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Sunday, July 1st

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Welcome to slice of life. Because of fight was not enough you've listened to Brenda is by three years and now Brenda is expanding her show. To include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh Lacey. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life thanks as always for joining us this Sunday morning Roberts a Sunday funding for you. And we look forward to around. Talking with some really fun guessing salaries and they show which is heard every Sunday from 1030 to eleven on ESP and 1520 or hearing your dial. If you miss neighbor shouts a few critic owing to our website at ESPN fifteen to buy dot com. And look the podcasts we have everybody on the show from. Realtors. Pharmacist actors. Attorneys. Health practitioners. Festival organizers. It's just a real. Can have juxtaposition of a lot of things are happening in western new York and it's a pleasure from meeting of the privilege of hosting the show out. Well one of my favorite all time gas is with me this morning it's Iraqi rob a woman who seems to be. Everywhere I think she may have cloned herself. She is an alien RN and nutritionists. But she is also an incredible. Fitness instructor for catalyst fitness you've probably heard rowdy or hearing these airwaves she's on. Saturday mornings from 930 to ten ESP and 1520. And we always have so much talk about south and look forward to. To drilling deep with Robby this week Friday morning and welcome to slice of life. Well thank you for having me Brenda it's a wonderful to be here again I hear one of my favorite people also. I'll do anything. Else a lot faster gonna say that we are a series of attack are Amy. Yeah I'm sure people don't ours our very close personal friends yes and you have helped me and my husband over the years diets and recommendations. And all sorts of wonderful advice. Reese you talked to my husband and me about DNA testing. And just DNA testing have to do with one's physical how to train was laid off factory. Well that's a great question and most people think of DNA testing they think of the 23 in me ancestry. That's not what I'm doing over the last year I have been offering him really exclusively in this area offering. A sports in nutrition DNA testing which is really cutting edge scientists are finding out more and more how knowing our DNA. Q really changed our body composition in her house and isn't that what we're all trying to do so basically what we do is we tasked. Upped at 92 genes snaps. Which are related to what your body is going to respond best to in terms of nutrition. And fitness what you the gluten sensitivity where the lack toes sensitivity. What year that your body would respond best to low key. Everyone's trying to do the same thing but no one knows the blueprint of their body so when you about it it's Jeanne snapped 93. Yeah opting out on an 83 yeah up to 92 what we have several test right now we have. We have or testing of a more than that Tom but we are offering forward for tests right now gas so we even offer skin test rate now with Iraq truth. And it's it's mind ugly in. Rainy years ago these tests used to be thousands of dollars in insurance doesn't pay for them. And now it last year they dropped two hundreds. And I was offering it in the hundreds at an hour practice at my practice. And then this year. There is low is 129. As we've separated attacks so if you just want the nutrition prior or you just want the sports park or you just on the skin art. It's you know is low was 129 and you talk about steps that it doesn't require any kind of hiding in blood tests it's a simple saliva swap right amounts wild and it tests a person's yes you you can he perjury for an hour before brush your teeth or have come. But yes it's pretty fascinating that we can just swab the inside of her cheek and get our DNA send it to allay public. And then get all of these results and so you know why it is. Why does one person he exercise and eat right. And it under a certain program in getting tremendous results but their friend doesn't get any results or vice Versa. It's because god made us with all different DNA and we can't change that DNA but we can change the way get DNA. Express themselves to write dietary habits and our lifestyle and fitness obviously is well. I don't families where one sister is having in the other one is reed then they have the same parents the same genetics and yet they're dean is obviously different. And you think that it's speaks issues like it to mean the comparison with their for his ballot but even with members UConn from the same almond. Oh yes I recently had twins in my office both did the DNA testing one was in could never. Ever lose weight or are could never ever gain weight the other one was overweight was trying dot. To lose weight all the time and their DNA him back completely different of what their body is going to respond best to win and third twins. So it's pretty fascinating. And you know I see for the past forty years Brenda people killing themselves in the gym. Doing everything right enact any results and now they're getting amazing results by no leaned her body's different coming we will. Look at our cars blueprint but we will look at our bodies DNA. On it was just this blanket so let's use it in and somebody and you determine that they indeed. High protein and I'll Freya. Why can't make a difference that the person is that the way to take a license and it's at the point yes it's it. It really breaks down to the lowest common denominator you know you can take something in that says 300 calories. Your body may take in 300 calories or may taken 500 calories I mean it's it's not an exact science will we'd look at the label. It's all about our DNA and really high fat low fare hike Hillary bloke or whatever it is. It is all based on really what our bodies could respond best and it really makes sense when you when you think about logically we are Romney different so why would. Why would one size that college has doesn't this. Really revolutionary isn't Amy you've been in this business a long time in the fitness industry for Nike sent decades in your nurse. You have study nutrition over the years and I always teacher that I can't fit on your titles on a business carry into because yourself personal. But would you use this as one of the biggest things you've seen in years years of. Practiced absolutely anyone I wrote my book a couple years ago the rock trees recharge some interest to health and fitness I talked about I individuality. That but I didn't have this tool. Then that I have now the two will is so important and for me I've been doing this for forty years. And really I have been trying to help people with out knowing what their DNA is gonna respond best to in terms of their macros which are your fat carbohydrates and protein. With with calories with their fitness regime. I mean he have their bodies DNA. This makes my job so much easier you can tailored to particular eating recommendations to their person you don't get results that much quicker and I think really just about mrs. If the person is looking to in this case lose weight if and now what makes sense of their body type. Over and above that diet so to speak out at a little lifelong thing in sports it's it is absolutely a lifestyle in lifelong. You know I think I'll tell you what. The other thing is. In terms of sports. This test will tell you if you were propensity to be injured. Where they had injury is how long the recovery would be it also tells you appear for propensity to be deficient certain vitamins and minerals. I mean it tells you about your wife your craving sweets I mean we think we're craving sweets because were craving sweets but it's actually related to your DNA. So you always hit imagine you eat which Ukraine Ukraine which you me and it's really part of the DNA process right yes it is it's certainly is true that when you eat something sweet you'll crave it. But now I know there's more to it and it's really based on DNA and weak and you know I'd knowledge is power once we know. What we know about Arab body everything that we can possibly know. Then we can make changes and that and we have the tools to make it any space and science which appeals to me because this is hard evidence. Ernie at somebody's interested in his DNA tests how to go about pancake so they can there's you they can make it a plane with me where rate in my website Robbie rod dot com. They can email me for more information I list on my website Robby right dot com. All of the DNA test. All of the Fino types that we test. And they and all of the prices so they can choose which of the four tests they'd like how does it take to get results will takes about fifteen minutes for the test and it takes about less than a month for the result. Now Canada all especially in today's day and oh yeah we run everything turned around quickly. And eat it. We should point out too into the rock truth is that name. Your shall also the name of your book us on the website yes it certainly is famous Harry UGH yes we brownstone I'm sure people trying urine people who doesn't around the rowdy then I am. Things I've noticed lately and you are on website and some of the emails you send out is something caught Quito today. ET now yes keep energetic diet and I'll tell you what. You know it's kind of like the buzz word now the big raise a lot of people are losing a lot of weight but is a registered nurse I can tell you this you should do that traditional Quito. You know it can. You can end up with health problems so at the rock truth we offer. And healthy version of Quito Janet again not one size fits all so I showed them how they can monitor. The key goes in their diet basically what what this whole thing is about. Is were switching energy systems and our bodies so that we're not using like what you were using sugar. As fuel but we end up using their home bodies that is fuel. So for instance if you are working out in you we have oatmeal. Before you go work out well that's going to be your energy level we wanna switch there that's where you're gonna get your energy but we wanna switch and use our bodies fuel so there's a science that is well. But it has to be healthy. It's got to be great treat to be in this field because of something new every day it seems all my cash it's an actor never stop learning you know I mean am I six nutrition certification right now is a nutritionist. There's always new science cats got to keep learning before because you've got about ninety seconds and summer fitness tips you would recommend. And particularly this weekend where it's been record setting heat. He album number ones stay hydrated you know you need to drink tap of your body weight in ounces of water per day minimum out of a glass or stainless steel bottle of prefer oblique filtered water. Without any chlorine let her floor right. And then you know making sure that you eat foods that you don't need to read a label on I did supermarket tort last night with. About 25 people and I showed them how to read labels so you need to know how to read labels that you don't need to read a label when your eating an apple so you know eat the foods of the earth that god created that you don't need to read a label on that are nutrient dense when it comes tigers and is Peter and mark. Well cheeses drink wine in Vienna Austria. Who better adjuster at an hour gravity always great advice we can talk for hours. We promised to come on again and we want kids to lawn get in between appearances always absolutely you need to come up with a slightly on the Roger. Brenda anytime I love it what a treat for us to get rowdy rock our airwaves here are have radio and the show this morning Robby thanks and I am thinking. We'll be back right after this. 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Google Brenda nice to be you're it is truly my pleasure and we're talking I'm just a couple of minutes before going on here. It's been nine years since you opened Russell's transit are hard to believe. I I can't deliver myself it's nine years out there are 68 years old told the restaurant and hospitality. Love every minute of the you can tell I mean you just exude their sort of fun and joy and captured and sent. You know what when I tell people I am getting thinner ross' saws or garner Russell's a summer house you know ice she Russell it's so I think. You become sort of this movie stereotypes celebrity on people commend you get people asking to take your picture. Constantly. Rio constantly constantly pat you noted as a Brenda like Monday night I were to have to work every single night. We have a couple hundred reservations I would say almost every couple that came in is celebrating an anniversary and it's probably just. Celebration. Destination place to go on your anniversary. And everybody is could we have your pitchers can root for and understand and have them cocky I love it I mean. I give in to my customers I feel my customers in my heart yes and I mean I've I ever get a complete. I attend a lot of file upload them right away LT carrier check well not eleven movie walk how to set aside admire mr. And I love it's are keeping a fire burning parents are after all these years in the industry admittedly a very tough industry for many people. I think I'm very fortunate that I love that as much as I do. I know and I took off for nine years ago turned to this disorder by sun. Was mostly proceed near of my life and neat and my buddies talked me and 75. To go back in it I have become. Twenty years younger going back to work. Yeah you've got them there fountain of youth and year in your favor I think any. You certainly don't let your agent the only reasoning or your age is because I was your birthday party a couple of months ago. I think he's seeing out one night airlines delta now aren't as beautiful media people and colleagues and friends and people from all walks of life it was just great fun. But it's so great to speak to somebody who's been in the industry that you're born to be into it I think it's fair to say I was by that started real office and the danger yes and you progress throughout the years and things it really impresses me about our Ross is the consistency of the food. And my husband and I want to eat a lot and it's one of our favorite things to do and when we replaced eat we generally losses in our area. You're placed reminds me walking on casino in Vegas sign upscale restaurant very biggest reconcile. Was your your your perception that your image and a when he started. Yes that's a lot of your vision you know I've had the attendant restaurant for years and years of what the statues and it's getting tired of it reduces it looks like the Vatican hobeika costume ID says you have to sit Jen Affleck would you comment. Solid source attend yards. That one I've built there would die and we've said let's go very contemporary. And I'm not afraid to spend money abide by a television set and then abide the biggest television sets you can died. Here's a guy that's got six television's. Problems. A 103 inch each. And everybody's close and make a sports bar on that we'll have become a high class sports bar people trust on the ice and yes it at that loosens up and gives Lou. We play the dvds and music and that. It's. That makes you happy. It it and it's different it's it's make you feel special when your in there. And I commend you for your staff because I talked to people on the show from all walks of life. And one of the biggest complaints a year about is how difficult it is to get good staff no matter what the industry as. But consistently adhere to say your bartenders many of them are very pretty young ladies. No other stuff and I remember asking for a glass of zinfandel I'm like bright red line winds. And down I said to my husband this is the perfect temperature is it hit just a little chilled to a they know what you're gallon here and they just what I appreciate about Russell says the attention to detail. And frank Russell but I am not a mediator anymore but I always find something on your man years are people say you're gonna place it steaks and chops epic got great seafood. Big salads other stuff. It's it's really fit for everybody. That is. And a lot of people think we're very expensive but. I tended to come out here we have a late Manuel right you can give us a possible amaze you give myself that he has chicken Caesar. I mean our dining room manually get dinner for two and is not out of line. I don't know why people think Kruger expensive but I would have to say for I mean I've been in the few restaurants. And I mean is I don't wanna mention them at a party threw you receptive to Russia because of 650 dollars there. In all and wait in line and everybody have been of people give us a chance in the I think they would see that just nothing Ottawa and the drugs. Oh it's completely reasonable for the. It's going to go to dropped off a little bit they've got so many hotels around the but. We dropped off maybe a 2% in the not as much as. Some restaurants and in Buffalo's Jim Inhofe called crazy I hope but it is separate a lot of people in the buffalo. Yes me too but I had to steer us on my lifetime I never thought I'd see the evolution of buffalo I think there's been a true Renaissance in Western New York did you feel that way as well yes. It's a nice feeling he had nice feeling because in the middle of the weaker restaurant of our caliber. Depends on people common in the lawful right and I would have to say from Monday to Thursday. I meet mourn nice people who are commendable to do business. I mean I was shows about twenty years younger because I see the future buffalo the end really really good to. Yes it's very bright and it's nice to get the proximity to the airport here rest rant. Is it good fit as well I mean certainly hear from ten minutes from where people can shoot up afterwards you're coming in for business. There's a lot of advantages to Russell aspect the other thing I wanted to focus as we speak with Russell Salvatore true buffalo icon. Is this kid that you have been so generous I mean you can't even in express via a level of generosity with what you John across so many different areas. From hospitals to veterans support. I know there's so many other things that you do that you probably don't even talk about that let's look at us some of the things you've done in hospitals Russell. What motivated you to put televisions in hospitals around Western New York hospitals. Although I was a few years ago of opening colon took retool EC and C and the hospital was. Small television sets and selfless I just decided to do no televisions. And what I didn't particularly care for as they were charging to put it TV. So I said to myself I says I mean I want to give I give my money away. And when I diet I wanna poll may be true cents a anybody. But I work hard the public makes me successful and wanna give it back to them. While the way is the best way to gold you please and a lot of people. And I won't make it a point by the time I kicks the bucket I will take care have every hospital. In the city of awful we'll never have to turn the TV out again and you'll have bred new TV's and I've found. Right now and I would say I'm almost 95%. Covered every single hospital in the city of lawful. Well I backed actor Candice Johnson is our baby to get their column when you spoke you're there. The president ever has not easy when you conference and I wanna take this over how to shoot free. She she couldn't believe it. Chances oh my gosh Russell I have no I just don't know why other people's stuff to bed I was just such Candice Johnson the other day. And she approached me she says in no. Russell would ever think of doing so from the about a lobby. We'll limit the Russell solves our hospitality and I happy. What in three days I had a run do you know over to them I gave us of Basel. And we will make the most gorgeous look at it and it's about hospital contemporary. You go on and all hospital when you come it's arousal you're gonna feel happy before able to. That's my goal to halt Candace said Roswell put a gorgeous as answer. Clinton was there anything in particular our roster only touched you personally do you do you have friends and failing perhaps you battled cancer or do you just feel like they. Are such a huge part of our community that you want to help them. Naw I think is because of cancers such a bad disease and I mean of at a hospital. I get the most pats on the back from people compliment to these same thing Q my mom's and people that had been cured of that yes they kill. Because maybe that's one of two hospitals when I did. Sort of televisions they may be record on TV when you turn your table. I agree to a C good morning Imus outlets or. You know and not a way to DC think you think you may send me thank you cards. Now I'm demanding that all hospitals put my picture and attend. It anchored stereo life. That they were there. You know we can either say that you or can make a big art or crack Anderson slash apps don't work either way it. You look up there after I love your TV commercials violent. Since you already got their fighters pilot and I need to deal I'm a fighter jet pilot you have a lot of fun in your life. I do little about it by fund this work work work I work seven days a week didn't. Sold my Condo in Florida I've wanted to go to Florida my joy is my progress. Yes yes and do you ever take a break thirtieth stick a little at a time during the day and just kick back a little better tonight your sooners back no I don't know I don't know where you like it. I'm up 7 morning and it just a sharp thinking that it's street backed down at five start to get that nine. Go to sleep habits while smokers whose aggressive starts in the war and it can have a broken record I didn't. I didn't series reworking our us this is something good about they caddie consistency. Before because Russert got about ninety seconds left. Fourth of July is right around the corner and there's been a lot of talk about how do you again hip and so Philanthropic. About helping people enjoy America's birthday. Well your motivation with. Other than a lot restarted years ago and I have the ball but no result LaSalle park then and Abdullah or. And we've been go on canal side this year are very very excited about him because with the cooperation of the Coast Guard and the city. We average in the fireworks down on the barge right at canal side for years or go to or dog out at the shots I'll use it. Well we will have the display of fireworks at canal side he'll be able to see you may be a hundred feet away. The show is going to be beautiful and it's going to be music I got nick and a nice guys come on and from Rochus had put in this stage. We're gonna give a lot of fun at canal side in the you're listening in I wish everybody comes on has a good time. What a way to celebrate our Independence Day I thanks again to Russell savage were for his generosity Russ what a pleasure to have you on the show for the first time. I hope it will be the first of many appearances your thank you so much for coming in this thank you freshmen and a my pleasure must say thanks to Kevin care for pushing the buttons source the cake parrot the board. Once again seeing extreme right at the same time things are turning and. Melissa thanks Brenda will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen want me.