August 12th Segment 1: Open

One Life Radio
Sunday, August 12th

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Contents of the filing program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis treatment or care always consult your physician or health professional with any questions you may have regarding. Or. He EDU wanna go higher baby yeah I played here listening sell limelight rainy Alley. This is hurt it badly and diamond gray Alexi Brinkley I got Rosalie Robertson in studio with me and am glad you guys. Can you ran this yesterday when I was thanking everyone on our seven year anniversary and I found it is amazing you know it's funny is I said I I you're loop. Kind of bunched in with rabid Perry Bryant actor David young and and I forgot you Daniel in the first row mainly came back from break will not I had you on my list but I got so emotional all yeah on the air that I fumbled my papers in mixed him up and it's our had to come back and and it's to give you that condemn them. Relatively new compared cement yet I went rates in the derby and I am right the very beginning part of the story that I didn't tell diamond I don't even know I've ever told you. This indictment is officially going to be the new producer of on my radio when Alexi has a baby here in the upcoming months. As her belly grows. And at that time and how working out and yesterday I told I was I was having is that tears in my eyes I am I why not. I appreciate your lover and I could have done it without it is it true dean change into the sound and her Mike with people I don't think so I mean just like. I can't claim any pain. And meet people. I I didn't tell the story when Whitney when they first called me I am not gonna advertise and that other show health and happiness and a they think you will likely to tease us like oh my. Gosh. Oh my gosh I was at the drift that day and I was so week out so nervous I went behind threat to smoke a cigar and drink some wine before. Now. See that's like that I saw all worked up over not. Stupid. It's ago at a Big Three that you Alex doctors and with this it. Might start drinking whiskey. Because I heard that whiskey is good for your voice and I got some recordings I have to do in a sultry voice. He's my number and I kind of have a sultry voice when you anyway. Yeah. It was in my best. Got now I'm actually in practice with my voice teacher accusers there's a spot that I wanna do it includes lake singing a little little factories and yeah so did you not taking voice hasn't. I haven't seen you in months I go yeah I wanna kind and you know one. You get one body get when mine you get one lines get out there today make the most of it okay. I just talking the talk and walk and the one nice for you handle it and it's really funny once. I have to tell everyone out there that thinks that they might like to seeing it once you get your voice warmed up yeah it's amazing what you can belt out and I don't give up. You have to deal like those speaking drills were like you say a whole bunch of a tricky words together that like yet the role the. Yeah yeah I had to do this I'm almost embarrassed to do it on the air I'd come on dude but I you have to do this at the beginning Amy seltzer is my teacher. My instructor so it's like this. I'll. I was like crap on them. She she is she's very very highly educated in the field of music and she's incredible musician in vocalist as well. But so anyway but it's him that's about it. I'll be fine he does he get that used to be one of the producers I have mentioned her yesterday and the area she -- yeah that's island have heard that it's like a huge gains yet. And I concede yet because you in and I think that's how I've gotten better on radio him is I get so nerve dowdy and even sometimes I do now you know sharing personal stories. I cannot Arum economic actually can't believe I just sat back. But but but like well I did that yesterday actually. Everyday Bernie I did get an Asian impression yesterday at the end of Michelle all right I missed about amnesty come out who wanted to read it again and again it might and might collapse. Why not like amnesty. Yeah. Baxter. Might buy dot I like night we trying to decide go to China. Or royal. OK so Vinny wanted to go to oil well China and you want to go to well instantly restaurant and they still arguing about it and it was complaining about I don't like. I don't I I don't like their food I don't like them while China and wanted to wait staff Herter. And she said to her. I'm not you know. I. About the Chinese Thai food I always go into that light. And you know it's like. Your house at home where we did voices. I'd. Give me any voices. 81 and some. Mean equal on an Internet is that that's an British when I'm betting on mr. Fisher and it's a little. That's you know taken in other words. That I thought the best I've heard and I only add up and added that he valuable he's got to make me why I'm I'm in England and yet some people you think do this do little voices. I'm an Maxi YouTube voices all the time now the time immediately about eating a DD voices now. You don't. Imus is your diet. You're so I learned that it's the and that's why so I'm like why. I do you view that taxes like you know higher once as you all here like I won't see entry scenes Belden he'll come over now you know I'm like I'll make fun of that but that's about it. Yeah he's so genuine back in I said I think I gotta go for you bode well you during the re married him why he's got to get fat a lot of whistles and it gets you Tbilisi with but now like email field issues and laugh at me up with the girl that was on right before. On the air on. My mom love that by the way I guess Kathie Lee I think that you make it swinging couple office. See the example you see this morning are not making enough I NASDAQ and now an and it now what's up with that. The other is all these women got to be so sneaky I'd just say no holes so I just can't get you and. Abby Anna's boyfriend Luke has a sister got him Christian. Well she can't and she is also a virgin I don't disappoints you hot and that because you just you know one of virgin but because of you know you want somebody that is it too seriously but takes it takes yeah I'm feeling requirement I am but it's like yeah yeah I mean he would prefer it if I was on your last year like your perfect woman that would telling the panel. Dry on the want to not to have to and it's okay and a half to list I want to what to have to look at what's have to issue has to be a Christian just be a practicing like trying to girl her faith. Okay she has to be genuinely nice person. Past the end health and fitness nutrition might not like crazy but it's like it's got to be a part of her life because that's a big part in my study sleep yet. We have to agree on yield big political type things and we need to be able to agree on biblical raising of kids and our gonna run finances and everything else those are all must we have to line up on those and we can't come to a compromise on on that and an assistant and no go well. It's Smart because you're gonna have children which I'm sure you are and you wanna have a solid foundation and you wanna stay together because it is very difficult on children. Divorce can be extremely difficult on children and guess it's best if he stayed together yeah. For the children. But maybe their yourself younger I had enough time it depends upon the couple hands on the marriage I think. If you're being abused now get out of the married but it's just like he you know you've got. He now and start. Did you circumspect as I've had this conversation a couple of times with a lot of different women. And it's so funny in even a guy and where we netted out was it's actually better to part because the example you end up creating for the child. Isn't it good and healthy one yes child doesn't see a couple that's together that's in love that you know gives them the example this is what my relationship should be like and they ate there a little tells and children are so observing I that unless you can really. Educate yourself and say no I am and I'm gonna end this relationship is important to me not about the child is about this relationship Sonia and to me. I think I think it's better to say now part ways because a terrible example effort. I Gary Knight yeah and I I tend to agree but I also think you should do your homework I had a time in Asia mostly together very quickly because. Then that's not love that you're experiencing that you know animal minus at home saying it's and Bennett and you know wet what's. At least we we heard something about it here and tell it changes your fair mountains that you might be attracted to the wrong person and really yeah. Back sexy horrible for a whole bunch of hormones he can throw your hormones completely I announced our hall where you really there's action is due within your cycle day is actually all natural whale a TV hookup doctor. What is your name. Kelly Kelly doctor Kelly broke innocent that's not that I want to. He's been on the show amazing that yes she talks about and I even think that that's what triggered my anxiety in my early twenties. The current control pill absolutely does that mean I hormone some asked them. And I think a lot of women experience that and so you know that Rosalie was in Amsterdam and and not near as she went to Amsterdam Germany yep Frankfurt one. I still lived just outside of Frankfurt in her town called me to turn around her don't just. Yeah how long has a lot of their for about two years right out right out of high school they maintenance cool my parents that I originally from home but I related. What a great experience yeah. The yeah it's a beautiful country. But I love. And the Netherlands more than that and yet in Korea I think munch in Munich inside Germany is that. Like ash I got the freshman fifteen even though I was in college. Fifteen pounds a drink in German here. Oh my gosh it others is one story. I was talking to Mikey after two Beers talking you're not here how you might be an and the app I would like the other half aunt story. Now hitting. Coming up easily Robinson and annual state and listening to one life free of yeah. Now imagine. Consider this an invitation to relax and feel the stress now to laying Whitney sunlight and sonong. 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