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On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, June 17th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Tony Wolfgang. Hi everybody. And welcome to uncharted and thank you so much for joining us today. I'm your host penny Wolfgang and we hear every week and we try to talk math subjects that we think are interesting and important and topical in car control of us who live here in the west your community. This is my favorite time of year and these are my favorite kind of shows because. We get to talk about all the wonderful and exciting activities that take place here in Western New York during these beautiful summer months. And we talk about our park of course which is traditional. And Shakespeare. In the car and done well. Now I think disinterest people mentioned summer activities probably the first thing that pops into your mind in the last few years anyway. Is now so what is happening canosa that is where. Everything seems to be taking place and everybody seems to be congregating in every weekend seems to be just. Jammed with people in activities and events so I didn't want to leave them out of are on target we called and we said would you like to come. And tell us about what's happening. It can outside in the coming months and so here in the studio with us is errant marriage and she passed title of communications director for canal side. And she's going to give us the answer to all those exciting and fun questions thank you for joining us today thank you and I Mea kinda went through the hole. To fully there in the air with you about being confused about where we talk that canal side and the difference between us. Who rents can now aside the state being like to play in mind as you're explaining and it's. You and your group being the coordinator and analysts say a son community activities. Like activities director of the camp I guess that's an had to sit out. But is that right I was and kinda wanted to explain to my listeners. Yes of course that is 100% accurate so. Empire state development in Erie can't harper took on the corporation. They the only chance they allow us. Being canal side management group for tires for tracks corporation. They allow us to plan fun and she activating get to customers and guests to come down enjoyed the waterfront. So they've got that state backing and then we've drained the activities. You know now I remember. When another group was doing it over a couple of years ago and then. They. Rich retrenchment and Andy Andy's since you mentioned that he was going to. Mike Stansky my from my other friend and mr. Richardson helped that they were going to take you over and play in the activities in the entertainment and all of what happens down there and that was just recent just Jesus the first year of the second here. This just yeah it's a start our second year it is so we took offered January 2017. Iron and an ethnic and and so your mandate is to I notice under your tail it which ASE erase me so I can reach an analyst says. BR guest is OBR guest is a company I love it is is Vieques it's not Beauty and the Beast just have to sign from being movies it's a now. House yes in something out of that is one of my favorites but. BR gas is actually a subsidiary different products under the rich and your team an umbrella so that includes. No bustle of licensed baseball outer current managed main key outside management group and then some other entities that we had a tiny sixty and you are. In charge of the camp site criticize that goes untreated patients for ten seconds well I was I was excited because every couple of weeks now there's been a new announcement of of what's going to be happening just looked like wedding everybody's appetite this is already set and it and it's funny started. If I get started right though it let me ask you this let's let an IV and you mentioned already this. The difference in environments Richard charge of but. Let's talk about the weather and everybody knows can handle it concerts because cancer is series I think is. Maybe the it's investigator of her incubator may be for everybody to kind of you know getting into sit in coming down to the area. Absolutely so our concerts he's and it's can't plant life so we're calling it. It is not. Every Thursday as they used to be so we've kind of taken a lead next Thursday concert named. But it started fast week. We had and hip hop duo coming into town in and performed for a bunch of gas and we go on every week until August 17 so it really. Does Dixie how this summer Collison we're lucky that a lot of guests plan their their whole week around what our concert schedules like. So. And they're not as it used to be here right next Apache to you said he used to cold. Thursday nights are something changes tonight and remember that. Principle of one didn't even used to be kick an outside and I think that's right he used to be done by buffalo place and ECB Thursday in a square for the longest time. It was Thursday in the square and when name movie taking outside maybe five or six years ago they capped that third stage he was Thursday to Thursday concert series. Well over the time of between booking and scheduling in their fourth of July files we decided to move it. Two other dates as to concert special house. And then in turn dropping that org Thursday giving us more flexibility to when we can have acts compounded property. And there is no reason why it would have to be me was just there as I foresters can what is so I. I think that there is the point of it. Your point is to have like a variety of music fit every every kind of taste not just not first stages. Pop for not just for say and country you're like a mixed absolutely we look for something that hasn't reminiscent factor. So we're looking for acts that spanned several demographic several Janet generations to bring gas down and say however I remember. My own deals Vanilla Ice is coming on July 7. I remember went ice ice baby came out well let's go see his shell he absolutely my gay people training about summer but also reminiscent time. Those times their younger years that they can kind of talk back on and and have breakdowns at. Very much so I think tell me if at wit's end with the future acts will be as he said we had once so far so yes of course that we actually have a concert. On this Thursday alias Fitz and the tantrums. So that's going to be this Thursday night at the fourteenth so they're more of gaelic electronic of pop. Covered kind of rack to cover a lot of things. Followed by Dallas got on the June 20 unfreeze Mickey. Which is edgy campaign and so they have a little bit different have a following. And just kind of easy listening kind of go out and relax enjoy the sunshine. Saturday July 2 set whenever shows it's not on a Thursday. Cherish life having this Vanilla Ice so we're bringing ice ice baby Downey can outside cool never went off I am I. I Jim are you listening we have a disc jockey was this is kind of our program today I hope it takes we hadn't come in special. Are you listening you know any of these acts all of that. I was good this Q I knew what we should yeah we should be doing tell me that I idiot DO wedding classic any party. It needs thanks guys date so that's a good 18 plus. Scenario is that she mentions of again familiar yen. I couldn't tell you any songs but I know it's okay thanks a lot of all the artists that we have. You know they're nine acts. The other Jeremy between happy everyone's you know favorite and that you're gonna hear those on different radio have you heard in a movie or commercial. Where is you know it sounds and if. You say oh I miss Nancy I know Ellis. Or any manner of death with the kind of feeling you're gonna get on the shelves. The rest of July he was Arrested Development. Which is. Another hip hop kind of TV program not a sitting there and as a finance. And we also have Kenny Wayne shepherd being an impact higher being and I think a blues southern Iraq so where. Not having country this year but we've got that Iraq style behind debt. July 36 his father John nasty he's in new comer to the music industry he just won a Grammy. He's really gaining momentum in some steam so we've had a lot of good feedback on how we want Jim. You know I want to know I don't know but I'm gonna go to it. Are you I wonder if Karrie is that like thirteen year old Karen know. A thirteen year old snow blowers it everybody knows that I don't I don't. Does that mean because every anything do a city different age groups absolutely absolutely. Coming in obviously dark star Turkish access to grateful that cover bands they can't take quite a few times we get a great crowd. People really love that silence if they sign common hang out. So we welcome it definitely. The they had stones on August 90 sic mean Iraq began to. So little nod to our friends at the north getting them to come down across the border and it's mennonite with us. And then we close the season on Friday. August 17 with a mighty mighty bust ups to their once again returning tactic canal side. Big party band had that big band style and it's going to be up and dancing and having fun. Tell me and it oilsands really exciting. Tell me about the physical part of of coming to the that's so he's an issue with everybody. Getting there where it Carr who wish to a wherein we're to stay and where to sit back kind of thing. Still don't faster way to come down canal side. Ease and we always recommend using and a team that children that light rail above main street it's free he's in park you know opting. And the other than medical campus say your parking up by 81 of the colleges in making your weight down. We have a ton of parking in the area but cancer doesn't own the city on Saturday it's a private lot. Over by the arena under styling. So we suggest gas come down early gates open at five. And come down in your spot. He can bring chairs and you can blankets and can hang out on the lines. Seat sellout opportunities inside the footprint of the concert to sign up this year compared. And you're so right about. Public. Transportation because we're lucky that we haven't going down there and it's very reason and it's free. And it's just so much easier if people would just take advantage of it. It really as I often find. People might not realize that it's free. Or might not realize where golf is already is picking up so I could just be familiar warm so we educate our gas we do things on social media we make sure we've got some apps on our laps late. Encouraging people to you know take at metro rail. There's Hoover pay cuts and lift pick up so that ride sharing opportunities well. Parking downtown counts feel right and traffic it's absolutely even you know in and out it's getting in and even though we don't have compared to most places and in America would we don't have a lot of traffic being from New York City at least tell people who who not. But Senseo exit. Those particular nice and it can aside it can be an issue so I think we sifted that you seller. Our visitors solid citizen program you know to be aware of it likely and clicking because they wanna take advantage of and now although it's not tree is very minimal correct right I wanted to mention that announced. Originally when we first started you know talking beckoned him aside and concerts in Thursday night in union square which was history but I think it's it is just now. Minimal amount of money zone I think it's to show people really. Wanna be there is ant has the thought. It is we listen to the community and we found that he had never some under age. Issues ever coming up and there were also some things that people are coming down that weren't there for the things he released there you know congregating in a large group. Just me potentially causing trouble. Clearly lined up and feel safe. And she be able to enjoy themselves and listen to music so there is a small fee it's a five diet anxious to get. He purchased the ticket in advance that consumers averages C seventeen locations to Western New York seller tickets. For acting out side's I information kiosk on our boardwalk you also receive a free drink capture. So drink factor can be beer wine he can be soft drink it can be water whatever you choose. But that plan cost you you're really getting a drink for free you're essentially he recovered that cost free to come down. So it's innocent to see minimal you know what it was like when we talked about over the years about art park. Oh win these to have legs freak. Well he still have some free concerts but. They everything was likes free or subsidized by the state when he first started but as as the events progressed just like with campsite. And there's so many costs and so when expenses and want people to understand. That they have to subsidize it to that they really like you say wanna go to the concert that in there from the entertainment and a decision not to put struggle. And privilege feel safe if used major I'm talking today. About now sign about the events that are going to be taking place. December and now aside in the studio with this is Aaron Maris who's the communications director. For canal side and she is graciously. Telling us to be our guest quote in grossly. At Jack canal side for the events everybody is familiar may be familiar or they've heard of him citing people. Hopefully their kind of think of it as a concert venue but. There's a lot more. And there are many more activities taking place in. One of them which I. Really was fascinated with and which also received a lot of attention recently is the blue cross blue shield fitness program. At which had let you. Tell our listeners about the Israeli success with fitness figure it. Of course so the trust was still a question here is our big sponsor for our free fitness series we've really taken that opportunity to maximize. The space we have down account cited along the waterfront we offer six days of free fitness classes it includes everything from. Zoom beanie witches and left her little kids and William. Instructors. All the way up shoes you know of a body combat class or a yoga class where things of that nature so it covers every possible age range. And then also at every level effects. And it like a little details how old. How do you do it any EGG to show up and what you Wear and we go when you bring your matter what you do but so did a full schedule if not I'll get it. If I would say it's around what I myself need. Indeed the full schedule on our us on our website so can outside buffalo dot com it's also on our FaceBook pages as well also outside buffalo. And what's great about it is that you can plan your visit before you come out. So you'll know exactly why it's what you need to bring 'cause if you pull up a certain class C it's a bar class with our centric which is the local studio. They'll tell you don't usually you don't need to bring a mat just bring yourself during lots of water because it's nice hot down there to cheer and comfortable clothes that you can move around it. They feel comfortable beyond working on him in a public space. And once you come down to the property we set up these large blue tents. And these blue tents have blue cross blue shield logo on them and that really designate the area fitness. Everything this year it's a little condensed. It's all going to be along the boardwalk and along the lines right along the water so it's song one mean part of camp site. And IU and hiring or are asking or violent TR people volunteering to lead these Clinton who is leading these classes and and what is their experience if any of its OT eight feet volunteers or. Like professionals in the field it's professionals in the field we've been able to partner with. About 25 different local gyms and studios about Western New York so these people are certified fitness trainers. They've got a lot of experience behind him teaching via multiple classes in varying sizes and may come down. A lot of times they offered their services to us and they just say hey we want to be involved knew I get gas involves. I'm gonna come to 92 class so we make sure they're on the schedule. In Ali and it. All always same time same day you know what let's sort of like schedule is it to their most of weekly classes so you sign a class that you might and you can schedule ready near your personal schedule and come down. Typically the classes are in the evening so when you can add the offense for 5 o'clock mountain campsite to have two or three classes teach Cheney took part. Would agree to use for the area's tenth yet. But and that can do that confuses people to see you like if I went to a I don't know 'cause people would seem that other people there they'd seen me right absolutely can't do that have. If he had just if you just tuned in you're listening to on target. With your host penny left ankle is not going to be. Exercising and thin. That's what I think him aside but. Many of you I hope are going to be taking and it just over the crows blue shield fitness classes. And talking to Aaron mariner is the communications director of NASA I didn't she's the one who just. Telus and antisense fitness classes if you know it's it's I it is a very obviously good idea and health wise but isolated. Like I don't know if it's country it is this now what do you think guys when you think it's now sent right right that's why did PG things of like. Eating drinking and concerts you've got to think of something so this was it I don't know this is a brilliant idea really to get another facet of abuse in this. A beautiful outdoor area. Absolutely we really want to encourage everyone to come down to the waterfront so we decide. You know is at a concert that's going to dropped what town is eight free fitness isn't another. Advent of some sort. What can we do. To just get more gas succumb to the property so that this is such a big part is of western new York and it's really taking shape and every at. Every part we've got up and has some level of frequent self thinks thinks of across the children rushing her for her and when I. And is such a good idea to get the image of buffalo in. A long with south coordinating with fitness as opposed to what I just said eating drinking. And especially. The things that we eat you usually think of eating drinking so fitness and fitness exercise classes are really welcome I'm sure you let fat talk also about I had the best experience for the first time last year. When. Visitors came from New York my own family and we went down to the boy block market he and I had never been there before I don't know if it's obviously it's been in more than a year but it was. I felt like I was in like another city where eight when you go to liege a city there's so many Baltimore I can't think of many with they have only markets down by the water and people are and there's music in there is awesome I'm gonna say Indian food. 5% sorry sorry folks. But tell us a little bit about the for the boardwalk market. Of course of the boardwalk market on select charities throughout the summer what we are able to do is compile it local vendors an artisan is. Q come down at one spot at the boardwalk. From nine to five money Saturdays and guests can just walk around look at some of the where's purchase things food. Of course food talk and action that. We do include some live music throughout the day scenes were a variety of local artists that are going to be performing their either original music form covers of their sort. And then we also have blue cross blue shield down with us again and they're doing it live fearless family fun zone so every week we have a different activity. And get the kids involved in all of tying back snags getting involved to our the Lion King last night being act did city really. Activate that whole section for ask rock climbing walls or. Sumo wrestling suits. Or even hardcore ninja you know courses that these kids can jump through in flip through and just getting them excited about fitness and in being healthy. Is that wasn't there until last year I didn't see effect it has tailored some little. People with us and live like that so that's a really great engine isn't like looking at you know of the market will any do you know looking at the way there isn't right. Besides the decisive truth it would be a good traction for them. We didn't beat a below other vendors that come down. See if food is there harassing cramps I mean as far as what you're selling an accident mixed and other low filler from all over where they come from it is a mix. Of of what they're selling silly it's you know we have a founder who sells specialized hot sauces we have one that does jams and honey east. And then we get people that come down with jury that they made may be from beach glass from Angola. And we've got a beautiful beautiful photographers come down with these great city streets of downtown buffalo and surrounding areas. So who everyone comes down as a local artist. So we really wanna push down buffalo Colin and shop in Oakland final in supporting and there we don't there was a silent. A lot of buffalo. And I didn't think there are T shirts and shirts and different kind of I can dress with buffalo team so I hadn't seen before. Gas zinni thanks to a good place if if you've. You know if you're going this summer to visit somebody out of town and you wanna bring them a souvenir from her from home here Andy good place to find it. Absolutely we always joke that stuff on his love to where things are Buffalo's I accept it though we make sure we have a handful of of buffalo. You inspired items you know whether it be out of one easy for for a new addition or a nice T shirt or even through X class work. There's always some really beautiful things at least celebrate your hometown yes and we love that we love that was so. We so Sessler own home can we have to look it also what is the affluent display mean is that a separate Janet division north separate. Yes she is that the shark. Girls it's nine dollar out as she so what as Lisa land shark out soulful in court over Erik Nelson. But buffalo displays a new concept for this year you know we had a lot of community chat a balanced. You know the artist that we bring in for announcement live from the east why do you not have more locals came right. Taking that seat so we really took that to heart and we said well let's just fell another program. That does focus on local team so that's awful on display as it's Friday evening throughout the summer there's four throughout July and August. And it's. Produced by Eric Crittenton from crib music. He's a local producer and he finds these exceptionally talented young people to come down. And perform other singing whether it's damned fool and we've got to tie kind go. Demonstration and you like anything and everything is a showcase buffalo tailing and get people to come down and just. He proponents of who's in their city deficit greatest idea. In on their different. People each week me or does any of cash if they need to for people each week you know we've got. In the verb dance studio which is against you than in the city of buffalo. They're coming down Monday and injuring some different demonstrations that some of their team we have. And hip hop organization that's coming from anti how stats actually students. And then we've mastered son's high climbed out coming down from his Indian students to show yeah breaking boards and hike kicks and flipping and I don't ever try to do but they're coming down and seeing you know just it's different every week a few different people each week as well sell a lot to seat him. There's a lack to see you know lack to do it for sure when we before we leave when we talk about canal side we act like everybody knows what we're talking about. And of course the help you've been listening and it's not too late to say this but. I and trees to describe like physically let's what area we're talking bathroom where where there. Absolutely so we are everybody it's better late than never and I'm telling an attack. Definitely. We are located right along the inner harbor so we are between main street marine dry it's. And commercial street so it's a 22 acre parcel plant. It sits right next to the keeping Karina so that's due to our left and then to have ray is the military and naval park. So we're kind of race nestled in the middle of downtown if you hop on the and that's team match around and take it to the end which can say just stay on this day and get off twins and they are you I'm there you aren't just say no he added up this. It makes it easy can't find and you are telling us and at the very beginning so we will repeat again that there is at all of what you told us as well as a lot more detail because I said 20 let me have this in writing what do you do when you knew it all from you know from. The web site. Where can people find it the left say isn't is about spots at www. An outside buffalo dot com. It has Arafat listings you can search by what he'd like to do you can just pull up calendar of events and search by day. And then anything else would be an hour social media channels FaceBook and see Graham and Twitter Catholic okay can send us and as far as the weather goes you controlling that you have a person your communications director is their weather person in charge. Because we definitely. You know what I skidded into it I do an interview with the official weatherman from from the airport so I'll check on. Two seat Eminem is I don't and make a call I all order sunshine and 75 but sometimes I get my daughter around Chris. Tissue a Texan feeling I think attention. And Jim is going to be there right. In for some of the concerts and if you need a hit just a DJ if you show any DJ with rental leader available Loescher okay go ahead take take a look so you remember and finishing Q. Yes okay thanks Aaron good like I know it's going to be a wonderful summer. And you'll see me down there but 'cause I left to go for the concerts and footwork in the market. But like I said don't look for me at the fifth thickness and thanks for joining us and they are you going to scan next week. On on target thank you for listening have a good week and good bye everybody. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please rate depending Wolfgang it's 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.