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Sunday, May 20th

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Welcome to Western New York can work with dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's tail markings and Lauren Lewis. Well good morning I'm winning Landers actually sitting in for dale Martin along with Michael Holmes Shannon traffic and and how are you doing this morning I can walk into western new York at word to your business friendly. Our conversation question line. On 15:20 AM. Where we talk about those sports. Jobs economic development. And the people than me you wore apps. Node of the wonderful warning. It's getting there is getting it. A little bit of cloud cover outside. Yeah hopefully the sun shines after all no doubt I mean especially for what's going on this morning. Wouldn't that get my morning. Man the listen if you had heard today is the big sky rise. And folks are writing over the skyway. Are among. One in the end DelHomme went through that thirty's it. Using part of that group going on hands and iron ever knowledgeable and very parade hosted. A theater. I mean this morning so we will be checking him at some point to see how he's doing and if he needed. Net you know who had a hell yeah. I'll have to come out and take care. Of he actually makes way. The units of actually ended. Ruled owns sky with me about two years. And then it and it was fun it was different. And I had a neat medical cost us so I can't. So that'll with that feeling like him because of the pre. Aids and there's. And as a means. I can hit the east you're right it's. Actually is a pretty small right. But Madieu as you would amendment. Being opened. This wins and so that is actually taking place by a means it's. It's fun and you you know it's not a race. You know so that's you know will be differences that you just can write its own pace Alex is right yes it's us that it was a good thing. Many of you everything you ever written editor and I. I am so. What's great about is. Over the course tests. Is this surge of the food culture business and cycling community and and when it's this kind of invention. And he. Likes. So. Actually we did it's well all of which actually started which she. And that date keen to pry it off. We did some. In the associate publisher. Is so broad that it. Could. Leave. How many people. To it was one came out he had. Sports. Story and next. I've done and there's still working my way to certain races eyes. You're gonna rise to raise yeah. Yeah if you listen to backtrack after. And you're never anyway. Oh my. Could this is as the race and people are completely. New. The today and writing and it is. What you. Would think. Even when I mean on bicycles they're on bicycles. And Bob must get on my goodness I mean it was crazy on me. And everybody was actually. Let for the most part most people were new. And it was not the light is not being. Century or talking to. Comply in and does so well and yes things that. You know can believe it was like. To be at least 5600 people warned me that's very. You know that the group. Yes and sells like how we series. 30. Man I want to bring our producer. In the chemistry locus apartment get a win Madson will Lou is doing is only known good morning good morning how your morning went so far opera so far not bad I don't think about getting out there on the bike. You do it right now you went to a movie do now is throw that in itself. That's not my partner. So Melissa what we got something really good happen in sports this morning you know it's okay. The buffalo fisons look to make it three wins in three days of their series with the Sacramento River cats the final game of the series if it under way today. At 105 which can be heard right here in the us and fifteen to point the pregame starting at 1235. To hockey make it three straight for the Tampa Bay Lightning after taking down the capitals in game 532 last night. Lightning lead the series three games to despite being down early on 20. In the west the biggest nights of a chance to advance the Stanley Cup finals with the wind today nights jets game fives are to 3 PM on NBC. The following game one they just won three straight ticket 31 series lead. In the hockey world championships this weekend Switzerland pulled off the upset on team Canada advancing to the gold medal game Canada will play the US for bronze. Short of the NBA playoffs LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers got a much needed game three victory in Cleveland last night the Celtics struggled to make it a game following 11686. James finished and it was point seven points along with twelve assists. Boston now leads the series two games to one game four in Cleveland as Monday at 830. Game three of the Western Conference finals tips off today at 8 o'clock between the rockets or warriors that series is tied up at one game apiece. Some football news to announce Johnnie Lynn zealous headed to Canada after announcing a Twitter yesterday he'll be joining Hamilton tiger cats this summer in the CFO. Hope for Triple Crown is still alive with justified in jockey Mike Smith after winning the 143. Preakness Stakes justify much myth to become the first horse jockey duo to retain the Triple Crown American fare and Victor Espinoza and 2015. This update is brought to pilots have UPC marker your complete legal counsel and by Batista to enjoy the game with a nice slice of boxes. Prius 1015 points on the read it yet. Okay and we're back. And her fragile things happening in loans in spores loose. Absolutely got both playoffs going on right now. You don't get a fouls kind of a dead period as it normally is but I baseballs in full swing so that's a horse racing there's a lot going on. Hey did you see that well two things. First of the playoffs and like crazy is the men's basketball player ha ha. Ever okay one night to some law outlets and some thought yeah is just a different teams boy out the other one night last night it was Cleveland and the first two games of Boston Boston now. So loses every hole hit pretty much in what's going to blow out Cleveland. Oh no now LeBron James isn't going down three games and no answers. I'm done doubting LeBron James under its roster has an undoing the what you think about mr. football. Actually getting back into yet. I'm a fan of it personally because I wanted to see him play in Hamilton's not that far from buffalo so that's a little selfish part of minority diamonds I'll play football again but. He's doing what a lot of NFL players that come and get back in the league were scared to do and join the CFL because it's a different style of football. You know there's kind of mr. Adams. Just an image about the CFO that's kind of it's it's at a lower level and I think a lot of players have big egos and they didn't wanna go over the C a volatile they're too good for it maybe when we're hiding journeyman Zell has you know he had that big you know it's a reason he got. I totally distinct career. You need input in the tiny partied all the time you know wasn't in the film room and I think it's a humbling and Smart move for him to show what you can do on the field so I'm excited for especially is so close to buffalo so. You know you can dosage on and it's a place you can get over to Canada you know something I'm always somewhere east. People that pool of people a second chance. An and I had kind of a good kid gamma does it. Just because of that. And then he actually can learn this lesson yes in and you know when. Don't want and then fail at NBA. You know NHL. Or. You know any parole. A story yeah you know. Yeah it's better right mentality. You do and it's tough it's. Everybody's looking for that chance that opportunity to get into the pros in the hands even if you getting in. Injury. And anything can happen anything can come up that lieutenant deter your path. As to minutes trying to reinvent yourself which is exactly what I think he's doing right is trying to find another way to stick to something that he loves that is passionate about. And at the same time reinvents himself. What's interesting and it's our June issue for all of you guys out there that think our magazine is a female magazine only it is that. Our June cover at all it's got has got an amazing story and actually who he is okay he's a retired Buffalo Bills Clair okay. And he is our cover for June and he has got to a truly amazing story and his story is one of reinvention as well. And and meeting to leave the sport a little earlier than expected so I don't it's pretty inspiring both parents fantasy as they haven't done better. That are out there doing gas making it happen. A sudden what you say I mean in terms of of making it happen. A little bit how you made this magazine. Well into. I a helped make this hey that's an okay that the creator. The publisher. And that tender is really kind of the brains behind the magazine she has been running now for 03 years OK and I came. About four years ago as the associate publisher and we have really exploded. In the buffalo region we've reached pretty close to 200000. Meters yards and and over 30000 digital readers. We have quite a large following and it's. Every month we're hearing from our readers that they just they love the contents. They love the clients the ads that they are seeing here. You know even for made for example here we are checking that's like playing and and dale out there this morning human testing with the sky ride and we've got an article. In the main issue for reasons to embrace cycling now. So yes everybody get out there and you know check it out you know it's we we really touch on a lot of things that are similar to a western your work early talks now. Okay we'll ski until. All of OK okay and as such I think we do we'll take a break here. And then now we'll come back and we actually get into. Lou about the cyclone yen little bit about the article and read to gamble and check him down as well okay. Ask anyone in Western New York the first thing they think of when you see the word Pete's chances are you heard the name watch. The cheese pizza is the ultimate in Western New York pizza has been since 1946. The business world calls and Jim what we call him mr. botched. He'll tell you how it all started not to cook keeps us started in 1946. When my dad took over a small little restaurant. And it was the butt cheek club. That it should head basketball courts and the story goes that they were experimenting in the in the basement when they found an old logic picks on the women get started experimenting with pizza and next thing you know here we are seven years later serving takeout pizza to look at each of them really have no not a joke but she pizza is a true culinary institution Western New York. It is much Western New York as the chicken when. If you're one of the few who haven't tried it. It's one of their two locations today and Bailey avenue and Hopkins road and see like my cheese pizza is such a treasured delicacy to all of western New Yorkers. Whenever you need a ride ride local locally owned liberty cap is Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. Over forty years of liberty cap as provided safe secure comfortable transportation. What you're doing a few miles or one distance call liberty caps 24/7. 8777111. For download their new curve bath can get a fifteen dollar credit with the promo code liberty. Right local with liberty cab Buffalo's largest and most trusted taxi company. This is frank put her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete Caracol TV beating your lifetime legal neat calls it 855. 376. Weren't. OK we're back. And as I mentioned that we're gonna go to jail and also cannot get into one and articles and healthy living and. Salon for us is missed is actually on the full. Or guide yes I am here you go yeah just fine. I'll what are some morning and I've had. I live on the chilly side but nevertheless it just. Are just awesome guys Janet as you've never experienced riding over the the bottle skyway you have to do what I mean this is. But this year that this annual rate in event has been in place. What if you've never done it before. Nature should be. The party ticket and it's. So they had guys down has has called me out to actually join the spirit dancing out of that so dale tell us a little bit about. What this right is for how many miles are you writing. Well problem they divided it up and into two different right now. How does equate maybe one B Indian grants and eleven other one Grammy before the shorter run but toward peace and little debt until. Are going to ruled the city without actually going on deposit 33. 198. And call me a while I'll do another aspect of this city. And so you had that portion of the right and then you had the arc the traditional. Sky ride where you go up these guys wait but they made something they'd pick up a little different. Normally you would have to go both sides of the skyway apparently there are some some construction on the other side. Itself. You win over the sky right the first time with candy. They wouldn't get her well they're brought used to rule out other areas of the city over by a river worked over by canals. There were some problems and our bike trail that was never I mean what are. Wasn't aware of so it was what a good experience overall. Oh terrific and I'm gonna assume that there are plenty of writers out to enjoy this morning. Yes. Over a thousand I'm not sure what that official number is as of yet but a number that actually called the committee has been 15100. Why why now and if that's impressive so I know he. Had to take the advance rob. I just know I know like can I. I did not ticket that I want it could not make sure I can make a shell and likely going to be aggressive I think that. How. Still a good chance that I submit its include around us that medical attention. Though isn't there cheerfully agree at Ralph. There we go you're gonna be doing in the advanced out next year we'll get to back in shape so what does the rest of mourning have for you and as far as the route and you and the writers. This morning. Where there's a lot of activity out here RO curry right now army bears I mean most of the writers are back. And of their response several all trucks are here you have low actual truck Amy struck the flashing fish. Again I'm may have Richard there's a live music there's activities are here for the kids it's really a extremely honest there. And it sounds like and the weather has started to kind of half fade away so everybody should be able to get out and enjoy me being out that this morning. Well unfortunately I think the Leon we're just got a wrong today because I was expecting seventy and yeah. Well it doesn't go anywhere close to step. A lot of brave souls came out and people don't. Prepared or they dress for the weather and well hello cycling community. Which is what we're going to choose. You know you'd have to distress for the climate legislation this Butler you never what you gonna get and so you walk outside Europe. You know what you what you having you drop a quarter point. You know I'm actually looking at this. And the city moved and it's kind of crazy eighteen miles and room. Spoken like a true side to listen. To what do. We'll see just how so for those of you don't know me is bike month biking month and Friday it was like to work day and my husband's. Actually biked all the way to his office which in the subcontinent who believed it was a 24 mile ride according. So again you know and that the island that's just an avid cyclist and I am he enjoys it too when he ticket and it hasn't quite worked and I think a lot of people then so do these Paramount owned wind today or. In a little bit better shape. The call to appeal Atlanta that they weren't trapped his work clothes off or before we go to work and what's great is that his his company Mo. Is a theory boyfriend. Actually hand punt biking pants they have like to share. We're that the teams that you would expect reports at different offices that have walking hiking trails McCain so it's it was just great to see all of these different ways that people are kind of getting involved with cycling. Even including the sky writes I know that the sky is actual fund raiser for go by populist right down. Jagr that is correct and stick it up people there's a number of people that are attempting to get my attention so I brought it all on board over there and interview them. And that you guys go back to the great conversation that I know you're having. You know just like they also beat you very much or you know just come in hand and arm you don't just keep in Western Europe at work are alive and vibrant. As what we do each and every Sunday. Sounds good is usually many a morning quite welcome and I actually causes a lot of fun. At the invite me back again. Well you know like after there's no deal what's if you don't have any other plants come on down tools now park and enjoy some of this one guy did you not talk about the very. OK dale talk to you somewhere around and they'll care so you know as he was mentioning. That means a lot of reasons to. Just can't embrace I mean that's again article. Actually in the magazine this month about that some wanna talk about that. Yeah I you know it's. What status of the article is with Tom's pro bike. I hear a senior who is also another big banking company and they have two locations is embarrassed and to pew Lancaster County have. And they go through the reasons to embrace like mine and when you think is interesting about that is we did an article about this last year and magazine. On the myths about cycling as you get older. Okay and they think there are a lot of people that. Can. A soon T become a little hesitant about cycling is they keep in tears there. Leader forty's in the sixties you know the balance my nappy is great fall that get hurt that I hit by cars. What happens if they get a flat tires so a lot of these questions arise. As people get other but by making its rate for your health. It's a heart healthy activity it's great for the joint tease you and means and there are so many different ways that comes by to actually went through. You know you can get tires that are kind of like Ron plants for car they don't and they uncle flats of something happens he can still at home. I have bigger seats that are little cushion in the years that that are forward. In past years as it writing a ton. And there's just so many different options that are available there's an electric assessed bikes. So I don't know if you guys that you are able under GAAP so eking get that little extra polish and at assistants when he writings that you. You don't have to do all of the work yourself feel once you flood assistance. More so. Sort of act. To. Yeah it's pretty you know I mean for me. You know for those few who happened in the cycling honestly I think in the cycling until my thirties. I'm in my forties now. And I've only become more and more passionate about it and that the big reason for me it is just huge stops there. When I can play and I am running those back roads and climbing mountains. Everything else to it that way is okay and and it's. It's just means and the feeling that you get in the country backgrounds and things that you see. Us hide we're doing just as well. Experience last year there were things that we noticed in the city that he never noticed before. And you know centrists in Houston and it's funny I mean if you writing apparently. And honestly it's just walk in history. You know you feel a lot of things that can root. Yeah and I can imagine this like that I mean is. You passing it in a lot slower pace. Okay usually forced to pay attention pay attention and just kind of take in everything yeah you know it's amazing and it it's a great week to seize all of the things that we have going off well and all of the new businesses and things that are popping up in this area and when your cycling when you're watching when you're taking advantage of these events and then going on to great way to see. What everybody else in the community is doing Ali you know times for bike go pro buffalo on independent health which is a part of this this morning okay and altering pretty amazing things in this area. It's great to see. You're right around me and weigh that Buffalo's growing right now if I mean you look every place. You know you can look around you think wound that was there are wow man now son and build and and can this thing like builders aren't like just popping up like weeds the end up right now. Yeah we and you are going up. These forms. Is getting down town that her ride her. And that's really exciting. To. Keep asking is unbeaten institute. Now days so. You know there's this. Activity. In just. Past popping up. And I couldn't in places like Orchard Park in Hamburg are right where most. Part of this super. Pac recently expanded. OK and their protest and said you're going our. Those. Pretty active cars and gratitude. I've and the reason I bikers. It's huge bite. Sized. And note which is fantastic I mean. That's pretty. Well right now it's greatly. Hamburg is thinking it's freaking pants walking. You know I mean just going to. Hills from Hamburg none of the countries. And everything is like. It's it's. It's perfect. You know as friends I mean last week government now probably two weeks ago. I don't have the bright and was like from Jefferson Orchard Park. On Kerry and basically you know kind of that was kind of mentioned. On the fact how even which are part. You know had to kind of take on. Common look okay and those kind of funny we go bad you further. What was it was the showed that came in to actually rebuild the houses. I think in our houses didn't look. Number that. And what happens one of those things that they noticed is that they couldn't just come in and do one house now. Can't comment and do some of the parents of neighborhood. In order for that house makes sense you know that they understand. Well. Exactly so well and and that's side as well buffalo in general I think then on. You know one Carter's city and that's why this would most cities you know one part grows in order for the other parts who makes sense. It's the other parts of this hormonal fact exactly. And that's something intensity needed. So I mean it's it's it's really great to see. How just or communities starting to come together is playing offbeat. When businesses are playing off each other and the French that dale had really explore that happens well exactly you know the Mair has been really a great advocate. I magazine has really been in touch with the business community yeah. Making sure that everybody. It would telling their stories of how Buffalo's growing and that's what questioner or it's not exactly an and it's great to see this and biking. It's. Very big way I think that's gonna continue to grow. Even more. When we return to talk more about the black. Also tell you about a news show that I am becoming. A case though we gonna talk about that is well so let's go into the break and and going it just adds okay when my it'll take up. So I have to show coming up hopefully in August. It's got the apartments. Okay and where we will actually Julian. We will actually Julian and talk about apartments rotating we're in this an apartment. We'll also talk about lifestyles. As well. And so you know I have some of photographers on snow probably have some tuned in three seasons ago and we will actually go and he show you what the apartment looks like these new apartments they've beaten you if you actually be newer apartments. And all's well. Older apartments as well south. Producer who is and going to take a break here shows rent and owners don't get out now ready if it. Barbara Corcoran yeah I'm. So you know so what do those what's happening with the apartment itself and sound foreigner hopefully you guys would be ideas than as well you. Absolutely love it there's less talk about plans and we appreciate all the listeners others who joined us for western Wear this morning yes. We have a lot more to talk about and coming up shows there's a lot of growth going in buffalo so thank you for joining us being here. Exactly and let's just say oh that's so. Any the last words that. Please. We have a lot of events coming up so what I think Taylor Butler community is get out there and enjoy this summer rain or shine you know we have the right for us well it's times like is it engine. We've got a lot of great blocking event's it's his problem is coming up and be right which I will be judging right this year which I'm excited about. Sorry I have just enjoy the summer is a great place to be in a lot of new things coming up this I think it would go. He's surprised to see how much we've. And in the movies and takes a while flow around that time always look like of the qualities you know and hit and just walk opinions of flat. It is yeah. And it's. Anyway look lot of things coming up. I it was my pleasure armed wing Cumberland and along with its pay and the guys hey you gonna make him great morning. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs dale Martin. 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