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Sunday, May 27th

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Welcome to western new York at work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo welcome to western new York at work your business friendly conversation. I'm you'll still Marten live there ESPN 15:20 AM. Each and every Sunday were we talk about sports jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen. It's a beautiful Memorial Day Sunday here in the west in New York area. And weather again is just beautiful so many exciting things that are happening in and around our city. We're going to be talking about that and today. We have went through conversation that she you really wanna be a part of and so you have a comment or question for freedom scar here live at the studio seven point six it'll 31520. Against several point six it was 31520. But before you go into the the crux of things like to say good morning to my good friend and producer mr. Louie Louie good morning. Actually I'm excited this morning hurry I'm good we got two game sevens in the NBA so me is sports fan I'm happy. Would we if possible despite the sports I mean there and be especially volume there are a lot of close games but the fact we have to really close series in the NBA playoffs. Didn't happen last year at a camp 15 last year and Golden State you know handle the spurs pretty well and while it went down so I'm happy that there we got to close basketball. To watch heading into the NBA finals. OK great we don't know which have raced sports on April we also have we have two guests arrive in studio with us today we have Harley in diner. Before we going to that the crux again of the sports update just like to see if you guys are sports fans. Well I. I'm happy to be sitting in the studio Tim Graham does it shows this releases which insists is Tim Graham sit or I'm sitting I don't probably right or earlier right there connector. All right so I'm excited to be sitting in that seat of course I'm. The the NBA finals is fun but football season is coming forward to that big prices continues like this what's Conan. Marathon the buffalo America suspension. And report listeners are here we're talking to how we. Our this year that the audience looked at temple work that you. Oh well my name's Kelly green and I was here in buffalo new York and wood village grizzly obviously from Brooklyn new York and went to school here upstate I knew I knew there was an accent there. We normally don't like to talk to mildly that we went about state I liked about state. And to stay at are you are you gonna say anything Lewis kind of speed yeah. Lessons he's hip to it you know without an so and I stayed in buffalo and left and I think repatriated. About three just about three years ago I wanted to come back to buffalo because of some exciting things happening here so I'm real estate agent. I'm also in Munich music management and an adjunct professor and and Patrick county community college. Where I teach. Mass media teach public speaking into personal can educational that. And I. Hall of fame experience which is where we hear this more that is what we hear this more. That is we hear I don't know you any money human and I don't know aren't what you didn't come alone. I did not go well I did Kabul what you give me trouble I did come alone but there is some wins here unclear if there. I aria great well thanks in brightness my name is Diana T hack NI ME small business owner. My company operates consulting does economic development we specializing grant writing in government relations but we it's work with a ton of cool clients. Including the buffalo. Policy inexperience. I'm doing some fundraising. Around that and so we're in attack that at stake and also the president and the women's does a senator act act these college. Our advisory import side work the last month has its owners and really. And glad to beat here and glad to have an economic development south. Yes and we doing each and every Sunday and you Wear many hats many hats OK are we should hear any of your hats. That with. I'll just happy that I have does the buffalo calf pain makes it's obviously I'm lucky that I outlined in an instant you know spent. How little one get one. I you know idea I. I don't know I have I have no hat. I just have but I have a nice head of hair so you do you haven't had had a picnic and you know when it comes then I'm still gonna graduate patent. And now. Not a Navarro to work our. What with that being said let's get back to the sports update in this final what's happening in the world of sports. Buffalo bison have a doubleheader today first of two matchups with Rochester getting underway at 105 PM. Pregame with Pamela car starts at 1235. Right here on ESP yen 1520. By the two and one of their series with the red wings sweeping a doubleheader Friday while falling to nothing to Rochester yesterday. In hockey former sabres forward Evander Kane assigned a seven year extension with the San Jose Sharks came resigning with the team means the sabres will get the sharks' first round pick. In the twentieth nineteen any child draft. Mark on before in the Vegas golden knights take on Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals in game one of the Stanley Cup finals Monday night puck drop a set for 8 o'clock. Buffalo Bills OT is officially under way AJ McCarron and a computer and split first team reps while first round pick Josh Allen has worked with third team. Have had over to WGR 550 dot com herself departure has the latest on what is happening around bills coach Yates. Some injury news to report bills wide receivers they Jones had knee surgery last week. Head coach John McDermott does not have a timetable for Jones returned but the former sectoral it was ruled out for the rest of spring activities. Paul Hamilton has before pour into the jar by fifty dot com. Which of game sevens in the NBA conference finals to set up between eighteen NBA finals LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers forced game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals with a win Friday night Boston. Teams finished the night with 46 points eleven rebounds and nine assists. Game seven of cavs Celtics is tonight at 830 which could be heard right here and yes PM 1520. In the Western Conference finals the warriors kept their hopes for repeat season alive Saturday night with a 11586. Victory victory over the Houston Rockets by Thomson another big. Game six performance of 35 points. Hitting 93 pointers. Warriors rockets game seven in Houston is two tonight at 9 PM on TNT. This update is brought to pilots have your piece you walk through your completely council and I've Fox's pizza enjoy the game with my sites about geez. Prius 101520. I'm booted yet. Welcome back to western new York at work your life this is conversation. Here ES PF 15:20 AM and today we're gonna be hammered very interest in it flow of conversation about something that's very special and unique is coming to buffalo. What I think in order to really get our arms and ears around the conversation this car or listen to the tall as here a little bit about. What you can expect this going to be happening on Tuesday June 5. I would you know that Chris Vernon. Music is gonna be the featured speaker at beat buffalo hall they've experienced fundraisers one chip. Tuesday the 15 June. At twelve noon. Luncheon at the Adam's mark the event will raise funds and awareness. The buffalo hall of fame experience. Which will be the future home of an interactive entertainment museum. In downtown buffalo collaboration the greater bubbles portal fame. Buffalo music hall of fame and the buffalo broadcasters association tickets for the event. Sponsorships and donations are available at. BIL. Whole experience dot org. The buffalo hall of fame experience fund raiser luncheon Tuesday June 5 twelve noon Adam's mark. Featuring Chris Berman who will be a guest on the show tomorrow. 530. Maybe five maybe five okay older receiving don't know. Because sometime tomorrow. From five. Bill beyond. Art all right. What they do Bulldog you're welcome I'll bet you. Are right that's right Chris Berman is coming to buffalo. And we have two and two individuals that are very instrumental and make this happen both how we in Dana. Guys again welcome to today's show and let's talk about how this all started. Let what we need cracks information that was in that. Promo that first. Debt interview with shall people double B on Tuesday this coming Tuesday. So I know they ran that promo last week's and that's going to be this Tuesday and Dan was here I think with the time. The Clinton starts at 1238 you can buy and meet and greet package if you and a sponsor. On retirement earlier than accent. Right out dorsal Allen experience that. So the wait is really got started how the buffalo hoping experience has started or how the legend that's not what let's start with the before hosting. Experience itself okay and so that is what you want to talk about it and so it I you know I've come into it. The last year or so as a as a representative of the buffalo musical payment to Hannah came into it as well let her talk about it she can and is a grant writer trying to. Get some money to build our huge enormous building that we want them build. And that the purpose of the buffalo hall of fame experience. Is to get all three halls of fame the musical theme the broadcasters hall fame. And the sports hall of fame it's one building and to have an interactive experience. Literally experience for all of those Western New York sports fans music fans and and people who've grown up I watched you watching our white Steiner listeners nor Norton in Ohio more aren't any effort and all of these people Tom Donohue and I'll be able to experience with their families and their friends those those great moments in and we lived them over and over and over in in an interactive place. So that's the whole purpose of the buffalo hall of fame experience involves. A board members from all three halls of fame where there is some really great enthusiastic. Brain trust that's involved in trying to get this thing. Off the ground. Did Galen and threes for Barnes they are there from the sports hall of fame and gave him DG used to. You know big famous radio guy here and in Western New York. They're really the driving force behind this is as well is that has all of our board. And you know and the cool thing about this ideas and it's a lot more than just a hall of fame you know you think about Palestinian dining BC some plaques and and it's cool to remember. But to actually have those interactive experiences. A I love this idea. I love the fact that it's gonna be more than just one China. Right this year if you ask family and it may be one member the Pham is not huge sports fan. But they love music aren't they love broadcasting their gonna be able to go in and really you know immersed themselves in some cool interactive experiences. May be some easy use sports fans ongoing and until locker room and China on pads are. The other person that was broadcasting a sit in the Brack casting track and you know fiddle with that. The difference greens things like that I mean it's really it's a cool idea. I think it's all things great about buffalo and people are gonna be really excited about it and so. My role is as a grant writer but we needs to really build some momentum and some awareness in the community and I don't know of a better way even and by Chris Berman kick this off. And lunch next weeks and that's. That's where start and at and what are the things I'm here to take away is that this is really collaborative effort you mention it and answerable to recent days. Problem at the Helm having the vision and in the leadership. What beyond them there's a group of individuals you know. Board members what seems like you're giving the community behind you you're out talking to different arm. Business owners and and just Wetherbee nonprofit organizations or otherwise it's like you'd really try to get the community behind this initiative. You know is something happened together and I can always reminding of people up as no I went to school here I speak here the college back in the eighties then. I repatriated. If you well. Three years ago and so one of the things I'm always reminding people who live especially in buffalo. Is that you want and they know this human and people from buffalo and the where you go anywhere in the world. You went into people from buffalo could happen to me the other night I was I was on the road I was down a Westchester County Tarrytown New York I was not too far away but I was. Checking in the hotel I was wearing a buffalo shirt. I turned and looked at some ice and is wearing a Ville Marie shirt and his sister was wearing a bill shortened week simultaneously oh screamed uncle bill's each other. And this happens constantly it's happened to be everywhere I've lived in everywhere bid. And the buffalo often experience. It is it really mirrors that it were it reflects that there are people. All over the world from buffalo from Western New York where these great memories when repeat. From the from the bill's days or are you know listen Harold Arlen who's who who wrote somewhere over the rainbow where everybody was the somewhere over the rainbow right. And in it from The Wizard of Oz or you know. He's from buffalo and he's in the buffalo musical fame. We have when Irv Weinstein passed away just a few months ago to people all over the world from from buffalo who mourned his loss. Because they grew up with him Wolf Blitzer we have Jeff war on CBS. We have this great that don't want to leave anybody apple we have this. This is great history's great legacy of people who've come from buffalo and especially now with what's going on in this area. It's really a time to build something like this where you can win when you come home. It's not just about going to get hot dog and wings. We want you to go and have the full experience. At the buffalo hall of fame experience building wherever that is when that is that's why we need folks help. And I keep hearing that word experience and I equate that to Western European work for the city of buffalo becoming he destination point. And as as I listen to eyeball to view. I'm envisioning. Are a museum or entities where if you are local or you're traveling from out of town that this is some place that you want to. It's going to be an attraction this this place that you want that to visit and see what we know what are rich history is about it has been about as you mentioned. How we in terms of a legacy. And each one of those areas whether it be broadcasting. Music or sports. On. A stay another day right. You know the ability to go back and and make you know. Remember the memories of Evans an amazing moment in buffalo sports history or or music and so many amazing music memories here in buffalo. But also to take your kids and write and make sure that they understand the legacy of what they inherited. You know I'm not and native buffalo onion but I've come to love this city and I'm rich rich history and it takes a long time to kind of get that out of people the amazing things have come out of buffalo. You know buffalo. You know it doesn't like to surmise and national not to brag about so this is going to be one place where you can really say this is got some amazing stuff the year and and let's show it to the world and an invite visitors from out of the area and also. The local second money tip you know. And we and we need help we need the community's help we can't just depend on. The usual suspects to the banks in the big corporate players or government help us build as we. One people in Western New York to help us build it so I'll give a plug right now if you go to buffalo and if go to PFL oh experienced that war. PF OO experience that war. You can easily purchased tickets for the luncheon which is Tuesday June 5 at the Adam's mark. With Chris Berman will also have meet and greet opportunities with Chris Berman if if you want to to listen to that but when you. Click on the invitation from the website eat even if you can't afford the tickets are 75 dollars for the luncheon if you can't afford the luncheon. You can donate five dollars you can donate a dollar you condone anything. To this great cause we're 501 C three nonprofit corporation. All of the money is going you know right back into the organization to. I only wanna hire an executive director like a museum directors to help us build it because we're all volunteers. We'll have a jobs so we're great so no rule where volunteers we went higher full time executive director to help get this thing. Built we we wanna build the building and we need money for that and we just can't always depend on government. War or they corporate players and don't you know you should give yourself a pat on the back too because you're also involved in this so I think we've got to mention that there. Yet to industry people in the studio our board members not put up. Very instrumental that's for sure let's see how many tickets you sell a and I met a thanks fit perfect. Before we take a respectively we have a caller that's been waiting caller thank you west Europe network which are comment or question. Yes good morning you don't want great hurry this morning I'm great. Signal something and while a tribunal TV. All a lot of times and the people that we do know. Call him a lot but something border. I'll also have contribute that we don't need I mean I heard you mention Earl Warren and not a big drama or as well well well with people like what you Crocker called poor in no go went on to be one of bandages. Black and I hope they're in the business ever. When Obama won North Hampton was also involved in the way outlook is still won't pay these. University museum that we're putting together. Going to be in court. Okay of every morning eastern. You know. There is mr. say graduate what so what what was your first name. Right so first off Frankie Crocker Frankie Crocker is one of my idols from growing up in New York City. From WB LS one at some point five I know I don't like Duff Frankie Crocker frank secret did you know that Frankie Crocker is a member of two halls of fame here in buffalo he's a member of the musical fame. And the buffalo broadcasters association hall of fame so he's in. I worked at the same space and they want to. OK so you know so he'll he'll be in the whole thing I just throws names out there. You know just just throw us some names that the general public. Is familiar with but absolutely of course this is this is going to honor and it does on all three halls of fame. Honor all of the greats when they were very well known or they were little known but they've given contributions to you to the community. Will be honored it in the buffalo often experience they already are honored. Within the three halls of fame. Yeah I thought. I think desperate little grant. Car either. Okay. Now while their order a great friend because they let you know if that is the case is that you know buffalo in general you know Hadley. Are a great mixture of history in general and I think that. You know and you they'll definitely screwed all reflect you know it shouldn't just what he made up by you know. One culture means that so many cultures in buffalo and they really need to look like they're usually well. And that's right that's that's exactly right on with what our plan is our plan is to honor their deep. History that T culled from all cultures in buffalo Western New York within one building and and and have a deep place where everybody can go on experience. Other cultures and also the time periods just let. You know weeks we have our time period they're people of came before us that have their time period. So so we want to make that place where grandparents can bring their kids and and show them what they grew up with and with Wendy's. What what is important Sudan and vice Versa. I think it between the three held a famous or something like 800 and he's right and it's it's a lot of people so I think it's going to be really inclusive and. Our blog yeah. And what will will make sure Randy Smith is an air because he's about state graduate them. Right I agreed buffalo great. What cart take you so much for coronary and then posing that question and are in I think it's a very good question appointed he's making because we need to make sure that. Off all ethnicities and genders are included in the hall of train far too often. We can take an initiative. And we forget about the rules have really contributed. To whether it be the sport of tennis basketball. Soccer football hockey you know in game and so. Thank you so much for just create an awareness. But for you listening to Western European work you distance from the conversation Daniel's tumor and don't go anywhere near the centers break we're talking a little bit more about Chris Berman. This is frank puts her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete careful team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855376. Weren't. Are you interested in both growing and protecting your business accessing your group is the solution for you. Your most trusted IT service provider in Western New York partnering with business and organizations of all sizes. They assist their clients by offering strategic consulting IT planning posting. 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In the surrounding areas which outside of about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check out cat staff buffalo dot com. Step buffalo where buffalo works. Welcome back to western new York at work. I'm your whole still Martin's life you're ESPN 15:20 AM. And today we're talking about them awful experience hall of fame the launch and that's going to be taken place on Tuesday June 5 at Adam's mark. Tickets are available and we want the entire community to come out. And I want to start with you because we have some good conversation doing the break and so that's really dark heavy. Complete Russian to some other important things we need to talk about sure with the listeners. The Berman fund raisers is the kickoff rights of the community and let people know that we're really excited about building. This policy inexperience and and then you know having Chris Berman come and he's such a buffalo fan it's really pretty perfect amp. Until he has music broadcasting and sports Allen is back prance is there can be a better. Better person to keep the soft but this is just the first staffing kind of building awareness and and sang to raise money so after that don't read it 26 shirts is is gonna do when of his shirt campaigns and enough you've ever seen 26 shirts but. They do some really cool designs and asylum for a limited time so he's gonna support this and that. And then also we're gonna do. We're gonna work with Lou it shops restaurants and do. And and to wait to go in and you can donates money to the thoughtful experiencing get a chance to have lunch or dinner was the hall of fame members so that's going to be really fun to. And an odd that this is leading up to a crowd funding campaign that we're gonna kick off with the first bills game. And we're gonna kick this off around the country around the nation at the bill's backers sparse it's going to be really fun it's gonna allow everybody in the community. To Kenny you know chip then and and own a piece of it like an upper basically and help build it. But first things first we have a luncheon on Tuesday June 5. Please go to buy your tickets you go to BFL experience dot org BF OO experience. Have to look up at spa experience dot org. And you can buy your tickets they're if you can't afford the tickets we still want you to participate. You can donate anything you can donate a dollar and if you go lower than a dollar but you can donate anything. Two to help us in this wonderful cause. You can have a part of can be part of it that's really what this is about it's about the intact community coming together and owning this experience your part of the experience. That incidentally we have caller that's on hold power are either what's your question or comment. Well for several comment at this amazing I'm so excited about this I just bought my ticket I went online. Thinks about this Berman but you know it's so cool that like buffalo is doing something like this it's just it's so great Asia's answer to everything. Going on and I'm just so so happy and I can't wait for the June 5 is there going to be music at the event to work. Actually I I'm glad you asked that has that caller we have 53 buffalo hall of fame. Musicians inductees noticed don't flowers so it's TJ McManus frank Chris audience tremor just shall are there going to be performing. Before the lunch during a lunch and I do believe I do believe. Her on the street that we may get crisp armed come up and sing the song without. And he would be an ethnic. Thought I can't miss a plunge sent. Because and then one final question you know what are the odds and I know you guys are not like. You know it in charge of all of this elect. We're beyond that Sally Jessy Raphael walking into the hall of fame Swiss what do you think she. Well which cost piggy watery and probably to me you want it if you want right at the classical theme. Right now I'm. No it's she you know I watched your show vocal so many years and I think she should get a hold. Well we'll bring that up with the broadcasters association we see them on Tuesday June 5 at the much. Think tonight is you may be used and accused me of like to bring about. Short short we have we have to. Where your where Britain where you're Sally Jessie sure something's that would krona they identify you start to campaign and OK Arianna enters an integrator that thank you sir thank you are right guys we at the end of our show at this point time and massive parting thoughts in the. Final parting thoughts information that we have this year as part of this you know buy your ticket to the lunch and stay involved follow us on FaceBook BFL experience dot com on Twitter. You know follow along CLA deal and and and chipping and and I are sorry buy your tickets. BFL a whole experience that or BF LO experience. Dot org and we hope we see you at the luncheon on Tuesday June 5 at the Adam's mark and dale thank you for having us on this morning thanks yields great conversation again another. Example how western works and bringing Chris Berman in town halls of huge buffalo fan Ralph Wilson and just really speaks of the great. People we have here in our communities and communities coming together to do. Even even more exciting things. Absolutely excellent thanks and smartly been listening to west new York at work habits from a conversation with. Your host Omar in life you're ESPN 15:20 am it's more today Sunday. We have to say thank you to all of our men and women of the military sacrificed their lives. There's payment for a country enjoy your day have a beautiful Sunday in what's next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant field PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. Liberty cab accessing M group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.