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Saturday, February 10th

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Welcome to the roster pork and ESPN team 1520. Reaching seventeen states in the East Coast in march of Canada backed by popular demand we have the Republican leader of the new York state assembly. And an announced candidate for governor of New York State Brian Kolb. He is recommended to be on this program by Erie county Republican chairman nick Lang worthy. Little bit of information about the Republican leader of the assembly. Brian M Cole brought presents the Finger Lakes region 131. Assembly district in New York State Legislature in Albany. First elected to the assembly in 2000 leader called was unanimously selected by his peers in April 2009 disservice assembly minority leader. Leader called. Heads the assembly minority conference statewide public policies in the legislative priorities. He's the only legislative. Leader who represents upstate New York. And who has successfully run private. Sector companies Brian called him. A very gifted legislator our guest today on the roster for an ESPN aimed 1520. Let's talk about the governor race how's it going I see you're getting a lot of county Republican endorsements as talk about that Brian Cole. Yeah actually it's been great to the response has been terrific. We get. Endorsements in different parts of the states and more endorsements come and all parts states. Certainly in the Finger Lakes reaching going from a Lake Ontario which is mineral county all the way down to the Pennsylvania border. An entire Finger Lakes region what is considered the Finger Lakes region and the distribution of our state committees all light unanimously. Endorsed errors. And I think it's three or four full committees out of that region also indoors that. Certainly. You know moving east. And Clayton County has announced up in the north country. I'd get endorsements coming from downstate. Being the your city area. In Long Island and in in where obviously also working all the other regions. But that it's just been fantastic overwhelming. But really positive and people are very excited. About me running and it's you know it's I've been in politics. So I had and you campaigning in all that but when he when you're talking about running for governor and that shift that match up the net writes it's so it's so for a. Very good now what about the Conservative Party you have a conservative record union endorsed by the conservative independence and reform party's. What about the Conservative Party are you doing and that. Well actually. I addressed the Conservative Party and Monday in Albany. Yeah as well it's one the other perspective gubernatorial candidates and based on the feedback that I received. Up from people that were in the audience in participated. They said that they felt I was the best presentation. And obviously I have a conservative voting record to go along with that. And at that day at reaffirm and adjust it reminded everyone of my voting record because that's very important. Especially when it comes to the Conservative Party endorsements so. I think you're still gonna take your time evaluating. We dinner party structure which is flying. But at least hang on net and at first a presentation to them that it went very well also. The independence party has always enjoyed your endorsement already cut a deal. Whip that Governor Cuomo. He'd get a fund raiser for them and in return they endorse them that they can there be any it's terrible. Yes it's it's awful and it that is clearly a quid pro quo. And they didn't have the same day. Is that pay to play that. You raise them on a 100000 dollars in the handy the endorsement isn't that pay to play. I think so and that the court she's got to ask that worst Keiko. Where is the state attorney general. Where federal prosecutors. And mean it's it's unbelievable to me how blatant and arrogance. These sites to deal makings there are being made. In this state it has been gone mad for too long and it's got it and and it will land. It by yet the good fortune to be that Scott. Let's talk about the State of the Union Address our congressman Chris Collins. Whom are sure you know well. Has said that the average person in his district is gunning at 17150. Dollars per person is ticks cut. From the tax cut by. President trump. It seems like he tossed olive branches on immigration. And infrastructure. And seemed very warm and endearing. To everyone. As saying that he wanted to represent all the people not just conservatives or Republicans but all the people how do you feel he did. Leader Brian Kolb candidate for governor. I actually thought president trump did extremely well. He had an although it means what it means to be United States citizen. To be part of the American dream. He recognized veterans. Recchi. Knives and still have work to do what various topics. Such as equally or pioli crisis and a partner and appear backwards. Slows and in the academy. The strides that tax reform. I think it then he had all the key notes on that people really care about in this country and I think that. It was an embarrassment and actual national bears. Win the congressional Democrats say it under. Hi Ian underhand. And couldn't even in swat and happening now which are way. Heroes honored. At the stadium in brining it it bit wider than lows that your back in touch. We're. America and it's it's true blues citizens and and certainly I think it could have been had better display and actual TV. And across the world. It the congressional and senatorial Democrats. Really don't bother our country and maturity in danger of. So when they earn it when the present United States spoke about the respect and love of country in the flag. Dating applaud them dating get up and applaud him. Correct. That's really unbelievable I mean the flag is the representation. Of our freedom democracy and hope. For American for our youth her. And so I'm very surprised by that. Let's talk about government corruption. And what's New York we're taping this for ESPN two. Seventeen states. Is very much a part of this corruption trial. With the no bids that took place on a government projects in supposedly. Allegedly. There a couple of 100000 dollars and money given. To the political race for. The governor and to his need a Merkel called. And said let's talk a little bit about that corruption because this has been in the headlines in buffalo it's been headlines all over the state. I think that for cocoa allegedly. It took about 300000. Dollars. For the government projects. To himself. For steering the ice. And these projects I believe in Albany Syracuse and flow let's talk about this corruption. Is that this gonna cost Andrew Cuomo the governorship. I believe. It is these trials continue and more more evidence coming out it is clear. Jewel for local was his closest aid. Now of course she kept the wheels of justice. Wall line and witnesses are being fair trial. That's certainly the evidence that's been presented. Clearly shows. That this administration. Ways leveraging donors were no bid contracts. Whether joke Coke quote took money or Nat that's what they have to group court as a result of that. But the sure we stadium buyer. Which was promoted by his wives. Into formal. Clearly allowed these activities that take place in the eighty minute pictures. And it showed in the courtroom and Cuomo standing side by side with the very people that I try. And in into Cuomo considers himself a micro manager. It is fingers in everything in certainly elite in donating about. Activist campaign coffers were being filled up. It just amazing to me and so I think. In what's been interest thing now is that the national media coverage. Has been an attic in terms of covering this trial. And if you go back and look at immediate coverage when Chris Christie was governor. And they are all over it grange gave. You know UNS orient they have mine and recent date for weeks it now wants. And all the national news networks because they get tax credits were urged state. And an assignment covering these trial. So it's it's. That is what makes people angry this is what makes me angry. Why am running is that there's got to change in it will change. That certainly I think we're coming. Eight weeks and months we're gonna find out. Continuously. That this administration probably the most corrupt administrations. In Europe. You know it's interesting you mention how the corruption trial in New Jersey. Was in national headlines and how of this corruption trial. In New York it's very little attention does that show the media bias because I understand. That about 93%. Of news people in America are Democrats who believe in the Democratic Party. Is this in exhibition of this bias. Why I think clearly isn't what either Democrats or Nat. You know others is their journalistic ethics with what you should be. Wait long ago is good journalist would cover story. Even get both sides of the story and then let the reader decide for themselves. You know to formulate their own opinions. But they're not even providing information to their readers anymore of course they're losing readers and you try to catch snippets and social media. But clearly it buys this actually the television networks. Are connected to their large corporations that it received Hollywood debt. Tax credits were right TV shows and movies. And they're not covering him so to me I think it's he could answer more clear evidence sectors supplies there. For those you just tuned in your listening beat ESP NAM. 1520 blanketing the East Coast of the United States. From Montreal down in northern Florida west of the Mississippi. 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Doctor Brennaman with the society for arts and Palm Beach, Florida. And author of over twenty mystery novels Charles Todd coming up we'll have author. Larry Miller. And we'll also have chipped nail on with the troops stirs helping our troops with packages overseas and doctor. Todd shipped in with the aesthetics center. Are coming up on the roster for a little bit more information about. Republican leader in new York state assembly Brian M Cole back by popular demand and the rest report ESPN aim 1520. Global is co-founder of North American filter corporation. As well as the former president chief operating officer of her frak pan. Technologies corporation. Leader Cole has been selected seven times in the National Federation of Independent Business. NFIB guardian of small business award our guest today Republican leader of the new York state assembly and declared candidate. For governor of New York State Brian M poll. Now one thing Eric I can't understand. Leader col. Not all the national rankings were the worst date in the United States to do business. But yet the governor of New York is talking of in adding a billion dollars in new taxes how can a week. He had. Where were already the worst state in the country do business and I believe one million people. Have left in the last seven years under Andrew Cuomo let's talk about their business climate leader Brian Kolb. Are any of you for peace statistics that our. This is not political sound byte that is actual acts New York State is this the worst in the country and taxes. 49 worst in economic climate. With 48 worst state debt and we're 47 worst in property taxes. That is is is worship picture you can paint in terms of status and our economic. Vitality. Your state. Probably and you Cuomo he wants its X more you spend more and he wants to expand gobble more. Velocity. Or it's eight years that population is left the state. We kept at it that he is governor. And you have to have somebody in there and it is really paying attention to the table top kitchen tap issues at home. And reining in excessive spending and certainly yet. Reach revamping an economic development program now working especially. In upstate New York we've got to reduce property taxes. All of these things have to be hit at a time and we already talked about corruption and eliminate corruption. And part of that acted in an actor term limits for the legislature legislative leaders. We've got a lot to do. And we got the solutions but we have somebody willing to implement them would lead our state doing house. And into almost not interest him. Let's talk about something that is very controversial. And a referring to the economic development programs of New York conservative Democrat whom. You probably in New. York State assemblyman Robin challenger very popular. In Western New York his he would hearings in these very percent. That the State of New York spent 55 million dollars and the start up New York program believe they change in name of it. And the only. Created route 390. Jobs spending 55 million dollars estate in taxpayer money. Tell us how you feel about this it's it's it sounds like it's like a theme and with hundred dollar. Bill's going out the window tell us about that. Leader cold bucket. Well first floor in the very beginning I think what Governor Cuomo was selling was hey look let's try something. You know which we create some incentives to bring people to gear state. Now philosophically and the circus that's surrounding it but this particular program didn't work so instead opting it. Trying something different we just kept spending money on advertising and promoting it like this is the greatest things in place red terms creek gap. What he tried to do go. Was changed their name that it. Because they come under shall much criticism. And the legislature rejected that and I think they've modified slightly. The bottom line is you know you can try things we when they're now working Brian you have to net you in you don't even have to make a mistake it didn't work. We're gonna drop it and here's what they do do instead. People have no problem with. Things ailing or were getting something another try is longer Imus and transparent and open about it. And instead they kept sign on all the work and to wrap it. And they were laying reports that a public as our army gaps created. They don't want to talk about bad news and it's okay you're bad news what we get news. It says we do at home. You know it. Somehow we larger gap we've got. We're bringing up when he paid bills why it is second gap would cut back and this administration doesn't do any. Ages keep spending and spending and spending in it. All of our. Is money to do swept in and that's the problem with this particular governor he thinks it because he's governor that he conspired. And write checks. Unfettered. In without. Consequences when it's being missed that. And that's exactly what's going our money is being misspent. Well let's deal Morse to say the Republican leader of the new York state assembly. And candidate for governor Brian Kolb in Western New York. The governor is put forth 750. Million dollars to company that's lost money in the last four years. Which is about 250000. Dollars per job. They're creating isn't this. Beyond rational behavior to spend that kind of money a quarter million per job. Of course it is and and really bad that robbed all of the L expenditures. Is we can't get a clear answer all the time about okay what was the deal. A much when he did yours included verses the company what would it got commitments and then when. What time and then what is that worked out two or. And what's a ripple effect if any. In terms other jobs created or if we do this project. And that's what's lacking. Because we don't know they keep it secret because they don't want to. They don't want to know what programs were overspending. And all over promising under deliver. Overspending and in in using taxpayer dollars. And that's really the mindset of this administration is we know battered and you just go away don't worry about it. Everything will be fine and they don't when he answered the questions and we even saw that with assemblyman rate Walter. And the economic development hearings with Howard and Penske and partially development. He's parity in. Asking what were you Walter wait while I was pressing them for four concrete answers. Facts and figures it wasn't political it was look guys these programs. We need. We have them. Responsibility to taxpayers ask these questions. But they get very defensive and and that you know and stop answering questions. And that's what's. Be very very frustrating when people Stonewall you. And that's the attitude that they. Well there's an old saying when your answering your losing and it seems like they have the answer to. The governor of New York spanning 750 million dollars of taxpayer money 250000. Dollars a (%expletive) for solar city. Everybody hopes it it works but why would you invest money in a company that's lost money for the last four years. Sounds very dangerous but would more information about Brian M Cole Republican leader of the new York state assembly and declared candidate. For governor of New York State he was named 2013. New York State school boards association. State leader of the year. He's been named part of the annual circle of friends by the New York farm bureau each year since being elected. And 2014. He received April jobs rating of 100 from the and FIV. Again if you're listening in Cheektowaga. Toronto. Or Washington DC drop this and now please write to Brian Ross ESPN radio 500 corporate park we suite 200. Buffalo, New York 14. 226 and again we always treat cards and letters are Canadian and European listeners. OK state Texas. Florida and Texas have no state income tax. Florida is now the third most populous state in the country we've gone down a number four we were number one for decades and decades and decades. How much she that are reduced taxes Brian called if you're governor of the State of New York. Well to be perfectly honest with the brand first things were going to do is to reduce spending. We reduce spending you don't need more tax. And one of the first focus on reducing taxes is going to be reducing property taxes those things and drive businesses out of here. Homeowners out of here in one way to do that is restructure the entire Medicaid program. States can take over in my my plan is for the New York State to take over the responsibility for Medicaid so that. County governments. Can now use their property tax Levy they don't have to collect the money because states could pay for. And then the states could be forced to find economies of scale and reduce. Caught acceptable waist. And abuse. And that will create an incentive for the sake of finely six this particular program. And keep in mind Brian I'm not talking about peaking Waste Services. To those people that that really need. Help through about it Kate I'll program and that's what the other side it was a dollar gonna cut slash services natural. We know we can make this program weighed more Haitian. In making sure certain people need to serve but at the right. Caught in bad bets that type of approach I think we should always look at. Alka week and last. X class and and it we've got a program we have six take a dramatic sledgehammer to it and caught up are taking apart and then put it back together the right way. We have just men and half left on the roster port and ESPN aim fifteen twining. There's a lot of concern with Second Amendment Rights we saw the mass murders in Las Vegas the mass murders in Orlando on the mass murders. In San Bernardino. And a lot of people want to make sure they have a garden cases and it can't that they can protect themselves and save lives instead of losing lives your feelings on this leader Brian. Cold. Strong supporter I'm a member of the NRA. Scope here in rifle association my wife and I have concealed carry permits. We believe in the Second Amendment and the fact that law abiding gun owners in this state. Shouldn't be treated like criminals and that's why voted against the bill debated against bill and organ do everything we can't repeal. This state back going forward Ivory Coast sponsored legislation to do that we're gonna continue. I advocate I mean constitutional rights. That are federal constitution. Has provided us with our founders of this country and it's a battle but we're gonna keep going in and we went. OK I am so we can bring a leader Paul Bryant called Republican leader in new York state assembly and declared candidate for governor of New York. On the roster reports special thanks to Kevin Kerr. Our director of production in two. Michael Frazier for recommending this program also to Erie county Republican chairman nick Lang worthy. For suggesting this guest Brian M Cole thank you for enlightening us. And have a great week.