Assemblymember Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes

On Target with Penny Wolfgang
Sunday, July 15th

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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Tony Wolfgang. Hi hello everybody thank you. So much for joining me today and on target I am your host penny Wolfgang we're here every week and we try to talk about subjects that we think they're interesting and important and educational for all of us who live here in the Western Europe community and we tried to speak to people who are making a difference who are important. In your lives cement away you live away he'll listening in the Western New York area. And actually we are really privileged nature have in the studio with us at Entercom. And a very well known important and instrumental. So the senate could learn I don't know how. Assembly manner. From the new York state assembly crystal peoples who is practically I'm sure. Household name to all of us who live in Western Europe because she's been so involved in government here. And civic affairs for earth practically. Our lifetime no almost she's a lesson overnight stay alive just. And doubt which isn't it delighted that and he is so remember could come and talk to us because it's the session as you probably know. Just wrapped up and everything that happens in Albany and in the legislature. So affects us in their everyday lives that I thought it was really important for us to have an opportunity to find out like what's happening what's cooking. What's what's in the future what's in the past what we can look silly to say thank you so much for coming. I know how busy while we really appreciated. Assembly member would think you very much for imitation is so honored to be here and it's it's. Now three I know I really is like OK I'm honored to have. I what is it started out by introducing you to our listeners as far as Sam. You have background and history because maybe they're not as familiar as as I am and his people in the kind of government affairs. Are with your background and. Bonilla. As you mentioned that have been paying public elected official. For a number of years I served for nine years in Erie county legislature representing the seventh district. And during that time. Say fat Rosie is I was a majority leader. Prior to going onto state legislature which have been for sixteen years so. And that is a lifetime for non citizens in fact there's some people who are not eligible to vote who weren't eligible to vote when I was first elected. And I hope and courage to do just that went in Asia we enact his and I civic about it and go out and vote. Can you explain. And did district shall we say somebody is from this district of that district. I think it's a mystery to a lot of little while Lleyton fully first district does essentially. I have the buffalo is status at the university of buffalo. There's steer around south campus and it goes out a way to appearing projects he crosses over on the west side of main street at least eight or nine different times. Twice downtown in the rest of it around a fire exciting area some other around the kind of Vernon triangle area so is Hughes district. It's very diverse. Both geographically neighborhoods. Ethnicities. Income wise that is just very diverse. There's some other members of the state legislature who represent other parts of buffalo. But I am the only member of the statement senator who has all of my district is included in the city of buffalo. And you know I we didn't go back far enough in our lives but I wanted to and then our analysis know that you liked. I think grew up here and have a background anyway in my yellow school 31 minute high school buffalo state college graduate and undergraduate. So you are obviously more than Finley with all the issues that people. The diversity that you represent because you just grew up here and and no. How everything. What's needed in what isn't the classic kind of like moved away let parents raise my Brothers and I. Was it to treat people how you wanna be treated. And two was it to you have to add value to the community needed to live it. You can't just take from a trip to add value to it. And so he remember just a little analysis and arrived in the table were mum mum I was I was Republican in my there was only Democrat. Is that you know that's exciting. I hit it is quite frankly it was good for canonization. And it ended a day there were no arguments it was maybe some disagreements but there were no annual isn't a camera sitting kept on. That appoint a wanna make here is that being born and raised in buffalo. With the family you know working class people. Gave me a wealth of values and character that is move right into my life now as as a parent elective representative but nothing about that. Rearing has changed except age to get. I am but you know lingo scowling at camp junior ghost are bringing in tethering. Is telling you get debt you know. Grammar school and you and indie kids who to whom that raised the same way you act. You have it pushed him back because they were abilities into. And it and still maintain that treating people like you wanna be treated. We and in high school you have a guy is council chose to get that couch McSherry usually mingle and cows usually go as such that's. You know you eat real I don't their values it appears Stockton which was. If Google and the cows is what college they go into this I think and it character and morals and I was raised with an English city of buffalo in a bra with film are. Games leash to the area. Have many bode well for me and I'm release of a proud of my upbringing. Allan and and you should be and it's voted wealth was the vote is in for the people that you represent test for sure. I want to ask you what it's what the differences here are the challenges. Different from your role before you are an assembly person because you're so involved in other aspects of government. Well I was to any organizer with Susan thanks in New York so I helped people. Understand that if we have common issues. We came collectively worked together to change them but it ended today most attend and we need to change that we need to make we had to go to government to do for instance. Organized painless whose children had been led police and and one of the things that they decided they should know. Is where did these children live. Who having hit the lead poisoning the highest level so we were able to lab we didn't dale Volker. And my predecessor as a relief. To put in legislation state legislation that requires the state Health Department. To set up a database. And keep a record of where children live through that have lead poisoning that are still in place that was even before I was elected but I helpful Alex. Organized and we had to go speaks as innocent you know didn't consider evoke grim. That the speaker Reeves or to make it happen. It's I think we knew when sue you know what amount is Susan you understand that it into the gang. In order release of that is or at least we have some leeway into it mean to hit government will have to do something. And by simple simply haven't the government to keep records of which are relentless and now it can be so tired or an approach. But how you begin to look at dealing with Dan as initial. So it's ad is sort of like a different aspect of your continuing the work that you're doing. As an assembly letter saying you know only from a different perspective pretty much I'm actually a very seems he has that'll. I was elected then what's that going to put a medical waste incinerator. At the hospital will lead organizer own neighborhood same though is we know what to burning medical waste on travel by houses. As artists you know things that. You know that I think organizing is the son he's got ran up the cost of Bora where the electorate and an even as an elected person I still have to organize. A few people who agree with me I mean leader 150 members. And embodying and you know anyone that a majority don't win. Just because you know I didn't think he's the best ones you've got to give the people to agree with you. And I just I I just wanted to get to that talk about what. In case she just tuned in today you are listening to on target with your host penny Wolfgang and today we are talking to assembly member crystal peoples. From the Hulk utility district again. The 141. I was simply answer 141. At assembly district which we hope you are listening. Because. This people's explained geo aware of that is. And wherever you while listening whether she just could not as we're going to find out the work of the assembly in the at the issues. Face that they face and that's a deal with are going to affect us no matter where we live you know it's funny saying that because and a lot of times and we doing this program and and all these all the different Entercom stations and people are listening from. Batavia and Jamestown. At night account name it and different things but everything that has to do with Sanyo stage and the assembly and the issues. Affect people no matter where they live in this area. Exactly. So now I want to ask you if you could like talk about the issues that. That you dealt within the last year in the assembly in that you think people would be caring would effect them in their lives. Well. Yeah and a very often. As a legislator. Nice Korea Japanese you know investigating whether or not you should be legislative changes. Or an exit of additions or amendment six cinema. And it's simply loop you know do that well they pass that kind of bills. No one knows who likes to pass a ton of bills because I think. Just passing laws is really not necessarily. Passing laws that impact people's lives in a positive way that's when I'm more interested in itself I am and you know. This year this session live wouldn't pass eleven bills that they actually get past them both the assembly and the senate. As you know and cannot become law would Albion passed him low for a separate houses and then mean signed by governor but I think order was that I am. I'm most excited about is the does is allowed it optimizes. Who. Cities who have population between to a 5200000. To establish. A senior citizens. Love tangles real property. Tax exemption. So in other words and specifically. As. This came to me because I assume what is happening to people in the fruit belt. Under a lot of generations people who live game for multiple generations. And you know some of my seniors. And they have been paying property taxes. The value of their property is going up because of the investment and medical quarter which does not a bad thing that's that's a good problem to have. Click the same time so many seniors may not have the ability to pay increase happy Chester is based on the reassessment of Dubai happening. So I like to see them be exempted from additional crappy tension unless. The property is so doubt in my note. Kind of like QB Tony Tony what a great concept there was. That didn't president Sampson came up with it was such a good idea. That it could that get pass in the state assembly unless it was quick due out all Sony schools. So end up being silly Tony winning it much like that this legislation is pretty much the same thing other people and the president's state. Who have and maybe different circumstance Lehman and a medical quarter but some circumstances would it two seniors are being. Price senator homes because a campaign of property taxes is so. I think you have to try to you know look at this as you said earlier to these laws are for the entire state. I'm though disciplined specifically does says stay safe you know cities between certain sizes so that include New York City. And as inclusive so smaller cities that don't have these these population numbers. Giving that think that. I'm really Kana. Proud about is is killed giving this buffalo school district an opportunity. Not to have to paid the higher. Rates foot charter schools. And and not be reimbursed until a year later I would like to see him be reimbursed at a time today pails tactic distancing Langley in Dallas in the district. They really can easily sources now. Though was also pass in the senate by senator Jacobs. Kind of holder that was. I have this is Welker is going to be very. Very helpful to. To buffalo school district in Italy I think does them I'm really very proud about is in the opportunity for the city of buffalo to have the ability. To keep people who have been for years bought property in buffalo. Live in Phoenix of Brooklyn or LA or wherever you live they don't take you to property did not maintaining that they collect the rent but did that. Hourly Nicole looks at the city has this legislation would allow the city too I'm. Those cold violations penalties to go to tax records. She can't ever get away from it you can't get away from taxes you can get away with cold sometimes to do is keeping known it. But if you put them together you cannot get away from Texas so I think we did you know do a number of things have happened and passed a sessions. That help deal with the probe the problem of abandon and zombie properties but it was nothing yet that it would really do with the absentee landowner. Who was still collecting rents under LLC. And not investing in property we know of at least one family. And lost both the father and the daughter who because they were known in a crappy where. It was up to fire codes and didn't have smoke detectors to why it was in bank conditioning guy had been notified many many many times. Have been cited many many many times now in two people dead. I'm so I'm I'm really happy about that. And the real big push for use only has been a recent could justice reform. And so there was a bill that was introduced by com my colleague. And they cheered them that Puerto Rican native legislative caucus. I'm nick Peary to. About discovery which I'm sure you're very familiar was as an attorney. Was just was simply you know say that you know they're defensive hand the access to the same information that the prosecution does. You know and pursue peace proceedings in court on that hole is a very difficult one to get through. Get a lot of people who don't think they think the prosecution is to somehow have an advantage. I don't think so I don't think a constitutional goes red and then having a constitution goes for Romanian feared drowned. I'm ended here in the center of proven guilty and you can't do that if we everybody doesn't have the same information. So we've been looking at criminal justice like that issues like that four while the state legislature. As you know actually passed down. Crazy age so that we are now putting teenagers in the same deals with adults. Black teenagers who were convicted of nonviolent crimes you commit a violent crime you gotta go we need to go. But in vehicle is created and am not a crime like. Using or selling marijuana which allowed people now use legally as a pharmaceutical. Mussina and the incarcerated with a valid criminals. Let particularly adults who is so is we went out writers. Had a ditch Hannah. On and on target not too long ago enormous explaining how they're going to implement. They're raised the age and the new courts for anything he's quoted quote youth court yeah excellent work so near buffalo has been very. Their own critic who gaining some really great specific candidate courts and to meet people's needs yes. Now how does these. It's issues come TU. Debt and it needs you know. Work gore that need resolution on that need new bills to people contact you or are you aware of them through your constituents. Are how do you find out. Kind of always around the school district bullish do when there's of alum could their budget that quarterly notre ran away for sure. Some sort of push the city has his priorities of things that it needs in order to make. The quiet life in the city better dale notify you. And of course you get lobbyists who represent different. Either associations. Or organizations that code that is a finalist is a everybody has how lobbyists. I'm ended of course there's always just you know you're neighbors. Who may soon do announcing hey did you think about this for instance and daughter was on dialysis. And some I sent me a note about and the fact that. When a city that was an either or to parent her alma not in my district but. Was on dialysis and there was a power outages. World there's a power routers that means you'll machine. Straps. And whether it's your glasses of certain being taken at a US have been putting you either way goes is not good. Put this out so we introduce legislation. If finally this year that pans down. In the assembly. That would require that people who how have dallas' businesses. Have some sort of generator or some sort of energy source in place. That will kick in if the power goes out so that people who are in the process of being analyzed and never have to step in the middle of it. This just came up because you realize that there was a problem there. Now if you if you at a hospital does not a problem because they are ready be quiet by health requirements to have. Banco generation but the standalone. Dialysis agencies organizations they're not required to do that. And they should be. And it's amazing how widespread. The like a criminal justice dialysis. Taxes. How widespread the the legislation isn't covering so many issues that have people's everyday lives every day lives. I just went interrupt again in case you're just tuning in. Gillis into on target. They always tell me keep identifying yourself and telling them you know listen who is create talking Dillon who delisting duke hoisting yet so. Jim is usually here in the studio nudging me but I remember it myself so you're listening to untie it. With euros penny Wolfgang which talking to and assembly member crystal peoples and she is just telling us about. The issues facing the assembly of the legislation. At the end of the session that's been passed recently and the future we can just getting to the future what is on the agenda for rut in the next session because. I'm sure that there's issues or legislation that youth tried Japan so that was not successful on that you didn't get to this year. That's like. On the agenda and you're thinking of for the future. Well engineer a couple of them. One of whom is the paint stewardship act which pretty let's willow. Put in place a recycling plan fun news architectural paint. Which we do not have stayed in New York. A lot of controversy about it some people think that you know. Carcillo should pay an extra fee for it to be recycled. Simulating the industry should pay. Presenting the industry should prettier ones who named the resources but. We are working on active tooth trains of thought about that process and I think did the next session we should be able to get. That was done. The other thing I think. This critically important. Again as the Dallas this piece that got past any assembly only when you get there have been in the senate as well. And mentioning editing and I think most people are re no that I am a bit the program that is legalize an adult is so there Lila. Not. Without restrictions. But legalizing and taxing and regulating issues. I think is the time has come near nine other states already in meaning in my circle us including one country and then being Canada. I'm wearing you know this is illegal product and I think it people who are undergo an agent can prove that they have a donation. Pat. How rash and or arrested for something that. People who have look this can go gonna Wear a lot of four. I am was a proponent of medical marijuana. And I think that it should have been more widely. Available day and then it is a predictably slow walking into the place where knees are being but I think at some point and open is next year. There will be ready for the don't use of legalize Lilith. Now explain just a little bit you mentioned this earlier about how you background in like negotiating or. It's getting people together has helped explain what happens like when you say I think we should pass this or I'm in favor of such and such. You have to get not only your your own people and void but other people to recognize other assembly people and you mentioned descended. Exactly. So yeah you'd use viewed you do have to do a lot of negotiating now. There have been 123. Hearings so fire on the tablet gonna go use of marijuana. And Darren she use X co host of people out there who have major supporters. So studies is that difficult to find people who support this as an issue. But it is a bit of a challenge to convince. Other members that it that's a good idea now members who represent. Upstate communities in farming communities they like it. Because you know it's in the market for a finalist quite frankly it's already in the market for farmers because of them medicinal marijuana. It's already a new record for farmers because of hip. Can't face you know is an eagle prior to can be used for everything close paper. Rope naming him the zoos and quite frankly I knew it state is exporting Atlanta felt. So is benefiting our academy. As the same product is just doesn't have TH EN it into says C media and it would still known as though education process that people need to go through so. Lou what I think of some colleagues to support this they see it as a benefit to give farming communities. And quite frankly some final scene as a benefit to them as well. Us that and I think. Do some people who. Maine that might like myself who have no real desire to be smoking in our suggestion and Leno shows slocum but quite frankly what you do know is that people do smoke it. And quite if you look at did the Dana. Was Luke Lawson has done so weapon is part of public good as doesn't work honesty is our local buffalo groups open buffalo has done some work on this. You know they know from the data that no more people. Who don't have an inner cities. Act in a Rico case is slow Leah Lila more male lineup but more black and brown people. Arab consummated Ford itself would mean that whole social justice peace has to be swished around and you can't you can't keep doing that because. But once we do that and incarcerate someone in their convict him they spend an Ngo and get out. They can't get it paled rested on account it. We'll have green jobs can give in America now including buffalo we don't have so either so crowds education or some certified training that many. You you can't get a tablet can't have a public housing she really relegated a person. To second class citizenship just because who have residence was something that you don't arrest here neighbors down the street fort that's just how right we kind of you know through with my lip but it. Be right in his got to treat everybody right can't treat some people settling in other people's and other ways are us socialists are just as big for me. Get a pack have a busy academy have it that thing scare a lot of my colleagues. In early in the senate in Republican senate. We'll go to support legalization. Because of the amount of money that can be made. Well whatever their reason I mean if he had me. I because there is a lot to be made I know there are companies that have been very successful now and it and the medical and keep reading about itself and you can look forward to being a successful and don't use. Business as well now my friend to BCA just who is. Staff member and dad divided council and your counsel and devoted to to you told me proudly that I should be sure to ask you. About being a two mentioned. Chair being the chairperson what's chairwoman management to can't of the women's legislative caucus. What does that mean. What I mean is that we have a caucus and women who come together. On a regular basis we focus on issues that are important to us as women bipartisan. And by cam also as both say and they assembly Democrats and Republicans. Because it doesn't matter we've come to London hotel here is an important issue. The so we spent a lot of time working on and we definitely treat earlier. In the year before a session started we want to see their toga. You know who legally we treat dare we focus on how women in business. Because that's another one of my major issues it has been my interest themselves and accounting government which is minority women all business. New government is. Not in the business of being a business but it would afford to do business. For people it has to do with somebody. And my point is that he should have been with women and all minorities who had the capacity either this sort of so we focus on a day retreat. And we just felt a Sunday care issues and the other issue that we and it tore agenda are essential to think Lou will see more the next session. Is how to care for adults who are still disc able. So we know we met with a member who has a son who you know she's still these appear for. In a way that today he will often at a banquet table anymore and so he's the she still has to care for him so we're looking at two and so mom. We'll had a value into looking into how do you provide for the resources and support systems for families. Who may move around the capital or move around the thruway. Lift their adult children who are yet disable. Well it is soul it all the issues that you deal with senate do you do with your future. Are so important to all of us in Western Europe come and really pleased that we can have an opportunity to discuss them today. On on target in that you could join us and we thank you very much it's assembly member crystal peoples hey thanks for listening everybody to. And we hope you enjoyed a conversation please join us again next week same time same station. Have a good week and by everybody's. You've been listening to one target with Kenny Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at western new York and our community. Do you have any comments or suggestions. Please rate depending Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.