AAA Talking Travel 5/14/17

AAA Talking Travel
Sunday, May 14th

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We're talking travel it's the weekly one hour show devoted to be exciting leisure travel industry. Presented at 7 AM and 10 PM every Sunday by triple A travel and insurance centers across western and central New York. You're your show host Elisabeth Kerry and Bryan Murray. AAA talking travelers are excited to be here right Neil a lot of times are talking to our travel partners about different destinations and they were talking all AAA. I'm so excited Elizabeth today we are talking out about AAA you know we've we've done this show for many weeks and we've traveled the world in different modes of transportation but. I'm really so excited that we have are our partners here AAA just talk about all the we have to offer AAA western and central New York. I have to be honest when I took a job it AAA after leaving it in the news business at the Holland under will be enough to keep me busy and boy. I think I jinx myself because there is plenty to keep us busy because there are so many different elements to what all encompasses triple. Absolutely we have so much to offer and so many different areas and now I'm really excited today that we can share so many of those things with their listeners. That's right we're going to be talking about god Tripoli discounts and rewards and new discounts that are coming up on great deals for triple A members out there. We're talking driver training because it's so important for people leave trot properly trained on how to use the vehicle. Whether they wanna save money our insurance or whether they wanted to teen young drivers to be able to. BC behind the wheel there's a lot to do with driver training and also insurance not people don't even realize that we do insurance. Tripoli members insurance is a huge part of our organization and not so many opportunities that are so doubt I'm really excited. So we have joining us right now is Melissa pay you don't she's the regional team leader for AAA members insurance. And that's for western and central New York thank you so much for joining us Melissa thanks Elizabeth. So I'm like we said at some people don't even now the Tripoli actually offers insurance. It's trailers still kind of unfamiliar. In the New York area. Some are still. Really working hard to get her name out there and kind of you know become a household name. Especially with an hour hour on membership base but it has been decades since that really the whole insurance program launched yes you know we've been in New York now since 2006 that we say the agency I locally in 2006 but AAA. Members insurance has actually been around since 1914. So what type of insurance you offer. So it AAA insurance is doubtful full product Rick Taylor agreement Jamie Oliver members' needs we have. I'm home I'm home an auto package insurance we have renters insurance. We do sell it and share and it's and we can pretty much. Caters use special and he special means especially right now the summer months I mean. We can do boats and motorcycle. Anti god is that that are. So that's really important because you seem more and more people trying to add coverage for something like a motorcycle this time of the year gasoline will see a lot of that you know in the next you know. Months coming up but the where mother starting. Excellent. Melissa just AAA have its own insurance company or do you place it with different other company. So we're pretty unique at I'm a AAA we actually do you ever on insurance products that when we started back in 2006 we mainly did. Salvage Tripoli and turns product that recently over the past couple years we've added quaint humor carriers and we really can. Individualized experience and action that means every meeting everyone's individual means. I know one of great daily news of being Tripoli number is that you can use your parent and gets so many discounts a lot of people are probably wondering where are listening. Can they get discount on insurance of their Tripoli not yet and that's really where on our specialty is we do on have a lot of discounts available for members so. You union members a member discounts as it is 50% for just being a member and having common auto insurance package together with us. And nine year discounts become greater as you know the longer you've been members now. We do offer the other discounts not that tired discounts not a policy discounts and then we asked our student discounts offered discounts if you painful. And then of course we else that is ignorant and a leader we have that they're the driver program discounts offered. Teen writing program discounts hands and underwriting discounts. So that's very valid because a lot of people want to take advantage of those different offerings together so many ways you can save money and honestly here remember right now. On higher rates are incredible. Especially if you've been a member like so many have for such time. So. Melissa can our members command and stop into an office and review their policy with. With an insurance agent you have agents and all of follow all of our branches. Yes so that's really another thing that makes us pretty unique pray now is we do have offices are out western central new York and all of them you have. And agent's license agents and Nam. On C you can actually decide how you wanna go about it and you can sit down and you know sit with an agent have policy your views we actually. Local reoccur coverages and make sure that everything's in place that needs to be there. Onion a sunny times of people come in for concert you actually see that they're so. Under covered on and don't have the coverage is that they would need it or was actually something happens so wolves a Siegel out to make sure everything is. We need to be able also put together a package. Figure out the back streets we have for you iron in hand in a present to you so undercover and that's something you see a lot so. If someone hasn't dusted off their pals in I want him that might be a problem that really is I mean a big problem I think one of the biggest problem is it. People believe that if they've been with the company for twenty years that that's so there on that land in fact. You know it is great to stay with companies but when you've been with the company for too long I can actually work against you because. There's so many rates out there that could be you know we are beneficial to you anomaly that. If you're not keeping up and reviewing your coverages on yearly basis. There can be so many gaps that she could mean. And I know that's one of the things I say I'm going to do we Ollie Ollie I had but sometimes it's easy to push down on the priority list but now probably a good time you know do your spring cleaning and doing your spring insurance check absolutely act especially if any any time there's a life event that's one man you got sling an on an impostor view but. But if it's been a couple of years and you haven't taken policies alma mater west and placement agent you really should bring him and and not Tripoli is a great place yet because really known for. You know looking out for members. And for those folks that always forget to do that review or ask for the review that's one of the services that you offers while right at every year from reviewing nose and calling out re re pricing. Yet every year we ever members come and sit down fascist nation everything's where it needs to be and that they're an instant in past races with a different gears now we do have the options. To replace coverages to see if there's different rates you know honey yearly basis South Korea. And you mentioned coming in like for a face to face meeting with people can also do it. If they monitor the high tech get a quote and that's really where we and we offer that sit down service for somebody that wants Ellis an agent in office close to their on the we also offered first you know younger. Kinda just monster was somebody and mine are over the phone makings you know Colin and pretty much everything can be on the house. And I get calls you wouldn't believe some in the closet gonna triple A I think they go to those web site BC newsroom and they think that news. That sounds like gaga answers and they see my face and they expect Jeremy and they call me directly so I get calls once I'll buy insurance and also hold on honey makes her addiction touch at the rate personal trance BO or and they a lot of times it mentioned to me. That there really pleased with the Tripoli and I think people are really happy about the experience really because there is just how many. It is so personalized and we do make it a point Q. On cream relationships with their customers and then it just being a one and done and I think. So I think we do you have customer satisfaction. And MS so important this relationship building and you know whether whether it's travel or or any one of our own business lines as the relationship building that really. We want to lasts a lifetime and that's what's so important and what's so great about two out triple A members insurance product. And I know I had a neighbor asked me about it and I told one of the insurance raps my neighbor is looking for a quote they called immediately that day that the information. It she didn't end up going with a quote then but then she moved to Rochester and she called Tripoli back again and she was telling me you know. Sent me an email saying she'd just switched over to AAA insurance and she's very pleased with the so if it made it easy and not the right time now you know keep fouling. Absolutely yeah and we have so many numbers are so pleased that they don't realize and come and how much money that they Wednesday and money. Realize what a huge savings it's gonna be mean sometimes it's just it's so hard for them to believe they have to take common review it and can Oliver and really. You know let it sink Gannon and come back and sampling of the savings again but. When you compare policies and pricing it always seems like it's an extra part time job but again the yacht. Insurance are represented as a triple Emeka so easy may take care of everything which is really really great. And everyone likes to save money thank you so much Melissa we really elect avenue here today. Brian you know we're talking about I'm different discounts and that's one of the things can talk about a little later on the program I just how valuable that Tripoli membership that your. Lay membership there's so valuable we have discounts and reward programs you know with travel we've talked throughout we have member benefits us all our. You know tour packages and travel packages but. There's so much and that in the membership that really. Every day advantages can be had which is which is really terrific. So it's like it's at some people don't realize we have insurance and now we know it and other people might say well. You know he had a student driver program and I said yes we do you know and that's why we welcome Mike Foreman ovitz to join us today he's the driver training manager at AAA and you're a busy guy this time here. Oh Elizabeth you know that it's school years in towards the end and if you're sixteen or seventeen years old and you don't have regulates and Chet cast with number one and your mind. In that license these kids are very anxious to get behind the wheel on experience a little bit freedom. Yeah they are naturally when it what to tell about those of us have been driving for awhile we forget what it's like and not have that licensed always have to rely in other people. Two kitchen here and there in the and then your friends start getting their life since her family members and here I went could be might turn here already. And we want to make sure of course that they do it safely so AAA provides a lot of our driver education programs and area schools. Yes we do we we partner with six or seven schools as in in the buffalo area. Once we get the summer that last week in June will be rolling 18 carat every morning at at different schools and you'll probably see is in neighborhoods around here it will will be on full force and people can also sign up for an individual lesson it doesn't have to be yours well. That is correct we we we are a full servers driving school for novice drivers we do partner with schools we just talked about. For driver read we have a private program where students at a classroom experience along with behind the wheel. And the students who just need a little polishing up behind it real they can call and plan for lessons and and and work and those areas as well I always eyes about keeping people safe. It is and it's it's so convenient I have to tell you it was a Sunday afternoon on yesterday SI a driver Carl with with a student and who would think you know who who was taking a class on a Sunday I remember taken my kids up to school at 630 or 7 AM Tenet to get their license and not. Go through the driver class that Park School many many years ago bit tough so you make it so convenient for different. Different families and activities and schedules they really can seem to fitted in just about any time. We do we do try and probably by eight or nine years ago our private program we thought. Let's try running it on a Sunday we can know what we're gonna get rooms were available instructors were available we thought torso this might just work because. It's now a days between sports in school in jobs in and other extracurricular activities don't have a lot of time during the week. Sunday is the one day that they have time so we run. We'll runner driver driver program run our defense to drive the course were on a five hour course on Sundays. So you mention defensive driving course like what are some of the advantages of taking such a course. Value well we just heard about tripling insurance. One of the biggest benefits of taking a defensive driving course is that 10% discount for three years and the Euro liability no faulting collision premiums. Of course prices 36 dollars for members 42 for nine members you get that money back pretty quickly really good really good return on investment. The other thing about a defensive driving course if you do have a traffic violation that you've picked up for the last eighteen months this course. Will reduce the point that you get from their violation by up to four. And the good thing about the course is you don't have to choose between the two benefits you get most if you have points on your record it'll it'll. Co towards that you know also savoring your insurance for three years. The other thing we like to talk about what their defensive driving course if it's a great chance to refresher driving skills. Unfortunately we get that license we drive around for awhile we interrogating some of the campus that aren't the greatest rolling through stop signs. That signaling all the time. Now another favorite is you got to make that lane change and use your mirrors but can never look over your left shoulder just make sure it's clear tell. Lot of good grief pressures down that we give during during these classes. In those classes some are they offered online as well yes there at that that's a great question we offer them in the classroom. All the time. But it is available online as well in the classrooms a great experience because we have season instructors. They can share their experiences you can interact with with the folks in the room. Which can't beat convenience of online either if you wanna take it Sunday night at at at 6 o'clock on your couch you can do that. Same course and same results as well you get those points reduced and the insurance discount as well right so that is if I won't matter whether you're doing online or in person but. Always impersonating says he did there's more interaction and more to gain probably from that experience. Right yeah same benefits for both courses. And and in addition to the defensive driving you have. I think what's called driver valuation Mike tell tales about that terror. And a you know along with with with teaching now the drivers the rules of the road and and and in traffic safety. A driving evaluation is really a great way to determine how proficient somebody is behind we are structures you don't get in our car. Well with the effort to sign up for the evaluation. And we just minor to see how they do it's kind of like a mock protest we take long for 45 minutes. M go where they normally travel to. To a north Tony tricks and feeling that we him to the maneuvers parallel park 3.2 or interest to see how lonely they have they handle with car. And sometimes calm people come to a son roan. A lot of times it's concerned family member when an old uncle Joseph is doing her alma and doing behind the wheel. Doctors. Courtly and we for folks who listen to him maybe somebody. Had an incident such a stroke or traffic accident and their doctors concerned. They're doctor knows what they see in their office. But you know wastes Kate can't predict how they're it's gonna translate on the road. So we'll have us go out with them. And see how they do will to a full written report and we'll give it to whoever needs to think it'd be that right recourse within the doctor. Court and that's something that's sometimes hard for family members and deal less you know because it's it it's a hard thing for someone to do to get at the keys if it becomes necessary where maybe it's not such a safe idea from arrogant to drive anymore so. It's easier if Tripoli can panel's evaluation rather than have probably had a son or daughter doing. Exactly it it is a really difficult conversation and it if if you think about it driving career. If you're at that age you probably just had some kids get their delays and to learn how to drive and now mom and better getting older and uncle are getting older. And there in the point where thinking them not quite sure they should be and room anymore. Yes yet not so easy but a lot easier on Tripoli is there to you know kind of lend a hand in help and I'm not. Nonpartisan and person involved to you know make that recommend exactly and it weekly goal about it and I explained to the family numbers you know and to the person who might possibly be giving up the piece like this is the safest thing for them to do and it's really their you know more concerned about the welfare and safety of. Exactly and end during the evaluation will also point out a lot of things that we're seeing is that the things I just mentioned are defensive driving. We see the rolling stops we see the not looking back well well well well people are backing and they now performing had checks and signaling and things like that. If nothing else. They get a refresher by going through the evaluation with us. And as we talked about this is a very very busy time for you guys like all these. Of course senior valuations on on all the teens looking to drive all the people looking to save on insurance money and so you're actually looking to hire some. Oh we certainly are we certainly are programs have become become very popular. And I think most folks would take a look at position of driving instructor and think I'm gonna get the car with a sixteen year old. That does know how to drive then why would I do this again. We talked about is quite a bit with our instructors. And most of them find it very rewarding especially when you get that student who shows up for the first time they can barely there the car. And yes from the me. Right turns left turns and there's evidence to break in their staff and the accelerator. And you get amount for 345 lessons. Now you've got to monitor and track and they're changing planes in Houston center turn lane to make a left hand turn. And their two game through their peril low power and before you know let's get him on the 219 in and see how they're doing there. Very rewarding for instructors. To see those students go from the progression Friday guest access. And by the time they're down the course you know the ultimate is a pin on the Olympic course and sent for protests and and hopefully pass that. We place a lot of emphasis. And safe driving skills knowing the rules of the road. Knowing how to do them maneuvers and getting lots of practice the way we look at it is if we can teach all of this them drivers. The pastor protest and then beyond that. They'll be safe drivers for the rest of their driving career. And a lot of these people it could be teachers who had the summer off and on alert work a little bit over the summer some people are retired or some people just looking for some. Side gate out different sorts of different opportunities available source of jobs. Correct we we have a very diverse it instructor pace and of course with summer with its being off from school. We do need extra help then because it there are are ready to go only long our our driver programs start as early as 7 in the morning. I remember. I remember those early hours dropping off yes. Propping up its at this early time talked to a there was couple instructors and and want them sent me hit geo economic and really look at it as a community service. I teach my students to be safe law abiding drivers they can do that the pastor rote test the BC a front row to let's face it were all sharing the roads. With these new drivers. Did you see so many different movies counties where there's a scene with the driving instructor and someone goes wrong but. In those are out funny how hopper a movie but the real deal a triple a.'s and it's very well organized very safe and you know we do get these kids. Very response. And and so important for. You know. Not only the techniques of driving but also you know the distracted driving with texting and phoning and you know young people today are really is important that. You know that they truly get. The foundation and that the rights and wrongs right out of the gates and now your your team does a great job with that. Just take you think you then that's correct there there's just so much more involved with driving a vehicle now that it was like twenty years so much more technology so America and some of the national. In if someone wanted to it was interest it and inquiring about becoming a structure what would they do what they contact you. They can actually go on to play dot com. Under the section of careers and we do you have or are solutions posted in oppression and can play right now online. Treks faring better thank you so much for joining us like they're welcome and we founder AAA talking travel but today to me is talking AAA. And in and that's what's great tonight I was looking forward to our our our show today because there is so much at Tripoli to offer from. You know people think traditionally roadside service and towing. Which is you know one of our core businesses but you know with Tripoli members insurance and travel. On of our brick and mortars but you know there's there's so much to a tripling membership and so much value and to we have a lot of discounts rewards and opportunities to save with our membership and I know coming up and our next segment we're going to be talking. About all those opportunities is out. And some new ones that are really gonna save you a lot of money you're gonna wanna stay tuned for that quick now back on the driver training you know you mentioned the cellphone use and the distractions more distractions than ever before. And from a public affairs standpoint that's something we work on. And Tripoli where Rhee remind people you know peep Lisa talk on the phone on a driving and that was bad enough but now they're trying to make a FaceBook life the answer. Snapped Chet is too cramped there's always different temptation so one of the things I found this neat that the driver training programs as well tell the students. Put the backpack rate in the country can keep your hands on as you be tempted to reach for that phone if you can reach for. You know it is something out of sight out of city rate absolutely and Tom Ugoh while with public affairs Elizabeth as Ron talked to a lot of school groups on on different topics as well cracked. Absolutely we team up with eighteen tee into 211 to teenagers at high schools about that and of course we're out of a bottle talk like him a little bit and tell you how he engages. Thank you so much for listing them are gonna be right back after these messages don't call way they're so much Marty hear about these discounts and rewards from AAA. The great money saving ideas your gonna wanna hear about it State's human right here on ESPN 1520. Welcome back to Tripoli talking travel here aren't EST and fifteens funny Bryan name of the show today should really just be talking triple lake is we're talking all things Tripoli. All things AAA Elizabeth and what's so exciting AAA has so much to offer. And I'm really excited that we were able you know pulled a show together and really showcase all the opportunities in value of a AAA membership I don't read. Believe that you know people really understand all the opportunities and there's new ones coming. You know every day we talked about the opportunity with Tripoli members insurance and you know we college Tripoli members insurance however you don't have to be a member to. Purchase the insurance and get a quote and I think that's really important. Of course a membership. Does allow an additional discount but we sell insurance as we do travel to anybody so. You know were open and available for for you know everybody to come in and job. Absolutely an email with a driver training programs there's a price from numbers and a price for non absolutely so you know course reluctant to have members and you know having the peace of mind with a roadside assistance and all of those other things but. Now we Tom. We we don't discriminate so we we would like everyone to be able to out on take advantages of all the services and opportunities we have. And there are such different opportunities as far as the membership as well as far as like you can pay automatically with democratic paradise in you can pay monthly if you want to. In the price of the membership is absolutely paid for by all the discounts you recede. It's really amazing and you know bomb over the years that I've been with AAA we've you know and it's so many opportunities but when you think of one thing and you know Tom travel which is my area. AAA. Discount rate at a hotel you know sometimes that that the nightly rate is. Upwards of twenty and thirty dollars a night last for AAA member well. A two or three United States you pay for them membership in an all the other opportunities Tom you know with three tail and I'm so excited that we're gonna get into a lot of these now. Ali and there are some new ones student viewers and listeners are really going to be excited about. We're joined right now I Jennifer Argentine airy she's a senior manager of member experienced and she also manages all of the discounts and rewards for AAA and that explains why you're so busy Jennifer thanks for taking his time to comment on past. Thank you very much for me. So on top spot some of the discount programs that are out there on some of the popular ones numbers seemed like. Sure sure. I'm in bringing you mention some hotel discounts and and really that's the first thing that comes to mind most times when you ask members about what type of money they can save. With AAA but I am here to tell you it is much much more than that. And we worked really hard to to give members every gates savings so not just first special trip per special occasion. That that every day. And in some of our our members fever it's our arm angle passes members save about 30%. And their patent. Packages at LensCrafters pearl Beijing target Sears optical. A lot of money that people can be seeding when you think about the cost of a whole set of glasses. You know my niece is 21 years old bash her dad better AAA membership when she was gonna take a little road trip. And she was just talking about how she needs glasses on after reminder that that AAA membership can come in handy for other things. Absolutely eat you haven't Sharon and media want a second pair that's not covered by insurance it's definitely worth asking about. Another really popular one is our AAA per prescription savings program and members saved on an average of 26%. On their prescriptions. I have to tell you my favorite part about this program it's even available carrier pacts. Really yeah see I did not honest. Well I I I I had no date for and they're very expensive for pets is well and I didn't even. Even realize that Jennifer. It's an act of talking to your veterinarian about rating a human greed prescription for your pet. I have a friend Jack coworker AAA receives fifty dollars a month. And their prescriptions for their parents while very popular ones are great savings and other fee for it is the UPS store. Gallons a big deal. And I will tell you that you won't even believe me 30000. Of our members showed up UPS received money last year. So if you aren't going your neighbors there. And they're seeding and things like packing materials mailed back services. It's really a great deal from members. And ask spring big moving season members get fantastic discounts with Penske truck Crennel. And they can save you really a lot of money with Penske. And I cannot fail to mention our local fever here which is no Kyle and that is just the easiest of you pull up to the pump. So Laker AAA card and you can see three cents a gallon. Every gallon you pump. And that's a really popular until it you link it to your checking account you can save even more yes if you'd like chilling to tear checking account so that you're AAA card becomes payment card. And I should mention protected by a pain. And you can see tens and again Oscar. But this really huge it's a great opportunity I mean I if you look at those all of those things that Jennifer just mentioned there every day. Tom life activities and when you look at that and you can add all of those savings up it's it's really amazing I'll be honest with you right. Go in and out of the UPS store occasionally and it just doesn't cluck. You know I see the Penske trucks on the road and there is a little. It may help promoted as well there's a little AAA logo I'm on their trucks as well but so many every day. Activities. That. I hope our our members saying. Yeah much gas prices going up a little bit more than they were last year you know people really think that yes discount comes in handy absolutely. I use the no call law swipe my card all the time and it really is just nice to know that I'm not paying that amount on the pump. I got a little some special. Yeah I can't can't can't you know you feel that pain at the pump every leaves little a little absolutely asked gaffes on the Paris and new programs coming up to is out Jennifer. Yes I have this thing I've been dying for this part this is really exciting stuff. And we're so pleased to be in the beginning steed and launching grocery discounts for tripling members. We have two partners we have tops friendly markets and Price Chopper. Who will be our hopes of sort. I am aware Tripoli members will go to Tripoli dot com and link the year membership card with their story loyalty part. Tripoli members will be held special deals now he's special they're not they're not offered to just anyone. And their they'll be notified by email they'll go to the store. They're sweet they're tired after those items and special discounts will come off until now. And damn if I can mention a few if I'll answer. Well I outlined here because let me understand of these specials that they know about the specials right 'cause don't get an email alerts not a surprise when they check out so now opt for specific things as an Asus surprises are well everyone is trying to spend. And in this program as a big surprise today and I think it's going to be a great great saving. Right does it by email I can't. Up dieted regularly and will also try to remind you that if he having used it before it expires you T get airing and get that discount. And now they will be very depending and when you go by as of today for example. There's things like only moisturizer Reid could save two dollars. I'm a dollar 59 tons. And then we get more into the grocery type items where right now we've got a dollar a dollar off and things like to read Joe's Heinz Ketchup. Go waffles Honey Nut Cheerios and Kraft macaroni and cheese. And some of these offers where. You end up paying a fraction of the price like for example when I just spot the Mac and cheese the other day I am at he 34 cents for a box maker. Geez I paid just about the same too because you know we've been testing out the program as employees of Tripoli sell my house is on tap some key have to get countries is acquiring it at that adamant just just do it I had our feelings extrapolate Karen. To the bonus Carrick and he went Sharon athletic he got Monica Lindsay the receipt dollar off no coupon clipping. No he frankly I think it's super easy. Visiting Tripoli dot com and today at the sooner you're done listening visit Tripoli that permanently with your cards that whole process probably takes three to four minutes and then you're you don't have to do it again. Will keep in touch with emails. And I your ear ready safe. In those are some significant savings I mean a dollar that's a lot UC coupons and you know this Sunday newspaper thirty sensor. Fifty cents or you know you get fifty cents topic after by four of some things this is quite a program Jennifer. Affirm Keyes thank you we are just we're so excited we've been working hard to get dislodged and it's here. And I I should mention too that this really does go toward our our goal of making everyday savings firm members. And and and like I mentioned hotels savings is great eat. But you know doing every day and this is something kind of like gas discount where it's part of your your routine on a daily weekly basis. And we are veering excited to offer an X where members so there are dozens of different op items speaking at the coupons for each month and they upped the state monthly so that's what people can see at the start of the month what's going to be new for the month and then they were going to select their apparently they usually do in right at the check exactly and it sees light at bully LT parent whether it's the advantage tired from Price Chopper. Or the taps her. I'm the bonus card from taps and you can actually even leave your Tripoli carting your wallet it's business as usual at the grocery store. Very that I know a lot of moms out there will be interested in this apart standstill that. A few amount site after a little while grocery discount missile and I wanna hear about because like you said it's something that you cancer I allow Allen to go to the grocery store exactly exactly. That's terrific I really calm I think that's just oh wonderful opportunity for an intent to use every day every day savings and that I think is you know when I see people out and you know friends no that that I work at AAA here you know I don't I don't need a membership because you know I have a a new car and it comes with roadside assistance aside. Ohno hold on a second there is so much more to your your AAA membership than that. Exactly and you know what people use everyday all day. Is there cellphone and you actually get a discount their AAA and cellphone plans as well yes and we've got to have great partnership with sprint. In the offer some really competitive deals with extra discounts for tripling members. And another component that they have found began offering Tripoli members as of late last year is that if you have. A secure sprint cellphone holder you have a sprint account. You can go to Tripoli Jack come and visit our spring page an opt in to their new program which will he or AAA member dues. Theresa we're talking about saving your money and reduce. You know just by getting the discounts and here's a company not actually paid them all things for you exactly exactly what a great opportunity that he had it's 57 dollar value and if you have other members on your account. I might say for example I I have a sprint cellphone. I asked into the program and my husband is also account holder and a tripling member he apps into the program they will pay my dues and his dues. And anyone else in your family who has a membership and is sprint. Account holder date they'll pay those dues for so that really adds up there you don't you just keep using your phone like usual and then you get your Tripoli for a free. And I'm anything else and air on on as far as like discounts any awards are people should be aware of Jennifer well we've always got some new things coming and we work tired. To bring in new things cell yes we deal. And now we've we've still got our archer bleed blue orbit ideals app also how they're reaping some discounts on two restaurants. Anti that's been a popular wine in hand down. It's an easy easy process you download that app from the App Store the place store. And there are some great opportunities there TU but we're always working hard to bring you some new discounts you know I've been trying to tell people about the blue or coincidental but it is people like of course dine out and I used it I was out amongst. Same thing just. Here's the called from my alarm app annexing night at a discount on the. I write a wonderful opportunity and now I I think I'm you know very excited I haven't had an opportunity to com. Use the yeah the tops discomfort to calm I'm very excited to need to apply I see I do it in all those other. Favorites of mine that Jennifer mentioned absolutely this a great tuck and and as well. Jennifer is there a spot where our members can look to see just where all the savings are because I think that. You know Tom that there there are. Savings sets clothing store workers and you know Barnes & Noble on line and I think and so forth and then there's just so much out there but it is it housed in one area where they can find that. That's a great question yes. If our members visit Tripoli Jack ham they can see Oliver discounts and you know it's worth going to look because they yourself. Look. It almost hits a little overwhelming. I find that when I know I have a day out of shopping I even after remind myself like an eagle. Who did the half for a discount you know there's a ton stores that do. I mean it's worth absolutely worth going to Tripoli to act term and taking a look. I'm to take advantage of those summer around nine meals some of them are out a simple show your card type of reform and re just so show your card and that's it. And some of them like no go for example are wary swipe your card so it's definitely worth I check. And and that's where AAA every day comes in because really when you think about it from. From phones to groceries to clothing to eyeglasses and all of that it really is. Just a wonderful opportunity to you know make such value out of your membership and nine times out of ten pay for the membership. That's right elected now on the time of year a lot of people thinking about summertime in doing things outside an even Poppinga AAA and just by your discounted. Gary like tickets right there as well resell at a discount tickets for a different attractions and theme park. Assets silly Darian lake and you know of course the folks that are going down two to visit grammar cramp in Florida and I wanna go over to Disney for a day we sell Disney tickets universal tickets in an hour branches as well so a lot of opportunities. There also. And make of course talked to travel consultant and statue and handsome book culture for the answer yes I don't I did notice I said visiting Graham Graham yeah they are going on a case. Patient absolutely we do it from soup to nuts and in and get everything out all taken care for them are travel consultants have. You know pretty much traveled to many corners of the world and they and they know the ins and outs and no really makes a vacation that. You know does that travelers is looking for in and really make it special. That's on some. A thank you so much on average for joining us and talking about all the discounts and rewards and Sharon to tell people to go to Tripoli dot com and making it more information about them and you. And Brian you know we're seeing a lot of foot traffic coming into the branches lately. With people looking for summer road trips they wanna get chopsticks people last week you still do trip text yes we do the trip to say don't until with a high later by hand anymore but they can be done and the computer. Or for that that day our our computer generated trip text and there is a highlight of lying so it's not with the green marker but. Yes trips ticks are still very popular. And you know people command won a trip tic and you know by the time they leave we we've you know help them what their hotel arrangements along the way because. You know so many people come and say oh I wanna go from point eight appointee. But they didn't really think about everything else that's part of that trip and of course we're here to make that experience moot. And and help them think of the things along the way for their trip so you know whether it's hotel reservations along the way here. There's many people that will command com for road trip in the rent a car. Because they don't want to maybe put mileage on a leased car so that's very popular and of course we have. Tripoli discounts which hurts our preferred car rental and so many member benefits. With Hertz car rental. You gotta express service with the reservations here not standing in the long lines there's an additional drivers that's complementary there's. Car seats that are complementary so really a lot of member benefits again. With with your Tripoli member. Yeah it's so much easier if you do then take advantage of the Paris seats you're not looking at Paris seep through the airport on the plane into the rental car you know hurts and just like to Islam there's absolutely it makes it's it's so easy and it's included to opt for a triple A members brightened when I used it just this past February was nice and my husband and I can both drive the Packers a lot of times they'll charge you for that so they do. America's second driver so it's really nice and you know that's all taken care of and then if you like some of the extra services like never lost which is their navigation system more. Many people these days have serious radio when their car you're AAA membership allows you to get those services at half off. So whether they're free components of the rental or included I should say or 50% off it really. It is a great advantage. Speaking up road trips I was thinking about taking a road trip this summer on the ticker road trip this summer. Rated AAA dot com under travel there are some. That Tripoli national puts together as far as different road trip she can click retirement suggests going from here taking this route stopping what to see along the way I mean they have different road trips already mapped out for people so it's making it like easy easy as fast. Well it does take it absolutely and you guys it makes a really easy and you know a lot of people like to kind of plan where they wanna go in and think about their their trip very specifically a match where we command because the command and talk about the trip will. You know put it together get to group together based on kind of their thoughts and ideas and you know suggests. Sight seeing along the way. But for those that just. Don't wanna think about and want and I'll taking care of their. I'm kind of prepackaged if you will itineraries for car driving whether it's not. You know the northeast New England or. You know going out last absolutely it really is is is very very simple and again I'll included with your membership. And you know as people consider these road trips it's always a good idea. To do a check of your car beforehand so we recommend going to look at Tripoli approved auto repair facility having a professional mechanic check and over you want to make sure you have you know. A safe vehicle that's gonna get to your destination of course problems happened. Along the way and things break down and you know tires go flat and AAA is always available to help but that road service but a good idea to check things over before you head out. Absolutely and you know when when we do trips ticks and people are going on long trips. We always recommend that enough. We have two locations in Western New York crowd Kirk surplus. Which are AAA owned car facilities but again as you said any Tripoli approved facility can take care of that as well but. And again peace of mind it's so so nice to it's you know hit the road and have peace of mind to capture trip planned to know where you're gonna stay you have your route. You know the cars checked noted in nom can have a great summer vacation. Yeah I just got four new tires I Carriker plus a carry can totally telecast driving much differently and I feel a lot safer when I'm driving it did you know Brian. The top three things that people still call Tripoli for these days are keys locked in the Karen. And of the flat tire for the parent wants start because the batteries dead so we have these you know high tech cars nowadays. Were leading. Are going in the direction of autonomous vehicles yet it's always the hosts three hit batter at a base. And I don't think Elizabeth they'll ever go away I sent art it's human nature that somebody's gonna do. Do that somewhere right. Yes I think part of it too is people get excited Iraq trip they finally get to their spy in all the top out here you know get a bite to eat whatever it is and churn out there. Out there on the keys. Still around Aaron you can see everything that I heard it beat England has gotten out of attack that the gap so so yes it in again you know. Did people think of Abbas just four and out and were there for that and you know. A AAA membership for AAA western central New York. There there service. Roadside service is good throughout the United States I mean they could be out in California and have a an automobile issue. Tom and in the roadside service is their fourth. An a lot of people don't realize it also works in Canada as well yes I had a friend right on pace that that she broke down in Camden supplied into culture play all works up there yes absolutely yeah. Yes or rallies about trying to keep governments say on the roads so great to talk about all the different things going on Tripoli today. Yeah there really is and I was so glad that we could share all that we have to offer and I gotta tie I'm really excited about the grocery program by Tom. I'm going to laptops and now stepped up those special items with that huge discount it really is noticeable and you know what we play that's gonna make a huge difference in in people's budgets and you know a dollar here a dollar their heads up on a weekly basis and you know that could be you know that that that kitty to it to put towards the family vacation. Absolutely in their all those common items than ever news is it's you know there definitely things that we would use on a regular basis savings are significant absolutely. OK so this isn't at are going to be back with more information on trip Blaine site how are reaching out to some area schools. And what else is going on right here on Tripoli talking travel on EST and 1520 states in. Welcome back to Tripoli talking travel here on ESPN's fifteen to money Elizabeth scary and Bryan Murray hearing now so much to talk about today. You know IE. I think there's so many opportunities for savings. It's really unbelievable what's out there and I was really glad that we could. Really zone in on on some of the real special ones and you know the services as well so you know driver training driver improvement is huge insurance one of the things we all need every day. And Tom the the savings and opportunities and I think that's just huge this. Evenings and literally paying for the membership and more so it's definitely worth being tripling. Absolutely it really is great. Great value in again AAA every day as we like to say but to. Cece Elizabeth there is something you mentioned earlier the name Otto. Them can you tell me a little bit about who or what Otto is. So I don't Otto is a little robot and the Tripoli safety foundation purchased and so weak it's taken mountain about in the community into area schools to teach young children about safety is we try and reminding drivers about distracted driving and being safe and looking for children. Then of the children also around the rules of the road. And to be known to be careful when they're outside playing especially now as it's getting warmer out this and hopefully keep a lot more people Satan and and a boy any crashes are. Incidents. So it's a little kind of robot in the form our shape of a vehicle. Yes he looks like a little card he zooms around he leaps and and we he's remote controls. And he has a little boy so he'll talk to the kids and say you know I'll I'll look both ways to forty across the street than a. While that's why I. I don't want to that's really important and and and it starts some so early in answer you go out to schools with Otto crack. And I were taking him out to area schools of people were interested in having him come to their school that he does go to AAA dot come as a form to fill out and nom will catch down that list. And also Tripoli. Does a lot of things with schools that we provide a school safety patrol materials to hundreds of schools across western and central New York her school safety patrol program. So all those agency helping other kids on and off the bus or making sure the playground a safe. And the packing not as safe as they're boarding buses they Wear the school safety patrol welts that's all through AAA and that's Alfre for an area schools so will be sending out forms for people to order. Different equipment at this time of year or so will be able to supply them with those goods. While our greatest happen and that's really terrific and you know you you talk about your area of the public affairs and so forth as well you're also involved with. New York State and advocacy for four driving and so forth cracked him. I know you monitor. Fuel prices and all those things some which is really kind of you know some of the behind the things scenes that. I hope our members. You know. Navigate. In every send out those gas prices to the media weekly there calling opera is you know compared to last week so be it right out and I aren't those discount catcher that does not and no stopping us out all vastly come in handy is gas costs of immoral for the summer. I say yeah we team up with AT&T and we go to different schools and talk about distracted driving with their is keenly campaign because. It's so surely it can't wait that people are dying by using their phones while they're driving. Trying to answer a text message dollar drive an car. You know it's about 5000 deaths every year so is something that we try to do proactively to cloud in the community and remind people to take that pledge not to use their phones when their behind. Well I tell you it's it's so frustrating when you're driving down mistreating you see. People you know on their phone or texting and it's really you know in a blink of NI a disaster can happen and. You also laying important yet you look away for just two seconds you can double your crash risk. Two seconds while yeah and it's amazing. You know what it is set but I'll I'll get in the car and Al you know put my phone away. War I have a through you know that the radio where I can talk hands free. But sometimes even that seems distracting if you're concentrating so it really is best you know I mean back in the old days you know he's done it we also are by absolutely you know kind of wish that maybe it wasn't so easy anymore. That's right especially now with summer approaching south. Tripoli has named the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers a time when these kids are out of school. There's a lot of new drivers on the road there's a lot of kids outside playing and there's a lot of people traveling for summer as well. That can lead to a deadly combination so we want to remind ever on to be safe we try and tell the students in the high schools we want you to be able to return to school in September right. So it they really are a time to time over the 100 deadliest days in these teen deaths increased to adjust to different traffic concerns. So we're really trying to raise awareness remind people not to drive it. As great as such an avoidable pom situation so while with with conversation with the schools in the kids and parents. You know. Yes you'll see is out about the community need to find out that information. At Tripoli dot com under newsroom and that's where riposte all the new easy things that were doing. And of course you can find out about different travel things and as well there Brian so we have travel rewards and different things going on. Yeah again Jennifer mentioned the AAA website AAA dot com for western and central New York which has all of those. I'm in travel we have a lot of programs that are offered we have a traveler reward program which is. Almost like a frequent traveler program. When people. Purchase trips based on the cost of the trip. They'll get a report certificate in the mail which is dollars off their next trip. Pomp operas have a hundred dollars which is really. A great opportunity. We have referral rewards so if you had a great experience on a trip. And you used to travel consultant and you told your friends you know go see. Mary at AAA. There is a referral rewards for you and the new some prefer he. Gets a discount as well so a lot of opportunity there and of course we've talked about this. On and off on our programs we have a bridal registry program which is. You know now we're into honeymoon season although. I'm probably they've been pretty well planned they're actually going on now bit. Bridal registry program so. You know people can register for a honeymoon. Registry and in their gas can contribute to that honeymoon we do all the printing of the cars they're gorgeous cars that are sent out. To their guest list if they'd like to contribute so. I'm really great programs again. Not only in every day but for travel as well and you know with our packages that we sell you know. We've we've been all around the world you and I in the last thirteen weeks or so when you know we've been Tenet says every mode of transportation but we have. Pom member benefits for just about every vendor that we partners are true partner are so. You know whether it's not greater shipboard credit or a discount we have all those opportunities. That me again your AAA membership so valuable. It's almost impossible not to be a Tripoli member Rainier about everything we talked about on today's program absolutely. Yeah such a great program here and ESPN fifteen to funny it was a pleasure speaking all our special guest from Tripoli today. And a reminder time to get those memberships going you know a lot of people taken road trips this summer and you just can't do without tripling absolutely. Thank you so much for joining us right here on AAA talking travel on EST and 1520. This has been talking travel presented by triple A travel and insurance centers across western. And central New York find out more about the many travel packages that Tripoli offers by calling 888. 3203060. Force stop at their offices and Williams bill tunnel Wanda in Orchard Park. Or online at AAA dot com and catch the podcast of this and other shows like clicking on the ESPN 1520 website. ESPN 1520 dot com and join us again next Sunday at 7 AM and 10 PM for talking travel.