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Welcome to western new York at work which dale Martin and Warren Lewis who join in the conversation about sports jobs and economic development. And the people who make it all happen. If you're interested in growing your business understanding the latest trends in and around Western New York. Then join the discussion at 8031520. Now here's steel Martan and Lauren Lewis. Good morning buffalo this is western new York at work your business friendly conversation with Del Mar and I am glued EB Osce. Getting Del Mar and in studio right now dale good morning good Lewis received good how are you. Fantastic. At school linemen to hear. Maybe it's just not it is just you know it is going to be good if I kind of morning. While well that PNC is next morning it's a Mother's Day morning and happy Mother's Day to all of them miles. Across the world start with west and you work. And it's currently. State your thank you have limos and everyone out there yes so what's going man Agassi and yeah no just the end of the semester Summers here refined elegant he set consistent 7080 degree day is consistent. Ready to hit the links go go golf than decent position I'm done with the snow more snow finally are you offer on the big golfer now I had done. First time out last week at Delaware and play great it was a hurricane out there are so. Very windy it's not easy to golf in the wind but it's what was your handicapped. It so I'm not again I I like golf I enjoyed relaxing and it's out of my competitive sports Alec doing it after it played a competitive sports all play in a pick up basketball on national golf to current. You know relax a little. And that way of saying it. I'm below par Oates is. Well I break a hundred though you've return every every round of eighteen Albert did so well. Everything accuracy today on the big coffers in the handicap. And I'm a part of the well we'll talk about that we've ever cross. Would absolutely be talking but what's happening in the world of sports it's do it. The rookies are between eighteen draft class for the bills hit the field for the first time Friday. For rookie minicamp. First round picks quarterback Josh Allen and linebacker trade Edmonds were on the field practicing an inside his four year rookie contract Saturday. Leaving only Allen and third round pick defensive tackle Harrison Phillips. As the two rookies left unsigned separate pot Jim has the full report a bills mini camp and rookies you can check that out over to be here by fifty dot com. In other bills news dates and times that when he came pre season has been announced buffalo opens up home against the Carolina Panthers Thursday August 9 at 7 PM. In the NHL playoffs the Winnipeg jets took game one of the Western Conference final Saturday night with a 42 victory against the Los Vegas nights. An early 30 lead gave the jets the cushion they needed after Vegas cut to close late in the game. Just forward Patrick lining continued his hot when he came playoffs with a another goal he now has twelve in the postseason for what effect. Puck drops for game two is tomorrow starting at 8 o'clock on NBC sports network. And Eastern Conference finals game two between the capitals and lightning starts up at 8 o'clock Washington leads the series 10 after a 42 victory Friday night. The NBA Eastern Conference finals to solve this afternoon LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Boston Celtics at TD garden started at 330. James attempting to make his eighth straight trip. To the NBA finals. To baseball the visors were shut out yesterday in a one nothing loss against Lehigh Valley. Buffalo is dropped all three matchups in their series with the iron pigs the final game as today at 135 you can hear that right here on ESPN fifteen point. This update is brought to pilots have UPC Margaret York complete legal counsel and by Fox's pizza enjoy the game with a nicely societies. Freest and fifteenth twentieth I'm leaving via. Excellent sports update. Believe our before well first our armed Tora listens to thank you for tuning into Western Europe or work your business friendly conversation. Live your ESPN 15:20 AM are you holes still mark and we do each and every Sunday. Will we have a compelling conversation about. Things that matter to you talk about sports jobs economic development and always to people that make it happen. And we're gonna be make some new things happen so we're entering into our worst summer season. And are we do everything from both rise to bike rides. We just we just really have fun especially in the summer we have a lot of home bringing energy. Not only in studio but we take the energy to the community and so it will be shown with two each and every war we are doing begin Western New York it worked but. Before we going to our legal matters pharmacies are a little ash to a question. What are your thoughts about the NBA playoffs. I have spent but it again with the NBA playoffs you got to take with a grandson because. You pretty much know who's going to be in at the end the final four. The basketball the sport where the better team normally wins the majority solid hockey any team can you know lose. A loose puck and get in the now and in winning game when a playoff series basketball normally you're more tilted your gonna win and with that thinks otherwise thought it's been a really fun playoffs the first round at least you know with you know the Utah Jazz upsetting the founder. But the thunder team and at three all stars are. Two former wanna Carmelo Anthony is not really an all star anymore borrow. Easy is he's in our office breaks its brick city with Carmelo Anthony at this point but. And I around to you kind of saw that the you know the elite teams take over Houston handled the jazz in five. The warriors had the pelicans who were hot steam in the NBA you have a right that's the thing so you think oh man this pulpit he has an altogether holiday and Davis and Ron are playing. Tremendous and it's like now we have four all stars in waiting Golden State and and they destroy them if you ever talk with the cavs and I have an Iran that's the thing. The bronze fought again. Every ironic thing factor every time we think. Were moving away from the LeBron era. It's it was the Benson and show that's whatever I was talking about the seven sixers including mean they may want to when he used when he won games and the season and to win the first round playoff series it's Miami. Don't like and Simmons to new LeBron you know is this. Change of the tide you know the new face of the league because the cavaliers kind of you know went through the pacers in the first round they've had to. You know they took them seven games which. LeBron James never lost in the first round of the playoffs ever so he did and they're much is she gonna lose and he didn't put people willing is he gonna boost of the throw deep on pacers. And then in the second round. He goes up and against Toronto who was the number 1 source Eastern Conference. DeMar DeRozan Lowrie playing their best of their careers to link Casey coach of the year in the NBA he was a gun in your hand on me to their psychological psychological thing with the raptors and LeBron. Because. They swapped them and it wasn't even close LeBron hitting deep fade aways from the three point arc and just the raptors had no answer. LeBron James got a coach of the year fired Dwane Casey was fired this weekend. For the raptors and heat the coaching job he did with Toronto this year with some of the best in the NBA in that's LeBron and his impact on the envious. He got someone that had the best coaching years careers. 0:1 seed in the Eastern Conference and he was. It's below LeBron James factor and Hillary is not the answer is not I I agree it's not okay it will now me. Me I'm true what Coles can keep them. To breeze past we really. They have to blow up they can't exclude that's that's the thing indeed teams need to realize and the anti tank people. World you know they they don't like the the sixers in the Phoenix Suns teams that are waiting this output. You have to wait now because LeBron James has made seven history MB finals and there's no recipe to beat him unless you have for all pro players like Golden State that's what it takes. This is a repeat were we saw years ago and if you know far NBA fans or you know historians we saw it years ago. With Detroit in LA and Boston so now we seeing a repeat with the Cleveland this is this is like. And how the egos and you have before you went to Detroit in LA before and Adam is the the other LA you know it was the Shaq Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant lakers. And before that it was the Magic Johnson lakers and Larry Bird Celtics or the Michael Jordan bulls the NBA is a leave of it lacks parity it's it's illegal dominance. When it was teams there are teams that. Gilani a very long stretch of championship basketball and again when you have the most out of players you're gonna have sustained success and you know releasing another one of those heiress continued and it's just the LeBron James Golden State Warriors there right now. Fantastic new world that being said no we just aren't there there's still a lot of basketball ought to be played him and we wanna say you know what. The rip that successes in the recipe isn't isn't the the teams that are bringing it to that they knew was in their highest level and we'll see how plays are. Buffalo you're listening to west new Yorker working biz from the conversation I mean holes del Martin. Always liked her ESP 15:20 AM today is legal matter Sunday but is also multi state. And now we move right into our were legal matters conversation again the tip your PC Laura who would they bring complete attention complete answers. And complete council. This into the conversation. Morning western Neil Martin welcome to western new York at work and ESPN fifteen Tony AM where we talk about. Sports jobs economic development in the people that make it happen. And this morning as Ali the second Sunday of the month we have frank let's have a feel for the attempt to appease the law firm partly a matter. Morning hey doing good things about them actually of the sting you know every sentence second son in the month and the importance of this I'm glad we love having yearly is a great cast and Soledad I'm shelling out of the never a lack things to talk about there's no question no question about that but with us today I can introduce absolutely please do. Police judge right hand as with us today judge. And it is a buffalo city court judge. Currently running the opiate the first one in the country right. And I can tell you from personal experience I've been at practice was into the court. In George and that is truly one of the nicest. Judges to be in front of Haiti's. Mild mannered. He's he's tough when he has to be but he's always reasonable. It will never in one when things lawyers always scores. One thing that judge we don't want the judge to do is ever Ayers. Says rulers and and just hand it is. Lawyers judge he spent it I you know it's funny it never gets nervous going for an. I don't I just it's you know there's some judges Richard do you literally scared that you think how can my teeth kicked him. But you know walking hand in his court he understands what it's like to be a lawyer and it's an absolute pleasure. So well thank you frank thank you. Think you judge forgot to have you here. Okay I'm a series it it's so important. For a lawyer to know. You know when someone comes in in my in my office in the NC you know progress that this this. Who's you know Hui in front of that they do auriemma who in front of a different judge camp okay are condemning. There's a lot of different options you'll listen to. Many different options or whatever you have if it's a big cases it's a good case you know it's and and of course you know the lottery to mean witches. Which is huge for a lawyer but it sometimes especially into the court not always about the law all right but it's it's about the you know you're. Making sure people c'mon your better neighbors in no question there's no question. And it's. On the soapy accord is which we'll talk about a little bit this fantastic. Yeah I was reading a little jittery suggest any of the court Iran articles on NPR. And it was a really nice exchanged. That edit feature between you and one of them and was appearing in front of you like. Yes we try to treat this family can frank eluded to link. None of us are perfect and we all made mistakes and the whole idea of people on the court you wanna make sure they come my there's unscathed as part. Yes and it's just take anti. Very nerve racking for people in new Donna feel. Ashamed but at same time you're you need to mistakes are you there for a reason it's how to recast it how do we learn from this and become better person. And that it took them. I know when mass would just go right into it and I know because that we do have talks sports at some point we Ethier or in sports update and things this. But it's it's gotta be tough because OP is from from what I understand. Our total totally different concept. And alcohol. And marijuana. Than even cocaine and mean it's it's. It's the next level kind of thing right I mean yes just to give you a brief scale listening on a scale of one and ten being the most profitable experience champion. To. Yankees world so yeah. I had to bill's going to playoffs. Or from the warm may be right ten being the most pleasurable experience your regular. Your first got to deal with five house. It really. Is 5000 times better than anything you're experiencing. So that's why he's so addictive it is so powerful is addictive and has people just cringing just to go back. That's scary to me something that. A substance do you view that kind of who had pleasure enjoyment in seeing it become addicting because it's terrifying to me. But the worst part about it because you destroyed those pleasure centers and you'll never feel that way again and used so there always Jason that I am trying to be sick we know it's funny. There's a there is a cartoon and FaceBook. Some social media site and and it talked about drugs that this is strikes and it was like a bird. Who was up I got to find it for you to bird that grows up to yellow dot and it strikes and the bird Kenneth each hit and goes on this. Incredible high right and then flies flies flies and then lands. And then. K to go far in the next yellow right in front of the next yellow dot. And takes it quicker than he did the first time flies flies flies but doesn't mean and so the second time because I'm in and and told them. And when he lands after the fourth or fifth time taken drugs just amassed great and that's and that's what your doctor Larry. Is to always trying like you should you reached at first level and I'm never gonna reach it. But the part about it is so troubling is that they don't have the resources. You know I always say people don't catch buses to commit crimes and so we start crane on their friends and family members so once in your time and eat them. We've learned other bridges right so now we have to try it. Reeling him to their friends and family and community members once we get them stable because. After awhile if you keep beg borrow and steal my family members. Some point and he can cut you mean so it's very hard is very troubling but as you said before. I look at it and I guess this Sunday so mindful saying that. Always good judgment was pulled from the floor Wright's full and I come in here it's in Somalia plain and and burn I just try to treat people the way one tree. In and know that people come from all walks of life and it's our responsibility to look out for people that less fortunate enough. And try to make sure they're in there that they have the second real pleasant experience because it is right or. But at least he'll come out there as I was games. But what's intriguing about this too is is this this addiction it is it's. It scans social classes racial classes. There right I mean because. There's a lot of people who are getting you know you're talking about. It's not your stereotypical. Young blackmail its its its effects. You know we're young white guys in Amherst young white girls and hampers it is because you know what it just it's it's everywhere and it's affecting normal. Every people that have a job that keyed into about bad carriage accident that that doctor prescribes. Coding then. Whatever than OxyContin and and it rolls from Merriam advocate Brett Favre look at all these guys they're right. That. The sad thing about it I know that it cuts all branches of society so maybe that's why read a lot more attention to it. But it's good that we get attention to but it's still awful thing about that right yet but what what they think we really need to educate people and I know you alluded to it earlier is that we gonna get to shame and stigma away from people asking for help. Right and I think that's what a crisis came for a individuals think and they can do without her own because they're afraid to reach out and tell people that there an attic and then if you get to help that you need to be delivered productive life as he was moved to. Are there a lot of com. Mental health issues associated with the opiate addiction I mean I know when you're talking about just regular drugs alcohol. Marijuana. People self medicate with those things especially because they're mental health issues but these. Is the opiate addiction and are there at the combine imminent. Today in most addiction there's always across diagnosed restaurants that's it that's it I'm glad you brought that up to. But the point wanna move back to a lot of this addiction came from people go to her doctors and eat a lot of us just listen to the doctors on line thing. Absolutely and theories use that. Back injury in a car accident you know. They get appeals Alia to do was keep asking me camp and more more Kenya and once they got addicted to it and we started to get prescriptions that you can't get pills. That prescriptions get caught off there and in the closest alternative. Terrorists here. I'm not. A lot of people on a bad place to innings and it really restricted. Getting your prescription medications because you were taking all of their measures to trying get it for the doctors in a really tough spot to. In other crazy love that. Welcoming the doctors also got a lot of information from the the music company misinformation misinformation. And you know that actually gotten thing you. If you read any articles I which I'm sure you've read more much more than I have but the fears I forget the CME group the invented actually counting. That they knew it was addictive from from the get go when they hit those studies and it is coming with it when it starts created an epidemic. It. You guys both hit the nail on the head. I don't like to point fingers I just try to look for solutions that right you had. Pharmaceutical companies marketing something anything new was addictive. As an island addictive. Pain substitute. Pain medicine and he went everywhere they flooded medical offices right and obviously your doctors main goal is to do no harm to treat your patience. And they dots on them with a safe alternative a painkiller. They prescribed as they normally would become the find out as we all know that the pharmaceutical companies knew this protective. Yeah it's it's it's awful. Funny about the way you and your point knowing embryos that the director there he the lawyer who got and that people trust their doctors who have applied it. And I'll tell somebody he's gay. You know I was I was doing some research hope you were the extent particularly the addition to encrypt that is good for the that's a good point I always use that as an analogy nationalism and listen to their lawyer that's when you go your doctor's office you try to tell him what to do. Everybody wants to be their own lawyer everybody's. I think it would Atlanta indeed a lot of there are a lot of self diagnosis has gone on now I think hotel and it patients going to affect his son you know CNN and I Google's. Look my symptoms slack and sports you have let's talk about it when he isn't Oakland Raiders fans anyway. How. Little worse poll say you know patriots you on me when these. Aren't enough. I did start. Getting your quick story and it would talk about. An outlook. It's often the linemen. Next team. Like five or six years ago. So among the users. Can claws. Political battle here. Acrobat. You activate. It. There is that first the you know you know mark where from in the picture yet have marks a terrific friend and in the terrific guy but for the fact that he trees and and then it's and then this. There's someone who is interviewed on the news when time and the exit Leo feel about this thing you know you're from buffalo on YouTube for the patriots you don't trust that person at all. I said that two of every like you had everything make it so obvious you like cheaters and dances that way became a judge no we. There he Lila I definitely take people where earlier that you be washed up law and produced by other team. They put him in the can be effective and angry do you think it's time every do you think it's Bill Belichick I think is probably 80% Belichick. I think Belichick it's been grateful. I do that many teeth write him he film's other teams right there wouldn't call it even. And at that time I don't think it would totally not manmade rule against it. So we think about tyra. I think Ty Bryant is open now. I just think he did that the system. He's phenomenally you don't have to be at all stand up guy are you listen pretty lucky thing. I wanna start your give apparently is a very you know he's he's. Pretty pious guys into his faith. Which you know he's he seems that you're very respectable guy and I never expected. This afternoon to meet with him. But he was just I don't think. I don't think you not only did he fit the system but there there are times it. He has this cannon of an arm and just. You know what what drove me nuts with him being so conservative you know I would rather head some interceptions and just prior to that ball into the into a spot just keep them in the game. Well the those two games I was not offended when they put it Peerman and there are two games before he threw for 65 yards each team. That's. You can't do get it right NFL quarterback that's not an NFL quarterback framing. I mean and what we were in those games to into the second half we were in those games. And so I was never a huge fan I I was. I wish cheered for him. But I just I think it was time and that dimension of play off. Moment we all explorer nine point says we're weeks if peace police halfway decent. They came to below our thing and I know they gave him. The run pass option on that play. But. You you you have she can record behind him the go when the greens perhaps of all time he had the ball. In the end zone is your chance you shouldn't. Brady throws it and he threw an awful pass to Benjamin by the way. Benjamin 65 if you're gonna throw audience when the best cornerbacks in the league. He's at 65 naked. You throw it up in the air. And that's it and he's only person that's there and be dropped in that's what they were you know amicable yes. Italy inconsistency. With Kyra yes it was very inconsistent. Game he played in an avenue what you're gonna get. No weeks now know you you ordered a quarter we do we can just you didn't know what you're going to get and I feel bad for the I'm happy that first ball I don't feel that bad for him if he still make a million he's making that he's made a hon of money I mean right I mean that you're he's scheduled for you can find out. I think one year he came in right. I I was a tape I don't know what Cleveland's thinking now I mean that. And you creep and like I know what were they thinking just ask you know and excel third error in there third round draft pick them you keep it all they are present or use and that's that it's it's really. Brandon being to pull that office. It got them huge cheers solvent and that he said this is a huge coup for branding him he would gets expects so what do they go where they go. Well gotta get a quarter and a half due to cheer for themselves at least I mean usually mean I'm a season ticket. Again it's tanner team. And I know I I I'm not a cure redeemed yourself. So we cheer for a over the for the patriots you know audiences. I hate it definitely. But why Sony predicts that we come back and my beer and talk about the appropriate in avenging clay the first one in the country. That's right here in buffalo and judge and you are in charge of that which is awesome. But I wanna we have to take our first break so don't go anywhere west and you aren't really back in just. Couple minutes this is frank put her view of the third. The term deal PC large group your complete council team meeting your lifetime legal neat calls it 855376. Weren't. Hi I learned that with the staff buffalo stepped up as a certified women owned business enterprise stack up well the full service professional staffing firm providing executive tracked higher in contact solutions from players about any art. In the surrounding areas which excitement about our clients with the best candidates for each job as well as personal ice cream management solutions to each candidate looking for new opportunities we love to make people happy. Please check it out at staff buffalo dot com. Staff buffalo where buffalo works. Welcome back to Western New York or work your business from the conversation. Life here ES PM 15:20 AM on your holes still mark. And each and every save we bring you some great topics today is legal matter Sunday. And today. You know what's gonna say we talk about complete attention complete answers complete council and has brought you violent too few PC law group. You're completely legal counsel frankly ten field than third and his team will handle all of your legal needs whether it be wills. Real estate. In north criminal law family law stable bringing. The complete solutions for you whether it be personal. Personal injury residential commercial real state. Social Security corporate law they are you're completely council today is legal matters Sunday. Each and every second Sunday of every month we bring to you legal matter what they. We don't want to give reference mark. As day to condemn it. As a great day I'm glad I finished my 22 page research paper yesterday you did it Summers here I'm I'm excited ago who or what was the topic net neutrality. It's all about Internet freedom and that bad decisions coming in June it's if it goes in place by journalists on the senate has time. Turn that back down and stayed with though Obama legislation but. It's a crazy topic so. It is in and we certainly have to do our show just dead because. I think there's a lot of individuals who just don't know what that means. The letters that legislative changes. That is where I was gonna impact them how you access to Internet. So are we really have to do our numbers show during a show that that's the art before we sign what are your urges immediate boss. Still I didn't really know a lot about it before I start looking into it but after researching and a lot I mean 22 pages so with a lot of information consumed and where you start writing you could just don't know I just had to keep go in order to pass put the I've kind of come on terms that I'm more in favor of the point fifteen legislation that has more strict regulations just based on. You know bigger corporations. Being able to filter what you can see on the Internet and they can you know slow especially sound like that is an innocent censorship and yet he can't do that. So. And I'm more concern and that where as you know yes you see your analogy pie it was the commissioner he Moore makes the claim he's more concerned with. You know he's markets are with the government censoring them a bigger companies I'm on the other. Okay fantastic when you know. Buffalo we know it's a beautiful day you are beautiful thank you so much for listening to western new York at work live on ES PF 1528 year won't talk about sports. Jobs economic development and always the people that make it happen. And the people there make it happen today are our mothers happy Mother's Day to all the Western Europe have a beautiful day a great Sunday and we'll see you next week. Thank you for listening to Western New York it works sponsored in part by lieutenant deal PC log group. Complete council meeting your lifetime legal needs. Dale Martin. Liberty cab excess CME group here most trusted IT service provider and other successful business partners.