August 12th Segment 3: Daniel Tague - Exercising with Elastic Bands

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Sunday, August 12th

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Every now and then. See we want to have anything to do that. Here's my favorite tracks coming up cement I think given when I when I read it and I let alone the winning. This movie and I. Lonely guys every one yeah. Can you see his son of wrestling home videos they. I know I am telling my sour pie you. Everybody and then they have like people dancing you know that doesn't think when he. Played. My best mom has and they come out more about another couple of my god we want to welcome bags and and my. I've got and you pay presently rabbit and in studio with me. You know if you go to our website like dot counted down into a podcast subscribe to weekly newsletter. I hard not to listen live at the ice free. It. From anywhere in the world every time I read them I think that's not where where it teenagers as. This. I like us that shot to our sponsors a sudden warriors such a great company. It is a premium on the natural rock super group company dedicated to providing them that's the implant. I. And supplements and I actually got two of my favorites. Product of theirs that I take daily now. The super greens outs on warrior warm us super green to the probe my attic green superffoods on natural. Silly 300%. Organic no sugar added gluten free but it's got over two billion pro by addicts and every serving. I Jordan nice states I get my green every. You know like here you know your. Steve and I the other one and then you know. Back to schools coming up so send warrior has a product called silver immune shield. It's got a natural apple like asset and fifty parts up to million of sonics silver which of course isn't immune booster in shield and then it's got. I'm gonna tell you light just probably buy it didn't count them but like fifty different minerals in their proprietary bland. That absolutely helps with so many things get any minerals media we think of vitamin C say minerals but do we really know there's like so many Trace minerals. That our bodies that are essential. For goods help so. I encourage you check it out at sun warrior dot com and of course the eight time company used the code OLR for 20% off your first order. I use a town I'd love it I use little spray in the morning a couple drops actually in my out of Atlanta and I need to order sound you it's on the other day didn't you dime and I think. He told me in any way that it's made with only premium Hampton avenue I genetics not have used receipts protein erode. And it's really that I incurred due to go to the 28 temp dot com. I think it's way I think I just gave the rise in its it's honest count dot com. On this happened icon okay and then some line in front side I was at my son of the this morning I did the weight loss on this morning. And you know any. Really want to lose that much weight I just have a little bit of body fat and I'm holding on to. What do you think causes I mean there's probably several different things that content pants your body to hold on a body fat but some of the top reasons. Top reasons it be metabolism as we get older. Water retention which would be maybe drink you know drinking too much wine to meetings and ours he had having too many cars in general will will retain water weight and that's a very quick way to put on more water weight it's not. It's it's very easy to lose if you packing on weight really quick wedding day ease then it's probably wire weight which means you probably have or having to hire the carpet. Intake okay. EA you retain more water there's all kinds of stuff with with stress fresher. Those are the most common ones well. And I went and get this out there it is the H company it is it's HM HM dot com. And the course daily magazine visit them Helio mag online dot com to find the steering a store near you and pick up a copy. And the well being journal I was reading 9 this morning in my son lines on her. I and an actually going over an article the reappraisal. Vaccines. A standing army guy he's coming on it's crazy I just say that and Dario on the mound that he Johnny the wanna get me started I could talk for weeks about the subject I. And getting very well educated on net and I seen their kind of bad yeah I yeah you know what I'm afraid even say because if you say something against that. I mean there's such there's such a hate fest going on and has so many media and anyone who is anti vaccine I leave especially like my age group right now I have my friends are getting married having kids having kids and so. Every day and seen people sharing like faxing your kids don't be an idiot or at night you got a baby at an hour holding your injecting it would be with the BIV. Virus you know vaccine right when the mother doesn't have you know hepatitis a baby. I'm sorry you know lack. They'd be a cold day and how before Al average by and when I gave my children I did given vaccines they gave them one at a time. But I was lucky I'm not I would like that time I wasn't working I had time. And the money to do at a most most mothers they don't they just they do have that kind of time. And had to pay for doctors visit every single time casino teaching to two run and but do I can. Say it again there's no way if my babies were little I would vaccinated. I wouldn't maybe a couple. When you start reading the facts. It's shocking it's shocking I'm afraid even actually talk about it right now on the air because. The people that our profile and about it yes I. Let us innocent people that are talking about it I mean it's just yes scary yes they come on dad some of yes like Syria they act out. Don't know I'm not talking it's very scary and and as is a lot of money is a lot of money behind. You know a lot of money behind it and it is scary even talk about which is one of the reasons I don't talk about it. I'm gonna have some people want and they can talk about this okay yes I'm great I really it's it's it's an incredibly powerful subject and if you read that article let me just say this your eyes will be opened its front would be whereas that I got that quick wit while in your Aussie or she what what is I was. It's the big farm raised that issue on seven number wine and dinner every Tony team right. Right it's it's an excellent issue I think you can order back issues of it then I can Yao out okay but I go to the well being journal dot com to get. You know older copies while in the new issue coming out this month is. Another article on vaccines that you're running on a couple weeks. I might even have his book in studio right now Ian and his name's actor Tom Alan Cohen and have it. I get Richard in Moscow Moscow yeah medical doctor. And I mean there EG if you start reading about that. Your eyes are going to be wide open and if you have chair you have children your having children you definitely need to be where I was one of the lucky ones because the way I did net. And like my daughter I would not let them I would not let them give her I did everything I could to prevent that my daughter from getting an hour. Shot until after the age of three but I think they started eighteen months and I'm not mistaken. An HPV. My gosh it just. Like it's it's such an incredible. A vast subject and and when you know the facts like I sat EU EU you're gonna rethink it. Well I think that's the big things well people is long as you're educated Dini can at least make an educated decision I went right you would deny it's the people that are saying no don't do it they have no education or the people saying yes do it. And had no education comes down to just educate trial then making a fortunate decision yeah right right and you're going to Kirk legit places like. It features of the absolutely being one right so -- check it out check out that article if you would if you're interested in that I think it would behoove you. If you have children because he can't take it back. Right you know. He just can't take it back some of the injuries so loud anyway I don't know how we got on that but I'm glad we did not scared to death Daniel you're gonna have to protect me. And then. And you say is an art that kinetic specialist trainer at Telus that is senator he is certified and ortho kinetics. And the biomechanics of resistance training he is a licensed massage therapist and hold outs in three different martial arts systems. And he was a wild land firefighter. Daniel tag is talking today about exercising at wind elastic bands. You know I told my now it just a couple of weeks ago Tina is to warm me up with these bands who bombed before every workout and I kind of part about it. And so let's about the so what are some of the benefits of working out would be. Benefits are one arm main reasons is that there's no in their she can't really get the big Sweeney you would deal with like freeway three answering machines that would be a big benefit and then you're also it could be. Much safer than waits for the most part they're some things it can go wrong with with bands but if you drop I tell ya can't operate so you're not gonna get so much weight you can't get off you type thing. There are a lot more affordable than waits. And you can take him anywhere anyway it's it's really nice I mean if you're traveling fear you know if you just act work office like you have step on your kitchen you can having an action. I forgot to shave my bands they were on the table to have a black one agreement in the yellow on Afghan acts is nice in the city seal it worked out very eager but that's the figure out you know I didn't take you to the back of the house but now I have stuff back there too it's like the whole house has stuff and right and I think it's important if if you can to remind yourself or. You know if your super busy you can drop down and do a couple of squads with the kettle now in your in your bathroom before your shower or something just to get some sort of exercise and and training to keep your muscles strong. Yeah it is I I actually created mound with a push up bars out of Porsche uses high school and weld them together and I lucky day of course you can't separate. I might as well. And welding class well woods by. It was I keep those like next to mine my study areas elect hasn't setting any like mental break ago parties and push ups or decency stability stuff on human. It's nice to have those reminders of a take a little sacking overdo it and income and he wouldn't be doing. And you can exit an ice guess it convenes at the hands is the exact same thing in the lane around wrap around some indeed some rose to some squats with them some buys it should you let come off the might present aka. In it shows what she does I'm assuming with the bands yet with the bands. So we're pertaining jazz bands around her ankles. And she's kind of stepping back into the side. Who should continue working hip extension there and kind of a little bit of what's called hip abduction which in your lake house was working the gluten to step Ambac and kind of the satellite that. You working kind of both the glue majoring gluten Meyer mark and that abilities yet the mood. We're showed us all look like it down this one does go side to side as well look and take little steps aside and there's bandied actually have like. They have little like ankle com. Releases its on the wraparound ankle in the side step back step like that it's. Okay she has bill Ford denied that becomes more mature hits collection or the front part of your body economist at play. Okay she's got a her hitter knees opting kind of circling them out. You're gonna hit election wins. Abduction and and she's coming in the inside kind of working inside ever lake and the thigh area on the inside. It's fun stuff because they do it all about it. And an act. They're doing now with some resistance it just adds a little bit resistance movement more than if you just human need is gravity be good tool they just don't keep too extreme with the range. Right into your point I am not many times on the air with us that the illness and gluten gluten smack New Year's bloodiest Maclin yes. As is very important because it supports your backpack. It does it's a big driver there at the hip extension if you compensate either go up. Above or below that joint to compensate and it tends to beat the lower back that tends to compensate for the blue enough firing as you're taking your stepping Garnett hit extension yeah. Yeah did you hear the story didn't hear the story I don't know I told you I was coming up the elevator now is that my bags you know and I like hearing heavy stuff every day that his role strong and so Chris and that boo or comment. Prison boo hoo. You're glue that boom boom. And an end. Can't okay neighbor down the elevators Billy green itself. You know I was like he's like he wasn't well it's I don't know it's good to carry heavy stuff every day keeps just. It kind of break it. I got out there and pick up the day after right now I threw up my back. And coming up every state to take an presently rabbits and here listening to 01 life free via. Consider this an invitation to relax and feel the stress now to weighing Whitney sunlight and sonong. 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Was as precious as you all I it was not a machine that breaks and fails he felt. His was consciousness full and real and Fred Jung and precious. This is immigrant new connect with Peta reminding us that it's easy to be kind perhaps by not Houston glue traps.