April 8th Segment 3: Shawn Wells - Energy over 40

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Sunday, April 8th

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Sleeping couldn't please notice me up from last time. This cat this they've got it started in 1963. And so thing. Yeah things. I saw that I can pick on someone else I'm always going get a. It's I kind of review if we love and here at my my radio. Welcome back this is burn data I've got guy Mezger in studio as well shot allows we were talking about CBD and other natural remedies. I didn't get to my last question we view for those of you just now joining has gotten as there is a retired American martial artists who competed. And professional comments sports ranging from full contact karate kick boxing and boxing. He owns and trains out of guy that's there is combat sports club here in Dallas Texas and he is a six time world champion and mixed martial arts in both the UFC and increase. But it's so great to have the three of you in studio today and got shot allows. He is a certified sports nutritionist and talented and very prestigious international society of sports nutrition and he has been dubbed the world's greatest formula later. And he has credentials and a bill fields of business clinical work sports exercise and nutrition making party unique and highly respected lineup expertise. As CEO of zone halo researched he's also registered dietitian has his master's of public health. It nutritional biochemistry. You can find John on its grant at zone halo. Or his website shot wells dot com that asks. HAW and can shop is spelled like ten different ways meant of course guy Mezger Ed guy Mezger dot com that's GUY I an easy GE. Guy Mezger dot com and Daniel today he is an art to Connecticut specialist trainer tell us fitness center right next door he shot well this trainer. He is certified in north mechanics and the bio mechanics of resistance training and also hold belts in three different martial arts. Systems always a pleasure to have you guys in studio and you are wild land. A wild man wild wild land I was gonna say that wild wild man wild land fire fighter. It is so good to talk with you guys and so we're talking about CB the oil and other natural remedies. I didn't get to this question so what physical ailments do you see most often in your client guy and what do you suggest they do. Iowa. The two got what when I I see mostly is people overturning. Reality yet. It's funny because people like you know I didn't sleep real good last night not a bomber you get where count them out the promise that is that your body handles this non stress when it is. Emotional physical spiritual rights of native Texan by the same way. So lack of sleep as one of the worst ones right and so that sort of putting stress on your body and and everything. And then you know you work out and you over what would you set what you overrun your nervous system. One of two things happened on two things happen thanks so it's basic biology and I had. You know cam consumerism has to reorganize or die right well reorganize as if it's getting enough sleep rooms and rest on and two non stop it dies. If you don't and so when you when when you have all the stress gone answers stresses gone against you and then you try to kill yourself on the workouts to. Momentum and whether it's hard work are working at night. If it's not hard to some martial arts rates right. So the fact is that you know we owe a lot Tom I have to bring people on the big thing is I hey you need to. Slowdown in the so enthusiastic and they haven't really ever done a combat you know athletics and the so enthusiasm the five classes around the 10 I can barely get out of that well over the weekend. That's what I love IC BP oil creates a sense of calm and it also helps with athletic get at athletic induced inflammation we are allowed to say that they're certain words were not allowed to say. About the benefits of CBP oil you can read them all day long which are not allowed to really talk about on the you know on the Airways but. But that the way that you did not messing around and his I just. I just reference studies and that's right idea because it is as a former arena is very difficult when anything natural. I have you know even when it has I mean again saying which is considered across okay and witches telling regarded as safe as. Over a thousand. Published articles about it is still because it's not the pharmaceutical market that you still have to. Any claim you make pass me. With the study you have to be so careful not ingredient itself. I actually seen a ladder before from that was sent to doctor Andrew Wile who is highly respected Harvard scientist and doctor. I mean every one OC doctor Andrew Weil is and he was warned he sent a cease and desist letter from the FDA for saying ministry Gillis. Basically gets rid of the flu or prevent the flu. Because of course that would entrap the cell of the flu vaccine. And so that's a very Contra controversial subject as well which you have to be so careful what you say. It's it's it's it's. It's scary really I I I don't know why we we allow it actually in our country other countries Europe isn't like that if something works he used at and it's. It's well distributed information you know across all of Europe things that are natural remedies to. I can't take your bet fix a lot of thinks. Writing in Europe. These kind of girls are part of the pharmacy yeah and in Brazil like I was telling you can go down of result often. The dietitians are column attrition it's nutritionist is there. They actually do they work directly with the compound in pharmacy they look at it functional medicine they look at all the last say look at like hundred different labs and then make. They base this. Formula based on you know amino acids and you know different herbal some whatever based on your needs you were labs and he gets made at the compound and pharmacist he picked it up. And it's like that the doctors there. Will prescribe. Nutrition. Supplements. Exercise working with the personal trainer there you have to essentially you're almost like a physical therapist he takes excuse school same with a nutritionist. And that's prescribed first. Over surgeries on pharmaceuticals and right whenever. Well an exercise is such a good prescription for health that you well today we're talking with you about energy after forty so you know people talk about the might account Condrey and that's the engine. Of the human body so how do you rev up your mind your mitochondria so the you can have more energy especially after forty. Yes so the mitochondria people know that like you said that the powerhouse of the cell and it and create ATP which is cellular energy. And a lot of people are in a state of mitochondria of dysfunction. Similar to a guy was talking about before like how to get hot in the state of mitochondria all dysfunction well. It's like 11. That's a lot of things that like basically like he was talking about it's kind of chicken and egg with the lakers. Things take vacation which is what triggered managers inflammation oxidation like he was talking about and and then mitochondria of dysfunction. Causes that and then it leads to more mining country of dysfunction so it's like it's Canada a circular thing but. Basically leads to a state of insufficient cellular energy and then that's like where a lot of these chronic diseases coming in. And these people feel tired in their cells are essentially tired we're not creating the energy we see where in the state of leaky gut leaky brain bring my dog all the stuff brain and we're inflame public like I was saying so. There's some good supplements for this. You pick on knowledge is in active form the lucky ten. I just took some sort and then there's another one called PQQ. Which almost was named the vitamin through interest and compound. But I would recommend using a hundred milligrams of the vehicle and all NP QQ 220 milligrams and both you know using both at one to three times a day. Where an analog and those are there those are things are expensive those are great recommendations yesterday. Robin Carrie brown was talking about the mitochondria and she gave like. You know a simple explanation to me about how if you eat sugar or wheat it creates a film. Around the mitochondria is that Reagan yes so that the toxins can't get out any energy can't get end. And that you really need to avoid sugar you really do we eat way too much of it in this country. Yet that there's there's a lot of interest thing research going on of that that film player. That's that's ten news it's it's. I guess most of that the medical realm isn't really up on it yet but we'll see where that goes but it is really interest things like to talk about. Gallant talk more about it I interrupted when you we were about to tell her talking at the same time what did you. I mean it's only your show her because I don't get him mentally and not I was just curious I mean that's a lot of cookie to I didn't. Talked him out that Atlanta it's 300 milligrams a day. Mail a big fan of the PKQ I mean I've seen tremendous results with it and monster too well that's nice they wanted to present. Everything that hurt us on you. It depends on the like where you're at in the spectrum of insufficient cellular energy if you had like cardiovascular disease than I would say 100 milligrams three times today. If you're kind of just the regular person and you know younger than I would say you know 100 milligrams one time eight PQ and you supplementation are seeing now okay you know I don't I never really caught on in the last. In. Five to ten years they came out maybe twelve years ago but I think years ago but nobody really talked about it Muster and that scientific world may unless they're on one life radio left out there golf. Absolutely yeah there are different excuse amazingly effective. And. And we did talk about things first I mean we're talking about the micro Diana and CB the oil before anyone in the media was talking about it I'm pretty proud that. And by the way cash grant to make an announcement. I got a text late last night from Sheen Gallagher Tyson has really stepped up to the plate and they are. They are. Designating two million acres. Two. Raised sustainable protein for the future so I'll have to get the actual news feed from him that. Machinists that we we are part of history garage I was like that's so costs the crickets Witten. I don't know what it is but I I I didn't read the whole thing that I was very late last night when it came in but. But thank you Tyson Foods four's 7UP to the plate because we. We ever beaten him up pretty good there for allows. It's again that they. That they are listening to America every Wednesday to and more coming up with DNA OK you're listening till one life radio. Sun warrior believes that plants provide the cleanest and most powerful includes. Rich in anti accidents vitamins minerals and science and fight on nutrients. Our bodies crave real foods especially in this age where we have really process everything we eat. 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