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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. And mining question you're welcome to last year can't Wear an ESPN fifteen money he and I am born in studio. But Mecca is down and hiding out I am good morning. You can sit wonderful. I wonderful I thought. I can't steal it and why aren't I just wanted to be wonderful for wonderful. Okay thank you wonderful close down and arcade and beautiful Sunday unless you know and wanna wish my way our neighbors to the north happy Canada day. If there holiday. Happy campers in ache you know. He's been a long time again the idea of adding up there this after it and then beat it's you know you're looking like you have summer groove going. Yes and I and Bo yesterday and it really felt like it was like. Full flights. They're. Up at nine miners it is ninety degrees. Here. And beautiful. So tell you I am it is just this morning. Well we honor I'm going NC bank by popular demand huge. That one and only Courtney chimes lines this time live in studio last time you were in Italy. And we had to interview. He isn't an anti immigrant before the shine in asking senators finally yeah I've not a web platform might. Called and why I know from Italy because what. I was on vacation last night. This week and like Skype injured finally finally we get Julie's doing. So yes we have Courtney time and say oh brothels. Locals so anger. This woman is on now you want. When I think singing. You have heard singing into you heard her voice but she's saying she's theatrical so there's a lot of lot that goes into that small but I can't get credit tonnage as trapeze to I. Yes I do pretty well. I can't do that because I have you know. Being on. It doesn't work for me this is political so yes. The and to hear that I was stay up there. A reasonable. Just sit on some things happening there. Okay we'll look where I'd rather ironic absolutely and I get our sports updates ism. So cool though and sports this week. It's fisons game day. For her to wrap up a three game series in Syracuse today Syracuse defeated a bison in the first two matchups this weekend. Including an 83 finals last night first pitch today except for 105 with pre game starting at 1235 right here on ESPN fifteen point. Buffalo Sabres may trade this week's and a conditional fourth round pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins for forward Connor here in defenseman Matt public. You played in 79 games with Pittsburgh last year scoring eighteen goals on top twelve assists for thirty points on the year. On a plate and 42 games last year finishing with four goals from the back end. Stick with the sabres they wrapped up development camp yesterday Casey medals that led team Martin to a tournament victory in the French connection -- and the return it. To basketball NBA free agency is officially opened with some big news starting off today according ESP and NBA insider Adrian awards announced he pulled Georgia's recital of the Oklahoma City Thunder on a four year 137. Million dollar contract. So all star Chris Paul is also staying with this morning seventeen team. Paul sign a Max Patrick before year's 116. Million dollars to stay with the Houston Rockets. No news or LeBron james' death however the Denver Nuggets have thrown their hat in the race is Yahoo! Sports reports and audits are aggressively pursuing a meeting with James. In the fifa World Cup two of the best players in the world have been eliminated from the turn it why don't mess in Argentina fell in the round of sixteen to France. Four to three or way to downed Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to warm. For today Spain takes on Russia at 10 AM in Croatia placed on market to. Round NFL some suspensions to key players has been given out. Buccaneers quarterback James Wentz and received a three game suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy after inappropriately touching into over driver. Or bills linebacker and current Philadelphia eagle Nigel Brad and suspended for the first game of the season for an instant Bakken play sixteen between him and hotel employee that turned physical. This update is brought to pilots have UPC log your complete legal counsel and by parties pizza enjoy the game within eyesight of Nazis. Prius and 1520 I'm going to be. Welcome back to Western New York work would you Martan and Lewis and wound that was an interest in sports day things done and yeah see via an offseason and quiet was a dead period and suddenly it got a free agency opens up the sabres thanks in tray it means that people don't know and can't I and it's our. Fun watching the evolving cap a way out go down this week we got some good young players and our profit pools file have been rebuilt I think the sabres I mean you know we thought this when we got Michael to. The hype is back with dialing in town so yeah I think is it like they're an aggressive players there. Telling it basically to a forward it to Francies. We have so you never know why his demeanor he's just south quiet and he is going ninety S the cores parlay these kids that Komondor that are rookies are teenagers. Or a week later and you idolize and it's kind of Italian energy. What's gonna be a young Courtney did not come alone she came with either her bodyguard. Or are. I'm sure there's a guy who scene next the Courtney so which is gonna ask mr. Paul from the earth to. Say hello and say a little bit about who he is some what he doubts. I. Oh run our growth and Oprah it's also a state. Aaron living in the art but art media ticker medium for green effort. Excuse him doing a lot of the event planning for Herschel coming up on the sixth soul motion and in an event organization is pretty much sounds like a by bigger media. Mean Courtney what I ask you yeah I think particularly as a nine year old had a car. That's great what would that be its equity share with your audience and our listeners a little a little bit about yourself who Europe and work. Not just on your journey while. I do. A little bit of everything. By day I mean high school math teacher. Who wins. At Williams released them. And then by nights I performed with many different locals. Assets. I Hollywood dance I just a day yesterday it tasted diversity. Then I. Icing an a couple different bands and I do weddings. With a steep now listeria man's. I just kind of classic rap group on the deck media bans. I even put together an island and a little jazz group called the bee's knees so I do a little bit of everything. And you call Paul multifaceted Malta town behalf and we army has a period as yourself and you do mean things I do and I teach stance. And I we had my half hour is only anger at the and I sleep. Yeah but it's it's exciting and fun and I love all of the things and it's really hard for me to say no to something because. Italy sounds exciting so to win and weird that it would. That it all began. Like grow as a dancer. Times I against my whole life and studio and false. And then I was kind of saying an acquired him like in the enjoyed singing but I never thought that it would still the such an important part of my life it's kind of my escape. So during the day am this you know math teacher everything has been there. Now I think it yes my kids and I mean the scores are gonna write and paint the number one rated math department of Leicester in the arts now. These were. But I kind of liked it after school like the kind of escaped my difference areas each night and so it keeps life kind of balanced when he tiny difference that he is asking your background again. Yours up over the course that you're seeing her and how you can get. Got into the ice more involved. Professionally. As. Oh biased. ST on an as yet again. So I was working at a country club at the time and you know the kids in McLean songs on the radios I'd be singing in the kitchen and well at the bar was steep Alistair in the ban an accurate placing it he was sitting at the irony came out music. Was using the gas goes I'm looking for a female vocalist would you be interested and that's kind of catapulted me into the Zoellick singing things I started off with him I joined to dance group and became missing from the stands group and then that China. Branched off into its own thing and I can moved on to other areas of singing in. Care and how hosting on shelves the last couple. That move onto other things it didn't in Europe your career ex exploding talk about no really specifically on some of these different events. That you've done because I know you've been I have attended. Yes I'm gonna forget if you miss I. But it's. You might you help me out on sun yes I'm Eric specific. Mean singing. I just did buffalo goes Gatsby and that's racing entities sneeze. I've sung at the witches ball. And so I've done enough Antony op attributes and then kind of this. And this past and at the names of the dead. Kind of long gag creep BA yeah I mean Halloween type thing. And oh chill night lounge at buffalo river or X. That was an event they held last year and it's. And you haven't got there and I do have a big event not talk anxious yet it real estate I mean he's got it to you wanna hear more odd yeah well I don't hold out hope. Our producer has found something that you can. He's missed this list but until he's radio. Station so let's shift towards an area. See me here. The romance story book. But you know what I mean I. Promise I'll you know honestly I put the awareness of our. Our findings add to our power shift over because you're the guy who's. Yes you might be behind the scenes but Utica in front everything is so from your perspective. Know how would you express. Clooney's career. Where it is and where was where it is is going. Well it is easier part to start with where it's going sky's the limit for she's pretty much do anything you violence. And embarrass her. And she takes and so many things sometimes he says team too much right. You can do anything it's not a problem and I will low hit you're what are their arguments. There are you can't quite nice and it. It's early arguments were. Shown here time and time. It was pleasing you'll make ten inches body is there more passionate about and others away it's something that would really dry years. Attention in your time. Definitely. That is where I can. And I'm definitely events I can combine multiple things economic singing and do trapeze at the same time we did I see people. Fuller you know dance and sing or even just you know there are some events. Where I dude. Two different types of performances like what arts past Hollywood danced and did trapeze I had to. At I've asked also. I definitely like wrecking either combined to Hitler kind of like. That are saying kill two birds with one stone just like hey look I'm doing justice in us and our great. We you're listening to western new York and worked with Dell Martin and Lewis buffalo don't go in where we have more great conversation on this time that this break with Courtney tries Buffalo's own. Singer artist extraordinaire. I'm. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up for the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about when he liked. In the surrounding areas which specialize in about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check out cat staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty campus provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles or one distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curve bath can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cap Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name botched. By cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world Paulson Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant. And it was the butt cheek club. That it should head basketball courts and the story goes that they were. We're experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at each of them really have no matter Joseph bought cheap pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Yeah. Do you. Tease enough right now hair and he's not absolutely do. So yeah. Yeah any time. I. Welcome back to west junior can't Wear it and yes can you when he AM I'm in this incident and a wonderful and I alma and finally got down and got here under that's my ask him. What a beautiful son absentee by Courtney and the author. You know. Cricket. Wicket I am I backing and and I cannot please advocate and any favorite music all of them that there are some exotic. I wonder about the vaccine CD album is so great I think have gone every year since they've come off well and La saline they keep coming back yeah you'd. So where you prefer where that one from me performing popular so that was from. Last year so 2000 seventeens. Court each and celebrations showcase and it was a sold out show at this Shays Smith Peter. And so I it's after that and it was such a success she decided that we should do one alliance. And because that and you had sold out. I wanted to go one venue larger so this year on Friday July 6. I'm having the court each and celebration showcase at the child musical us. How incredible the so that's how we want the court each time. Salaries I notes and I sit up hypocrite I got to take them out well in great times musical celebration celebrations okay salvage its. So it originally started SE. Kind of like. My way to throw myself a birthday party. Does not lasting as well that's. And is a great say the coming out it was June when he sat quietly hey there out thinking the way we have to find some are some birthday music ignore this but not a thought I so that was uneasy couple days ago the last showcase was. Pretty much my birthday celebration. So. I had to celebrate anyway. The this year I pushed back a little bit farther because as family coming in town on and I wanted to try and incorporate them into the show and make sure that they make it to this on because they listeners on and they don't come up. Also pushed it a week later on so it's on Friday July 6 and it's basically a night filled with music soul. I know icing with all these different bands but it's very like. Specific music in this Arabic wrap your of this yes. Yasser agonizing classic track pricing Jan sourcing pop like. I like to sing music Peter and I am also elected in all some do some acoustic songs and so this show is like. The most random leave musically selected show up there to instruments as well I plain mean tambourine but that's. I feel. Good about is gonna get it. An island iced it with him yeah definitely afterlife at present I have a. Let's let's talk of OK so first our let's talk about the event again a win anywhere okay when it is that the health music off. And it is Friday July 6 at 7 PM. And the company met is marked man Nazi on friends so it's an eight piece band that's accompanying me. And then I have an opening act his stage name is lies Alex and his local performers well. And I have against its joining onstage for a few songs and her name is Sara hunter earn it and how key purchase tickets well. You can purchase tickets at the door it's the same prices if you buy them online. And to that probable and likely saying this but I would avoid buying them them online because you have to buy them to Ticketmaster and other securities and I feel bad apple sauce has come I would by the methods alert island lawyer I do have a few if people are listening in the have been an honor and they want. So that you know if you go to Europe. To your website you go to my website in a link to. Arizona legally formula I fell in love with senator par. Because nobody there that's OK but I think if you go to our website FaceBook page form this woman because she does so many amazing things. And Joseph rice it's just going to be just a small piece of your talent. Again. Think coming up and that is that loyalty to Seymour. Outlook so. Well I appreciate those kind. Yes I do have a face that pays that anybody would like to go in the you know clicked the like button. I just over a thousand mikes so pretty exciting for me. He sees it literally one year today. Currently nearly. Last week I was at seven under it's exciting. So it my my FaceBook page is court each time CH YE. And I do less time so yeah I definitely for now do you see how that court each time. Celebrations at case coming out. I got it and now that I. Still. If people wanna keep people tests. You know put you to do an at bat for them yes and how to contact and you website yet so there's a contact form on my website and it'll basically send me an email and non that's actually held off logos Ganske. Hired me to put together than I am. The bee's knees to be the entertainment for the against the party so yes absolutely can not and farm and contact form on my website Nelson meanie Allen will be in the message my case that it. It prayers on the pre tax in yes absolutely sounds like your. Your careers it's easy to take off especially over the past year with anything different events you've done him. Yeah it's and it's then. And now it's been so exciting in. Just keeps growing and I'm just kind of taking it day by day and seeing her cousin. I don't really occupies it will what are your goals with this I don't think I just kind of wanna enjoy it like ten and while I'm able bodied who's in all just keep melon and still. I'm like. Enough but yet happened and I think Pelosi at the. So glow around and you talk about the type work that you do army you just shine off and I'm not seeing that just because you're in the room on scene because I'm. I can do is seen yet I see impasse here performers. Mr. Marty there. What you say about that because you're the guy who see us that time and time again yes he captures it quite frequently and you. She's. I'd I'd certainly the photography and she's very easy for our graph. She's so natural and relax especially when she's when she's performing. It's really amazing she's stage presence that. I think in the industry they were calling the it factor and yes she has dipped. She has it be okay so there are certain things that you do and we gonna come back where one out we'll talk about that that we and come back to the to the event on July 6 book the book to its factor is. Because you are so multi talented. OK so this year what are some of those different things that you have done it and about it. Okay three of them. Okay. Yes and I put on the spot again he will yeah you got down a well and I don't have. I was very exciting when buffalo goes against the contacted me to be part of their VIP entertainment so that was one exciting thing that his party happened that was in March. Obviously my show is a huge step -- years so that's a big accomplishment that's coming up on July 6. As far as the future goes I definitely have a few. Bigger performances in the works. I have. The bee's knees are going to be reprising their performance from the against the show. At the house out Parse out. Art house. And is set to come her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the witches ball again. But it certainly is very exciting it's exciting it's a lot of fun. But ML. Things pop up all the time if you do go to my website and you go to the top of the page has patents. It's got if you've probably kept this girl at three pages worth of events than it already booked for the years so I have a lot of if something were brought up in terms upon if you were a corporate. Or just someone who's looking for great talent jeez they can do you know reach out to you yeah and you know appoint your entertainment services yes. Absolutely. Yes I mean that I. Because I do so many genres. I can really kind of tailor it to whatever you're looking for whether it's kind of dislike. Quiet music for corporate events if you're looking for a full band for like a holiday party I can pretty much a comedy any of those needs. To what other kinds looking for good. My name mentioned earlier you have the goals for Catholic musical anarchy is me act I don't like seeing tennis and that's not enough of husbands and buckling your treatment that's on the for the year. Well it added that awfully like and down to perform. Yes what is the world's largest disk until now I have performed at before I danced and it. Twice. That I really interesting. So I didn't about the artist and other incidents that we were maker we are where each guy who would love that far and then I'm guessing we're gonna reach out to the organizers yeah I think the ample praise from his bodyguard gallery on that it is easy. But yeah I would feel like that would be awesome. On. Here explaining to seeing now is that because it's just heated and or even passion for. Well he's just got these seven days as the music is is really really fun and that's definitely is on or you can incorporate dance with singing. So that would be. Perfect. But I. It's just such a cool and and there's thousands of people there is just to sing in front of thousands of people claim like. Even that statement names like icing it and 8000 people out sooner gas. Awesome. So what we now talked about recruit who's been all over the place and best Western Europe works about you know unscripted. But always determined to get our people information they need to know. So corny let's talk about once again how can listeners. Our listeners Europeans. Are just tickets. So purchasing tickets you can call the child box office. Don't have the number Afghan now can I forgot written but don't quote that you goatee website we all they definitely could go either one of those things. They can go to my website which is Courtney chime dot com. They can go to my FaceBook page which is. Also Courtney time. It's Miami CH Miami yup that's my mother's name. And it's my. I told we had we had a surprise this immune the Sunday that is. Is prize as it happened and questioned where that is so much fun it is now. CI even called child ox others and the number here at 716852286. Here on beaten Holland Patten will. And that will be without ticket eased. And you can go either on health web sites Fuller my website and the linked to the ticket to ticket instantly. Yeah there's a constant rise to power it means we have in our car. I'm not that I can think of a team and you know well you know it's awful listen to a few moments of important to. Here six. My mom says I style Courtney to. CO RT NEY I've known you and I'm sending the cat and carry out. Feel icy and IP HY and me for each yes. Thinks I'm just out. I let it dissects about what elements in west new Yorker where we don't mourn him on the west and today recording times be there on July 6. I. Yeah. Okay. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah this hands. And that. Yeah. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC law group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.