April 8th Segment 4: Daniel Tague - Anatomy Trains

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Sunday, April 8th

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This is a classical and I got this like differs in nineteen. Home my claim is this is classically. So when he first update. Is made year over experience. You only find it amusing that you know human packet is. Let's get a US and that we need and we can't ultimately figure this out. Did the bad and the ugly. And ugly here is the name of the movie yes. I didn't watch a lot of part of the man with no name. What I saw the movie I Tonya. Over the weekend now oh my hack oh my god. Is pretty and it worked on my hat came from I want to say. But it it it is right up there with pulp fiction to study that. If you liked the movie pulp fiction you'll love the movie I Tonya it was so creatively well done and how. About Tonya Harding yes the Gator yet but Nancy can't in innings. It is it was very well done it's it's everyone to see it it's really related movie that welcome back to one my radio everyone I've got a guy Mezger in studio with me shot wells and Daniel tank. Daniel tag isn't or took genetics specialist trainer at Telus. Fitness center which is directly adjacent to the I heart media studios here in Dallas Texas. I he is certified in Orkut kinetics and the biomechanics of resistance training he is a licensed massage therapist and is shot on wells as trainer as well. I he held 2003 different martial arts systems. And was a wild land fire fighter always a pleasure to have Daniel in studio with us he is a gentleman and a scholar today we're talking about anatomy to train so. What are anatomy trained and everything and everybody heard that phrase you know that's on this conductor at one. And there's a little train that comes to him and that we cements it on in Ryder exactly. Well I've got lots of exercise Tina kicked my butt for today's last week when she isn't counts out. I've got material for the next couple weeks when you Daniel but today an enemy trees so how does this relate to functional exercise. Owen and you change purses how you look at muscles all. Being linked together and working as one instead these individual things easy look at where a tattoo in the Irish name occult or insertion and kind of turns in the bone rank. But if you look a lot of these things like for those people that know this muscle the pro news longest skates a muscle that kind of moves the way that it pony as long on the outside of the ankle. And if so what it kind of flex is being going kind of turns it in just a little bit right so if you look at that attachment in the attachment the outside the hamstring on the back the lake. If you actually look at the cadaver it's very hard to separate those two attachments. Wheeling Phil we kind designate as two separate muscles. Well really almost turns into one singular muscle and then it keeps on going throughout the body like that through different muscle systems like if you look at that lack the muscle that you'd do with lap pulled out right when it is it nice vis a bodybuilder yet. If you look at the way that that muscle fiber runs and the way to the office site glue two runs K is connected by fashion which is very dense connective tissue. And you look at it in basically they turn into each other in the do the same thing when you take a step. When they extends and that's the glue right near there. All I was doing Tina like a comic to beat copies I don't know why column that but she has me tip over. Indonesia yep I have heard before here I got that I continent to be guards some people and it's a unilateral hip extension with ten pounds in eighteen. Exactly so if you took that same exercise and put only one week in the opposite side arm is delayed a year pushing up with. Can you be working what's called the post your obliques subsystem which is anatomy train car on the backside of the body. That goes from a lack and that glued that glue goes down into. The outside the hamstring in Hampshire and goes into that cronies on this which is that most like talked about the beginning. And they all work together and it's it's about looking as at the muscles in its system. And how to work the system said that this scene between distinguishing. One muscled vs the other. So is say it again the pro. Pretty its longest audience and longest long longest bloodiest longest yet so I was working out their flat and I think my pro India's longest. It was worked because I beat her afterwards of course we're talking about ink on trying to be funny but not doing very well who the bat. I worked out bare butt and I can I tell you what my feet hurt afterwards CN. Well it is did you actually have to create as a stand arch and then have the collapse downing stuff that we put our shoot we put our shoes on a lot of issues have built in arches Writely doesn't allow you to pack collapse set arts and you have to build it up so when he take issues off. He I have to work those muscles that need to be worked. Richard it's just like if you haven't training anything like you be going doing jujitsu if their first timer. Kick boxing any sort Jim worked those in that way same with the foot. I have high arches but I was due being inch worms. You know interact is a functional exercise she Tellme she was top this and Colorado working with some guys it that specialize in functional. Not exercise and and ED you know I'm talking about right into where might they go I can do it is that I can examine address that you basically. Well maybe I can find a corner I think they'll have to make an. Yes girl yes we do it. Until well here occasions on the floor yeah there and funeral and around the again she's bigger she's off to get serious. And now he's getting. He Steiner her blouse out. Her Dresser when it become. Packets is thinning overseas going on the ground and be. Crawling out. And she does a push up. And it's just come back up to her hands and fear almost touching and comes back up stands up as a this into warms. Ranked. Still. I would I would definitely say that units of beneficial exercise I don't know winning in life. In a movement pattern in general more in pattern when you would do you that suit Timmy functional exercise has to fit within the general movement at a. And it's not relent though when I was done I could act like I was standing up straight and reading I was reading really deeply felt really really good in my body. Yeah I mean definitely gone through districts and lower back there you have to sustain you know muscle contractions of the ads shoulder and pulled out stabilizing muscles. He going to push up come back up it's a good exercise. Yeah and it works every part of your body. But I think some of those is our our wet made my feet kind of you know my my feet and got to work out. Gave Peter definitely gonna work out during that and just working with the issues not just walking your foot is going to be huge work out that within the anatomy and train systems are in need to look at. Most common pattern we do is every day. There is walking this eighteen keep on coming gate to back geeks the most common move kind that we do every day. In you look at how these muscles seem cup in when we're walking. And we need try to find a way to train those more officially in the Jimmy did separating out individually and current shoring up the weakling. Or putting an end a movement patterns there's been going to simulate gay and how you're going to fire those muscles. In that movement sequence. K so like if you do I was just working with Sony was doing a golf swing at. And he his his trainer when they do exaggerated stance with exaggerated swing to kind of work on the overall golf swing. The second he goes wider angles or wider string string mean that's a completely different movement patterns and he's in his normal swing keep your brain knows that is too. Complete separate movement patterns so. That thing you do when we curl and I do and im torn. Your body knows that as that movement pattern of into one like the second you start to walk or you push yourself up in my life. That's a whole another movement pattern so we need to try to figure out a way. And we have ways to train those systems a muscles. To the relate back into the walking in the pushing important that we do mine. Well I think the reason it felt so good is because I don't get this I don't stretch that often and it was a really good hamstring. Strachan. And and and I didn't you can see it's very difficult to do to get all the way down like baton and Mike Watt with your feet without. Spending your niece. Right yeah so I don't some people had been in east of the flexibility but yet why we we don't crawl enough either. We don't do enough. I'm telling you like it then I'll show you next weeks and other stuff she showed me that. Am I did it with the girls they could barely do and it's determining factor really of house that you're chorus. I'll show you next week. All right everyone thank you so much for listening always enjoyed doing the show a big shout out to our sponsors because they. Bring this programming TO great companies like the eight temp company. That you use the code Ol Al are to get 20% profits of it's a premium brands and there's not there's so much out there I'm telling you it's a great company to H parent company Helio magazine it just came out knew this issue the well being journal. Earth ax son warrior and Scotty howdy. You get one body you get one mine and you get one life get out there today and make them as step that.