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Welcome to the roster pork we're very honored him with a semi and I looked up to for probably 25 years when I was on the board that can more. Mercy hospital foundation and Chris counts as one of our biggest supporters are private businessman and executive. Any help so much there with camera she hospital that I watched him. Getting into politics running for congress serving his county executive and now a tremendous congressman serving in the 27 congressional district. In the house representatives. This district includes 105. Counts spread out over eight counties in new York and Finger Lakes. The residents have New York 271. Elected Chris Collins to congress in 2012. He won reelection. In 2016. Congressman Chris council member of the house energy and commerce committee weary search at three subcommittees health communications and technology. And oversight and investigations. Are very outspoken strong congressman. Chris Collins let's talk about the tax car the House Minority Leader said it's crumbs but I think it's about 17150. Dollars. Our per resident in your district for a tax cut which to meet. Are not crimes I look at 17150. Dollars is a lot of money on block hours for that amount of money. Let's talk about that tax cut what is it all about congress and Crist counts. Well first of all right thanks for inviting me odd. Will enjoy the conversation and your listeners. And certainly the eighty approach from guys you know the first member congress to endorse battle trump for president on February 24 2016. So. The two and a half years ago saved hard to imagine. Now that the tax reform but let's set the stage it's the first fundamental tax reform done and 31 years over read. Decades. Since the last time Washington touched. The technical it's very controversial we had no help of from the Democrats. And I hate to this day they can't believe. It was a very small majority we were able to get it done. Not only in the house but in the senate get the president decide it and and the results are. Speak for themselves. The economic growth that we've experienced in in the last. The year. That I united last year in the last seven months. By any. Historical measure variance from unemployment at three point 8%. The lowest it's banned in is not seven years. Out in those seven years there were seven months. Up numbers like three point 8% two of those seven months of the last two months. April and it. Unheard we have six point three that six point seven opened jobs in America today. Only six point three million people on appointment. There are more jobs than there are people looking for work unfortunately there's just not a match in the skill that the stock market had a wreck record high. What we've added to trillions. Trillions of doubt some X seven trillion dollars. To the nation's wealth personal counseled well. In the last seven months because of the stock market. That I would do it all the naysayers aside we're gonna do fine in the mid term elections were to keep their house into policy is not. Going to be speaker. But it comes down to people vote their pocketbook their confidence level in the country is at a record high consumer confidence bit. This countenance. It never measured numbers like you're seeing right now every small business should talk to. Would paying less taxes. They're giving raises increasing contributions to 401K plan. You know doing you know daytime offer from maternity. Up on the line there at the most important thing that we done with trump is that tax reform. And it reformed it have equated. We were the highest taxed country in the world. I think corporate level at 35%. Powered down the twenty all of a sudden jobs are coming back to. That it did the small businesses can shield 20% of their income from taxes. Which effectively drops theory is well and it's a game changer for America at the game changer for our children and grandchildren the economy your debt. And I'm proud to have been part of it. And it's why we're gonna keep the majority in the house. I was there at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and I saw the very strong articulate speech given by our guest US congressman. Chris Collins and he took a lot of heat for being the first congressman in the United States who endorse Donald Trump for president. And down were glad to hear mine ESPN aim 1520 blanketing seventeen states and march of Canada let's talk about your district I. I mentioned the 27 district in a 105 counts I think goes from. You are urged to Auburn. And that's price the most Republican district in the State of New York they often joke that more cows than people and that district. Let's talk about the district it's a lot of air culture. I guess your a lot of tourism there too let's talk about your congressional district Chris columns. Yes you're right well I've got I like to calm my district with a 105 towns in eight counties. I go from Lake Erie to candidate equally that Finger Lakes cycle from Lake Ontario. Down towards but I don't get to they can indeed Pennsylvania border I have a lot of fresh water between Lake Erie Lake Ontario. And the that the couple of the Finger Lakes. Very rural and vary agriculture. So that this city proper buffalo is not in my district that has made based predominately Democrat district held by Bryant Kagan. But all of the rural areas much of it is agriculture crops specialty crops as well as a lot of dairy. Gary guys are not not to do and is well right now with the pricing and demand but putting that aside a lot of lot of agriculture dairy. We've got most of the ice wine. Made the United States comes from my district right under Lake Ontario way to grapes are grown. A lot of vineyards and in a lot of now. Our crafts brewers were actually growing hops. In my district something that they hadn't done for 2030 years. A lot of apples. And so these are. Hard working. Rural farmers. Who basically want government out of their life. They want their gods. It's a very pro. Ian leaning conservatives. They laughed prop them up. 62%. In my district and two today and it reelected it's 70%. So it just give you little flavor. But what a great district I have the most Republican district not only in New York but the entire northeast united. Let's talk a little about this illegal immigration and I'm Donald Trump has put up power to the wall. It was a campaign pledge you were there at the Republican National Convention is the first congressman in the United States. Can nominate and support. Donald Trump for president. He wants put up the wall he wants keep out the illegal. Immigrants coming into this country which has tremendous cost housing education. Medical care where we end illegal. Immigration now congressman Chris counts. Well I mean it's hot button issue even right now you're tires speaking leadership is meeting with a couple of different groups including our freedom pockets in the hopes. Getting it built the floor even later this month we call that good lap bill that deals with border security because. It deals look we caught a taco or dreamers the young kids brought here by their parents. Who now grown up here. It deals with our dairy farmers who are mostly using undocumented workers to milk the cow was literally 24/7 jobs that Americans won't take. If it deals with. That the kind of issues that the twelve million undocumented workers and dreamers that are here today. But giving a legal workforce. To our our egg industry especially the full time and workers not the seasonal workers which have H two a visas but. Poses especially on the dairy farms. We need to get something done and I promised my constituents on that and do what I need to do right I signed a discharge petition weeks ago just force the hand of our leadership we can't go to November's six. Cannot vote on an immigration bill I can't Amish what's gonna pass. And are undocumented dairy workers need certainty that harbors needs certainty quite frankly. That the young kids and there's one point eight million. Many of them young adults who were brought here as children by their parents so they did not willingly break the law their parents did. They've grown up here they've been educated here many of numbers have college degrees. Are they aren't picked filling the jobs we need in right now that I pointed out there are more open job that there are people so they're not taking American jobs six point seven openings. Only six point three million people unemployed. So. We need to take care of it but it's a lightning rod issue when it comes to our freedom caucus to do not want to make the dreamers doctor. Deferred action kids. I was certainly did did did not want to give them a pathway to citizenship and we're talking about citizenship for their parents who broke the law coming retirement legal work status. For the parents but to do this as well we got to secure the borders. So we don't end up with another meal. Coming in in the next year. So securing the borders has got to be part and parcel of dealing with a twelve million here now including one point eight million dreamers. Where we are compassionate country with these now many cases young adults who grew up here. We're not about to send them back you know to to Mexico or some other country that's just not the kind of country we are. And and went back giving amnesty to the parents. Pathway to citizenship but they're doing work quite frankly Americans don't want. So we've got to get something done Brian we can't just cruise in the November's six you know making believe this isn't it important issue and because in my air district especially if the dairy farmers. I always took them. To get something done and I'm doing what I need to do including being one of twenty members in the Republican conference to sign the discharge petition to force a vote. Even though our leadership was not moving anything. Our guest today is a dynamic congressman Chris towns the first congressman in the United States of America support Donald Trump for president. You're listening to ESP NAM 1520 blanketing the East Coast and much of Canada if you're listening in south buffalo. Toronto or Washington DC or 50000 watts of clear channel power and ESP NAM fifteen twining please write to Brian ross'. ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite to. Hundred Buffalo, New York 14226. 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Each week a little bit more information mark congressman. Chris Allen's previously. He served in the house small business agriculture and science space and technology committees. Chris Collins comes to Capitol Hill with the extensive experience in both the private and public sectors the worst serving. He's eerie county executive. Chris towns built a career as a business owner. An entrepreneur or creating and saving hundreds of American. Let's talk about New York State probably when you grew up we were number one in population our number four. Assemblyman ray Walter has told the story how Florida with one million more people. As a margin of eighty billion dollars for New York State with a million less people has doubled the budget and a 160. Billion dollars. Can we reverse this trend of losing population. From New York State. So I am optimist about it but it's a 170. Billion. And I'd try to put this in perspective back in the eighth day of New York we can't 45 members of congress. Florida had happened. To date Florida has more members than we do we have 27 and so today but they're growing to 28. We're dropping to 26 in the next census so when you think about the decline of New York State. 45 members of congress the empire state number one in the country know and even close to number two. Now down to 26 members of congress if Texas. California now Florida and Florida has grown from seven to 28. With more people in a budget less than half of ours which define the problem it's we are driving people out of what used to be the empire state. Well what do the you know you know sure we have some snow in some COLT. People want to live in the states you wanna come back for treatment of businesses now. In with not only wanted to hide it. Personal income taxes but the highest estate tax and currently the very wealthy they. The minute they retired they get out of New York State because there's no there's no estate tax in Florida and there's no income tax so you could live. In Florida seven months here live in upstate New York site months a year. You know. Beat beat Florida resident not pay any. Any income tax whatsoever. And I'm here yes no estate taxes so our. Politicians and Albany all of which live in the New York City area of Five Boroughs and Long Island. It's like a different world. They'll bet what we have 45 members of congress. 31 of them are from upstate new York and fourteen were from the city. Today there's twelve in this city were down to fifteen in the rest of the state dropping to fourteen. So it is just crazy how upstate New York has been devastated the job of left the opportunities for our kids aren't there. And we have shattered towns with old buildings. Hi hi property taxes because they never cut besides the government but there's fewer people paying. And demand an answer we haven't. It's self inflicted. But if there's any thought that our five statewide elected officials that live in New York City are going to change. It's just the opposite him well. Is running against Cynthia Nixon and they're trying to out the blog CO2 blog. Bernie Sanders and Warren Elizabeth Warren they are. Chasing that are left to the progressive point. That they're thinking California is too conservative. Unbelievable our guest today it is unbelievable is a very strong at least bearded congressman. Chris Collins servers thing that 27. Congressional district. In the US House of Representatives. If you're listening in Clarence New York Montreal or Manhattan drop us a note. You're listening ESPN aim fifteen to Barney. Right to Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Buffalo, New York 14226. And we always street. Arts and letters for our Canadian European listeners this station has received letters are always Scandinavia. And New Zealand. Little bit more information about Chris Collins sees as successful small businessman. With 36 years in the private sector. Saving and creating hundreds of good paying jobs and Erie Niagara Monroe counties. His current companies include meat supply oxygen generating systems international Shiloh machine. Vowel on electric and that don't metrics corporation. Successful businessman and United States congressman. Chris Collins. One thing that is probably one of the most disheartening things in upstate New York is this horrible OP lord crisis that is claiming hundreds of lives. In now Western New York every year. What's going on from the federal perspective to fight this terrible. Open your crisis Chris counts. I don't I I serve on the health subcommittee of energy and commerce we have jurisdiction. I've participated. Or Buick hearing the last two years and you could ever imagine as this. Nation like tragedy that's all income levels all demographics. It it has not discriminated when it comes to devastation in many cases. Young adult being addicted to open VOA news throughput painkillers. And switching to heroin which could laced with that I'll the next thing you know that their overdoses. Are just tearing families apart. The solution is multifaceted as they have to start with reducing the number of hope you like being prescribed. Through education if you get a tooth pulled you don't need thirty all the lights. You likely don't need any can take an extra strength Taiwan dollar at but we need to and we are reducing the number of pills that can be in a prescriptions so that. It's more as needed. We're trying to do away with the who we call happy faces that you're discharged from the hospital. They ask you how many smiling faces relative to your pain management. Which means hospitals were over prescribing or do you wait to get more money. Out of Medicare Medicaid with having happy. Patients leaving the hospitals saying my pain. Was well. Attended to which meant probably over. Prescribed an appeal rights repeat for the leaving the hospital addictive. You know that was an unintended consequence of what was me via a good thought process we don't want people in pain. But it is it kind of backfired. We've we've got to have the DEA doing more computer analysis to find the pharmacies that are killing. Six significantly more prescriptions that would make sense based on the population and doctors. Who are over prescribing as well I mean all the data is there in the computer registry is one way or the other. So our our enforcement folks need to be more diligent. But it's multifaceted there's no easy solution because like Carol. Appealing to rewire your brain so somebody that's currently addicted. Like giving up smoking are giving up drinking. Or some other addiction even gambling. In this case your mind has been your brain has been re wired. And that's why heroin and it's the same as heroin heroin OP or into the same addiction. It is. Extraordinarily difficult to get someone to give it up which means we are can't and other things is that it can deal with artists but to some extent you know there's there's just a number of people who are addicted. Who who don't pan out. Any easy way. Going forward but with that said we have to educate people we also need to find. Not addictive painkillers we have to have our pharmaceutical companies working with the government. To come out with something to deal with pain. It is not a an addictive. OP Horry. And so this is multifaceted repair passing a number of bills in the next two weeks. You know I've co authored many of them myself. Just comment and kinds of bills. To to deal with this multifaceted problem but it's not going away tomorrow. We can deal with try to keep new people from getting addicted but that large number of war currently addicted. It is it is today. Situation unfortunate we have to deal with going forward that it did there's no magic. It's excellent. It's a tough situation and thank you for trying to fight it OP like crisis. Special thanks to Joseph beamer and Kevin Kerr for the production work on this program and this Arum England might crack the congressman's staff for arranging. This interview let's start of the Second Amendment and guns. I. It needs to be more of a mental health issue where. People are going into these gun free zones which we advertise with signs of people knowing they're no guns there and then they come and murder our youth. Isn't this a metal health crisis that's causing all this car well columns. And I try to step back first I'm the only member of congress New York with an a plus and our Avery. In that not only support the Second Amendment but I actually introduced legislation. In my case legislation that would allow someone going bankrupt to keep their gone. You know you make up through tough Financial Times but it doesn't mean you shouldn't be safe should be allowed to keep your guns so that's a piece of legislation that I that I have been pushing. But what we talk about the tragedy it of school shootings and and you said the gun free zone that's an open invitation for somebody who is certainly delusional. Disturbed mental health whatever that might be in for any number reason to lock in and pretty much know they're going to be able to cause mayhem and and you know cause death. And a very short period of time would know when to stop them so it's got to start with hardening our schools with resource officers. That we had a situation in Maryland a resource officer took down a shooter got away with not using and they are fifteen he was using handguns. In the case of Texans again that was not they are fifteen it was a shotgun in a revolver. Which says we have to focus our attention on the shooter. Not the gun that Democrats have gone after they are fifteen. Saying that it's an assault weapon which it's not it's a semi automatic rifle it's not fully automatic they were banned in 1932. And it does not stay at first thought rightfully stands for army like rifle the name of the manufacturer who who came out with particular focus on the gone. You can and not have the proper discussion about the shooter that metal health bullying. Violent video games parenting issues. And hardening our schools and making them state much like. Go to the movies they've got armed officers in the movie theaters in the balls. You know I'm. A lot of campuses. But many school districts don't have the funding insisted that we have to say we're gonna have to do we have to do to keep our kids safe. But the Democrats total focus Doug gone meaning BAR fifteen takes away the proper debate where it should be. Our thing the school's mental health and you know so some of the things like bully. That it really get things that need attention. So it's disappointing to see how politicized. The issue has become winners should not be politicized. We need to look for solutions and our kids need to go to school knowing they say. We are men and a half left on the roster for an ESP NAM 1520 radio blanketing the East Coast United States. Business growth our growth of the economy is gone up. Well over 3% a year under Donald Trump. Under Obama who 01%. Your comments congressman Chris counts. While Beckett now over 4% I think even even. That the New York Times. Very liberal paper they they've run out of words to talk about what's going on in the economy and our jobs. They never thought this coming those about the new fundamental tax reform would get us there. It is stunning beyond belief numbers maybe I'd been by telling you. The most recent Paul now has Donald Trump's popularity. And they record high when he was elected he is around 40%. He's 47%. But amongst Republicans registered Republicans. In that night 90%. Right now. Donald Trump's popularity with Republicans is tired of at a Ronald Reagan or HW bush. I just bomb our time. Tomorrow. Yet but with Obama was she president. You don't follow Obama. With a streaks. He yesterday were talking about today and tomorrow don't bring him into the conversation. All right I'm sorry to bring the ross' report to a close who learned a great deal from. The dynamic congressman represented 27 congressional. District Chris Collins thank you friend like. I am good at QQ and and night calculus and have a great week. Yep YouTube blind spot about. You've been listening to the rust report a program that takes an inside look at the western new York community with news features and special guests. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to Brian rusk 500 corporate parkway. Suite 200 Amherst New York won fourteen to six.