April 8th Segment 2: Guy Mezger - CBD Oil & Other Natural Remedies

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Sunday, April 8th

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He needed police you know this. Everyone knows this hour and a he's. It'd. James Bond. Erie works. The adventures Tom Cruise cruise Gaffney runs a lot of anything Tom Cruise has always grinding my thinking and movie not a good government yeah I was thinking television government. As a television show how well it. Yeah but I know that I have seen even around like yeah and I can see. Yeah now wouldn't this seems almost impossible that you don't know I guess it can't. Thank pat that's right. And a half. I've been thinking so much to our party playlist would be changed from. Friday's two Wednesdays because. After Friendster was whining about not have and is Metallica I'm joking with disdain your mission to teach you how to accepted Brennan and I have to say for doctor Spencer in defense of doctor fester I like my music and it pumps me up before I can we go live all the time I you know me to sit. It's familiar to you and it makes you feel good so you wanna go higher I wanted to hire baby. Music is very powerful right. I ache. Will welcome back to one light radio everyone this is burn at that and I've got a guy Mezger in studio with me Sean wells and Daniel today. Ice after those of you don't know look I'm as scary as he is a six time world champion and is a retired American martial artist. Who competed in professional combat sports ranging from full range contact karate kick boxing and boxing he owns and trains. Out of guy masters combat sports club here in Dallas Texas and you're having your third or thirtieth anniversary party coming up I'm I'm going its next Saturday Friday. Yes well it's the fourteenth is not the Saturday it's OK okay on the fourteenth. And thirty years. Thirty years wow that would accomplishment really started at four years old shack. Cash like it acts as sort of the yeah its. I can actually believe it's been thirty years but time life yeah it does but it's. I enjoyed this most people don't enjoy with the do for a living and there's not really isn't that incumbent. Office again yes it's been willing you help. So many kids and you know and that's so important to get into their to teach them discipline that early age I think that's one of them we've talked about this many times that dean today. Who's also in studio with us this morning. And so I did think that discipline is one of the best things that come out comes out of studying martial arts and and taking control of yourself and your emotions always being. Police then ready to kill someone if you need to you pray you never now you never know especially in today's world. Yeah I mean to be on its maintenance. It's got. I mean remarks our practice has a tremendous amount human yeah that the practical value us. Simply this is a dangerous world I am he should be the most interest person and yet at. It took some rare and there's been some stories I think the one that was in a news a couple of years ago where some. Some jerk was being really mean to a woman that their Christmas even a parking lot you're gonna get a bike fears sound is that rain. And he was being physically and verbally abusive to this one man and you had strain amount he did not only was fighting no Diddy. Now but when he went when he had a knife in his hand that he sliced my alma almost. The but still catch it but still to come down and yeah I had one surgery enforcement. Practice. Can I got that leg up on him. Well and you had no DNA that's and use of his arm well you know I I I've you cement columns I've I've always sadness guys that are abusive to women just need their you know what Kinect. Usually they've never had their butts kicked into the go around bullying people and being abusive because no one's ever kick their bat and I I really think that it's good to get your butt kicked. I think abuse of people that the abuse animals abuse children again use. Adults abusing anybody. We have them but it absolutely. You know it's such honored always have you in studio with us diet is today we're talking about CB eighty oil and other natural. Remedies and so what your favorite match or all I remedied that you suggest to your clients to use for recover. Well to be honest I mean there's there's kind of a bunch that the main issue I have whenever you deal with. In the patients clients is that it what are they willing to do because temperament us and we practices a proactive Imus. So what are you willing to do for yourself you know but you know hands out like we were talking about CBD. You know. Two weeks ago and that is. Kansas now I want easiest. Safest and broad spectrum. Health benefits you get from Atlanta you know I mean that there'd. Finding out more more stuff about it. That's beneficial and you know so you know I was W vote it's a good idea to put MB we all generally suffer from some form of you know it's chronic inflammation. And you know that's that's. Really the biggest killer in an arm and a it's it would at least cancer. Absolutely everything anything that yeah any mud mud and most of our back like. I would hate for the timid to pretend trying to but I would say probably 9598%. Diseases we get a preventable absolutely and about 90% of them are because of of information and and oxidation. And so the nice for about CBD is that it's really combats that room and I mean you agency review well. That seven years now pet. And I was actually hired by Obama on my house on stuff I was hired by. Company come at a jam medical marijuana company in Colorado and Tom much years back to. You know come up with complementary. Products. And beyond those some indignant about it I mean I've read some stuff and size got a little crash course from. What was going on what to end. It's amazing how the businesses just exploded I think last year alone there were only there were over 400 new companies. That was started in the CB oil business. I even got a a little flyer in the mail yesterday and it was from a company contact. I can name of habit they supply spots and they're even making you know so. Lotions and stuff like that with CBD line oil and it now I mean it it's counted for some meetings. And radio and television of course because we're controlled by the FDA what we can and cannot say. On you can't I can't even talk about. The bad assets. Really without getting I could get potentially trouble is only certain things you're allowed to say but you know I'm reading this article all. That says where is it nine Macy's CB eighty products to improve your life a number one on the list is for anxiety and depression. And number two is we're number two got out for insomnia which sleep is so critical for your house. You know if you're not sleeping well you're not gonna be well there's no weighty can be well and an unhealthy without getting a good night's sleep. Comfort for more than a few days I I believe it affects you blight what would you guys say within a day or two Newton. Yeah yeah I mean you never. Mistake the mistake in my it was sleepers say that cost them 4 o'clock marvelously the man. And that's them that's does now works you know stay within news skating and cyclone is closely cyclist he can't and if you don't. That prize. And you know. You'd about CB CB is phenomenal I mean it's actually great. He's injunction. Sleep it's your past 35 years old should be. Supplementing on these programs he. Think sent. But doesn't your body. Does your body make if you start to supplementing with melatonin that seems like I have read this somewhere that your own. Ability to produce it shuts down is that true as night you know. Now it doesn't. That the problem that you have with them the reason you should supplement is several reasons one is Chavis. Is dead calm. Putts con artist five million long winded but I'll do the best that the problem is that your own autonomous shut off so very easily. Left the tarmac men magnetic ways from here. Peter if you within twenty feet or your computer and you even on his can disrupt amounts on Pluto which is everything is bluelight disrupts. Maxwell talk about pets and that well feeling OK you know that. I didn't know about the computer that's that's some guys can't even when your television is off. I wouldn't tell is on the blue light affects OK but when it's off of that tournament ways still. Coursing through. Disrupt your sleep so. You melatonin shuts down and when that does. It's not impossible but it's harder the older we get. To get in that slow wave sleep and so which is too slow wave sleep the Reese think. That Rem sleep was where you. He healed physically but it's actually slow wave sleep is Malia physically ill feeling in your Rem sleep is more kind of mental emotional request page. But that shuts that down because that's actually a small window anyways and then when you don't get that far because you'd. It's crazy so yes there's a doctor pepper and he he wrote a book called melatonin miracle which is written in the nineties reeling and it was a bestseller but he kind of won by the wayside because we've come up with cooler stuff. But I recommend you guys getting it it's great it's an easy read. I'm here repeats himself you know we're gonna rush hour a couple of chapters you re ahead. It's still a lot. We'll find out does will reach out to them we're gonna go to break we come back we're gonna kind of mix this up when that energy after forty shot allows Indiana to Daniel today. Anatomy trains can't wait. Palestinian Jones by the way. How was it I you know I was what what I think this was at that was Star Wars for governor while it's not your little girl Laura there's endless. Not yet I can't let me Google I was close. Right everyone with state and we've got lots more coming out here listening to a lot life radio. Well being journal is a remarkable I monthly health publication esteemed by intelligent readers worldwide. It's available in print or digital single issues or subscription its focus is I'm living a happy healthy life and preventing their healing illnesses naturally. For banning or healing cancer arthritis cardiovascular conditions and digested issues as well as nutritional solutions for optimal health and our regular subjects. We'll learn more in that well being journal dot com. 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And gently smoothed confirmed around the infant's face since the babies put out on the surrounds them mother's neck and pay attention while being bathed rats some nice full on love risk their lives to save their kids. Giggle when tickled animal kind of rights of amounts who died of shock in the trap. His life was a life well he has a real to him as ours is to this creature a file full the irritation may have thought as it scam but through closed closets soak up some crevice in the wall. Was as precious as you all night it was not a machine that breaks and fails he felt. His was consciousness full and real and Fred Jung and precious. This is immigrant new connect with Peta reminding us that it's easy to be kind perhaps by not using glue traps.