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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host penny Wolfgang. Hi everybody thinks this image to. Joining us today I am your host penny Wolfgang you are listening to on target we hope you listen every week. Because we do try to be interest seeing an educational and informative than. We make an effort to introduce Hutu people in Western New York who are making a difference. Who is who you might of heard about it or read about or you might want to know something more about. And usually. A lot of times that friends of I today it's a friend of mine but it is my program so I guess I can do that right. Anyway you know we do talk about the line now and then that always. But when we have an opportunity to speak to one of the most renowned well respected and known. Attorneys here in Western Europe where we take that opportunity and a special K added incentive. Is the fact that the attorney I am referring to is a woman. And you know how prejudiced guy and until it's women succeeding in how often I talk about how important it is for us to bring up by joy it is to know that they can. The anything or do any thing from astronauts to. Medical doctors to return is and so we have a living example we have somebody that we want here. Let your children listen to this program let your daughter is anyway listen to this program so they can find out. What drove in what helped our guests to succeed. In the field of law as she has so now this is twenty questions. And you've had a nineteen which you probably guessed right a way that in the studio with us is especially since I gave a hint that it was a woman right. So you proudly note that in the studio with this is Cheryl Meyer is abuse. And I think that it where as a senator name you will realize that she is one of the most well known. Attorneys here in western new York and didn't. And been recognized as such right when they call those lists where they will they say the ten most well known or known now what they call it of all the listeners the Buffalo News for me on the Tyler's most likely keep you out of jail well is that. I if you say ten most likely to succeed and they were right. To keep schedule that's good went to beyond that I knew I know there was this more than that that you've been. Received many honors so thank you for joining us today now I'm gonna pretend I don't know the answer to this. And I'm so I'll listen is can find out. Could you'd like tell us a little bit about your. Grant to share a lot about your background head. I was. Born here muff flow. My parents. L and says Myers my day I was electrician for local 41 for many years. Time and I he vesta in only nine my mom lives with my husband Neil boost. And myself. I went to the best high school in buffalo mount mercy academy if it can dance. What's so when the competition people are gonna argue with you on narrative this they're gonna say no can unseat Mary that's they're tired. But. The the nuns imam mercy really kept me on the straight and narrow. When I was in high school. We had name tags and you know if you didn't Wear name jiggy got detention and night and found a million other ways to get detention and now I Iowa and I don't know they never gave up economy and they sneak out. I didn't mean to. EU beef for college so I stays local. And then for law school went to University of Toledo college of law at the time my eight uncle. I was living in Lexington. And head. Lived in Toledo had an apartment there and I'm. Able to stayed airlines going to school. Since I was here first foray outside is that schooling in and lesson yet he knows what we have to go back. Maybe you listen nuns but at school but what was your father a mother could they weren't in the loss so what prompted Q when did you know he wanted to be attorney what makes you think of it. Honestly. I naming a little lawyer dig growing up. You know my father was the sole financial provider for our family. And it's you know there are times during the seventies when Bethlehem steel closed in a lot of the industrial look lectures shipments were laid off. And so you know we had a humble upbringing but really really close family. It wasn't until I started working as a teenager. And volunteering. With some political campaigns. Which again was something that. You know was different then. And using my feeling it ever been involved in before but I started to meet lawyers in notice how much respect other people gave them. That they were sort of the go to people when other questions that came up and night college I was lucky enough to take a constitutional law class from I'm Steven Halpern. He was one of my professors is a practicing lawyer Arum buffalo. And dime you for whatever reason he was very encouraging of me to to pursue that. Because still there weren't that many lawyers in the field I mean you know if at all like now as old as some people in this room but it's still was not that common. Right absolutely leave it in on my family. Once a line you would hear discussions if your friend had to hire a lawyer for divorce or a family quirk manner with their kids play. You know what I really didn't know even going to law school I don't think I realized all of the differently is either practiced law. It's funny because I I have to sit a similar story is akin to be myself. Is my program insurgency and myself on a dime but nobody in my family you know night was a lawyer my dad was a salesman and there was a homemaker. And it was you know assist younger so nobody was. But. My father in a business that he was involved with a printing business that he was a sales but. But the east printed briefs for lawyers. Offer if and he got you know it's print them to live them whenever and so he met lawyers obviously Boris customers. And he was the one he he kept saying hit in the graduate from fiscally had to go at ninety get his degree after he. Left to to work when he was like fourteen or something. So he didn't have any degrees that he was the one that and say gee I met decent this woman lawyer she was a clerk. And this is gone back a long time choose a clerk for judge and wouldn't it be interesting way to interest in career and what an interesting profession and you know. And he candidate as he said he encouraged me any gave me the idea but yet he was doing my family has had done it before. He saint coming from that background judge that. There's something about that I mean you know wanting to be independent as a woman make your own money you pursue a career where you could. And do as much or it goes Paris. As you wanted to take it and you make of that what you wanted. Yeah absolutely and it and then I also remember. Tonight dancing William might that be able to elect practiced law because this note there were no women doing that but he'll have his good education you probably can get a good job you know. And also since I wanted to do since I thought I was going to be professional actress. My father ways without being the least bit discouraging or. You know criticizing me in anyway. Said you know it's very hard to make a living which is succeed maybe should have something to fall back on you. Now if you can't think he's if you don't get debate on Broadway so. I feel like you tend to be right any wreck well we digress UN after Toledo lost when you came back to buffalo I did a funny story. One of Toledo is. Most famous alumni here in my affluence criminal defense attorney Paul came Brea. And so. A head than an internship in buffalo my last summer at Toledo. And met mr. Kaymer and decided to send in my resume and oh yeah of course he'll want to interview me because you know from his law schools. And mommy hold a cinema iris may get a phone call from a secretary and she said yep we want to interview you can you be enough for a particular day message sure. And from my resume said down in the waiting room when I got so the law firm. In mr. Kerry came to the door of the waiting room he said can I help you estimate your camera. Chairman Myers I'm here for my interview yet a funny look on its face. And she's and on the right back. And quimica finance later took me into his office interviewed me. In hired me on the spot. To work in the criminal apartment with him. It was only eight years later then I found out that when he got my resume. He can a secretary three years before that named Cheryl Myers. And she left him to go to law school and I admire resume he assumed it was his old secretary. And so he was a very surprised a semi in the waiting your real Sarah my hands behind. You know we hear enough and none that was the start of my hand criminal defense courier. The real Sarah Myers stand up so I. I don't have to interrupt him to tell you that we are talking to Cheryl Meyer is who has a Butte at the end of rename them. Attorney at law here in western New York City started in with. In a criminal defense mode which did you find was difficult being a woman because it's very is snapped common annual. Even now. Say eve even now IA this process of elimination. A felt very comfortable working with people. Sang an item one and two is just in an office and do research. They had no business backgrounds I was leery of corporate attorney and famine on divorces are very emotional and I didn't think it was well suited for it so. The criminal defense actually came naturally I had to clients. I was able to talked to and I enjoy age. You know defending people's freedom and making sure that the government in overstuffed. In this fire is being. A courtroom or litigation lawyer at and there are certain qualities that you think like I'm sure people listening and thinking and that they might want to do that but. What would you recommend like as far as quality is natural ability that leads to that kind of situation plea. In near courage he's seeing more than I have but I think Sony's quick on their feet fast thinker. I Assange creative who's not afraid to making arguments. Somebody with some thick skin so that you don't take criticism. Personally when you're getting you know once in awhile yelled at by AM a judge but what made it easier when I was first starting as having role models like yourself. I judge to Chile on some of the other woman priority on the bench because for my generation I wasn't starting from scratch I rarity had mentors. You know in new. And other women so. I had a little easier than not the one that came before me. Leno also do you think that most of the women who leak in criminal law field. What are on the other side get as prosecutor is in Iowa doing that is all my girlfriends in las going to be prosecutors. When I first started on the defense I didn't see a whole lot of different so we're in the same courtroom and I understand the different roles. But you're still there making the argument in the same case and what I thought was different was defense that I did delist. These clients who were accused sometimes and then between terrible crimes. I remember when I handily jailed first time. A lot of people OC you're always learn a pantsuit conquering narrower nice trust to work well. That you wanna I wanna get a true dressed up you know I'm going to let you know and only then did that I had a yeah. It's not the nicest place in the world. For anybody but as a woman I am always someone to cover up so. I guess I didn't I didn't think about it too much I was too busy being challenged and you know I was looking around another great lawyers we have them off flown wanted to be like them. Well you did have good mentor because you started with fans the when and only if quote came Maria and and giant in his in the world of defense lawyers. And litigators and and interested people also that we're working with the with polls to time and also Goodman to us. At the time Paul and earned julep tone are herb agreement. Carol for an assists and rob boring on us Vince told beyond. Very Covert. And I do most of my work at the time for her agreement who is you know will loan name is. An amazing criminal defense lawyer but especially in drug cases. And threw her financial Daniels. Who I've had. You know Tony plush years working less. And she. I'm Carly has had the biggest influence on me and you criminal lawyer. In Casey just change in you are listening to on target with your host penny Wolfgang and today we are talking to Cheryl my dispute who is. A well known member of the bar. And down. I'm blessed gonna say when you just mentioned her agreement on what we want this Shannon asked him. One of the top defense lawyers in the state and remember when he we went to new York and he got an award. From the virus from the new York state bar association says that. This is an interesting point how am herb receive the Charles crummy award. And the premier award is given by the new York state bar association choose. If the criminal defense slam try to practice him most embodies. The criminal justice sections ideals. What do they defense lawyers should be and herbs won it. Paul Chambers won it chilled Daniels is one that and I was the first woman in 25 years to win this year. Yeah hey I did you know I do do is some not modest thing you enact telling me when he sits you. Nevermind it and that's tough people you wanna call when you're in jail I knew you got 77. Real lowered. Don't people always say TU. How can you defend. Somebody who. Who raped a little girl how quick to defend some drug dealer who sold drugs and so beaten clay some huge how could you defend. Somebody who murdered somebody right anti American anti victim all that you know I can go on and on but don't people always ask isn't. They they always ask me that it's been what's the answer. For me the answer is I'm not defending the awful act that they did. I'm just making sure that. They were charged in that they have. Is their day in court. End there and I Gil can be proven that's not up to me that the police do their job in the prosecutor does his or her job. In my client actually did commit the crime and then here she'll be found guilty in an it has very little to do list. Me where I comment is I just make I assure that the person's rights that we're all guaranteed under the constitution are. Defendant. So defense lawyers have. Let's see. Kinds of cases are kind of defendants all kinds of crimes that they liked will under no circumstances will I. Take that kind of case. Think pulled isn't for Kathy thinks he says that in the speech recently and figure out what animal crimes against animals as I knew it was oh yes yes. And I think Jill I think all of our if a well known and well respected attorneys you have certain criteria do you have one. Yes. I tend to side was. Paula meant an animal has to be difficult for me. Also. You know child pornography is really tough for me when I was. A young hands you know I didn't have a lot of choices I ate my hander represent. Some people that were accused of student some awful. Things. I involving children and knowledge I am fortunate enough to have more control over the cases that I take. I stay away from the house I just Felix and he has to do a better job than I could now tell us. Sit down if you don't mind what you consider like the top three of the most. Remarkable. Or memorable. Tap three cases that you had your lifetime event everyone that's listening is going to right away say. She was one of the lawyers for doctor Cora scientists so I'm answering my listeners and hearing them okay so I have. I have ES patent it. OK well that aside for them at dodger coarse language you know certainly. I Jewell a lot of probably. Unjustified attention to meal only because I gave the closing statement in their case aside from. The challenges of that case especially since it was so so much in the media every day. On there was eighty a rape case. I'm used to bang Tony. Several years ago that. I was involved and where. An all New York State running back. From just outside Corning was accused of rape being. After a high school prom party. And dying he was ultimately acquitted at trial of all charges. But because he was accused of the crime he lost his division want scholarship to University of Illinois where you would have otherwise. Attending college. He wound up playing for. A very small. School in the nit last. Blood it really. And body from the issues about fairness and presumption of guilt because it was also very high profile case. Any enemy was acquitted. I incorrectly if you had been in the courtroom it was pretty clear read in the Eden into even from early on in the trial. I'll be still suffered a number of collateral consequences. So that stands out for mean. Enough. That's that case before you Sammy in mean to interrupt but you know that second. The lawyer notre as TV case is here yes exactly you know I'll actually and every every medical and every legal program on TV and then I never miss as the SUV in the they must've had. To a three different times where an athlete is accused of of rape then it is today is the Dayton is so we know it all the ramifications that you just said and they do a deaf they used your case. Yeah I mean Connie and we could get royalties quickly you can play different thought there. All right and then left. Ireland I would say. Case and last summer eight was on trafford almost eight weeks in federal court in Rochester. Dare were. Three defendants a mother and her two adult sons and they are accused of heinous crimes. Homicide aids and you know chopping up bodies and running a drug organization. An it was a very challenging case because. Of the nature of the charges. I was fortunate in that case that in my client acquitted and full. But. The Clinton mental health. Concerns and threw just a lot of factors and and challenge me and I was very pro on the job that we different client. You sure you are now making this up without the TV program to you know that yes it was let me tell you a Milliken up and tell you later. Now because he mentioned an athlete. In one of your cases. In another area. It makes you think about the the kind of new area of the law that you've been involved with lately as does involve athletes. But. It involves basketball players and the Euro McKee your case this is what he produces triple Obama okay. Continue cellist and I think it's fascinating thank you got involved in interest in this kind of variation. Of those legal feel that you were doing before. So. My husband and I after a number of violent murder case in a row that I did over the last two years. And so I was getting burned out and he said he needs he need to find Javier sending to take your mind off. Your work and said in a perfect world what would you do on SI go to basketball games all the time I played out mount mercy plea for sister grip Paris and generous your soul. And I always. Followed basketball. In such well. That's what I wanted to do and he said oh sure sure okay. And I thought he's undergone. And when I'm computer and I looked at the process for certification to become an agent tonight that there must be a place for me here I'm a lawyer and you mean the there's some legal work the players need your media can represents a players. I got certified. And then. I think and it didn't notice at a time because they may have been intimidated but. I found out after the fact that. There are only. About a dozen women who are certified by the NBA players union across the country out of 300. Agents. So. I. Contacted many of the night your listeners will remember Ernie. In and then mid seventies. And Ernie retired but I said look I need someone help me out I need someone who evaluate the talent. And he lives in Providence, Rhode Island he said. Well thumb. Whatever I can do for you so I don't know if he thought I was serious but Ernie and I become fast friends and we launched on our one sports management. Which is our own sports agency last year. We I had one client who was a finalist for rookie of the year in the NBA developmental league. And this year I've already signed to and half a dozen a young prospects including shall Lenny from kinesis college. A and we can't it's players from. On the East Coast Trenton, New Jersey. And now west to Chicago so has been a little bit of traveling in a lot of watching basketball games but it does take my mind off on some and a the horrors otherwise I see is part of the law practice. It's and it's really. I first trip to say elect. He said to me when you go try out for alert whenever team I was thinking I don't know Mecca to say anything about being fuelled and getting anything out. Gala for the managed. What do you what is involved how you go about it. So I get certified but that time NBA players association. Which asked her to a union that represents the NBA players. And then I went about recruiting. Of players that would allow me to represent them. And is there are players that will be drafted in one of two rounds of the NBA draft time June 22. Most of the players and I represented. Won't be drafted but I think we can't find spots for them and plays are indeed. I developmentally. Which is akin to a farm system. Or in Europe and there's a big market for basketball players. Over in Europe so what what I found is that the more networking I do for the basketball. Aside more lower it generates for the firm. So it's been known it's been a wonderful experience just today and I I have to do is shout out to new air on. Cap company in buffalo. They are going to be the official figure sponsor for the MBA. Starting in June and day Hampton very supportive of our once ports management and is. One of the few sports agencies in buffalo and they're providing our clients with you know some new hats and I and some. In some other products are thinking where. So what do they say she is Sarah. Used Myers on member. Head several Myers viewed the man who are Cheryl any day and night night he had the cats are going to be team hands but we did discuss. Yeah doubtful I would say we did discuss doing an Arlen sports hat on since we have La. The logo. In the same colors the braves uniform that doesn't. Throwback. And to them so someday you might be surprised you might be wearing on your radio show next time come any air Sarah had a very new and what does it mean to two managed you negotiate is basically it's negotiating contracts it's everything from. Coloring GMs and trying to get it and the players workouts to. Negotiating contracts to negotiating marketing deals sponsorships endorsements licensing agreements. I was on the phone lists some from ESP and who wanted to license I mean temporarily use. A photograph. Of one of my clients and you know I there's agreement that goes along with that there has to be reviewed there's a cost to dad if they when he uses so it's. Pretty much everything. You ended up. Doing a little something about business that you said you didn't know anything about remember when I guess it's it's kind of different little deaf and hearing. More more exciting than may be a contract for. A firm that makes gauges serve. In sent him into an Anderson royally since announcing mine a desk exit out of basketball court election monitoring and some odd players play and I expect to see you in the front row like in New York where they live they always put the famous people in the front room to Laynce Nix member club play it again that's the front row nexus lately you'll be right next me because I owe a lot of my success teed judge huddles in LA site. No in no way to that piper DSL be that. And and they like basketballs from the she's fourth I understand okay thank you Cheryl thank you so much for talking to us. We have been talking to share lies spewed. Attorney at law and we thank you so much for listening to us today please join us again next week and on target have a good week and by everybody's. You've been listening to one target with penny Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.