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Sunday, May 20th

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Now Brenda is expanding her show to include lifestyle happenings from around the region. Now here's your host Brenda oh lacy. Good morning everybody welcome to another edition of slice of life thanks amateur carving out some time for us yet again this Sunday morning we're here every Sunday from 1030 to eleven. And this once a radio you never know my talk about it could be realistic could be medical legal. Food is always a big deal for me. But this is just a wonderful show and it you know sit there with their green tea cup of coffee bloody Mary memos. And that's relaxed together because her going to talk to Michelle Zimmer Michelle is the owner of the ward house. Day spa on main street near young's in flames are right across himself high school. And let me tell you folks if you haven't been to this guy it is a beautiful experience. Don't miss it we're gonna get into this and just among with Michelle Zimmer what is the first Sunday of may rarity hard to believe there were intimate atop the weather continues to core operating if you're very tough long gray winter. So micro and I appreciate your time it's the derby week and run for the roses. We're gonna be running for their robes and now we have Michelle explain that good morning Michelle welcome to the showdown hi how are you Brenda I'm afraid I appreciate it coming in. And with this may sixth or one week away Michelle for a Mother's Day. And when a two out run for the rope it's true they're offering a free grope with the Mother's Day promotion and current. Yes we are so if you come in and buy it to come in the spa and by a 250 dollar gift turnaround more for mom for Mother's Day. And you get this nearly softly serious row it is really to dive or is so so. I I would take Holy See it but it's not on the winter robe it's more for spraying it's got floral print on it. It's shorter so it's four against spring and summer and it really is very flattering and so on that's where offering the shift from a. And I was looking at my big heavy white wrote in a closet you just can't bring myself to put an arms are down if I am currently we turn the page you get this lovely floral robe and boy. You know. Treat yourself to something at the White House days. It is unlike any other spot I've been to and buffalo I've been and and cruise ships and in some swanky hotels around the country and in Europe. Nothing really compares to the White House is. Or I have to say it's probably Michelle level of those really resorts house people's seat. Either ship or are really high end home town or some sort of boutique. How do you describe the word has to respond folks who've never been here before. Actually you what you did was perfect we do describe the wood house as a resort style. Full service destination days but it's in your backyard yes and it doesn't have the high and prices it's a very compare able to most spas in buffalo. But it's a little different it is exactly how you were describing it's a little over side is it's over 6000 square feet so there's room for. I need to spread out not on top of each other especially one year. In the women's lounge changing your clothes or you know it's gonna take a shower put your makeup time. We definitely have a very spacious woman's lounge with lots of lockers on space to spread out kind of have their own personal space. I also my favorite part of the spy is the quiet room when we actually have to acquire arms. So before you actually go into your service and when year out of your service. You have time to really unwind and just relax. And and really take a moment for yourself ads on debt really is a point of difference. It just gives you time to just get away from your crazy stressful day. And we offer that states you know which and we not making money off of that space that space is really part of the experience. We talk about the what house experience that is all you know part the package is not just the treatment and we do have ranked and you were gonna talk about a lot of the different treatments. The treatments are very important. But you don't wanna run and had a chip and run out it kind of takes away from their whole you know experience of just relaxing. This is not a gas and go camping your really wanna take the time to enjoy yourself on. And enjoy the the moment you walk into the would have stay strong main street. It's their proprietary fragrance that keeps now I'm Michelle from day one the first time I met your game and Ayers Rock. It just struck me and I mentioned that every time we talk because. It is so different and unique. You had the the owners of it's a small franchise we our own on locally but the what house is part of a small franchise on their richness and taxes and the home office has put together this proprietary sense it's called escape oil. It's proprietary than what how salty go into another foot house in another state or another city you'll smell the same sense you know you're in a wood house. On the royals are combination oils to relax and Communists it was Sunnis who walked in. He do you have the sense of com just from the senses its mountain and on and of course you know we you open up you know into a nice area where. We have careers greeting new and you know offerings he and you know slippers on the road to come and relax in the quiet rooms so sweet you want Guinness like locked into your best friend's house. And there's no intimidation factor because you wonder gee this is a high end of resort style spy it's different than anything else. Well I'd be made to fuel uncomfortable Orwell I feel intimidated. You know I need to tell you folks it is a high pitted all the moment you walk and you've you know you're hit with their lovely fragrance. And then here's stance Michelle is so friendly they preach unity look you in the I they make you feel appreciated for coming and there's no sense of you know it's not Venus and the joint I love it there and laugh and did something that you must convey to them because the subway accident that they can a customer service. Happens now against. Now I'm again going back to the essence of this brand that would hosting a spot. The owner and Jenny Garret she has put together. Nine you can recall 1990 elements and she actually described herself 99. I would say little mission statements of how she wants the spa. To look how she wanted to Ron how she wants you to treat each other treat our gas. It is put together to the tees so every sees he has been highest level of care customer service. And just on the outs and me to the point you know the temperature should be a certain level and all would house spies so they've really go out to make sure they had. It is the best experienced no matter where you go to what house. How many of those nine prince buster ever thought you know I mean she's a diet I guess it's every single person we hire and I make sure they read on and when he first started with this franchise we literally spent a whole day review and just talk about because that's important to this man. And you know we'd reach past and by the absence makes the house. It. Within you know the east it's a reservist in just you know the culture. You know I'm AG said it too because I think customers are in general is so lacking in today's society. So it really stands out all the more in my mind when you find a place like yours because it does embody those principles. Yes we and we care about each gas because it's not again just about the treatment. It's not coming in and in have been a piece of your day for yourself and our front desk staff which is color hospitality team. They don't know that that nobody should be nobody should leave the wood house feeling like they didn't. They didn't really have a relaxing and relaxing event so we always make sure that we talked to them college experience today and immature they left happy I mean that's important. We're targeting Michelle Zimmer from that would house days spa in flames now. And the number to call by the waves were 585700. Umi and updating your phone warehouse days off for Friday. 5700. Show you mention about the 6000 square feet. Into dry I your place you would never think it's large but it's a little bit deceptive deceptive because it goes all the way back. Kennedy in aero long place. It's a nice piece of property it's so easy to catch you. You their free parking in the back here next to Lloyd. There's a new boxing plays an open airs at poking your restaurant there it's a cool little strip anchored in my mind what is not. And let you know. It's so interesting T your business and Ayers anti business and who's working in corporate life for a long time. Before getting into this business in you about the day and the and quiet room. You can easily use it in a more profitable way and yet the principal at some important business to make sure that people can actually go in there. Sitting in their rounds hit a couple of tears and flavored water. I can't attain to those snacks are outstanding. Just making it harder I'll probably I was looking at him my second step eating meat snacks. We all do that don't expect that they'll wind up and really a little energy gaga for making grants from around its neck are those proprietary thing that it's specific to what you often. Not yet all of what house's do you offer. And the teased we have the specialty teas asks are you on different flavors these snacks on every spot to pick their own but there a list of on the we can choose from. Of course the water that's infused with like vegetables or fruits depending on the flavor of the season. On the gets a part of it but he had the quiet room and and coming from a marketing background I know that it's all about making shared the that we call the gas the customer he you know gets more than what they paid for and date the value should be there and yeah I could've filled a hole quiet room with treatment arms but that's not what we're about it's about the whole. Destination. It's just had seen yet. Peace of mind and finding. You know my own my own little relaxation and we've had so many people just like hang out there before and after the certainly. And just actually about this story before a woman technical. And it would have I I won't mean it's mentioned the name of the supermarket I got to go to supermarket at and I I just wanna sit here for another fifteen minutes because I know it's going to be mayhem when I get there is it's okay and yeah it's like here and a lot of good a lot of young moms who. Come in the on they have like an after school Sedaris makes I just need a break. And I said before this franchises from taxes and the woman in taxes they really understand the health and wellness is really taking care of yourself first. I think the women in buffalo are finally understanding that it's not you shouldn't feel guilty if you need an hour half. And your own time just to kind of decompress and then you go back to life and it's like making dinner is a breeze. Great degree of a whole different mind set you know given that I noticed you about the quiet room is the attention to detail Natalie to have these outstanding snacks teas waters here yeah. Very comfortable setting lovely lighting. I noticed that there were reading glasses can't figure out at night and morning dear hospitality team members of command. And I mentioned your I think somebody after listening to those narrow there they are on purpose. You guys even thought about putting reading ancestor after the and quiet rooms so people could read either are owner magazine or whatever he you presume that they don't have. Their purse with there you know other than their questions yes and of course great idea yes now I need a myself so I know that I guess when I'm sitting there and he just won a paste magazine and or even fill out our you know detailed information. Out why not you know reading glasses shattered their fear convenience. Now there's so much to offer at the ward house stays stock. I speak from experience my husband and I have been there and I'm a convert to booking my next permanent jet plane either facial. Get ready for the spring seasons after a long dry winter. You know Michelle I'm sure a lot of people are coming and they need to rejuvenation yes. And they're putting a menu command and we're gonna talk about that in the next segment including de miner at the other end of the dial. Mike show will be decorated to this. I'm on again. My Max Hyperic ten. And it's not. Here's a cool way to relieve pain and recover faster get three hole buddy Cairo therapy says Dick Cairo what was of America for just 45 dollars that's a hundred dollar savings. It's today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks he tells it my buffalo purchase dot com and I'm done. Again my hips I picked my mother. When Western New York sports fans wanna hear the latest on their favorite local teams the appeals in this savers that you know there's only one place to go. For every place they. Every game every story the official voice of the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills WGR. Sports Radio 515 and WGR 550 dot com. 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I'll keep your windshield plea would bust your vision wiper blades buy one get one free at O'Reilly auto parts washed your vision wiper blades installed at one easy step that washes quiet flight finish and George clear vision in any weather washed your vision wiper blades buy one get one free O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. But it's lies in store for details. All of audible parts. Thanks for tuning in to slice of life now back to your host this when the most this Brenda how lazy. Welcome back to this edition of slice of life has always thank you to Kevin carrot cake care is pushing out of bonds for spreading us in the right direction. Oh we do without the cake care weekend and we county and many thanks to him and also. If you miss any of our shows are all available on podcast. Lotta times in our Sunday mornings are busy time for frogs. So if you wanna pick up any girl shows simply go back to the website and ESP and 1520 Jack come. And look for a weekend shows you my agency are right on the home page we appreciate you are. Tuning and we're back with Michelle Zimmer who is the owner of the White House days doc. On main street in Williams are right near young is it's a fabulous resource analyst Byron here in our own backyard. If you're exactly where it is it's written across the street from south high school. It's on the corner. Freed and main near young's in the shows with us and we are talking at the beginning of the segment about some of the Mother's Day promotions you have including rogue giveaway but it's the only one right mr. He had. We have packages they are discounted so we know a lot of women like to come in first face anonymous Asian media mail service a pedicure manicure so. We put together on different level packages sponsors. You know different levels for different. Price tags and drug discounted so they're available to purchase up until Mother's Day they can use them whenever you can use it you know six months now. But they are discounted so it's a special package from other from Mother's Day. Great way to dip your challenge of the courthouse waters you're absolutely absolutely and you have different specialists throughout the year. You know you've done things are and the holidays and so forth and you really an open nine months it's just their remarkable I think. Insertion into the local culture and do you feel like it's catching on it is a little bit different and it is. You know we attacked in the past about how millennial women seem to think yeah this is something I own myself. Yeah but isn't always the mindset as you mentioned earlier that other women have Foreman for that matter. Do you see that you're catching on all over you know the last nine months yourself yeah I think part of it too. And you mentioned it earlier when you drive by you have no idea what's really behind it to war. And that's what we've invited and we eat them I continue to invite people to come and appear in blades are level read our. You know fresh catch which is all part of our building. Don't think stopped and we love giving tours. And you really don't understand what that would house is all about NT actually walked to the doors smell the scent here than music. Sees a large fire rounds walked through our other specialty rooms we can't talk about with the duet brown asked Todd brown born and that issue dire and the B she showers so there's a lot to see and see how. Big it is an expanse of it is it does go down the block so we're not here I am and I'm purpose because we wanna be a little acquired quieter area and not just on main street who are the windows are so. It really is a difference. Atmosphere when you actually locked the door and we can give your torso breeding tours around the time we welcome we encourage people to command. So they can see and feel the difference when they come into the house what are the hours at the courthouse. I'll we're open seven days a week so we closed at six and Saturday and Sunday we opened at nine and more open until seven. Most of the week just I'm less and there's at least eight. Nice so planning tend to get a tour and he heavily fifteen minutes you can pop in there's no high pressure there's no obligation I don't know nobody has been a strong army and it doesn't act but you know he our tears of going to take a look at the place. Because I've told several of my colleagues here and her account you can appreciate where the warehouses until you step into it and see it. Smell it experience it hits in those snacks. After eight. And you know and it's true for men tune out the show and aren't just touch and the number of things you have. It's as we establish it's a very large cell biopsy at seven massage rooms. On top broom I duet couple's massage room and appreciation hour. For official rooms and now room with for a luxurious oversized Manny peddy chairs you're not going to be sitting in chair that you squeaking in my follow over this is a luxury miniature. Nails done manager feeder your hands it's about to act couples because there are more men I think we're opening up to the idea. And handing relaxation and having services John. Maintaining you know good health with their skin and stuff that you can control. Might show did a wonderful job for you I'm sure if anybody heard Mike's commercials writer and a holiday season. Through Valentine's Day last year might talked about his experiences. And you know first hand what their assignment shall walk feedback did you get from Mike when he came and as a customer and then a spokesperson for you. About Mike loved the White House and we of course buy and Cummins in ties many services possible so I can talk about it. And yeah he kept coming up it's like my producer yesterday. And I've got an app that obvious camping out. I think after she was there for the first time what I read Collie is that he was blown away and did you know I'm gonna go in mentors would house its spot at school. Became I think he had no idea what he really was going to be talking and generally found not at that it really would be you want team to come back and try as many different services as possible and then he talked very. Very openly on his show and we had so many men you were educated and some of the services you know we haven't. On that are unique to buffalo and and they actually came and cancer assistance. This wasn't just buying for they know their significant other arm. The female on their life in how we had Mormon cumin competitors and facials and I'd actually anticipated but days they realize it. You know they actually need to take care of themselves as well and wrap Lucas from our sister station answer to protect our morning house. Raved to me just last week. About the facial he had at the word yeah he's become a fan of your place as well cast his face looked beautiful when he said on my god he looks nice isn't it grand am leaving heal and the I think it's just such a nice revelation. What's the duet couples and does it involve. So we have a really beautiful into that room which has the tumor size beds in it but it's it looks like the living room chandelier Aron and it's. You know chairs to sit down and of course that's proprietary smile and it is just. A very comfortable place to spend time to be department we've had mother and daughter inherited two girlfriends and sometimes. Husband might don't talk to each other equipment and they might separate you want it's more talkative and other they drag it right but. Their promise very popular and it gets booked quickly. I love the idea of them because you can browse enjoy yourself out it with your own level whenever a lot of Jarrett can be your discretion response yet Europe and some of the services that people may not be from higher returns into the VC shower how would you explain map. So it could be she showers wicked science shower room thinkpad is a green bar. That comes over the massage bat and there are several body treatments that we do in that room that. There's some seaweed wraps or some bodies Scruggs and there's NASA tissue massage therapist. Who is in there with you and after they. Do the rapid describe this Greenberg goes over your back and legs hits different shocker areas on your back and plays. In the regularly hot and cold water so it's very indeed your eating disease at least. I it is it's very unique that there there are many people there like field. Like it's a workout after he hadn't even playing there for that work out. Right here are asked to do I have to intimately while the working beautifully there and kind of have a work but but it is actually very invigorating and it's good for your whole body and getting on the sciences and. Laughs I years and years I hand and went to California and it had a mud bath my husband and I did it duet Montana. And afterwards we hit the mind reinstall I Vichy shower and I had never seen on in the series until I came to the courthouse and it's a different kind of experience at Sheraton. And I love this story you tell about the oil I can never remember the name is Sarah Sarah yes and now this gentlemen is your favorite guests cheered as my favorite yet and it's because and it's just me because it that's another thing it penetrated it quiet the chatter in your mind during yep. Yep it is basically your plane on. And that we are trip being warm oil on your third eye in the on your forehead and it rolls back to scalp. And you get a scalp massage in it really does get rid of all the mine clutter so if you're stressed. Is in your mind that's remind is more than my back if Tehran this really. Just totally relaxes you and I have. Not had one person not agree with me. I try to commenced on people to try because this looks little intimidating. But after they're out of there they are like just jello they just set it was the most relaxing teammate I ever had is it just the scale this is unknown others say a knack in back the size. Included with that but most of it's on the scalping you have to that you just have to after like ten seconds shouldn't get over the oil in your hair but in my Harris shining after. I'm just taking a shower it was never like it hurts it. That was an added benefit I didn't know this yet with the bonus I remember such a funny story use and how might show you talked about their treatment and then a gentleman came and I think you're giving my hands and he mentioned they have by many. I know going to shared dar is not public accommodations and exit right GM Mike was talking Nicosia and he loved it and I was given a gentleman a tour who is he became an by a gift card for his life. And myself this is a shared are design and what did it. But you have to. Think that's. Developed I don't read you as you might show up at like. Exit our mare and I know Janet is educating people on how to attack him or her fetus experiences Lancaster an outsider course. As another huge fan of yours and if so many advocates under this referring here -- I'm sorry if he you've made converts of us but it's -- take you know you walk into the White House days now wants and your product and you must to on the bridal parties baby showers and you know it may be girls get together campaign may be nice and and you would do it in the choir music yeah we're not another. Do we have to quiet rooms and we have had a group of women come in and we would actually. Clothes off on the quiet rooms and you could have your own little private space. We. We invite you bring food and we actually have a partnership and to Solio's and we can order food from them and we bring an end. On to bring minor champagne and and you know just kind of have afternoon and it. It's a great it you know I'm flipping your your your menu here and issue it takes but it's time because. You have so many different services and they're they're really explained Alan and I just there. Your parents say they're exactly. And and I Tia and you know there's therapeutic massage your folks who might hand bad back or bad Acker other issues. And I am you know there's things like seaweed wrap his healing powers. And there's such a great selection for rituals as well I mean you have a signature and picture and sound amazing too. Tense or negative picture it's really explain entire body. There's something about that and done. You know I can't speak highly enough of this match out your place and so happy years spearheading this and western art. It's been such a pleasure to meet you over the past few months. And they have no doubt he's going to be huge success in Western New York. So thank you for all you do for us here Entercom for being a partner. And thank you and thanks for having me and it's my pleasure that the White House days. Folks givers have a treat going to tour I believe Russia here. You'll see he'll experience the fragrance just either friendly atmosphere and staff that Michelle is. Assembled just terrific customer service. And if you wanna give a call to the courthouse. For Friday. 57 under and you're also on FaceBook and -- us immediately after it but against him absolutely of course and you know it's a great way to check it out as well I have a great day today Sunday fund a hopeless onto separated thanks returning to see you next week and slice of life. Thanks Melissa thanks Brenda will be back next slice of life Sunday at 1030 on ESPN fifteen when he.