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Sunday, April 9th

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We're talking travel it's the weekly one hour show devoted to be exciting leisure travel industry. Presented at 7 AM and 10 PM every Sunday by triple A travel and insurance centers across western and central New York. You're your show host Elisabeth carries and Bryan Murray. We are here today with Kevin Ferguson he's the business development manager from members Joyce vacations and frank I have to Diana I'm my growing as a little scratchy stale little under the weather but you know what would hear it. Of vacations. The vacation and I'm Dennis and escorted vacation now that the Canadian Rockies. The national parks that we're going to be talked about today with Kevin. That sounds absolutely perfect right now and having a lot of people looking around for this these days mean national parks with the anniversary last year and really. A lot of press and a lot of excitement absolutely you'd be hit the nail right on the head there Elizabeth loved. We live. Guided or or escorted travel right now. The parks. America's best idea was a national parks sort of back in 1972. And today here but the hundredth anniversary of the of the of the park system last year and all slick beating rockets which will be talk not just. Should very shortly here there's no place like home there's no place like North America and we have so much to offer here. For your traveler's. The white which duke group trip instead of just kind of trying adventure around. One of the things is that. Well Brian you would be the driver who was that you'd be the navigator and one if you would be missing out on the opportunities so it's nice that. It's planned for you it's expertly. Detailed. You don't have to think you just have to show up beyond time have a great disposition and ready to scene explore so. It takes away from a lot of the guessing game. Takes a lot of these repertory time. Out of the way you know what the costs are your oftentimes just allowed to. Go kind of the fast pass is the route so. Not having to worry about entrance fees and all those things so it's much more economical well. And in you know Elizabeth so many of our members commit an airline travel out west to see that the national parks and and I have to tell you. Many times we can find accommodations rather easily. But however it's certain peak times of year it's hard to find accommodations and of course soccer organizations like member choice vacations. They have to select. Opportunity to. Have those hotels booked and we can get our members raced in that not enough heart evolve the sightseeing destinations so that's another reason that week. But to our partners with member choice vacations on the escorted tours. And burn and listening to say she says this every week it's always on her pocket left Seattle gypsum a bucket list but the national parks really been. And the lifetime bucket list and mean I feel almost as though. It's a requirement issued actually going to see these national parks am ashamed to say that I am not patriotic crash right exactly. An and that's the thing is that I don't like to call Edward buck as the culprit to do list because it's one of those things were. Union that checklist of places that you wanna go and explore and see in your life. A lot of people. And up going to. Other continents other parts of the world and then put off the national Parker put out going out west. On two later on in life. And the travelers that I have. Had go out have always said I wish I did this earlier I wish I had done see more of the parks and so. Time it is America's best idea and done now with the time so which national text actually go to any OK so four. Our parks to work we do several different park programs but our. Most popular and most comprehensive as our national parks twelve day tour and that actually will be doing Grand Canyon. Either the north rim or the south rim depending on time of year. Doing Zion Bryce national park in southern Utah and then making her way up through. In two. Into Salt Lake City eventually on route to Yellowstone and grand teton national parks. Making your way out through the bighorn mountains in the beautiful. Expanses of Wyoming than finishing in Custer state park. In southwest South Dakota out by plant and the Black Hills of badlands. I'm towards Rapid City so is it overwhelming too much tripped while Ike icon iconic cult like in a Korean tour there's a couple days that you know there. House and one night stays but then we opened at a Korean open so. In the time to just to decompress habits in in some of those larger cities like Salt Lake and in Jackson. And it's it's a perfect tour we've done is now for 28 years in a row. National park was our number one tour last year. Now right now it's number two for 2017. And is then always in the top five for nearly thirty years ago. And then you have that success for. Absolutely and and you know Kevin so many members command and they say well we wanna go to the north for him when Monica with a soft trim. Which is batter which it you know I'm sure there's not a better but there's obviously different things to see eight each one and probably Tommy here and and weather has something to do with that is well. I agree and that's the thing is set for the drinking in south from that Somoza visited. Of the two grams than the north rim is only visit is only available to the experience. From outside travelers from you may fifteenth until October 15. And the reason why is because it's another thousand feet elevation accurate 8000 feet at the North Korean threat 7000 feet at the grand Canyon's south rim. And that's the one that's much more accessible to Phoenix and Scottsdale in its open year round. The majority of travelers to save their whole life to go to the Grand Canyon and we don't want him to have that. Clark Griswold National Lampoon going to wall and no real experience. We cannot picture that all right brought back in the car yet every stemming garner my Fam amateur resolves or just says feels channeling and they save up their whole life and that average traveler spends four hours at the Grand Canyon. Four hours. And so one of the things is being able to have an overnight stay give him in there in the afternoon. Be able to experience a a ranger talk on either on the north or south rim depending on time of year. And then being able to see those highlights those different stops for where you'll be able to look at the views and and see the expenses. On your camera won't do this justice but just being there and. Being able to physically take the spot and it's wonderful and you can't do it from just flying over and say oh I saw the green canyon be an edit is the best place. I've seen that many times from 35000 feet but I'm sure it's quite a different perspective of being raked that are absolutely absolutely it's 277. Miles long. About a mile deep and that's the thing is that. I'm. But there are still areas here that. People ask oh can I go. I can Michael walked down to the rim. But the mile back up so converting mountain the most we'll just enjoy the view and look out and and look down rather than doing the the long walk the long march. Remains about the Brady Bunch when they went there and that they episode of her into a concrete canyons and I mean you've been doing and as long as they show has been an absolutely ready airs at Apple's. And those would bend their thirty or forty years before they've gone back and this year again they eat they remember the spots like the alto VAR or the cold studio. And it hasn't changed and that's what what people on is that they see how the world with teen drama but there's going to be those little nuggets of of beauty and travel were it's still timeless. And and Kevin knew what when you think of going out to the national parks immigrant and you think of kind of roughing and there. Campaign nor you know. Outdoor facilities nothing like that these are all first class accommodations and can vary. Rustic in theme but all the services are still there correct. Absolutely the services are still there but I still I would would mention this is debt in the park system being in the park not staying at a a bass western outside in to sign on Arizona are Williams Arizona is that there's no TDs in your room he'll actually have to talk. And juggle it whatever. And out like a cell phone service what was still a spotty in areas so you have to communicate in. Plea cards at night and talk to each other. And that's a great thing about travel especially experience in these parts is. The the opportunity staying in these parks is a luxury. And no you're not the campground you're not having to Wear your hiking boots. We recommend whatever the hell are quote although I'm sure there are some experiences like that's part of the tour or yeah an and we do have those outdoor experiences but we don't want them to be feel like they're going to summer camp truly you know roughing yes. Does that last year was the 100 anniversary of the US national access to so what's the best time to think. To visit national park people were considering while. Here around the park or open it just depends on availability we'd do we do a number of different tours but. The majority of travelers will tend to go. Experts are from central and Western New York will wanna find those times were not too hot not too cold. Like goldilocks and there's just right so we have tour that will go in May we will have tour that will go in October. But if you do like your retail therapy your shopping they'll be some of those areas in October that things tend to close down. On. So he is truly summer and a sense of yes yes yes so for instance Yellowstone National Park has three million travelers each year. Two of those three million travel in July and August so I say if you don't wanna be there with 57000. Other campers and on trucks. You know find different time. And that's what's nice is that again you're not doing the navigating but driving. And you're having somebody else doing that for you. We have other tourists though at different times of year so for instance are canyon country tour which focuses. Mainly on Arizona and southern Utah. A Monument Valley revealed John Ford and John Wayne spaghetti westerns were done. Finishing up in Vegas if towards like a lot in February and march because again that's a lot better weather than we have here in buffalo. And when you mention like a tour going now explain to people like what they would experience you know. I. What a tea I am transportation they would be had in you know it's a big deal for the so motor coach we're going to be doing traveling by motor coach so we would fly you out from your from your respective airport here in. Western New York or in in central New York. And make their way in let's say if not for instance here. Phoenix Arizona. Group bolt comes together have a a welcome dinner welcome welcome meeting. And the next day we travel we make our way by motor coach. Up to Lake Powell opened on northern Arizona. Visiting so don't I'm going out having a choice on tour and at triple either doing. The I'm going out to monument valley of those John Ford and John Wayne movies for John. Or going to had a more in depth canyon cruised through the Glen canyon dam area this was an area that was all dammed up. From the mighty Colorado back in the 1960s. And could further from the air again having a guy who is. Giving you all the brain candy all the information of what's happening in this destination not only just the history but also. The geology and the culture in the did the. Learning American history you know when he during the rest of the story is Paul Harvey would say. I'm really brings travel to life it's it's yeah it's nice to have those guidebooks I had a time but dean actually there and having somebody. Feeding you all the information and telling you scene. It makes it much stronger. And again those tourists they didn't last anywhere from on average. From seven days to nine days twelve days depending on what part for which parts of the park to become too. And furthermore just add to that here Elizabeth is that we do have two hours ago when winter so we have a Yellowstone in winter program which is a small group tour. And Yellowstone and open and we know bad weather in western new York and so it's not very tough for us to. To manage similar temperatures out where but having all to yourself that's what makes it that much more of a and press and expect experience is that you have less crowds. In which are considered in northern national park the leisure State's door yes so the northern national parks here is that that is gonna be a trip that starts in. Salt Lake City in Utah home and then boo re doing is will be going from coach from Salt Lake. Opt to. Jackson Wyoming. Jackson is the name of the town Jackson Hole is the region. A whole as a secluded mountain that OK so. On that now hole is that region but doing four nights in Jackson and will be doing as a full date coach trip to Yellowstone. On a separate day will be beautiful day coach trip on to the grand tee times. Also visiting places like the museum of national wildlife art. Going in and seen and hearing about the stories of the organ trail on route. In what's nice is that you can actually unpack used to use the drawers stay awhile because it's multiple night stays on that. Not too short not too long to strike it seems like this would take a lot of work for someone to organize and Iran trying to figure out what's not to how to get there timing it now. You know that's Atlanta like work you do for every it's a huge a lot of legwork if you're doing it on your own and one of the main things is if you decide to rent a car. Usually you don't start and then at the same destination because a lot of drive time I did it myself I brought my wife and. We one up to northern Arizona southern Utah. In four days we did nearly a thousand miles in the car. Fortunately had been their before it's like to give birth. All of the information in and teller about this but most don't have that savvy or they've never been there in the past so it. It really makes it much for comprehensive when you don't have to. The worry about those. You're enjoying it and taking at all and not it was the other way someone's driving someone's reading a map and all of a sudden you've gone. A couple hundred miles and you haven't seen I think yes that's right and it room what's real that that's what's really nice about it and and you know tit says the point that you made about transportation and so forth some. You know what we require members out to anyone of the cities where these two were starts whether it's in Phoenix and by the way there's nonstop flights from buffalo to Phoenix Arizona which is really great but. You know typically we recommend people go out a day or two early. And none. I know member tryst vacation has pre and post nine stays on their itineraries well. But you know it really makes it so comfortable and so. So such a way to kind of just get out there with a time zone difference in and get yourself settled and really enjoyed. The experience because that's what it really is. The experience and our our travel. Experts have been on these trips and main no you know just by conversation with our members kind of what their interest aren't they find the right to work that fits what. That family wants to do a mass where that. The win in the partnership comes along I completely agree and even though it's a three to three hour time zone difference you're not change in currencies are voltage. It's still are on laws your own currency yeah all of those nice things and into it the point you said earlier sometimes we forget about what's on our own backyard we're looking all over the world. And I still have on my to do lists store bucket list some of these places out west as well which is you know really important. Absolutely absolutely so that's a what one thing is set you know I wouldn't say week. Down the road wait till another time is your bad time of appear to travel now is it is it is very perfect time travel. Now that's the perfect time go out explore and enjoy and you'll be so thankful that you've experienced this when you did. And we didn't even talk about what can happen when you know it's. He mentioned you were the driver I was an alligator but when I tell you Ron Turner that we get into an argument your lawsuit like is state our international tire Wear you know. You know with wildlife has around gardening also I knew right better off with a tied it absolutely absolutely worked everybody's happy yet again and finally the. We're gonna be stopping at the spots where. These are the best views and this is the best opportunity seemed wildlife whether it's the pronged worn or the bison buffalo all of those different animals. And so line it's EU that we can't put a time on the day that's what's great is that we it's set up the schedules we do the itineraries. We maximize that amount of daytime so that you were able to see as much as we can while we're there. We tacked about about the US the candidates are also celebrating. Or national yes yes set so or been racially what I said was 1872. And then you saw that well one what what was 1872 about well. 1872. Company back a little bit here was when Yellowstone National Park was founded. But it wasn't until 1916 that the national park system actually became. A. And government entities there so just want to clarify that. 150 anniversary. Of Canada is coming up. In actually it is here it's 4017. A 150 anniversaries and confederations. Once back in 1867. So. Read Gardena. Places to be. This year candidate it's going to be lots of different festivals and activities celebrating this SaaS with Centennial. Out of the country and. Colorado I'm from the Canadian Rockies do the Colorado Rockies but the Canadian Rockies. Just look amazing legacy properties. Where we stay out here in the out west in the provinces of Alberta. And in British Columbia generally at the Fairmont properties these are kind of like the Ritz Carlton. Where the four seasons of Canada. A lot of them were built near to where the railroad tracks where because many of the cities. Are we than a hundred miles from the border of the the Canada US border but. Are very nearby to where those train lines went and so places like. Chateau lake Louise out in. In only weighs in in Alberta or the Banff springs hotel on these are just. While properties that the book hotels you'll never forget and just so happy that you went to experience. Also this year and we do every year is the Calgary stampede that goes out. Right along the right around the time of candidate which is July 1 so this goes for about two weeks in July and we do have tourist. That do the acne Iraqis either by train on the via rail train overnight in the train in the rest those beautiful properties. Finishing in Calgary with the stampede. Or a alternative trip which is Canadian Rockies with Glacier National Park which is in northern. I'm Montana. But it's just mention that glaciers like attack incredible places to save itself Ecstasy. A what's the glacier Skywalk OK so we actually have a choice on tour on the Canadian Rockies by train trip. Of high one experiences so for instance if Brian wants to go on on the Skywalk this is going to be a glass walk and that is. It is a an arch over the apple Basque canons at those of. 900 you know you can tell that wouldn't be me I'm Ron wants choice to my joy. I don't look at yes so we're actually going to be going out by snow camp which uses. It's a not big people mover on the apple basket glacier energy you know Arianna that that's more Meissner and bottle and a hundred Singh gets it now now stop me now and not know I was out there out of a year and a half ago and must get no problem and then I had white knuckles walking around and and fortunately there is going to be rail money shied. But it is a clear glass dropped group clear glass. Four hour and you look down and yeah and yeah families as they do which I can't I would giant I'm glad you offer that choice count him as that's what's important in the majority. We'll do with the of the glacier. Tour by coach just because of the fact. Us being able to be on a glacier he may have gone to Alaskan scenic glacier. And and and took it in on your camera but actually being there. Thousand feet thick VE you know pick up some of the glacial water that's 1112100 years old. On is the thickest ice south of the Arctic Circle so. Meant amazing. And and whether it's Canada or the the United States out west. Beautiful opportunity beautiful scenery. And wonderful experiences and again our travel consultant sock in our branches. Have been out there they've experience and they can really discern what the best trip for. The family is out to these destination. No we don't have much time left but some people might be wondering like their meals and now between ages answer meal option yeah so meals are included we have breakfast included every day on tour and then. We will also have several dinners as well included. For instance on the Canadian on turn on the Canadian Rockies trip. You'll actually have a choice of. Dining experiences. At several different hotels so at the Fairmont Banff springs hotel you have a choice of restaurant XY or Z and you get to have those elections there. All the way over to chuck wagon experiences in Jackson Wyoming so. You will not go hungry you will not go thirsty and a trip. And that's what makes it nice and independent first so you're on an escorted there were years you've got that guides there but you have some time on your own as well which really makes it's special. For sure I mean you're lunches are generally on own tour manager Levy those options of go to this restaurant try this place out and so everybody's economies different. And he gives you those choices that. Nice little group are so great to be able to have an independent time to sounds like a win win for everyone. You're listening to Tripoli talking travel here EST and 15:20 AM our guest today Kevin Ferguson business development manager for member choice vacations. Yeah I know want to stay tuned because coming up we are heading to Europe are attacking Spain Italy and more don't go away will be right back after these message. Experience your own Italian Renaissance on the Yamaha. 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Click AAA dot com or visit your local Tripoli office today make your dream vacation a reality with triple -- travel. Welcome back to AAA talking travel here and ES TM fifteen to when he AM. Elizabeth Kerry here at Bryan Murray from AAA and out those national park something we definitely need to see. Absolutely I think that tack Kevin Payne and a great picture of the national parks our last in the Canadian Rockies so lot. We're getting raid into that season so now's the time to two coming to triple A enough plan that summer vacation with the family. But what our guest today Kevin Ferguson business development manager at member choice vacations. And literally they can take you warn us around the world wrecked Camden all seven continents we 200 gear and about a 157260. Different tours. On all seven continents though. And anywhere from Mac cannot island at two. Mississippi we have it there for you so the whole world be we cover so we checked it out about the treasures write their own backyards that of course. A lot of people looking dead travel to Europe experienced the world. You take people like you said all around the world were attacked not Spain Italy some attempt destinations and I know a lot of people. Might have some concerns if the safety is there at least ace. The password safety weaker and all the time is as safe is this plays safe. Was awesome number twist vacations we monitor. These countries these cities what's happening in the world. Constantly. And so safety is the number one most important thing for American travelers especially abroad. And these are safe destinations. How we know that the world has changed and the world is always changing but we cannot. Live our lives in fear we have to travel we have to explore and Don. Both Spain and Italy X specially palm are safe. Wonderful. Destinations and there is no better time but the present to experience. You know even though there have been some issues and international issues and things like that out we still see people pouring into Tripoli looking this international destinations. People are from in every day and you know trip travel is something that. Is on everybody's mind they they travel around the world we have a lot of folks that. That there's a huge world to see and they wanna see us and talking about safety I think one of the things that we pride ourselves with AAA as well is. We know exactly where our members are. Tom when they're traveling so when they leave the United States are when they're traveling with in the United States. Whether it's weather issues or security issues worldwide. We know where everybody is and we contact them to make sure they're safe and make sure that we can assist them. With their journey f.s that are in erupted or getting them home if they need to so. You know that's why we partner with wonderful companies like member choice vacations they. That that they are on it and we know exactly where travelers are all the time. I created one of the things just to talk about is in and kind of Segway a little bit. Is insurance and that's one thing that we always it encourages that you have insurance the Spanish word for insurance a single row which comes out be security. And so one of the things is that our insurance and member twist occasions. Is it cancel for any reason. Excuse for or reasons so it doesn't need to be medical literally to the day before it's a 100% cash back from. To the night before leaving on the plane. And in you know Kevin yeah it's so so true insurance is important and you know for years I've been in this industry for 37 years and people will come in and they say now we'll be fine I don't wanna it I don't wanna buy any insurance and you know something happens and all you need is one of horror story out. You know god forbid somebody getting sick or a family member getting sick or someone following in breaking their lag. It's a huge embarrassment and we want to help them protect the investment as well so. You know a a couple of those stories and not work out for did you get sick on the trip been unique to come home. Insurance covers medevac so it really is a peace of mind at the end of the day and it's very very him. Port completely agree completely agree. And so now we know that we might take the tripling all of that we were on a bucket with that insurance so. That's about where we wanna go what type of people are booking Spain you hear more and more about Spain being at destination style takes a first of all here and and one YE Yang said earlier. Nothing is better no no no better time now. Is set the devaluation of the Euro we're almost at par it's about one knee one US style harsh as the one euros without a lot of dollar five dollar six. On US and so both Spain and Italy. Have economies that are not doing so well in the world and what that means is that you have more purchasing power when you're traveling. Or when you're having that meal on your own and a. At a company in in in Italy or if you're just gonna have a top us kneel on your own in in Spain. You've got that there but for Spain for Italy I want to emphasize. Warm fun and sun we hear that all the time on wanna go somewhere warm and have fun and see the sun. The warmest weather year round in. In Europe is going to be on the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal so there is no bad travel days same thing with Italy you're gonna go to Sicily. The first week of November the average temperature is 65 and fifty degrees in Lambeau that's the average for November. Definitely can't get that Williams that was kind of canceled. Acts can. So the once it like eat drink explore. They're gonna have that in Italy. And in Spain and so one of the things that regional wines are very dinner when we're in both Spain or in in in Italy their respectively. Bomb being able to go and have a pie yeah. Experience or going to a local bomb. Of an eight or winery. In on the coastal soul in Spain. Deaths they see an experience that you just can't always get when you're doing it on your own and trying to wing it by yourself. Speaking of drinks and speaking of the language barrier known name in Cancun anyway the Spanish that I know is still survey support for war. I figured that got me every time I needed to Beers that worked out absolutely thereto or does he overcome a language barrier near channeling. What I always say one of the things is just making an attempt a saner hello. Good morning thank you and even if you butcher it. But at least you tried making an attempt. I'm just saying. I got sick you know thank you an Italian is going to be much more than it than just. Resting back on your laurels and and hang you know what why don't they speak English. Because they're thinking well why don't they speak Italian or why don't they speak Spanish so making that attempt in trying you're gonna have the locals also try with YouTube while. When in round rate of just. Sift. As mediators were army Brian I see you I I don't know Elizabeth I have a feeling they were very well that that's another time another talk show. I was just the other thing is always when I'm traveling. Is I look for some of the under the age of twenty to 25. To ask those questions of how elated to hear how to get to there. Because they're going to be much more willing to try their English out with you and bit into that we. Allows treated to go over that. David may want to practice further the trip that they're planning to the United States. Next summer whatever absolutely so wanted to see Jennifer tore us up a self. So Kevin you talked about though the wonderful food and wines and drinks and so forth but. But that the sightseeing and in both Italy and Spain as spectacular. Can you calm in an addition to may be some of the specifics can you explain to our listeners com. What a unites coast site is because so so many people so many itineraries talk about you know ESCO. And while I know what it is all the expert. Yes yes so you know school is United Nations environmental scientific and cultural organization. And this was set up by the United Nations. As a place of of wanting to highlight and to recognize. Spots based on environmental science difficult cultural reason. That we need to taxes save this year for the patrimony of that country and or of humanity there. And so on our trips whether it's in Spain Portugal. In in Italy or in many places around the world you'll see that were Genesco because we want to highlight this is got some very very much. Strong importance and it's if there if the mossy you can't Tennessee's. Venues there. End. To be able to get to these sites these historical areas are so important. Reason why is again when we went to school and growing up you hear about these places or you know you may have heard about the Roman Forum or the coliseum but actually being near Turin and knowing hey this is a spot that's been protected. And it's worthy of my time and worthy of the UN time that's pretty important to. And protect that these great destinations and of course everything sounds that but it doesn't always count on in people can afford it so. Now is this a good time to visit your upper house the Euro doing and is this as something that super expense Americans they. I'm at and budget kinda book a trip request as well first of all Spain in particular Spain and Portugal are going to be some of the least expensive. Two wars that we have available in Europe McCain again the reason why is their economy is now. And that also allows us as a tour operator to have more purchasing power only going in contract. Hotels and restaurants and things like that so. Always there is of it's never been up a perfect time. You know I live has never been a better time but now for especially for for the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal. But also for Italy as well we have not seen many I too many price increases says as well. And that. That make cities your honor pocketbooks so you have the opportunity to you know deposit down. Budget in again up to sixty days before prior before the trip goes out that principal payments we've got time to. Plan and down and invest in your trip to those destinations. And in. Our travelers for doing now is the time to exchange their money with the great exchange rate with. The Euro for any planned summer travel outside at its peak at this particular point been the best it's been in the last eleven or twelve years yes and it has been even from last year. Even a little bit better so. We're doing all right when our almighty dollar so with some of the trips in in Spain and Portugal when you think of Spain you think of media. A bullfight in matadors and so forth to watch Samir tourists have those experiences as well. Well yes so well what we want definitely highlight in the. Cultural experiences there are so there may be an opportunity on your free time to go to eight. It will matter or bull bull bull experience there will be a might might Peta. Listeners might not be appreciative of that but I would say is that. The art the the the buildings. Of Spain especially here places like with Audi we have in Barcelona with a cigar familiar. You have part as well as well but county did very very colorful beautiful mosaics. In one thing that is on surprising especially with Spain is at. It and it has it's it's a very much a Christian country now. Bought before 1492. The largest camp can a contingency of Jewish. In Europe were actually in Spain and before that it was and pat heralded with the the more hours and so there is. You know this beautiful. Cornucopia of both. Both the Muslim and Jewish and Christian faith working in harmony in these areas and that's why in when we talk but this has been safe. This is one of the safest destinations there. Again going back to some of the things like food and other unique experiences I see you're looking at our Spain Portugal was cause it'll sold Portuguese Riviera. What we're going to be to his particular high speed train from from Madrid down to the cost little soul three nights there and be a mess like. The Riviera of of of Spain I mean a beautiful beach and. Absolutely so again if you've always wanted to see the rock of prudential hook and it rocked Siena on the TV and I'm here in you know hearing a local market is that you we do have an option or day trip to go to Gibraltar to experience at that that venues there. And done you know having more multiple nights in the skies in Portugal and other areas where you can see beyond. Where the cork is being harvested those are cork trees so when you go to premier wine and spirits or other different. Venues around two by your piles of real or or Blanco. Hate this is where it's done and it's made in heaven knows those behind the scenes experiences. Makes it that much more powerful and panel just a wonderful time. You can tell you're speaking from experience and you bandanna on these strips in your educated and want it and mouse you know so that's nice and on Richards vacations. And you know descends earlier study the scandalized him to sell salon on the strip like you can tell you you know he took the time in new. Worked with the matter is you live it you breathe you see it and so again for those of the visual arts things like the flamenco of course we're gonna learn. You know I again or I should say learn well maybe learn a few steps. And Sidney doing it to under and you tap dancing here but. On the flip the bill would laugh at me and so I don't know why and what happened what happened in Barcelona stays about a mile an hour right there we go I. With dinner might get meets in just. My my two left he would leave early to let it. They're plus the line you'll be hearing her speak Spanish or an RI NS a win win adults that's right but. It being able to really get into the culture and getting into these little small towns and villages we want to get out the concrete jungle just the big cities but giving to small. Destinations and death. You know in in some of these towns that you may have never even heard of those of the usually the jams that people love to go I never knew about this I'm so glad I've gone here and it at the right and proper way. And you know what's so nice about to a member choice vacations on many of the trips. When you think of and escorted type of trip. You know you're one night here one night here one night here in your moving all the time and so many of the itineraries have a few nights so you can really you know. I'm really rusher had fur a few nights in a hotel. Really. You know entrench herself in the city in the sights and and move on so you know it's so a little bit more. Well it's an active but leisurely act. Two of pace I agree and that's the thing but doing on your Torre. In that there will be vacationing. What you work to orient and so being able to unpack stay awhile. And you have in that little town of non cash guys which is the Portuguese Riviera being your hub. But spoken out too small towns like seem trial or all Beatles which is the town that you beautiful fortified. Town. I'm right on the right on the water. Hats than that the areas that you're so glad that you did this and that. I you know you have that done. Product manager well in advance to Loudon and say you know what we we need to bring our group here. We need the Americans to explore and and see these town so. It's. That's perfect and you did this for seven years as a tour manager yourself as a youth rally at tips for travelers were considering mr. Absolutely well the first one here is have fun. That's the most important thing also realize that if you wanted everything to be the same as he did here. Don't travel you know if you want to say is is there going to be a Starbucks in in this little town holiday don't have. I asked earlier Starbucks or may not be Tim Hart yes there there may be a Starbucks apple might have a dual role at the women's tennis and not win. I'm here. Is that you know the fact of the you know being willing to explore Pina traveler. It's Mark Twain said that travels fatal to Britain bigotry. Narrow mindedness and prejudice and I know the people who have traveled just because talking to them hearing their world view of things. Bomb something's just really make our. You know our job sees hears a tour managers. Have a good dead you know have a good disposition but also doing a little planning ahead of time so. If you're going to London hey what are you wanna do when you get into London don't just go up to the concierge and say what should I see. But more look into and say hey you know I was looking at this museum how'd like it there I'm doing a little bit of that research. Whether it's a restaurant or whether it's a venue on your own that makes it a lot more. Personalized as well to. Common a day ahead of time or spend some extra time. At the end of the trip. Far too often. People are. Slaves to the to the job and saintly you know I only I only have this amount of time. You'll thank yourself for coming into dearly getting over jetlag and having a little bit of that time to really see that destination before the tour begins as well. And lastly. Read your documents usually we'll get documents or some know before you go tips. And on the ice is really helpful to know those things yeah yeah I I would I would culpa wasn't didn't didn't read this I'd call them tour runs. It would be a combination of a Taurus and a moron that asked what time did the 9 o'clock tours start at it and I told an eight point five indeed down on a lot you know and and you know does it rain in the rain forest yes it does serve you know and dad bring your vile Q so the more that the more knowledge in the more. Crap that you have had a time. Again you're on travel consultants are going to have those documents are for you they're gonna TV that that enrichment before. The trip goes out. That makes it you know so much more complete. It really does and I think that tough are are our travel consultants hoping you know that uses a plan a trip and helping our members understand. Everything there is to do in you know palm travel as an adventure it should be exciting and it should be new experiences but. With a little bit of you know reading in knowledge and pre planning you enjoy it much much better I think that steps on. Really huge and took Tet tackle your point of a pre your post in December. I was on a trip from Budapest to lump. Munich and I regret so that I didn't going to Budapest a couple days so out sooner because there was so much that I wanted to see. I actually wanna go back now when it immediately interviewed except absolutely so it really does make. The difference and it's really well worth breaking away from. You know the job in the responsibility you're going on vacation truly enjoy it into your point heaven that's really important. Carpet DMC's today seizing opportunities. And we only have one life and it's our in our life it's that opportunity to be able to enjoy and see it and see the world see what's different what makes it unique and so lot. Now. Go could travel so really it a couple of minutes left Canada's army and sees some deals as well also can you tell us at what. Makes members tourist vacation stand out compared to some other companies offer tours and also we have some deals going right now that rang pictures. Yes so great Elizabeth one of the things that makes our product unique is that when you do your airfare. We have triple A member towards vacations is that within a fifty mile radius of 92 different gateways across the US so their fifty miles. From buffalo Rochester Syracuse Albany. And 92 other different destinations. What quicker snowbird in Florida we will queue up at your house. Bring you to the airport. And die you had to transfers include all those things. 62% of our trips have a choice on tour so for example when we talk about the Canadian Rockies earlier is that you had a choice of either doing. The glacier Skywalk which we know that you will not beat out or you'll have the opportunity of doing the half the basket glacier and the glacier to work so you have a choice of an extra cost. We don't do any online discounting that's huge because a lot of people site like and find a seat on the Internet I'm going to be my own travel agent. And down I know this is that the Internet is for look him but travel agents are for bookings. And so doesn't cost more to use a travel agent that's one thing that the big misnomer in the industry. On much better value it's a subject better value if somebody who actually knows he's places inside and out. Bomb we have to from products for different travelers so some of our tour is here for. The US as well as in in Europe are going to be small group trips so maximum sizes. You know average size eighteen passengers after 24. There's always going to be a member of Bannister and that's one thing is we value. You've been Tripoli member wanna give you a little bit there so the value the quality. It's it's it's all coupled into one great product OK and we do have some sales. Items right now going out. Absolutely. Elizabeth and thanks to our partners. With member choice vacations. April 9 through the 23. Tom we have up to 550 dollars per person on selected to itineraries which is. Really a great opportunity it depends on the length of the two were in the the destination but again our travel consultant Cirque. Ready to. Book those in and have put the right tour together enough as Kevin said many of the tourists are have additional member benefits as well. OK that's great so if you want anymore information something you're thinking about now set and a book stop into AAA. Brian and I will be right back out with more details. About the special offers and that promo code that still need thank you so much Kevin Ferguson business development manager and member choice occasions for joining us on Tripoli talking to at all. Fall in love what America and keep your camera ready. Every day on tour is new venture as you immerse yourself in the majesty of the American west come to know the legends of the past and shoot toward that fantastic national parts of America. Relish overnight stays in a lodge nestled in the heart of Yellowstone and did a national historic landmark inside the green can't. Marvel at the magnitude and color of cy young's sandstone cliffs drive through the incredible bighorn mountains in the great to national territory before seeing mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse mind. Complete your bench with a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park now we get even better book between April 9 and the 23 and you can take up to 250 dollars per person on any AAA member choice vacations and North America tour it's no surprise that travel in North America is one of Tripoli member choice vacations most popular destinations so space is sure to fill up fast reserve your spot today there's never been a better opportunity to finally take that trip of a lifetime. Visit your local AAA or call 18558626651. Or click triple A dot com. No matter where your vacation dreams take future -- experience travel agents have -- in training to help you get there they're dedicated travel team is here to look after your traveling needs for the personal tax and they travel the world themselves so they can recommend just which you need and just what you want for your trip relax and enjoy an affordable luxury vacation the confidence of -- a professional agent is there for you before during and after your trip when your perfect escape is taking an exotic cruise or exploring new cultures triple -- travel agents -- quickly -- -- trip to your personal interest from escorted tours of flexible independent travel if you can -- that they can make it happen where in the world do you wanna -- what will you experience with Tripoli you can explore the world with confidence trust and peace of -- call 18558626651. Click AAA dot com or visit your local Tripoli office today make your dream vacation a reality with triple -- travel. Welcome back to Tripoli talking travel here and ESPN fifteen to money. Brian are once again now I need to get that trip into the national parks and all of a sudden Spain and Italy are on my bucket list as well. I was gonna say Elizabeth your bucket list is overflowing here are certainly in its earliest. Landing in dissent man some of these trips up and at and this is Kevin pointed out earlier he said. We said populists he sent to do list I think it's so a win win either way when we got to get it done so I think we need to plan a vacation. Each person listening as well knows what their priorities are and what's and that may be long term bucket list but there are some that are considering something in you know. The national parks what a perfect time to golf because they're so much excitement over the anniversary last year. There are some great tour is available they really make it easy for you to go on C east tonight. And now's the perfect time to plan that for summer vacation the kids are going to be getting to school really soon and ten have. A trip out west to the national parks is so. So much easier and relaxing by doing it with an escorted vacation numb with member choice the hotels the transportation. Food all the sightseeing Gasol included so. You know you don't have one person driving one person reading a map and the kids in the backseat sang are we there yet so it's all taken care of very smooth and easy and we have. Experts and our branches that have experienced these trips and really will help. On our members discern what type the length of vacation they wanna take. And with gas prices on the rise and we know they're gonna keep going up with that summer blend of fuel for the summer we this is you know the price right now in your pocket and you won't have to worry about changing crisis you're trying to do it your own vehicle absolutely and. And availability is good enough bomb all of our two hours with member choice have special discounts and a member benefits as well so there's no better time than now. Now a plan that summer vacation outlast in the Canadian Rockies is mile. And when to check that out that to do less menus are thinking about or other people might put it as the first priority. Those Europe but destinations I mean that the beach in Spain just sounds incredible. Europe is so popular right now in. It's it to Kevin's point Spain. And in Italy that the Euro the economy. Such great value. And very easy to get to there's nonstop flights from from Toronto to to Italy to Spain to Portugal. Easy connection to her new York and with our location. And in New York State we have a lot of folks that choose to drive to two new Yorker Boston and fly out to make it hassle free. My cousin is actually and non working in the Vatican right now and I keep saying why am I not going to Italy while she is there I mean this could be. That pushed that I need to ask and you could. Probably stay Anaconda and I've had clients over the years that it. Had an opportunity to stay at a conference in Rome as well so while you're combinations would be sent I think got to do what they talk about experiencing the culture I think that would surely get literally it Alistair nationally yes yes. But that and a member choice vacations the great thing is that you know like you said you're not trying to navigate and find your way around people honest guided tour. He dikes and you have breakfast included but at lunch could be at your leisure and then I'll help you to decide what pleases you might wanna visit. Yes many meals included but what's nice to get some in your free time so you know you're saying all the highlights of the destination. You know your your person with sightseeing may have already pre arranged the tickets so you're not waiting in line. And it just makes it all very smooth it's so many conclusions and an options as well. You know some people may wanna go see one thing somebody else can see see another so it does leave that flexibility which is really great. And there is a promo code right now right at people consider him richer is absolutely. April 9 through the 23 we have program right now where people can save up to 550 dollars per person depending on the tour destination and length. All they need to do is mention promo code a a radio seventeen. And our travel consultants and any of our branches can now hooked them up with that discount. Many tourists as well with member choice and that's a great they offer com credits for some optional sightseeing as well. Just as being a tripling member invoking with a member choice vacations so. Again our travel consultant our branches are in our call center. It 8558626651. That they're experienced and and and ready to to make that family vacation memory come true. And one of the things haven't mentioned as far as like trying to focus on line you're looking at something online pictures look great and that's good but you have a question it's like. Com Tripoli you're gonna get the answer to that question immediately. Well you are and as I say yeah. We have folks that have been in the business so long may travel all over the world. That they know some of these very specific and you know depending on location or what senate destination they really can help pom. That the travelers are members really decide what's best for them. And and I understand that the good from the bad in the the batter from the past and that's that's. That's what we pride ourselves them. They can even tell you are about that balloon fest will finally been looking at. Well you know Albuquerque has a great balloon custom Audrey area not you know in the United States whether it's. New Mexico or they Canadian Rockies. Canada New England in the fall is so popular they have so many destinations with so many unique. Experiences and that's what's really. So exciting about top member choice vacations. With so many places to go and only decision as which clay should do visit first. I think the first apps to be AAA seeking contact a travel consultant about our. Would that they ask you or me absolutely and I'll be able to fit that. The budget the experiences. That time and all of those things and make it a great vacation experience and so it. I know you're populist is overflowing. We'll have to get chew up booked on some of these spent time. Absolutely and I'm definitely looking to get away and check out some of these places and ounce for people one last time except from a go to. The promo code is AA AA radio seventeen. And it's up to 550 dollars off. And escorted to to work through booking through April 23. Okay now is the time to book in April get that vacation plan and the best part about that is you've summoned him look forward to oath. So exciting makes every day and a little bit easier and yet to have to work knowing that vacationers coming grants rights. Thank you so much for joining us and AAA talking travel here and ESPN fifteenth when he. We'll see you next week. This has been talking travel presented by triple A travel and insurance centers across western. And central New York find out more about the many travel packages that Tripoli offers by calling 888. 3203060. Force stop at their offices in Williams bill tunnel Wanda in Orchard Park. Or online AAA dot com catch the podcast of this and other shows like clicking on the ESPN 1520 website. ESPN 1520 dot com. And join us again next Sunday at 7 AM and 10 PM for talking travel.