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Sunday, April 2nd

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We're talking travel it's the weekly one hour show devoted to be exciting leisure travel industry. Presented at 7 AM and 10 PM every Sunday by Tripoli travel and insurance centers across western and central New York. You're your show hosts Elisabeth Kerry and Bryan Murray. I'll tell you I do exist Zurich. Stir op today that's because I'm Elizabeth Carrey in studio here but my partner in crime Bryan Murray is enjoying the sun and the Sarah fear in Mexico right Brian. I am Elizabeth I'm delighted to be with you today. Hundreds of miles away that it's 83 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I'm looking out at the C with a nice breeze and up. Although I wish I was with human buffalo that's for sure. Yeah well we definitely missy we help you happening great vacation and a lot of people had down there for vacations they also tight things end like weddings and destination weddings and more. Well I'll tell you a little bit. The Mayan Riviera and Cancun is a wonderful spot for destination weddings there are. Weddings set up are in many of the resorts down here I'm staying at a small resorted to boutique resort. A cult zealotry. And they are eleventh consecutive year. Her in the triple A five diamond award it's just to boutique hotel that has about ninety rooms all the options you. And down its sick kinda just a lot of relaxation. And rest. Although I will say the other evening when we arrived there was based on that. Letting on the beach small destination wedding on the beach and without pay at a reception out on the here so it works really. Well and flawless and I don't stop and he's got a talked. Quite a bit today about destination Weddington and all the ins and outs but is the weather's been great in. Down here in Cancun are so many all inclusive resorts that. Are large and small and family friendly and adult only it there's really something for everybody. Right you mentioned a salaries or someone else might want a larger one with Al multiple different pools and a lot of different options there are some that you can't even walk around salaries are they're taking around on a tram cracked. The that they are either that large and a camera or switch our partner travel impressions represented. In fact I've locked down the beach the other day and not. Bruntlett resort is one of their properties as well. In there have to be hundreds of rooms multiple pools. Gains and bands and all kinds of things so and and then in between their small family. Resorts as well also there is something for everybody down here. And a lot of all inclusive deals as well. Absolutely and what's nice about the all inclusive you don't have to worry about. You know making reservations at different restaurants and you know asking the concierge what's at this particular resort that I met has tree restaurant. And someone might fail that's not very many. Option per week but they change the menu regularly. But in the larger ones there's probably seven or eight different restaurants some with different types to quit being so. It really. You know allows flexibility but. You know you're just. One with during an activity. This afternoon dumpsters there's some cooking lot in a mine cooking lesson so. It really does offer not a lot of activity. War. Should by the pool and the beach and read a book that well. So keep rubbing it Danny I'm holding down the floor for you here in year out live and up down the. I appreciated by I wish I was there when you put. But some epic come out and that check some of these resorts salt and you know. So many of our travel consultant at travel down to Mexico and seen and experienced all the offerings at the all inclusive house and they really can work with the brides and grooms and and families. To you know set up. All the details on the destination wedding and that there's wedding planners sounds like it will equip our travel consultants to make sure that. You know every T is crossed and I is dotted so it. We encourage. The listeners to sit just stop and popular travel consultant in relief. You know learn all the ins and outs of a setting up the destination wedding. Absolutely especially when you're up here in western and central New York where of course it's called the people dream of escaping to warm up and having a beautiful wedding. And it's really as a world the waving attack not setting up accommodations for. All of your visitors and everything so those out travel planners and now those experts and those coordinators are definitely in valuable. That that they are invaluable in you know there's certain criteria. Time in the country before you can actually get married and I don't stop you can talk a little bit about that but later in the program as well so lot yet all the details. Are certainly important and our travel consultant. Know all the ins and outs that's for sure. Excellent well Brian outside you had acted and for all I relax a little bit such your Marmol talked Dion a little bit we'll head over to Stephanie right now. Our error saying early. I'm now joined by Stephanie stayed there director of sales for national accounts for travel impressions and Stephanie thank you so much for joining us today you're welcome. Yeah we just heard from Brian who's kicking backing Cancun and while you and I are doing all the work here he actually saw a destination wedding at his resort and that's very popular these days. Yet folks we all know getting engaged it's one of the most memorable moment in our life. And you've got engaged in always been dreaming of the detonation of adding. But now Fred that your experience to play travel agent who helped plan the wedding of your tree. I have kept I have you know hyped up too well yet to get your listeners on things that they should be thinking about when planning an attack nation Latin. OK can't wait to hear. Right so we'll start with number one and the that's probably the most important. That we budget and eco conscious of those that you wish to attend your wet. It's everyone's budget different. The pit with a triple A travel agent determine a particular price point and find propelled that match your budget and specializes in weddings. And then the heat because not every resort specializes in weddings and we'll talk about them and them. Later on but there are resort but specifically cater to weddings and how wedding coordinators on site. And that's the type of resort where you want to about two to hold your wedding. There are some resort that will talk about that include base weddings that are complementary in the package. When you bought ten grams or more. And all your decoration your music all of that that would be additional so make sure that we talked about it well. And you know of any current promotions saying that our listeners can actually take advantage of now. Yes absolutely so. Here's travel impressions we only have a program lists a promotion. My preferred suppliers that do it specializes in wedding. One and being in the creek resort I think feature there adults only resort which is their Eldorado properties. They have current promotion when you book can't rent and more the bride and the groom will get a thousand dollar air credit used towards their airfare. I look at them and right now airfare out of your area is running about 488. Dollars per person to tech down. That thousand dollar credit would easily pay for the writing crew airfare. What a great DL because sometimes airfare could be you know one of the factors that might hinder you from taking extra. Absolutely yup. Absolutely but we also have the majestic resort and could comment Dominican Republic that they are offering one free gas for any time when he get decade. With the free wedding included and that their base package but this promotion and once majestic must be stopped by April 30. But again we have. Bunch of different promotions and on some of them are extended until the end of this year. I didn't sound like the majestic are very short term promotions that would get set and on April 30. The one to keep. I'd note of Elizabeth is that most of these promotions for destination wedding. It will require ten rooms are more so after you vote that sent her own that's an all the specials did the free weddings. Com the free cocktail party that's when that stuff we'll start to kick can't. 710 rooms is kind of bat and a factor that comes into play when you can get some better deals. And you had some more tips Morris is well you're trying to tip number yeah. Yes or number can't. Do it outside the box when it comes to the location. What about something your wedding at a private Villa. Annie about him at a private Villa vacations for the rich and payment. But holding a small ceremony with your closest friends and family at a private Villa can actually compare it not be more affordable than purchasing multiple rooms at a resort. How would that he can be costly hear the word Villa and you just think that can't be more economical than a resort landing right. Exactly and some of these the villains that we offer are simply. Gorgeous and breathtaking. And when you rent bill you if you're able to occupy all of the pageant and that's really key becomes much more affordable so let me give you an example. Isn't that and the Dominican Republic which is that that that absolutely breathtaking. And a company that eighteen people. And Iran 141263. Dollars per night. But think about that when you divide the 2263. Dollars per night. Bite the eighteen people at work that 225. Dollars per person per night. A very very affordable economical way different unique way. To have a that nation might. And what a great point you break it down like Betsy concealing you do that it's not that expensive after rot summing that has actually doable for a lot of people. You feel it is different and the ball old you know personally and privately owned. Them that can come equipped with its own personal back. The one and speaking about before features. Eight pageant ate half bathrooms I have three swimming pool. Have an outdoor peek at men billiard rooms fitness center. And it's basically your own private account pound to enjoy. Go to want to keep in mind that when I think of that as first of all. Don't meals are included. Now there are some Dylan that for example would work whether silicon cheers that they will stop the refrigerator for you upon arrival what are your favorite foods. You can also hire a private Shas. For you know all of the night Georgia Pacific night. But again the one key thing to remember most developed did not commit meal some meals are additional. And then anything over about you want to plants such as preparations. For the wedding. On the civil servants. All that stuff would be additional but again our silicon cheers expert. Cannot only qualify. You are members on what is the right that affect app but they can also add in all of those amenities for you. While that sounds absolutely fabulous I mean you're kind of living life of the rich and famous and a budget price. When you're considering act you know sharing deal with other people. That sounds like an incredible deal and someone other sister have forums. Three is how to ramp up time genie you need enough time for you your friends and family that they had destroyed occasion. Please note that the that's great for the Caribbean and Mexico police found April 15 to December 16 and that's a trap. So when you're starting to head towards. The Christmas holidays after December 15 the rates increased and stay that way until early April about what we call our peak season so that are going to be in the Arctic. So it pays to look at that calendar. And wouldn't it be nice if you could really test out the location beforehand but I don't and that is that even possible. It is actually Elizabeth you ten test drive your wedding now not all resort our president. Will speak about that you can literally tester at the location and really experience that. Some doors up for what we call at reunite today. During certain times of the year and what it was though that applicant mini trade show greeted touch taste and feel your wedding would be like. Once you determine vacation and the resort at your choice you'd then not electable wedding date and confirmed that the restart before. Any of the rhetorical hole of round. And that's key distinction because when you planing at destination wedding that's the most important point is you must conform your wedding day. Before any of the rhetorical start to hold fruit tree that's about really is that one. We eat at that impression on behalf of AAA. That automate the calendar. Where you're newly engaged couple can come in chapel I they can click on the calendar. At actually select their wedding date. And the hotel will respond with them very quickly that let them know that data is available. Now so it's right at their fingertips with that information. As Stephanie you know resorts Henri can actually going test drive the wedding experience where people can actually try that out if they wanted to. Yes well a chain that does that very very well is the charisma resorts. Offered newly engaged couples the opportunity by down during certain time period they call it the wedding dress rehearsal. And they usually do these letting trade shows two to three times a year. They don't widely advertised in Elizabeth the Dayton made are very severely discounted and I will tell you that the next trade show coming up. That the assailant or in June 4 and then I'll frequently hit 6994. TO. For the 390 that. That your accommodation yet. Could your combinations all meal drink and trade show activities. So that's about a 117. Dollars per person per day. And your lip or again if they're injured and that June 4 day to do the wedding dress rehearsal accurate. Contact AAA for June 4 and they'll go and get them all that. Well I wish I was engaged in not already married I think it would take advantage of the talent. You can go down. Under the guise of a newly engaged couple looking to that strike your wedding. I Al say we just the man who ran away together and hasn't think they're. So I think that the people come okay what is your next step. But the number five. Adding that separate savings account that you could contribute to it to each pay period to help out the necessary funds for the wedding. This unhealthy to keep the better handle on costs associated with the wedding. It is thought that the finance the parent of the bride and ground. Will be contributing to help with the car. And I know that AAA does have a honeymoon registry that you ward newly engaged couple can take advantage. Yes a lot of people take advantage of that especially. You know a lot of couples already have their household items that are toasters and microwaves and things like that. So they would like to have the money to go towards their wedding or their honey. Right exactly that Shipley can help them set up that registry. Yes so easy we definitely trying to make it easy on the members when there something like that it's that's becoming more and more popular and well known as well. More and weren't out yet. Number I think Korea is detonation that has a lot of activity freer GAAP. Please tell any optional latent or will be at an additional cost to Tripoli can work with your current shares that the book some of these at a time and we have. Upon that optional towards you constituent dependent on the destination of course. So there's that line aimed at ATP towards. You can do isn't that the catamaran. But he thought depend on what you are close friends and we want to experience. And it's also nice to preach that some of these toward. Maybe instead of doing a cocktail reception when they first. Land in the detonation maybe could get the sense that category now with a cocktail. Felt you know. Basically AAA will try to find out from your listeners whether their dreams what other agencies and that we look to China make back country. And we make it's so easy an ever and that's the most important thing to an end its individual as well like one family. Might wanna do zip lining wrap failing that's less adventurous might say in our not gonna hunt has that line that will take it a little bit easier with media tactic on the beach or something like that so there's definitely different options. Right if you're scared of heights he would necessarily against Monica declining and and much of filling break. Right confront them with that and just like you plan I have for the activities. You really need to planets have to make sure you take things into account as far as the time and things like that that's an accent frank. So I'm definitely planning your wedding activities be cognizant of the time change and take into account any flight delays. I'm glad you're against the day here to acclimate but for the fact that he would meet festivities kick off. Depending on your flight and the connections most travelers are a little bit leery on the right. That Britney at night at the plant and I evening cocktail hour followed by dinner to get the wedding festivities got off to a great start. And what his then newly engaged couple wants to set up like a welcome dinner and it and that can be pretty easy we can help them with that yeah. Yet so I'll let you sent can be coordinated directly without the talent in advance of the trapped. Not to resort to have a complaint wedding coordinator that Milwaukee to every step of planning process. They are there I think that the make your dreams come true. So many resorts nowadays also have beautiful web site dedicated to the planning process. Watch wedding date is preserved as we said before that step number one mr. reserve your wedding date and your rooms are booked the triple I. You can then begin to plan now that the corps that design with your wedding planner that resides on site at the resort. They provide web site with all different color combinations and the to help you determine the look and feel of Iraq. And they make it so easy that's what the best Arafat it is I mean you know McIntyre at math the wedding theme and everything and tying that into it. I'm really at its individualized service that sounds like. Any event and you know they do you have that wedding color combinations and dean. But generally with these resorts you can really mix and match. Until whatever your heart desires so. Again making it very easy once your rooms are booked the AAA you can jump on their wedding web site. And look through all of that the course design. Now obviously anything over that like let's say for example you'd take advantage of the promotion where you get the free. A wedding package which is the basic package. You know a lot of the the upgrade in that the core is that it additional cost. But again the resort make it's so easy for you you make your selections on the line and then just email your wedding coordinator to Iraq and they'll take care of everything. And speaking way I have a couple of minutes left in the segment to speaking of making it easy out everyone they'd make it easier on the families as well and that's one intercepts. So number eight is solidifying against let and do not count on crack at CNET every when you invite will attend. They have to figure out will be an adult only. The children be out if you're allowing children to come consider the as dual resort for the generations resort in Mexico. They look by the same league with everything maybe for babies and young children. So for example they stop bottle warmer than they have packed and planes. They have stroller. Thing you know young families com especially when you have babies. There's a lot of things that you need to consider. Ali I go on bottled at a solid answer airports before and to be able to leave at a home makes it a lot easier. Outlets here to number nine before re ran out of time in the segment attacked about this is a must have for number nine cent. Yes absolutely so when planning a detonation wedding can't emphasize enough you must have a wedding planner. So once the Tripoli travel agent confirms your wedding date book the ground you look that worked directly with the on site wedding planner to book your fantasy wedding. And the great hearted because you're booking and international wedding so not only do you have your wedding coordinator. But you look at the port of Tripoli travel agent and then also the company behind you being travel impressions. Cadets that you have any questions or concerns. You know you have three different resource to work with. To plan your wedding and again when you're working international it's always good to have a wedding planner because they can. You know dot the I's and cross the keys when it comes to electing. Great advice and I wedding to number ten was actually create a wedding web sites so. We can hear more about that and had to Costa Rica. Coming up right after these messages and AAA talking travel or so thrilled to be joined by Stephanie say there from travel impressions and we'll join you right after these messages. Welcome back I'm Elizabeth Perry joined by Stephanie say their director of sales national accounts. At travel impressions Stephanie gave ten great tips for a destination weddings and our last segment. And it. And not people are probably wondering if there are a lot of requirements that. They need to think about before they consider destination. Yeah well. You I'll hit you need them quick example school app review Mexico and Jamaica so for web ceremonies that are gonna take place in Mexico. You're other requirements. The bride groom must arrive in Mexico about three business days prior to that ceremony so a legal ceremony our what they called double ceremony. Is available seven days a week in Mexico except for the Mexican holiday at. And again the wedding coordinator will be able to work with you make sure that you don't book on any one of these holidays. The civil ceremonies that are performed in Mexico are legal but you do need. A US court to legal recognized this ceremony held. Once you've done your ceremony you do need to register your marriage certificate at City Hall so that's an important thing to know. Absolutely yes you know that you have to do that I had time is great advice. Yes absolutely that figure that the little bit different so for Jamaica but the bride and groom must present their original birth certificate along with the ballot passport. The bride and groom not to drive and should make at least three different states prior to the intended date of marriage. And blood tests are not required but there it than necessary paperwork which must be received by the way designer. At least 45 days prior to departure. Each detonation will have their specific but again with the help of triple play. And at the wedding coordinator and they will achieve now everything that is needed. Wait before it's jail so they'll guide you throughout and that's that the requirements for the certification. I know those are some of the questions people have line and is it going to be eloquently on around and we have this wedding and it's not so by using an ax for advice from. The travel agent in the triple A travel experts then people now at what they're doing is planned ahead of time and they're going to and a legal merits. You've really seen the number of destination weddings client recently. Yet in fact I will tell you within our group department that's probably our number one. This is defamation weddings. So you know our. Agency conjecture which AAA have been doing men. For many many years and they know the hoteliers to go to you on so rest assured your listeners can feel very secure and safe. Went reaching out to Tripoli to put these type of vacation. Outs I had been married a lot of times Stephanie that if I had to do it again I would definitely do a destination wedding and then do a smaller parity at home for a little larger group afterwards. Well lit that we counted Hillary now. Well. Great aunt had sought after him. We should get my husband on the line NC he thinks about that. I think that would be a great idea and that that renewal of vows you've seen more and more on that I'm hearing about more people doing renewals to. Well absolutely yet we do that as well so. You know he gave the weddings and that we have. You know people that would do even five year ten year renewal we'll go back and usually that's what we call it spiritual ceremony. And a lot of them prefer to get married on the beach. You know with the it. The stand between nick and the waves crashing. So it can't it's not really just for. Your initial marriage you can think about for renewal of well and even you know anniversaries of slap. I can to Seaman has been Stacey what do I have to do now I that we are through all this kind of tonight's little girls they make perfect flower girls are gonna have me sold honestly no idea prisoner and and you see it by nature exactly and take another check married now than. Well we heard about the popular destinations like Mexico and you mentioned Jimmy can't coast Rica is really putting itself on the map as a top destiny's. Yeah it will go to Rica is a great two destinations for a destination weddings especially at those. That are very adventurous. You know like to get out about. With. You know there's a lot of beauty can be had access to recap. I question there in November so it's just outside of there rainy season. But what I like to say it Khatami as a natural country with no artificial ingredients so. And that that before you can do that like Whitewater rafting. Speed belly or things declining. Adventure around every corner. And oh what type of traveler you think is ideal for Costa Rica. Is it just those events I believe. I believe any one really that I mean from sampling it to coupled. Our country has an excellent adventures with all boat people will go out there for those experiences. It's not just about that I mean they have beautiful beaches. That people are so friendly and very welcoming and there's no language barriers so. You know for those that might be concerned about a link which area there's none to be had. On they all speak very fluent English and a lot of times you'll find from New York transfer about from the airport to the resort. They'll be your own little mini tour guide and the Philly UN non you know what to see what to do while history. And what are some of the vacation experiences. That Costa Rica is known for. Well if you going to put eureka I would really recommend that they at least 697 day. They can really experienced on the country offers so the capital of San Jose which offer it. Numerous tours attraction there are many news began to Wear and collections at the difficult work can be admired. I very near and that they have several national park. We can taken all the beauty and it's not a comment that he littered flop and Monty. You could take a panic yet. Yeah I I actually. When we were ATP and I got a flock and the rainforest so. Yes. You're not. And that ventured deep in the declining. You could do a canopy tore through the rain forest on ethic that I did the ATP tour and anyone like adventure I would highly highly recognized that. We took a port to the rainforest and let me tell you that I got extremely muddy. Why I we were going to restrain that we were going uphill. You have. An opportunity toward the end of the trips to. You know put a little speed on and just. The countryside is just beautiful and when you take BH TV towards you're gonna be a part of the country. That you normally do not see so you see that Baxter roads. Easily the farm houses. I mean really just breathtaking so anyone that wants to do a memorable experience I would highly recommend match. And to be able to see that jungle up close and personal when you arena he had me at the monkeys and that's it's really cool to be out there nature. You mentioned being covered with mod I would imagine there are beautiful beaches say jump in the ocean an hour rinse. Yes absolutely they get these really get about the vote. World felt. Depending where you resort is located in Costa Rica. You might have a black and beach because the volcanic activity or a white sand beach when I was there in November I stated topic I know. Which have they've black man volcanic each of the resorted state app was secret topic I'll and it's about twenty minutes from the airport. And it that they in the field of Costa Rica so you have breathtaking views. There is a complimentary resort trolley that will take you from the main areas of the majority owned private room. Perched on the hill with a perfect view and the reason I say it is because the landscape of Costa Rica. Where this resort located on it it definitely. But. It accent is very easy like I said they have each rally that will come around. And you know you'll be here around and met and really that use that from your round purse a topic now. Are not to be to be on settle your located in the tropics but you have all of the amenities of a five or lecturing resort. Secret has rain showers they have. You know out of five star amenities that you would expect. But they'll set in the natural surroundings and one of the unique things that. Each of these what I like to call bungalows at secret of their own balcony where you can bet and enjoy a cocktail and watch the sun goes down so. Really great angle caution. Secret is that they'll only so it's not family friendly but it you have a listeners that are looking for adults only adventure it. Slash relaxing vacation I would rank highly recommends secret topic I. And what are their restaurants like. Well they have we like our restaurant they have. And meet there which is they can't Asian cuisine. They have poured you know which is Italian restaurant and then nailed that he'd like grow which features only the pressure the food. Now for breakfast and I would say a quick lunch. You can go to market cafe which is typically but they serve it and then they have what we call a local cafe which is their version of Starbucks where you get caught say a lot today they make the beans and they also only have on this week that ice cream available. Now too bad you can't bring the kids they tie into the case consider a Clinton and. And they also have a 24 hour room service to what's the secret backs. Well yeah that this is really cool and I you know I've traveled a lot and I haven't seen any resort that has what we call the secret box so. It that they do that 24 hour room service so they. You get up in the Courtney and you'd just wanna actually about the need to happen pop the and coat and even just enjoyed it you. But not really ready for the day haven't showered you can crawl down or they actually have iPad in the room where you can order I your service. And then begin with let me bring up they lie your meal into this will be called secret box which is located right next to the front of the war. They will knock on the door a couple of times suggesting room service and then they disappear. They don't have to open the door. You get literally secret box open that door and there's your coffee. And your breakfast ready to take out on the balcony. You know in private so. That's one of the great things that they are. So it's an intimate setting wary adults would relax and you know they took him there right at times. They do weddings right. Yet again and again I think that they are adult only. And I would think secret a but I it's beautiful it's very Internet and it is very moving a lot of room. Because the waiters situated at field very. The Kiki. So again adults only but if that's the type of wedding that you're planning where there's not going to be any children. Invited I would highly recommend Africa nation wedding. So when I do my vowel renewal with my children present and it do you have any resorts Europe recommend for immediate family Lance Thai beach vacation into Costa Rica. Absolutely so when planning a family vacation they have to there's something that you really need to consider so. That's a resort will guarantee he connecting rooms so that's important for a larger sampling. You're looking for amenities wit for programs for the kids. You want EDT or accept when he had children and safety at all that the concerns so. The resort that I would highly recommend for a family vacation is Arnold spring. I think it's a great chili is home to the natural springs the natural Hot Springs. And that is offered large room. They are that they that payment for the Hot Springs they have a family site swimming pool name the spacious property with fantastic volcano views. And and that's a smaller resort to it. That on right with them but if you tell me 87 rooms. Yet so there's about 87 program that would as a smaller boutique. Resort. Each different ethnic comedy to find people and again each Graham has been meeting Buick volcano. The door prides itself on offering only a fraction of that available. They have their own thank vegetable garden and their main restaurant is called I can eat which means river or prank. And that restaurant is an open air restaurant you can indulgence and Costa Rican favorite like. Fight on time or out partying and thought which is shredded beef on the resort features. Some of that support that you would wanna take because it is situated right at the base of the volcano they do operate one hour volcano height which takes you into the rainforest. And then you can observe solidified lava flows and grabbed it from one of the most accurate time period which is act in 1968. Or you can choose to kayak on the and you'll have the opportunity to spot I think that monkey at slot. Also like the brightly colored tropical bird. While what an incredible experience for the whole family I can just imagine my children and a lot to do something like that it sounds like. It would be a great vacation for those who really want to be part of nature. Yeah yeah absolutely I would agree that when you go on vacation country get it. One of it letting go of modern convenience and I mean you know constantly checking your cellphone. But really experiencing nature now I will say death so. You know that you put down your sound you're enjoying the nature. All of the resort do you have Wi-Fi. So when hearing your ground that when you're indeed the public areas he will have access to Wi-Fi it's just that you know you're there to enjoy yourself collect talent to relax. So most people and that just putting their cellphone. In the security background. On it just enjoying outlet that support that there are talks are. Now you mentioned that that the black sand beaches what a son wants to sign a perfect white sand beach can you finance and Costa Rican. Yet at that they have batted well. And so you're looking for the perfect white sand beach you'd look to the western gulf and spa resort and I can child and what a cop. This resort and one of the bad call with the program what doesn't normally do all it says it's usually. You don't know Biel worried that restaurant. On the net additional cost. But they do you have an all inclusive in Costa Rica. They have eight restaurants to choose from they do offer at the club so great for families. Nightly entertainment for the whole family and a huge. And of course I'm sure they have workout facilities in mar if you wanna Palestinian state play in your outside non vacation. They do they do at that that you can't indulge but they do have went to work out facilities they have they went into the club they have a championship golf course. They have to and it beautiful garden so and did. What you think you know at the resort is located about 45 minutes from the Liberia international airport and I think that before. Leaked planning ethnic night at least the excitement saying coaster week because. Depending on your day what resort Iraq. You know what could take an hour two hours. To get to some of the national parks until it's really good to comment and that that would give Tripoli travel agent. And really think about what many activities you wanna be doing in Costa Rica because then you're Tripoli travel agent and find the bathroom door based on the Hosni. Brighton and they have banned there again and again so the only held firm pursing an experienced what they're like. And at this as other need to know information. You can save some money if you booklet Tripoli as well. Oh absolutely so chat impressions which at the provider for chip away. We have a comment about it at that shortly offers up to their members. So you know you get things like fifteen dollars property optional they eat pork but you can only get these discount if you RE Tripoli amber. So it's important to become a member even by by. I basic membership and will probably pay for the travel discounts he would travel discounts to probably pay you for your membership. Absolutely Nellie great to rom and car. The ads of basic membership if you wanna pay month by month it's about can break down about five dollars a month Sally you definitely get your money back in all the different savings. Absolutely the one thing I will pale listeners that they are traveling to Costa Rica. Make sure your passport is up to date and don't forget to bring your sunscreen and your butt strike now what I did there. In November. I don't really have much of a problem with mosquitoes they didn't seem to like me or hate it didn't effect me. I didn't bring the bug spray and I only put specifically at night is when. He does sometimes people would would get bites but. If you bring your onscreen because you know I don't want to get our and then also the bug spray is good for the mosquitoes in the evening. And it what about experiencing the true culture of Costa Rica Kenya actually when your ad may be an all inclusive. Get that first an experience of that the local dishes. Yeah absolutely. And it did you know although the deal with that do you half with some of the local dishes. You can. Go out about on the tour that if you're taking it toward the capital and today the great the capital local restaurant. And to participate in some of the local dishes they have like. They have a wrote come play they have got to con ain't so there's all different specialties that you should get off the beaten path and explore. And if we won our coast Rica like how long would you say they ever its flight time is like from the buffalo or Syracuse area. People coming from buffalo or executives at that hour flight time. And the that I seen lately for coaster week on American Airlines about 544 per person that. Of course Italy depends on the date you're traveling and that rate can change depending on your travel day. Anne and Mary's or rainy season right set to see people trying to avoid that. There and shipment but there early but it's it's good to note so the rate team and took that to make it may to October. October is typically. Has the most rain and it did what they call their greens fees and but it that it shouldn't detract Q but what I would recommend. Is. Priest a light rain total. And generally what they say it but I'm usually out in the morning. And then followed by afternoon showers. During the rainy season now at during a raid these things as well at 988 and get a little pool about down fifty degrees. With a lead good if you're gonna travel may through October to bring a light splatter. Orally Shaq get for the cool evening. And you were saying look when you're out of Al. We get of course the experts to give us advice that you're saying never hesitates attached here resort staff for me to the airport driver as well to get the inside scoop on different. Opportunities. Absolutely epic that before they all speak very fluent English and they're very welcoming very friendly they're excited to talk about their country so. He don't give any questions. On your transfer right to the resort. I don't hesitate to ask if they will be glad to. Things that you should beat and that also applies to the copiers that kept the resort as well. And some other tips and we talked about the Wi-Fi it is readily available though. You know not to fear for the times when you do want to jump on FaceBook and you know course on email you are able to do that the other that I wanna give you is not every town has an ATM machines. So many think is do you have panic especially if that is where tourist go like. For the national park and what not but if you take it or just make sure that you have. The necessary cash or amenities that you need on you because began may not always be available on the places that you're going to that they. Another tip Elizabeth. Is that tap water is safe to drink and that that toward that nation and could wreak and that's certainly have the resorts at saint. I would say though if you want to do. Feel more secure the update site maybe pack a water bottle with you that have that filter on it. Anderson taped so that if you are gonna glad that the war on that you could be on the rainforest and make you wanna stay hydrated. That you bring that bottle with you with the help. What great tips an excellent advice Stephanie I mean today you told us Al about these destination weddings detective Ron Mexico Jamaica. I mean a trip to Costa Rica sounds like it's definitely going on my bucket lists like a great place to visit. I will Elizabeth in relation any addict that I've been traveling for 23 years at all of that nation that and to. Could you read it is one of my favorite of the people. The adventure. Eatery. The accommodations it was just beautiful like I said you want an adventurous. Vacation and that it's right up your Alley. If you want to relax and just enjoy the beautiful beaches and take it to pouring go into the capital you can do that as well there's something for everyone in Costa Rica. Okay and I guess he said the same period beat us as at all. Yes that is that day in the which means that translates to purify it. But basically when you hear of these picture of the anchor to make that means everything it can't aspect and their phrases letting the purity. I'm looking forward to living appearance vita. Japanese say they're thank you so much for joining us she's the director of sales national accounts travel impressions. Some great ideas and rates sincere all you need to do is topping your local triple layer of Tripoli college code AAA dot com. And some mentally ready and waiting for you to book these dream vacations. Or that destination wedding welcome back to Tripoli talking travel. I'm Elizabeth Carrey in Western New York unfortunately. Because my radio partner here Bryan Murray director of travel for AAA western and central New York. Is in can't clone of all warm places. Well the weather's been great town here Elisabeth then not. Unfortunately in my weakened zealotry in the Mayan Riviera is not coming to a screeching halt I'm headed back to buffalo tomorrow night I hope the weather is not a little bit better than it was when I laughs. Well thank you for taking the time to join us while you're on vacation. Have you seen actual destination weddings taking place down there. Yes absolutely their destination. Weddings that. Happened during the week summer actually it's on rice summer in the evening and you know. Destination weddings have become so popular and now it's it's really great to see what happens first handers out. While a lot to it but all a lot of fun help on not on site with wedding coordinators and so forth so they virtually take care of everything in conjunction with the travel consultants that. We have in our branches to. You know. Book them. I've seen different destination weddings when I'm on vacation and I think county on of course it's attic he said very very popular. What a lot of people don't know is that triple major source. To provide such services so it's easier and you from the bridal registry and more. Well absolutely and our travel consultants many of them have been to a lot of these destinations they've also worked with wedding coordinators have different resorts so. You know pop what we we facilitate the initial. You know booking now that we work with fellow wedding coordinator and make sure that you know everything that's required for. Licenses and weddings all. You know taken care of we arranged. You know that the cake in. You know just anything they want summer big summer small I've seen not just a bride and groom on the beach with the witness. And I seem. Families of of forty or fifty so. You know it's not a one size fits solemn there's something for everybody so. Our travel consultants are there to facilitate this Tom we AAA also have a bridal registry. Program where. Top brides and grooms can register. Four contributions towards their honeymoon. We prints up cards we take care of that their cards specifically. For the wedding the wedding date it has all the details and we have to I guess a command. And they will contribute to two two that destination wedding or the honeymoon as well. That's nice for couples that Arnie have their household items they wouldn't have a traditional shower don't need those households gift items like the toast or the white raven that sort of thing. You can actually give them against it's different and just giving cancer actually providing an experience for them by investing in their honeymoon at their destination planning. Absolutely and we found that so many people have all of those kind of things these days that shot. You know you don't need another toaster is your senator and I earner who wants pots and pans for a shower innovative. So it works out really well in it isn't cash it's not that impersonal in if it works out. I have to tell yeah we have twelve branches throughout our footprint in buffalo Rochester and Syracuse and week. Constantly have on active bridal Reggie she's going on so it really is a great opportunity. Say your first step would be no setting at that bridal registry troop AAA then working with the travel consultant deciding what's best for you oh. And a lot of people might not realize lessons he's destination weddings are actually cheaper than a traditional lighting. Yes very much so in. Again most people that that they guest provide their own you know we we've booked a group but they're paying for their own transportation down there and their accommodations fit. It is much less expensive than. You know traditional full full blown wedding reception and com you know what we we have a lot of people that are looking for that alternative absolutely. I know a lot of people that have had a destination wedding and then they concealment of party back home but media at the wedding scale may be a smaller parties like backyard barbecue or pig roasts and that sort of things they kind of getting the best of both worlds. You can still have that larger celebration. But still make it cost effective and take a vacation at the scene. And it's funny many of the brides and grooms said that come in for that always say you know there's a small group of us going down but we're gonna have a party back in buffalo or wherever out once we get back for all the guests that may be weren't able to travelers didn't have the time to travel south. Com it makes it really easy we have honeymoon specialists and all our branches and we actually have a promotion where. Booking honeymoon with us brides and grooms received. 33 piece of luggage. Which is wonderful. Wonderful Lum. Value add. That's something that you need when you take more and more vacations as a married couple. And multi generational travel also very popular around with a lot of those villain offerings and. Ask for Stephanie I know we talked a little bit about today about villas Phyllis are really popular. You know if two or three couples go on vacation rather than getting individual hotel rooms. What's become real popular is is running a Villa 34 bedroom villas we have specialists that know the ins and outs of that. Can even higher your own cook cents a two provides your meals at the bill as well. Or it's great for rock you know an extended family multi generational. You know cramming grapple wanna take up their kids and grandkids somewhere so. That has become real popular as well great opportunities. And I'm doesn't have your own little private full Horry who go to the fateful raid at the resort is. Absolutely yeah it works out really well and not om it's just it is it's a different experience that. Many times. More value not as expensive as you know all those individual rooms and a at a resort. And so he'll actually get pampered at two of Leo feel like it's your own little house earlier on the McKenna absolutely outs without an awful lot of work that's right now nothing like taking great vacation of course you're experiencing Matt. First hands. Down in Mexico. Well as I say the weather's been terrific so while I am. I'm headed back to work tomorrow but south it's been a great experience and now I'm really glad that I was able to participate in this week's show. Well before you come back and show off your chance can you give us the number for people to call they'd be interested in the bridal registry maybe booking honeymoon or that destination wedding. Absolutely the number is 8558626651. They can call or stop into any of our conveniently located branches and not. Our travel a lot experts are honeymoon now specialists that we have will be happy to set up their honeymoon destination weddings. Thank you so much Brian for calling in and get back to the pool in your my tire whatever might be waiting wary of this waiting now Elizabeth I'll see you next week. Okay will be here act AAA talking travel EST and fifteenth. This has been talking travel presented by triple A travel and insurance centers across western. And central New York find out more about the many travel packages that Tripoli offers by calling 888. 320 3060. Course stop at their offices and Williams bill tunnel wanting in Orchard Park. Or online AAA dot com catch that pod cast of this and other shows like clicking on the ESPN 1520 website. ESPN's 1520 dot com. And join us again next Sunday at 7 AM and 10 PM for talking travel.