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Sunday, May 7th

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We're talking travel it's the weekly one hour show devoted to be exciting leisure travel industry. Presented at 7 AM and 10 PM every Sunday by triple A travel and insurance centers across western and central New York. You're your show hosts Elisabeth carries and Bryan Murray. Another addition of AAA talking travel and Brian today we're talking about something that is growing in popularity and that is river cruising. I tell you Elizabeth river cruising has become so popular and it really is just and a great way to CC Europe in just all parts the world under a nice relaxing way to see it enough. Our partners it viking cruises so number one partner with us so we're very happy. You know recent trip lace our survey showed that people of all ages would consider river Cruz and a lot of times some people do aligning river careers are more apt to take another run that means a lot of repeat business for vikings cruisers so we welcome Donna nightingale. Director of business development with viking cruise is here to Tripoli talking travel hi Donna. Hi Eric thank you thank you so much for joining us Salam. All probably what it would be the main reason that people would want to take you river Cruz and what does it entail. I think that the couple leaders I want I think that we get so focused on the destination and I think you know it. A lot I get that the act trapped. So it's a different trip but also I think. It's really easy you know ill person if you get a bus tour you know you not attacking it attacking every day that I need a way to travel. It's luxurious and I think. People want to just wake up in the in this play everyday and other reason is weak local places. You know big make a question came gunship. So all along rivers we can pull these beautiful cities or little towns and these places you can't get to a machine drove or get a bus tour. So that they eat your way to do it some more relaxing trip. And it's definitely focus on the destination. When he talked about getting into different locations that big cruise ships can't get in do that's one of the big differences right so for people who don't know the ship. For river Cruz is much different than what they might picture with site action traditional Christian. Right so for like a big ship and cold 5000 people are there about whatever. But we told about the average about it and fifty people on the ship. We only have three dec. And so we can pull it to places that you know obviously is one of those big mega Christians can't. Can't get to vote tonight sir it's our menu. A little bit worried that you really gets you know the people on the ship because it's only about a 150 yourself people. And it with them all week so it's and I and I feel it travel and do wonderful people. And and you mix with the crew was well too which is really nice I think that. You know that that the boat gets a great rate incidents it to the center of the action and but you know in the evening in an and so forth. The ratio of crew. Two gases is is very small and I have to tell you the service is just you know. Unbeatable it really is and into Donna's point you know. Come with motor coach tumors and so forth here. You know packing and unpacking for you know two nights here are three nights here one night there. A bomb in and river cruising is just so relaxing in you really see so much more on an order watching mode. So what's included in the river Tristan were sacked Matt you know work. In getting involved with the crew and and what we're seeing in the type of the ship so is this an all inclusive type. Opportunity. Pretty much how we include of course you know accommodations and meals on board. And our response to an early right at breakfast snacks that. Bottled water is included. Wine beer soft drink frequently mentioned dinner at somebody was like and alcoholic. So whatever we can have a bar that you get that unknown. That we include the beer wine is opting for lunch and dinner we also includes the shore excursions in each port. And you wake up in the morning you know you have your breakfast and it four. And and you might have since week after the tour so it and I. He's elated he destination. Cities or little now. And I'm sick at all inclusive as possible that makes sense. Sir and with the food as well you have a what you call a lot taste of a vents right so here really I'm introducing and chairing the food of the areas in the regions that your in. Right they like it they like include some food and why Nancy or beer from an area because that is part of the culture. And that we really feel like without aura about it. The food. It's the destination a culture urban area. So we really want to include all of that and make sure that people are getting. You know really it's a big taste of the area. But it was part of it I think is important because you don't wanna go there and just eat American food. What you do like eat food that you're comfortable it's also so it's kind of like we have the balance of a little bit. You can do about it pretty easy and we always have a heartening news chicken steaks and chicken and steak salmon and he's without available. And then we believe half of this is that it and you of course we always have you know. If fortified entree and we really do try to applicant country from the area. So like Danish consulate something like that so we want to make it that you have something from the area and you know aren't ships are all Europeans so. It's being made by the European staff. You know hopefully it exactly what you would expect to be in that well in that location. And with dining as well you have Tom what's your column open seating which allows you to. Dine with Tom. You know maybe new friends that should meet or with Mitt meet new ones as well so it really relaxing way to come and enjoy your meals. And and and I believe that I have I don't think that the bigger table the typical sights and but that way it only somebody insisting he won it. Talked to me that so I enjoy that but Elop well you know by the second third day you know everyone. That you can kind of maybe make some friends that that one as it was it was so. You can do it heavy lie and it's just it's open seedings is it he you can sit with new people every night. But I lined up I find me at white city with different people breakfast lunch and then dinner in any sort of make friends of a lot of it was them out to a different. So we are not hot about the different meals and things like that on board what about the itineraries I know we hear a lot about European river Cruz is is that one of the most popular ones of people would choose from. I think so I think that a lot of people like to. They they think about fear the rise of the Danube RU. Two of the most popular areas. We all have a lot. France so you Normandy in southern experience in board I just came back from forgo if you are wider for the person that's supposed to go. And then we have are not in the Netherlands Belgium and then. So that's a European area and we have the elk river we have Portugal but and then we have other areas you know Russia China Vietnam. Egypt we have though there is due back in Europe I think most people think about for the line and the seniors and those are most popular. You mentioned airport out trips I am serving just came out for triple A saying that app culinary travelers on the rise and a lot of people. Really planning their vacations around culinary destination. I tasting the winds in the region like you mentioned so that would be a perfect example of people you don't really trying to make it. It would like me every day and then we had dinner and it shifts it one night which was. Spectacular. Ankle looked that didn't hear it but that was just a so events and then it all that goes once cat L after another and they're just so well. And as you drive to the countryside. It's all vineyard. So it's Europe political lines person I would say back to greatly to go one because that's the sort of funds try them all. And you mentioned when you drive to the vineyard so the river Cruz vols up to deport people get off and and you take them on different destinations the start of that itinerary and it must. Outlying areas there's something one day we did. We have as an optional tours but do it chewed cognac. And we went to IE distillery called taboo and we made our own Kanye. And you get to bring your whole bottle of Colonia. I'm clinical hands on experience with the souvenir to take home theater. I read it right now that the best sharks are in Africa. And the public's mind because you come home with a bottle of cognac that. And actually like Lordi York Kate soak up all these. Ingredient that you can put an end and you put it like if you wanted to be there or maybe a little bit harder and I hear whatever. You appreciate what you wanted so I like it really lose so my contact is really good I don't. Yeah these are winner there and I hit it appears to you and Ana and of course the north and yeah. And and and what's great about viking is you know that that there is a short excursions that you have and each port. Is well included in your finger so. That they're there. Included lies with deadly offered few option of young adult. You know something that not everybody lives because not everybody cares about cognac and frankly I didn't until I went now like sort of like it but I'm. You know ABA. An optional excursions shoot eighty factory. Which my husband didn't it's fascinating and Ed. Another one bit and in our line you me it seems like that you know that would not killed every widely they want your own free time. So we octagon just for those people might want. To get off just opposite war. And I see the viking has found the signature working world local life privileged access with their shore excursions let's I don't. Now we really want to opera awards and yet you know towards that fifty euros and all that which is. Beautiful and wonderful as it is a lot out for a little bit more so that maybe you get equipped more into the local light of the area. Out so some things that we might do we take you into the gingerbread actually like the original gingerbread factory something like that or are. What I thought was we really need why are we going to people's house then. So I could get back from China and the and we were and it somebody's house. It Beijing in the top area which is like Lou village area of the Beijing's. And you know ambulances small little one group out. And I essentially the app convention hour down the street which would not work. Her about it and I'm. About Atlanta LA ST ask where's CA you know how things act here in the states senate to go down the street he's the man. It's so weird and then like another like. Seven China went that your great line of the day here in school. And I sponsor's old soul on China Vietnam Bratislava few areas like that we going to school. And and that the site to look through the teacher with a microphone is on these little kids. And it was fascinating. To me to eat out how else would I ever have gone into Chinese school. So we try to give a little look into the local life and what their world is light. And then we also go into the working world the working world that they. Again Mercedes factory to BMW factory gingerbread factory battery life is he. How they work and I liked it liked like on that side. And then privileged access is things that you can get anywhere so. And one of my very favorite is in Prague we have. At. Palaces cause luckily Alice. And the prince they're allowed this to commit that we do chamber music luncheon. And what else could it be an outstanding achievement is the luncheon was about it the issue about maybe thirty people but luckily it beautiful. So we really want to offer more and they you can pick and choose which in those our interest and a I just he opposes special. Yeah very interesting obviously giving you a real taste of the culture in different areas should now. Right right and I mean decreed that a bit house or at school I just like I went. So I backed out that was so special. You know. It would be great lobby next year and it in the school psychic it's really really need to happen goes on experiences. An ams so when your store at the scar on the Georgia on the excursion she returned to the ship. Onion dinner and then either evening activities. Yes they that it came onboard is that it's not Blue Man Group but it's not. And it's an instrument that support. Summit itself and it's and it that we have and so that the and it came out where import all night sometimes reports from midnight or overnight. We would not have entertainment those night so. We would have we have piano player and singer. We wouldn't have a special show those right because nobody there but we do have a campaign figured suggesting anybody wanna stay back and relax. So there are opportunities. You know to go out in a ballot in explorer is now part of it scares. Exactly ever tell a lot I could hear it maybe answered it overnight everybody's got the ship nobody did stick around their on court you know enjoying it. Or here in Cologne Germany. We do upper really fun optional stationed there which is a I call the pub crawl. Because it is basic for undetected beer you should try them all apparently. Paid a college include dinner. Sell a lot of people would do that. But then other people at the Spanish ship and just at dinner on the ship relax and let into the music so it's a very nice night there should. So I'm picturing the pub crawl on the public crawling back to the ship after they taste 400 meters high right and a he. And then anything can. Get motion sickness. How did you witness he and I with the tour guide is calling you all about it in the process in the blue. Food and I guess if they really fun time. Do people's tend to get motion sickness when they get on the set I'm picturing the taste of the beer and then the seeing her back a. If you really. Iowa is that so people you get seasick we cruise line because you're on a river it really delayed it just kind of you know very area you're leaving your moving most of the time. So if people get it that detonation really sell. Like you know Larsson served so loose spelling and I'd nobody. Acts agreed to hear an am liking it that it. Yeah you really don't know you're moving we we we had left port in night and even realize that we were you know halfway down the river if you're not. Outlook and outer paying attention is varies moon just like class which is really. You know great for those people as systems. Senator tech not going down the river what is it like to see the sights along you know from that vantage point from being right on the water. Well. So what happens is we're in port everyday and all of the time there all day sometimes does tonight. Occasionally we do half day because sometimes you really need to see absence scenic cruising. So we don't want to click and report but they aren't certain areas that you need is seeing it creeping in now would be daytime. And one of those areas to be like in middle rye where all the hassles are. So yeah of course at this yet during the day or the lockout why region on the and you get an area that you have to eat during the day. So we will adjust the schedule the scenic cruising one it's appropriate. And so that way you know people are missing now this scenery. And when you do get out support for the excursions. There are different today agreed that cannot that there are different. A levels if you want to walk really fasting on a certain tour if you at a different level and you wanna relax or go to different pace they're different opportunities. Yeah I did have to let us now. That may be your floor locker and you wanna vote so locked in group it's a walking tour or. If you are. I you know. Me I like to go Delgado so I wanna go to a group that moving faster. Another you know I'm. It's in this news we also do a couple of other really. Tours and that is included is that. You can't do a tort like a local which means that. You're with a tour guide to be taking you on the subway. Not about. So back at the end of for example once and I did it and you get up should be locked up the street and it seems that way. And you just go with me taking on sub glacial Abbott have quite work that you get off your right to the end and you know it's kind of a neat way to do it. So you know you can go in your case but that you cannot do any type of exploration also when there offer. And rightfully. If we do that. And you know what's so special tour guides they're so informative and their from the area that should that your and I mean they they they've lived there they've been raised their so they know. All the history all the nooks and crannies of of of the city's image area which is really so I'm process. You know with the two hours. Are yet to let me do mentioned that this sometimes southern port that ship has to go to market if you lie you go to check to market. And my husband loved acted beautifully. And they walk it was actually Indiana also we walked it it sucked up the street is this indoor market as sharp as showing in the food and had a bite some of the wouldn't even buy food for the ship while it was there. And then they got city and market it hasn't been giant into popular everybody. I think it was like 25 people with them and so Egypt found that really interesting to go to market with a real shot. Sarah Sarah that's something it's a once in a lifetime you know who snaps with the shaft for the items to prepared for that night's dinner how cool. Yes exactly yes. That was he loved it I quickly shopping. Ha ha ha ha ha ha and very important business and their act some organic garden is right and some of the steps as well right. Yeah we are up on the top right so then they can just hit it right out right then that the that the. Andy and Don of the main season for river cruising is is typically. Spring Tom through fall bid to our rate up until Christmas sexually with your Christmas market itineraries you wanna tackle bit about that. Yeah the Christmas market so. In Europe when it gets cold they embrace the they embrace that like I whine about it you know but. When he gets cold air they have actually figured out that it plans to enjoy the cold and so from about November 20 till Christmas. All these cities and towns. Have. Beautiful Christmas market in there using the center at town and that's an option it is to some little neighborhood. And it just. And they're active and there are beautiful. What Ole. Stalls. He'll do it items and local people selling so it could be anything from a Christmas items to the she's an patents are that something like that so are the items. And you they have over the top beautiful decorations not just sister in July and mean it just spectacular. But at three. All of the cities that happened which is what major cities and a lot of the little towns have them. And you go there and you can walk around the town shop they have the flu. Which is you know so much went to eat and then. They have. Hot glue lines which is hot and cold wind but usually it red lines and light. And it's hotline was spices cinnamon and and it did you we'll not fire found and you walk around thinking you're glue lines so I don't think nobody cold concentric in this. Hotlines. Absolutely. Yes. As I did Alex it's about how beautiful it really gets you in the news that looper I'm Crist met. And if you wanna go like that and the year is considered off season. And see if I need to bring your heavy coat gloves Middleton and and you go I look I knew it. About 95%. Of about this year it's been it's taken off. Went I that the company is Italian we couldn't keep battling and now it's hot item. Seen cam everybody's hooked on to that once. Yet that shows the growing popularity of river cruising people are dying to Danny's river cruises and once they found them they always want to returning go back. We have down and heightened gal here from viking cruise is as our guest on Tripoli talking travel and we'll be right back after these messages. No matter where your vacation dreams take future blaze experience travel agents have the knowledge and training to help you get there they're dedicated travel team is here to look after your traveling needs for the personal tax and they travel the world themselves so they can recommend just which you need and just what you want for your trip relax and enjoy an affordable luxury vacation the confidence of knowing a professional agent is there for you. 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Complemented by a regionally inspired cuisine onboard lectures destination performances and more. All aboard serene award winning ocean vessels accommodating just 930 guests and viking ship. Fuel sales of heart of the destination so you can explore a close and in depth. Plus liking inclusive value includes features and services worth over 200 dollars per guest per day. Excursions free Wi-Fi. Court changes in just about everything you need to for one crews and air plus choice offer for 2017 viking Homeland Security harper supporters may 31. And triple A members receive a 250 dollar overstatement. Shipboard credit. Visit your local biking expert at Tripoli and call 18558606651. For click triple A dot com. He embarked on the journey double awakened mirrors and expand your mind. And truly allow you to explore the world in comfort. If you yearn to seek castles on the ride. Are you a history buff who wants to pay your respects at Normandy in World War II beaches. Why government would enjoy the golden vineyards of Portugal's bureau river valley these are a few of the possibilities would viking river cruises the small ship experts. Destination focused kind award winning service cultural enrichment from ship to shore. That speaking person screws and for a limited time. 241 crews and air from 295 dollars on the most popular 2017 and 2018 itineraries but hurry. Offer ends may 31. And Tripoli members receive up to 200 dollars per state room shipboard credit. Visit your local AAA called 18558626651. Or click AAA dot com. Welcome back to Tripoli talking to rattle hearing EST and fifteen to funny Elizabeth carrion Bryan Murray here from AAA. And we are talking cruising today Brian. River cruising with viking so excited we heard so many different. Aspects of river cruising in the time a year and com it's only may here now Barrett said Thomas Hardy put me in the holiday spirit we resist tying about the Christmas markets cruises which are are almost full which is great but I'm one for the holidays are ready. That's right I mean these river cruises are smaller ships more intimate taking you right into these ports along rivers very popular in Europe and some other areas and our special guest today is down and nightingale she's director of business development for a viking cruises so. We heard how about the growing popularity of river cruising in our first segment down and a lot of people of course still interested in taking those that traditional ocean cruise is as well. That's right. Well so what happened was our corner as CEO our chance men mister Huggins. You can always borrow by increases and felt that I years ago but then you know I was doing we're recruiting and he really want to do ocean cruising again that was a little bit a little bit different. Really really trying to do it but the river product on the ocean. And so therefore. Everything we've been talking about that included for the rigors is out this scene on the ocean. Now what we have an ocean is a destination trip product. About the culture. About the local life in the working world that really means war. And we don't have a casino rock mining law or he's skating very convenient that and I think you're great at that the different track. This island cruises are ocean are all about the destination. Our ships and I'm just you know in in the big world of cruising I should only called nine and thirty people so their little penis as business. And we happen included the same things they sure excursion every day's including. Question Neil you wine experience stopped victory. Is only going dining ship. Wi-Fi is included in the oceans. It a relationship we have three specialty restaurants there's no charge. You can go in and out of the spotlight because the lines charge a couple hundred dollars a week to walk in Al. We only charge if you have a Serb emphasized that you Google in mountain news services that are right there like the we have a little grotto in a really neat things like that on the lob that. So it really eat better product on the ocean and I really felt like that was our clients well and our I'd tell. Would still like to see some other areas and that will mean a relationship can get to you know such as a Barcelona Rome then those areas. And I'll put all that you only get there by emotions as you really want to do it again by the un. Basically I was a product on the ocean. Experience. Sell your reputation is really what's really bringing people to the ocean side of things they know that they'll get. An incredible journey when they apple with viking. Right and so we started demolition crews that don't want it fifteen is our first. A year we got our first ship all of Russia agree and you got to purchase in 20152. Ship last year. We just got a third ship and another one comes at the end of the year and if you are coming down the line. Utley. And our first your visits were rated number one in the world. So I think. We what really happened was we had it niche. And I pitch was that for people who want the destinations it and type of experience. On the relationship. And they're not there at yes slot machine something like that we we take we can take care of those folks. And so I think that's really why we did so well I'll tell he really focused on the ship and this statement. I mean this lawless state that we have is 270. Square feet and everything that as Aybar and that. And you don't put 27 if the flaws and that pretty big and then they go up from there. So we've got beautiful state that was beautiful bathrooms on the ship and bishops themselves are beautifully in nice areas hit reed of luck. We've got a big hitter we've got to look cinnamon. So if you want to go watch Willie you can you can see it on TV also that sense it's even music for me. We have afternoons he on the ship. We've got two pools and the one as a retractable roof so you can swim in Ottawa. And fullback position that we infinity pool. And it is three specialty packaging and the main dining and I think and he. Really done a spectacular job on machines themselves. A lot with this amazing product. All came together perfectly. I love that I'll inclusive options it but fixtures and things being included Kazan an entry signs before and you know he get that. Bell slipped and dear to our hands and last morning in nearly a well aware and out those surges come from Meena on. And Wi-Fi. And that included. Mean act on I'm on another cruise line can be a lot of money. NASA dollars where which is really. But the great reason for them this experience right in with people lining to keep intact says parents are on the set they wanna keep in touch with the families at home they wanna be able to Jackie and I mean that Wi-Fi is vital for them to be able to communicate in China it's at right back. It thank you wanna escape on vacation that you do need to keep in touch her partner by. And now Saddam. Passengers have a past border v.s or what do they need if they're considering booking with vikings. Yes I would say a a passport without someplace that you need visas. Yeah Russia China and Vietnam and Egypt those places you do need visas. But if you're in Europe and I'm really you can do it as a passport if you're an American you can students passports. And that you get when they thought it kept Allen's check with their Tripoli travel agent who can. Which gives them the correct information depending on. Exactly where they're going. Destination street and yes absolutely and in our travel consultants. AAA. You know that they know the documentation requirements for you know. Virtually anywhere around the world and we assist with fast and Tom you know one of the other things REIT Todd talked about Tom. In the past is will with any type of cruising weather it's river or ocean you know you have to get there so. Airfare is Tom part of that the program and you know viking has wonderful op promotions throughout the year for you know. Discounted there in in in two for one opportunities and and so forth our travel consultants know. You know what the deals water available but to you know it's really easy to get to some of these ports and we always recommend going in and day or two early. To make sure you're there and some people like to get to you know accustomed to the the time zone differences but. What's also nice as many times when you board a ship and a port. Sometimes though the ship stays in nighter so hum at the beginning but if it doesn't you get an opportunity to really see that destination as well which is. Which is great and many people will extend their crews. On the end it's that same type the situation and viking. Offers a wonderful portfolio of pre and post. Crews. Plans. Virtually with followed their route itineraries. All right why we do and depends on where you are about articulate three night. So therefore you can get is relax and it was site that. Or you know maybe go to the museum is something that you might wanna be on your. And so it's a nice easy way to do it by coming in early and opera to I think. The city that we we call them turn around cities you know late starter and I think. Most of those cities served are beautiful and fascinating and you know their major cities you know like who detached or Barcelona or Banesto roam far. Wherever I think those are places you would one day so it's nice to get in and have some extra time because you don't wanna miss Fanny saying if you got all the way there. And if you like it up a little bit it's you know you never know it could it could happen so it's nice to get the extra time. Bill Downey mention a few different cities that come what are some of the most popular itineraries on the ocean end of things. Well really really well for the vikings homeland which is our itinerary up in the Baltic. Starting in Bergen. In the hallway and then. It and since dot com or you can go to reversed its global direction. And so that we are really really don't send that one that the fifteen. Fifteen day and that's one of our most popular. And then we also have a lot in the Mediterranean 81013. And fifteen day cruises so we offer a lot there and they you know. We may be that simple cruise ship in the world but we're not the most expensive we are really fairly priced so eager. Trite or let's just say AK penetrating could start around. 2300 person something around there to you know roughly and depending on your right to carry your month that you're selling X that are. But Allah include your food your theory you line you're sure excursions your life I. You know it's just it's really well done and not exorbitant monthly price so and then if you would like your air we can actor airlines to. And we have a lot decree. You know what you know during the winter. You can Gladys analog or Miami and then we chest added. Until our itineraries. For we added Australia New Zealand. We added southeast Asia Bangkok to Hong Kong which is arrogant to Hong Kong is amazing and then. We've added India. And we also added elapsed since the 2019. Oh and something really passed by the Alaska and they upstate New England we just opened them up and I like about half happily sold out. So what's an athlete that we're selling so far into the future it's early. And so we've got some really neat I hear it but we also have a longer one as people on Nicole way yeah the world cruise. Which it. I'll probably about eight side pick and sold out its it look for 120 days are under 41 days. And that's currently in December early January. The this January coming up. Can you imagine that Brian 120 days Etsy I would love and I'm ready to go actually that there's still little marble just a little more space summit right now. A little bit what state and county Erie 5% so that it really closing in on it but. I know it sounds like. So amazing being in 66 forward and you know when you think about it everything that's included in that your shirt there is. There you lie but on top of that for the world they include basically an open bar. Not in the 2000 dollars Shipley credit. So it pops Virginia line you can. Upper. 750 dollars shop credit and it is you know box I think he's gonna need it now that. Said. It you know it clap including the world and to me that. I mean and they are act. The top of my head about 3000 to decide. The person. Though. Do people. It's great programs and is he having. It is a great program Elizabeth I don't think we can afford to stay home I I think I cut actor that I saw tonight I'm Mike TI and I am solely benefit you know but to Donna's point that speaks to. You know not only did the opportunity that people wanna see the world and in in you know travel and tour but. You know with the expertise and and you know vikings they do it right they do with the best and that's what. This speaks to for having that type of an itinerary. 85% sold people know that they're gonna get a terrific product and an unbelievable experience for the viking which is really lucky. As it mainly retirees to pick on something like that down. I think they retirees are they older people are our normal working from CNET are not you know release and I was. And and his thoughts on the ice how on one of and there are people that read it safeties. And maybe just retired early or maybe have jobs that they don't maybe work in the lecture. And era yeah I was sort of on the bike without safety and I saw. I ask you about working virtual that that this next coming winter and asked. I may be on board Donna. There. I'm I'm kinda with you I'm thinking I can retire early and not. And goes to the world that 660. Yeah sports. 66 aren't some. 120 days of an incredible experience that's. All right so but anyway it somebody kick off of that lock you look out. Obviously a little bit China merchants we have everything from 27 days to try you know fifteen Ford is to. ID three days it got our different lengths of cruises so it just that. People can get. You know whatever they really want to do they can you know we we pretty much have everything and amp for them. Right and people just tuning in might be that what the exact amount I can't calling for that line even have an eight acres is as well. Yet eight days up 241. Days. So whatever you want we can with pretty much can do it. And you're starting with. As well you're including our Cuba on some of your itineraries correct on. At the pit it against Cuba. Al Cuba yet but I can get sold out I'm sorry but at least he kept Cuba and it sold out in about three. That shows that obviously people were anxious to get there are sinners those that sanctions were lifted never want to see what it's all about. Yep and then he opened up the board space and found that out too so I think we're done and I don't think we have any now we can open up. And on the ship is there are certain dress code to people like to hours relaxed jurors that a little more professional. Good question. It looked like can't ignore actual so that don't all of but for me I really you know black pants and top or it's summertime and you know any direct I have that doesn't re going to bring. And my husband you know he and Blair it khaki colored shirts for dinner. And if so that I view it. Depending on where we are. It was like Indiana going to a concert that night he would bring it for a of that. But not really so much else he doesn't bring it. Be it distance you know it's really not necessary but it is just a few places you might want to bring a lot but selling at a high. And now and so I think that it should its smaller resort casual look so good that you know looking nice that you don't have to Wear formal. And speaking of going to the dinner so if you have a dietary restriction or something unsettling biking can help with I know a lot of people are concerned about. Gluten freer dairy free these days. Yes and we've heard at all. Yes we can handle that the only thing we really can't do that culture. So but we can hear anything else and do you I'm. Shaft in the restaurant managers are so wonderful that meet people every morning go over there and you for the day. And really pictured personalized to their needs. And I was talking to one of the shaft when I was in Bordeaux. And she said I'm not what people have a special dietary need it get me thinking ankle opposite ankle I did something special report. And I thought that was the sweetest thing ever she does look like she looked it. Up at that both sleep. Yeah obviously very customized. That yet so I thought it. Yeah Mary customize your CD you're saying that attention disease Alan new book was biking. One of the questions I know a lot of people have as if to ships are smoking are nonsmoking. Oh what they're pretty much non smoking there is a little area in the top deck in the back where they can smoke. Outside. But it inside the ship its non smoking can and the oceans well. As far as looking then what is the Czech program. We have an. And Adam basically that means somebody doesn't their banks are bank. And we just need to routing numbers and they concede 3% the prices they cruised. And I you know basically. We tighter credit card ruling indicated he that so. I usually do it and then decline in non. And of course a lot of people would choose to book after a travel agent undertaking and I can. As long trip current trip that there really investing incidents travel agent can actually guide them and make their picking the right trip. Yet exit ever really good point because I feel like these are bigger threat and you know I really like you do need the services of travel agents events. And I do feel that you need help with maybe a passport or he's. Maybe as. Questions on shore excursions in fact that I I really feel that booking these citizens to travel agent is necessary. Because you're going to have someone who's you know going to ask and ask the questions you might not think so I really feel like. On any trip like this would. In the longer trip or ticket trip that those people used to. Let your diet for eight days yeah 141 days doesn't matter I don't think you need the services of the traveling the distance. And into Donna's point it is so important whether you know here traveling with him a country out of the country there's so many things to make sure our all and order and you know our our travel consultants have been to a lot of these places they experienced the the the viking river and and ocean cruises but you know it AAA. We know exactly where travelers are as well so if there's a weather delay here there's a security situation. You know anywhere in the world at a moment's notice we can. Tell where all our travelers are and we can check in with time and make sure that. You know they're safe and secure in that whether they you know need assistance. With the connection are coming home. You know what were there to help which is really pump so important Tuesday. It is so important peace of mind for the traveler to and knowing that the help is just a phone call if something goes wrong is Paris air plans enact their itinerary. Absolutely. Great and you I looked at not just because you on the onion it top notch travel agents. I'll think they're all Eric they're wonderful they're experienced and knowledgeable. They're impressive. And and it's thanks to you know Tom working with you and in putting those the you know that knowledge and having the availability of you know coming in Donna visits and she just training for our associates and in fact we have an event coming up on June 6 Donna is going to be doing a river cruise program here in buffalo. And we'll talk a little bit more about that I'm in our wrap up that Tom yeah. OK so that's coming up in just a few minutes I'm down I'm really have about two minutes left in the program can you kind of recap the differences between. Over workers in ocean cruise and help people decide which one might be right for them. Absolutely I think that the first thing to think about what it again I river cruiser and ocean cruise we're where this year. Nation going to be what you want it even Mediterranean or you wanna go see Germany. So that should be an important consideration and if you know what your choices Germany and all along the beautiful rivers that's fine. But the definitions should be number one choice. And then. After that. Determine. You know which area you're here you're concentrating. So if you're thinking. The Mediterranean. Great leap we know we've got so many different. Port there and get an itinerary he can go through those and pick out which countries earned interest. If you are on their records you know you may want to ride you may want that game you beat me want to be cooking Norman in du Paris Normandy. So I think that you really need to look at the destination for the rivers into the ocean. And then they're also lost the experience and which I think is just going for. I think that that would be that would be your your your pat sort of on trying to figure out which ones should be. Right attacking about a 150 people on Everett workers may be 900 cell. I'm an ocean cruise in that river product on the ocean. Is what liking is known for an obviously growing in popularity in winning awards left and right for their hospitality and more. Thank you so much Donna nightingale director of business development for vikings resist for joining us here on Tripoli talking travel. And and will be right back angry gearan ESPN 1520. 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And Tripoli members receive up to 200 dollars per state room shipboard credit. Visit your local AAA call 18558626651. Or click AAA dot com. Welcome back to AAA talking travel here on ESPN 1520 I'm Elizabeth Cary here with Bryan Murray from AAA. And out Brian vikings just really known for these river cruises and now the ocean cruises as well. I tell you Elizabeth river cruising has banned. Become so popular in and viking does a great job. As you know they do a lot of I advertising and promotion of the product and I think that's what's really brought it odd to light. But you know Donna was saying on many of these itineraries that are they're booked for the summer which is really Tom terrific for them. And more finding that people are starting to plan these types of vacations. Are further and further in advance so you know were ready booking people for 28 teen on some of these sub prime summer river cruises. Is she mentioned Cuba took off right away and that was booked immediately because people of course want to see their country now that there are allowed to travel there. And that's Christmas markets speaking of winter travel even though is bucking up right away because people wanna see these Christmas America. You know it's funny Tom Christmas markets used to be just kind of await us you know have the ships and activity through through the late fallen and early winter but they have become so popular. I did Christmas market cruise last December and I have to tire. There was truly unbelievable experience to. Get into these little towns and you know see not only the decorations. And experience some of those traditions. But. There's markets that are set up that you know sell. Crafts in it in and sweaters and hats and food and all kinds of things are really just put chew into that. Another Christmas. Feeling that it really is so popular and you know it's considered off time for river cruising so the price points are a little bit more attractive. You know was thirty degrees when I was there but it was dry and sunny and you know when it's dry and sunny and it's it's terrific she's taken heavy coat and scarf but. We had a great time and so those have become very popular inter her point bombed their there they're selling well and and you know getting full through after that this on Christmas time as well. While we in western and central new York and other thirty degrees. Is bearable we can handle that no problem of course people some other areas might not agree that were used to sub zero sometimes that. But with that sun shining and dry yay you did notice it but. And and and Europeans are used to to cold especially in this area as well but that they do it right in it was a great experience I would recommend it to anybody. It was so good to have down from spiking trees is our program today and she's actually going to becoming too Western New York she is. Com and on June 6 we are having a viking river Cruz offense hit Taliban chatty by Rizzo. Here in Amherst at 6 o'clock and she will be here talking in person. About river cruising and we will have our travel specialists side as well there. That evening so if anyone's interested in coming to that event. They can go to AAA dot com slash events and register. Tom reservations are required it's certainly free. She will be talking all about river cruising and we'll have some looking specials Tom is well at that time. Four or were. Booking new river courses. And that's great because a lot of people do have questions we try and answer the general 10 on the program and of people have specific questions you know that's great to be able to talk to her in person intact to the travel specialists one on one. Absolutely in this kind of that this event lends it to that in and of course our travel consultants and our branches they've. Pot traveled with the viking product they've traveled around the world. And and really. No one understand what's required and what it's you know what all this entails they can make recommendations people say you know to I want. River cruises that the boat's only have about three ducks you know so odd to I want the bottom and top in between them many times it depends on their budget. Summer affordable lomb and you know may be here on the lowest stock but you get the same service and you know that the that in the cabin is just as beautiful so. But our travel consultants are there to help people. Really discern what they want in and plan. The vacation at the crews. Which really suits their needs we can do pre and post packages as well. An and arranged to air also so it is a one stop shop with. A bomb expert service getting we always when you go on a trip like this it's certainly. You know year year you're you're paying. And to we wanna make sure you're getting the most out of it in the most value. Lot of specials always going on with the vikings. Cruises as well so while we have some today we do we have two for one. Cruz plus pop free air on certain. River Cruz odd departures won his third grand European tour on their European sojourn. France's finest and waterways of the czars and he have pots of the Black Sea so those. Offer two for one. And and free air so odd that there's always something. Available and great opportunities for Iran are our listeners. And that's a good idea and a great deal and if you're something you're considering you can always talked you're AAA travel consultants and thinking about this and then maybe UA into the deal strikes and then book right there. Absolutely or. Many times people will balked because they know their schedule and typically F if a promotion comes out after they bought. Many times not always the weak and converted to that promotion as well so on. With Thomas telling us that and it and I see that in our offices. People are booking 20182019. So they can stop into any one of our branches or call. 855862. 6651. And talk with one of our us specialist. And they specialists have gone on these river cruises I know because they're always talking about are the river cruise they talk and what an experience that lies and they'll be able to lend their insights which is so important because. Some people might be trailer traveling to places they never even dreamed of going to before apps. Locally I mean we can all do a lot of Reading and you know the Internet is out there but from talking to someone who's actually experienced and done it. Pom in and knows all the ins and outs not only of a river cruising but. You know what viking has to offer we wanna make the most of of their leisure dollars and and get the best value for them as well so. A great opportunity and not. Again with our event on June 6 with viking river cruises that and Chevy by Rizzo. 6 PM they can go to AAA dot com slash events and register for the out. I'll hang you can learn all added anything from an eight night cruised to a 141. Night cruise Bryant. I got. I was pretty attempted so I'll have to ask my boss of bike and worked virtually this winner but I'm thinking of doing it. I'll be right there with you will do our radio show from seek. And we'll CO next week right here and AAA talking travel on ESPN 1520. This has been talking travel presented by triple A travel and insurance centers across western. And central New York find out more about the many travel packages that Tripoli offers by calling 888. 3203060. Force stop at their offices in williams' guilt tunnel Wanda in Orchard Park or online to AAA dot com. They shall be repeated tonight at 10 PM on ESPN's 1520. For catch the podcast of this and other shows by clicking on the ESPN 1520 website. ESPN 1520 dot com.