kids giveaway and they can do this year around so. With the as a sponsor just helps the whole pro ball programs tremendously. We'll have more let's answers yes absolutely. I think we're able to. Which means that der nation barrels in our offices. It kind of does give back to the community in a positive way and let people know network I always hear how. As well so it definitely the coats for kids campaign was a major success Sino. For our Allstate. Agency and I'm sure all other ousting agencies as well I'm very excited to do the proms for Allen's that's going to be a really exciting way to help some young girl who can't afford to tire tracks so I think our clients are very excited to get back to the community in the play. Chris that on the sponsors. You know offices to reiterate sponsorships have been have been great it allows us to expand our marketing. Efforts you know. Get some promotions and some commercials and things out they're letting the general public know. Where they can donate and then if they need to receiver down. You know April 9 tenth and eleventh on the stage at chase buffalo. From three to 8 PM any girls for many schools welcome to show up they don't need. Any documentation or anything just a student ID DeSoto and high school. And they can slither down that they needed. So about how the sponsors. We weren't able to promote it as much as well as collect all of us new York and you were clocked in on away from. Rochester to spring bills. Irvington new York and all of our Amherst buffalo east currency to log. Anywhere you can think of in between so without the sponsors were able to do that. It's wonderful here getting hundreds of people involved and help young girls indeed. And making them feel good and boosting their self esteem so it's really a win win. Program for the gowns for promised a cold and cleaners and for the young people Western New York O'Brien is here today being the 24 yes. We're doing something very unique challenges that time and so forth with with a very unique individual and company in Western New York. Another very giving company Jeff Zimmer from. Regions. He has offered up his three locations and today what we're doing is we're doing a gallon drive. So from 10 o'clock in the morning to two in the afternoon. At any one of the three regions in the buffalo market you can just drive by hand your gallons. You know to us and keep driving right through. Don't even have to get out of your car although region and that basket out front wheel we're gonna have will have Colvin cleaner trucks there are all with personnel little taken right from the people read out of their parents B drive by donations drive by donations so it'll be the the gown drive for him it's a one day only today is the only data you can never have to repeat the locations that time please for our listeners that I am 24. March I'll I'll I'll get the three locations I know the one is on maple row but you know what will you know actually they can go right to our web should colon cleaners that come. Click on the go for prom banner bingo and in and it's his donations. Donate here. And it shows all the locations is shows all the regions locations it shows all the Allstate locations but the regents is where the the drive through the gown drop. Is going to be today. Wonderful wonderful. For those just tuning in we're talking about that counts for prom. Program in this and probably couldn cleaners in the Allstate foundation. If you're listening in buffalo or Toronto or Manhattan. Opposite a we'd like to hear from you please write to Brian rusk ESPN radio. 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York 142260. We treat. Canadian and European cards and notes. I'd like to thank those who called regarding Peter Murphy regarding private school education. And also the program with Poland's counsel general. ESPN. Radio. Get any thoughts or comments please write to Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14226. For those just tuned in. Geneen mark caddie is the all state office manager. For orange. Financial services. In Paul belie any problem with all the cleaners for brides. Dry cleaning tailoring and other services across the buffalo Niagara region of Western New York. Excuse my throat but it's a little sore back and crisp the army is vice president Colton cleaners. In overseas most of the operations including outside services a free account. In delivery. Let's talk a little bit more about what you're involved with it. And a thinking more about the annual event let's talk about how this enables young ladies. In need to sort the prom gown of their dreams. Yes announcer from it's an annual event that we do. In the real cool part of that is the actual data give away you know we spent months and months and all year actually now collecting donations. People can go to any of the sites and it got tackled cleaners. We collect the downs the shoes the purses jewelry all that fun stuff. But actually on a stage of Shays you know any euros in the can come and they kind of get that. Seen that no one's ever seen before they they stand the actors and actresses perform and you look out they see all the seats in the bright lights and chase there's thousands of gowns on display. They're all sorted by size they can pick out a few that they want. And actually got to address in Germany get fitted by Taylor's they can make sure it fits perfectly fine the style that looking for war. Come with their friends there are their dates there parents anyone who wants to help out as early Monday. And it's three days April 9 tenth and eleventh from 3 o'clock to 8 o'clock onstage at chase. Probable Lonnie just saved my life my throat was sore and he was kind enough to get a glass of water. How we're talking about how this program gowns for prom. Enabled young ladies need to select from them. Dreams you know we we really encourage. Mothers. Older sister's I don't know the young ladies. A lot of American a shy and you know to have family members around just kind of helps them my feel a little bit more comfortable. And picking up and down. You know from what I've seen is that the easiest thing maybe tightening can. Elaborate a little bit more on that. Yes definitely not the easiest thing I mean you definitely need to choose the right line of course come but I just think this is an exciting program. Just. For one. You know maybe there's check her out there that has been thinking I can sort of proud because I can't afford distressed. Well I know that we usually like is and where one minute sit in the Gaza. So what better way to make someone happy and you know let them go and live that dream and go to that prom and Tony after us. On someone is definitely going to be having a big smile on their feet and appreciative of that donation and. What are your thoughts on other mothers joining me young ladies. I think that's a great idea I mean it definitely helps by and you know what with the young lady is better going to the ground they can let them know how they luck. You know an egg thing having your mom there in just saying that you look beautiful it also and other. You know great way to put a smile on them and I'll definitely good thing. Do you have anything to Chris it's not just that every girl deserves to go to prom in we're happy it's make entry and Hampshire. Let's tackle about Colvin cleaners collecting. Dry cleaning and sailors would prom gowns for young ladies throughout Western New York let's talk about this outreach program with Paul Maclean. Well Brian we've got six full time Taylor's ethically is we have a number of volunteers. That juice going for us on a location yet Shays. All three days in ninth tenth and eleventh of if you offering selling machines. Yet everything right there on vacation Geathers and others are a number of unions Sowers that work for row. Shays buffalo. To. Work on the close of actors and actresses to come in for the different shows. So then that's one of the things that she's performing arts center has to supply the show's coming in they don't own their own Sowers. And you know something may have to be fitted for an actor actress or whatever. And they've donated their time so it's rich it's really wonderful and then chase performing arts center. I mean you've been there Brian you know what attitude treasure that is away from New York I mean historic landmark. This has been renovated. The previous. Head or director of she's performing arson Tony county. Is Justin and apps load of irony here is that here few times yet I mean you know now of you know what what what you've got is if you've got his gem of a building and you get these young ladies coming into this facility. And you know he's just a tremendous. Tremendous experience and then you've got the workers there and this is all donated so. You know we've we talk about partners. She's performing arts center is is an absolute vital partner. Since do it day one they donate the facility. They pay their security. They take care of any other individuals that are working there Taylor's donate their time so. To replace a facility like that would be impossible. We you know we we'd end up in some Knights of Columbus hall or who knows where we would end up with the program. But it's it's. The footprint that we need because the program so encompassing like. Christopher said there's thousands of gallons of all makes and sizes everything is sorted them by size. And when people go to our website there's actual videos where they can actually see the whole process. In those so called in cleaners that kind you click on the gas for prom program there's videos they're showing what last year's event was like. Kind of walks you through the whole process. So it's a very very unique. Opportunity for mothers and young ladies. You know to come together. Do the gallon selection. Go to the fitting rooms kind of gave goggles over in you know soap. We're very proud of it in paean its thirteenth year that's my lucky number that was always my hockey memory in my truck number for years number thirteen. So it's a very special year to me. Okay great. For those who just to ending your listing the ross' report on ESP NE 1520 we're learning about the gowns for prom program. With Colvin cleaners in one of their sponsors. Allstate. Foundation. If you have any thoughts or comments and you if you were in west Seneca New York or Montreal. Warren Washington DC drop us a note please write to Brian roster ESPN radio 500 corporate park suite 200 Coughlin in New York once for. To truce a little more about Colvin cleaners. They have provided dry cleaning tailoring and other service across the buffalo higher regional question York. With free pickup and delivery service. And a little bit more about. Chris Bonnie he's now vice president over cleaners and overseas most of the operations. Including outside services are free pickup and delivery. And Geneen mark caddie he's all state office manager for orange financial services. Now this is now all year round campaign is that just a week or two weeks it's year round let's talk about it. Well if you walked into our warehouse. A month ago O'Brien we probably have about 15102000. Gallons already. That's just common regularly. And we've we've branded that quite well and I'm very impressed the coach for kids program now. People. People are gonna start to think about coats for kids. I'm like at the end of the season considered to be growing at a coach we want them to drop them off at any of the Allstate offices and the of the you know our Colvin cleaners location. Because what happened this past year's. September October we're very nervous because we better. Our first giveaway the first week in November of which we bumped the second week of November because. When we are afraid we're gonna have any Coke's. So like with our goes for pro program forward collecting them year round in now with the coast for kids program will always have coats if you remember September and October how. How war my elbow weather was people were taken coats they were going in looking for the coats. So now whenever they're cleaning their closet at the end of the season before they put these go to way they realized their kids are going to be wearing them next year now's the perfect time. You know to get them to us weekly in a moment on to send into the dry cleaners and bring them in or anything like that we take her doing all the cleaning so. The year round. Operation just solidifies everything keeps its top of mind. Throughout the course of the year people don't have disable hero put these away. And they may end up going to some place else to donate if they can keep them for three or 45 months. June. Would you like to talk a little about this year round effort to port seven. Yes absolutely. I do think it's very import and for the last fortunate tank cannon portico. I I feel our agency has done very well with collecting the coats for kids program. And it's great that colon cleaners start students for the community and I feel buffalo in general Western New York is a great. Giving back city I am I I know they the First Act just by the amount of donations we've collected. And it's great to see that out of a city. And I know that. That counts for prom prom it's gonna take off even batters I just think it's a curry. Opportunity be a part of that's. Very Christopher. Yeah I mean we we. Focus our entire business around customer service and making things easier for people so if you come into our store we cannot for use same day service if you come in before 11 AM we need to back to the same day. We can do next day's service reducing Indy tailoring we do to earn while you wait if you just have a camera button or something that we always offer next day tailoring. And we do free pick up and delivered to your home or office CB two chips in ox charged. So when we're talking matter community service and our charitable programs we wanted to at the same way. We don't wanna just collect. For certain month until we wanna collect all your round because that's when it's convenient for us. There's. Let's start about the magnitude of this counts for Prague I understand that last year. More than 1000. Dresses to young ladies need let's talk about the numbers. What your goals are for this year coming years. Actually last year we are. Over 702. Young ladies for downed. There's a number of programs that also take advantage. A number of any kept children number of challenged children. And number of children. That have. Conquered cancer or have cancer. And there's audiences for these young ladies. And they contact us on a regular basis they come in for private. That means there's there were. Their programs may be other times of the year. Maybe in the fall. And they still take advantage of the program should yes over a thousand young ladies it. Over 700. Worth through the downs for problem for prom program proper and that a number of other agencies I mean when somebody calls us in need. If we can't say no so they just kind of get absorbed into the program if there aren't you know if there are group. That are in need of gallons. And talk more about goals. Our goals pretty simple and the girl that shows up we want her to find a prime down I mean we have thousands on display even if it doesn't fit perfectly that's for the Taylor's common. Will clean able package that we'll get back tour. You know we don't want anyone to turn away from the programs they couldn't find anything I mean we have hundreds of volunteers over the three days that are so good at helping you pick out the perfect one there. You're looking for certain color will scan the entire stage in bringing some options and we really trying to make it. Perfect the young lady that shows up. Jean Luc. I do think it's great to be a part of this I'd actually love to come and see all the girls. Being excited in in taking a part of that so I really am looking forward to end. To the donations that were Manning ged and I'd love to see them on the faces. Like no. Tracy. From Rochester she came in my issue with her daughter. And her daughter had a friend and they were working on the floor helping young ladies to select counts and you know one of the most beautiful. Things you know about. You know these these young ladies end. We've got so many volunteers. Last year each day each one of the three days we had over fifty volunteers per day. This year will probably be 65 to seventy because in talking to my wife what we're talking about doing to organize things even more and make everything more convenient. This Christopher said what we do for all of our customers we look for bottlenecks how can we improve the operation if we put a volunteer in each room right now we have them on the floors. Keeping things organist but if we have somebody in each rule a young lady. In each room you know mature woman that could help these girls if there if the mother doesn't come with them the help them. But they can keep all these gowns because they may go up with four or five. And they only select one. Well those other four have to get back down onto the floor so that other young ladies can so it's it's it's quite an operation and this production involved in. In the whole thing and that's what were good that with our company and like Christopher said we applied rate to all of our charities. Let's have a little about the sword and you get seven under 2000 of these dresses how do you sort them around them figure out who's gonna do what. Let's start up logistics. Well you know I'll hit an interest to collaborate on a put you know what. We we go right back to helping the community and there's a lot of young ladies in this community. That for a number of different. Things whether it's school whether it's Boy Scouts Girl Scouts would ever organization they might belong to what they've got to get. Community service hours and Crist you elaborate on that. Yeah I mean we don't leave it up to my father myself to decide what address this problem. It was nice and we get the fashion police the comments on any young girls and high school once and community service hours. You know we have different ships are they coming after school and they do the sorting. You know with some management called players but they know what's prom where they they know what's in style they know what's you know that's gonna look at on somebody so. Anything. That you know is in a prime down as a side of regular address it's put aside and donated to the goodwill. Desire to bring the rust report to a close you learn so much about this very. Giving and caring program. On the part of Corbin cleaners in the Allstate foundation. We've had with us today Paul and Chris but Lonnie in Geneen mark caddie with Allstate it's just a wonderful program giving young ladies a lot of hope. And greater self esteem thank you for joining us. And also special thanks to Kevin Kerr director production for the last fifteen years have a great week.