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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with the news features and special guests. Now here's your host honey Wolfgang. Everybody. Suing target. And the sting of skiing and it's a pleasure to talk to every week and we tried to talk about subjects that we hope for interesting and important. For all of us who live here in the west near community. Or whether it be entertainment. Arts sports health education law. When everything. You aren't sitting in and we'd like to know more about. And this is my fun time on the program because every year around this time we get to talk about. Fun subjects like entertainment concerts in the park. Verizon's games you know all the things that we look Philly too in the good weather and when my all time favorites as you probably know. Is our park and I'm sure it's yours to because it's a venerable institution at this point. That's been around so many years my guess we'll tell me how many. And it's something that is so. And special here in Western New York. There I don't think there's anything really liking. And if you're not familiar with our park and the venue itself in all attest to offer. We are going to help you with it today because in the studio with me. Is the executive director Sonia Clark. And miss Clark is going to has brought me a beautiful brochure with a beautiful picture of well falls in the background and down and stage. At this stage and people. And it's a couple of the activities and describes everything in if you had this. Lately you would need to listen to me so I would like that that she had this huge piece so excited to know all the it's going to be happening. This season at our part so thank you so much for coming so Sonya thank you for bringing me this for sure which is going to help us with our program. And welcome back. I know that you have NN target previously announced we tank decide is last year or the year before. But actually. You're sort of new mean in the scheme of things because our Pakistan Iran and I started to sail. That's a long time a number of years and I was gonna say how long this question I don't know. But you do for 44 great years our eyes to it that line really. So you know. You had to learn this I'm showing you came if you didn't know to begin with but. In the mission of our park it's not just me now I mean just think it's not only. An entertainment venues there's so much more to it it's a a destination. In a way for. Most definitely. Most definitely in in the Indian name of art park is the idea of aren't as a public good to. Just as important as bridges an air and water. On service to the public enriching lives and those different facets divisional Lawrence. Could performing arts. The music the dance. And all of that combined together. And we'll look at part does this confluence of art nature and culture. And if you could describe it because maybe somebody hasn't been there I mean location lies and acres lies in terrain life. Wish it on 150. Acres of land to on the gorgeous. Niagara. River and I go on court. Only just a few miles from Niagara Falls and went I've heard the storied. Niagara Falls actually started in art park. When the tectonic plates shifted tend to crack happened to the ice age. The actual spots were Niagara Falls started it was an art per. And then over 20000 years is sound. The camel's back because the what's her show a resolve to rock and it kind of keeps moving still morning. So that's a very insisting settle for an end a lot of the rock on the trail is when you walk along his. The geologist pointed out to me is there a million years old T contest of rust that is and eternally patient here Boeing union example. This kind of in the UK they counted even if they can study and now I can't get any of that lady on the burns from our out parks. Straddled. Two. They provide counselors. It also. We want to. Make clear that it is really state is to state park it's not privately own right it it's in new York state park. Chris but the programming as well operated by an independent nonprofit now of course are part of the company's historically it was funded by. As a state park by Earl W bridges who was a senator. As the majority Republican majority leader in sentiment and that Nelson Rockefeller. So those two. Great minds. Says this concept for part. And then built park at first and then name built to theater. As a part of its intent to design was supposed to entail boast of visual arts and performing arts kind of working together along with the trails in the nature and culture working. Together there was division and open to Ole. Full citizens. And lol optional cost full access to everybody presented to them. Most democratic. And democratic. Fashion Mexicans. In LA I use as we said we've got to talk before but I plan to take a minute too and skew. What how you came to it to be here in. An art park you know to be the director. For what you back grandest. I was my background is eight. Well I worked at I come from Moscow was born in Moscow I was raised there and once it's their. Idea immigrated to. I'm guessing Jewish refugee technical wish. I studied in college in New York City I went two of my first jobs worth nearer from Armani convenience to our product. For many years I worked in the administration and and I. And ran a small theater that's focused mostly on new work via playwrights for different show on national backgrounds in the United States colder than stages which is still to earn their allowance near configure street. Spent about nine years running the theater. And and I went to Columbia University. And I challenge and I worked around the world touring shows starring artists managing artists. I produced a show in Euro. But Gypsy change it. Came back United States have worked for it Meredith monk I was from general manager for a number of fears. And so over all this experience of this very different experiences in the hearts iso of this public search. Four new executive director of our park and all these different things are combined here's a perfectly. That I I just couldn't help myself since this is the place that I think was fluid just. Made made for you Janet for each other little boy in the same year on. Health risk is that must be assigned to isn't it can't. I don't know if had you heard that he had you heard it our pact before in the theater community or in the arts community any. To be honest video I personally have not. But as I discovered very quickly mania of the artists I have worked with dead. And as soon as I got here I stand these past three years of bringing them all here dot com. From. Some some of them haven't been here for twenty Haiti forty years sworn in the first artists have brought those amendments who was in the an artist at our park in 1976. And her executive director was my colleagues for many years has Meredith monk so first thing I did the Irish stout says Mary has to come here and look at. This place with me together. And we developed a plan on that they're Connolly also working on pulled our park is a living laboratory. Does Mary demo of this concept. Park as a living laboratory as a place where. Visual artists and scientists come together and presents them of most. Suppressing ideas of the society. Via visual. Means. Allen as artistic projects. And she she she she went beyond at this point she Sheen went far beyond being a visual artists she really is out. Architect planner thinker philosopher and I think so that some of the ideas in the plan has tremendous torque torque. And and so it went. And senate and so it went in so and so here you are which is sad to the benefit of all the people here in Western Europe and Casey just you didn't. You are listening to on target with your post pending Wolfgang and we are talking today to Sonia Clark who's the executive director mark pack. It says our park east York park experience it enjoy it to put it right and I think that's kind of what we've been talking about you know. And down. So now we're coming to. What sets this year apart is our parks expanded effort in community building. Programs. Including summer solstice. Music in the woods. Are par for passion garden two nights on the terrorists. And the Odyssey. Which all sounds fantastic but now we're gonna get an opportunity to explain what all of that means a. Finish well. One of mine eight goals and our Farc is still. The reach our full potential and to expand our programming so that we do take advantage health. Our land our resources does beautiful sexy scene Ernie. The environments and they'd do well for the artists both locally and my personal connections around the world. And bring it all together as much as possible. One of the things were started more immersive outdoor festivals. That is very insisting to me. Bringing street artists. Visual artists musicians. Coach. Everybody together in in in an enhanced. Stylized kind of world unique world that you immersed himself in for a day in this magical kind of place. Our park had its a fairy festival does renowned for a number of heaters and extended it now tool. But McAuliffe summer solstice during a festival was geared to children mostly when mostly in the morning for early enough to known midafternoon. On now to go see. The way into the evening and now we have we're working with international artists have to be kind of dig designed. Wearable sculptures I would call them. Their fairy costumes but there aren't much more than costumes. She's an artist from Georgia eastern European Georgia. Were working when it's William closest coming back with his earth Hart who presented last year in September. She's in re going to anchor strains over dentist your parking lot that we've read about now. Last year hand over the foals and people are gonna look at it down nice and that's a secret I don't guess I am not this year. We've had this year they have a lot less serious she anchored just strings overdo it and sell from the amphitheater stage and this year gonna put her over this at parking lot to gene Davis Niagara. Painting and generally error is writing new piece of choreography with his new company and you're going to present at the dance festival we're gonna have wine bar and beer garden and Christo van American. Buffaloes didn't. A center of the celebration for a long time isn't really faithful following so they all coming to a loss as for the summer solstice celebration as well Kate Le Conte is directing it. We're going ten DE answers so all day long would it even how flash mob gonna disrupt our own celebration I am I just flash mauled. In collaboration with a group improper everywhere very popular in New York City and other cities. And their mp3 project. It's an out fuel you turn it John and just funny voice tells you what to do things fit. It it's really going to be fun and the whole thing's gonna go boy into the ninety and two it's a celebration for all these just. And the ideas that you enter this world. The second have you with us. You you would ask you your appeal part of this magical to not transfer Mason. And hopefully offer transformation it. It sounds really really different and exciting and interesting and then. It says. Something about to the Odyssey and major new work of musical theater. Odyssey is is tremendous project in this area it came from. This did the couple years I've been here I've been trying to she what is it. This kind of showed that the McKinnell for two of the Western New York with our enormous stays in this very rare. Facility. In its own unique kind of way what can we do and one of their ideas scheme to me with the Russian stands forth who just returned from the drama league Colson and old colleague from New York City who suggested it. The public theater started this program called public works in 2014. Were there ideas that they would stage musicals and incorporates both professional theater. Team. Actors. Designers and such. And also local community. Unions social groups. Senior centers. Service organizations. Schools and everybody comes together to represent Europe community. Together. Davis phasing in number of musicals to sway one of them was the Odyssey to who has written by entitlements great composer. Modern who has written bachelor or not it's not another hit in Santa homer's classic concede to. It's abuse is a story of his travel back home she's finding home and to our keys to home is Western New York. We have a tremendous team built together with Roger directing. Jones Archie is. Great actor who was Apollo in and rocks in the musical on Broadway. We have analysts Skinner who is. Big time Broadway leaf off off tremendous career. Coming to us as a Lee's release RC and canal Penelope. And say nice fit you know and shaping character. Fidelity you don't feel helped Cloris mine too. And being we have over hunt already well over a 120. Western Europe's citizens for signed up to be a part of the celebration. We have a working with organizations like them power. That earns one stop Lewiston fire man he empties it going to be a part of it the Lewiston for food former mayor is going to. Make good decisions hair and shaking it. We're going to have from. Buffalo game and score this mount Saint Mary's quieter. Iroquois marching band. It's unbelievable and collaboration gift exclusively on demand in Asia just to seeing everybody works together who already have started and to see holes and let professionals. Think that the an organization it in and it gets involved in that. If loans seems very formidable is. It is very very very ambitious indeed especially as we can do it as we have a number of fullest so buffalo professional boxer is working together over in New York. Actors designers it's a good makes as while I think it's going to be extra time. I can say to I can't I can't wait in recent days yes we going to do two shows August 4 and five. Because I felt would this number of people to coordinate everybody and bring everybody and I think oh what can handle this probably one weekend at camp but we're going to make sure that everybody has a ticket stunt towel that participants have five tickets for their families. Has been tremendous support in the area to to raise this. And so I'm very much to conform to have this works I think this is something that could be that's could be in our part to its transit because as I said before it's. The sample of community building has built into our parks DNA that tones field participatory. Arts and I think it probably got it a little way from that over the years until you came you know a lot of its mission. Was concerned with with funding and as well everything was and getting audiences and so forth so announces I guess your chance to bring it back to this kind of an. Community activity. It is things easier when you knew it has been an analyst ten I don't know how long this for ten has so honeymoon is gonna love how is so far and really want to Dallas I know everyone would one knows just a little bit. About these seasons like the hands this Tuesday in the park which homeless has become so popular. And but it became I think it gets too popular if anything can kidney right. I would agree with. Certain at what she likes taken up tuning in to tell us about. Highlights. What this year have a tremendous season re re. So hopefully we went. Full force and and tired old act we felt were right for our park and took some risks and so far it's working out. I think just perfectly so gonna open our season is Steven Tyler. And eleven Mary Bain and my one on my personal favorites Bruce hornsby is going to followed June 19 great musician. Blue rodeo Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton and Barenaked Ladies old time favorites in this area. Yes very very tension. I think they're almost sold out very close Johnny gets a tick again the next couple always because they're almost sold out. As I can make you happy. Absolutely several shows a sold out actually has been going really well. Did this cute shrugs arm you'll give back is another. Fantastic. 9 that I am very much looking forward to. Brit Floyd just coming back it's as George said it's like Christmas you have to put it up. And other my personal favoritism. In the indeed some of the New Orleans tonight as we're going to have a August 14 it would've throw it down they call it that strong bond shorty. And six are the bands so far and they keep settings here. So this date Mardi Gras riots are you parks at our park I was fourteen is going to be very special moment I think. And this season is gonna close of a Boy George culture club B fifty twos. And the Thompson Twins as somebody point is set to me on my friends and my gosh it's Michael youth. It's a pretty good you know when. When I am thinking just looking at the humanities it's everybody's. It's to use the trend in the past the present and the future analyst you know there's something for everybody. Absolutely there's enough this year is this one is still more steered toward classic rock now for the last. But to have another series that are park's been on developing over the past several years. The call of course like concerts in the park and it's more geared toward. Slightly younger continuation men and bands that in some cases are on there. To me just just coming out just becoming most popular it's so good makes. Yeah and Portugal demand fleet foxes and wean. And slightly stupid and everybody's favorite way our dentists in this area is just amongst everything is that it made my age thirteen year old. It sure does Harry go missing Illinois cliff has sold out but we still have some group. Sales available some VIP tickets still available physical box office and in it's sold out. On the main stage have December arrests. Grade grade the end of the phone myself for many years Jack why it sold out. Lindsay sterling and Hawaii yes and no sanity Atlantic county district field trip that. Will make sure she. Could sit activities yet. And make sort doings so did defeat a terror program is tremendous and of course Vanessa Williams when buffalo philharmonic. Well with seven night in the fourth floor money so this time it's with Vanessa Williams was very much looking forward to that that's July 19. To our season is very very full and and then we have a number of much smaller events among our proposal these little kind of nukes in little small stages and other opportunities to experience music and dance in in somewhat the different ways so that this new series that the stars last year. McCauley at Thursday nights on the terrorists. And that's. On the theaters terrorism with a bar of sort of vote. Or. A night where dancing and some drinking but they're much more intimate kind of experiences. We'll have on a swing nine it's with a great swing band coming actually from lower east side of Manhattan. And where they are dancers should it's great. Nice for anybody who's a fan of swing dance though to swing dance class and a performance and a great jazz band and Anbar. It's going to be great in there and I bristling night and several times he years ago. And itch social and easy to freelancing to people. The participants the audience. Get pedantic agent doesn't write my favorite and aren't so good sum and risk is to me yeah and there's been specifically and it shows. Nicholson decline in the delay NC five. They have become. A staple of this sounds speaking easy on the lower east side over the past seven years called the back room. And people come to the bar only because of them and only snow lover his old swing dance come dressed and those nights Monday nights at. I doubt speak he's about coral are very very special and to watch. All the fans for just. To do such contagious energy that comes from all these dancers and the band and and does at this here's a slew electric and and I've known them for many many years and tremendous musicians as Wallace right. Invited down DP TD drive in the botch it. To do this for us specifically. Dan we're going to have a peak nights another Thursday down as a tango night to get a tango lesson in the tango. Dance night. At country night and then we're going to finish that series for the movie. Just. In in no way calls Lewiston just festival which opens up Thursday. Sonar was turning third. We're going to have a movie with an introduction by Chinese and bella so she fixed that movie specifically. It's quote I called Tim Morgan. Does Serafin experiment for us to to try and will be as well. To have a program called music in the woods that's been going on for many years so in the afternoon on Sunday and it's 3 o'clock between 4 o'clock sorry. We have acoustics. Unplug it. Dance coming quartets or chamber ensembles jazz ensembles. To perform in this very informal kind of setting for free. And have a great program also set out from box to. New music to steal ration. And even now points when you self. Buffalo based composers. Mallet percussion garden. Where we started this installation is interactive feel. Music instruments. Here around stent installed in the park can only play with them mundane on them and got attracted to also a group of buffalo based impressionists. Buffalo percussion ensemble. And today if so from. Now he's become the resident is very natural rising as somebody lines learning to play the clarinet I'm gonna bring a can bring her constantly excellent. We don't expect journalist sister remember all of this can be etc. so we're doing one. Where we can they get. Ali information what's the easiest way because unfortunately they don't have the pressures that we have in our hand. And they not gonna and they want to deriding frantically while listening in his state driving in the car they're not writing at all so we have to help them know where they can get tickets and they can get further into the should everything on our website are part of that net. That's the center of Ferrari information we're also very active front fees books and find us on FaceBook where post there daily updates and calendars and staying in touch with us there's probably the best hurricane season dispel. And signed it and we are looking so it's so much to all of the activities and all of the show is in all of the theater and all of the exciting. Missions that you have good at going to count this summer and we're really going to be attacked a chance to touch it and thank you thank you so much for coming. Will see it aipac everywhere and something so much Cilic Foley to a and please join us again next weekend on target have a good week and could buy everything. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions please rate depending Wolfgang it's 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. 114 to six.