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This is on target with penny Wolfgang a program that takes an inside look at what is happening in Western New York with news features and special guests. Now here's your host Tony Wolfgang. Hi everybody and welcome to a target. And thanks so much for joining us today. I'm your host penny Wolfgang and it is my pleasure to talk to every week in and try to discuss subject that we think our. An interest in importance and concern to all of us in the western community. And it's you know we we very often talk about person's health and well being. And give you as much information as we can about hopefully how to live a healthy lifestyle and particularly how with two. Like Asian well or not be in danger as you get older which is one of the issues that senior citizens face as far as not just health but. Welfare I guess you can't. And recently came to my attention that there is a company. In Western Europe that helps seniors and others in Western New York. And provides safe an independent home living for people of all ages and the point of this. Among other things that the company is to see if they can help people stay in their own homes because you know. How disconcerting it is when you winner senior citizens. Have to move into a nursing home or assisted living and how much better week everyone thinks is if they can stay in their own home. So this company I think has since fabulously. Interesting ideas about how to help people. Make their home accessible. And also take care of themselves when they get older and so in the studio with me is Jill at Toledo. And Jill is probably the what CEO maybe if accessible homes solutions has made it happen I think she's the principal. Cook and bottle washer and probably. A street shuffle are nice hands down how around good general so I thought it was really amazed and amazingly interesting. That there is accompanied just dedicated to the idea. Of making a per senior citizen or a person's home and it maybe purchasing citizens but. They disabled or whatever home safe so that they can. We stayed there and live as long as possible link guess what made you think of this is what I would say I think what made you think of it is. That it is so much smaller. Prop profitable. If you. Favorable what sort of things can if peace can stay in your own home. There's not socially favorable outcome than if you do have to go to a nursing home or an acceptable living in reflect is a lot of studies showing this now correct. Yes absolutely. One of the largest companies. The preference long term care insurance is generous. And they do. Multiple studies all the time and then trying to get to know their customer base and they find over and over and over again. And also AMP desolate of the studies as well. Along the same line that. 85% of people over the age of 65. Through would prefer to stay in their own home as long as possible. And then as we get older by the time we reach the age of 75. That percentage of people who would prefer to stay in their own harming actually increases. I'm close to 95%. So the older we get we've become the longer we live in our homes. The greater our desire is to stay there and till let's just. Talk about yes it is only desirable. But what are some of the obstacles that prevent people from being able to live in her own home. Well there are many obstacles and it's a very it's not there's not a simple solution and there's not a one size fits all solution for every one. Because everyone's home is different and every once health and is different. And their ability level varies. There really needs to be I believe and that's why I started accessible home solutions. Needs to be paying more customized individualized approach. For someone to really what we call age in place successfully. Found there's many factors on whether the person lives alone or they have a spouse or caregiver. Or Finley nearby that all plays into a lot of the decisions and maybe a person's home. It's more desirable for them to move to a different home but if they do wanna stay in their own home. Then that's what we do is we helped make it possible. For them to stay in their own home more than home of their choice. For his lungs as possible. It's just kind of backtrack for a minute of folks in case you didn't tell you. How to chill at Toledo. I know is all of this and what her background is and down so it's. She is also a New York State licensed physical therapist with over eighteen years of clinical experience. And she has what's this what is LLC is that the company but your title is a physical therapist PT is that an audience PTA and and then BCA. PSA after an inane the caps yes. Then six C a certified aging in place specialist areas such a thing yes and it's a designation through the national association of homebuilders it's extra training. And education that you received through the national association of homebuilders. Yes so I wanted to tell everywhere and then you have you know what you're talking about OK if I. Now let me just so let's say that somebody is needs thinks that they would like to stay and and live independently. And what would you do liked how would you assess come to their home in assessed yet exactly where they are living now in what could be done for example to. Make it more accessible sorry easier for them to live there. Exactly that is a first step in the process is to actually meet get to the person homeowner or the persons living in the home it get there in their home. And do a very thorough comprehensive in home assessment and along with the what pat what really helps me do that well is that with the PT background. I can do a thorough. In an interview including their health history and their physical function. And any other kinds of challenges that they may be having to you any current you know. Illnesses or anything that's happening with them physically as well has been looking at the home com for. With all of that information in nine so what my approaches it's called the person environments it. So first understanding what the person's needs are then looking at the home. And then adapting the home bank to fit. The individual's needs rather than the person adapting to some unsafe environment and may be some some barriers they have to their mobility and safety. We then can modify or Alter those barriers to safety and mobility and make remove them in effect by. You know removing say a bathtub and in incorporating a zeroing trichet hour. Or changing an entrance. Widening doorways things like that that will help that person. Even in spite of their challenges now because the environment is much better and safer and easier to move around. They will actually become more independent. In their home just by changing the environment. You mentioned a few the and the recommendations that I was reading that some we see a lot of you know is an information about the senate in the media to. And some of them seem like just the simplest thing but others seem like really expensive or. And extensive also. Where they can be and. And there are some as you mentioned there are some. Solutions I guess debt are very heavily marketed and they can be quite expensive. We work with people of all different. Budgetary constraints so. Spending more money is not always going to provide you with the best solution. Actually some of the best solutions are really quite simple. But. You know some folks just have debts of mindset that unless they're spending a lot of money and I really getting. A lot of benefit but dance I believe that's not true and actually some of this and more expensive solutions. Tom. It may provide some short term benefit. But it. It's limited and the longer a person. Continues to live in the home or if they declined or become more challenged in their mobility than that solution can actually become. Obsolete for them in and then in their states spend the money and they really haven't solved their long term goals. And you also mentioned which I think is important is and many home notifications are also designed with caregivers in mind. Meaning what that somebody is there to help the person and they may need some of these notifications yes exactly and and the modifications as well as the east the space available. For them to maneuver for instance. If someone's requiring caregiver they generally. Are probably going to have the need for some type of an assistant device from ability whether B a walker or wheelchair. Or in order for the caregiver to safely and efficiently he. Help that individual and particularly that they've that placed it comes to mind straightaway is in the bathroom because those are usually. Smaller and more you know tightly you is time ever arranged. You need space to be able to maneuver. Both the caregiver. Deep. The individual and if they have these assisted devices as well so placement of I'm different fixtures even grab bars on sometimes grab bars can be helpful. Tom when our caregivers helping someone ghosting from sick to stand. They need a little extra stability too so they don't injure themselves or injure their backs so we have. Keep that in mind. When we're designing space who exactly he's going to be using it how many people and what other types of items are going to be in many areas well. Do you remember when nine. Fathered an older and you couldn't and get just like you said it he couldn't get into the best. In there was a simple it's a very simple solution so I think shall Wear the shallowest. Which is what you just said grandpa which no and this never heard of us feel like throwing up until some humans who will keep at this Byron and you would hold onto it and so there are a lot of like and not it's not you know extensive solutions but you have to be aware of them. That's right until about them Def tonight and I just want to say again that in case you just tuned in. You're listening to on target with your host penning love game today we are talking. To be owner. And CEO and I've given her all kinds of titles of happy of excessive amount of solutions until at both Toledo. And we are talking about of these these healthful ways that you could prepare you we do something to your home. Make modifications to your home so that people could stay in their own home as long as possible. And don't have to go to assisted living or nursing home or whatever it and that's what. What is trying to be done so that people can be independent. Also. It's. Jill as the pointed out is physical therapist and what I thought is interesting is one of the articles that I read that she sent me to look at. Is to have death the issue is how to stay ahead of the CNET soon now on the eight. Preparedness but the tsunami was not necessarily the the physical ones it was the silver tsunami. Which is flat I foot that was really clever back to tell our listeners about half or so Iverson now. Me is a term that was it was coined beckoned in 1980s. And it was generally speaking about the increasing in the rapid growth of our population. People over the age 65. Every day right now 101000 people in in our country. Turn 65 every day 101000 more so. Our population growth in that age group is is growing and someone coined the term silver tsunami like this wave of these. You know older Americans in older adults that. And it was. It was initially coined in and given a very negative sort of of a light. Com what are we going to do with these people you know they're just going to be a drain our economy and our health care system. And it was a very aid just kind of a term used to analyze yes and and it really. To chest are very negative light and people you know older adults and the fact that there you know they're not they're no longer on contributing to our country they're more becoming. Drain on our society rather than contributing and I. I wholly disagree with entire concept that article was more about. Preparedness. In in net. The silver tsunami just like you would prepare for an actual physical tsunami. There is sometimes what they have warnings now when you're in those parts of the world where their. Tsunamis happened where you can actually yelled reached go to higher ground to get away from their potential incoming waves it's going to be you know crashing the beach. So that was appointed that Erica article was well we. We do we can to prepare for those top let's prepare for the silver tsunami and my point for that was. There are many ways to prepare for it and invite you need to do it had a tank you can't we can't wait till the wave is actually starting to crash and the beach before we. He had for higher ground so to speak right to me to do that. And we were actually. Gave when I think where some really. Important. Like common sense but yet. Things that you don't steps you don't think about that you could take make. Part if you planned to stay independent and as you said state routed a higher ground tonight I really if you. Thank you could share some of them with. Our listeners yes certainly. Some of the things it if you can do it again. Certainly preparing you preparing your home. Ahead of time. To make sure that you can remain there without notes. That features that are going to cause you. To possibly fall far prevention is probably one of the biggest things that and foes we probably yes sent absolutely. One of the reasons for a deaths and senior citizens I just read that it is it is it's actually the number one it's the leading cause of accidental death in people over the age of 65. And is it is definitely am a very serious thing. And hosts in so many people. Are led to believe. You know Natalie by a society but unfortunately by the medical community. That files are just part of aging how we you know we're getting older you're you're you're going to fall. And that is that's just snatched it doesn't have to be true because there are many many things we can do to prevent falls. Com but we it would too accepting of it so. That's one thing we can do. Did to prepare for the tsunami is also is talking about our physical ability. We need to. And that only exercised that we need to target art the exercise in it the types of skills that we need to stay strong in mobile and fit. And prevent falls. And one good way to know what exactly you should do is to. Worked for the physical therapist who can evaluate your physical function. And then you can target those specific skills whether it's balance of strength there. Flexibility your coronation. Any exercise is good I mean if you're moving that's wonderful. But not all exercise is going to necessarily. Touch apparent all of your specific. And we need sword or challenges so it's wonderful if you're exercising but why not target those things you really really need. To do there will help you the most. And that's another thing I tell folks is that. When you're targeting what you need you'd be surprised at how little you need to do if you're targeting the right things and just doing them consistently. You don't need to exercise two hours a day every day you can do thirty minutes a day four to five days a week and if you're targeting the right. Things you will get tremendous benefit from that. I'm minister is preparing for the tsunami that's the physical preparedness and the other way to prepare again his thigh. Taking a look at your home if you truly want to stay living in your home. I mean people say that they want us to be living in their home but they don't always understand what does it really mean. Sometimes you just can't will your way he threw at you really need to take some some actual steps. And then maybe. Preparing if you have a two story home are multi Storey home preparing first. For life of living on the first floor. You have a bedroom out of a bathroom hopefully laundry you're having accessible entrance you good lighting. I'm you have when you do Hickey do you have stairs you have railings on both sides of the stairs. I'm everything's in good repair. Downstairs iron you know warped or word broken or loose treads. Those are the types of things it that you we really need Taylor heartless just tripped over or know rags to trip over correct. You have nice wide 36 inch wide clear path ways throughout your home no I call them nonessential items kept on the floors clatter. Those things are put away or at least organized. And the things that you use every day are very accessible you don't have to move other items to get to them or reaching the high places. Or step on step stools or letters to get to them they're there. And convenient height and place for use it to access. And I think again for the preparation the most important step really used to formulate a plan and to be proactive instead of waiting in and then your reactive. Because then you have to make decisions in hurry com you can number of options of choices you have are fewer. And often times or more costly as well because you have fewer choices and they may be more expensive. So planning ahead I college setting the table. If you're hitting a nice dinner party are nice hosting a nice holiday one of the first things you. I do is make a plan what do my hammy and I I plan the menu denying him know what ingredients I need so I can shot at a time and get those ingredients. Set the table the day before or or the night before sort Tom Dunn and it's ready and when the when a meal is ready. Everything is in place and it all comes together nicely. So that we need to set our own tables and life too and prepare and plan ahead. So that when something does happen and it's that peak time when we do need to Conte have made even hitting in home care come in and help us out. There's so many services available now between the medical community bringing health care into the home. In home care. All kinds of sort resources to help us stand their home. But if we don't have the right environment for all of those. Folks tune to do what they need to do sometimes it even that makes it necessary for people to move. A lot of this could be psychological too in the state in the that people it's like people are going to make a will. If the same idea I guess of not wanting to face the reality of what we'll look ahead at what could happen in the future exactly I was in a meeting this morning on with some folks who're. I'm geriatric care managers and that's exactly what they do help people organize and and pulls together different resources to fit and what their needs that are it could be later in life but it could be. Earlier in life depending on your life situation and that's it. We all are created to table that deny all. Limits or editing well it is to keep it snapped the acute injury the illness that forces people to leave sometimes it's affecting didn't prepare for it. If they had all the right elements in place. And then something does happen or the you know do become ill or have an injury. If they have all the great. Elements in place he can still stay in their home because we have all of these services in this in the most medical care and the in home care coming in. They could still stay in their home in spite of the act he's yes and you also have. A lot of good points I think. About how to stay. In good health. Or in as long as you can and as far as satellites usage I have to exercise like Howard David there's. You know at least thirty. Miss today for example and some other chipset nutrition may be in a flexibility things like that definitely. I'm not an expert in nutrition so I well I won't I won't but and I just absolutely nutritionist isn't. First and foremost it's a fuel for our bodies and and just like our automobiles are not you know we have to put good fuel and if we want our bodies to function properly in. And stay healthy and provide us with the nutrients we need to be healthy for sure. But yes I'm just EU we go to our physicians and we get our blood pressure checked the checker cholesterol on our blood sugar. We get scores we get numbers. And that's how we monitor how we're doing. Well there are scores in numbers for a physical function as well. Ponders its there's a test that I do with my folks in my PT practice everybody physical therapy. It's called a senior fitness test and it's standardized test it was research based. And his shows norms for upper body strength lower body strength flexibility. And balance and coordination and endurance. Four people in. If it's age and gender specific game for different age groups. See you can compare how how are you doing compared to other people your same age and gender. In all of these different. Facets of health. As well as there's standardized balance test it will give UA score say it can tell you. Time is your parents go and are you at risk for follows abortion really should you be using assisted device and so. By doing these tests it also helps us know. Which Aries your specifically. Challenged and so we can design a program to target those series and bring your scores up. In case you just tuned in and I hope you didn't just tuned in to eat if you did you have to go back and listen to the whole program that right now. We have been talking to and having what I think is really worth phone conversations. With Jill at Toledo. And she is the CEO of accessible home solutions. Company in and this is the certified age and she is a certified aging in place specialist as we found out. Any New York State licensed physical therapist with a genius he is experiencing cheese. Being gracious enough to be sharing you know all this information and her he has experience with us and giving it some what I think. A really good tips about how to. Live independently. And as long as we can and so forth so another thing that I select. You're. It student as far as health goes in his instinct is that and there's times when. You ship when you want to deny that as you pointed adds people just oh I'm I'm just. I'm old so I can walk and old I'm not I'm just old so I don't have balance I'm just old so I can't. This this that the other thing but you point out that's not necessarily true. Known that a dollar doesn't have to be takes it just. And it a year you're actually corrected. Mindset and and hear how we think about ourselves is really really. That that probably the most important. Factor because. Would that sets them what we will did what action we will take so if we if we believe a certain thing or we believe it. And look ourselves in a certain way that our actions will follow that. So what that had the senior fitness testing has done for people to his a lot of people have done it. And we always kind of overestimate. Our own abilities we we thought we do. We. Cook are you looking at me now I'm sure I'm looking him athleticism we came up we came in together into the building with a studio is. There was an elevator and there was stairs and I sort of like. Veered too as the elevator and then I thought no I'm gonna look at the stairs well Jill as with the help of the that it could. And I did have seem to have no you do drink I'm not enough. Slowly like six years you've beaten the I think you've got an incentive for I didn't mean right. But the but the senior fitness test does is it actually is if people will say it very often while this is eye opening like I thought I was doing better than us. And so it really is a great experience for them to see exactly how they're doing but it's also empowering to them to see. Well you know I I need to improve in this one area so let's work on it and then over the next several weeks. We work and it and then they do improve and then making. Or might she know I had no idea I can do any of this. And that's very empowering to them as well definitely and just walking up this is made me feel really good. Everything else exceptions can you tell everywhere and where they could I have it could contact UN of the various ways that they can find you slower. More information about accessible homes. Yes accessible home solutions yes so. I you can check out our website and it's simply it's very long name but it's just as it sounds it's accessible. Home. Solutions. With a mass. And it's dot org that orgy. And so Oliver information about accessible homes solutions is there are telephone number if you'd like to copy. Accessible home solutions is 7166285479. You can call that number any time. And if you'd like to reaches about. Physical therapy or everybody physical therapy. You may also reach me at that same number 716628. 5479. In the website for everybody physical therapy. Is every. EV ER wine body DO DY dot fit half I AT. OK well thank you so much and I think it's been really valuable. Information for Ellison is on target. Please join us again next week same time same place have a very good healthy and safe week if you've been in touch you soon but back. You've been listening to one target with many Wolfgang. A program that takes an inside look at Western New York in our community. If you have any comments or suggestions. Please write to penny Wolfgang at 500 corporate parkway suite 200 Amherst New York. He won fourteen to six.